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Friday, February 13, 2004

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“Daughter’s Waking Nightmares”

“Where Did Those Lights Come From?”

“View Your Focus as a Game”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Peter (Stefan).

(Elias’ arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PETER: Hi there, Elias! (Elias chuckles) I trust that you are and continue to be as always!

ELIAS: Correct! Ha ha!

PETER: I wanted to start this morning by asking you the essence names, families, alignments and orientations of my children. First of all, Jenny.

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Svett, S-V-E-T-T (SVET). And your impression as to essence families?

PETER: I knew you’d ask me! Possibly family Sumafi, alignment Vold?

ELIAS: Correct.

PETER: Orientation common?


PETER: And Natalie?

ELIAS: Essence name, Juli, J-U-L-I (JOO lee).

PETER: Essence family I’m unsure of, but I thought her alignment might be Ilda.

ELIAS: Correct. Essence family, Sumari.

PETER: Bit of a stirrer! (Elias laughs) Orientation also common?

ELIAS: Correct.

PETER: Thank you for that. Jenny has had an interesting characteristic through her life, which emerged particularly in her earlier years and seemed to quieten down, but has reemerged in the last few months quite vigorously. It is what I would call a waking nightmare. She gets this and it’s quite disturbing to me and my wife, although it seems to have no ill effect on Jenny. I wanted to ask you what’s going on here.

ELIAS: First of all, express to myself what you perceive to be disturbing.

PETER: Well, she wakes up screaming, calling out sometimes incomprehensibly, but she’s calling out, “Mummy, Mummy!” She, when we walk into the room, doesn’t seem to be aware of our presence and she appears often to be aware of another environment or in another environment, and she’s often crying, shaking. I feel a great sense of energy of fear in her and that goes through me, which I find very disturbing. To me, it’s as if it’s some sort of bleed-through of another experience of some kind, but I don’t know just what it is.

ELIAS: You are correct. This would be a bleed-through and a participation, so to speak, of another focus. In that, the individual is generating an actual projection to the other focus, therefore is experiencing the other focus as realistically as she would be experiencing this focus.

Now; I may express to you that individuals do engage this type of action. Generally speaking, they engage this action intentionally and are intentionally attempting to merge into another focus, but at times some individuals generate this type of projection within dream state. Generally speaking, in small ones, such as your daughter, the action is expressed in association with what you would term to be a recent focus, one that has been expressed in what you term to be the recent past; therefore, it is a close association of experiences. That may generate a recurrence of what appears to be dreams or nightmares, but in actuality it is an actual projection that the individual is expressing, and therefore is experiencing the other focus as it has been experienced itself.

Now; in this, what is occurring is that in this projection, she is engaging this other focus in which she is also a small one and is witnessing the disengagement of her parents, and it is a violent scenario, so to speak.

Now; I am understanding your concern, but I may express to you that that energy that you express in concern generates a contribution to the reinforcement of the projection. In that, it creates what you may term to be a type of thickness in energy in which it is more challenging for the small one to be pulling her attention back to this focus. Are you understanding thus far?

PETER: Yes, definitely.

ELIAS: Very well. In this, I may offer a suggestion to you. If you generate an energy of calm and reinforcement in supportiveness to be assuring of which reality she is actually physically participating within – in other terms, reassuring that she is actually present in this focus, and that although that experience is quite real, it is not occurring now in her reality – and not project an energy of distress, that shall offer a comfort and more of a calming expression to be reassuring to her. Are you understanding?

PETER: Yes, and I note that my wife is far more effective at doing exactly that. One of the things that I noticed was that I participated in or I allowed the projection of fear energy that she was producing. I allowed that within myself and I became quite fearful. I questioned for myself why do I choose, particularly given that she seems to suffer no ill effects and does not remember the occurrences, but they are very incisive on me. I asked the question of myself why do I choose to participate in this creation.

ELIAS: For you ARE participating in this creation, for you are participating in that focus also.

