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Sunday, August 24, 2003

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ďImageries of Vulnerability and ExposureĒ

ďEquality as a TruthĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Paul (Paneus).

Elias arrives at 8:02 AM. (Arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PAUL: Good morning, Elias! How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

PAUL: (Laughs) You know that answer! Hey, are you ready for a great session today?

ELIAS: Are you? Ha ha!

PAUL: Yes, more than ready.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Very well!

PAUL: Okay, here we go. Can I complete my screenplay and the Aztec shaman book by writing without writing? The way Iím phrasing it and have been thinking about this is itís sort of similar to how I get my parking lights on my car to be on during the middle of the day without my objective recognition that I created that.


PAUL: Is that a yes with a high level of probability? Or yes, but itís still not very likely?

ELIAS: Yes, it is possible but not considerably likely.

PAUL: So I need to get off my tail a little bit more and finish. Last month I read something somewhere Ė I canít remember exactly where I saw it Ė about writing without writing, that is, having a completed document without the objective awareness that you actually have done that.

ELIAS: This is a misunderstanding. I have expressed to another individual that they may choose to engage different actions and accomplish the writing without engaging the physical action of writing and produce the same manifestation, but not without an objective awareness of engaging an action to be producing the manifestation.

PAUL: That means I need to get going on my screenplay and type in all those changes that Iíve discussed with Long Shot Pictures.

ELIAS: This would be the most probable direction in what you are creating presently to be accomplishing what you want.

PAUL: So if I get those changes typed up in the next month, am I on the path to inserting this screenplay into reality as an option for a movie this year?

ELIAS: Are you moving in the direction of the potential and probability to be inserting this into the type of manifestation that you want? Yes. In the time framework? That would be dependent upon you.

PAUL: Iíll get those changes typed up. Iím sort of taking, I donít want to say the lazy manís way out, but I was thinking if I can get it done without having to type them all in, itís certainly easier than to spend my time trying to figure out how to make all those edits! (Elias laughs) Okay, Iíll get those changes typed in.

Hereís something about my body consciousness. Both my Achilles tendons are very stiff, and theyíve been nagging for a couple months now since I hurt them playing soccer. Is my body consciousness communicating to me that Iíve slowed my pace on my new path in life, or is it something like Iím moving through greater thickness on my new path in life?

ELIAS: Your first impression is partially correct, but it also is associated with a communication to yourself in imagery concerning vulnerability, which that vulnerability is also associated with exposure, and those expressions are quite related to the direction that you are moving in in association with your goal, so to speak, your want in relation to your work.

PAUL: A vulnerability to lack of finances?

ELIAS: No, a vulnerability of self and an allowance of exposure of self in generating more of an openness with yourself and with your energy in association with other individuals and your interactions with them.

PAUL: So, Iíll get over that! (Elias laughs) Iím just trying to think, I want to get my tendons back operational so I can start my running again in greater ease, and I knew they were tied to something. If itís a vulnerability in myself, to myself and others, then I can overcome that.


PAUL: Overcome it by understanding what the exposure is.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: What is the meaning of the sore elbow tendons and recently my sore right shoulder?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAUL: Both arms have sore elbow tendons and itís usually associated with lifting or pulling something that gives them the stiffness or pain. My impression is that if itís symbolic, itís a recognition of being uncomfortable in a certain situation or the fact that Iím not moving forward along my path.

ELIAS: Yes, and holding to your energy, which is also associated with the former.

PAUL: Holding to my energy because of the fear of vulnerability?

ELIAS: And the unfamiliarity of it.

PAUL: So as I get more familiar with it, my tendons and elbows will clear up too.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Thereís got to be a better way to practice! Iím aware of that one, I think. (Elias chuckles)

Let me ask you about a dream I had. It was a past focus of some type. It was a dream of a military rebel or insurgent who wanted to overthrow a Roman emperor, either Claudius or Caligula. This individual is called Padilla. Was I him or just a friend of his in Rome, counseling him to flee to the East?

