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Sunday, February 15, 2004

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ďSoul Mates, Impressions, and ShiftingĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Gillian (Ari).

(Eliasí arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

GILLIAN: Good afternoon, Elias! Iíve been really excited to talk to you!

ELIAS: Ha ha! And what shall we discuss?

GILLIAN: All of my movement. Iíve made so many changes in myself, spectacular changes!

ELIAS: Ha ha! Very well!

GILLIAN: Last November when I visited some of my friends in the States, I was very excited about the trip; of course, at that time I didnít know what it was all about. When I got there I had so much fun, and I realized I had actually fallen in love with myself...

ELIAS: Ha ha! Quite a revelation!

GILLIAN: ...and then I fell in love with Sandy. So I was very excited about that, and I wanted to find out more about all this energy stuff thatís happening. Iíd like to talk about us as essence and the connections we are making. I feel that there is something really, really deep there between us both, Ari and Allesander.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: I wanted you to tell me a little more about it. I feel it and I feel the energy thatís there, but I wanted to understand it a little bit more.

ELIAS: I may express to you that you do incorporate many shared focuses together, which generates a familiarity. I may also express to you that beyond the familiarity, what you are noticing is objective meeting of a soul mate, and the difference in the familiarity of that type of expression and one in which you may recognize a familiarity in relation to other individuals that you incorporate shared focuses with.

GILLIAN: Are you saying that Allesander and Ari are soul mates?


GILLIAN: I was getting that feeling because the trust was so complete, Elias. Just in making a request of ďwill you come and be with meĒ and having complete acceptance of that, I didnít even have to think about what I was doing, and this explains it to me very well. I also feel what we are doing is a very strong Shift-assist movement between us.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

GILLIAN: Because weíve opened a lot of doors. The beauty of it is he is so different from me in his manner of communication, and through that I am learning my own trust and acceptance. The exercise of accepting differences is so complete with this relationship.

ELIAS: Which is a significant movement, but also is allowing you to be much more freely expressive of yourself and allowing you to express that freedom in confidence and a trust of yourself.

GILLIAN: Yes, that is true, because in a lot of different ways the opening as well... I just started gushing in writing now, which I didnít used to do. Now here I am, writing all these beautiful things that I even amaze myself! (Elias laughs)

Also, when Allesander first showed up at this place I was staying, when I got that headache and this rushing of energy, I was remembering or readjusting to his energy, was I not?


GILLIAN: Oh, this is so beautiful. I love this Shift, Elias. (Elias laughs)

The other thing is remember we spoke about this feeling shaky about things? Lately Iíve been feeling a lot of different energies. I feel like Allesander on one side of my head and feel Patel on the other. It all comes together and body feels like string thatís vibrating. Can you talk to me about that?

ELIAS: And what is your assessment?

GILLIAN: I feel that I am just adjusting to energy, to this strong wave of energy and these other essences are contributing to that shift.

ELIAS: Correct. Also in this process, you are allowing yourself to become more familiar with your own individual power within your energy and manipulating it.

GILLIAN: Yes, that is true! Am I correct in... No, I am not going to say ďam I correct.Ē I have Patel that is with me quite often. I feel I have 113 focuses with Patel.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: Is it Twylah on my head as well? I feel like I am wearing this crown of energy most of the time.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Yes.

GILLIAN: The other one I havenít figured out; Iíll just have to get it. Iíve got like four different essences that I am exchanging with here?


GILLIAN: Baruch had this impression that Allesander and I have 275 focuses, but Sandy and I feel it is more than a hundred. I feel itís 117.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: So my impression is the correct one, yes?

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: Also, when you talk about the clarity with which one sees things as you grow into this acceptance, Iíve been finding so much joy in just being alive and just feeling things around me.

ELIAS: This is quite a different expression than what you have generated previously, is it not?

GILLIAN: It is, very much so. Iíve gone completely into what was once unfamiliar but now it is familiar to me.

ELIAS: Correct, and has offered you a tremendous liberation.

GILLIAN: Oh, yes! Itís very powerful. Itís extremely powerful. I have so much more I wanted you to say about it, more than what you have said. I know you are acknowledging me in that, but this energy stuff, I want to understand a lot more about it. Am I a dispersed essence?


