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Saturday, December 20, 2003

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“Becoming Unstuck”

“Winning the Lottery, Redux”

“Be Present Within This One Day”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jens (Samira).

(Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JENS: Hi, Elias!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! We meet again! And what have you been creating?

JENS: Much unease, much uncomfortable experiences. First of all, I have this impression that on Wednesday I have a new essence name, Samira. Is this right?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JENS: So I have changed from Borledim/Zuli to Sumafi/Milumet.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: I am not anymore soft; I am common.


JENS: I’m still soft? It feels different. And I’m still thought focused?

ELIAS: And your impression?

JENS: I have the impression I could be emotional focused.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: I have changed many things! And now I’m final focus?


JENS: The new essence fragmented from seven essences?


JENS: From Ranatad, from Indra, from Tomkin, from Elsa, from Elvira, from Victor and from Patel. Is there anything wrong in this? Patel I’m not sure about.

ELIAS: Not Patel.

JENS: So I’m missing one essence. Is it an essence which is not so easily accessed and you can help me?

ELIAS: I may express to you that you may easily access this information. You are quite adept at listening to your impressions and offering yourself correct information.

JENS: Is my focus observed by 84 essences?

ELIAS: Not in this present now in this new fragmentation, but that may be a potential. But in this present now, in this new fragmentation, no.

JENS: In the beginning of November, I noticed that the number of essences who are observing my focus increased. At times there were incredible high numbers, for example 273 or 411, even 508. Are these numbers correct, or are the higher numbers a combination of observing and counterpart?

ELIAS: The more increased numbers, you are correct, are a combination of your sensing of observing essences and counterpart action – although there are more counterpart actions than are included in your number – but that is a combination. What you have presented to yourself in your impression as to the numbering of observing essences now is actually a potential and a mergence of these essences and your essence in this time framework of this beginning essence.

Now; that creates a potential that those essences may choose to be observing subsequently, but are not yet.

JENS: How many do I have at the moment?

ELIAS: Of these merged essences and yourself?

JENS: Observing essences.

ELIAS: Presently, as observing essences, none. But there is a mergence of that numbering that you had presented which generates a potential that those essences may choose to be observing.

JENS: In November I experienced such problems, motivation problems to go in the direction of the Shift and not to go in the direction of the hamster wheel. I offered myself quite clear dream imagery and visions. In your inner landscape exercise, I have had quite interesting visions, images, inner visions I see, and these explained that I didn’t want to go inside at this time, I want to keep searching outside and I expressed very much a fear to go more to the inside. Then the number of observing essences increased, and this was for me a sign that now I am on the way to the Shift. Sometimes the number decreased when I went back to old behaviors. Is my interpretation of the situation correct?

ELIAS: Yes. But this also, my friend, is a time framework in which it is necessary for you to be moving your attention to yourself and examining your own movements and your own truths, for this shall set the stage, so to speak, for the movement into objectifying what you want more easily. For in allowing yourself to genuinely examine and address to your truths, you open yourself in an avenue of greater acceptance. You allow much more of an ease in association with differences, and that generates the avenue for more ease in creating more efficiently in association with what you want. For, you shall be aware of your own obstacles that you present to yourself, and in that, you shall allow yourself to not be creating those obstacles and to be creating different choices that shall generate more of an ease.

One of the conflicts presently that you are expressing is confusion in viewing your creations in absolute manners, in viewing your movement in black and white terms, in either/or, which confuses you in relation to the direction that you may proceed within, in that you must be creating in this manner or in this manner, and there is no in-between.

Let me express to you in what you would view to be practical terms. I shall speak to you in this type of language that it may be somewhat easier for you to be understanding what I am expressing to you. As an example, you recognize that you do not want to continue in your now chosen direction in relation to employment. You want to change what you are doing but you are unclear as to what you shall incorporate as the change. You are unclear as to what you want to do. You are more clear concerning what you do NOT want to do, but you are not clear in what you DO want to do.

Therefore, this creates confusion, and that moves you into that black and white, that either/or. Either you continue in the direction that you are presently and you continue to incorporate the type of employment that you now engage, OR you shall be floundering and you shall not be fulfilling your obligations. Therefore, your perception becomes locked into one direction as a must, and continuing in that direction, being locked in that perception, you limit yourself and you stifle yourself, for you stifle your creativity.

This is the reason that it is so very important that you allow yourself to take advantage of this time framework and of the energy of this wave in consciousness, and to use this energy of this wave to benefit you in your awareness of yourself in the examination of your truths and addressing to them. In that action, empower yourself and allow yourself to express your abilities and move more fully into your creativity, rather than continuing to lock yourself in a direction which you oppose and therefore generate an energy in struggle. Are you understanding?

