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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

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ďHow to Objectively Reconfigure EnergyĒ

ďPay Attention to the Type of Energy You Are ProjectingĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Seale (Seale).

Elias arrives at 7:41 AM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

SEALE: Good morning! I am so glad to talk with you. Itís been such a long time.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And what have you been creating and noticing?

SEALE: Oh, gee, conflict! (Laughs) Iíve been noticing a lot about my beliefs, though.


SEALE: I just started transcribing my last session because I recognized, again, that helped me see how fearful I am of other peopleís responses. I mean, I thought I understood that, but oh my goodness! The last year has shown me that no, I didnít understand the depth of that fear.

ELIAS: Which I may express to you, Seale, many times you do not quite understand the influences and the intricacies of different expressions until you allow yourself to fully experience them. You may be offering yourself information, and in concept intellectually you may understand, but without the experience it remains concept and is not generated into actual reality, as you are aware.

SEALE: I think thatís what I wanted to talk to you about, too, because right now all the tears are coming up. There is so much that I miss inside of me about realizing how much I didnít want to be involved in the conflict. How I feel when I get too many labels and too much judgment, itís just like overwhelming. I know I ran with that when I had that session with you about Dale. I couldnít even talk to her about our difference. (Emotionally) I think I am terrified of the violence that I feel when people get downright nasty, mirroring that nasty to me. I just want to be rid of that! I just want to be rid of it! I hate how I respond to that. Because after I reach a certain saturation point, I just send back the energy just like itís coming at me. I donít know how to reconfigure it. I donít know what the process is.

ELIAS: Ah. Therefore the subject is reconfiguring energy and how to allow yourself to be generating that. But as I have expressed to you many times previously, Seale, this is a matter in which you must be paying attention to you.

Now; this is not to say that you pay attention to yourself to the exclusion of other individuals, but to pay attention to what you are expressing. In this, you may also in this time framework be somewhat encouraged, for this wave in consciousness addressing to the belief system of truth may be quite helpful and empowering to you in your process in your movement in this direction.

As you begin to recognize how you express yourself and what energy you project outwardly in association with your truths, as you begin to recognize that energy, you may intentionally generate different expressions and therefore also reconfigure the energy of situations in which you are interacting with other individuals that potentially may involve conflict. The manner in which you change that is to be aware of what you are doing SPECIFICALLY Ė not merely what you are thinking, but being aware of the energy that you are projecting and what is influencing that.

Now; you express that you are experiencing a fear, and the reason that you are experiencing fear is not merely that you are afraid of how other individuals may be responsive to you, but more so the fear is being generated in not knowing how objectively to reconfigure energy, and therefore not projecting an energy that shall produce that type of expression as a reflection to you, which is quite understandable.

In this, if you allow yourself to genuinely pay attention to the manner in which you yourself are projecting energy outwardly, you shall begin to recognize what types of expressions that you generate create a reflection in an uncomfortable expression with other individuals. This is significant.

In paying attention to the energy that you are projecting outward, it is important that you recognize what you are actually doing and HOW you are doing what you are doing, not merely in physical actions but in conversations also. What words are you choosing in your language as you communicate with another individual? What tones are you incorporating in association with the words? What motivation is occurring within you? Are you genuinely engaging a sharing with another individual or are different expressions that the other individual is offering triggering different expressions within you and thusly triggering automatic responses in defensiveness, in justification, or in comparison or in attempting to convince the other individual of a different direction?

This is the reason that it is so very important to be paying attention to what you are doing, for you already know intellectually that whatever is being expressed to you is a reflection of some expression within you; but that reflection, once turned to yourself, is not always as obvious or easy to recognize. It is easy to recognize different expressions in other individuals and to assess what may be motivating their expressions or their behaviors and what belief may be associated with that in relation to the other individual. It is not always as easy to turn your attention to yourself and to view what the other individual expression is reflecting within you, for you move your attention immediately to thought.

In holding your attention upon thought, what you do is you believe what you are thinking in your assessment of yourself. But that thinking is not always accurate, for you are not moving your attention to what you are actually doing or communicating to yourself. Therefore, your thinking does not incorporate the full information to translate accurately, and this also generates confusion.

