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> Monthly Musings - In Memoriam, Margot Reed (1931-2005)
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What's New?

> Over 1 million webpages served!

Since opening our cyberdoors in February 2002, we have served over 1,475,000 webpages to more than 87,300 visitors in over 120 countries. We also had over 19,400 visits last month.* Many thanks to all of you who continue to provide us with tremendous support, constructive suggestions, and email feedback!

In Memoriam, Margot Reed (1931-2005)

Margot passed away on Monday July 18, 2005 @ 3:30 A.M. As many know, Margot began chemo for breast cancer back in June, so this news is a bit of a shock for us. She was a good friend of ours whom we got to know through our mutual friend Vicki Pendley. Vic and Elias helped Margot work through some serious challenges 7-8 years ago. She helped to transcribe the sessions for many years, attended group sessions, and had a bunch of private sessions, so her legacy is woven throughout the transcripts.

We last saw her in January, here in Castaic, at the Elias group session along with about 50 others.

In the mean time, feel free to contact her husband Howard ( to express your condolences. She was cremated. There will not be a viewing.

Also, we have begun a memorial page for her: In Memoriam, Margot Reed (1931-2005). If you have any thoughts you'd like us to include please send them along.

> Group E-fest in Brattleboro, Vermont in October 2005.

See below for details.

> DVD Archive Project Update

This is one of those “behind the scenes” projects whose goal is to ensure that the legacy of the Elias forum continues long after we’re gone. At last count, Mary had recorded over 1,700 sessions on videotape! Since DVDs take up less space, we purchased a DVD recorder last March, and began to transfer the ’95 sessions from Ron and Cathy Churchman’s video archive. We’ve finished through session 464.

> Support Our Work

We’d like to express our heart-felt appreciation to those of you who have made donations to help support our work. Thank you!

If you’d like to make a contribution to help support our projects and the website, click here.

> Kosmic Books & Music

Click to order. The Shift: A Time of Change compiled by David Tate.

New & Updated! Now available through Barnes & Noble and Prisms of Reality.

This 365 page second edition of Elias excerpts features a beautiful new cover design, and an extra 70 pages of new information. A must-have for any collector and enthusiast.

Listen to Mindscapes. Mindscapes Music CD by Paul Helfrich.

A conscious creation music CD with over an hour of music on 22 tracks. Now available on Apple iTunes,, and Best Buy.

Read The Cellophane Prophecy. The Cellophane Prophecy by J. K. Greenfield (aka Jo Helfrich).

A hilarious spoof on the New Age classic The Celestine Prophecy.

> Reminders

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If you use this newsletter and website, please take a minute to let us know what you think. Your feedback helps us to make them easier to use.

Best Wishes,

Paul & Jo Helfrich
Castaic, California, USA

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Gem of the Month

The Gem of the Month is a regular feature that provides an excerpt from a recent transcript that captures a snapshot of essential Elias.

This month’s gem is taken from the Bonnie's private session:

BONNIE: “Do you have any suggestions or advice or comments for me as I work on expanding my consciousness?”

ELIAS: “Be noticing.”

BONNIE: “Be noticing?”

ELIAS: “Hold your attention to yourself and hold your attention in the now, and be noticing the moments that you are NOT generating that action.”

BONNIE: “I will do that!” [session 1228, December 29, 2002]

Digests: find out more about noticing self.

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Resources for Newcomers

New to the information? Want to share it with someone else? Here are some great pages to read and/or print out to share with friends and family:

> Introduction & Overview

> Acceptance 101

> Acceptance 102

> “the straight little sapling”

> “the secret of life”

> New & Updated! NIRAA - A Summary of Accepting Self

> About Elias

> A Glossary of Elias’ Terms

> A Seth, Elias Comparative Overview

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New & Updated!

The website is a work in progress! New transcripts come out almost every week that further expand the information offered to date by Elias. New excerpts are added to various Digests every month, and new Exercises, too, when new material is offered.

New & Updated! Exercises

> pay attention (noticing, identifying, recognizing, addressing to...)

> noticing exposure (vulnerability)

New & Updated! Library

> NIRAA - A Summary of Accepting Self

New & Updated! Updated Digests

> dis-ease and healing

> sexuality; gender, orientation, preference

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Recently Published Transcripts: July 2005

Thanks to Bobbi Houle, Paul Tews, Daryl Horton, Fran Wing, and Donna Friedman, new transcripts are published weekly. If you or someone you know wants to get ON or OFF the email list to receive new transcripts, contact Bobbi H. at Please specify a preference, either MS Word or Plain Text.