JENS: I am understanding. I feel like you express: I don’t want to be in this employment situation but I have done so very many things during the last year to create or to reach what I have now. What should I do other than to be at my University? I don’t see other choices. Unemployment in this area is quite high. At the moment I don’t feel it’s a problem of either/or.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, I am not expressing to you in a manner to influence your choices in any direction. I am merely offering you information as an identification of what you are expressing. In this, it is your choice to be continuing or to not continue in this direction in association with this establishment.

JENS: Obviously, I haven’t chosen not to continue this and obviously I haven’t chosen not to do my PhD. The problem is I am often not aware of my choices, of my direction choices. It brings me to a situation where I don’t see... I am at a deadlock.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; this also is the reason that it is so very important that you be engaging this energy of this wave and allow yourself to become much more familiar with yourself. Let me inquire of you, what do you recognize within yourself as some of your preferences? What are they? Offer to myself the identification of any of your preferences that you recognize.

JENS: In relation to my job, I prefer to be freelance rather than to be employed by a company. The problem is the responsibility, to have enough money for my family.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; not in association with employment or career, merely identify to myself what you recognize as what you would term to be your individual personal preferences.

JENS: I like to travel to beaches, never to the mountains. That is a preference, to vacation on a nice beach on a little island.

ELIAS: Very well.

Now; this is an example of what I am expressing to you, not to be moving your attention in the familiar patterns and therefore generating an energy of fretting in relation to those familiar expressions, but to allow yourself more of a flexibility.

The reason that you feel blocked and stuck is that you continue to direct your attention in specific avenues which are limiting, and you are not allowing yourself to incorporate that flexibility in your attention. Allow yourself to examine and recognize other avenues, which may generate creative inspiration and motivation to be incorporating different actions and different choices.

The manner in which you offer yourself that information is to allow yourself to recognize more clearly and more fully what you want, not what you do not want. The reason that I express to you that you are moving in these black and white manners is that you continue to move your attention in association with career in one avenue, generating different variations of that one avenue but continuing to incorporate merely that one avenue. You express this in a manner which implies that this is your only talent and this is your only ability, which it is not.

This is the reason this is important that you allow yourself to be evaluating and recognizing what your truths are, for any truth that you express also incorporates an element of preference. Each truth incorporates many, many influences and many, many expressions. Some may be limiting but some may be motivating, and some may be inspiring. Some are preferred; some are not preferred. But all of these qualities are expressed in each one truth.

Now; it is important that you allow yourself to become more familiar objectively of yourself and of what your preferences are, for this opens a door, so to speak, to allow you much more freedom to be expressing your own creativity. You express one example to myself of a preference, that you enjoy areas in physical locations at the shore, that you enjoy incorporating time frameworks in which you may be physically located at the shore.

Now; if you are allowing yourself to examine your preferences and you are allowing yourself a flexibility and incorporating your communication of imagination, you may be presenting to yourself many different types of actions that you may incorporate in relation to your preferences and that you may also generate money in relation to the actions of your preferences.

Do you incorporate a preference of sailing? There are many actions that you may incorporate that you may generate money and incorporate your own fun. But how shall you know if you incorporate the ability to generate that if you are not offering yourself the identification of what you prefer?

JENS: Even if I know what I prefer, I usually think that I can’t earn money with this preferred action. That’s the motivation for winning the lottery, to have the freedom to do what you really want.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Or so you think! Many individuals incorporate that type of thinking. But if you do not know what you want, what shall it matter if you are winning the lottery? For you offer yourself what you perceive to be the freedom, for now if you have won this lottery, you need not incorporate employment. What shall you do? Now you incorporate the freedom of not perceiving that you need employment, but what do you WANT to do? You do not know.

JENS: But if I win the lottery, I have the freedom to discontinue my employment, to relax a little bit more – I am so much in tension – and to create no conflicts, to have time to make money, and then to find out my real preferences.


Now; let me present to you a hypothetical situation. Let us examine your dream scenario. In this, let us express that today you win the lottery and you incorporate great sums of money. This now is the answer to all of your conflicts, for now what you incorporate first of all is to be generating a new dwelling. You shall incorporate a new home and incorporate more room. Therefore, this shall alleviate some conflict and some tension. Now you have acquired, in your terms, a larger more suitable dwelling for yourself and your family. Next, you resign from your employment, and therefore you eliminate what is perceived as another conflict, for now you incorporate much more time to be doing the actions that YOU want to be doing. But remember, you do not know what you want to be doing. Therefore, what you shall do is you shall incorporate more time in your home.

Now; you incorporate a larger home, which incorporates more maintenance, and you incorporate more time and that time is expressed in the home with your partner and with your children. But, ah! Another fly in the ointment in this scenario is that incorporating more time with your children is frustrating and does not afford you the time to be doing what you want, for there becomes more expectations that you should be involving yourself with your children more.