GILLIAN: So I am only now tapping into that aspect of myself?

ELIAS: Or recognizing it and noticing it more clearly objectively. You have expressed it throughout your focus but not necessarily incorporated an objective awareness of what you do, therefore have not actually clearly noticed what your ability is in association with that.

In this time framework, what you are generating is an allowance of yourself to recognize the strength that you incorporate in allowing yourself to be opening and manipulating your energy in a manner that incorporates other energies of other essences, which you may receive and manipulate that in a manner to emphasize your own strength in your abilities and to validate the powerfulness of your abilities and your capacity to be manipulating energy and configuring it in a manner that is more associated with your preferences. This is also offering you an opportunity to become more clear in association with what your preferences are.

GILLIAN: I am feeling like Ayla is with me in this present moment.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: Sheís with me a lot Ė my heart just goes boom, boom, boom all the time! (Elias laughs) So I do feel her energy a lot. But then I am Vold, also.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; recognize also that you incorporate the choice to be receptive to that energy of that essence.

GILLIAN: That is true. I am open to these essences. Itís become so interesting for me to notice that and also noticing, when I feel into myself, noticing what energy I am projecting. In those moments, itís like this is joyfulness or this is a freedom or this is... So, Iíve just been feeling into myself and this is such a beautiful creature that I am!

ELIAS: (Laughs) I agree!

GILLIAN: The discovery is so magical, Elias.

ELIAS: And this the point, my friend!

GILLIAN: My! When I think about it, I took a long journey but I am standing solid now. I feel my power.

ELIAS: Ha ha! And I am acknowledging of you.

GILLIAN: Thank you, Elias. I think Iíve spent most of my time writing to myself about all these things.

ELIAS: But this offers you a method in which you may generate that clarity in understanding your own movement and what you are doing.

GILLIAN: And that, this writing, waking up in the night writing poetry and whatever have you, is all part of this?


GILLIAN: Whatís with this waking up in the middle of the night two or three times? Or is that just creating another unfamiliar area to see that it really doesnít affect my day the next day?

ELIAS: Correct, and also offers you another avenue in which you may be generating more clarity. For in interrupting the familiar sleep patterns, you allow yourself to generate different incorporations of objective and subjective expressions, and therefore you offer yourself more information objectively. For what you incorporate in that action is to be generating, in a manner of speaking, figuratively, more of a closeness, so to speak, between the objective and subjective awarenesses, in which the objective is translating the subjective in a different manner.

I have expressed previously to other individuals the suggestion to be generating differences in sleep patterns to achieve a different avenue in which they offer themselves information objectively.

GILLIAN: I used to struggle with the objective. Now I may not get it immediately, but I can reflect on something and actually notice the movements Iíve been making. The particular turning point was in November, because I could see the movement happening in retrospect.

ELIAS: Correct. What is significant in what you are doing is that in viewing your movement in retrospect, you are not discounting yourself that you may not necessarily be objectively clear or noticing in the moment, but you do recognize subsequently what your movement has been, and you do eventually offer yourself that clarity without discounting yourself, which is significant.

GILLIAN: Yes, it is, and itís nice to come up with that little surprise.

Last Saturday I was going to talk to you and the session got cancelled. I know I was going through some movement there. It was funny; when I slept, I went through this whole thing with Sandy and his rejection and wanting his attention. The dream was uncomfortable, but when I woke up it was whoa, I just worked through relationship beliefs! That was great. I was talking to you and you were acknowledging me, saying, ďThis is what you wanted to work through on your own before you spoke to me.Ē

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: I felt so good about that because I thought, ďMy, Iíve chosen this orientation so beautifully for this focus!Ē It is such a reinforcement for me to find I can just let things happen and I will just move through it as I wish. We have talked about intermediates being able to do that in dream time, and I discussed that last time I spoke to you.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: The other thing I wanted to ask, itís been very interesting because Baruch, Awan and I communicate a lot. I know weíve had many shared focuses, but what I was finding really interesting is every time I told them that ďthis is a focus of mine,Ē it would end up being a focus of Baruchís or Awanís. I am tapping into something there. What is it I am doing there?