For you may be engaging a conflict, and as you move your attention to your thinking and hold your attention upon your thinking, you merely generate thoughts concerning what you want, but not in association with what you are actually doing. Yes, what you want is to not be engaging conflict. That is a generality. In the moment, what do you specifically want to be expressing?

This is where your confusion begins, for you busy yourself with paying attention to the actual conflict and to your thinking and to what you want the other individual to be doing or not doing, rather than what you are actually engaging, what energy you yourself are projecting and assessing what you want in that moment Ė not generally, not overall, but allowing yourself in the moment to discover one expression that you want to be generating that is in association with your preferences.

As you begin to allow yourself to generate that actual experience, it shall become much more clear to you objectively how to be reconfiguring energy, for it shall be done automatically. It is not a matter in which you must be engaging some elaborate method to change energy expressions, but merely recognizing what you want simply in the moment, as to what you want to be expressing yourself.

You identify what you do NOT want somewhat clearly. You do not want to be generating conflict. You do not want to be expressing justification of yourself or defensiveness of yourself. You GENERALLY express an identification of what you do want, that you want to be expressing in a calm and peaceful and easy manner. But how to engage that? Those are generalities. To create that, you must be recognizing more specifically what type of energy you want to be expressing to create that general state, so to speak. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Offer myself an example of a recent conflict. (Pause)

SEALE: With my daughter, trying to work out seeing my granddaughter.

ELIAS: Very well. Offer explanation of the experience.

SEALE: It didnít feel good; I just walked away from it. I tried talking to my daughter to ask if there was some way of being able to see my granddaughter, expressing what I wanted in terms of no conflict and just wanting to visit with her.

ELIAS: Now be more specific. What did you do?

SEALE: I told my daughter what I would like and asked her about making that possible.

ELIAS: Therefore, specifically recall to myself what you expressed to her.

SEALE: That I just wanted to visit with my granddaughter. I didnít want to visit with her or my sister. I just wanted to visit with my granddaughter because I felt safe with her, that we could have a good visit without the conflict.

ELIAS: Very well. And your daughterís response?

SEALE: Well, my daughterís response was kind of physical. I know her feelings were hurt. It was just like no, she was just going to do what she wanted to do and that was okay.

ELIAS: But it is not, for you are incorporating communications and conflict within yourself.

SEALE: Right, because I wasnít able to create what I wanted with my granddaughter.

ELIAS: Now; examine with me what you generated and therefore incorporated the responsiveness that you did. You want to be generating a time in which you may be interactive or in your terms visiting with your granddaughter. Your intention was to present a request, correct?

SEALE: Right.

ELIAS: Now; this is what I am expressing to you in the significance of paying attention to what energy you are projecting outwardly and what you are actually doing, for what you are actually doing may not be the same as what you want.

Now; that is not to say that your want is incorrectly identified, although at times it may be. But in this scenario singularly, we shall address merely to this want, and your translation of your want is correct. This is what you want, to be incorporating a time framework to be interactive with your granddaughter.

Now; what creates that action not being fulfilled is the projection of energy that you are creating and in association with fear. You express that you feel safe with merely this one individual, which implies the lack of feeling safety in association with the other individuals. There is also an energy which is projected in blame, and justifying and being defensive within yourself.

Now; you may attempt to be choosing your words in a manner in which you think shall not be offensive, and you think that this is an avenue in which you may approach this subject with your daughter. But the energy that you are projecting in association with the beliefs that you incorporate and the expression of fear that you incorporate influences the manner in which you communicate.

Your physical body consciousness expresses an energy which is visible to other individuals, and as I have expressed many times, energy is received and understood much more clearly and immediately than any other language, than physical action, than verbal communications. Individuals all recognize the differences between what is being verbally communicated and what is being communicated in energy. It is immediately recognized.

Therefore, regardless of how you try, in your terms, to be communicating verbally in a particular direction with another individual, if your energy is expressing differently, what the individual responds to is your energy. You may think that you are communicating and expressing yourself verbally in what you term to be quite an amiable or even nice manner. You may think that you are expressing to another individual in a calm manner, and it matters not. If your energy is expressing differently, this is what the other individual receives and this is what they respond to, which is not an accident, for you engage each interaction purposefully to be reflecting what you are expressing within yourself to allow you the opportunity to recognize that and offer you choices.

