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> What’s New?
> Gem of the Month
> Resources for Newcomers
> New & Updated Digests/Exercises
> Recently Published Transcripts: September 2004
> Please Notify Us About Typos, Broken Links, Or ...
> Monthly Musings - NIRAA and the Ten Belief Systems - Step 2a. Identifying
> Speak to Elias: Hold Your Own Private or Group Session
> Upcoming Elias Group Sessions - 2004 Schedule and Updates
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> Order The Shift: A Time of Change
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What’s New?

> September - Over 3,700 Visitors!

Since opening our cyberdoors in February 2002, we have served over 941,000 webpages to more than 58,800 visitors in over 100 countries. Many thanks to all of you who continue to provide us with tremendous support, constructive suggestions, and email feedback!

> DVD Archive Project Update

This is one of those “behind the scenes” projects whose goal is to ensure that the legacy of the Elias forum continues long after we’re gone. At last count, Mary had recorded over 1,600 sessions on videotape! Since DVDs take up less space, we purchased a DVD recorder last March, and began to transfer the ’95 sessions from Ron and Cathy Churchman’s video archive. We’re up to session 240.

> Website Update

You may have noticed that we recently added Google ads to our webpages. The idea is simple, every time someone clicks through an ad, we get a few pennies that go to covering our expenses. If you wish to support the website, you might click on any ad you find interesting. You don't have to buy anything, and you earn us a few pennies every time you click through. In this simple way, you can help support the folks who make this free website possible. If the ads bother you, simply turn OFF javascript in your browser settings and poof! they go away.

Also, see below for details on:

> The Shift: A Time of Change - David Tate’s book, a 325 page compilation of Elias excerpts, has been picked up by Contact Publishing in London. A second, updated edition will now be released on October 15, 2004!

> Mindscapes - Paul’s conscious creation music CD, over an hour of music on 22 tracks. Now available on Apple iTunes for Mac and Windows!

> The Cellophane Prophecy - Joanne’s hilarious spoof on the New Age classic The Celestine Prophecy.

If you use this newsletter and website, please take a minute to let us know what you think. Your feedback helps us to make them easier to use.

Best Wishes,

Paul & Jo Helfrich
Castaic, California, USA

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Gem of the Month

The Gem of the Month is a regular feature that provides an excerpt from a recent transcript that captures a snapshot of essential Elias.

This month’s gem is taken from Oge’s private session:

ELIAS: “Influences of beliefs are quite significant, for therein lies your expression of freedom, your choices, in which you allow yourself your expressions and to create what you want, rather than discounting yourself and perpetuating the type of energy that influences the creation of a reality that you do not want.

“The energy that you express outwardly is the energy that you reflect within your reality. Therefore, I may express to you that regardless of what you think, you may be incorporating thought and identifying somewhat of what you do want, but you may not necessarily create that, dependent upon what type of energy you are projecting. You offer yourself little avenues of information in projecting the type of energy that you have been, for you constrict your information, you constrict your creativity, and you constrict your communication of imagination, and those expressions allow you much more freedom of mobility and inspiration to be generating what you want.”

OGE: “I wasn’t aware that I did that, especially more so with my imagination. I wasn’t aware that I constrict that, or not consciously, anyway.”

ELIAS: “Allowing yourself to relax would be the first step. In that, allowing yourself to playfully engage imagination would be quite purposeful, for this may allow you to creatively offer yourself information, interrupt the energy that you have been projecting, and inspire yourself to be moving in a direction that shall allow you to generate income, but in a playful manner.”

OGE: “Physical exercise, I find, helps me to relax.”

ELIAS: “At times, yes.”

OGE: “Like walking.”

ELIAS: “Yes, and perhaps you may engage walking each day to allow yourself that expression of relaxing. But upon your walks, also allow yourself to notice your environment and to be incorporating your imagination, and perhaps you shall surprise yourself.” (Chuckles)

OGE: “Okay, Elias. It’s all gone rather serious!”

ELIAS: (Laughs) “But not necessarily, for once again this conversation may be interpreted and perceived as the beginning of a new adventure...”

OGE: “It is!”

ELIAS: “...and a manner in which you may begin to incorporate a playfulness that you have not been allowing yourself recently.” (Chuckles)

OGE: “It’s hard to do something, or it’s more difficult to do something that you’re not used to doing, though, isn’t it?”

