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> December - Over 2,200 Visitors!
> Gem of the Month
> Resources for Newcomers
> New & Updated Digests/Exercises
> Recently Published Transcripts: December 2003
> Please Notify Us About Typos, Broken Links, Or ...
> Monthly Musings - Congratulations on Surpassing 1000 Transcripts!
> Speak to Elias: Hold Your Own Private or Group Session
> Order Video and Audio Tapes
> Order Mindscapes Music CD
> Order The Shift: A Time of Change
> Upcoming Elias Group Sessions - 2004 Schedule and Updates
> Public Email Lists

December - Over 2,200 Visitors!

Happy 2004 to one and all.

Since opening our cyberdoors in February 2002, we have served over 573,000 webpages to more than 38,500 visitors in over 70 countries. Many thanks to all of you who continue to provide us with tremendous support, constructive suggestions, and email feedback!

Jo and I look forward to meeting new and old friends at the January Castaic session. If past sessions are any indication, this year’s should be bigger and badder than ever!

See below for details on:

> Group E-fest in Castaic, California in January 2004.

> Group E-fest in Brattleboro, Vermont in March 2004.

> Mindscapes - Paul’s conscious creation music CD, over an hour of music on 22 tracks.

> The Shift: A Time of Change - David Tate’s book, a 295 page compilation of Elias excerpts.

If you use this newsletter and website, please take a minute to let us know what you think. Your feedback helps us to make them easier to use.

Best Wishes,

Paul & Jo Helfrich
Castaic, California, USA

P.S. Newsletters since March 2002 are available online in the Library, under the letter “N” at:

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Gem of the Month

The Gem of the Month is a regular feature that provides an excerpt from a recent transcript that captures a snapshot of essential Elias.

This month’s gem is taken from the group session in Santa Clarita, California.

ELIAS: “I may express to you quite literally, the expression of the signal of anger is the feeling that is incorporated in the emotion which is communicating to you that you are denying ALL of your choices in that moment. You are not viewing any of your choices. Frustration is an expression in which you recognize that you incorporate choice but you are not quite sure objectively of which manner to maneuver your energy to generate choice.

“Anger is an extreme of frustration in which you move your association from the knowing that you do incorporate choice to an expression in which you view you no longer incorporate any choice and your attention AUTOMATICALLY projects outward and you become victim, for your attention thusly is projected outward to situations or scenarios or other individuals, and as I have stated, even objects, in which your association is expressing to you that this expression outside of you is generating choice for you and you no longer incorporate choice, or that it is dictating to you and you no longer incorporate choice. And this is quite significant. For as you are aware, I have expressed previously, worry and guilt may be the two expressions that almost are a waste of energy – for there is no waste of energy – but the lack of choice, the lack of your allowance of choice and denying choice to yourself, is so very contrary to the movement in natural flow of essence and of consciousness that this be the one expression that shall cause essence to weep ... and this is what generates anger. Therefore, in the moments in which you are experiencing that signal, recognize that the message that you are offering to yourself in that signal is that you are denying your choices and you are expressing to yourself that you incorporate no choice. Therefore offer yourself choice, and the signal shall dissipate and disappear.” [session 997, January 27, 2002]

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Resources for Newcomers

New to the information? Want to share it with someone else? Here are some great pages to read and/or print out to share with friends and family:

> Introduction & Overview

> Acceptance 101

> Acceptance 102

> “the straight little sapling”

> “the secret of life”

> About Elias

> A Glossary of Elias’ Terms

> A Seth, Elias Comparative Overview (Updated!)

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New & Updated Digests/Exercises

The website is a work in progress! New transcripts come out almost every week that further expand the information offered to date by Elias. New excerpts are added to various Digests every month, and new Exercises, too, when new material is offered.

New & Updated! Updated Digests

> accepting self
> attention
> becoming
> belief systems; an overview
> bleed-through
> chapter focuses
> children
> choices/agreements
> creature consciousness
> dream mission
> dream triggers
> Dream Walkers; an overview
> duplicity
> energy signatures
> essence families; an introduction
> essence families; subdivisions
> essence tones
> evolution
> expression of essence
> extraterrestrials
> fun/pleasure
> focus of essence; beginning-continuing-final
> imagery
> love
> probable selves
> Regional Areas; an overview
> religion/spirituality
> Rose: children of
> separation
> shift in consciousness
> sexuality; gender, orientation, preference
> simultaneous time
> Source Events
> truth
> waves of consciousness
> widening awareness

New & Updated! Exercises

> relax your body

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Recently Published Transcripts: December 2003

Thanks to Bobbi Houle, Paul Tews, Margot Reed, Daryl Horton, Fran Wing, and Donna Friedman new transcripts are published weekly. If you or someone you know wants to get ON or OFF the email list to receive new transcripts, contact Bobbi H. at Please specify a preference, either MS Word or Plain Text.