PETER: In that other focus?

ELIAS: Yes, and therefore the fear that you sense is being expressed with the small one is a fear that you also express in that focus. You are not one of the parents in that focus, but a sibling which is expressing a very similar fear. Therefore, in the participation in this action that the small one is generating, it triggers a type of memory within you, although it is not the same type of memory for you are not presenting images to yourself. But you are responding in the fear, which is significant, for this is what I am expressing to you reinforces the strength of the experience and generates more of a challenge to pull her attention back to this focus and not be merged with that focus and experiencing that focus.

Let me explain to you, my friend, individuals that generate these types of experiences in these types of projections actually move their objective awareness and attention entirely away from this physical manifestation that they have generated presently, and their attention moves fully to the other focus. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, they become the other focus temporarily. Any individual incorporates the ability to be generating this type of experience, but most individuals choose not to. In this, it is not entirely uncommon for small ones to be generating this type of awareness, to be projecting to another focus and experiencing it in the same manner as they experience this focus. It is more common within this time framework in association with this shift in consciousness and the awareness of small ones, which is quite expanded.

Now; this is the significance, that you pay attention to your energy to be supportive rather than reactive.

PETER: This information you’re presenting me with triggers many questions in my mind. The first is that the very mention of the shared focus helps highlight why I feel much closer to this daughter than the other daughter. In this daughter, it’s as if I see a lot of my own self and childhood. I assume that’s because of what you have now presented to me as the familiarity through other focuses.

ELIAS: Partially, yes.

PETER: You say “partially.” What would the other reasons be?

ELIAS: Preferences within this focus, associated...

PETER: Preferences in terms of the way of expressing energy and creation?


PETER: The other thing that also intrigues me is again my participation in this event, and importantly, there was an extended period where she didn’t seem to have these occurrences but now they have reemerged quite strongly. I have this sort of sense that this is in some sense almost like a conjoined action between her and I, in that she is participating in this for her own reasons, but also to allow me to be exploring some aspect of my own reactions and my own dealing with this.

ELIAS: Yes, you are quite correct.

PETER: So the mechanism for her and I to ease the trauma associated with this... I also note that during the timeframes when she experiences it, she seems to have trauma but there’s no lasting effect on her. I’m the one who seems to carry the trauma more with me, because I recall her waking and screaming and being inconsolable and not reacting to us. The way for me to assist in easing her trauma is to pay attention to my energy and to my sense of calmness of being present in this timeframe and allowing that to support her.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; it may also be somewhat beneficial for you to engage an exploration of that focus also, therefore offering yourself more information concerning your experience in conjunction with her experience, which may be helpful to you in allowing yourself to generate less of a reactive expression and energy, offering yourself a clearer understanding and also a clearer separation of your identity and the other focus’ identity, which shall allow you to generate a greater strength in expressing your energy in this focus differently, and therefore expressing that calm and that supportiveness in your energy.

PETER: As we speak, I hear her just beginning to be waking or going into one of these things... Although it appears not to have continued on.

In exploring this focus for me, what’s the best suggestion or way for me to do that? Is it just in a relaxed state, allow myself to imaginatively drift to this?

ELIAS: You may and allow yourself to incorporate a visualization, or you may engage viewing this focus within your own dream state. It is not necessary to generate an actual projection. In this actual situation, I would not necessarily recommend that action, but rather a type of action such as a visualization in which you may be viewing the experiences but not actually merged into the experiences. Therefore, there is some element of separation and a continued sense of your identity in this focus, therefore allowing you to view rather in a manner of a motion picture rather than actually experiencing the events yourself.

PETER: Is there anything you feel would be beneficial to share with me about the specifics of that focus? Or would it be best for me to simply find whatever I find?