ELIAS: “I am quite aware. It is challenging. But this is the significance of practicing, for as you practice it becomes easier, for it becomes more familiar.”

OGE: “I’m sitting here thinking, ‘Gosh, how do I relax? How do I become more playful?’ Overwhelm, overwhelm! But I hear you.”

ELIAS: (Chuckles) “How do you relax? You choose intentionally to be relaxing. You focus somewhat, not intensely and not forcingly, but focus upon the physical areas of your physical body and intentionally allow yourself to relax those muscles. As you relax one muscle, allow yourself to relax another muscle. And incorporate breathing, for that is a natural action that automatically releases tension. The action of incorporating even, deep breaths is a natural releasing of energy. It is quite difficult to hold in tension if you are incorporating that action.”

OGE: “You haven’t told me anything there with the breathing that I don’t actually know. I’ve been telling myself that, but I just haven’t been doing it.”

ELIAS: “I am aware. It matters not whether you incorporate the information or not, but whether you incorporate the action or not.” (Laughs) [session 1589, July 07, 2004]

Exercises – see also: | relaxation; holding attention within the now (accepting self) | relax your body |

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Resources for Newcomers

New to the information? Want to share it with someone else? Here are some great pages to read and/or print out to share with friends and family:

> Introduction & Overview

> Acceptance 101

> Acceptance 102

> “the straight little sapling”

> “the secret of life”

> About Elias

> A Glossary of Elias’ Terms (Updated!)

> A Seth, Elias Comparative Overview (Updated!)

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New & Updated Digests/Exercises

The website is a work in progress! New transcripts come out almost every week that further expand the information offered to date by Elias. New excerpts are added to various Digests every month, and new Exercises, too, when new material is offered.

New & Updated! Exercises

> pay attention to self: what do I want in this moment?

New & Updated! Updated Digests

> About Elias
> accepting self (belief systems)
> attention (doing and choosing)
> avenues of communication
> being in the now
> belief systems; an overview
> children
> creature consciousness
> dis-ease and healing
> duality and change
> duplicity
> energy exchanges (Elias, Paul/Patel)
> energy fields
> essence
> essence names
> essence tones
> evolution
> fear
> focal points
> focus of essence; an overview
> imagination
> imagery
> probabilities
> sexuality; gender, orientation, preference
> shift in consciousness
> trauma of the shift in consciousness
> you create your reality

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Recently Published Transcripts: September 2004

Thanks to Bobbi Houle, Paul Tews, Margot Reed, Daryl Horton, Fran Wing, and Donna Friedman, new transcripts are published weekly. If you or someone you know wants to get ON or OFF the email list to receive new transcripts, contact Bobbi H. at Please specify a preference, either MS Word or Plain Text.

> Session 1112, Wednesday, June 12, 2002
“An Explanation of Focal Points”
“Probable Selves”

> Session 1113, Thursday, June 13, 2002
“Focuses and Impressions”

> Session 1114, Saturday, June 15, 2002
“Soft Orientation Revisited”
“Exercise: What Do I Want in This Moment?”
“Substance Use”
“Anger Generates the Role of Victim”

> Session 1115, Saturday, June 15, 2002
“Offer Yourself Permission to Freely Express Yourself”

> Session 1116, Sunday, June 16, 2002
“The Difference Between Intuition and Imagination”
“Examining Security”
“The Difference Between Patience and Waiting”
“What Does the Shift in Consciousness Look Like?”
“Physical Dis-Ease”

> Session 1117, Monday, June 17, 2002
“Expressing Female Energy”
“Create Your Own Rules”

> Session 1118, Monday, June 17, 2002*

> Session 1119, Monday, June 17, 2002*

> Session 1120, Saturday, June 22, 2002
“A Condensed Explanation”

> Session 1121, Sunday, June 23, 2002
“A Condensed Explanation”
“Imagination Is Quite Real”
“Methods for Viewing Other Focuses”

> Session 1122, Monday, July 01, 2002*

> Session 1123, Friday, July 05, 2002
“Two Interpretations of Tooth Imagery”
“Final Focus Questions”

> Session 1589, Wednesday, July 07, 2004
“The Process of Interpreting an Emotional Signal and Working through the Automatic Response”
“The Process of Interpreting a Physical Pain Signal”

*unpublished by request.

