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Monday, August 18, 2003

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ďInfluences of the Truth of WeaknessĒ

ďAligning Energy CentersĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Luana (Ring).

Elias arrives at 6:30 AM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LUANA: Good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles) Nice to talk to you again.

ELIAS: And you also!

LUANA: I have a series of questions today, mainly dealing with a long-term back problem.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: Let me see, I guess I thought Iíd first ask you whether or not I should go into really deep detail on the start of this or whether... I donít know whether you can pick up a personís personal history or not.

ELIAS: Choose a direction.

LUANA: All right. I think what Iíll start off with is the beginning of this, which is probably 25 years ago in 1980 or 1981, somewhere around in there, where I started off with an accident that has been affecting me since then, sometimes more profoundly than other times. Here is the incident. Thereíll be different questions as we go along, because the situationís kind of changed as itís moved along.

Iím looking for not necessarily a cure or a change, although thatís part of it too, but Iíve affected those over the years. Iím really looking for if thereís one set of beliefs and issues behind this and behind the following years later, all those incidents, or whether this is just the same belief and issues that Iíve been dealing with along. So, maybe Iíll start with the original problem.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: I was in Santa Fe at this time, Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was 40 or 41 years old, and I was really strong. I was able to lift 90-pound sacks of cement and I was working construction jobs. I was a surfer. I was just a really strong person at that time. I had finally gotten my very own first apartment.

I was in my apartment standing on top of a stool, hanging some kitchen curtains, and my attention leaves me and I step off the stool, and in doing so fell directly on my coccyx area, my tailbone area, and crack! The pain was excruciating for quite some time. I was just sucking up my breath, trying to deal with the pain and trying to breathe, and so and so forth. It took me a long time to get off the floor and a long time to find some help, and then getting put back in shape, beginning again to maybe walk a little bit and eventually bike a little bit, and a year later maybe picking up a bag of groceries and moving my life forward.

So this is the original incident. I wasnít into Seth at the time or, of course, not Elias or any of that stuff. This was the original accident that happened, and I thought maybe we would start off from there and then I would proceed with how this has unfolded over these many years.

ELIAS: Very well. And what is your assessment of what you have presented to yourself and what you have generated subsequent to that?

LUANA: Well, thatís a really complex question you ask. Of course, dealing with this over the years, some of the things that happened over the years... I pretty much was on my feet and doing pretty well. But periodically now Iím dealing with the stress of a certain movement, and if I make this movement, I freeze my back up again and Iím incapacitated once more, sometimes for a week or two, sometimes for a few days. I freeze it up and the muscles freeze up on it.

Every time it happens now, of course, Iím far more aware of whatís going on. Particularly the last few times that this has happened, Iím really keyed in to look into how Iím creating that reality, what are the outcomes of it, what are the benefits of it and so on and so forth. One of the reasons I wanted to talk to you about it is because Iíve been dealing with it for so long and Iíve had so many different thoughts about it.

Sometimes I think itís merely a matter of forcing me to pay attention, really close attention to myself and notice whatís going on, creating my reality. I look at it and I ask myself questions about things like was I discounting myself at the time, was I making judgments about myself or other people, or was I affecting something on another level that caused this to happen? Sometimes I can see inner connections to it but sometimes I canít. Thereís so many answers I have now that I donít know whatís real and what Iím just making up. So I thought Iíll just call Elias and really get the straight skinny on this, because I really want to know whatís behind it.

Is it the same original problem or is this something where Iím dealing with a different issue each time this thing happens? I have done a lot of work on it over the years. Sometimes itís gone away totally; it disappears. Iíve even taken an x-ray since then, and the original spur, the breaking point on the bone, was no longer there Ė and sometimes it comes back again. I just really would like some background information about what the belief and issues are around it.

ELIAS: Very well.

Now; understand that there are different factors involved. You may be identifying specific beliefs that are consistent in being expressed each time you are generating this physical affectingness, but there are also other expressions that are occurring and they may be different dependent upon the situation in each particular time framework. Therefore, there is one underlying consistent expression, but each time you generate the physical affectingness, there are also other expressions occurring in conjunction with the action of affecting yourself physically, in relation to what you may be engaging in that particular time framework. Are you understanding thus far?

LUANA: I am.