> Session 993, Tuesday, January 22, 2002*

> Session 994, Tuesday, January 22, 2002
“Signature Color and Focus Color”
“Contact with UFOs and Other Dimensional Focuses”
“The Exercise in Clarity Revisited”

> Session 995, Wednesday, January 23, 2002
“Children in the Shift”

> Session 996, Saturday, January 26, 2002
“Male and Female Energy”
“More About Children in the Shift”

> Session 997, Saturday, January 26, 2002
“The Answer to Uncertainty and Confusion: Turn Your Attention to You”
“The Denial of Choice Is QUITE Significant”
“What Is My Purpose?”
“A Method for Relaxing”

> Session 998, Saturday, February 02, 2002
“Noticing How You Create”
“Fortune Telling”

> Session 999, Sunday, February 03, 2002*

> Session 1000, Friday, February 07, 2002*

> Session 1001, Saturday, February 08, 2002*

> Session 1002, Friday, February 08, 2002
“Becoming Intimate with Self”

> Session 1003, Sunday, February 10, 2002
“Paying Attention to You in This Focus”

*unpublished by request.

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Please Notify Us About Typos, Broken Links, Or ...

Another special thank you to those of you who continue to send us reports of typos, broken links, or suspected errors. We greatly appreciate your efforts in helping to keep this HUGE online encyclopedia free of mistakes (even though “Elias says” there aren’t any :-) It is an ongoing effort and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know when you find something odd.

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Monthly Musings - Congratulations on Surpassing 1000 Transcripts!

Last month we explored a very useful exercise – NIRAA – to help cope with the stress of the holiday season. This month we’re going to honor the immense effort by many folks who remain mostly behind the scenes, but have put in countless hours to make the Elias transcripts available on the Internet.

As many of you know, Vicki Pendley, whom Elias affectionately called his scribe, marshaled the transcribing and disseminating of the Elias transcripts from late 1995 until her sudden passing two years ago (12/06/01). Vic developed the current format that produced the first 764 transcripts and set the whole shebang in motion.

Mary Jane Gilcrease proofread the transcripts for several years during the early days. MJ had an eagle eye that ensured a minimum of typos. Unfortunately, she also passed away suddenly in February, 2002.

Together, Vic and MJ’s legacy lives on in the transcripts, families, and friends. So we offer a heartfelt “thank you” and “we miss you” in their honor as we roll in the new year!

As it turned out, Vicki had groomed a successor who was already helping in various ways to transcribe and create a wonderful set of resources (indexes, compilations, etc.) available in our Library. Enter Bobbi Houle who took over the reins in 2002 and continues to oversee the transcription process.

This past month the forum published session 1003! That is a huge milestone, as the Transcript archive now surpasses an estimated 12,000 pages! That’s the equivalent of forty 300-page books! The Digest archive now surpasses an estimated 4,500 pages – the equivalent of fifteen 300-page books! Also, David Tate and Gail Becker recently self-published the first Elias book (see below). All in all, 2003 was an auspicious year.

Many hours have also been volunteered by Paul Tews, Margot Reed, Daryl Horton, Fran Wing, and Donna Friedman in transcribing. Furthermore, many folks have begun to transcribe preliminary drafts of their sessions and send them to Bobbi, making her job a bit easier.

Gerhard Fuchs has made the Elias transcripts available on his Austrian website since 1998. Gerhard has also hosted group sessions and runs the Elias email list (see below).

Luana Alika has continued her work on the Sessions Overviews (now up to 649) as well as A Glossary of Terms, all found in the Library.

Rodney Davidson has taken hundreds of pictures, many are available on Gerhard’s website, and all are waiting to appear in the Library some day. Sheri LoBello and Carter Massie have also contributed pictures to the database.

Ron and Cathy Churchman’s contributions are too numerous to list here, but include maintaining the video and DVD archive. They have participated in the forum since mid-1995. Ron’s responsible for video taping sessions (beginning with session 8, May 21, 1995!). He also helped to set Mary up to videotape her phone and group sessions in 1998. Also, Cathy creates and mails the audio tapes used by transcribers, among other things.

