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> May - Over 2,750 Visitors!
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> Recently Published Transcripts: May 2004
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May - Over 2,750 Visitors!

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Also, The Shift: A Time of Change - David Tate’s book, a 295 page compilation of Elias excerpts has been picked up by a London publisher and a second, updated edition will be released on September 15, 2004! That makes all first edition books collectors items, as they were more than 200 sold. Congrats Mylo!

See below for details on:

> Group E-fest in Vienna, Austria in June 2004.

> Group Session in Columbus, Indiana in October 2004.

> The Cellophane Prophecy - Joanne’s hilarious spoof on the New Age classic The Celestine Prophecy.

> Mindscapes - Paul’s conscious creation music CD, over an hour of music on 22 tracks. Now available on Apple iTunes for Mac and Windows!

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Gem of the Month

The Gem of the Month is a regular feature that provides an excerpt from a recent transcript that captures a snapshot of essential Elias.

This month’s gem is taken from Shahma’s private session:

SHAHMA: “I think that in the last couple of years I have relaxed a little more .... I’m accepting myself somewhat more, but there are times, like when I was speaking of this great feeling of energy that sometimes occurs within me, I have this feeling sometimes that it feels like a dam is gonna burst. I guess I’m afraid of being overwhelming with people, and I guess probably if I would just relax and allow myself to express myself that none of those things would happen.”

ELIAS: “Correct.”

SHAHMA: “I don’t quite know what I’m trying to say here...”

ELIAS: “I am understanding. Let me express to you, my friend, the initial movements in offering yourself permission to express yourself and what you want in freedom are the most challenging, for these movements initially are generated with the objective knowing that you are allowing yourself and also continuing to generate an expression of fear. Therefore the fear continues, and in many scenarios the fear intensifies as you DO allow yourself the actual expressions initially of freedom. But you also generate a validation of yourself in each experience, and this, in each experience, quiets that expression of fear.

“Once allowing yourself the initial expressions of freedom, you quite quickly quell the fear, for the validation of yourself and your accomplishment and your allowance of yourself to genuinely view that this is quite real and that you do actually hold the ability to generate your choices and your freedom and your expressions of what you want, that expression of validation becomes much louder and much more intense in your objective awareness than that of the fear.

“The natural movement and desire of consciousness, of essences, is to be freely expressing and offering satisfaction to themselves and offering an expression of preference and pleasure. Therefore, although within your physical dimension you do generate an objective expression of fear concerning some scenarios in relation to your beliefs, your natural expression of energy is contrary to fear, and therefore allowing yourself to generate freedom, even in an expression of fear, the validation is a natural expression of essence and this becomes quite overriding to the fear.”

SHAHMA: “Yes, I think I know what you’re saying. There have been times when I’ve allowed myself to be VERY expressive and free with my energy and I do receive a lot of validation objectively, and people have described me as vivacious, which was kind of surprising to me! (Laughing) But I have felt very exhilarated in the process.”

ELIAS: “Quite! And you generate an objective experience and feeling which is actually accompanied by an emotional communication, which you may or may not actually pay attention to in those moments. But you do generate somewhat of an objective recognition of that communication, for you generate the signal of the feeling, not merely of exhilaration but of a sensing that you hold the ability to accomplish ANY expression and that you are UNBOUNDED in that moment. It may be experienced temporarily, but you do offer yourself an objective recognition of it, and in actuality, this is quite genuine. You do hold the ability to be creating in a boundless manner. You do incorporate the ability to create ANY expression, ANY manifestation that you want, quite literally.

“This is one of the wondrous aspects of this particular physical dimension. Although you view yourselves to be quite limited, I continue to express to you all the tremendous diversity that is incorporated in this particular physical dimension, for you have created a blueprint in this particular physical dimension that allows for tremendous expansion and allows for tremendous freedom. This is the reason that this physical dimension is incorporating this movement of this shift in consciousness and inserting that Source Event into your physical objective reality.