ELIAS: Very well. In this, what you initially generated in conjunction with that belief was creating an action which generated a damaging of a particular area of your physical body consciousness.

Now; the belief that is involved in that action is that if you are generating certain types of damage to your physical body, that may be healed, so to speak, but it also renders a weakness.

Now; in this, you are also expressing the belief concerning weakness, that once a weakness is expressed, it continues and it is thereafter a point of vulnerability. That is significant, for prior to that point you had generated a strong association with strength itself. But underlying that association with strength is, in a manner of speaking, the belief of the Achilles heel, that regardless of what strength any individual expresses, you also incorporate a point of weakness.

Now; the weakness is viewed as not good. It is not necessarily only associated with physical weakness. This is the reason that I express to you, you generate the consistent expressed belief which concerns weakness, the vulnerability of a weak point and the exposure of that. But in each situation you also generate an association with different expressions that you are generating in that time framework that associate with the belief.

Let me express to you, each belief that any individual expresses incorporates many, many, many influences, not merely one, and therefore may be associated with many different types of expressions and influencing of them. In this, this expressed belief concerning the vulnerability and exposure of a weak point, as in conjunction with a weak link, so to speak, creates a direction in which in different time frameworks if you are expressing in some manner some doubtfulness of yourself in an association with that weakness, you also generate the physical affectingness.

Now; you are all quite creative; therefore, you all generate these types of actions with what you term to be logical or rational explanations, as you have. ďI may turn in a particular manner or move in a specific manner, and I know that that type of movement and action shall create this physical effect.Ē But the movement is merely an objective expression that triggers your noticing.

LUANA: I have a question about this. I want to go back to an incidence which was July 3. The reason I remember that particular incident is because I was out working in the garden, feeling very strong, having no problem at all, not thinking about my back or anything else. What I was thinking about at the time is that as soon as I finished up I was going to head over to a local used-clothing store here and pick up some costume work for participating in the parade the next day, and looking greatly forward to it.

There wasnít any, at the time, feeling of this weakness or vulnerability. When I went back over in my mindís eye to see about how I was creating, what I was creating around that reality, I couldnít spot anything that was going on in my particular life at that time that was worrisome or bothersome or feeling weak or anything. I wasnít concentrating at all or thinking about my back Ė although, itís always in the background, knowing that if I move in a certain direction, without even thinking about it if I forget about moving in that direction, there it goes and I am frozen again.

My objective, thinking self, my self thatís out operating here isnít concentrating all the time on this weakness. When I do forget about it and I make that move in the wrong direction, then that thing happens to me. I know you canít go over every incident that happened, but maybe use that as an example as to what periphery beliefs or issues were involved in that, that created that reality for me.

ELIAS: Let me express to you an identification, first of all. For the most part, most individuals would be expressing quite similarly to yourself in this instance. Your automatic association is with thought, and you automatically move in the direction of attempting to assess what you were thinking in the time framework and associating thought with concentration or attention. As I have stated, attention is not thought and concentration is not necessarily thought, either.

In this, this is the reason that many times you become confused and do not recognize what you are actually generating, for you are moving your attention in an assessment of thought, rather than genuinely allowing yourself to examine all of the influences of your beliefs and how they may be expressed, which are not necessarily Ė and I may also add for the most part Ė are not associated with thought. You generate actions without thought, and you think of those actions subsequently and you attempt to evaluate with thought what you have created. But in that thinking, you also automatically replay the experience in your memory through thought, and automatically attempt to assess what you were thinking that may have generated the action.

Now; this is significant in itself as a snare, for THOUGHT DOES NOT CREATE YOUR REALITY. (Strongly) It does not create; it interprets. Therefore, it does not matter of what you may have been thinking in the moment, for thought is a translating mechanism. Therefore, what you were thinking concerned what you were anticipating or what you were doing, or perhaps, if you are paying attention, what you were communicating to yourself.

But without a balance of all three, thought does not generally offer an accurate or a complete translation or interpretation of what you are actually generating and what you are actually creating. In this, as it also is objectively the seat of your beliefs in objective expression, it is clouded in association with your beliefs.

LUANA: I understand all of that, but I still, even though I understand and Iíve read enough of your sessions to really understand that thoughts are a translation of the communication, Iím still left with this problem that sometimes out of the blue this thing strikes, when there doesnít seem to be anything else disruptive.