> Session 1222, Tuesday, December 24, 2002*

> Session 1223, Thursday, December 26, 2002*

> Session 1224, Friday, December 27, 2002*

> Session 1225, Friday, December 27, 2002
“Mirroring or Reflecting – When Is It Him Being a Creep and Not Me?”
“The Triangle Is Complete”

> Session 1226, Saturday, December 28, 2002
“The Challenge of Raising ‘Children of the Shift’”

> Session 1227, Saturday, December 28, 2002
“Questions about Alzheimer’s Disease”
“Lots of Impressions”

> Session 1228, Sunday, December 29, 2002
“Clinical Depression in a Family Member”
“Reiki, Energy Fields, and Energy Deposits”

> Session 1229, Tuesday, December 31, 2002

> Session 1230, Tuesday, December 31, 2002*

> Session 1231, Friday, January 03, 2003
“Have I Fragmented Yet?”
“Distraction and Not Paying Attention to Yourself”

> Session 1232, Monday, January 04, 2003*

> Session, 1233, Sunday, January 05, 2003
“Freedom of Expression”

*unpublished by request.

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Please Notify Us About Typos, Broken Links, Or ...

Another special thank you to those of you who continue to send us reports of typos, broken links, or suspected errors. We greatly appreciate your efforts in helping to keep this HUGE online encyclopedia free of mistakes (even though “Elias says” there aren’t any :-) It is an ongoing effort and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know when you find something odd.

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Monthly Musings - In Memoriam, Margot Reed (1931-2005)

We interrupt our exploration of the ten primary belief systems outlined by Elias in 1999 to honor the passing of a very good friend. Here is a remembrace penned by Margot's partner-in-time Howard.

By Howard Reed

She was a butterfly when I first met her. I was a bug crawling out from under a rock. I watched her flit and swoop from flower to flower. Always smiling. Always curious. Always being the most wonderful person I had ever met.

And then she noticed me. I don’t know the precise moment when this occurred, but it did. I do know it was during the spring of 1988 in Fullerton, California, when she was teaching a class at Psynetics called, One Bright Shining Moment. (What a title. If that doesn’t describe Margot, I don’t know what does.) I was attending a class that I had thought was being offered by the author of a book about Nicolas Tesla, the inventor of alternating current electrical system generators, who with George Westinghouse’s financial backing electrified the world. The author’s name was Margo Chaney. It seemed that the title of the class fit Tesla and I signed up for it. But this Margot was not that Margo. I knew right away I was in the wrong class, but because I had paid the money I stayed and I have been eternally grateful for sticking around. You see, the butterfly that she was, caught me in her smile and I’ve been her prisoner ever since.

When Margot spotted me sitting in her class she always called on me to express my take on what she had said. I responded and she countered and we got to know each other by what we knew and what books we had been reading. She said to me once, “I have met a man who knew as much as I do.” That was the basis of our relationship. She could talk to me and I could talk to her.

The rock I was crawling out from under was a marriage that I could not live within any longer. I had been married for 22 years and I calculated I had spent seven years with my wife and children. I fathered two boys, had a fancy house in Dana Point and a job that took me around the world three time and paid me a ton of bucks. But I had spent fifteen years ... let me repeat, fifteen years living in foreign countries and remote job sites, on the road here and there and coming home late in the evening and I was sick of it. I decided I was going crazy. Or maybe I was already crazy and didn’t know it.

At first I blamed the job and my need to earn a lot of money. I learned that the money didn’t matter. I just hated going home. To stay away I bowled so much I became a semi-pro and made a good money at it. Other times I would find a place alone and I would read books, write poetry and essays and when I came home I would share my stuff with my wife and she would say, “So What?” We had nothing in common. I built walls between us and stopped sharing my stuff and I knew our marriage was over. I concluded that my life was not worth the emptiness I was experiencing.

Something was missing. And so it was, ten months prior to meeting Margot, one day in June 1987, I made the most difficult decision I have ever made in my life. It was with great terror and apprehension I told my wife I was leaving her. I tried to say that it wasn’t her, it was me. I tried to say that all I cared about was her happiness. Money, things and possessions were what I thought she wanted. I did not know until I met Margot, that a kiss and hug are worth one mansion and twenty diamonds.

I told my wife that all I cared about was making her happy and I was miserable because I wasn’t happy. She laughed at the absurdity. She didn’t understand. I didn’t understand. I went downstairs to tell my oldest son that I had to go. I gave him a hug and went back upstairs and told my wife I was quitting my job and that she could have the house. I took my car, my guitar and two suitcases and I left. I’ve never looked back.

And here I am talking to you about Margot and how I came to meet her and how she helped me crawl out from under a rock and become the person you know.

For all of you: She is a princess, a queen of mirth and wisdom. The laughter, the sense of humor - everything about her is blithe and joy. She is blithe and joy.

If I was perceived to be a stick in the mud to some people, she is the one who transformed the mud into fudge. If I am a nice man to you it is because Margot has eased my edges, polished my chrome and made me feel special for just being in her company. I adore her. That’s the plain and simple fact of me and Margot.

Some have said we are an odd couple. If odd is mutual adoration then we are truly odd.

You do not know me without knowing Margot. Without her I would have been dead ten years ago. She has often said the same to me.

We are the results of a marriage made in Cottonwood, Arizona on April 22, 1989. We were bound at the hip someone said. And that’s the truth. Our marriage was made in heaven eighteen years ago and we have never looked back.

Our past experiences are similar but not the same. We both left a marriage of twenty-two years and started all over again. We both belonged to the same church. We had read all of the literature, sacred books and discourses of the church. It was on this mutually shared experience that we built our relationship. We could talk and explore other ideas. We fed off each others ideas and thoughts; never once feeding off each other.

