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Saturday, November 22, 2003

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ďLosing a JobĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Letty (Castille).

(Time not available; arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LETTY: Good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles) Well, something exciting happened this week. I actually had a very present way of seeing a creation and what I want to do is get more information from you in understanding it a little bit.

Both Cindel and I got laid off this week. I know weíre very connected with energy, and it was very interesting because earlier that morning we talked about the changes that we really wanted. At that moment, we said weíre still here at this company so itís obvious that weíre looking for change somehow else, like people, other people moving through and changing things so that it looks to us like a different experience. Then two hours later weíre told we no longer work for the company!

Although it was a big shocker, itís something that Iíve always wanted because I did want to be... Itís a way of providing for myself in creating our layoff because this company gives you a very nice severance pay, so youíre very comfortable and not worrying about money, which we tend to do so often, and yet I still have my freedom of time and relaxation. I really wanted to experience that, so I understand that. But is that part of that creation, like how you talk and I read about in other sessions that weíre creating in the moment? Could you discuss this a little bit, because I find it very interesting.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) It is an interesting creation and offering you validation in creating what you want in the manner in which you want it. In this, in the moment, cooperatively you and Cindel both chose to be creating this experience together; in that manner one would not be left without the other.

You are aware of the connection that you and Cindel incorporate together, and you are also aware of how you frequently cooperate with each other in many situations in relation to many subjects. In this, even in time frameworks in which you do not agree with each other, you continue to express that cooperation, which is what we discussed at our group interaction. You and Cindel generate this quite easily with each other but you are not always paying attention to how you are creating that or offering yourselves credit, so to speak, for generating that action easily. You do not always recognize how well you cooperate with each other even in a lack of agreement.

Now; in this cooperation that you generate together, what you create is a strength in energy. As I have expressed many times previously with many individuals, in any movement that individuals pool their energy together in cooperation, you generate a greater strength in energy, which allows you to create efficiently with ease, and many times more quickly.

In this, as you both have been in cooperation with each other for an extended time framework and in your agreements you do generate swiftly and with more strength, in your agreement with each other concerning this company and your evaluation of it and your agreement with each other concerning different directions that this company incorporates, as you are aware, and your agreement not to be participating in certain directions that this establishment chooses to implement, you generated a swiftness of creating a discontinuation of participating with the establishment, but generating that action in comfort, without trauma, without disappointment, but generating an action together that allows you to be expressing your preferences and your comfort.

The manner in which you have accomplished this is through tremendous practice in paying attention to yourselves, in generating this cooperation, in creating a strength in energy, and in trusting yourselves and trusting your ability to express yourselves and what you want regardless of the rules of other individuals. Quite efficient! Ha ha ha!

LETTY: Well, yes! The fact that it did happen that day, did any of it have to do with the fact that we were working together that morning?


LETTY: Because the minute it happened I did kind of go back to that moment of two hours prior of having that feeling....


LETTY: ...of distancing working there.


LETTY: Iíve never had you Ė or maybe Iíve never paid attention Ė but somehow you were in my ear, acknowledging me or whatever. I felt something during this meeting as they were telling me I would no longer be working there. Was that you?

ELIAS: Yes Ė an energy of encouragement.

LETTY: So I accepted it, and that was just a little lack of trust. I think Iíve felt you other times but I hadnít trusted myself to acknowledge it, but I definitely did that time.

Was that the energy that I was building up? Maybe it was a belief system. I had for the last couple of months, on and off, another unusual... Weíve discussed my lower back pain that comes every once in a while and I recognize that it is a signal and I deal with that. But Iíve been having soreness in the middle of my back, and I recognized it the minute I got in my car to go home. So that was part of it, the same built-up energy that I had been having and holding right there?


LETTY: What about my shoulders? There is a tenseness Ė and I think maybe this is just validation Ė I feel that I hold on tight to energy. I recognize that I still have difficulty in relaxing, and thatís where I feel it.

ELIAS: Yes, and this is associated with doubting yourself and anticipations, which have become so very familiar to you that you do not even recognize the action of generating that when you generate it.

LETTY: Of the anticipation?

ELIAS: Yes and also doubt.

LETTY: So I can work with this and work on the trusting. I know itís not a familiar action that Iíve done throughout my life.

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: I have to work on trusting myself. I do feel that I do trust myself every day with little things that I create and I know how I created them and why. Thatís letting me know that I can do it and that Iím okay.