ELIAS: Ah! But remember, this is associated with the belief of weakness and vulnerability and exposure.

Now; that may be expressed in many different manners. It may be influencing in an expression of fatigue or anxiousness or somewhat overwhelming or even in excitement, which generates a tension in the physical body. Even excitement and laughter, humor, experiences in which you generate preferences and that you enjoy, naturally generate some concentration of tension within the physical body consciousness.

Now; that energy is a type of restriction of energy. As an example, an individual may be generating an interaction in which they are presenting to themselves tremendously humorous situations and the individual may be incorporating hearty laughter, and they shall weep in laughter. This is a natural function of releasing tension within the physical body consciousness, for extremes generate tension. I am understanding that most individuals incorporate a liking of what you assess to be positive extremes in happiness, in humor, in excitement and in some anticipations, if it is associated with fun. But that no less generates a physical tension within the physical body consciousness. You do not assess it to be bad, but it is tension.

In this, this belief of weakness may be expressed and may be influencing in many, many different manners. Let me express to you, this is the reason in this time framework now that you are all addressing to the belief system of truths, for truths are your absolutes, and in that, they express many, many, many influences, some of which you prefer.

A belief is not merely expressed in what you assess as a negative manner. It expresses influences in positive and negative. Those are merely elements that you attach to the belief in association with duplicity, to assign different influences of it as good or bad or positive or negative. This is the reason that I express to you the identification that beliefs in themselves are neither, their influences in themselves are neither, and they may be expressed quite similarly. It is merely your association with good or bad that generates a comfort or a discomfort, a conflict or a lack of conflict with them.

Generating a fatigue within your body consciousness may not necessarily even be objectively recognized.

LUANA: In regards to this, let me tell you one of the things that has been a change since that particular incident I mentioned to you a minute ago, in the garden. I donít look at these incidences with my back being taken out of the picture for a while as really bad. What Iím doing now is Iím trying to read the message that was there for me, that perhaps I was not paying attention to at the time.

What I decided is that I was not paying close enough attention to when I was fatigued and that I needed to change my entire approach out in the garden instead of keeping my old pattern, which was continue working until you finish up the particular job and then you can rest. This expanded out into a much larger area, where I had schedules written up on the wall. I took those down and threw them away. I started realizing that instead of being rigid about how I went about doing things that I needed to be more flexible. The only way I could tell when I needed to do things like rest in the garden or do some other action when this tension was around me was to really pay attention to the inner messages, and not only hear them but also to take some action on them.

ELIAS: Correct, which I am acknowledging. I am recognizing that you are not engaging conversation with myself in relation to an assessment of good or bad in association with this manifestation that you create, but rather your genuine desire to be genuinely paying attention to yourself. This is the reason that I am expressing in this manner, that you may recognize that there are influences of this expressed belief that may be expressed more subtly but they are nonetheless affecting.

LUANA: Are you saying that around these incidences, maybe not right at that time, but around those incidences Iím also dealing with communications to myself about my belief in being weak and vulnerable?

ELIAS: Yes, which may be expressed in not nurturing of yourself, not being gentle with yourself, generating expectations of yourself, pushing your energy. Do you see? These are ALL associated with this belief concerning weakness and moving in opposition to it. What you are doing is generating actions that shall express a strength, which forces energy and that also generates tension within your physical body consciousness, and that shall be expressed. It shall be released in some manner.

LUANA: What weíre really talking about, right back to ground zero again, is self-acceptance no matter whatís happening, and accepting that there are parts that are weak and not try to change those parts, but just looking at them and embracing them.

ELIAS: Or not necessarily embracing, but acknowledging and recognizing that you generate certain associations with certain terms. Weakness, also, for the most part, implies some expression that is unacceptable or is less attractive to you than strength.

But as I have expressed many times, the nature of your physical reality, which generates your association with opposites Ė which are actually complements Ė is that this physical reality incorporates a duality. It is an element of its blueprint. Therefore, you express a favorable association with strength and a less favorable expression with weakness. But now, if you substitute the term weakness with vulnerability, perhaps you may allow yourself to perceive it somewhat differently.