ELIAS: The latter.

PAUL: Was he overthrowing Claudius or Caligula? I couldnít figure that one out.

ELIAS: Continue your investigation! Ha ha ha!

PAUL: I did a search of Padilla and I came up with nothing! If I had to take a vote, Iíd vote for Claudius over Caligula. Well?

ELIAS: Move into your visualizations and your impressions, and you shall offer yourself your answer. (Chuckles)

PAUL: Okay, I can do that.

Hereís another dream: traveling with the American general, Patton, in an airplane over to London. I donít know why I had this, but I remember talking to Patton or at least thinking that I knew Pattonís past life focuses. Was this dream a past focus where I was an associate of his or was I him in some former fashion?

ELIAS: You expressed a brief interaction with that individual, yes Ė not a colleague per se, but an individual that did generate a brief interaction with that individual.

PAUL: Why did I have this understanding that I knew of his reincarnations?

ELIAS: For you have engaged and participated in other focuses with that essence. This has merely been an offering and an example that you have expressed with yourself in your imagery in dreams to express a communication to yourself concerning your abilities, that you are not limited to your own focuses in tapping into different information. You also may tap into other essence focuses and offer yourself information in that manner.

In this, at times, if you are choosing to be tapping into focuses of another essence that you participate with, you may be offering yourself information in association with behaviors, choices, motivations, different expressions of energies, which may be at times helpful in your objective understanding now in association with different scenarios and experiences that you generate in this focus.

PAUL: Iíll have to investigate. So my methodology is probably stronger using the dream approach versus the meditation approach.


PAUL: Let me ask you, speaking of meditation, I had a meditation view of the clip thatís on a pen, or a ring thatís on a pen, thatís probably the way it clips on your shirt or your shirt pocket. I know that writing is a portal for me or a dream trigger. When I see these portal images, how best can I get myself to enter them? I try not to force my way to use the portal, but when I relax the images seem to drift away.

ELIAS: Allow yourself to move your attention into the actual object. That is the manner in which you engage the portal.

PAUL: See, Iím just worried about forcing it and having my energy being forced a little bit.

ELIAS: It is not a matter of forcing but merely allowing yourself easily to move your attention towards the object and merge with it. In a manner of speaking, move into it physically.

PAUL: I will try that this week. (Laughs) Maybe you can help me out on that one a little bit!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Very well!

PAUL: I had a dream with you, or a symbolic form of you, and we were doing a session in my dream. I was asking you about the focus of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, if I was that goddess, and you were chastising me about being proud or boastful when thinking about my focus. Also I had the impression that others were making so much noise, others like from the Elias forum or nearby, were making noise so it was hard to hear your answers. What was going on about that?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAUL: I guess, the fact that you were Ė I read this somewhere else about a related topic Ė it was just a reminder to myself to understand that weíre all equal and not to be focused on a feeling that I need to keep myself in line with the best when it appeared that others were farther up in value than me.

ELIAS: Your impression is somewhat correct, but in a general and somewhat vague manner. Let me express to you, you are correct that this imagery concerns equality, but not in the manner that you are expressing.

You have identified what the message is in what you have expressed in your impression, but you have not quite understood what this message is communicating. You are correct concerning the expression of equality and your association of not elevating or striving to be in an elite group of individuals, but what you have not quite understood in this information that you have offered to yourself is that that is an identification of your expressed beliefs.

PAUL: About equality?

ELIAS: Yes. This is an expressed belief that you incorporate, and in this, there is an association that it is better to be expressing this equality and that it is arrogant to be elevating yourself in association with other individuals.

Now; in actuality, it is not necessarily a question of elevating yourself. You image this in association with my energy and an interaction with myself in association with authority, and therefore, you image it as myself chastising you. But in actuality, I may express to you that I would be encouraging of you to be allowing yourself to explore different aspects of yourself that you would deem to be elevated and allowing yourself to explore this belief concerning equality. In some manners, expressions and influences of that belief may be preferred within your experience, but in other expressions it may also be limiting.

