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Saturday, July 26, 2003

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“Questions about Energy”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Frieda and Regina.

Elias arrives at 10:46 AM. (Arrival time is 31 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

FRIEDA & REGINA: Hello! Good morning.

ELIAS: Welcome.

FRIEDA: Just a private question – about my left hand, I’m wondering can you answer or not. I have some troubles with my left hand for some time. So, can I do something about it or just leave it as it is?

ELIAS: And what is your manifestation with your hand? What is your concern with it?

FRIEDA: Well, from time to time I play musical instruments and my hand becomes very quickly tired, and yes, and sometimes it does have pain. I’m wondering.

ELIAS: And your impression?

FRIEDA: My impression? I don’t have any impression. Well, just some friendly advice? (Elias chuckles, and a pause)

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you, in time frameworks in which you are experiencing painfulness, I may offer the suggestion to you that you incorporate an action of intentionally relaxing your energy. Move your attention to a different area of your physical body consciousness.

Move your attention to your shoulders and allow yourself to relax the energy that you are holding in tension within your shoulders, for this is affecting of your hands. It is affecting of the nerves and the muscles of your hand and that generates painfulness, and also, at times, what may be termed to be a type of numbness, tingling.

This is generated for you are holding energy within your shoulders. If you are intentionally moving your attention to that area of your physical body consciousness and intentionally allowing yourself to relax that energy, it also shall be affecting of your arm and your hand.

FRIEDA: That’s all, yes?

ELIAS: I may also identify that you generate this action of holding this tension in association with pushing yourself.

FRIEDA: Yes. Then can I ask you another question?

ELIAS: You may.

FRIEDA: So, I just had a friend, Joe E., a Japanese boy, and I am wondering how is he doing now. If you will answer? His name is Joe E. How is he doing now?

ELIAS: And what is your meaning of “how is he doing?”

FRIEDA: Well, if he is okay or he is not okay, is he busy now? His occupation?

ELIAS: Yes. And quite well.

FRIEDA: He’s doing quite well. And where is he doing quite well? What place?

ELIAS: In physical location?

FRIEDA: Well, anywhere.

ELIAS: There is an expression of exploration and experimentation in what may be generated in imagery, in creating different types of imagery, experimenting with abilities in generating different types of expressions of imagery in playfulness, which is quite amusing with this individual.

FRIEDA: But is he okay, does he have some physical damage?

ELIAS: Damage of what type?

FRIEDA: Problems with his chest or problems with his leg, or problems with some parts of his body?

ELIAS: For you are offering yourself impressions. And what are your impressions?

FRIEDA: No impressions. I don’t have any impressions. I’m just asking what... I’m thinking he might have some problems with some part of his body, so that’s why I’m asking.

ELIAS: But the attention is not being projected to those physical affectingnesses. The attention is being projected in experimentation in how the individual may be generating different types of imageries and amusing himself with these different types of imageries. (All laugh)

FRIEDA: Okay, so some other questions. I’m wondering, we use some energy techniques in our school, Union of the Stars, so I just wonder is there any particular direction in which we can use our energy techniques, a particular direction that we have to concentrate? Or we can choose any of the directions? Of course, it’s very special energy techniques. We permanently improve our energy level and vibrations, so I’m wondering what direction should we take or if you see our direction. I’m asking about future, which is now, in fact.

ELIAS: Correct. I may express to you that you may choose any direction and be expressing efficiently in the incorporation of energy and its manipulation that you are engaging. I may also express to you not to force energy, and to recognize that your interaction with other individuals shall be much more efficient if you are allowing yourselves to share rather than instruct. There is a difference. In the instruction, you are discounting.

Now; you are manipulating with energy; therefore, any individual that shall draw themselves to you and your movements and your manipulations of energy shall also be recognizing the expressions of energy – in a manner of speaking, shall tune in to the expressions of energy. And as you are aware, energy is communicated much more efficiently and precisely than any other type of language.