“I have expressed from the onset of this forum, this shift in consciousness is unique to your physical dimension. It is not being incorporated in other physical dimensions. For, this particular physical dimension allows for an openness that may accommodate this type of expanded expression and alteration of your physical reality but continue to incorporate the design of this physical dimension, which is a wondrous expression or invention of consciousness which you participate within.” [session 1042, March 25, 2002]

Digests – see also: | fear | Source Events

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Resources for Newcomers

New to the information? Want to share it with someone else? Here are some great pages to read and/or print out to share with friends and family:

> Introduction & Overview

> Acceptance 101

> Acceptance 102

> “the straight little sapling”

> “the secret of life”

> About Elias

> A Glossary of Elias’ Terms (Updated!)

> A Seth, Elias Comparative Overview (Updated!)

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New & Updated Digests/Exercises

The website is a work in progress! New transcripts come out almost every week that further expand the information offered to date by Elias. New excerpts are added to various Digests every month, and new Exercises, too, when new material is offered.

New & Updated! Exercises

> generate an expression of appreciation

New & Updated! Updated Digests

> disengage (“death”)
> expression of essence
> fear
> relationships

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Recently Published Transcripts: May 2004

Thanks to Bobbi Houle, Paul Tews, Margot Reed, Daryl Horton, Fran Wing, and Donna Friedman, new transcripts are published weekly. If you or someone you know wants to get ON or OFF the email list to receive new transcripts, contact Bobbi H. at Please specify a preference, either MS Word or Plain Text.

> Session 1038, Friday, March 22, 2002*

> Session 1039, Saturday, March 23, 2002
“Experimenting with a Relationship”

> Session 1040, Sunday, March 24, 2002

> Session 1041, Sunday, March 24, 2002
“A Course in Miracles”
“Creating a Belief in Abundance”

> Session 1042, Monday, March 25, 2002
“Black and White Associations”
“Allow Yourselves to Relax and Flow with the Energy”

> Session 1043, Tuesday, March 26, 2002
“Redefining the Terms of ‘Parent’ and ‘Child’”

> Session 1044, Wednesday, March 27, 2002*

> Session 1045, Thursday, March 28, 2002
“A Stream of Consciousness Chat with Elias”

> Session 1046, Saturday, March 30, 2002
“Interrelated Emotional Communications”

> Session 1047, Sunday, March 31, 2002
“Merely Know That You Do Incorporate Choice”
“The Communication of the Emotion of Longing”
“The ‘Why’ In Wanting To Continue a Challenging Relationship”

> Session 1048, Monday, April 01, 2002*

> Session 1049, Tuesday, April 02, 2002
“Neutralizing the Sting of Comparison”

> Session 1050, Thursday, April 04, 2002
“Automatic Responses in Judgment”

> Session 1051, Thursday, April 04, 2002
“Fear of Power”
“Small or Large, the Expression of Discounting Self Is the Same”

> Session 1052, Friday, April 05, 2002
“Offer Your Expression Freely with No Expectation”
“The Shift”

> Session 1053, Monday, April 08, 2002
“Moving Toward the Eye of the Storm”

> Session 1054, Wednesday, April 10, 2002*

> Session 1055, Saturday, April 13, 2002
“Turning Your Attention Back to You, in Noticing Discounting of Self”
“Beliefs About ‘Substances’: Drugs and Alcohol”

*unpublished by request.

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Please Notify Us About Typos, Broken Links, Or ...

Another special thank you to those of you who continue to send us reports of typos, broken links, or suspected errors. We greatly appreciate your efforts in helping to keep this HUGE online encyclopedia free of mistakes (even though “Elias says” there aren’t any :-) It is an ongoing effort and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know when you find something odd.

