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Monday, December 29, 2003

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ďPay Attention to Your AssociationsĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Daryl (Ashrah).

(Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

DARYL: Good morning. You took a while to get here today. Were you far away?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking! (Laughs)

DARYL: Well, Iím glad to talk to you.

ELIAS: And you, also.

DARYL: I want to start out with some little questions. I wondered if I created a future focus whoís named Paul and lives in the 2800s.


DARYL: Is he in Italy?


DARYL: And a musician?

ELIAS: At times.

DARYL: I was talking with Myranda and we decided that we wanted to have future focuses that were twins, that were born in the year 3333. My understanding is that we did accomplish that, and hers is named Layla, L-a-y-l-a, and mine is Lylah, L-y-l-a-h. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: Are they born on March 3, 3333?


DARYL: All right! Because I wanted all threes. Now, I got a last name that seemed to be Finnegan, but Iím not sure if thatís a distortion or not.

ELIAS: Of these individuals?

DARYL: Yeah.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: I also got an impression that they were whatís called ďenergy artists,Ē and I got really spacey when I was getting that.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: Could you give me some idea what an energy artist is?

ELIAS: An individual that manipulates energy in a fashion that allows them to manifest physical objects or demanifest physical objects at will.

DARYL: Sounds kind of like parlor tricks.

ELIAS: Not in actuality. It is what you would term to be a skill that the individuals generate similar to what you would term to be a talent. As individuals within your time framework may express a talent such as an aptitude in relation to a musical instrument or a talent of painting or singing, this is another talent and may be quite useful in manifesting specific objects in specific places rather than engaging the action of transporting objects.

DARYL: Thatís interesting. I also think that I have a focus named Victoria, and I wondered, although this might be a thought rather than an impression, that she resides in a place under English rule like India or South Africa.

ELIAS: Yes, but this is not a future focus.

DARYL: No, this is a past one.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: So she is under British rule?


DARYL: I got two names that came through my head and I think theyíre past focuses. One is named James Ransom.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: The other is Kathryn Tuttle.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: I donít have any times or places for them yet, but now Iím getting last names sometimes. (Elias laughs) My current focus, Jennifer, who is in Japan Ė we discussed her previously Ė Iím having the impression that sheís aware of me somehow, but not who I am to her.


DARYL: Like sheís seen an image of me or something.

ELIAS: Dream imagery.

DARYL: I wanted to check on maybe observing essences of a couple of people. One is an actress called Christy McNichol...

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: ...and the other is Soren Kierkegaard.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: I wondered if my sister, who is Tilotu, is an observing essence of Shirley MacLaine.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: Is Edith Lewis a focus of Allesander?

ELIAS: Observing.

DARYL: Really? Does he have a focus that interacts with Lewis?


DARYL: So heís observing and heís got a focus there?


DARYL: Oonaís daughter, the smallest one, Rili, she was having sensations in her head that she described as firecrackers or popping. Oona is wondering if that had to do with neural pathways.


DARYL: Sheís also seeing colors and she wondered if that was like what Oona does with you, playing with colors.


DARYL: Great! Sheíll be happy to know that. Letís see, another focus question Ė is Judge Marion Harron a focus of Milde?

ELIAS: Observing.

DARYL: I talked to you about my future focus George before, whoís 28th century. When I have tuned into him, he seemed really non-verbal and very wide, and I get really spacey. He really does seem nonverbal to me, but Francois, whoís later in time, seems quite verbal. I guess Iím confused about the differences there. Is that just an individual choice?

ELIAS: Yes. This is not necessarily associated with time frameworks or cultures or abilities or lack of abilities associated with time frameworks. It is the choice of the individual.

DARYL: I keep hearing all these noises, like little kind of crackling sounds by the bookcase to the right of my TV. It occurred to me yesterday that something other than just this was happening. It occurred to me that it was something, a communication or something.

ELIAS: And your impression?

DARYL: I donít know. I tried to figure out what it was, but the only thing I get is maybe it has to do with indicating to me that Iím doing the judgment, or it could be one of the facilitating essences.

ELIAS: Both.

DARYL: So, is that Lazour?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

DARYL: Oh my god, that just came to me! All right! Along with that too, Iíve had, a couple times, a sensation right next to my heart that is kind of uncomfortable. I wondered if thatís Ayla.


DARYL: At long last! (Both laugh) Itís been a long time waiting for her to come by and say hello! I read something about her energy being kind of strong, and then I felt that at about that time, so I figured it might be her.


DARYL: In my left foot, I had something on the bottom and it had to do with pushing my energy. I thought I was pushing my energy less, but this is getting more pronounced on my foot. Does it still have to do with pushing energy?


