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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

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ďThe Communication of ImaginationĒ

ďThe Individual and Mass Expressions of AbsolutesĒ

ďThe Truth of AgeĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Frank (Ulra).

Elias arrives at 6:30 AM. (Arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

FRANK: Good morning! Nice to talk to you again!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And what have you been creating?

FRANK: Some pretty good things overall, in general, I think. Iím not sure how much Iím paying attention. (Elias laughs) Iíll tell you what, in aligning with our new policy, weíll start with the positive things.

ELIAS: Very well.

FRANK: I canít really think of anything negative right now. (Elias laughs) Thatís good, right?

ELIAS: I may be acknowledging of this and express my congratulations to you! Ha ha!

FRANK: Thank you very much. Anyway, let me start with my biggest question today. I started playing baseball again a few weeks ago and itís just going extraordinarily well. Itís something you and I had talked about last year, actually. I guess the question Iíve got for you is Iím not quite sure how I created this. It seems like I mostly did it through imagination, but you told me that imagination isnít the means of creation but a means of communication. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding.

Now; recognize that it is an avenue of communication but it is an inspiring avenue of communication. In this, in listening to any of your avenues of communication, although they do not in themselves create your reality, they do offer you information and inspiration in which they influence your choices, and you allow yourself, if you are listening to your communications, to be generating choices in association with those communications, which allows you to generate what you want Ė and this is the point. Imagination is quite real and it is an interesting communication, for it is quite creative and inspiring. Therefore, it also may, if you are allowing, influence you, in a manner of speaking, to stretch your boundaries at times.

FRANK: Did I identify that correctly, thatís pretty much what happened here?


FRANK: Was there more to it or other parts to it?

ELIAS: I am acknowledging of you in your action of actually listening to this avenue of communication and allowing yourself to be implementing choices that are enacting that creativity, and also recognizing that in allowing yourself to move in that direction, you have generated fun.

FRANK: Boy, thatís for sure! (Both laugh) No, itís been great and it flows easily, and yes, itís been a lot of fun and it was only later when I saw it. I thought wow, that was kind of surprising, look what I did here.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And this also it is quite reinforcing, for it allows you to genuinely acknowledge yourself in what you actually created, knowing that you created it, and therefore allowing a much easier flow in trust of yourself, which also is inspiring.

FRANK: Itís one area where you canít say that someone else did something or whatever. Itís very individual, I guess.

ELIAS: Correct!

FRANK: Thatís a good part. I hadnít thought about that before. (Elias laughs) As youíve said, there are so many things where you think intellectually okay, Iíve created that, but deep down Iím not sure if we really believe that. But this is one where, yeah, youíre right. I hadnít thought about that. (Elias laughs)

Thatís a good segue into the other thing, positive things here, and that is that we discussed the two businesses that I have and the one had not been doing well. Now that seems to have turned around. Thatís the other big positive news that Iím happy about, and again I tell myself Iíve created that but Iím not sure if I believe it or not.

ELIAS: But recognize the movement, for this is significant, for it may move in either direction. This is an interesting example that you are offering to yourself in how your movement in many directions is interrelated, for it is a reflection of your energy and how you are projecting your energy and how you are manipulating it. In some time frameworks, you may be projecting an energy with many expectations and also discounting yourself, and in those time frameworks it appears to you within your imagery in whatever you are engaging, you view that the outcomes or even the process is somewhat disappointing or a drudgery or difficult or even conflicting.

But in this scenario, you are allowing yourself to view your energy as moving in a different direction, and that projection of energy in what you may term to be confidence and acknowledging yourself and trusting yourself is generating what you identify as positive outcomes in many different manners.

This is an important point, to recognize how your general projection of energy is affecting of all that you engage, not merely one particular direction. It is not merely the direction of the game that you incorporate, the sport, but also in other directions Ė with your business, with your family. Your energy is affecting of those scenarios in generating what you want.

FRANK: Next, I want to ask you about a dream that I had. This was a pretty interesting one. I made some notes on it. In this dream, there were commercial airplanes flying around and they were pretty low to the ground, as I recall. But even though they were commercial airplanes, they were bombers. They would bomb people and stuff. The next thing I saw were fighter planes that were sort of chasing after and looking for them. There were many of them and a lot of confusion, and all of a sudden I saw what I would describe as a very futuristic and very high-tech fighter plane going very fast and it was an unusual shape. As these fighter planes turned around, I pointed in the direction they should go to catch the bomber. Later I realized that I pointed in the wrong direction. So anyway, that was the dream. Iím not quite sure what that represents.