You cannot alter your expression and move outside of automatic responses if you do not recognize that they are being expressed. If you do not recognize what you are actually doing, how shall you objectively change that? This is the reason that you offer these reflections to yourself, that you shall recognize and view yourself and therefore offer yourself more freedom and not be confined to automatic responses.

What you want is to be interactive with your granddaughter, but what you also want is to not be engaging conflict with your daughter. What you also want is to be generating that appreciation for your daughter also, not merely your granddaughter. What you want is to be generating an ease and an interaction of appreciation with your daughter, but you generate fear which is associated with past experiences, and that becomes an absolute.

Therefore, what you do is you move yourself into a position of compromise and generate a direction of defeat, expressing to yourself that you cannot have what you want in association with your daughter; therefore, you shall compromise and attempt to generate that with your granddaughter and accept the defeat in association with your daughter. But that energy is expressed.

Even if you are generating the interaction with your granddaughter, the energy continues to be expressed and she will recognize that energy also. Therefore, what you generate in interaction with her is not precisely what you want, either. For in interaction with the granddaughter without the daughter, you continue to express apprehension and caution in what you do and what you express in verbal communication, to avoid what you perceive to be future conflict.

Therefore, in the inner recognition of all that is being expressed and the beliefs that are being expressed and the discounting of yourself that is being expressed, what you do is you respond to what you are generating inwardly in association with what you want. You identify what you want, but you do not want it to be created with the conflict Ė but you expect the conflict and you are concentrating upon it, and that is being reinforced by the fear, which is being perpetuated by the concentration upon past experiences and not allowing yourself to move into different choices in the now. In that, you respond to yourself and you generate this reflection through your daughter, and you prevent yourself from accomplishing the want.

For there is another want that does not want to generate more conflict and does not want to generate an interaction in which you must be expressing a guardedness or caution or selectivity in how you are interacting, correct?

SEALE: Correct.

ELIAS: And this is the reason that you prevent yourself from the interaction itself.

You incorporate several wants. This is what I am expressing to you is significant, to pay attention to yourself and genuinely allow yourself to evaluate, not merely in the generalities Ė ďI want to visit with my granddaughter.Ē That is a generality. But intertwined with that want there are several other wants, and in genuinely paying attention to what you are communicating to yourself and what you are actually doing, and paying attention to the energy that you are expressing and how you are expressing it, you offer yourself information concerning what those other wants are also. That allows you to move into a direction of reconfiguring your energy, which automatically reconfigures the energy of the other individuals that you are interacting with.

But it is a matter of trusting yourself and listening to yourself and allowing yourself, in that trust and listening, to generate actions and expressions in a manner which is not projecting this energy that you deem to be negative, and therefore not producing what you term to be failed attempts in not creating what you want.

In addressing to your want in appreciating of your daughter and your desire to be creating a different type of relationship with her, you also automatically reconfigure the elements of the energy which would otherwise motivate you to be guarded and cautious with your granddaughter, for that becomes unnecessary for the fear has been abated. This is what is significant to be paying attention to, to allow yourself to approach the situation in a different avenue and to satisfy all of the wants, not merely one which is being blocked by the others.

This is what generates this tremendous communication that you are offering to yourself and have been offering to yourself in this sadness and frustration and disappointment. These are communications. You are attempting to offer yourself messages concerning what you want and what you are afraid to generate, and that you are projecting your attention to the other individual in hope and expectation that they shall change their behavior and therefore allow you to express yourself. But it is expressed in the reverse, my friend.

It is your responsibility to pay attention to what you do and therefore not be a victim. Responsibility to self is a tremendously liberating expression. It is not limiting. It is not confining. It allows you to not be a victim and it allows you to create what you want, for you are paying attention to yourself and what you are expressing, knowing that you incorporate the power within yourself to recognize and to turn your own energy. It is not dependent upon any other individual. It is YOUR power to turn your energy and to express it in the manner which is most beneficial in association with your preferences.

SEALE: And have I been doing that lately more?

ELIAS: Somewhat. But you also restrict yourself, for you allow the fear to be influencing to an extent in which you stifle yourself.

