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Friday, January 02, 2004

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Participants Mary (Michael), Dawn (Awan) and Mark (Baruch).

(Arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

DAWN: Good morning!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) How is your adventure proceeding?

DAWN: It proceeds beautifully, Elias. (Elias laughs) And I am creating beautifully in this now.

ELIAS: Very well!

DAWN: Iíve got quite a list of questions here. Iíve been working on my impressions, and I have been creating doing it on my own without Markís assistance.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Congratulations!

DAWN: (Laughing) He does it so easily, so it is a challenge not to just ask Mark and to actually get them myself. These are the ones that I have come up with, so we will see how it goes.

ELIAS: Very well.

DAWN: The first one was, last time, I got it confirmed from you that I have a focus with Marcus Aurelius, and I thought that it would be his wife Annia.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Another one that I have been getting actual visions of is where I am married to a Confederate officer during the Civil War in the U.S. My name is Marianne, and I am having an affair with a black slave called Abraham, who is a focus of Baruch.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: In that focus, is Nanaiis, whose focus is Viola, is she a sister of Mark?


DAWN: And also Ioanna?


DAWN: And her focus is Iliana ... Ileana?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Now, do I have a child to Baruch in that focus?


DAWN: Is that a focus of Sandel?


DAWN: Yes! Excellent! I havenít got a name for Sandelís focus, so I was wondering if you would be kind enough to share that with me? (Elias laughs) Iíve worked so hard on it!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Anna.

DAWN: Anna? So she is female?


DAWN: I somehow thought that she was male, so that is interesting. The next one that I got a vision of was this focus of Curtis Collier, where I actually marry him. My name is Amelia and the date Ė Mark got the date Ė is September 18, 1881, the day that we marry.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Now, when I saw this, for some reason I connected it to a focus of Cynthia, but when you were asked previously you said that he incorporates a focus who knows Curtis Collier but itís not his focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: So who is Curtis?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And shall you not continue your investigation?

DAWN: No, youíre not allowed to say that one, Elias! (Laughs with Elias) Itís driving me nuts! Is it Nanaiis?


DAWN: It is! Oh great, so I can move on to the next one. The next one is a focus in the 1960s in England, where I am a young girl at school, Cath Richardson, and I have an affair with a teacher called David Morrison. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: And David Morrison is Baruch?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Now, I have an impression that we both die in a car crash.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Oh right, so they are not around anymore. (Both laugh) Interesting. The next one is, Myranda was talking about a focus of hers in the Petrovic family in Montenegro. I have an impression that I have a focus there called Elana.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Is she your daughter?


DAWN: And she marries someone called Pater, who is Baruch?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Excellent! Right, the next one, I had a dream where I am a model, I am half Japanese and I believe my name is Kuani. I think she is actually born now or slightly future to this time framework.

ELIAS: Future.

DAWN: Could you say how far future, Elias?

ELIAS: Fifty-two years future.

DAWN: Oh wow. Thatís great, thank you.

In ďThe Book of Jubilees,Ē there is a person called Luluwa Awan who is connected to the time of Adam and Eve. Is this my focus?

ELIAS: Observing.

DAWN: Around the time I came across this information, I had a vision and it seemed like quite a bizarre vision to me. I saw a female, and she was with a huge serpent but the serpent was an essence. I am not really sure what to make of that.

ELIAS: And do you incorporate an impression?

DAWN: The strange thing is that when I asked who the serpent was, I gave myself the name Enki, which is one of the Sumerian people mentioned in the ancient texts.


DAWN: And I thought that the female was me?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: So Enki, is that just imagery or is he a reptile?

ELIAS: No, it is imagery.

DAWN: Is it because they were called the Serpent Kings?

ELIAS: Yes, and this is a representation of power.

DAWN: I didnít feel any fear or anything.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but power is not necessarily threatening.