ELIAS: Interesting imagery.

FRANK: Yes. On the one hand, youíve got this thing thatís supposed to be a plane to carry people for peaceful purposes, but itís bombing people. So it seems thereís a lot more going on there.

ELIAS: Now; let me express to you, this dream imagery is associated with this wave in consciousness. Your aircrafts that you identify as the commercial aircrafts are representative of truths. You image them in this fashion for they are large and they contain many different elements, but they also incorporate the potential of being what you may identify as damaging in some aspects. Therefore, there is a duel expression of these large aircrafts. One is that they transport and they contain many expressions, or in physical imagery, individuals, but the symbology is that they contain many expressions. But you image them as being dangerous also, and this is the symbology that if not identified and recognized, these truths do incorporate the potential of not being merely limiting, but also what you would assess as being harmful.

Now; you also image other aircrafts that are in pursuit of these large crafts.

Now; this is the symbology of your attention. These other aircrafts that are seeking out the large crafts are the symbology of your attention projecting to and setting sights upon these truths. But also, although becoming quite refined and capable of targeting these truths, at times their course may be somewhat off and miss the target. This is the symbology of your attention and that at times you may identify or sight one of these truths, but you also may not necessarily recognize all of its expressions, and therefore your target, so to speak, becomes confused.

This is significant, for it is imagery that you are presenting to yourself concerning a movement of allowing yourself to notice and identify your own individual truths.

FRANK: Thatís particularly interesting, because it was one of the things I wanted to talk to you about today, this whole concept of beliefs and truths, and truths as being really beliefs.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: I noticed in the newsletter that came out sometime in the last few days you talked about how in society or whatever that there is a shift from focusing on emotions to focusing on this concept of beliefs that are viewed as truths.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: So, I guess Iíd like to explore two aspects of that. One generally about that Ė what is that and why does it happen, what are the ramifications of that, and what are the issues that relate to me personally. What was the reason for this shift in focus from emotion to truth?

ELIAS: I may express to you that collectively as you all were approaching the choice of generating another wave in consciousness addressing to another belief system, previously, as you are aware, it was being considered to engage the next wave in association with the belief system of emotion. But in this time framework, in association with the global movement, so to speak, and all that is being generated within your world, the collective choice that you all have participated in turned to generating a wave addressing to the belief system of truth.

Now; the reason that that has been chosen is that this is quite an individual movement. It is shifting the attention and the addressment to the individual quite strongly, and addressing to a belief system which is very strongly affecting in this present time framework, in mass expressions and throughout your world, which is generating mass opinions, so to speak, in absolutes, which is creating a dangerous atmosphere. This is being recognized by all of you in some capacity, and this is the reason that it has been chosen to address to this belief system of truth.

This particular belief system of truth may be one of your most empowering to address to, offering a tremendous expression of freedom if you are actually moving with it and not forcing energy against it. It also incorporates tremendous potential to being quite conflicting if you are forcing energy against it.

But the point in this is that individuals allow themselves to actually recognize their individual truths and recognize that they are not true. This also is generating a tremendous empowerment in allowing you, or you allowing yourselves, to genuinely understand objectively that you are not eliminating beliefs.

This particular wave is a type of actual interaction with beliefs, not merely an identification of them but an active participation in evaluation, in which you may generate an actual understanding that each of your beliefs that you have generated into absolutes and have now associated with them as truths are incorporating many, many, many different aspects, many different influences Ė some of which move in conjunction with your preferences, some of which you will choose and are choosing to continue to express, and some of which you shall begin to recognize are limiting and incorporate potential for great conflict.

But that is the empowering element, for it allows you to choose and to actively be manipulating your choices, your directions and your energy in an objective manner to express these beliefs in different manners, manners in which you are intentionally directing of yourselves and recognizing much more of an expression of genuine acceptance of yourselves and of differences, for you begin to genuinely view that your truths are not actually true and they are individual expressions unique to yourself. You may express similar truths to other individuals, but your individual perception of them is unique to you. Therefore, it is not an absolute, as you are aware.

Now; in this, as you begin to identify some of your truths, you also shall begin to recognize that addressing to these beliefs in a manner of speaking spills over to other beliefs that may not be identified as truths, but they automatically are being addressed to also. It is a type of natural by-product of addressing to this particular belief system, which is also another element which generates this tremendous empowerment and freedom in association with this particular belief system.