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Please Notify Us About Typos, Broken Links, Or ...

Another special thank you to those of you who continue to send us reports of typos, broken links, or suspected errors. We greatly appreciate your efforts in helping to keep this HUGE online encyclopedia free of mistakes (even though “Elias says” there aren’t any :-) It is an ongoing effort and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know when you find something odd.

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Monthly Musings - NIRAA and the Ten Belief Systems - Step 2a. Identifying

Last month we revisited the NIRAA (pronounced nigh-rah) method of accepting self. This month we’re going to expand that basic technique to incorporate the ten foundational belief systems. But first, let’s briefly review the basic steps of NIRAA:

  1. Noticing beliefs (the process of making invisible beliefs visible and the subconscious conscious through self-observation. Similar to the perennial challenge of “Know Thyself.”)
  2. Identifying and Recognizing specific beliefs (As self-observation becomes more regular, more an everyday habit (i.e. a belief!), you begin to connect various beliefs to various choices, actions, reactions, and motivations. This stage is marked by varying degrees of conflict, anxiety, joy and/or happiness.
  3. Addressing to the beliefs (lessening conflict, anxiety, depression, fear; increasing happiness, joy, relaxation, allowing more for diverse perceptions, and moving closer to accepting self. This can occur without a thought process.)
  4. Acceptance, neutrality, complete lack of judgment while still holding preferences and opinions; there is no absolute good, bad, right, or wrong = “it matters not!” while recognizing we each still hold belief systems.

To extend the reach of this process, Elias has identified ten foundational belief systems, but adds that there are many, many, many beliefs within each belief system. However, these are not concrete, separated parts, but primary aspects nested together seamlessly in the conscious mind. For example, aspects of the belief system of duplicity are present in varying degrees in each of the other nine. Therefore, the belief system of duplicity houses our moral and ethical beliefs – values we use daily to judge self and others. On the flip side, this belief system holds the key to accepting self and others, and in my view, doesn’t mean doing away with morals and ethics (i.e. belief system of duplicity) at all. It means taking them to a whole new level, where preferences and opinions exist but black and white absolute judgment of right/wrong, good/evil, etc. no longer exist.

Here, then, is a summary of the ten foundational belief systems:

Digests of Essential Elias relationships (interpersonal/intrapersonal = other/self)
Digests of Essential Elias duplicity (morality/ethics)
Digests of Essential Elias sexuality (sexuality/gender/orientation/preference)
Digests of Essential Elias truth (relative truths/Absolute Truth)
Digests of Essential Elias emotion (emotional/feeling)
Digests of Essential Elias perception (perceptual/attention)
Digests of Essential Elias the senses (inner/physical sensing)
Digests of Essential Elias religious/spirituality (exoteric/esoteric)
Digests of Essential Elias scientific/elements of physical reality (scientific/rational)
Digests of Essential Elias physical creation of the universe, including accidents and coincidences (creation mythos)

These belief systems develop in relation to our over all life conditions: intentional, behavioral, cultural, and social factors. They also form a typology – a general “worldview roadmap” – that we can trace through the various stages of life. For example, all the above belief systems emerge during infancy and continue to develop as we grow through childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and seniorhood.

There are no guarantees, either, that our belief systems will all develop at the same rate. They don’t. But they do complement each other and are nested together. For example, someone can have wide spiritual experiences and understanding, and yet have rather narrow moral beliefs. Or someone can have wide scientific understanding and very narrow, even arrested emotional or interpersonal beliefs, and so on. Together, they cover a wide matrix of potential experience.

Given all the above, the basic practice for this month is to simply begin noticing and identifying which of the ten belief systems some inner communication is attempt to draw our attention to. For example, if something flares up with the family or workers, simply notice and identify that this is the relationship area. That's one out of ten! Or, if you have a deep emotional event, simply notice and identify that this deals with the emotional belief system. On the other hand, if you're exploring the how, why, or what of creating your reality, simply notice and identify that this is the perception belief system. And so on.