LUANA: I have substituted that word. In fact, weakness is not a word that I usually use. I usually refer to this as a vulnerability. You know, when you speak this way, Iím really heading a long way back in my history, and seeing that my perceived need for strength comes from having to take care of myself from, oh, I donít know, three or four years old, something like that, and feeling I needed to be independent because I was not with my parents anymore, going from foster home to foster home, and sort of getting the message that I better take care of myself because if I donít, nobody else can be relied upon to do that. That may be the origination of all of this.

ELIAS: I am understanding, which is a misinterpretation of directing yourself. But it is also a mass belief and therefore quite easily expressed, this association with independence and reliance upon yourself for you may not necessarily incorporate that reliance on a dependence upon other individuals Ė which, in actuality, that direction of perception is merely a distortion of actually empowering yourself and directing yourself. But in directing yourself and genuinely paying attention to yourself, in the acceptance of yourself, you empower yourself in recognizing the strength and the vulnerability, and allowing for the expression of both but in balance, not necessarily in extreme.

Therefore, in generating the balance of your strengths, without forcing energy and allowing for the expressions of your vulnerability also, which is your openness, you do not push your energy or force your energy in manners in which you generate an extreme Ė which with you is generating recurrences or repeated actions of physically affecting your body consciousness. In paying attention, you may allow yourself to be more aware of what you are doing and what energy you are generating before you generate the extreme.

LUANA: Iím hearing that this vulnerability, of course, is not strictly speaking a physical vulnerability.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: What vulnerability are you perceiving, then, with myself?

ELIAS: It is more of an expression of shielding your own vulnerability, rather than an expressed vulnerability.

LUANA: Iím kind of not understanding you there.

ELIAS: It is a shielding energy of yourself, in which you allow yourself an expression of some openness. You allow yourself a considerable openness with yourself individually. You allow yourself to be open and examining of yourself and exploring of yourself considerably, individually. But in association with other elements of your reality Ė your environment or your interactions Ė you are more shielding of that openness than you are with yourself alone.

LUANA: So when you say that, what immediately comes to mind, then, Iím probably dealing with interactions with other people. Probably my biggest shield that I can think of is the fear of rejection or ostracizing or whatever, and I do shield myself from that. Instead of accepting that as a vulnerability, I constantly make attempts to overcome... Itís a kind of shyness, in a way, but itís also basically a fear left over, I presume, from long ago, that if I say or do the wrong thing with other people and just let myself express myself, opinion-wise or otherwise, that I am going to be rejected. I presume thatís part of the tension of energy and the vulnerability that you are talking about.

ELIAS: Correct. This is a tremendous aspect of it. This is precisely that I am expressing to you, which is another influence of this belief. Recognize that this belief that we are identifying now is one of your truths; therefore, it is strongly expressed. It is strongly influencing in many different expressions and directions, and it has become an absolute.

LUANA: Let me go just a little bit into this more, if I may.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: With my particular upbringing as a child, Iíve always recognized that this is my own responsibility. Iíve never laid guilt or blame or other things on other people. Iíve always, I think, ever since I was small, recognized that Iím responsible for creating whatever I have here. So Iím not throwing blame or shame or guilt or judgment on anybody else.

This is simply facts about my earlier life, which was the reality that I created was not to have security as a child, of moving around a great deal and not being with a stable family situation. Even when I did join my mother at about eight and a half years old, there was a constant moving. I never was in a place for more than a half a year or a year, something like that, until my later teen years. Even then, it was only like a year and a half. My mother was rather shy and fearful about rejection, also. She was not a social person, and I did not pick up social skills, so to speak.

The last 20 years since I moved to the area that Iím in now Ė and one of the reasons that I moved here is itís a small community and socialization is extremely important here Ė Iíve spent a lot of time learning social skills that I never had before. Part of my fear, this interaction fear that comes along, is that I make lots of mistakes because I donít how to be very social and interact with people. Iím constantly on tippy-toes around it because I donít have the skills necessary like most people might have in social interactions.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But let me express to you, in generating this shield and this discounting of yourself, you perpetuate a lack of trust, and you also perpetuate limiting yourself and restricting your freedom. For your freedom is expressed in allowing yourself to express yourself, and not discounting yourself or continuously questioning yourself, trusting that you are moving in expressions that are your preferences.