PAUL: So itís okay to have this feeling of elitism, right?

ELIAS: Yes, but that does not eliminate the expression of the equality, either.

PAUL: Iím going to have to ponder that one!

ELIAS: What you have presented to yourself is one of your truths concerning equality.

Now; that belief incorporates many different influences. Some of the influences that are expressed with that belief you generate a positive and preferred association with, but some of the influences are also hindering and limiting. It is not a matter of whether it is acceptable to move into an expression of eliteness, but rather a communication that you are offering to yourself concerning this particular belief and the influences of it, allowing yourself to examine and explore these different influences in association with yourself and your expressions and your experiences, and how you project energy and how that is affecting of your movement into acceptance.

PAUL: Iím going to have to study that one. (Elias chuckles) Let me just finalize, was I the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet? (Pause)

ELIAS: Observing essence.

PAUL: Was that this dimension or another dimension?

ELIAS: Another dimension.

PAUL: Hereís another dream, where I had this blue rock in my possession and I was carrying it away from this corporate office. I was following this other guy and I sort of lost my way trying to follow him. Also, I had another dream of this floating metallic blue orb that I held, and as I held it, it overheated until it caught fire. I was trying to understand those two dream images.

ELIAS: Both of these dream images are associated with my energy.

Now; the one is imagery that you have presented to yourself in association with a projection of energy of myself in a validation that my energy is with you and it is being projected to you continuously. Therefore, you generate an image of a blue stone that you carry with you.

The other imagery concerns power, the power of energy, and just as I may generate a tremendous power of energy to be creating many different expressions, one of which being this energy exchange in this phenomenon, you also incorporate that power within yourself in your energy, to be manipulating energy in manners that may allow you to create what you want in any direction. You incorporate the same power in energy as do I, and you image this to yourself in this sphere bursting into flame. This is a powerful display, and it is an exhibition of how energy may be reconfigured in a powerful manner.

PAUL: It almost sounded like I was stopping you to a certain extent. In fact, I called you and you were trying to go somewhere. Youíre saying that itís just symbolism of the fact that I have the same extent of power and I just have to figure out how to remember it.

ELIAS: Not merely remember it, but also to incorporate the awareness and movement of recognizing that you reconfigure energy. Many times you do not reconfigure energy, for you do not recognize that you incorporate that ability; therefore, scenarios within your experiences play out, so to speak, in predictable manners, in your terms.

But you are not bound to that, for you do incorporate the ability and the power to reconfigure energy in manners which may be more associated with your preferences. It is merely a matter of being aware in the moment of yourself, of your energy and of what you are actually doing and engaging, and knowing that if you are so choosing you may intentionally reconfigure energy to change or alter an experience or a situation.

PAUL: Even in the past.

ELIAS: If you are so choosing, yes.

PAUL: Even in the moment, sometimes it doesnít happen. Iím wondering if my greater focus is Ė this is related to another question Ė itís like maybe my greater focus isnít choosing for me to go through this experience versus, in fact, changing or reconfiguring energy of, letís say, an interaction to be more pleasing to me.

ELIAS: And what would be your definition of your greater focus?

PAUL: Oh, you know, Paneus Ė the whole of me, if you will.

ELIAS: And that implies that you are not directing of yourself and that you do not incorporate choice or free will, which is quite incorrect.

PAUL: Well, okay. (Laughs) I think thatís right; I remember reading that. Maybe itís a situation where sometimes you donít recognize what you truly want.

ELIAS: At times. At times Ė you are correct. There are many times in which individuals do not objectively clearly recognize what they genuinely want, or at times they may incorporate a general association with what they want and generate a thought translation of that, but perhaps it is not entirely specific. It is a matter of paying attention to your direction and what you are actually doing and allowing yourself to assess clearly and specifically what you want.