DAWN: But a big serpent is! (Both laugh) So are you going to make me find the name of this person? I have done quite a bit of research looking at this and there are quite a few females who do apparently interact with Enki. It is hard, because my impression is that a lot of this is inaccurate.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Is it Eve?


DAWN: For some reason I am making a connection with the Egyptian gods. Is there a connection between Enki and the Egyptian gods, the version that the Egyptians have?

ELIAS: There are similarities, yes.

DAWN: But they are different focuses?


DAWN: Can you give me a hint?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, the similarities are that there are presentments of stories within your reality and there are individuals that have been manifest in certain time frameworks that are associated with these stories. But in this, many of the so to speak legendary characters that may be portrayed as gods or similar type of expressions are actual focuses but they are not a part of your physical reality. They are what may be termed to be a bleed-through. This is what generates legends and myths and stories concerning different time frameworks and their deities.

DAWN: The information that I have about Enki, is that connected to Adam and Eve?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, but as I have stated, these are stories that are generated and the events are not actually occurring within your physical reality. For example, the story of Adam and Eve is a story that is generated by other individuals in association with bleed-through information from other dimensions, which is inserted into your reality to emphasize different movements and to reinforce and emphasize certain mass beliefs, that is purposeful dependent upon the time frameworks and the direction of your reality in particular time frameworks.

For example, this particular story is generated similarly to stories concerning the individual that you recognize as Jesus. The events surrounding these individuals have not actually occurred in the manner in which they are told, but they do occur in other realities or they are generated in these stories to be emphasizing certain movements. Are you understanding?

DAWN: Yes, I am. You have to be able to differentiate between what is actually happening here and what is bleeding through from other dimensions.

ELIAS: Correct. Also recognize that at times some of these stories are not actually occurring within another dimension but are generated by many different individuals to be enhancing certain mass movements in association with particular belief systems.

DAWN: So I just had a quick question associated with that one. The focus of Inanna is that a focus of Ioanna?


DAWN: Am I OE [observing essence] to that?


DAWN: So I will just have to figure out who I am and ask you next time. (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well!

DAWN: Is Bathsheba my focus?

ELIAS: Observing.

DAWN: Is King David a focus of Baruch?

ELIAS: Observing.

DAWN: And the focus you confirmed as Baruchís Ambrosius, is this Emrys Ambrosius?


DAWN: So he is the Merlin of the Arthur stories? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes. Let me express to you, there is more than one.

DAWN: Yes, I was going to get to that. The previous Merlin was someone called Talisian?

ELIAS: Yes, but there are several.

DAWN: I know. Merlin is the title of the kingís advisor.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: So a lot of the information we have about that time framework is very distorted, isnít it?

ELIAS: As I have expressed to other individuals, this is another situation which is a presentment of bleed-through. These focuses are not actually manifest within your reality, but they do exist and they are quite real. They merely are not participating in your physical reality.

Now; there are some similarities that have been created in your physical reality in a mirroring action of the other reality. Therefore, there are focuses in your reality that are similar to those focuses in the other dimension.

DAWN: This focus of Markís, is that in this dimension?


DAWN: King Arthur, would he be in that other dimension?


DAWN: In that other dimension, do I have a focus? I believe the name is Nimue.

ELIAS: Nimue, yes.

DAWN: And is she the love of Ambrosius?


DAWN: I woke up one morning with the name Lundy, and I immediately thought it meant Lundy Island. I am just wondering if that is connected to a place called Annwyn. Or is that bleed-through from the other dimension?

ELIAS: That is a bleed-through also.

DAWN: This island of Annwyn, would that be Avalon?

ELIAS: Yes Ė or the mirror.

DAWN: And they recognized that in this dimension?

ELIAS: Somewhat.

DAWN: Itís very interesting but it is quite confusing! (Both laugh) The next one I have a lot of imagery about is a focus in Romania. I believe it is in the 1200s, where I have a focus called Svetlana and my father is Gregou, who is Baruch again. Is that correct?