I am understanding and I am acknowledging to you that this expression of fear is very real, and I am understanding of your association with it. What I am expressing to you is that you are not bound to it. You can move in an expression and not be a victim to it. It is merely a matter of genuinely paying attention to what you are doing and what you are communicating to yourself and allowing yourself, in your terms, to find some aspect of appreciation in the moment, which shall abate the fear. And it shall. This is the small dog and the large dog. The appreciation is the small dog; the fear is the large dog. But with one expression of the small dog in the appreciation, you silence the large dog.

In one moment, were you to be interactive with your daughter and you begin to experience this apprehensiveness or you begin to recognize the rise of the fear within yourself, if you allow yourself to find one aspect of appreciation that you want to express in relation to your daughter, you silence that fear and you reconfigure the energy. In this, the responsiveness to you from your daughter shall automatically be different also, for the reflection shall be what you are projecting. If you are projecting a genuine appreciation, this is what you shall reflect, not the fear.

SEALE: Thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my dear friend. I am understanding the challenge that you incorporate in this movement and the difficulty in implementing it. But acknowledge yourself and allow yourself to recognize that these actions are very unfamiliar and may require some practice.

But do not forget to be genuinely acknowledging yourself in any moment that you notice that you actually have accomplished reconfiguring of an energy within yourself, no matter how you may assess its measurement. Regardless of how small it may appear to you, acknowledge yourself. For every action that you incorporate in this type of movement is reinforcing of your trust, and that is significant and worthy of your acknowledgment.

SEALE: Oh no. Are you there?


SEALE: This battery is supposed to go longer but itís beeping out, so I might have to call you back on the other phone. Mary and I talked too long, I guess. I will plug it in and see if that makes it any better.

(Brief break in the session)

ELIAS: Continuing.

SEALE: Sorry.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) No need for apology. Quite understandable, in actuality Ė you offered yourself a moment in which you would allow yourself to relax, for this conversation has been quite intensive.

SEALE: I wonder, does it have anything to do with this building and where I stand?

ELIAS: Clarify.

SEALE: Well, because if I lean certain ways I lose the connection, like something is blocking the signal.

ELIAS: This is not associated with your structure, my friend.

SEALE: Itís me again.

ELIAS: This is quite associated with your energy, which, as I have stated, is quite understandable. You are expressing strong energy presently in somewhat of an overwhelmingness. I have offered you considerable information in this conversation that we have engaged, and you have offered yourself considerable emotional communications.

SEALE: This is true. I thank you for that. Can I go to a little less intense stuff?

ELIAS: You may.

SEALE: Is my mother a focus of Forever Amber? (Pause)


SEALE: Any connection?

ELIAS: It is a counterpart energy.

SEALE: Do I have a focus of Emily Carr?

ELIAS: Observing essence.

SEALE: What about Georgia OíKeeffe?

ELIAS: No, but you have engaged counterpart action with that individual at different time frameworks.

SEALE: Oh, interesting. I guess I need to read more about counterpart actions. Is Bridgy a Paul Gauguin focus?

ELIAS: No, but you may express to her to be investigating, for there is an association.

SEALE: What about Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz? Am I a focus of her?

ELIAS: No, but there is an association with that also, which you may be investigating.

SEALE: Oh, great!

ELIAS: And incorporating some fun! Ha ha ha!

SEALE: Yeah, that would be nice. Is Bridgyís mom a focus of Cesare Borgia? That might not be how you pronounce it.

ELIAS: Observing essence.

SEALE: Then thatís what I have. I think you already told somebody that her mom was observing essence, so is Bridgy a focus of that person?


SEALE: Then Ken wanted to know is Connor an observing essence of one of the three Telleth focuses of Judea?


SEALE: And then are Emmers and Bella the same energy?

ELIAS: Your question?

SEALE: What? Oh great, youíre fading in and out again now, and I thought I calmed down enough.

ELIAS: Clarify.

SEALE: Well, remember how I wanted Emmy back or thought she would come back as a Dalmatian?

ELIAS: Correct.

SEALE: So is Bella her?

ELIAS: A reconfiguration of energy. Remember, they are not exactly or precisely reconfigured to be the precise same creature. You are understanding of this, correct?