DARYL: Okay, this is something Iím kind of confused about. My future focus Ashrah, Iíve had a picture of him as having medium to light brown hair thatís kind of long and straight, and someone else has an impression of him with very dark hair and a dark complexion, which is real different than how Iíve seen him. Iíve wondered if my impression of him is correct.


DARYL: Why would the other person be picking him up so differently?

ELIAS: For this is their interpretation in association with how they experience the energy. It is their manifestation, their translation.

DARYL: Before when you talked about working with somebodyís blueprint, which I realize is different because this isnít actually physical, that you kind of present the person the way that they are projecting themselves.

ELIAS: Correct, in physical proximity. But as you are aware, you may be interactive with another individual, perhaps in association with your computers, and you may generate a perception and a visualization of the appearance of that individual. You may actually physically meet that individual and you shall present to yourself a significant difference at times in what you generated as an image of the individual [in] interacting with their energy and then interacting with them directly in physical proximity, and your pictures may be different.

DARYL: Part of that is I can kind of trust myself. I was very confident in that information until I ran into this other stuff and I started doubting myself.

ELIAS: Your impression and your visualization, generally speaking, shall be more accurate, for it is another focus of you. Therefore, it is your energy.

DARYL: Now I have the more serious stuff I want to talk to you about. Regarding Fresno and my inability to get there, I wondered if one of the components of why I created that was that I was punishing myself for expressing myself and feeling like that interfered with somebody elseís reality sort of.

ELIAS: And assuming personal responsibility, yes.

DARYL: That also led me to wonder if Iím punishing myself with the breathing at other times.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you may view this manifestation at times in that manner Ė not continuously but at times.

DARYL: Because itís prevented me from smoking and having fun with that, and I wondered if that was involved.

ELIAS: Partly, yes.

DARYL: One of the things that I realized recently was that I was having kind of a blissful time a couple of times a few weeks ago, and I realized that I had kind of a fear that being happy like that was boring. I realized in the past few days that I believe that struggle is stimulating. Would you say that thatís an accurate perception?

ELIAS: Yes, and an interesting belief expressed in association with your experiences and your consistency with struggling.

DARYL: I guess I think if you just kind of have a normal life with day to day things that thatís pretty boring, although that doesnít take into account The Shift and all the other kinds of things I would be doing if I would allow myself.

ELIAS: Correct!

DARYL: Itís kind of a ďstuck in the pastĒ belief. (Elias chuckles) I also think that part of the imagery with the mice that Iíve been going through, especially the last one, has to do with the idea that I am in the process of turning my attention from dead mice. (1)


DARYL: So I am moving in this particular area?


DARYL: You have anything else youíd like to add in that area? (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: Be noticing automatic responses and the automatic associations with familiar, for this is significant, especially within this time framework in relation to this wave in consciousness. For, I may express to you that the presentment of truths in this wave is being expressed differently than it has been within other waves.

DARYL: Could you elaborate on that?

ELIAS: Very well. In other waves, individuals have participated and have addressed to their beliefs in association with the particular wave through an intellectual method, identifying a belief and evaluating how that belief is expressed by themselves.

In this wave, the manner in which you are generating the presentment of your beliefs is not intellectual, is not through the translation of thought, but in action, in actual experience, which is different and may be challenging to actually identify what truths are being expressed, for they are being experienced and they are being expressed in action. Many times, what you generate in experience and in action you are not as clearly aware of and translating through thought; or you may be aware of what you are doing, but you are not actually incorporating much of a translation of thought.

Therefore, in not incorporating as much thought in relation to action, it may be challenging to actually identify what the truths are and what is actually being expressed. Therefore, it is important to be noticing automatic responses and automatic associations in different expressions and scenarios.

Remember, your truths are familiar, and therefore they may be being expressed in quite familiar manners, which would not appear to you to be out of the ordinary.

DARYL: Maybe thatís why Michael was saying people can be having trouble with this wave.

ELIAS: There are many individuals that are experiencing challenge and difficulty and struggle in association with this particular wave.

DARYL: Maybe Iím fooling myself, but I feel like Iím having an easier time identifying things and understanding.

ELIAS: Some individuals are and shall. I am merely expressing to you to pay attention to the automatic responses and associations, for there is much information expressed in them.

DARYL: I will.

I wanted to ask you about a few times in the past week when Iíve had breathing difficulties, to help me understand because Iím still lost a lot of times about what Iím doing. I guess maybe Iíll just concentrate on two of them. I was out at Christmas dinner at a friendís house and I was doing relatively okay I thought, having an okay time, and then towards the end of it I got a fairly affecting breathing thing all of a sudden. I kind of finished up dinner and left, and it resolved a couple of hours after I got home. I just donít understand why I created that at that particular time in that context, and what it was.