ELIAS: This is associated with being dispersed and allowing yourself to tap into other individualís energies and therefore tap into other manifestations of the individuals.

GILLIAN: I hadnít thought about it like that Ė ďHang on; these are MY focuses, how come youíre claiming them?Ē Okay. Thereís lots for me to discover now. Thereís so much more!

ELIAS: It is a game.

GILLIAN: It is! Itís a fantastic game! (Elias laughs) I like playing it.

Elias, sometimes when I try to talk to you, I find I canít actually talk to you. I think thatís because I am already feeling these other energies and the clarity is growing within me. Before we used to have chats and now itís like I donít hear you. Whatís happening with that?

ELIAS: It is also your movement into listening to yourself. You are aware of my energy and its presence, but rather than expressing questioning to myself and looking to myself for answers, you are incorporating my energy as a supportiveness and you are paying more attention to what you yourself offer to yourself and generating an excitement and a curiosity as to what you shall answer yourself, which is a reinforcement also of your own freedom and of your own strength.

GILLIAN: Elias, Iíve been feeling into the number of my focuses, and I feel the number has gone down to like 557 at this time.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: Is that because thereís quite a few focuses that have chosen to fragment?

ELIAS: Some.

GILLIAN: I am finding that really interesting. Also, Iíve increased my focuses by two in this time framework. I am focused eight times in this present time framework, isnít that so?

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: Itís amazing! Itís amazing how there are absolutely no absolutes!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Correct.

GILLIAN: I find thatís the best game, this absolute game, fantastic game, because I can feel these things and say yeah, why not, there are no absolutes!

ELIAS: Which presents much less limitation and much more freedom.

GILLIAN: That is true. The imagination is allowed to flow.

ELIAS: If you are paying attention.

GILLIAN: Yes. See, now I donít know what to ask you.

ELIAS: Let me express, Ari, perhaps you are expressing an energy in which you do not necessarily want to be incorporating this session in association with asking questions and requesting my responses, but more so your excitement in wanting to be incorporating conversation with myself this day was to be generating precisely that, conversation in friendship.

GILLIAN: Yes! Thatís it. I am going to put away this pad. Weíre going to chat now.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well! I am aware that your excitement was more in the direction of wanting to share with myself your experiences than to be inquiring of questions.

GILLIAN: That is so true, Elias. I know that. I felt that I wanted to actually hear you say it out loud, to talk to me aloud about it, which is what we are doing now, of course.

I think Iíve found our focus that you suggested together in Japan. Iíve got 13th century, and we are brothers and Samurai.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: Whoopee!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And what do you offer yourself in information concerning that focus?

GILLIAN: That we were very close.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

GILLIAN: Extremely close Ė are we twins?


GILLIAN: Ah! This is another thing I am very curious about. I have this fascination with twins. I feel like I have a lot of focuses as a twin.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

GILLIAN: Maybe like over a hundred?


GILLIAN: Iíve always got this feeling itís so exciting to be a twin.

ELIAS: It is a preference.

GILLIAN: I understood something else in this while I am talking to you, the sudden feeling that I am not alone anymore. All my life I felt something that was missing, but when I met Sandy, and because you just told me itís a soul mate thing, I felt like that piece was placed back within me.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But I may express to you also that what you have allowed in this experience is more so an expression and a recognition of the lack of separation, that although you incorporate your individual identity and manifestation in this focus, you are beginning to experience a genuine recognition of the lack of separation and that you are not alone, that you are never alone, for you are incorporated as consciousness and that is always intermingling with itself, which is with all.

GILLIAN: I was just offering myself an objective experience to be aware of this.

ELIAS: Yes, offering yourself an avenue in which you would allow yourself to experience this lack of separation in an objective manner that you would generate an understanding of.

GILLIAN: What I am enjoying feeling now is this physicalness of me. I used to have moments of it, but the actual being physical Iíve created a greater appreciation of it.

ELIAS: In this, you also recognize the significance and the importance of your actual manifestation and the wonderousness of that, for that is what affords you the ability to be exploring within a physical atmosphere.