At times, an individual may think they want to be generating a specific action and they do not create that, and it may be associated with an opposition to their intent and their desire. Or you may genuinely express a want and it may be a genuine want, and you may be also expressing beliefs that hinder your accomplishment of that particular manifestation. It may be a number of different influences or reasons, so to speak, that may be blocking or hindering the creation of a particular want.

But what is significant in identifying what the reason is is to be paying attention to what you are actually doing and what your communications are and what your motivation is.

PAUL: Right, youíve said that before. I try to be aware of, particularly after the fact, aware of what Iím doing in the case where Iím not seeing the results that I would prefer.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; also, let me acknowledge to you that your recognition and identification of different expressions subsequent to an experience is not to be discounted, for that is offering you information and it is your indication that you are paying attention and you are moving into expressions of evaluation of your own choices, which each time that you generate that, regardless that it may be subsequent to your experience or afterwards, in your terms, it matters not. For it familiarizes you with noticing and evaluating and...

PAUL: Iím in synch with that.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAUL: Is my intent to open expressions of acceptance of self and to others, like to be on a quest of experience in self-discovery yet not culminating that quest entirely Ė like enjoyment of the travel, not necessarily reaching the final destination, the enjoyment of the quest in itself, not necessarily reaching the end and having it all end, if you will, but the process?

ELIAS: Yes. An exploration of process.

PAUL: Oh, cool! (Elias laughs) Exploration of process of self-discovery.

ELIAS: Not only of self-discovery Ė this is one specific avenue and direction.

PAUL: Just exploration of process, in and of itself.


PAUL: Cool! Hey, I got my intent! (Elias laughs) Is an avenue of this or complement of this to pick the fruits of knowledge of this process and plant the seeds along the way for others, like plant little seeds or saplings along the way?

ELIAS: One avenue, yes.

PAUL: Iím working on my books and my screenplay, obviously not much recently, but my books, my writing, my consulting havenít culminated into a success yet. Is there an objective trigger or action that needs to be done to release a block thatís holding the success back on these? I was thinking that that action is buying that BMW car that Iíve been contemplating for some time.

ELIAS: That may be objective imagery, you are correct, in association with the underlying movement. For it is objective imagery of movement into an expression of exposure, but it is not the only imagery associated with that.

PAUL: So if I went out and bought the BMW car, that in essence would be an objective release of what I appear to think is a block of my writing and my consulting.

ELIAS: It in itself is not the release. It is the imagery that is associated with the movement of that release of energy. It is, in a manner of speaking, your objective evidence to yourself that you are generating movement in that direction of more of an expression of exposure and vulnerability.

PAUL: Okay, more on this mystery of Ernst Hess, that past focus. Did he in fact jump out of his plane to fool others into thinking that he had died in a crash?


PAUL: Was there something about a barking dog and him trying to get back into the pilotsí barracks, if you will? Was that him trying to sneak back in? I donít know how to phrase that. Was he trying to sneak back into some barracks so his true identity would not be disclosed?


PAUL: My Romanian sorceress focus, was that stone chimney type structure that I had in my dream the present-day Citadel Hill, or what they call Citadel Hill nowadays?

ELIAS: In that area, or the precise location?

PAUL: Was that stone chimney structure that exact Citadel Hill, was it the same object?

ELIAS: No, but similar.

PAUL: I had a dream of dog-faced men that were naked but had dog faces either that they put on or masked, enacting some type of ritual dogfight. Was this an act in recognition of the god Pan, and if so, what was the time period with this?

ELIAS: In actuality, this is imagery in association with an other-dimensional focus.

PAUL: Really!

ELIAS: Yes. It is your translation.

PAUL: Is it the werewolf dimension?


PAUL: What were we doing with this dog fighting type of ritual? It seemed like a ritual event. Iím not positive.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. In this, it is an action that is incorporated by those focuses in what figuratively may be translated in your terms as a type of connecting, honoring ritual that is incorporated actually quite often.

PAUL: Wow, interesting. Do I have a focus as the Greek god Apollo?

ELIAS: Observing essence.

PAUL: Was I a druid priestess and was her name Omake, O-M-A-K-E?