Now; in this, it is not actually a matter any longer, in the movement of this shift, to be concerning yourself with proper behavior. It is more a matter of genuinely listening to yourself and expressing an energy of acceptance with yourself, for what you express within yourself is what you shall project outward and thusly what you shall reflect to yourself.

In this, if you are expressing this shielding and an energy of protection, what you are projecting outwardly is an energy expression, which is a configuration of energy, an actual configuration of energy, that is received by other individuals which they incorporate as their blueprint of you. And in that, what you are expressing to them to generate your blueprint of you is ďinadequate.Ē

LUANA: Or not acceptable.

ELIAS: Correct. And therefore, you generate difficulty.

LUANA: Basically the solution, so to speak, for me then is not necessarily healing the back or un-creating the original accident. Iím still dealing with the basic problem of self-acceptance and trusting of myself, that even if I say something Ė and Iíve done this over and over again Ė even if I say something that is not appropriate or offensive or something or other, which has happened a lot of times, and I do get rejected by the people or the group for doing that, thatís the main issue. Even if that happens, I still have to accept this vulnerability in me Ė and I do make mistakes Ė and pick up and go from there.

ELIAS: Yes, in a manner of speaking. Allow yourself to accept this expression of vulnerability as a balance. And remember, without exposure you cannot receive. You cannot receive if you are shielding, and receiving is tremendously important, for receiving allows you to validate yourself, for it is an allowance of yourself.

LUANA: I think Iím understanding. Iíd like to thank you very much for all that information.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

LUANA: I just have a few minutes left here. I would also like to talk a little bit about when these occur Ė which are probably going to continue to occur for a while, or maybe they wonít Ė Iíd also like to talk just a short bit about healing processes when this thing happens to me.

Out of all the things that might be talked about, Iíd really like to talk about the energy centers and I would like to have some information. My partner and I have been recently talking about the energy centerís configuration. He has an idea that this ball of energy is something like a double helix and that they move in opposite directions and that they interact in this way in their radiation potential. Is this kind of a picture of what they look like?

ELIAS: You may visualize your energy centers as balls of energy. Many individuals do, for it is an easy visualization. They are not actually balls of energy, but you may visualize them in this manner.

LUANA: But what are they?

ELIAS: They do radiate. They are a concentration of energy that spins and that radiates energy in different directions.

LUANA: If I could see them with my physical eyes, would they look like a spiral or a helix?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. I may express to you, were you to visually view your energy centers, they may appear in their most concentrated points to be more likened to discs that are arranged in a line, one above another, but they radiate. Therefore, the discs, so to speak, are merely the most concentrated area of the energy, but they are all connected to each other. There is no break, so to speak, between them.

LUANA: I read quite a bit last night on these energy centers so that I could converse with you today about them. First of all, I recognize that if you donít take care of the beliefs and issues behind it, even manipulating them somehow or other doesnít necessarily mean that itís going to be a permanent thing.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: But there is a complexity in using them, also. I noticed that itís not simply grabbing one center and concentrating or visualizing and working on that. Thereís an interplay between all of them. You mentioned that green and red centers are of primary importance on doing this kind of healing. Could you help me determine which energy centers might be involved in this, and either sounds or visualizations or a clue as to how to work with my own particular energy centers when this frozen condition is around so that I may help to heal myself?

ELIAS: Very well. In association with your individual manifestations, you may be moving your attention to your red energy center and your blue energy center. In this, you may incorporate visualizations in aligning them.

You are already incorporating examination of your beliefs and addressing to your beliefs and the influences of them. And in association with this conversation, I incorporate no doubt that you shall be paying attention more intensely to the influences of your beliefs. Therefore, you are generating action that shall also facilitate the realignment of these energy centers in a more lasting manner, so to speak.

Incorporate a visualization of your energy centers. Allow yourself to visualize and view the red energy center and the blue energy center not being in alignment, and therefore allow yourself to manipulate that energy to generate an alignment with the other energy centers. You are correct, they do not move entirely independently. They are all interconnected.

In this, you may also infuse the white energy center, which is outside of your physical body form, and incorporate that as a connecting element between the red and the blue to generate more of a balance with these two energy centers. Also, recognize that your red energy center is associated with your skeletal system; therefore, it is influencing of healing bones.