GILLIAN: Yes! In looking at all these changes, I am looking in the mirror and saying, ďDo I see a change in the face? Oh, no!Ē Because change is happening so much inside of me, I keep expecting I am going to see a completely different face!

ELIAS: Ah! But I may express to you that you are changing in appearance continuously. Ha ha ha!


ELIAS: Yes, for you alter your appearance in conjunction with what you alter within yourself and in association with your appreciation of yourself, which you are generating much more of now than you have previously.

GILLIAN: Yes, yes, I am doing that. Itís nice to be able to say in this now I am doing this and to be able to see that I am actually being able to do that. The looking at what I am choosing has been really validating for me, because instead of saying I must go and do this, I find I am doing something else. I find that itís perfectly all right. This what I want to do, and therefore, itís okay.

ELIAS: Yes, and that is the point, my friend.

GILLIAN: When I was talking to Paula and her bird started screeching, was the bird picking up on my energy then?

ELIAS: A combination of energies.

GILLIAN: Of both Gloriaís and mine?


GILLIAN: Because we talk very excitedly together. (Elias chuckles)

Elias, I know Iíve got my focus color now and it was such a lovely gift that I gave me. Erin did a painting for me and she said, ďI did this for myself but I believe itís for you.Ē So she brought it along when she came to visit me. And I said, ďYou know what, youíve got my focus color.Ē How would you call it? I call it like a deep burgundy plum.


GILLIAN: Thatís why I have my hair colored the way it is and my shoes colored the way they are! (Elias chuckles)

I wanted to talk about my Dream Walker aspect. I believe my Dream Walker aspect is Gramada belonging. (Pause)


GILLIAN: I feel Iíve been involved in quite a few mega structures, in the interpretation for the building of them. I know we talked about them in terms of the Aztec at one point, but I feel I am also responsible for those big Olmec heads in Mexico.

ELIAS: You participated.

GILLIAN: I participated in the carving of them.


GILLIAN: I am also trying to figure out there is a link somewhere to do with Japan. Now, I feel there was movement in those times by sea, and the people from the west of the Pacific came to the east of the Pacific. I am looking at like maybe 25,000 years ago.

ELIAS: Yes. What are you offering to yourself in that exploration?

GILLIAN: That there is so much more we donít know about our movements.

ELIAS: You are correct! (Laughs)

GILLIAN: I feel I was involved in the Sphinx, and in fact, the actually carving.

ELIAS: No. Now; let me clarify what you are offering to yourself in these impressions. As another focus, you did not involve yourself in the actual carving or building of that structure. But in a time framework prior to its construction, you incorporate a focus and that individual generated a vision of the structure which was not realized within their time framework. But the interesting creation in this is that you incorporate another focus subsequent to the construction of that structure that incorporated a very similar vision and knew that they were tapping into the vision of the first individual.

Therefore, there is a connection between two focuses, in your terms one before and one after, in which those focuses incorporate somewhat of an objective awareness of each other and of their joint visions, one expressing prior and one expressing in the realization of it as a validation of the first oneís vision.

GILLIAN: Oh, very exciting! The Sphinx though, was it like a god structure?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

GILLIAN: So, I am tapping quite a lot into that building aspect of me. In the same sense, I feel even in South Africa there is a structure, an ancient structure there, and I feel I was part of that as well.


GILLIAN: In all these focuses, I am tapping into my Dream Walker aspect, is how I see it.


GILLIAN: Is Allesanderís focus color similar to mine?

ELIAS: Similar.

GILLIAN: KC came up with the color magenta, but I donít really know what magenta is.

ELIAS: Not quite, somewhat darker.

GILLIAN: So closer to my plum.


GILLIAN: Allesander and I share about three or four focuses in the beginning of the last century together, a couple I believe to be dancers Ė picking into my dancer focuses, simply because I am dancing so much in myself. (Elias laughs)

In Cuba and in South America as well, I canít get the name in my head but I think that itís Sam, where he is running the marathon with me.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: Where he is my mentor.


GILLIAN: So his name is Sam?