In this, if you are attempting to be instructing of other individuals, they shall know immediately and they shall recognize this expression of energy as a discounting of themselves. Therefore, my suggestion is that you be aware of that, and in your manipulation of energy be projecting an energy in relation to other individuals in sharing and exchanging of energy.

In this, you shall gain, in a manner of speaking, and so shall the other individuals, rather than setting apart yourselves and manipulating energy in a manner in which it is forced and other individuals view themselves to be subject to it, which they are not. For, what you are engaging is an exchange of helpfulness and offering of energy and manipulation of energy in particular configurations to be helpful and supportive to yourselves and to other individuals, in which they may receive that energy expression and configure it in manners in which they generate their own affectingness.

FRIEDA: Our techniques, yes, they are very special. They ask real dedication; you have to do it every day, in the same way that you eat every day or sleep every day or drink every day. The same way you have to exercise. Because of it our school becomes a little bit elite; only people with a lot of motivation or people who really would like to, let us say, to change life 180 degrees, yes? They do. As for the rest, they just go away because they find that these kind of lessons, energy, you have to give, and they just sit passive and get nothing.

So, how it happens? They just sit in my energy and get techniques. I show with my etherical body how it happens. So how in this, how can you share this because automatically it’s shared energy? It’s more than shared, just given. Because of that it’s a very special way of giving lessons.

ELIAS: This is what I am expressing to you. It is not merely a matter of giving. It is an exchange, which may be much more efficient. If you are merely offering what you term to be giving, you are not exchanging, and in the lack of exchange other individuals lose motivation, for it is the participation of the energies which is motivating.

If you are merely giving, so to speak, the participation appears to be in one direction. Individuals naturally recede from expressions of one direction, for your natural expression is to be exchanging, therefore generating both directions.

FRIEDA: But how you see exchange, the word “exchange”? In which way should it happen to get the techniques? They have to get techniques.

ELIAS: Correct. But you also may generate an openness, an exposure of yourself, and therefore receive energy from the other individual also.

You may project energy in your technique and offer the sharing of that technique, but also generate an openness that the other individuals may project their energy also. You allow a reception of that energy, which hones your abilities objectively, and as you allow yourself to receive in response to your offering of the technique, you modify, so to speak, your manipulation of energy and generate more efficiency.

FRIEDA: Yes, but it’s the same problem. You see, my energy helps learn techniques. The energy of other people, that is the same as an organ from another body, yes? It’s not pure. They don’t match with my vibration. So, you see, I will do a lot of damage if it happens this way. First you have to bring the group to your level and then you can begin. People come with... How you call it? Pollution. They are polluted. It’s nightmare. So now you see, it’s impossible. It’s the same like you work with a baby and you eat food of baby, so you will not get long, three, four days and it’s finished with you.

ELIAS: Or so you think! (Chuckles) I may express to you that you are incorporating many expressed beliefs in this explanation.

FRIEDA: Yes. It’s a practical discovery, let us say.

ELIAS: And where is your acceptance?

FRIEDA: Yes, I accept everything.

ELIAS: Ah! Do you?

FRIEDA: Yes, otherwise I will never start!

ELIAS: Ah, you accept everything. And I may express to you that the identification of “polluted energy” is not acceptance.

FRIEDA: And what is it?

ELIAS: Difference.

FRIEDA: Yes, this is a difference. And we work with the difference to make it...

ELIAS: The same.

FRIEDA: ...disappear and bring it to the higher level.

ELIAS: Ah-ha ha! “To bring it to the higher level.” And I may express to you, there are differences; there are NO higher levels. You are already your highest expression, as is every other individual within your physical reality.

Now; there are differences. You express different vibrational qualities. You express different preferences, and preferences are merely preferred beliefs.

If you choose to continue within manifestation in this physical reality, in this physical dimension, there is no expression, no action, no moment within your reality that is not influenced by beliefs. There is no attaining to some level which is beyond beliefs within this physical dimension. If you are choosing to move into an expression which is beyond beliefs, you shall disengage and not participate in this physical reality.

