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Sunday, January 05, 2003

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“Freedom of Expression”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anjuli (Myranda).

Elias arrives at 11:47 AM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

ANJULI: Good afternoon, Elias! We are continuing with our session, because I already had some sort of session with you today.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well, we continue in a different expression!

ANJULI: In a different expression, yes. I thought I do this session in a little bit different way than the others, because – and that is already the first question – because I am exploring my energy. I wanted to know if it could be that when I am sharing all my experiences and my sessions and creating unusualness, it is sometimes sort of too much for others. Could that be, that I am sort of exploring something about what to do with my energy?

ELIAS: And also allowing yourself to view your responses to your beliefs concerning other individuals and their perceptions and how you associate that with yourself. For I am understanding that in your choice to be sharing your impressions and your interaction with myself with other individuals, the responses that you offer to yourself are varied. Some individuals may express in a manner of what you perceive to be elevating you, in viewing your allowance of yourself in relation to your impressions and trusting of your impressions, and this may be expressed by other individuals in a type of amazement and elevating you above themselves. Or some individuals may express responses in a different manner and be expressing somewhat of an exasperation with your choices and your direction.

Now; in actuality, it matters not what other individuals may be expressing. What is significant is that you have drawn these expressions to yourself, that you have placed yourself in a group of individuals that do express varied responses, and that you are drawing that to yourself to offer yourself the opportunity to recognize YOUR response and what YOU experience in association with other individuals’ responses, how this is affecting of you – not that the other individuals are affecting of you, but how you are affecting of yourself in association with your beliefs. Which, I am understanding, at times may be slightly overwhelming and confusing, for it appears that you incorporate conflicting beliefs in relation to the same subject, although they are not actually conflicting.

In this, you respond in similar manner to all of these responses. Those responses of individuals that are elevating you, you reject, and those responses that are exasperated with your choices you also reject. You reject one for you wish not to be viewed by other individuals as incorporating any more or different abilities than they express themselves, and you wish not to be elevating yourself above other individuals. But simultaneously, you also do not wish to discount yourself and wish to continue trusting yourself and your impressions and your choices and your movement, and not seeking the approval or having to justify yourself in relation to other individuals.

Therefore, this generates within you a conflicting and confusing experience in your responses within yourself and your communications within you in relation to these expressions.

ANJULI: Yes, that’s right. So this means that I don’t have to be concerned about how other individuals view me, what beliefs they have, because I don’t create their reality for them, and I am not responsible if they view me as more or themselves as less or whatever?

ELIAS: Correct. But it is significant that you continue to allow yourself to be paying attention to your own communications and recognize what your responses are to other individuals in relation to their responses, for this offers you the opportunity to be more familiar with you and what motivates your responses within yourself. In recognizing those motivations through the influence of your beliefs, you also offer yourself the freedom of choice, for you are not locked into these automatic responses. You may continue to offer yourself the freedom of your expressions without concerning yourself with other individual’s perceptions. (Pause) You are...

ANJULI: So I can’t be too intense, energy-wise? Or when I share my expressions and experiences in the way ... you know? Because it is fascinating for me and I enjoy it. I am not overwhelming others – well, it’s the same question – with my energy or what, so I don’t allow them the time to respond or...?

ELIAS: No, my friend. You are allowing yourself to move in a direction of exploration that is an expression of your individual preferences. You incorporate fun. You validate yourself. It is a manner in which you individually allow yourself to incorporate more of your own trust of yourself and your communications and your impressions. It is a manner in which you practice paying attention to different energies and expressions and different aspects of yourself. In this, you also allow yourself to be more accepting of yourself, and this is the manner in which you generate this movement.