ELIAS: Allow yourself, Ashrah, in these time frameworks to genuinely pay attention to your associations. This is what I have expressed to you in this conversation. These are significant, and in these types of experiences, without thought, you are generating automatic associations with interactions and with certain scenarios.

Now; in association with this holiday, you allow yourself to be generating somewhat of an enjoyable experience, but as you move towards the finality of it, there is an automatic association in regard to interactions with other individuals, in regard to relationships with other individuals and the incorporation of closeness, and your automatic association that that type of action does not continue, that it ends, and that generates an automatic response. Without incorporating any translation through thought, it is an action that occurs, and you create an action and a manifestation in responsiveness to it Ė which is somewhat of what we discussed in our previous conversation.

DARYL: What? Not allowing it for myself?

ELIAS: Yes, and generating a genuine want to be incorporating that intimacy and that type of interaction with other individuals that you associate with familial bonds, so to speak. Are you understanding thus far?

DARYL: Iím not sure about the familial bonds.

ELIAS: There is an attraction that you incorporate to intimate relationships and bonds in a manner that is, in a manner of speaking, your type of ideal of the expression of family Ė the closeness, the interaction, the sharing, the appreciation. In that ideal that you associate with, you also incorporate other associations born of experiences and the attachment to experiences and the solidifying of experiences in absolutes, that what was shall always be.

In that, there is an automatic expression of loss, for there is a temporary generating of the sharing and the closeness, but it ends. That generates an automatic response in uncomfortableness, and you generate an automatic response to uncomfortable experiences and associations in constricting yourself. But once you return to your home and you allow yourself to relax in the comfort of your own environment, you relax and the manifestation diminishes, for there is an association with safety within your environment.

DARYL: I had some milder breathing stuff the night before, on Christmas Eve. Was that also related to the holiday?


DARYL: Last night I had breathing stuff also, and I had a great deal of fear and... This is hard to even talk about. The fear seemed to be what Iíve encountered over and over again, which has to do with a fear that if I express myself that Iíll be killed for it. I havenít ever directly talked to you about this, but... In my understanding, at some point Ė I donít know if it happened in linear time or if I created it from this now, you know, generated it in the past Ė but something happened with me and my mother, and I feel like I react to that. But it doesnít get me anywhere; I feel like Iím stuck in this fear that if I express myself I will be killed for it, and that is why Iím afraid of physical proximity.

ELIAS: I may express an acknowledgment to you of your observation.

DARYL: So, is that all true? I mean, was there some kind of incident like that? Or have I generated it, itís like imagery of...?

ELIAS: You have incorporated an experience in which you generated an expressed belief that this would occur, which obviously it did not, but you have...

DARYL: It almost occurred, like I kind of got to the edge of it or something.

ELIAS: You have generated an experience to sufficiently generate a strong fear, yes.

DARYL: So thereís some kind of experience related to it?


Now; this is the reason that this is significant for you to be paying attention to your experiences and what associations are being expressed in relation to them, for in this, as I have expressed to you, Ashrah, is the identification of your truths. This is one of your truths, but it is not true.

DARYL: But itís the truth that if I express myself Iíll be killed.

ELIAS: It is one of YOUR truths. But it is not true.

DARYL: But itís so strong it overrides everything else.

ELIAS: And I may express to you that most truths are very strong. This is the reason that they are significant and they are very strongly influencing. But as you begin to examine these truths, such as this particular truth, you begin to recognize in reality that although it is very strongly expressed and although it appears to be quite true for your association is quite real, it is not actually true. And you have presented to yourself evidence that it is not true, for you continue to be manifest within physical focus.

Therefore, regardless of whether you have expressed yourself at times within what you view to be the past, you continue to exist within this physical manifestation. The fear is what generates the realness of the association with the truth. But that truth is not true, and you have already, in your terms, proven that to yourself.

DARYL: Well, I could say then that the fact is that Iím alive but that I also feel like Iíve spent my whole life trying not to be.

ELIAS: But you continue to be within physical focus. Even in attempting not to be, you are. Therefore, there is a quality within you that is worthy of your acknowledgment, a strength that you continue to express even in opposition to strongly expressed beliefs and at times strongly expressed wants.

But those wants are not necessarily in compliance with your desire, and the desire is stronger than the wants Ė unless the wants are in conjunction with the desire. But if the wants are not in conjunction with the desire, the desire actually overrides, and the strength of your energy and your power to be moving in association with your desire is evidenced.