There are countless, literally countless, physical dimensions in which essences are focused within, all simultaneously. This is merely one. It is one that incorporates tremendous complexity and a tremendous diversity. But it is merely ONE physical dimension, and as essence, you incorporate all areas of consciousness, physical and nonphysical, and you choose the physical realities that you wish to participate within. And why do you wish to participate within them? To experience. Not that you incorporate a mission, not that you are striving to attain to some higher level, but that you are essence and you choose to be experiencing and expanding. The manner in which you accomplish that is to explore different expressions of consciousness, this particular physical reality being one.

Now; in this, you may incorporate a manipulation of energy that you recognize may be supportive and helpful not merely to yourself but to many individuals if they are choosing to incorporate a particular method. This is not wrong; it is also not right. It merely is. It is a choice of experiences and of directions.

Now; in your preference to be manipulating energy in a specific manner and incorporating a specific direction, you project energy outwardly in conjunction with that expression. Other individuals naturally draw themselves to that expression of energy in like kind.

Now; you may view their energy to be being expressed differently, but this is the trap. This is the reason that I express to you initially in this conversation to be watchful that you are expressing an exchange, a sharing, not instruction. For in attempting to instruct other individuals, you close your energy field and do not allow for receiving, for you generate a perception of yourself that you incorporate more information than other individuals. Therefore, you shall give other individuals this information.

But what are you actually expressing? What are you actually doing? You are discounting of the other individuals that they are less than, that they do not incorporate the knowledge that you incorporate or the ability or the recognition of their ability to be manipulating energy efficiently, which sets you apart, which discounts you also.

FRIEDA: I understand. It was really well said. What I want to ask has brought us to another point. Can you answer, if it’s possible, about other bodies of person? I hope you don’t see us as physical, what we are now, but also what is around us.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRIEDA: How many do we have and how do they look? Is everything correct, what is written in the books?

ELIAS: How many focuses do you have? How many manifestations do you have? Countless.

FRIEDA: Countless. No, but you can say we have one physical heart, yes? One manifestation, ten manifestations, one physical heart stays, yes? We have two arms and they stay two arms. I’m asking about etherical level. There cannot be countless... Well, otherwise we are standing next to God or higher.


FRIEDA: Yes, that we know. That we know; we have no doubts. But there are still some numbers, some other bodies. What can you say about other bodies?

ELIAS: In this physical dimension? I may offer you a number relatively speaking, for there are no absolutes and therefore that also may change. But I may offer you a number in this physical dimension. As to all of your focuses within all physical dimensions, this is countless.

But within THIS physical dimension, you incorporate 826 in this physical dimension. You (speaking to Regina), 917 in this physical dimension. Within this present time framework, you incorporate five other focuses, total of six. You (indicating Regina) incorporate four other focuses in this present time framework, total five, including yourselves.

REGINA: May I ask a question?

ELIAS: You may.

REGINA: How can my energy help the school? Because I have another energy of chi.

ELIAS: By being the straight little sapling. By paying attention to yourself and trusting yourself and accepting, and therefore generating outwardly an energy of supportiveness. Supportiveness may be expressed in action if you choose, or not. But in that expression of acceptance, you shall be projecting an energy of supportiveness, which shall be enhancing the energy.

FRIEDA: Helpful, yes?


FRIEDA: Can you say something about Lemuria or Atlantis?

ELIAS: These are both actual physical expressions. They are not incorporated within your physical dimension, here. But they are incorporated as their own physical dimensions, and you do express other focuses in these other physical dimensions, both.

FRIEDA: Can we tap into?

ELIAS: Yes, you may. You may tap into any other physical focus.

FRIEDA: Everybody may?

ELIAS: Yes, you may.

FRIEDA: “You,” you mean us? Or everybody, all people?


FRIEDA: Can it happen we live here but our body is here, which you said I count 826 or more. They really develop and live in other dimensions. It happens at once?