Kudos go out to the folks who did the behind the scenes work to host group sessions in 2003: Lynda Symans, K.C. Anneken, Stella Moran, Axel Schoenberger, Sherry and Sabrina LoBello, and Pat Betzhold.

Special thanks go out to the dozens of folks who take the time to send in reports of typos, broken links, and suggestions! Your contributions help us to maintain accurate and up to date websites.

And to anyone we missed: we salute you! Please drop us a line and we’ll add your names and contributions.

Last but not least, many thanks to Mary Ennis for not only making this info freely available on the Internet, but having the courage to go public with her gifts and walk the talk. Thanks Mary for doing what you do! We continue to be amazed and challenged by the breadth and depth of the information offered by Elias. Speaking of whom, it goes without saying that we’re also indebted to the old ghost and all the other ghosts who make the energy exchange possible.

Jo and I wish everyone a happy, healthy, abundant, and radiant 2004 and offer our heartfelt thanks to all folks who participate in the Elias forum!

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Speak to Elias: Hold Your Own Private or Group Session

Mary Ennis holds private and group sessions. Rates are:

Private: approx. one hour phone or in person = $250 (includes audio tape)

Group: (20 or more people) = $1,500 plus travel expenses

Note: can now use your credit card through PayPal.

To schedule contact Mary Ennis:

Phone: 802-258-6574

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Order Video and Audio Tapes

Group sessions are available to everyone, and individual private sessions are available to the participant, or with the participant’s expressed permission. The proceeds go toward converting the existing videotape archive into a more stable DVD format, and other forum-related projects.

Now available from Ron Churchman:

$25 per session/video or DVD

$10 per session/audio

$25 current transcripts on CD-R. Available in MS-Word or text formats.


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New & Updated! Order Mindscapes Music CD

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but a mindscape is worth a thousand pictures.”

Mindscapes Music CD

From the sublime to the ridiculous, the sacred to the profane, Mindscapes explore the boundless world of dreams and imagination. Now available from Paul Helfrich.

> Listen to all 22 tracks:

> Read an interview:

> Order online or by regular mail:


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Click here to enlarge.The Shift: A Time of Change
compiled by David Tate


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 Your Purpose Is Experience
  • Chapter 2 The Shift
  • Chapter 3 A Shifty Question
  • Chapter 4 Why Are We Here?
  • Chapter 5 Who Am I and What Is Essence?
  • Chapter 6 What About God?
  • Chapter 7 What Is Truth?
  • Chapter 8 A Divine Plan
  • Chapter 9 Intent – Desire
  • Chapter 10 If It Isn’t Fun, Don’t Do It!
  • Chapter 11 You Shall Not Betray You
  • Chapter 12 Birth–Death–Transition
  • Chapter 13 Regional Areas of Consciousness
  • Chapter 14 Reincarnation
  • Chapter 15 Karma
  • Chapter 16 Belief Systems
  • Chapter 17 Duplicity
  • Chapter 18 New Horizons
  • Appendix 1 The Sapling Story
  • Appendix 2 Glossary of Terms


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January 2004 Elias Group Session - Castaic, California

Saturday, January 17, 2004 at 1:00 PM.

This group session always has a big turn out and will be a great opportunity to meet with other forum members as well as interact with Elias in person. The cost for the group session is $65 per person.

Mary Ennis will be presenting her annual talk the next day, on Sunday, January 18, 12:00 noon, at no cost.

Both the Saturday group session and Mary’s talk on Sunday will be at the Clubhouse in Lake Hills Mobile Estates, 31344 Lakehills Rd, Castaic, CA 91384.

Pat Betzhold will be hosting the 2004 Castaic session. You can contact her to make reservations for the group session or with any questions at or (818)999-2465.

You can prepay and pre-register (which helps the host tremendously) by sending a check made to:

Pat Betzhold
23751 Burbank Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

(All appointments for private sessions with Elias during this weekend have been filled.)

Please feel free to bring food/snacks/drinks! Light kitchen facilities are available. The room will be open around noon to mingle, socialize, and connect with all those people you’ve met only through their transcripts or on-line.

Click here for full details.

March 2004 St. Patty’s Day Elias Group Session - Brattleboro, Vermont

Saturday, March 20, 2004 at 1:00 PM. Cost is $75.00 US.

Quality Inn Hotel and Suites
Brattleboro, Vermont
Hosted by Lynda Symans

Click here for full details.

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Public Email Lists

Check out the Elias List on Yahoo! Groups, moderated by Gerhard Fuchs <>

Check out the NewWorldView Discussion Forums, moderated by Paul Helfrich <> and Ellen Gilbert <>

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