In this scenario, you still have not discovered what it is that you want to be doing, for you are busying yourself with the same issues that you incorporated previously. You have merely changed the scenery. What remains the same is you. What remains the same is your movement and your expressions, your energy projections, your truths, your expectations. They remain the same.

JENS: But it is a bigger problem to find out my truths when I have trouble with my (inaudible), trouble at work. In the second scenario, I have quiet.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for you incorporate and generate the opportunity to be identifying your truths in every scenario. If you are generating conflict in your employment, you are presenting to yourself an opportunity for evaluation. What is actually generating the conflict? What is actually being expressed? What are you responding to? In this, if you are not being challenged by scenarios or situations or individuals in your employment, you shall present that challenge to yourself in other manners.

JENS: You are right. The conflict at work related to truths, and step by step I am able to identify a few of my truths.

ELIAS: In this, you also begin to genuinely notice and recognize differences, and this is significant. For in recognizing those differences, you may genuinely move into the acceptance of your own truths, knowing that the differences that are expressed by other individuals are not true either, but they are also not wrong. They are their expressions of their perceptions. In that, you generate much less tension, for those differences are no longer a threat. They are no longer a presentment to you that you must defend yourself, your choices, your truths and your preferences against.

JENS: The truths are strong. Perhaps I am able to recognize that my truths are not true but...

ELIAS: But it is your preference.

JENS: For example, to be lying or to be superficial. It’s really hard.

ELIAS: Let me express to you in this manner, my friend, incorporating this example of being deceitful or lying or generating behaviors that you distain. These may be your truths, that an individual must be honest and must be generating behavior in a certain manner, and that is not wrong of you, either. They are, in being your truths, guidelines that you have chosen for yourself in association with your own behaviors and your own expressions; they are not rules and absolutes that are extended to all other individuals.

But in this type of scenario, as an example, you may express your truths concerning honesty, you may hold to that preference, and you may hold to those beliefs as your guidelines for your behavior. If you present yourself with another individual that expresses differently and that you perceive to be not expressing honestly, once you genuinely recognize and accept your truths and you are not threatened by differences any longer, it shall matter not to you whether the other individual is expressing in what you perceive to be honesty or not.

I may express to you genuinely, as you begin to genuinely accept your own truths and you genuinely become not threatened with differences, you shall draw to yourself naturally other individuals that express similarly to yourself. You shall not draw to yourself individuals that shall challenge your truths to gain your own attention, for it shall not be necessary. Therefore, if one of your truths is to be expressing in honesty, you shall draw to yourself other individuals and you shall create situations and environments in which the other individuals are of like expressions and shall be expressing similarly to yourself, for it is unnecessary to challenge yourself with whether you are accepting of the differences or not.

JENS: Honesty and absolutes are challenges for a long time.

ELIAS: These are tremendous truths and incorporate much challenge. For what is honesty? Your honesty may be different from another individual’s honesty, for you are interacting with perceptions and what is true in one perception may not be true in another perception.

JENS: I have to work at this. (Elias laughs) It is not easy.

ELIAS: Or perhaps allow yourself somewhat of an altered perception. Rather than expressing to yourself you must work at this, perhaps invent a game and play with the concept. (Chuckles) Work is difficult; playing is easy.

JENS: Do you have any advice for me about my situation at work, which escalated last week, or should I just...?

ELIAS: I may suggest also that you incorporate holding your attention in each present day to allow yourself to relax, and remind yourself that you need not justify yourself in any manner. It is unnecessary for you to be defensive of yourself, for you are valuable in what you are. In this, if you allow yourself to be present within this day – THIS day – and not incorporate the tension of anticipation of what MAY be tomorrow or what COULD have been yesterday, you may allow yourself much less conflict and much more of a flexibility in relaxing with your interactions.

JENS: That is a big problem for me. If I do something now, I worry how I will be perceived by others and that this will influence future communications with people, with my boss.

ELIAS: But this is the point. If you are paying attention to yourself in the present time framework and listening to yourself, not defending and allowing yourself your own freedom, you shall be influencing what you perceive to be the future in the manner in which you want.

You create the future in the now. The present creates the future. In this, if you are not paying attention to the present, if your attention... (Phone rings and Elias smiles) Very well.

(Elias departs. The telephone connection is eventually reestablished between Mary and Jens, and the session resumes.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

Now; I may express to you that if you are not projecting or expressing a defensiveness within yourself, my friend, and if you are allowing yourself to relax and you are paying attention in TODAY, you shall be successful in allowing yourself your own freedom and you shall be generating paying attention to what you are actually creating. Therefore, you shall offer yourself much more of a directedness in relation to your future, so to speak. For in this, if your attention is projected to the hypothetical future, you are not paying attention to what you are actually doing now, and therefore you are not as aware of how you are influencing what you are creating in the future. Are you understanding?

JENS: I know of this from many of your sessions, yes.