FRANK: Iím not sure if I understood what you said. If I understood correctly, what youíre saying is that certain truths that I recognize as being belief systems instead of truths, if I address that, there will be beliefs that Iím not even aware of that will be influenced, will affect change.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. For...

FRANK: I wonít even be aware of it.

ELIAS: Objectively, not as it is occurring but eventually, yes, you shall be objectively aware that certain beliefs are being accepted with no effort. You may not be objectively aware of the process in which this is occurring, but you shall be recognizing that some beliefs that had previously continued to be expressed Ė and you were aware that you were not actually accepting of them Ė you shall recognize, almost magically, that in particular moments these are no longer an issue. They have effortlessly been being accepted, and it shall be much more easily expressed for you to continue to be accepting. For as you are aware, you do not accept a belief and subsequently it is solidified in acceptance ever after. It is a continual process or action. In this, what you shall recognize is that it shall be quite easy for you to continue to be accepting of many of these beliefs that are not your truths.

FRANK: Before we move on, Iíd like to ask you about one particular point. You said earlier one of the things that caused the Shift to go toward focusing on truths and beliefs is what you referred to as a dangerous atmosphere that had been created. Can you elaborate on that? I mean, I have an idea of what you might mean by that, but could you be more specific?

ELIAS: What I am expressing in this as a dangerous atmosphere is that it has been recognized that there is a movement being generated which incorporates the potential of easily moving in the direction of generating more absolutes in stronger expressions, more of a rigidness, and therefore generating much more of a difficulty in the expression of acceptance, in solidifying many of your beliefs so strongly in absolutes that it thwarts the movement of acceptance and the movement of this shift. Therefore, in that recognition, it has been chosen to address to this belief system to turn that direction and to turn that atmosphere, so to speak.

FRANK: One of the things Iíve been concerned about lately is that it seems in the wake of the terrorism of a few years ago weíre really moving away from personal liberties in this country. Is this part of this whole thing?

ELIAS: Yes, shifting the attention to the individual and generating an empowerment through acceptance and recognition of no absolutes, rather than generating this movement into more absolutes and more of a rigidness and less freedom. You are quite correct. This has been the movement that has been occurring, for you have incorporated an expression of fear en masse. But now you may begin to recognize what you actually created in generating that mass event.

I am recognizing that I have offered information and explanation concerning that mass event, but generally speaking, for the most part, most individuals have not quite incorporated a genuine or real understanding of what was being created in that mass event. You may intellectualize it, and you may express to yourselves that you understand in concept or in theory, but now you begin to generate a reality with it in incorporating a genuine understanding.

As I have stated many, many times previously, you do not generate reality without experience, and your understanding, genuine understanding, follows experience. You do not generate a genuine, real understanding of any concept without the experience of it.

Now; you have offered yourselves experiences, and now you are generating the understanding.

FRANK: Just to make sure Iíve got this right, are you saying that we created the incidents to cause this shift to focus on beliefs? Iím not sure what youíre saying there.

ELIAS: As I have stated previously, you generated these events to objectively, openly expose and examine very strongly expressed mass beliefs, which as you are aware, mass beliefs are generated in the expressions of many, many, many individuals incorporating similar expressed beliefs.

Now; in this, so to speak, as in conjunction with your dream imagery, you targeted certain very strongly expressed mass beliefs, which in a manner of speaking are very strongly expressed truths Ė protection, commerce, exchange. These are very strong footholds, so to speak, within your societies and very strongly expressed mass beliefs. Therefore, they have been the target to expose these beliefs as beliefs, not as truths. But you have not quite fully incorporated an objective understanding of the implication of that.

You each entertain ideas concerning this shift in consciousness concerning beliefs, concerning movement, concerning mass movement, but the reality of it is not quite clear. It is somewhat within a fog, so to speak. In this, you may express all of these identifications to yourselves and to each other, but the actual reality of that and the actual meaning of that is not quite as clear. Even in generating an association with mass events themselves, it is not yet quite clear how each of you individually created that. It remains a concept.

But in addressing to truths, which that began a movement toward this direction now, you begin to generate a genuine understanding of energy and how real energy is and how affecting it is, that energy is projected and each individual is significant in these projections of energy, for there cannot be a mass without the individuals. Mass beliefs are not some entity that exists that infects masses of individuals. It is the power of many individuals and their projection of energy in similar directions that generate these mass events, and what is significant is that each individual recognize what type of energy they are projecting.