ELIAS: Yes, they ALL are simultaneous, but different dimensions incorporate time or do not incorporate time and each configures time in their own manner, in their own expression.

You have configured time quite specifically in this physical dimension in a linear fashion. Although, you are altering that also in this present time framework. You are experimenting, each of you, with manipulating time and configuring it in somewhat different manners. You create it to be generated more rapid or more slowly, or more rapid. You do experiment with your configuration of time.

Now; in this, may any individual move from one dimension of reality to another, physically? Yes. You in this physical dimension have created what you may term to be a type of portal at physical locations within your physical reality, in which you may move through a window from one dimension to another. You term this to be your Bermuda Triangle. In this physical location you have generated collectively a physical window.

FRIEDA: You speak about us or you speak about all people?

ELIAS: All. Collectively, you have generated this physical manifestation to allow yourselves to move physically.

FRIEDA: May I ask you, because we have experience to make time run faster or slower, but the problem is you pay with it with energy. What I noticed, for example, if I work and I make time to run slower, when I stop and bring time back to normal pace, I still have to pay with my energy. Can I overcome it? Is there any possibility to overcome, not to pay?

ELIAS: Yes. This is associated with perception, and that is influenced by the belief that energy is limited, which it is not. Personal, individual energy is not limited. But you do incorporate beliefs that express that energy is limited.

FRIEDA: What, just a belief that limits our energy, or is there something else which also limits our energy?

ELIAS: The beliefs.

FRIEDA: Only beliefs?

ELIAS: Not “only,” they are quite strong.

REGINA: Strong beliefs.

ELIAS: Correct, not JUST a belief. Beliefs are quite real and they are quite strong and they are quite influencing.

FRIEDA: When you speak of one belief, probably we misunderstand because there exists belief and believe. I believe I can fly, yes? And I have a belief I cannot fly, so I don’t fly.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding.

FRIEDA: Does it mean that a belief can be more profound or without a vibration? Because I have an impression that believe and we don’t understand the word “believe.” Can you more explain?

ELIAS: Correct, for it matters not whether you believe any expression or not. That is not to say and it does not negate that there is an expressed belief. Whether you express to yourselves that you believe it or not does not negate its influence.

FRIEDA: What changes everything? What change?

ELIAS: I have been engaging conversation with many individuals recently and I have identified another wave in consciousness, which I have been offering information concerning.

Now; within this shift in consciousness, facilitating your movements within the action of this shift in consciousness, collectively all of you within your physical reality have chosen to be selecting different belief systems within different time frameworks and addressing to them.

Now; the beliefs contained within any one belief system are countless. But you express merely a few, each of you individually. Therefore, there are myriads of beliefs within any one belief system that are latent, that you are not expressing and that are available to you if you are moving your attention.

Now; presently you have begun to engage addressing to the belief system of truth. This particular belief system and this particular wave, which I have expressed to other individuals, incorporates a tremendous potential to be tremendously empowering. For this is what you are speaking of – regardless of whether you BELIEVE some expression or not, the belief itself is in play and is being expressed, and that is evidenced in what you do.

You may express to yourselves, “I believe it is possible to fly, but I recognize that I do not elevate myself from my ground. Therefore, I am not demonstrating flight.” This is your evidence of your belief.

Regardless of whether you express that you believe that there is a possibility, many individuals express quite frequently, “I do not believe in religious expressions.” Wrong. You ALL incorporate religious beliefs. Regardless of whether you agree with those beliefs, you express them. This is the point. You do not always agree objectively with the beliefs that you express.

Now; in this, the significance of this particular belief system and this wave in consciousness is to be identifying any belief that you have moved into an absolute, a belief that is so strongly expressed that it has become an absolute. It is unquestioned, and therefore becomes a truth.

FRIEDA: Yes, that’s what we are talking about. Can you say more about absolutes, about energy of absolutes? Can we tap or bond with absolutes?