It also, as I have discussed with you previously, is a direction that you choose to incorporate at times to be a productive distraction, to not overwhelm yourself with other situations that you create within your focus and your interactions with individuals within physical proximity of yourself – your family. You are not expressing a choice and a direction of movement of ignoring your physical interactions or of not paying attention to yourself and to other individuals within your physical interactions. You continue to be paying attention to yourself and interacting with your family and trusting yourself in those interactions, and being mindful, so to speak, of how you are interactive, to not be intrusive and to be expressing an acceptance of these individuals’ choices. But you also allow yourself the freedom to be offering yourself individual time, so to speak, in which you offer yourself the freedom to explore other directions that incorporate fun for you; which at times purposefully may be a distraction from other directions and interactions, but it is beneficial.

In a manner of speaking, Myranda, you allow yourself, figuratively, to occupy two worlds. You occupy that which your society views as the real world, with your physical interactions with family and friends and incorporating your experiences in association with that world. You also generate another world, your own world, in which you move your attention to yourself and allow yourself time frameworks and experiences in relation to you and what generates pleasure and fun, but also allows you to practice paying attention to yourself, trusting yourself, accepting yourself. These are beneficial actions, and you have incorporated them consistently for an extended time framework.

As in any direction that any individual chooses to explore, the more that you practice, the more you accomplish. The more you practice trusting yourself, the more trust you express, and in this, you offer yourself more and more accurate information. This is merely the manner in which you choose to be generating that expression of trust and acceptance of yourself.

You do offer yourself a considerable pay-off in that movement, for your interactions in your figurative “real” world have altered considerably. You express much more of an acceptance of your family members now than you were in the time framework in which you and I initiated interaction with each other. You have altered perceptions considerably, and you have altered your reality in your interactions with other individuals considerably, allowing yourself much more of an ease in your interactions, especially in association with your mother. This also has provided an opening in your allowance and your acceptance, which is noticed by her and is responded to, which has been helpful to her also in altering her perception.

For the expression of acceptance is recognized by other individuals, and what that creates is, in a manner of speaking, an atmosphere in which the other individual feels more of their own freedom. For they do not experience what may be termed as the pressure of expectations, and therefore they also allow themselves more of their own freedom and more of their own expression of acceptance. As I have stated many times, acceptance of yourself generates a natural by-product of acceptance of other individuals. It is an automatic natural by-product of the acceptance of yourself. This is the manner in which you ripple out energy and are affecting of other individuals and are affecting of your world.

Now; I am also recognizing that other individuals incorporate their own beliefs and their own expressions. In this, some individuals may discount themselves in their amazement of your movement, but more individuals merely view your allowance of yourself and your trust of yourself as an expression of inspiration, that if you may allow yourself to be trusting and to be listening to your impressions and to be trusting the experiences that you generate that may not necessarily be physically manifest, they also are inspired in the notion that they may generate the same type of actions and incorporate the same abilities.

Those individuals that may be expressing exasperation, there are two actions that are occurring. One is associated with you in momentarily doubtfulness, at times, of yourself, in which you question yourself of whether your choice to be moving in association with impressions and gathering information of the stories of the other focuses of your essence or creating experiences in relation to your island or your Alterversity, whether those types of movements are valuable or productive. As I have stated, for you individually they are. But as you are aware, at times you – in similar manner to many individuals – question your choices in those types of movements, wondering whether you are merely distracting yourself and not really being responsible for the hypothetical “real” world. (Laughs)

Now; that is one expression in association with this experience of interaction with other individuals that may be exasperated. The other aspect of this is expressed in relation to the other individuals themselves. At times, they are discounting of themselves and camouflaging that discounting of themselves in an expression of discounting you, projecting their attention away from themselves and to you as their own distraction. Or they may be expressing differences in their choices, which is quite acceptable, but not recognizing that although they may incorporate a different preference of how they may be directing their attention, this is not to say that your choices are wrong or any less valid, or that their choices are better for they view them to be more realistic.

Each direction is quite realistic. In genuineness, it matters not whether you may actually touch or physically interact with or physically view some of these creations that you have expressed. This is not to say that they are any less real than any object within your physical reality. Let me express to you, my friend, in an acknowledgment and an encouragement of you and your choices, I may extend to you the question have you ever actually physically manifest or held within your hand a manifestation of money in one bill, in one note of paper, that incorporates the value of more than one thousand dollars? No.