ELIAS: As an example, my friend, hypothetically, let us say that you appear at your employment and in this day you are approached by another individual that you perceive to be in authority of yourself.

Now; as this individual approaches you, if you are projecting an anticipation of what may occur, you are not paying attention to what you are doing. Therefore, in projecting your attention into what might occur and in an anticipation of familiar behaviors of the other individual, your attention is upon the other individual and anticipating. Therefore, what shall you create? You shall create what you are generating, that anticipation, and you shall likely incorporate conflict.

But if you change the scenario, you incorporate all of the same physical elements of it but what you change is your attention. If your attention is directed to yourself in what YOU want – which I am aware is somewhat tricky – but if you are paying attention to yourself and your own expression IN THE PRESENT and not anticipating, you may be directing of yourself and choose how you shall express yourself, rather than merely anticipating and waiting for how the other individual shall be expressing of themselves, and therefore placing yourself in an automatic response of defensiveness.

JENS: Automatically my attention goes to the future, goes to others. Even if I notice that, even if I notice at least one or more of my beliefs, it doesn’t change the situation.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, in this scenario – which is a simple hypothetical example – in this, in moving your attention to yourself, you may alter the situation quite simply. Let us say in this scenario that your anticipation is that your interaction with the other individual shall be unpleasant.

Now; if your attention is directed to yourself, the first initial expression that shall occur to you, or that you shall notice in relation to what you want, is that you want the interaction to be pleasant and that you do not want it to be unpleasant.

Now; once you recognize very simply that in this moment you want the interaction to be pleasant, you may thusly offer yourself choices empowering yourself to create that. For you then may be the one to approach rather than being the one approached, and YOU engage the interaction and YOU generate it in the manner that you want, rather than waiting and merely responding, which is the automatic response.

But in empowering yourself, you may incorporate your own choices and you may approach the other individual in a manner that you perceive to be generating a pleasant interaction, rather than waiting, anticipating and allowing the other individual to direct, and merely generating automatic response and conflict. Are you understanding?

JENS: Absolutely, thank you. Mary was very kind to give me a little more time because of the trouble we had on the phone line. Now we have time to talk about the property adventure.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you that all of these adventures are all interrelated, my friend, as you well know. In this, as you begin to allow yourself more of an awareness of your own actions, your own truths, your own expressions, your own automatic responses in any direction, that shall also filter into the other directions and generate more of an ease in all of your directions.

JENS: Are there any specific things I should pay attention to? We tried during the last few months to engage a no-conflict scenario with the (inaudible), with the flat, and nothing worked.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you, my suggestion is that you notice and be aware of differences and how you are responsive to them. This shall be helpful to you in recognizing precisely what type of energy you are projecting in any time framework, for this may be a more easily identified manner in which you may recognize your own responses and those responses that are influencing in not creating what you want.

(Firmly) Notice differences, and notice your response to them. Once you genuinely begin to be noticing your responses to differences, you may allow yourself to change your response and to reconfigure your own energy. That is not as difficult as it seems.

JENS: I have identified lots of my truths. If you know how to do it, it is not such a big problem anymore. The problem is to create attention in every moment, because many times you can miss patterns...

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct; but in this time framework now, it may be overwhelming for you to be attempting to be paying attention in every moment. Therefore I express to you, allow yourself to merely be present in the day, in which you may not necessarily be in the now in every moment, but if you are offering yourself a wider berth, so to speak, and allowing yourself to relax somewhat and express to yourself that you shall be attempting to be present with yourself in what you are engaging in the day, you shall discount yourself less. For you may project within the day to a few hours ahead or a few hours previous, but you continue to be present within that one day, and that may generate a practice scenario which may, in becoming familiar with that, generate more of an ease to move you into actually paying attention and being aware of the now in every moment.

JENS: Any clues to my problems with my teeth?

ELIAS: That is a presentment of yourself in physical imagery to be gaining your attention to be paying attention to you, for you do lean in the direction of projecting your attention to other individuals quite frequently.

JENS: If I do this, it will disappear?

ELIAS: It is your choice! (Chuckles)

JENS: I have lots more questions about focuses, but forget it! We don’t have time. By the way, how many focuses at present do you have? Four thousand, three hundred and eight?

ELIAS: Do YOU incorporate as essence in this physical dimension?

JENS: No, you; not I.

ELIAS: Ah, myself! You are getting warmer! Ha ha ha ha! You are much closer.

JENS: I think we have to stop now.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I may express to you my enjoyment of our conversions, and I shall continue to be projecting my energy and my supportiveness to you in your adventure. And I shall genuinely offer you my encouragement, which you do not always express in your own appreciation of yourself! Ha ha!

To you in tremendous lovingness, my dear friend, and in anticipation of our next meeting, au revoir.

JENS: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 15 minutes.

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