ELIAS: I may express to you, in that focus you are siblings, young, both females. In that focus, the time framework would be within the mid-years of your twentieth century; that would be associated with approximately 1944. Both siblings survived briefly subsequent to the disengagement of the parents. Also, there was a cousin present with the siblings, slightly older. In this situation, the family resided in Hungary. In that, soldiers in your terms murdered the parents of these children. The children engaged flight from the soldiers with the cousin, but were ultimately discovered and also were killed.

PETER: And the choice that I have made in this focus to be the son of parents whose background is of common nature to that of that focus you now describe, is that a reflection of a desire to continue things not expressed in that focus, or were my parents now somehow known to me or related in that focus?

ELIAS: The parents that you are associated with now, one was the cousin. These two focuses are quite intertwined, and this is not unusual. There are many focuses that individuals express that may be quite strongly interrelated. In a manner of speaking, they are not necessarily a continuation, but they are expressed in that close association with each other to be generating certain explorations and experiences and certain types of relationships. Therefore, figuratively, it may be somewhat viewed as a type of continuing chapter but not entirely. Are you understanding?

PETER: Sure, sure. That was fascinating; thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

PETER: I’m going to switch topics...

ELIAS: Very well.

PETER: ...and ask you a different thing altogether. We experience in our household quite a lot of cockroaches. I, as the brave male of the household, am given the task, hearing the shriek of my wife, to come and kill the cockroaches and do away with them. The question I have is why do we create this situation continuously, consistently? What is the value to us of this creation, and what can I do to lessen the incidences?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) First of all, offer your impression as to what you are creating.

PETER: I suspect there is a whole mesh of beliefs expressed, fears about nature or fears about what is clean and what is dirty, because cockroaches are seen as being dirty. There are expressions associated with beliefs about power and responsibility, my role as the father to deal with these things and defend my children. Perhaps in another era I would have created larger animals running around our cave!

But there is another aspect, that a part of me feels that we create these things in association with beliefs we think are wrong or beliefs we wish to stamp out or beliefs that we think are bad. That’s what keeps coming up, that they’re a symbol of beliefs that we think are bad or wrong that should be stamped out or cleaned away, dirty beliefs, things along that line.

ELIAS: I may express to you bravo, for you have expressed precisely what you are creating. I may also interject that there is another element of chivalry that is being expressed. (Laughing) Rather than slaying dragons to rescue your maiden, you are stomping small creatures, insects! But I may also express to you that you are quite correct in association with beliefs that you view to be bad or wrong, and that also is associated with a sense that bad or wrong beliefs are somewhat dirty, in a manner of speaking.

Now; this is an interesting presentment to yourself, for I may express to you that most individuals generate associations with beliefs as bad, which it is quite challenging to urge individuals to genuinely evaluate their beliefs and to recognize that every belief incorporates some factors that may be limiting or that you may dislike, but every belief also incorporates influences that you prefer. Therefore, in not struggling with beliefs and not attempting to eliminate them, but rather evaluating them and therefore offering yourself the choice in how you express them, you alter your perception considerably, which also alters your actual physical reality.

PETER: By being aware in the same timeframe as when the cockroaches appear, if I seek to identify the beliefs I’m holding at that time, is there a direct connection between those beliefs and the cockroaches? Is it that connected in terms of time framework?

ELIAS: Yes, it is, and it is also at times general. But at times yes.

PETER: My next question relates to when we recently went away on holidays. We came back and I held a belief expression that we had two new lights appearing outside of our bedroom/bathroom area. It struck me that not only did we have two new lights and I believe that I had made some sort of probability shift, but it also struck me that this was not the first time I’d done this.

Interested and fascinated and excited by this occurrence, I asked my wife how many lights there were outside the bedroom, to which she responded “one,” not the three that now appeared there. I got her to come and have a look – of course there were three – and she progressively over the next day or two convinced herself and sought to convince me that they’d always been there, that two hadn’t been working and that’s why we hadn’t noticed them, and now they were working.