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Monthly Musings - Keeping Up with the Digests

Last month we reflected on the Ninth Anniversary of the Elias Forum. This month we’re going to explore how to deal with the constant updates to the Digests. We provide a monthly list of Digests that get updated, because some of you have written us wondering how you can keep an up-to-date set. The simple answer is that there’s no easy solution right now, so we’re open to suggestions from our readers.

What kinds of changes are there? Well, there are three basic ones:

  1. an “error correct” that Bobbi Houle sends out regularly whenever folks report typos. Usually, these are single words, and not worth reprinting the entire Digest for.
  2. a gem (quote) is added to the intro, usually a paragraph or two.
  3. a new block of material is added. Sometimes this is directly at the end and easy to spot. However, sometimes they are near the end, and not so easy to spot. This occurs particularly when new group sessions come out.

The challenge is, if we log every change, that adds yet another layer to an already monumental task. So we’d love to hear suggestions from any of you database experts on how we might be able to track these changes and pass them along to those readers that wish to have the latest set of Digests.

The good news is that there are over 4,500 pages of essential Elias in the Digests, including every published group session. Whether or not you have all the current Digests printed, they are still freely available on the website along with the transcripts. The wonderful legacy of the Elias forum continues to grow and provide useful information to anyone who needs it during these times of accelerated change.

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Speak to Elias: Hold Your Own Private or Group Session

Mary Ennis holds private and group sessions. Rates are:

Private: approx. one hour phone or in person = $250 (includes audio tape)

Group: (20 or more people) = $1,500 plus travel expenses

Note: can now use your credit card through PayPal.

To schedule contact Mary Ennis:

Phone: 802-258-6574

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Order Video and Audio Tapes

Group sessions are available to everyone, and individual private sessions are available to the participant, or with the participant’s expressed permission. The proceeds go toward converting the existing videotape archive into a more stable DVD format, and other forum-related projects.

Now available from Ron Churchman:

$25 per session/video or DVD

$10 per session/audio

$25 current transcripts on CD-R. Available in MS-Word or text formats.


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New & Updated! Order The Cellophane Prophecy

The Cellophane Prophecy

Wickedly funny sendup of new age mega-seller, The Celestine Prophecy, a novel about a man who goes to Peru to find manuscripts that contain the secrets of life. His intentions are good-he wishes to share the manuscripts with the world-but his efforts are impeded by power-hungry factions, extremists, and high-ranking church officials.

In J.K. Greenfield's parody, The Cellophane Prophecy, our hero's intentions are not so good! Set up by an ex-girlfriend promising sexual favors, he goes to Italy to uncover manuscripts said to contain the secrets of life-secrets, he finds, like "Never trust anyone named 'Stinky'" and "If you stare at something long enough, it will glow."

The book is a must for people who read The Celestine Prophecy and found themselves in need of a laugh, or even a subplot! Treat yourself and your loved ones to The Cellophane Prophecy.

> Order online at


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New & Updated! Order Mindscapes Music CD

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but a mindscape is worth a thousand pictures.”

Mindscapes Music CD

From the sublime to the ridiculous, the sacred to the profane, Mindscapes explore the boundless world of dreams and imagination. Now available from Paul Helfrich.

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New & Updated! Order Mindscapes from iTunes for Mac and Windows!

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June 2004 Elias Group Session - Vienna, Austria

Saturday, June 5, 2004 at 1:00 PM. Cost is between $60-$90 US.

Hosted by Lisbeth and Gerhard Fuchs.

Please contact us that we can give you more information about getting here, and let's make some plans together what we do when you are here.

Click here for full details.

October 2004 Elias Group Session - Columbus, Indiana

Saturday, October 9, 2004 at 1:00 PM. Cost is between $80 US.

Hosted by Cathy, Marcy, and KC.

We need you to reserve as soon as possible, because Mary will not do the conference if we don’t get 50 confirmed reservations by September 9th. Also, the earlier you make your plans, the better your odds of getting a reasonably priced hotel room.

Click here for full details.

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