ELIAS: There are no absolutes. (Slowly and distinctly) There are no absolutes.

FRIEDA: But you were just talking about absolutes.

ELIAS: Correct, what YOU perceive to be an absolute. Once you have generated a perception that some expression is an absolute, this becomes your truth. But what is empowering is that as you begin to identify your truths, you also begin to recognize that they are not true, they are not absolutes, which allows you tremendous expansion and choice and tremendous freedom, for you are not locked any longer to the absoluteness of your truth.

FRIEDA: But you said “absolute” doesn’t exist.

ELIAS: There are no absolutes within consciousness.

FRIEDA: Within something else? So many books are written about that.

ELIAS: Quite! For you generate perceptions of absolutes continuously. These are your truths.

FRIEDA: Yes. Can you give some practical techniques we can use to make a simple belief a real belief? What practical way?

ELIAS: And what do you identify as “a simple belief becoming a real belief”?

FRIEDA: A belief which doesn’t help, believe what you can. For example, belief I will stop drinking since today and then you drink the rest of your life. This kind of belief. Or the belief that I can fly and I begin to levitate immediately – this is what we’re talking about. Is it practical when we believe, to make a belief with a general belief?

ELIAS: By recognizing what you have generated as a truth, what you have solidified individually as an absolute, and recognizing that regardless of how much you associate these beliefs as absolute, there is evidence within your physical dimension that they are not absolutes, regardless of what you may identify. It matters not what you may identify.

FRIEDA: But may I just say, physical dimension is permanent. Physical dimension is this dimension (knocking on a table). Or we are talking about etherical, which is also physical dimension, or astral, which is also physical? What you mean?

ELIAS: Which are all associated in your focus, presently now, with this dimension.

FRIEDA: So it’s all visible and invisible. What you call physical, you mean this physical.

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are expressing. Let me clarify. With what YOU are associating with, regardless of whether it be nonphysical, ethereal, you are associating all of that with this physical, for this is what you know.

Even if you are entertaining ideas of concepts of nonphysical expressions, you continue to associate them with this physical reality, for this is where your attention is projected to. Therefore, this is what you associate with. This is the reason that many times, as any individual may be incorporating questioning concerning actions that are outside of this physical dimension, it may be quite challenging to offer an accurate or undistorted response, for your automatic association is with what you know. Therefore, it is automatically associated with this physical dimension and its physical reality.

Now; there are expressions outside of this physical dimension. You may tap into any area of consciousness or any other physical dimension. But be aware that whatever imagery you offer to yourself is being filtered through what you know here. Therefore, it is a translation and is not entirely accurate, but it is no less real. It is merely a translation of different reality.

FRIEDA: That’s well said, in fact. May I ask you about healing?

ELIAS: You may.

FRIEDA: What do you think about beams or rays from the tip of the fingers? Does it exist?

ELIAS: Yes. This is associated with your energy field and concentrating the energy of your energy field to be projecting from specific areas, concentrating the energy of your energy field which surrounds your physical body consciousness, which is a projection of all of your energy centers. As you concentrate that energy intentionally, you may project that energy from any physical area of your physical body.

FRIEDA: How can we use it in healing? Can you, for example, program rays or beams from the tips of the fingers? Can you program that? For example, you say with this beam I’ll destroy tumor or I’m neutralizing some block of... How you call it? Something that really disturbs person to be healthy.

ELIAS: You may project and you may express that identification, but in actually, let me express to you, what actually occurs is that you project the energy and the other individual receives the energy and configures that themself to be healing any particular malady or manifestation. You, yourself, are not actually healing the other individual. You are projecting energy to them and it is their choice to be receiving it or not, and to be incorporating it in configuring that to be healing of themself. For you do not create any other individual’s choices or reality.

FRIEDA: They make it themselves, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. You may project the energy in helpfulness and supportiveness. It is an offering.

REGINA: And they can do what they want with it.