DARYL: Is this also expressed in other focuses, this truth?

ELIAS: Some, yes.

DARYL: Now, I guess Iím trying to understand where that comes from. Did I just kind of say, you know... Because this isnít really my intent of separation and disharmony and then harmony and stuff. Did I just kind of like make it up to be part of that? I feel like it comes from the past. How is something like that generated to begin with?

ELIAS: In association with other focuses?

DARYL: No, in association with this focus. Why am I doing this? Why do I have this truth? Where did it come from? Do I just say it comes from my experiences? But my experiences come from my beliefs.

ELIAS: Correct. But they move together, my friend. You incorporate all of the beliefs. Remember that. Therefore, in that incorporation of all beliefs, you generate experiences.

Now; every experience is generated in conjunction with an influence from a belief. But the manner in which you create these directions and these expressed beliefs is you incorporate an intent, that intent is a general theme, and in conjunction with that general theme you choose experiences. Those experiences, although they are influenced by beliefs Ė all that you generate is influenced by beliefs Ė the choice of the experiences, in a manner of speaking, generates which beliefs shall be influencing. Are you understanding? It is not that one follows the other. They move together. You choose experiences, and those experiences are influenced by beliefs.

Now; you choose to continue to move in a direction of certain experiences, choosing similar experiences, and that generates more of a strength of certain beliefs that we identify as you aligning with. This becomes your expressed beliefs, for you generate the expressions of those beliefs frequently, or you generate them perhaps not frequently, but you do generate them repeatedly. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Therefore, once you have generated an experience, dependent upon how well, in your terms, it fits with your direction of your intent or how interested you are in that avenue of exploration in relation to your intent, the beliefs that are influencing that particular experience may become expressed beliefs, for they are repeated. This is what generates automatic responses and automatic associations which no longer require thought.

DARYL: So, if I understand what youíre saying, basically it springs from intent and choice.

ELIAS: Yes, and how you choose to explore.

DARYL: I guess I sometimes donít know why I choose this course, this kind of extreme not necessarily very pleasant stuff and ideas.

ELIAS: Although there is an automatic association that if you are choosing any experience it should be good or pleasant, that is also not true.

DARYL: Hold on a second, Iím going to change my tape. Finally I found a way to get you on tape immediately so that I can listen now instead of later on. (Elias laughs)

I guess part of what Iím dealing with here is that the truth is so strong about expressing myself, and the fear, and I react to that. So Iím basically having a hard time expressing myself based on that, rather than necessarily thinking that Iím not worthy. Would that be correct?


DARYL: Because it seems like worthiness doesnít even enter into the equation, because Iím just like not supposed to exist and it doesnít matter what I am. Do you know what I mean?

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding.

DARYL: Lately Iíve had experiences where I feel like Iíve lost some sort of protection or something, and Iím very naked and more in physical reality, more in the now than I normally have been. I donít know if thatís me going through the door out of the energy block or what that is. Can you tell me?

ELIAS: That is also associated with this wave in consciousness, and it is a movement which I may express to you that although initially that experience may be somewhat uncomfortable, recognize that it is also a significant movement. It is unfamiliar, but it is moving in conjunction with this wave, which is to be acknowledged.

For what this wave is doing or accomplishing, what you are accomplishing in the participation of this wave is moving into new experiences, and what you term to be old methods and old associations do not fit any longer. Therefore, even old methods you may begin to recognize are not incorporating successful outcomes any longer, for they do not fit, either. Your awareness is significantly widened, and in association with that your experience must widen also.

If you continue to attempt to move in the confines of the familiar methods and associations, you shall be generating frustration and conflict, for those actions no longer fit in association with the widening of your awareness. You are expanding, and to attempt to confine yourself to familiar actions and patterns and methods is merely an action of attempting to stifle yourself, which you shall automatically respond to yourself in rebellion of that action, for it does not fit with the wideness of your awareness now.

DARYL: In relation to what Iím doing now, I feel like itís scary enough to do it when Iím by myself, safe, rather than with other people. I feel this desire sometimes lately to be alone, so when thatís happening I feel safe enough to do that part of it. But then I go oh, I should be trying to be around people.


Now; I may express to you, do not move into the expressions of the ďshoulds.Ē This is a powerful wave, my friend. Allow yourself to move with it in the least overwhelming manner, and in that, listen to your own communications. Pay attention to what you are expressing to yourself, and do not struggle with yourself.

DARYL: I guess part of that, too, is because of the thing with the exercise you gave me, and then our talk about exposure and stuff Iíve been feeling.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But if you are recalling, in that exercise of exposure I did not instruct you to be actually interactive with other individuals but merely to allow yourself to move in a different atmosphere, to move in a different environment Ė a very small step, so to speak, allowing yourself to move about, in a manner of speaking, in the physical proximity of other individuals.