My question for you is have I been playing with probabilities in that fashion and using this little symbolism to give myself some attention as to what I’ve been doing, and the second question is why the symbolism of lights. I note that the lights are outside the bedroom and bathroom, which are very personal spaces. The third observation is why do I choose to maintain that I have been playing with probabilities but my wife chooses to nicely smooth the creation of the past and say the lights were always there?

ELIAS: First of all, yes, you have created a different probability and you have inserted two new lights into your environment that previously were not present.

Secondly, I may express to you that the placement of the lights is significant, for it is a symbolization to yourself of generating a greater awareness, which a common symbolization of incorporating a greater awareness is to be illuminated. In this, you specifically chose to be creating the lights in this area to express that information to yourself that you are expressing a greater awareness, and you are choosing to be manifesting in association with that greater awareness.

It is not unusual that individuals create different realities in participation with each other. Your partner chooses to express a reality in which these lights have been previously, although in actuality there is no actual memory of them but is offering herself what she assesses to be a rational and logical explanation for what has been created, and within her reality that is quite real. But nevertheless, what you have created is also quite real. I may express to you that the actual physical manifestation of the lights were not present previously and now they are.

PETER: So I can tell her I was right! (Laughs)

ELIAS: (Laughs loudly) Which she may or may not believe.

PETER: Do I correctly understand that what she is creating in her reality is the lights exist in the present past?


PETER: My next thing I wanted to raise with you, recently, in the period just shortly before our last holiday, I chose to recreate contact with two individuals from my past, ones whom I’ve seen infrequently and one even less frequently; in fact, they’re brother and sister. Then, leading up the holiday, I had a desire to experiment with growing a beard, not shaving, which is something I’ve now done, but it’s something I’d not done for twenty-odd years and associate with the time framework when I was much closer to those two individuals. The morning before our holiday, I had a phone call, and a contact which I’m now beginning to maintain, with a dear friend who lives overseas who I’ve been out of contact with for 15 years, also an individual I associate with that time framework.

To me, the symbolism is that the beard represents that time framework, and more importantly, a time framework in which I perceive myself to have been more carefree, more free with my energy and less feeling burdened with responsibility. Symbolically, this is me giving information to myself along the lines of what you suggested, focusing on and being aware of a central belief which is fairly limiting to my life, my beliefs about power and responsibility.

My question is am I picking up the symbols correctly, and what are my next steps to further freeing my energy and loosen the rigidity this belief holds my life in?

ELIAS: Very well. I may be acknowledging of you and express to you you are correct in your assessment of your imagery and how you symbolize this to yourself.

I may also express to you, in this time framework in which you are beginning to allow yourself to express more of your freedom and you express a desire to be generating more openness and more of an allowance of yourself, allow yourself to perceive your movement as a game, my friend. Incorporate more of an expression of playfulness and allow yourself to not be incorporating as much of an expression of seriousness in association with your movement. You may be expressing responsibility and generating that in a playful manner, and not generating the anxiety that is generally associated with it. In that, you shall also be affecting of the interactions in your relationships with other individuals, and generating much more of an ease in your relationships with these other individuals and your partner and your family.

Allow yourself to genuinely view your focus as a game of exploration rather than a movement of work in analyzation and in attempting to generate a cosmic understanding of all that is within your reality. It genuinely is not that serious, my friend, and you may be expressing much lighter energy if you are allowing yourself to genuinely incorporate more playfulness, which actually is quite significant, for those types of expressions naturally alter your perception for you are projecting a very different type of energy. It is not necessary for you to always to be incorporating the role of the knight. (Chuckles) Perhaps you may exchange the role of the knight for the role of the jester at times.

PETER: I’m going to have to dig deep to remember how that one gets played! (Elias laughs)

The next question I have is the unit upstairs that we own has been vacant for some time. The impact of that is it has a certain drain on our finances, and I get various expressions of concern from my wife and others about the situation. I mentally feel like I’m fighting a battle because I’m determined not to be concerned about it, yet I keep creating elements of concern around me. I also am aware that I have a certain ambivalence about letting it. Part of me would like to occupy it ourselves, but I don’t see that as financially feasible, and part of me also doesn’t want the bother of a tenant. What do I need to do to ease this particular situation?