ELIAS: But do you know that this manifestation exists?


ELIAS: Yes. Is it necessary that you physically view it to know that it exists? No. In like manner, it is unnecessary for any of you to actually physically touch the building of the Alterversity. This does not discount your knowing of its existence; it does not express that it is any less real. There are many expressions, there are many manifestations within your actual physical reality that many of you have never physically viewed or touched or interacted with but you know that they exist, and they are quite real for they are expressions of your reality.

The movement and the explorations that you generate are equally as real. You are not overwhelming other individuals and your energy is not expressed in too much intensity in relation to other individuals. You are merely expressing your own individual exploration and allowing yourself to incorporate fun in that exploration. How other individuals view this or interact with it or share or not share with you in your choices is their choice and is associated with THEIR movement. THEY choose the volume of energy that they shall allow themselves to receive and interact with in relation to you. THEY choose whether they shall be expressing an overwhelmingness or an intensity. It is THEIR choice, just as it is your choice of how you shall receive energy or how you interact with other individuals.

ANJULI: Then it is also my choice how much energy I receive from you?


ANJULI: Then that was my choice recently when I felt your energy so much more intense and had again this energy-mix experience when I was in bed and then sleeping. That was because I had chosen to experience it like that. I had opened myself.

ELIAS: Yes, precisely. You have been moving in that direction consistently for a time framework now, and as I have expressed in this conversation, the more that you practice in any expression, the more accomplished you become and the easier you express that direction.

In this, you have been practicing consistently with allowing yourself to be expressing more of an openness in association with mixing, in your terms, your energy with my energy and allowing yourself an openness to my energy to be expressed with you. In this, you are choosing to be expressing more of an openness and allowing yourself to relax and to receive, and you choose the volume or not of energy which you are allowing yourself to receive in any moment.

ANJULI: Ah, interesting. In that night when I had again this feeling of suddenness, which I sometimes have when I take a nap in the afternoon, this has also been about our energy mix and about you interacting with me? It was during night or sleep. When it happened I had the feeling we have done during sleep some of this energy-mix games; you have directed something with me. This suddenness is because of my personality identity sort of linking itself again with my body or what?


Now; let me express to you in clarity: I am interactive in equal volume of energy with ALL of the individuals in this forum, so to speak, and many more beyond. But for the most part, most individuals are unaware objectively of my energy expression and interaction with them.

You are expressing a difference. There are a few individuals that do allow a similar openness to my energy in association with themselves, but in this you are generating different choices. You are choosing to be sharing your experiences in that openness with myself with other individuals, for this also is your preference and you offer yourself pleasure in sharing your experiences with myself with other individuals.

As I have stated, there are some individuals that do allow themselves a very similar openness in relation to my energy, but they choose not to be sharing their experiences with these energy mixes, as you refer to them, with other individuals – which is neither good or bad in either scenario. It is merely the choice of each individual, and individuals choose differently.

But as I have stated, for the most part, generally speaking, most individuals that I am interactive with in equal measure to yourself are objectively unaware of that interaction, or may be partially aware at times in some moments but not consistently, for they are not generating this type of openness – which in clarity I may also state this is not bad or wrong either. It once again is merely a choice.

ANJULI: But we all incorporate the same abilities to create trust, to create fun, to create what we want and create feeling into the energies of nonphysical essences. We have all the same abilities. It is just our choice about what we create.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Or allow.

ELIAS: Correct. In this, you have chosen a direction in wanting to be exploring nonphysical energies and also exploring your own energy and exploring yourself as essence. This you incorporate a fascination and a curiosity in relation to, and you also allow yourself to generate fun.

ANJULI: Elias, within our energy mix, did you now start more to also do things which are not related to muscle movings?


ANJULI: So what you do within our energy mix, it is sometimes related to the physical body consciousness and also to other expressions of my energies, because I am, after all, not just my physical body.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: I am more aware of not just what you do with the physical body consciousness, but I am also more aware of the other aspects you react with within our energy mix.