And the years flew by.

I met her extended family and she met mine.

And here we are.

What more can I say?

Dearest Margot, Bertha Rose Mortensen, mother, mom, wife, companion - dear friend, I love you. Enjoy the eternity that awaits you, dear butterfly. And keep a light on for me.


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2005 Schedule and Updates

October 2005 Elias Group Session - Brattleboro, Vermont

Saturday, October 22, 2005, at 11:00 AM. Cost is $95.

Hosted by Lynda Symans, or (802) 257-9443.

Follow this link for more info.

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Speak to Elias: Hold Your Own Private or Group Session

Mary Ennis holds private and group sessions. Rates are:

Private: approx. one hour phone or in person = $250 (includes audio tape)

Group: (50 or more people) = $1,500 plus travel expenses

Note: can now use your credit card through PayPal.

To schedule contact Mary Ennis:

Phone: 802-258-6574

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Order Video and Audio Tapes

Group sessions are available to everyone, and individual private sessions are available to the participant, or with the participant’s expressed permission. The proceeds go toward converting the existing videotape archive into a more stable DVD format, and other forum-related projects.

Now available from Ron Churchman:

$25 per session/video or DVD

$10 per session/audio

$25 current transcripts on CD-R. Available in MS-Word or text formats.


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New & Updated! Order The Shift: A Time of Change
compiled by David Tate

Click here to enlarge. Publication date 25 October 2004
Mind, Body, Spirit; Philosophy
365pp; paperback
UK publication date 25 October 2004
Published by Contact Publishing Ltd.

For more information, please contact

Click here to order.

At this time in our world we are all asking questions of ourselves and others such as, “What is my purpose?” and “What is truth?” and “What is death?” We are questioning the validity of our governments and our religious institutions. The Shift: A Time of Change offers the answer to these questions.

First time author David Tate has waded through the voluminous information delivered by Elias/Mary Ennis to compile a GEM of the Elias material and has shaped The Shift: A Time of Change into a definitive reference guide of the most popular topics of the Elias material.

All of the readers of the popular Seth/Jane Roberts books will identify with the information delivered by Elias/Mary Ennis in that it is channelled material. Like Seth, Elias is an essence who brings forth explanations of our world, ourselves and that we create our reality. The mantra, “You create your own reality,” was originated by Seth. Seth further explained that our beliefs create our reality. However, Elias clarifies that in order to change our realities we must accept our beliefs.

In The Shift, Elias delves deep into the fundamental questions we all have concerning truth, karma, beliefs systems and God.

“You are moving to the creation of a new expression of your physical reality as you know it. In this, not only your technology shall advance and be created differently, but all of your reality shall be altered and shall be different.”


The Shift: A Time of Change is a compilation of transcripts that have been delivered by Elias/Mary Ennis since 1995. The phenomenon of Elias began in 1995 and, through Mary Ennis, Elias has given private and group readings to people around the globe. This book encompasses the gems of that information that addresses everyone on the planet.

This is the first book within a series.


    The Shift
    Elias in his own words
Chapter 1     Your Purpose Is Experience
Chapter 2     The Shift
Chapter 3     A Shifty Question
Chapter 4     Why Are We Here?
Chapter 5     Who Am I and What Is Essence?
Chapter 6     What About God?
Chapter 7     What Is Truth?
Chapter 8     A Divine Plan
Chapter 9     Intent – Desire
Chapter 10   If It Isn’t Fun, Don’t Do It!
Chapter 11   You Shall Not Betray You
Chapter 12   Birth–Death–Transition
Chapter 13   Regional Areas of Consciousness
Chapter 14   Reincarnation
Chapter 15   Karma
Chapter 16   Belief Systems
Chapter 17   Duplicity
Chapter 18   Mass Belief Systems
Chapter 19   New Horizons
Appendix 1   The Sapling Story
Appendix 2   Glossary of Terms

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“A picture is worth a thousand words, but a mindscape is worth a thousand pictures.”

Mindscapes Music CD

From the sublime to the ridiculous, the sacred to the profane, Mindscapes explore the boundless world of dreams and imagination. Now available from Paul Helfrich.

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New & Updated! Order The Cellophane Prophecy

The Cellophane Prophecy

Wickedly funny sendup of new age mega-seller, The Celestine Prophecy, a novel about a man who goes to Peru to find manuscripts that contain the secrets of life. His intentions are good – he wishes to share the manuscripts with the world – but his efforts are impeded by power-hungry factions, extremists, and high-ranking church officials.

In J.K. Greenfield’s parody, The Cellophane Prophecy, our hero’s intentions are not so good! Set up by an ex-girlfriend promising sexual favors, he goes to Italy to uncover manuscripts said to contain the secrets of life-secrets, he finds, like “If you stare at something long enough, it will glow.”

The book is a must for people who read The Celestine Prophecy and found themselves in need of a laugh, or even a subplot! Treat yourself and your loved ones to The Cellophane Prophecy.

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