DAWN: Now, this is quite an interesting focus because we end up living as man and wife.


DAWN: And we have children?


DAWN: Four children?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: It is a bit naughty, that one. (Laughs) Another name I woke up with was the name Solomon, Rabbi Solomon, and I just wondered what that is actually connected to.

ELIAS: In what capacity?

DAWN: Is this my focus?


DAWN: Is it in about the 1200s?


DAWN: Is it the Rashi?


DAWN: Because the only information I could find was this guy in France. So it is a different focus, that?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: So where is that focus of mine based?

ELIAS: Morocco.

DAWN: And is Hypathia my focus?

ELIAS: Observing.

DAWN: Hah, well thatís interesting! What about Giordano Bruno?

ELIAS: Also observing.

DAWN: Now, this is interesting, because I got this information through research I did on Annie Besant and they thought that they were focuses of hers. So they could not actually tell the difference between a directing and an observing focus.

ELIAS: Which is not unusual.

DAWN: I know, we all have that problem! In ďThe Lives of Alcyone,Ē how accurate are their impressions in that book?

ELIAS: Somewhat.

DAWN: So there could be a little bit of distortion in there?


DAWN: Ron/Olivia, is he Colonel Alcott?


DAWN: And the focus of Leadbeater, is that a focus of Ruther?

ELIAS: Yes. (1 minute, 20 second pause)

DAWN: Is that a tricky one, Elias?

ELIAS: I have answered.

DAWN: I didnít hear, sorry. Could you repeat it, please?

ELIAS: I have expressed yes, you are correct.

DAWN: You know, Elias, I didnít hear a thing. I donít know what I am creating there. (Both laugh) Also in ďThe Lives of Alcyone,Ē the essence referred to as Mars, is that based around Baruch?

ELIAS: Observing.

DAWN: Observing? That actually covers lots of focuses, so he is observing all of those focuses?


DAWN: So there is another essence that Awan is close to?

ELIAS: In manner of speaking, yes.

DAWN: Is Leon Trotsky a focus of my son Christopherís?

ELIAS: This is also observing.

DAWN: Recently C9 confirmed that Boudica is a focus of Baruch, and I was wondering if I was the youngest daughter.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Would it be possible for you to give me a name for that one, please, Elias?

ELIAS: (Laughs) I shall express to you to investigate! You are accomplishing quite well.

DAWN: Okay, okay! (Laughing) I have been having a strange thing happening with a reptilian focus, where thereís been an interaction. Markís impression is that this is a focus of his. Is that correct?

ELIAS: An other-dimensional focus?

DAWN: Yes.


DAWN: It is very interesting, that! Great. I am going to hand you over to Mark now.

ELIAS: Very well.

DAWN: Sorry, I have one more to ask. (Elias laughs) I am jumping around a bit; my energy is all over. Oona recently expressed that she had an impression that I am directing the focus of Laura de Sade. Is that correct?


DAWN: Markís sorcerer focus of Broadum, do I have a focus with him there named Shari?


DAWN: Thatís great! Thanks, Elias! I am very happy with that.

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are quite welcome, my friend.

MARK: Elias!

ELIAS: Welcome, my friend!

MARK: Greetings to you, and how well are you doing?

ELIAS: As always, quite well. Ha ha ha!

MARK: Perfect. It looks like Dawn went through those questions a lot quicker than I thought she was going to get through them.

I have a few questions that I need clarifying. As Dawn was saying, we have been doing a lot of focusing together. I have been encouraging Dawn to do a lot of the focusing herself, because she keeps asking me to do these things for her and I know she is more than capable, as we all do, of doing this herself. (Elias laughs) She is doing very well. During our focusing, we have done things together and there are a few things I would like confirmed. In India, I believe that Akbar is a focus of mine. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Great. Now, connected to the female warrior that I saw of Dawn, I think it was the first time I spoke to you, I was trying to get some clarification on this and you asked me to do some further investigating, as you generally do. (Both laugh) The bit that I have done, I found this one rather difficult. I donít know if this is because of tying it with belief systems or what it is. I actually know that the name was Diana because you gave that to me, but just exactly who this Diana was at that time... I now believe that it is Diana, the goddess Diana.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Excellent. We have been looking at focuses around Russia, and I get a very strong feeling about Catherine, that she is a focus of mine, Catherine the Great. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Observing.