ELIAS: Yes, but this issue of trust is directly associated with doubt, which there are many, many, many moments in which you are expressing some element of doubt in association with yourself and your expressions or your behaviors. In that, as you doubt yourself and your ability, you generate this tension, you hold to your energy, and you evidence that to yourself in your shoulders.

LETTY: I have been recognizing that more. So actually Iím giving that to myself as a signal.

ELIAS: Yes, which you are more effectively paying attention now than you have previously. But you have, as I have stated, also allowed yourself considerable practice in paying attention to yourself; which, in reiteration, allowing yourself to be paying attention to yourself generates much more of quickness in your movement to be addressing to different expressions in association with your beliefs and allowing you to be much more accepting, more genuinely and more efficiently.

LETTY: Sometimes over the last couple of days, when I think about things in my life, people donít know how to answer. They feel uncomfortable because itís considered, in our belief systems, as something negative. Their beliefs are that itís not good. I try to explain how it is okay or it doesnít matter because I know I created something that I even objectively and genuinely want.

ELIAS: Correct, and this also may present itself as an example to other individuals in association with beliefs and automatic associations, that these are not truths, that this type of creation is of your own design and you are not a victim, and that it may be perceived as a benefit rather than a negative or a disappointment. This is directly associated with perception. But it is also accomplished in allowing yourself to be aware of yourself and to be comfortable in your choices, knowing that they are your choices, that you are not a victim to the dictates of other individuals, but that you have actually created this experience and you have created it for a reason.

You and Cindel have been experiencing frustration and tension in this situation with this establishment for an ongoing time framework, but you also both have continued to be generating your positions with this establishment, not in complacency or laziness but to establish an environment between the two of you that would allow you both to practice applying this information, practice pooling your energies, and to practice in the establishment of yourselves together and in cooperation, which validates each of you. You generate a supportiveness with a strength between you both, which has been quite purposeful and beneficial to each of you.

LETTY: I will tell you, after the initial shock, which was a few seconds or minutes, it was very exciting. As it was happening, my automatic reaction was oh my god, Iíd going to be without a job. Then in the next moment I felt your supportiveness, and it was wow, Iím recognizing in the moment that this is what I wanted.

ELIAS: And another expression of your freedom.

LETTY: Can I ask a little bit about Quinian? I am practicing, because I know that I tend to take personal responsibility. Iím trying to be helpful in paying attention to myself and allowing, and I do catch myself going the other way sometimes. But is he in a direction where heís looking to perhaps change jobs? I only say that because he seems to create a lack of work in this situation, although I recognize how he sees himself sometimes as a victim. He sees the work as not coming from him but from somebody else.

ELIAS: You are correct. In this time framework, there is some element of a movement in another direction, but it is not being expressed in strength. It is an avenue that is being considered but not quite seriously yet. For, I may express to you that he does generate his own payoff in the situations that he creates. For in this manner, he allows himself time frameworks in which he may express other directions and actions which he would not necessarily allow if he is generating his job. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Therefore, it is, in a manner of speaking, a convenient excuse.

LETTY: I had a dream a little while ago about my grandparents dis-engaging, and in our belief systems funerals are such a big thing, going through the loss and everything. I didnít understand it when I had the dream, but right now it reminds me that I kind of need to prepare myself and also that we look at losing a job as a loss.

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: I understand the part of the funeral as being a belief system and the ceremony of that belief system, which is acceptable, and that I would prepare myself that I may look at it as a loss. I can choose to feel that because I do know that I may not be seeing these people. So it was kind of like preparing for it at this point.

ELIAS: Yes, you are quite correct. Loss is a challenging experience, for it is challenging to alter your perception and to address to that belief and the absoluteness of it, for it implies absolute permanent change Ė which is one of your truths but once again it is not true Ė for they are merely choices, and any choice that you generate may be changed.

LETTY: Speaking of change, Cindel made a comment, and I felt it too, how sheís seeing my relationship with Quinian as being very different from my other relationships, and I want your validation. I am feeling very comfortable with the relationship. I do notice that it is very different and I act very differently, and I think thatís all part of it. At one time when I had a boyfriend or a man in my life, I always had that little bit of fear that if it were to end it would be a loss, and the loss would be very bad and negative. Right now I feel a lot more freedom in this relationship...

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: I practice my freedom in being with him when and how I want it to be.

ELIAS: Correct, and not generating that fear of loss, allowing yourself to experience different types of losses that validate to you that it is unnecessary to be expressing that fear, and that as you trust yourself in what you are creating and continue to be directing of yourself, there is no victim in loss, for that also is a choice. And in actuality, what have you genuinely lost?