REGINA: You have only to give it to a person and they can heal themself with it if they want or not. Something like that.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRIEDA: But does it mean that each time you heal a person who comes, in fact, and asks you, should you ask really conscious or should you ask innerly if the person wants to be healed? Is it necessary to ask permission?

ELIAS: No, it is not necessary, for the individual has drawn themself to you specifically with that intention and in that agreement. Therefore, it is not necessary to be asking permission. For if the individual is not in agreement and does not wish to receive your energy, they shall automatically block that and not receive it. Therefore, you shall not be intrusive to them.

FRIEDA: Yes, that’s what I’m asking. For example, children have no choice because parents just bring them, in this case.

ELIAS: Ah. Let me express to you, no. Children are no less than you and they incorporate choice in equal manner to yourself, regardless of your beliefs of the structure of family and parents and children and that parents generate the choices for the children. No, they do not.

If a child chooses not to be participating, they shall not. And you may project energy in fire bolts, if you choose, and it shall be not affecting, for they choose. And if they choose not to be within your physical proximity, they shall accomplish that also.

Let me express to you quite definitely, with no doubt, regardless of what you believe, regardless of what you express within your beliefs, you do not create any other individual’s or creature’s reality. They generate their own choices, regardless of your actions. You may actually incorporate the intention of murder and express the physical action, and if the other individual or creature chooses not to die, they shall not, for it is their choice.

REGINA: You cannot help them for that?

ELIAS: If they are expressing an openness...

REGINA: Because my husband has asked it, for help for him for dying, and I let him be. Was it good or not? I don’t know.

ELIAS: Yes, for it is his choice.

FRIEDA: May I ask one more question? What do you think of psychic surgery? Is it also you work with the channeling, somebody who helps you? Or can you do it on your own with your capacities, with using your own essence, psychic surgery? Mostly it’s said that you have to have a bond with somebody who died.

ELIAS: You may express this yourself.

FRIEDA: Yourself? Without help from above?


FRIEDA: Is it necessary have relations with heaven, with above or below, or you can do everything on your own?

ELIAS: Yes. It is not necessary. It is comforting to be incorporating the perception that you are engaging interaction with other essences – which you are, in actuality, for there is no separation. You merely perceive there to be separation, but in actuality, that is an illusion which is expressed in association with physical reality to present the opportunity to explore in a different manner. But in actuality, there is no separation.

FRIEDA: You mean from above, with above?

ELIAS: What you term to be above.

REGINA: What is above?

ELIAS: Correct.

FRIEDA: “What is above,” we’re asking. What is above?

ELIAS: There is no “above.” There merely is all of consciousness. Which, within the association of your physical terms, you may express to yourselves is expressed all around rather than above or below, with its automatic connotations that above is better and below is worse. (Laughs)

FRIEDA: But what can you say about vampirism? Do you understand the word, vampirism? Vampires, somebody who takes your energy for profit or who just hangs off your neck. What do you think?

ELIAS: I may express to you that all that you generate within this physical reality in associations in legend, in mythology, they are all quite real but not necessarily associated with this physical dimension. Imagination is quite real. It is an avenue of communication.

FRIEDA: What you call “imagination”? What do you call it?

ELIAS: Whatever you may imagine is quite real and exists. It may not necessarily exist within YOUR physical dimension.

As to your identification of vampire or these expressions, yes, they exist also, not within your physical dimension but within another physical dimension. Yes, this is a natural expression.

FRIEDA: Well, don’t you think that some people really just play a role of vampires? Let us say they really profit from the energy of another person. For example, there are families where, for example, husband and wife’s dying, one after the other. What do you think?

ELIAS: This is their choice, and it is associated with their perception and their beliefs.

FRIEDA: So they have to go away, then. You know, to stay alive.

ELIAS: (Softly) But they choose not.

FRIEDA: But does it mean that husband takes energy? Don’t you call it vampirism?

ELIAS: No. This is the perception of the individual.