MARK: If it is observing, then I had discussions with Ari about this and we both came up with the same thing, where we both thought we were. So if I am observing, is she directing or is she also observing?

ELIAS: Also observing.

MARK: Is Rudolph Valentino a focus of mine?


MARK: Sumerian times, Gudea: King Gudea I believe to be a focus of mine.


MARK: Now, Elias, last time I spoke to you about my son and he had become greatly interested in bodybuilding. I believe that he has a focus who is a professional well-known body builder, and that is Lee Labrada. I would just like to confirm that that is the case.


MARK: My son also believes that he has a second focus who is also into bodybuilding, and that is Franco Columbu. Is this correct, or is that observing?

ELIAS: That is observing.

MARK: (Laughs) Now that will upset him! (Both laugh) Oh dear! Chloe, my daughter, has an impression that Luthien is a focus of hers and I am her father Thingol. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Excellent, she will be pleased with that. And to add to that, is Dawn Melian?


MARK: Great, she will be really pleased. Now in the LOTR [Lord of the Rings] dimension, I actually believe that Awan is Arwen. (Pause)


MARK: Now, just very curious, do I end up marrying Arwen? (Pause)


MARK: (Laughs) Right, okay. Father OíReilly is a focus of mine, where I am with Myranda, she is Cindy Cunningham, and we have a child named Daniel Stephen. Is this a focus of Awan?


MARK: Excellent! Now for Ari, she has asked if she is Peggy Lee.

ELIAS: Observing.

MARK: Okay, I felt that. And is she Ashok the Great?

ELIAS: Observing.

MARK: Is she OE to Edith Piaf?


MARK: Also, is she OE to the conductor Arthur Fiedler?


MARK: There is something that I am very curious about, because my focus of Bahírand in the Atlantis dimension, I know that I have children but one of them is... This is awkward for me. I have read some transcripts where you have spoken with Leland, and the way that I have read that is that Leland is not a son of mine but a close friend. Is that correct?


MARK: So he is a close friend. Thatís how I felt. I donít know why but that was difficult for me. Does Bridgy have a focus as the father of my focus David Randel called Anthony or Tony?


MARK: We were just having some fun a few days ago and I saw Dawn as being on the Titanic and that she was actually a survivor of the Titanic. The name that I got was the Countess Rothes. Is this correct?

ELIAS: The first impression of the ship and the survivor is correct. The second impression of the name is correct, but not that focus. They are two different focuses.

MARK: Then the name is Cherry?


MARK: Is a focus of Awan Florence Nightingale?

ELIAS: Observing.

MARK: Roberto/Francine, he would like to know if or where he connects with me and Awan, whether we share focuses.


MARK: What kind of focuses are those? The impression that I have is the relationship, if I immediately start to think about it, is like a child of ours.


MARK: It is? And there are several of those?


MARK: In the focus where Dawn is Angelique, is Lauraine her aunt?


MARK: When I was looking at the focus of Dawn as Constance, I believe that I am actually Arthur Humphreys and that we have a romantic involvement, but I know this to be brief.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARK: Is Awan OE to Mary Magdalene?


MARK: So she does have a focus with Telleth, then?


MARK: She does have a direct focus there as well, doesnít she?

ELIAS: Yes, in that time framework.

MARK: I would just like to confirm some other things here. Where we share focuses and originally we had 61 focuses, Awan and Baruch had 61, I now believe that we have increased this by 12.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: The focuses of Awan and Sandel, they have shared 40 focuses together?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Awan, Baruch and Camille, 21 for all three of us together?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Awan and Elias, 33?