ELIAS: Correct. Change ending letter to ďI.Ē

PAUL: Where was that druid priestess, where did she live?

ELIAS: Within what you term to be the country of England.

PAUL: My daughter got upset with me for making a comment, that I thought was innocent, about her freckles. She got upset enough where she slammed the door in my face and later spit at my face. I understand that this is a discounting of myself that Iím reflecting, but thereís got to be something more there because I keep going over this experience often. Iím not picking up the full communication of whatís going on.

ELIAS: Now be more specific with yourself. What is your participation? This is an example of what we have been discussing in this conversation concerning exposure, vulnerability and reconfiguring energy.

Now; what is your participation in this experience and what type of energy were you expressing?

PAUL: Initially, before she got angry?

ELIAS: Yes. This is a significant example that you may incorporate in offering yourself information in how you may be recognizing your own energy expression and the direction of it, and how you may be intentionally reconfiguring energy to alter the experience.

PAUL: Altering the experience so she wonít get upset like that.


PAUL: Iíve been successful in altering it, but not at the time. It seems like Iíll alter it like an hour later when she goes over and apologizes and hugs me.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but now you may move into more of an awareness of yourself and of your energy and of what you are generating to allow you to reconfigure the energy in the moment. What was your participation?

PAUL: Well, the thing that comes back is again a self-discounting.

ELIAS: Be more specific.

PAUL: Frustration?

ELIAS: Prior to the action.

PAUL: I was just making a comment to one of her girlfriends about my daughterís freckles. I didnít think I was making fun of them, but my daughter felt that I was making fun of her. So I was sort of discounting her in a roundabout fashion.

ELIAS: Now; this is also associated with exposure.

Now; what is actually occurring? You are generating the comment concerning an expression of your daughter to another individual, but what energy are you projecting? Deflection of the attention in association with yourself to your daughter. You have deflected the attention away from yourself.

PAUL: So Iím distracting myself.

ELIAS: You are distracting your attention and you are distracting the attention of the other individual away from yourself to your daughter.

Now; the reason that the response was generated as it was was not a reconfiguration of energy that you were expressing. You allowed the reception of the projection of energy from her and did not reconfigure it. You configured it in the manner in which it was projected. The reason that it was projected in that manner was that there was an immediate recognition in energy with her of what was occurring, and therefore she generated a defensive response.

PAUL: So the message to myself in cases like that is pay attention to yourself and stop driving your attention outward.

ELIAS: Correct, and also be aware of how you are outwardly expressing energy. If you are expressing energy outwardly and recognizing in the moment that it is a discounting energy of yourself or a frustrated energy or it is some type of energy expression that you deem to be negative or even protective, once you recognize that, you may intentionally change the expression of your energy, and that shall reconfigure the energy that you receive.

PAUL: Iíll try that! Iíll go try that.

ELIAS: Very well. (Chuckles)

PAUL: Elias, I would like to find the arc sky coordinates so astronomers can find the nearest brown dwarf star, the closest one to our planet. What would those arc sky coordinates be, or what constellation would they look through to see or to find the closest brown dwarf?

ELIAS: And what significance would there be for you to be inquiring this to myself?

PAUL: (Laughs) I would get some recognition from scientists so I could... I feel like I want to help them get on a path for a clearer understanding of reality than what they are. Iím trying to make some inroads to that without necessarily telling them what it is but basically leading them down that path.

ELIAS: You cannot change other individualís perceptions, my friend. Regardless of what information that you offer to other individuals, it is dependent upon their direction and their beliefs in how that information shall be received or whether it shall be received.

I may suggest to you that you examine your motivation in this. If you genuinely want to be discovering that information, you can generate that within your own awareness. But what is your motivation in offering that type of information to other individuals? To be convincing? To be recognized? To be special? You already are.

PAUL: Yes! (Laughs) I know.