Now; do not mistake. This is not to say that this is not quite real, for each of you incorporate your perceptions and that generates all of your reality, and it is quite real. But your perception is not absolute and stagnate. It is not locked. Therefore, it may change. You do incorporate the ability to move your attention and express different beliefs, which alters your perception, and that changes your actual physical reality.

REGINA: I think it’s time.

FRIEDA: Yes, we’ll see; we’ll just ask. Can you suggest to us a few words? Do you have some recommendations or good words personally to both of us? Or you can say it in general.

ELIAS: Pay attention and notice. Pay attention to your beliefs. Pay attention to your perception in which you notice your judgments. This is important, for in those moments you are not expressing acceptance, and I may express to you each, this is a key term in this shift in consciousness. You may choose to be generating trust and acceptance and move with this shift in consciousness, or you may choose to be expressing rigidness and generate trauma.

FRIEDA: May I just ask? I have an impression that Mary is coming back because I just starting to see changes that were not before. Is it true or not?

ELIAS: The energy of this individual is moving closer, but not close enough to be recognizing the energy which is being expressed between yourselves and myself.

FRIEDA: What do you think about vibrations? Waves? That’s very important in energy and...

ELIAS: Yes, they may be. It is dependent upon what you are incorporating in what you are doing. Yes, they may be, in association with each of you and your expressed energy and the beliefs that you express, for that all is a contributant to the vibrational quality that you individually express.

Now; in this, if you are allowing yourself to be becoming familiar in intimacy with yourself and your expression of energy, you shall also be allowing yourself much more of an efficiency in manipulating your vibrational quality and also drawing yourself to situations and other individuals that may be similar.

It may also be significant, for in your recognition within your energy expressions in association with your techniques, you may recognize differences in energy projections of other individuals and allow yourself to manipulate your vibrational quality to be accommodating.

FRIEDA: But it’s permanent. It happens, what you say now, it happens permanently. Because levels, you have to adjust your level. You cannot come from, to give lessons to the first level, from being on the level of thought to be giving lessons. You have to permanently bring yourself down or higher and so on. That is well said, of course; it is very understandable.

To levitate and so on or to produce some miracles, what they call, do we need special gadget or equipment, or we can do it all?

ELIAS: No, you may incorporate these actions yourself. You may choose to be incorporating much study or different equipment, but I may express to you quite literally, you may generate these types of actions yourselves.

FRIEDA: Do we need more energy for that?


FRIEDA: So what we have to change in order to...?

ELIAS: Identify your beliefs associated with gravity and how that is a truth.

FRIEDA: Gravity doesn’t exist! (Elias laughs loudly)

REGINA: That we know.

FRIEDA: That we know! Okay, I think that’s everything. Thanks a lot, anyway. It was real pleasure. I really amuse myself. (Elias laughs)

REGINA: I thank you!

ELIAS: Very well, my friends. You are quite welcome. I shall anticipate our next meeting.

BOTH: Oh, you think...?

ELIAS: Quite presumptuous of myself, is it not? (Laughs loudly)

FRIEDA: Mary calls you all the time “dead guy.” Are you really dead or are you just...?

ELIAS: There is no dead.

FRIEDA: Yes, but have you ever been here with us?

ELIAS: Yes, yes.

FRIEDA: Who were you?

ELIAS: What you term to be my last manifestation was ended within your physical year of 1900.

FRIEDA: What did you do, were you busy, what was your occupation?

ELIAS: In that focus, I expressed an attention which was quite flamboyant and quite expressive. You may be inquiring with Michael as to the identification of this focus. Quite a voyeur!

FRIEDA: A man, probably, yes?

ELIAS: Yes. I have incorporated many, many, many focuses of attention within your physical dimension. Quite an interesting physical dimension, I must say.

To you both in tremendous affection, great playfulness and the actual truth of love.

BOTH: (Laughter and applause) Thank you!

ELIAS: To each of you, my friends, au revoir.

FRIEDA: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:52 AM.

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