As we began this conversation in your identification of what you view to be positive movements and my expression to you in allowing yourself to recognize this is the outcome of a particular type of energy that you are projecting, if you are moving in a direction of trusting yourself and acknowledging yourself and you are projecting an energy in acceptance, you generate choices that create what you want, and this spills into all of your expressions, not merely one, not merely a few. It is affecting of all of your experiences. In like manner, that same energy that you are projecting outwardly that you view to be creating positive expressions within your focus is affecting of the mass, also. Just as if you, the individual, are projecting an energy of suspicion and protection in your individual movements in your individual days in your individual environment, that energy is being projected outward and connects with similar energies, which generates the mass expressions.

FRANK: But on the other hand, I assume that regardless of what the mass expressions are, my personal expressions are more key for me.

ELIAS: Yes, and this is the point, for this is what changes the mass expression.

FRANK: I guess thatís why some people were not as affected by that mass event as others.


FRANK: If I was one of the individuals not in line with the energy that created the mass event, then I guess Iíd note that it happened and it wonít matter significantly to me.

ELIAS: Correct. The more strongly you are expressing an energy that is in alignment with the potential for those types of mass events, the more strongly you shall be participating in it and the more strongly you shall be affecting of yourselves in association with it.

FRANK: And conversely you can totally escape the influence of the mass event if youíre in a different direction.

ELIAS: Correct. The significance of that is your individual empowerment, and also, so to speak, in the big picture, your participation in an expression of energy which is different and influences change of those types of mass events.

FRANK: Itís getting near the tail end of what weíre doing here, so I guess Iíd like to ask you to maybe help me identify a few of the truths that are sort of key to where Iím going.

ELIAS: What may you identify as merely one of your truths?

FRANK: One is that we physically deteriorate with age.

ELIAS: You incorporate truths concerning physical manifestation in a general manner Ė your truth that you incorporate a specific gender, that that is unchangeable, that you age linearly, that your physical body consciousness deteriorates, that you incorporate less energy. There are many truths that you incorporate in association with physical manifestation. You are quite correct. Some may be preferred and you may view them as positive, and some you may view as quite limiting.

FRANK: I agree with everything you just described!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Ah, but you also incorporate the association in those truths that there are advantages and benefits to age and that there are advantages and benefits to gender. Each gender incorporates that association with their particular choice of gender. Male genders generate in association of strength in physical expression. Female expresses similarly in strength but not necessarily associated with a physical display of strength.

You also incorporate the association that as you age, you incorporate more patience, more wisdom, more understanding, less impulsiveness. There are associations of what you term to be good and bad in relation to physical manifestations. As you incorporate more age, you also generate an association that you allow yourselves more freedom, for you generate less expectations of what you should be doing.

Now; this is not necessarily true but it is an aspect of your truths. Look to your view or your association of money. That incorporates truths Ė how it is created, how it is acquired, how it is incorporated in exchange, whether you incorporate enough money, too much money, too little money.

FRANK: Okay, I get the point. (Both laugh) Thatís what I was after.

ELIAS: Relationships incorporate truths also, for there are specific roles of relationships and specific categories of relationships, and they should not be crossed. (Chuckles)

FRANK: Well, thereís a lot to think about there. (Elias laughs)

As long as you brought that up, I was reading a recent transcript about an individual who was having difficulty dealing with his daughter. That is something weíve talked about from time to time as well. I know weíve talked about this somewhat in the past, but is there anything you could tell me at this time that would be helpful to where we are right now?

ELIAS: And what is the nature of your concern in this time framework?

FRANK: Communication is difficult, not just for me. I guess thatís the main thing.

ELIAS: And what is your participation in this? I may express to you an immediate identification. What are you doing?

FRANK: Thinking?

ELIAS: No, what are you doing in the participation of this subject? You are projecting your attention to her and concerning yourself with her behaviors and her choices and her expressions, rather than paying attention to you and your choices. In this, as you have projected your attention to her and are concerning yourself with her and not paying attention to you. You are also automatically involving yourself in generating that same action in relation to other individuals, in relation to her.

Therefore, where is your attention? It is outside of you, in the middle of this projection of energy back and forth between other individuals, and it is outside of yourself in your interaction with her.

FRANK: Okay, I got it. That was the same thing you told me the other time.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Allow yourself to evaluate in your interaction with her what you want to be creating Ė not what you want her to be creating, what YOU want to be creating Ė and allow yourself to express that.