My Saturn car, my current car, has a few issues with it such as rough brakes, I recently had a nail fixed in my tire, and itís got high mileage. Are these objective clues that Iím giving to myself that I should go out and buy a new car?

ELIAS: And you are already aware of that answer, are you not? (Laughs)

PAUL: Yes. The answer is yes.

ELIAS: Correct! (Laughs) Not that you should, but that this is what you want. It is not a matter of whether you should or should not engage the action, but you are presenting to yourself imagery in association with your want. For if you present to yourself more and more reasons that you should be acquiring another vehicle, you shall offer yourself an easier expression of permission to engage that action.

PAUL: Now Iíve just got to decide whether itíll be a two-seater or a four-seater. (Both laugh) Thatís a toughie!

Another individual on the Elias list wanted me to ask if Oona had a past focus as Sir William Wilde.

ELIAS: Observing essence.

PAUL: Last night I had a dream, it was like watching or I was involved with these individuals that were not possessed, but it was like watching the movie ďNight of the Living Dead.Ē They wanted to eat other individuals or bite them to some extent and convert them over to their way of thinking. There was also another individual, who looked like the movie star Richard Widmark, who had a sound device and who was corrupted. Instead of fighting these zombie individuals, he was actually using that on other people to shrink them. What was the meaning of this dream?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAUL: My impression was that these zombies were individuals that fell into the trauma of the Shift, slow to remember their true nature. This Richard Widmark character, he represents science, the attempts by science to try to deal with this shift.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you that you have presented yourself with imagery in association with the expressions and the occurrences related to truths, and how they are influencing and what they generate in the automatic attempt to be convincing or converting or protecting against or enlightening other individuals in association with each individual truth.

PAUL: So the zombies represented people trying to force their way of thinking about the belief system of truth onto others, is that right?

ELIAS: Concerning the truths themselves, not merely the belief system of truths, but the truths in the belief system, which are the most strongly expressed beliefs, which have been set in absolutes.

PAUL: So weíre talking about truth as in this new turning point?


PAUL: Iím coming up on my last question here. Do I have a special role in the turning point, a significant or one of the more significant objective events, turning point events, in this truth process?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

PAUL: I donít know! (Laughs) I feel like thereís something thatís going to be going on that I may have a role in and that would be perceived as one of the more significant turning point events in this truth process. Like I may be doing something or having something that would be associated with me that would be tied to one of these significant turning points in this belief system of truth.

ELIAS: In association with yourself and perhaps some other individuals, but not in association with the entire wave of addressing to this belief system of truths.

PAUL: So I would be doing something that was associated with the wave more for myself in a small group, not necessarily for the mass, the masses around the world?

ELIAS: I may express to you, whatever you generate in a movement in association with this wave, you are generating a contribution and an effect throughout your world through an energy which is expressed in association with the collective, yes. But is that necessarily recognized objectively throughout your world? Not necessarily. It may be significantly recognized by you and perhaps, dependent upon what you create, other individuals, in a limited capacity of other individuals, but not globally.

PAUL: Okay, last question. In the building of the sphinx, you said that I had past focuses as an ancient Egyptian architect, one of many. Does that mean that I had several past architect focuses or that I was one of a group of architects?

ELIAS: You incorporate both, but I may express to you in that moment what I was offering to you was that you were participating with a group of architects.

PAUL: Did my architect build the sphinx?

ELIAS: It was involved with a group of architects that designed that structure, yes.

PAUL: Well, our timeís up, unfortunately. (Laughs with Elias) At least in this objective interaction our timeís up.

ELIAS: Very well. And I shall continue with you in other manners. Ha ha ha!

PAUL: Iíll open up to that, then, Elias.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend!

PAUL: You have a great day!

ELIAS: Ah! I may express this to you, and I may express also my encouragement of you to be incorporating fun.

PAUL: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating our next meeting and expressing my encouragement to you, my friend.

PAUL: Okay, great! I look forward to that.

ELIAS: Ha ha! In affection, au revoir.

PAUL: You too. Bye!

Elias departs at 9:07 AM.

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