ELIAS: More.

MARK: Then it is 58? Youíre not going to say ďmoreĒ again, are you?

ELIAS: Actually yes, I am! (Laughs loudly)

MARK: You are! (Both laugh) Well, okay then, how many?

ELIAS: (Laughs) I shall express to you that your original number would have been correct if you would include a zero Ė 330.

MARK: So then the number of focuses I have with you, is that comparable to Awan and yourself?


MARK: Is it more? Because Awan thinks it is more.

ELIAS: Slightly.

MARK: Right, so the answer will be 344?

ELIAS: (Laughs) That is a guess! Now remember your second impression.

MARK: My first impression for that was 44, so I believe that if it was close it would be 344.

ELIAS: No. What did you express to myself initially as to your first two numbers? Thirty-three and fifty-eight. In this as being slightly more than the 330, it would be 358. (Laughs)

MARK: Oh dear! That explains so much, Elias! Awan with Patel, 45?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) More.

MARK: Okay, then I get 145.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Awan with Ortak, 54?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Myself with Ortak, 48?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: The focus of Conner who is grandmother to Oscar Wilde, is she named Vera Morris?


MARK: The surname is wrong but the first name is correct?


MARK: Canít get the surname. I keep hearing Vera. It must sound like Morris, then?

ELIAS: This IS an individual. It is another individual.

MARK: In that case what I will have to do, I will have to focus some more on this myself, then.

ELIAS: Very well.

MARK: Unless of course you are prepared to... But who am I kidding!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And you are quite aware of my response to that!

MARK: Absolutely right! Then there is something else that I need to check. Katie/Muriel felt that she was Glorfindel, but you confirmed that this was Myrandaís focus. So is Muriel OE to that?


MARK: She is. That clears that, because these focuses that are OE and direct, they are so, so similar. They are!

ELIAS: Yes, you are quite correct. Let me express to you, I have offered explanation previously concerning this matter, so to speak. In this, there is little distinction between what you may term to be a directing essence and an observing essence in relation to any particular focus.

MARK: Yes, I know it is so powerfully similar that it is almost like, as you say, and I know you have told me this before, it makes so little difference between being a directing and an observing focus because you are experiencing that life, especially if it is a lifetime.


MARK: Now there is a question that Dawn chickened out on asking you. (Elias laughs) It was something that I was looking at and she would not ask you this. There are two things here. Isis, is that Awanís focus?

ELIAS: Observing.

MARK: And Sekmet?

ELIAS: Also.

MARK: Because Dawn was asking me about having an Egyptian focus that is either a god or goddess, and I said I believe it to be a goddess and that is where I came up with that. But if that is observing, is there something that I am missing and she does have a directing focus in this timeframe that I just havenít connected to correctly?

ELIAS: Yes, there is another focus.

MARK: So if Dawn were looking at it, then she would say that it was Nephthys?


MARK: That would be because it is connected to me. Yes, that makes a lot of sense as well. Christopher was asking if he had a famous focus in Rome during the time of Julius Caesar or within that timeframe, not exactly at that time.

ELIAS: Yes, correct.

MARK: Would this focus be named Marcus?


MARK: Back to the drawing board! (Both laugh) Well, I think we are actually coming up to time, I think. I donít actually have my watch; I am sure we are, so I will end off. Elias, I send my deep and sincere greetings to you, my love and affection to you, as does Awan, and we look forward to our continued interaction and to speaking to you in the near future.

ELIAS: Ah, and I do also, my friend. And I express to both of you my tremendous affection, my appreciation of our friendship, and my continued support and encouragement in energy in your movement. (Chuckles) I shall be anticipating our next meeting in playfulness.

MARK: Absolutely. Thank you very much and au revoir.

ELIAS: In great fondness, my friend, au revoir.

MARK: Goodbye.

Elias departs after 54 minutes.

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