ELIAS: First of all, generate a clarity within yourself as to what you actually want. Once you understand and are clear within yourself as to what you actually want, allow yourself to trust that and move into the expression of it.

Now; I may express to you, if you are choosing in association with genuinely being clear as to your want to not be incorporating a tenant, you may thusly move your attention to you and trust your choice. In that, you shall generate an ease and you shall not be incorporating financial burden. But this requires trust of your choice and knowing that this is actually what you want, for that shall also alter your energy and allow you to generate different types of monies to be compensating for what you view now to be a lack.

But if you choose to be incorporating a tenant in association with your beliefs and that this would be the method to be generating those monies, this also requires you to be paying attention to yourself and to what type of energy you are projecting outwardly. For if you are projecting an energy of concern, it is quite likely that you shall generate a tenant that shall be bothersome; but if you are generating more of a playful energy and you are not concerning yourself with the expression of the tenant, it is much more probable that you shall generate drawing to yourself a type of tenant that shall not be bothersome to you and that you may be comfortable with.

Regardless of what direction you choose to move within, the significant factor is that you pay attention to what type of energy you are projecting, hold your attention in trust of yourself, and not allow yourself to move into the expression of concerning yourself with the expectations or the expressions of other individuals and therefore allow other individuals to dictate to you what your choices are. But rather allow yourself to genuinely evaluate what you want and move in that direction, knowing that this is your freedom regardless of which choice you choose, either of which may be an expression of your freedom dependent on how you project your energy and what you are allowing yourself in your expressions.

I may also express to you that you be remembering that every scenario is not black and white; there are many choices that may be incorporated. You are engaging choices concerning space and money, and there are more choices than incorporating a tenant to be generating what you want.

Listen to your communications, and listen to your communication of imagination, for that may be somewhat helpful to you in evaluating what you actually want. Remember not to be incorporating a judgment in whatever choice you engage, for you may choose to be generating drawing to yourself a tenant for it is easy, and that is not wrong and it is not a betrayal of yourself. There is no wrong expression in generating ease. But you may choose not to be incorporating that expression of a tenant, and if you are choosing not to be incorporating that, remember that there are many more choices than either/or. You may be incorporating that space arrangement in many different creative manners that may also generate money.

PETER: We’re very close to time, but I’d like to ask one more question.

ELIAS: Very well.

PETER: It relates to when we were on holidays. I in particular seem to have a very close bond with my youngest niece, a very sweet little child. It was just an unusually close reaction between her and I. Is that just a playfulness on her part in reaction to my energy now, or have we shared focuses and expressions at other times? Can you tell me something of that?

ELIAS: I may express to you yes to both. I may say to you in association with the first question, this individual is also offering an expression to you to be generating a type of example to you. For you are expressing this desire to be experiencing more of a playfulness and less seriousness, and this small one is responsive to that and has generated expressions as an example of what that experience is if you are allowing it and the pleasure of it.

PETER: Her mother was saying I was a bad influence on her!

ELIAS: Or perhaps she is a good influence with you. Ha ha ha! And yes, you have incorporated many focuses with this individual.

PETER: Thank you very much; I think our time is up. Once again, I want to thank you for sharing the time with me.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

PETER: I look forward hopefully to playfully working on the things you’ve shared with me in the ensuing timeframe, and speaking to you again in a future time.

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating that and I shall be offering my energy to you in the interim time framework. In my encouragement and supportiveness to you, perhaps you may incorporate that energy and configure it with your energy to be supportive and encouraging with your daughter. To you, my friend, in great affection and tremendous fondness...

PETER: And in return from me.

ELIAS: revoir.

PETER: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 57 minutes.

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