FRANK: I will work on that and Iíll report back to you.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well!

FRANK: Iíve got a quick one for you. We were briefly on vacation and on the day we were to leave, I walked out and noticed that the back window of one of our vehicles was shattered. What was that imagery?

ELIAS: And your impression?

FRANK: Well, I have to be honest with you, I havenít thought about it much.

ELIAS: Has it concerned you?

FRANK: Not really.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And this is the point.

FRANK: It was such a random thing, but the imagery was very hard to ignore.

ELIAS: But the point is that it was not concerning, which that is significant. It is imagery to yourself of a disturbance that previously would have been concerning to you but it is not. And what have we been discussing in this conversation? How certain beliefs that are not truths shall automatically be being accepted; therefore, your expressions shall be different and much more easily expressed, and you shall begin to recognize how you are not being automatically affected any longer.

FRANK: (Unintelligible)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! The creation of living artfully and magically, and generating a tremendous fun!

FRANK: I wouldnít call it fun. But thatís right, it really didnít bother me or concern me.

ELIAS: Ah, but the discovery of what you are actually creating may be fun. (Laughs)

FRANK: Thatís true, thatís true. I have one last question. First of all, my partner and I, in the other business I have, the one thatís going quite well, during the process of restructuring and solidifying our relationship, which right now is based on financial types of things, I guess I have a couple of points about that. Number one, is this some sort of reflection of whatís going on internally with me, in terms of ideas of my view of the world?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

FRANK: Itís interesting, because objectively itís really, really an important thing, but somehow Iím just not all that concerned about it, one way or the other. Is that the same thing as with the car?

ELIAS: Yes, recognizing the significance but allowing yourself not to be concerned and to trust yourself and to move easily. This is a significant movement that you are generating, for it is your evidence of your movement of what you have been moving into for an extended time framework. Previously, your energy may have been quite different in much more of a tension and much more of an apprehensiveness and not as much of an easy flow of energy, not as much of a confidence as you generate now. This is the expression of your trust, which you and I have discussed many times previously. Now acknowledge yourself in movement that you have generated in accomplishing that expression of trust of yourself and what you are creating much more easily.

FRANK: I do, and that also kind of underscores what you said earlier about how we need experience to really understand concepts.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: Earlier we talked about trusting ourselves and (unintelligible).

ELIAS: (Laughs) But you are generating the experience and now you do understand.

FRANK: Itís interesting, because it really is important. Itís not that I donít care; I do care. I donít worry about it now because now I have this attitude that if it doesnít work out, Iíll just do something else.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is the difference between caring and concerning.

FRANK: I had another dream last night. In this dream, I think I was smoking marijuana. All of a sudden I realized what Iíd done, that Iíd done this thing that I felt I shouldnít have done and I might get caught or the police would find out about it or whatever. Can you help me out with what that is all about?

ELIAS: Now; this imagery is in actuality quite simple. You generate this imagery to offer yourself a communication concerning judgments and fear, and expectations in association with ďshoulds,Ē what you should or should not do, what you should or should not express. This also is associated with truths and how judgments are very influencing of expressions of fear.

That is significant, for you may apply this imagery to large events also, in how, as you express judgments in certain situations, you also in relation to those judgments generate fear and protection and projection of your attention outward.

FRANK: By large events, you mean like accidents or important events in my personal...?

ELIAS: In your individual experiences, although it may be applied to mass events, also. But I am speaking of events that you may generate within your individual environment.

FRANK: When you talk about judgment, I assume youíre talking about my own judgments as well as my perception of other peopleís judgments?


Now; incorporate the imagery of that dream in association with your question concerning your interaction with your daughter.

FRANK: Okay, I got it. (Elias chuckles) So the whole issue of judgment is a big thing for any parent.


FRANK: But we are still influenced by what we think we should be doing about our kidís behavior, what we think other people will think about what our kids are doing.

ELIAS: (Laughs) What an enormous web you weave!

FRANK: Yeah, thatís for sure. (Elias laughs) Well, as always, I thank you. Itís been a tremendous pleasure.

ELIAS: And as well, I express the same to you, my friend. In this, I shall be anticipating your report and our next meeting and our continued attempt at being playful!

FRANK: Okie doke! (Elias laughs) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. To you, as always, in supportiveness and in great affection, au revoir.


Elias departs at 7:37 AM.

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