So, for this month, just get used to noticing and identifying which of these ten belief systems is in play. Don't worry about the rest of NIRAA, if you've done the basic practice long enough, trust that some aspect of you is already beginning to apply it. The idea of this practice is to simply get used to the ten belief systems. Hey, you learned the nine families right? Well, this is just one more, and may open the door for deep, important connections down the road as your practice deepens.

We’ll explore this further next month. In the mean time, happy noticing and identifying!

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Speak to Elias: Hold Your Own Private or Group Session

Mary Ennis holds private and group sessions. Rates are:

Private: approx. one hour phone or in person = $250 (includes audio tape)

Group: (50 or more people) = $1,500 plus travel expenses

Note: can now use your credit card through PayPal.

To schedule contact Mary Ennis:

Phone: 802-258-6574

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2004 Schedule and Updates

The Fall Elias Group Session in Columbus, Indiana has been cancelled. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

If you have already sent a check for your conference reservation, it will be returned to you in the mail. Please watch for it in the next week or so. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Cathy privately at:

The next Elias group session will be the annual Castaic, California group session in January 2005.

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Order Video and Audio Tapes

Group sessions are available to everyone, and individual private sessions are available to the participant, or with the participant’s expressed permission. The proceeds go toward converting the existing videotape archive into a more stable DVD format, and other forum-related projects.

Now available from Ron Churchman:

$25 per session/video or DVD

$10 per session/audio

$25 current transcripts on CD-R. Available in MS-Word or text formats.


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New & Updated! Pre-order The Shift: A Time of Change
compiled by David Tate

Click here to enlarge. Publication date 15 October 2004
Mind, Body, Spirit; Philosophy
325pp; paperback
UK publication date 15 October 2004
Published by Contact Publishing Ltd.

For more information or to pre-order, please contact

At this time in our world we are all asking questions of ourselves and others such as, “What is my purpose?” and “What is truth?” and “What is death?” We are questioning the validity of our governments and our religious institutions. The Shift: A Time of Change offers the answer to these questions.

First time author David Tate has waded through the voluminous information delivered by Elias/Mary Ennis to compile a GEM of the Elias material and has shaped The Shift: A Time of Change into a definitive reference guide of the most popular topics of the Elias material.

All of the readers of the popular Seth/Jane Roberts books will identify with the information delivered by Elias/Mary Ennis in that it is channelled material. Like Seth, Elias is an essence who brings forth explanations of our world, ourselves and that we create our reality. The mantra, “You create your own reality,” was originated by Seth. Seth further explained that our beliefs create our reality. However, Elias clarifies that in order to change our realities we must accept our beliefs.

In The Shift, Elias delves deep into the fundamental questions we all have concerning truth, karma, beliefs systems and God.

“You are moving to the creation of a new expression of your physical reality as you know it. In this, not only your technology shall advance and be created differently, but all of your reality shall be altered and shall be different.”


The Shift: A Time of Change is a compilation of transcripts that have been delivered by Elias/Mary Ennis since 1995. The phenomenon of Elias began in 1995 and, through Mary Ennis, Elias has given private and group readings to people around the globe. This book encompasses the gems of that information that addresses everyone on the planet.

This is the first book within a series.

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New & Updated! Order Mindscapes Music CD

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but a mindscape is worth a thousand pictures.”

Mindscapes Music CD

From the sublime to the ridiculous, the sacred to the profane, Mindscapes explore the boundless world of dreams and imagination. Now available from Paul Helfrich.

> Listen to all 22 tracks:

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New & Updated! Order The Cellophane Prophecy

The Cellophane Prophecy

Wickedly funny sendup of new age mega-seller, The Celestine Prophecy, a novel about a man who goes to Peru to find manuscripts that contain the secrets of life. His intentions are good -- he wishes to share the manuscripts with the world -- but his efforts are impeded by power-hungry factions, extremists, and high-ranking church officials.

In J.K. Greenfield's parody, The Cellophane Prophecy, our hero's intentions are not so good! Set up by an ex-girlfriend promising sexual favors, he goes to Italy to uncover manuscripts said to contain the secrets of life-secrets, he finds, like “If you stare at something long enough, it will glow.”

The book is a must for people who read The Celestine Prophecy and found themselves in need of a laugh, or even a subplot! Treat yourself and your loved ones to The Cellophane Prophecy.

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