LETTY: Nothing.

ELIAS: Correct. You have merely changed your direction.

LETTY: Well, Elias, with death and understanding it, I still have a lot obviously to assimilate, but in this moment right now it is so perfect. Thank you!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Congratulations!

LETTY: Thank you! Of the people that Iíve told that Iíve been laid off, a few people have felt bad and then thereís the other ones who say congratulations, and I know exactly where they come from.

Because I like to keep practicing in getting rid of this tension, now that I notice it more, I try to relax my body first, kind of like when I had my asthma episodes. I kind of feel Iím releasing it, but it comes right back because within my perception I need to go one more step to get rid of that tension. Thatís where I wasnít quite understanding. So thatís paying attention in the moment, that perhaps Iím doubting myself?


LETTY: I notice that even happens when Iím practicing getting rid of that stress. I even feel it more than I did when I started.

ELIAS: This is an example to you of shoulds and expectations of yourself, and that is the indication of your doubt of yourself. Even in a situation in which you are generating an experience to intentionally relax your physical body, you are generating resistance. The reason that you are generating resistance is that you doubt your ability to allow yourself to relax, you doubt your ability to accomplish, and therefore this becomes your concentration. Without thinking, you begin to concentrate upon that doubt of your abilities and you generate more of the tension Ė which in a manner of speaking is also associated with loss, for it is the loss of control and the ability to generate success in the moment.

In this, perhaps as you notice in an experience in which you are generating that tension and you begin to notice that discomfort within your shoulders, remind yourself of your accomplishment with the establishment. Therefore, you shall validate yourself and acknowledge yourself that you do incorporate the ability to create what you want, and therefore it is unnecessary to be generating this anticipation.

LETTY: Thatís a strong belief that I have a hard time accepting, and Iím wanting to eliminate it.

ELIAS: I am understanding. This is the great challenge, not to be eliminating, not to be viewing your beliefs as the enemy, but recognizing that they merely are.

LETTY: I was going to ask you about this. It really doesnít matter, but now Iím more curious than anything. A little over a month ago, money disappeared from the bank for one of my clients, and in the belief systems which I align with and recognize, it is my responsibility. All that time, I knew I trusted myself that these two people did not take the money, and of course the bank didnít find it. Anyway to make a long story short, the money was discovered in the bankís error six weeks later and I acknowledged myself that I didnít fire people, which I have done. But did it also have something to do with the direction I was moving in, of wanting to leave the establishment?


LETTY: Because I didnít want to do any more decisions and even the controlling of people and how I tried to guide them under the belief systems that have all been established that they have to follow. I was very tired of that.

ELIAS: Correct, and you allowed yourself evidences to validate to yourself and to generate a clearer objective understanding of your differences, that your differences are acceptable and that it is not necessary for you to be in compliance with the direction of other individuals.

LETTY: I did talk about it in the group session, about conflict with other people.


LETTY: I notice that when I have conflict with other people or myself, I get that (inaudible) perception.


LETTY: And just as easily, I get rid of it when I recognize it. (Elias laughs)

Iíve given some information, depending how I feel at the moment, to Quinian that he is picking up and understanding a little bit. I know heís not up to where heís wanting sessions or anything like that, but he seems to be very open to the information.

ELIAS: Yes, and this also is being expressed in relation to you paying attention to yourself and allowing yourself the freedom to be expressive in the manners that you want and not attempting to instruct, which generates quite a different energy and quite different responses with other individuals. You are quite correct. What you are generating in this relationship is significantly different than what you have previously.

LETTY: Itís so interesting to remember those other sessions with you and remembering that I wanted to stay with Leezar. (Laughs) I always thought well, I think Elias knows a little bit more than I do. I also feel relaxation even with Quinianís dog.


LETTY: I think the dog reflects me a little bit when Iím paying attention to the dog. ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

LETTY: This has been so great, talking to you twice in a short time period. What a difference in the way I see myself in different situations.

ELIAS: I offer to you tremendous congratulations, for you have accomplished well. (Chuckles)

LETTY: Thank you very much. Well, I think this is it for now.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall be anticipating our next meeting and perhaps I shall be congratulating you again. (Laughs)

LETTY: Okay. I look forward to it!

ELIAS: I shall continue to be offering supportiveness to you and great encouragement.

LETTY: Thank you, Elias. Hugs to you.

ELIAS: Tremendous love to you, my friend. Au revoir.

LETTY: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 38 minutes.

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