LUANA: So when you say out of alignment, if I visualize like this white as a string or a beam of light or whatever...


LUANA: ...from top to bottom...


LUANA: ...and these other two centers going around, when you are saying out of alignment, the other ones would be lined up with this white but those other two would be off to the side?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. They may be radiating at different rates and spinning at different rates. All of your energy centers, if they are in alignment, shall all be rotating in harmony with each other.

LUANA: I read last night that you said each person is individual but the particular energy centers increase by 12, each one of their spins, as they climb higher.


LUANA: I donít you whether you can read this or not, but can you tell me what the speed of this might be for me, that I should start off the red with that spinning at what particular revolution?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, this is complicating too much, for this incorporates too much thinking and incorporates a complication of the action of the visualization, and therefore also may, in a manner of speaking, defeat your purpose. For you are attempting to generate less physical tension, but if you are incorporating that type of complication, you shall be increasing the tension.

In this, merely allow yourself to discover your own rhythm. The identification of revolutions matters not. They shall automatically move in their natural revolutions. You may be generating an alignment of them merely in a visualization to incorporate the same appearance of each one to the other.

LUANA: Ah, I see. Maybe you can help me phrase this to myself. I read recently that if you donít communicate with your subjective awareness about how you objectively would like a change in a situation, it will just continue doing what itís doing. So this is a cooperative partnership between the outer and the subjective self. Can you help guide me as to how I might incorporate a message to my subjective self to have it doing the effective work? I know itís the main thing that communicates with the body consciousness, and not my objective self, necessarily.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you are correct; and in a manner of speaking, you are misunderstanding.

You are correct that the subjective awareness directs the body consciousness. Your misunderstanding is associated with the objective awareness communicating with the subjective awareness, which is unnecessary. It is continuously expressing communication to the subjective awareness, and the subjective awareness is continuously communicating with the objective awareness. (Strongly) They are both generating the same movement in the same time framework; they are always in harmony with each other. They merely generate different types of expressions.

The subjective generates an action which is specific in association with a subject matter, so to speak. The objective generates the same action but it creates objective imagery, which is abstract. Therefore, it incorporates many different types of expressions that may be generated in relation to the one movement that the subjective is incorporating.

It is unnecessary to incorporate a method to communicate to your subjective awareness, for you are continuously communicating to your subjective awareness through your imagery, through your objective movement. Your subjective is continuously communicating to the objective through your manifestations physically, through your emotions, your imagination, your inner senses, your outer senses, your intuition, your impressions, your impulses. These are all avenues of communication in which the subjective offers a communication to the objective.

The objective also communicates in action, in generating imagery. That is what you project in actual physical manifestations Ė physical manifestations being those that you generate outside of your physical form.

LUANA: My understanding was that you can make a request from the objective self to the subjective self that you want to change the situation.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. But how you implement that is to be genuinely paying attention to what you are actually doing, for that is the objective communication to the subjective.

LUANA: I understand. Well, this has been very informative! I feel at least I have a clarity now and a direction to head into to deal with a very old problem that Iím tired of dealing with.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well!

LUANA: Very good. Thank you very much, friend. I really appreciate your time. I think one time when I was down with this problem and I really needed to get up and to do something Ė I canít remember what it was Ė I asked help of you. Well, I was up and doing things for a couple of hours that needed to be done, and then the situation came back again. So, if that was you hanging around and giving me some extra energy and a boost in that direction, again my appreciation.

ELIAS: And you are correct. It is offered freely in any time framework, my friend.

LUANA: I love you dearly. Iím glad youíre there for us, and Iím glad to be in communication. Most of the time, I donít have to call because I can feel youíre around. If I open myself up, I receive your answers anyway. But sometimes I just need to hear the voice.

ELIAS: Very well! And I appreciate our interaction also. (Laughs) I offer to you my tremendous affection and lovingness, as always. I shall continue to be interactive with you, and my energy is always available to you.

LUANA: Well, hereís a hug. If you had a body, Iíd give you a hug.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And I shall reciprocate!

LUANA: Good-bye, my friend.

ELIAS: To you, my friend, in great fondness, au revoir.

LUANA: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 7:35 AM.

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