SEALE: I donít think I was, and thatís what I wanted to ask you. I know itís Emmy, that energy, because she was born on the 22nd, my birth-day. That was like my understanding that thatís how I would know her, and the fact that she just all by herself kind of bit on my ear like Emmy always did.

ELIAS: You shall recognize many similarities, many similar behaviors, and you shall recognize a very familiar energy. It is a reconfiguration of energy, and it is what you may term to be an aspect of that creature. But there also is an aspect of that reconfiguration of energy which changes it and creates a new creature. Are you understanding?

SEALE: Oh yeah! Thatís why sheís so wild and has a mind of her own, and thatís that aspect of it. If she came back, what youíre saying is sheíd never be exactly the same; there would always be that new aspect in the reconfiguring?


SEALE: See, I donít think I did understand that.

ELIAS: For were it to be created exactly the same, that would be a reincarnation, and there is no reincarnation.

SEALE: That was my fear before, that I couldnít get her; I wouldnít recognize her because she would be different. Like, how would I know her from another reconfiguration of energy?

ELIAS: For you would recognize the energy itself. That is displayed in many behaviors and interactions that you engage with the creature. There is objective evidence that you recognize as the reconfiguration of energy, but also in that familiarity.

SEALE: Right. When I saw her face, I knew it was her.

ELIAS: Correct.

SEALE: Okay, cool! The land with the rainbows and the unicorns, is that another dimension? That one that I had or I used to have as a child and then the one that I saw in my dream after my dad died.

ELIAS: Yes, this has been expressed previously.

SEALE: But I donít think I had a name of what that dimension was.

ELIAS: As I have expressed to other individuals, in actuality none of these dimensions, including your own, actually incorporates a name, so to speak. Many individuals within this forum are now choosing to be incorporating names for different physical dimensions to serve as an identification of them, that in their interactions with each other in discussion of them they may understand which dimension they are discussing in any time framework. But they actually do not incorporate a specific name in themselves.

Other individuals have allowed themselves to tap into that physical dimension also and have engaged discussion concerning it, and have been challenging themselves to discover other focuses that they also incorporate in that dimension, and they may be choosing to term it a name. But recognize that that is merely your identification for it, for it does not incorporate a name in itself, just as your physical dimension does not incorporate a name, either.

SEALE: The group or anybody hasnít named it as such yet?

ELIAS: They may be terming it to be some specific identification presently, but not as what you term to be an absolute. But I may express to you, there has been discussion recently of that particular physical dimension. (1)

SEALE: When Iím talking, I hear my sister, Ellen. Itís really bizarre. I was trying to find out if Iím a focus of her or why Iím giving myself that communication.

ELIAS: Counterpart action.

SEALE: Vic and I were mermaid focuses together, or we thought we were.


SEALE: In that dimension?


SEALE: What timeframe was that?

ELIAS: Now. There is no timeframe in association with other dimensions, for other dimensions incorporate time in different manners.

SEALE: The 98 focuses, thatís just for here, in this dimension?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

SEALE: That would be in another dimension, so that wouldnít be one of my 98 focuses.

ELIAS: Correct.

SEALE: Thatís what I wanted to get clear.

Well, Iím still doing my court thing. What I really do want to create is that settlement and have that be done. So is there anything blocking in that regard? There seems like there is an ease more than there has been, but there is still something there because the lawyer hasnít agreed yet. I know that has to do with reflecting of me.

ELIAS: Pay attention to yourself and the type of energy you are projecting and what is motivating that. It is similar to what we have been discussing in this conversation. This is your greatest tool and advantage in creating what you want in an ease of movement.

SEALE: I think the time is up or pretty close to it.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I shall be offering my energy to you in encouragement and supportiveness, and perhaps reminding you also to be incorporating somewhat more playfulness. Ha ha ha!

SEALE: Iíve been trying! Was that you with the check thing on the engine?

ELIAS: (Laughs) It was a projection of my energy and your translation of it. Ha ha!

SEALE: I knew it!

ELIAS: Be encouraged, my friend, and pay attention. And you shall accomplish.

SEALE: Thank you very much, as always.

ELIAS: To you in tremendous affection and lovingness and trust, au revoir.

Elias departs at 8:45 AM.


(1) Briefly in Session 1344, May 16, 2003.

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