ELIAS: Yes, which also you incorporate a curiosity of and you express fun in that type of experience.

ANJULI: My sister and I went to the cinema together to watch the “Two Towers” of “The Lord of the Rings,” and I took our energy mix with us. (Elias laughs) You were moving me a little bit. I had lots of fun. And Elias, the movie of “The Lord of the Rings” is a Wingnut Production. And “wing nut,” that is Vicky’s and other’s fun expression for you. (Elias laughs) We discovered that in the Eliasfamily, and I also told Michael about that. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Interesting terminology that individuals incorporate within your physical reality! (Laughs)

ANJULI: (Laughing) Yes. And Elias, within my exploration of energies of essences, because of the essences I discovered last time, in the last session, I am sort of interested in translating my interaction with them as if this is also a sort of group or some sort of “innernet” mailing list. I felt into how I could a little bit translate it like that so it is easier for me to objectify my interaction with those essences.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ANJULI: So the essences which we discovered, those that are fragmented from me and other essences, I have a sort of reason of why I discovered them. It is about me being interested in color and tone and in energy, and they interact with me?

ELIAS: Yes. Essences are quite responsive to each other, and in consciousness essences are quite willing to be interactive in responsiveness to requests.

Now; requests are not always presented in an expression of thought or verbal communication but may be expressed through desire, and this is recognized within consciousness and therefore responded to.

ANJULI: I have the feeling that all of these essences we have talked about that I have focuses with them, so I discover them within the stories of my focuses. Is this correct?

ELIAS: At times, yes.

ANJULI: Yes, so I can feel into these essences, and then I may discover this is a friend of that focus and this is a brother or father of that focus, these types of interactions.


ANJULI: Yes. Also, there is a becoming aware of me of the nonphysical essence interaction that I have with those essences?

ELIAS: Yes, and I may express to you also, as you are allowing yourself an openness and you are allowing yourself some interactiveness with other essences, in a manner of speaking the other essences offer energy expressions that lend to your investigations and your explorations. Therefore as you receive that energy and you listen to your impressions, you offer yourself information precisely in the manner that you have expressed, that you may be expressing to yourself ah, I realize this energy expression must be the brother or the friend of my focus in this particular time framework or so on.

ANJULI: Recently within my explorations of what we in this dimension call family, I thought I can after all use my beliefs as tools, correct? So I have relationship beliefs and I feel I like them, but they don’t have to limit me. I can use them in my own way, as I have started already.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Yes, so then I felt some sort of supportiveness of the essences Lissa and Mi and Ordin and Otha and Arkandin and Aviani as if they are six, well, parents. But I don’t like to use the word “parents,” so I thought of “intimates” as a new word for that.

ELIAS: Very well.

ANJULI: Is this correct? It is again about this oneness, because there is some similarity in each of these pairs of two essences, and I felt this type of support from them. It feels like what we translate as parents. They support us from the beginning, as if I am supported from these essences all the time.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Yes, this may be in association with yourself an accurate translation.

ANJULI: Or when I call some essences, like the essences Dennis, Mai Ling and Mario, which fragmented from Lissa and Mi, or the ones who fragmented from Myranda or from Dunadin and you and so on, I call them “brother essences.” So that’s the same, a playful support which we give to each other.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ANJULI: So that is then also correct and I translate that within the terms of my dimensions and use those beliefs in that playful way?


ANJULI: Elias, does Myranda have an essence twin like Michael and Lawrence are?


ANJULI: Okay. (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Laughs) A slight disappointment!

ANJULI: Well, I could have fragmented essence twins with somebody! I shall investigate, and if not, still essence twins can fragment from me.

ELIAS: Quite! (Laughing)

ANJULI: Oh yes, and then probably a little bit about the essences we talked about the last time – did Dunadin and Myranda fragment an essence with the essence tone Demian?


ANJULI: Is Demian focused in my dimension also and is Milumet?