But what was the exercise? To generate an action to offer yourself a gift to make yourself smile. That is not to say that you must be interactive with other individuals. I am aware that you do not yet incorporate a strong enough readiness for that type of action, and that is not what I expressed to you to be doing. I offered to you an exercise which would incorporate the opportunity for you to be trusting yourself and paying attention to yourself and interrupting familiar patterns of discounting yourself, and offer yourself a reinforcement of appreciation, which is not generally a familiar an expression with you.

In this, recognizing that you are not yet incorporating that readiness to be exposing yourself in a manner of open interaction with other individuals that you view to be strangers, so to speak Ė although there are no strangers, but I am recognizing of your associations and your definitions Ė in this, that was not the point. The point was to be acknowledging and appreciating yourself and generating an actual physical action that displays and evidences to yourself that appreciation in an environment that is more exposed than within your home.

Eventually, as you continue that type of action Ė and in actuality, I may express to you that it would not incorporate a lengthy time period Ė you shall begin to express much more comfortably in opposition to those familiar associations that constrict you and that generate fear.

You and I have been incorporating interactions and conversations concerning this element of fear that you express for an extended time framework, and in that process I have incrementally offered suggestions and information to you that may be helpful to you in steps but not to be overwhelming. That would be defeating the point.

DARYL: Yes. I wanted to ask you also about whatís going on with me and sleep, because I find a lot of times lately that I am not sleeping either, from something with the mice or Iím breathing real noisily, or sometimes I just lay there and I kind of go into this strange thing where Iím not allowing myself to sleep. Sometimes I end up getting very little sleep, and sometimes I take a nap during the day. It doesnít seem like itís just that Iím scared of something like subjective activity, although at times it seems like that.

ELIAS: No. I may express to you that you are offering yourself a different experience. Once again, pay attention to the experiences that you are presenting to yourself.

Now; this is significant, for one of the directions and incorporations of action that you and I have discussed many times is that of relaxing. There is another truth expressed in association with sleep, that if you do not allow yourself any other time framework in which you genuinely relax, you shall within your sleep state, which is also not necessarily true.

DARYL: Definitely not for me lately!

ELIAS: But you are offering yourself an experience which presents you with the opportunity to recognize that sleep does not necessarily always incorporate relaxing and that the lack of sleep does not always automatically incorporate the expression of a lack of relaxation, that you may be not necessarily generating an actual sleep state but that you may be relaxing your physical body consciousness to a point in which it matters not if you incorporate much actual physical time in sleep or not.

And you are correct; this is not associated with fear, although as you are aware, at times that may be a factor but not generally speaking.

DARYL: I donít know if this is related, but Iíve also noticed that at times even when Iím having the breathing stuff and fear that my energy feels more relaxed than it used to while Iím having these experiences.

ELIAS: Yes. It is more so than it has been previously.

DARYL: Is that related to this other stuff about relaxation or is that not...?


DARYL: Yes, okay. Sorry, the phone is cutting out now, so Iím interfering with the communications. (Elias chuckles)

Letís see, I guess the other thing I wanted to check with you is regarding the lump. I was trying to get impressions about what itís communicating, and I got something that it represents aspects of me that I consider unacceptable. I also got an ache in my throat, a muscular ache that made me feel like it had to do with expressions as well.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct in both impressions.

DARYL: I know Iíve still got attention focused on it; I donít know, hopefully that will decrease. (Elias chuckles) I donít know what to do with it. Is that a good idea, to try to get impressions about whatís going on with it?

ELIAS: It is beneficial, yes.

DARYL: Okay, well our time is up. So, provided that I can give myself the gift, I will be safe at Castaic, at least during the group session.

ELIAS: Ah, very well! And perhaps you shall be practicing in the interim time framework that you may be expressing more of a successfulness in generating that appreciation of yourself. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and I shall be offering you energy in encouragement that we meet within physical proximity.

DARYL: Well, thank you for our discussion today.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my dear friend. I express, as always, my tremendous affection for you and my tremendous supportiveness, which I offer to you continuously. To you in great fondness, until our next meeting, au revoir.

DARYL: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 1 minute.


(1) From session 253, December 28, 1997, the dead mouse analogy:

ďBut if you are creating of what you believe to be a negative experience Ė a painful, a fearful, a hurtful experience Ė you hold to this. You play your game of your cat and mouse; and even as the mouse is dead, you continue to bat with the mouse and play and examine and toss about this dead mouse, for it fascinates you!Ē

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