ANJULI: And then Daniela, the essence which is fragmented from Dunadin and Patel, is that an Ilda essence, in our dimension?


ANJULI: And Dennis, the essence which fragmented from Mi and Lissa also, like me, is that an Ilda essence also, in our dimension?


ANJULI: Does Dennis also have focuses in the present time framework?


ANJULI: Aha, I shall look for them. Do the essences Mai Ling and Mario also have focuses in the present time framework in our dimension?


ANJULI: Is Mai Ling Milumet and Mario Sumari?

ELIAS: First impression no, second impression correct.

ANJULI: Mai Ling – Ilda?


ANJULI: Aha, I shall investigate. (Elias laughs) And Anateal, the essence which fragment from Eliantan and Myranda and with my Nepalese focus, is that also a Milumet essence?


ANJULI: We had an essence that fragmented from Arkandin, Aviani and Myranda, and I did not know the essence name, just a focus name. Does that essence have the essence tone Inanna?

ELIAS: No. Inashaan.

ANJULI: Oh. Inashaan with two As?


ANJULI: With “ND” at the end – Inashaand?


ANJULI: Then I still have to think about Inanna, of which essence she fragmented from with Myranda. That’s great! Then we had Elwen. You said he fragmented from me. Did Elwen fragment from Myranda, Jiavani and Elias?

ELIAS: Not myself.

ANJULI: Only Myranda and Jiavani?


ANJULI: Yes, I have that action translated into a situation in my book. I understand. Then the essence Manitou... Okay, Elias, hmm! I thought Manitou could have fragmented of Myranda, Jiavani, Elias and Otha.

ELIAS: And? One more.

ANJULI: Dunadin?


ANJULI: Ordin.

ELIAS: YES! (Laughs)

ANJULI: Nice, nice, nice, Elias, hah! Well, I understand how I translated the fragmentation of Manitou in my book. That’s really great, Elias. I love that. (Elias laughs) Manitou, that sounds very much like a Milumet name. Is that a Milumet essence?


ANJULI: Oh. Is he physically in our dimension? Or maybe no.

ELIAS: Not presently.

ANJULI: Finally we come to the essence which fragmented when we did our merger. (Laughs) I was a little bit challenged to find that essence tone, Elias, and I came up with several. One would be Elranis, and another one would be Elrond or Elronn.

ELIAS: Elronn.

ANJULI: Elronn, with two Ns?


ANJULI: Probably also not physically in my dimension right now?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Ah, Elias, that’s great! Does Arkandin have the essence color sunflower yellow?


ANJULI: And Aviani lilac blue?


ANJULI: Oh, beautiful! And I thought the number of future focuses of Arkandin could be 159?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: And the number of future focuses of Aviani is 23?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Okay, that is beautiful new information! (Elias laughs) Ja, and my current Nepalese focus, which fragmented into the essence Anateal, now has a few other focuses which are in the same time framework presently – probably three others besides her?


ANJULI: I shall investigate, Elias. Oh, great!

ELIAS: You do offer yourself quite a volume of directions to be investigating, and you investigate quite well! (Laughs)

ANJULI: I will use that time until we have another phone session for to practice various ways of how I can get corrects or not-corrects from you without using the telephone.

ELIAS: Ha ha! Very well!

ANJULI: Yes, and of course I continue to practice to translate you into talking with me in my room and/or manifesting you physically. I feel I am moving closer again.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Very well!

ANJULI: We are done with the one hour and I recognized that in time, Elias. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Very well, my friend!

ANJULI: Exactly – I think I am even exactly in the minute.

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating our next interaction, and I shall be interactive with you in energy in the interim time framework. (Laughs)

ANJULI: Ja, so we continue with our playfulness and continue to create interesting things with our energy mix.

ELIAS: Quite!

ANJULI: Quite. Elias, I love you so much.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. To you, Myranda, in tremendous affection and in great playfulness, au revoir.

ANJULI: Au revoir, Elias.

Elias departs at 12:47 PM.

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