GILLIAN: Elias, Iíve lost all interest in outside stuff now. Iíve been paying attention more to myself than all the other news, and I donít find I miss out on anything. This I believe is just simply because I am paying attention to me and the energy thatís shifting. How is it shifting outside? In the sense that weíve got these two matching energies, is that adjusting a little more now or...?

ELIAS: There is a tremendous contribution to that in offering energy to its shifting and relaxing somewhat. It is not yet generating an outward expression, but as you contribute your energy in paying attention to yourself and therefore also expressing somewhat of a neutrality in association with outside energies and directions, you participate in a collective energy, which is growing and is beginning to express some affectingness in the shifting of opposing energies.

GILLIAN: Just sending ripples, am I?

ELIAS: Which is significant.

GILLIAN: Just sending ripples through the whole.

ELIAS: Yes, but that is significant.

GILLIAN: Oh yes! I like it because sometimes when I am in this dancing place, I like to say oh, I am just sending ripples! (Both laugh)

This one is a question. I feel I am Narcissus from a different dimension, the actual Narcissus.

ELIAS: Let me express to you as I have with other individuals, these are translations that you generate within your physical reality. There are actual other-dimensional manifestations that are similar to what is being translated within your awareness within your reality, but it is not exactly and precisely that manifestation.

GILLIAN: No, but the translation, the way I feel it, this character who was so completely in love...


GILLIAN: I wanted to ask some questions for Baruch and Awan. Baruch wants confirmation that he is Enki and Awan is Ninhursag of the Sumerian dimension.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: And in the Lord of the Rings dimension, he is the representation of the character Faramir.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: Awanís focus in this lifetime, Danielle is married to Khalil/Bill.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: Is Tim Mackintosh-Smith a focus of Allesander?

ELIAS: Observing.

GILLIAN: I am observing him as well, arenít I?


GILLIAN: I wrote this down, Dawnís suggestion that I am Marcus Aurelius, the Roman poet, and Dawn is my wife.


GILLIAN: Is that like about 3rd century?


GILLIAN: Elias, can you talk to me in general about things that might be useful to somebody else? I know Iíve got over my excitement about myself. Thereís nothing I want to ask you about right now about myself. Can offer something for the others?

ELIAS: For which other individuals are you requesting for?

GILLIAN: Just generally in the forum.

ELIAS: In what capacity?

GILLIAN: I think in terms of I know we are all noticing that we are shifting...


GILLIAN: ...I was just wondering if there was something else you might excite everybody with.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you, in this time framework it is significant that individuals be allowing themselves to be paying attention to what they are generating, for there is a division in energies in what appears to be almost a polarization, which is also being reflected within your world.

In that polarization, noticing that individuals appear to be either incorporating this wave in consciousness in a manner of excitement and empowerment and tremendous freedom and clarity, or they appear to be incorporating tremendous conflict and trauma and distress, it is significant that individuals be recognizing what type of energy they are projecting and what they are contributing to in the collective expression.

GILLIAN: At one point, I was feeling that I was going to disengage by a specific time. Now I feel the comfort inside of me, of my peacefulness that I am going to see the Shift through for myself. Because as you say, we all do it at our own pace.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: I feel like I am going to actually see it through before I disengage.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Which you incorporate a significant potential to be generating that.

GILLIAN: Thatís what I feel. So that is a probability?


GILLIAN: Well, Elias, I am all talked out now. (Elias laughs) I am very excited to have talked to you about this. I am glad that I have done so.

ELIAS: Perhaps we shall engage again together in the interim time framework until our next meeting and incorporate a playfulness in energies in your discoveries within yourself. (Laughs)

GILLIAN: Thatís a good plan!

ELIAS: What shall you express to myself is your preference in how we shall engage this game?

GILLIAN: Definitely playfulness.

ELIAS: In what construction?

GILLIAN: Hmm... I am not understanding that.

ELIAS: If you are generating the construction of the game that we shall engage, the invention of the game that we shall engage together, how shall you express that it shall be engaged? What shall we engage, what shall we do together?

GILLIAN: To play together, yes, I am understanding you now. Well, I havenít got an impression on that yet.

ELIAS: What would you prefer? (Pause)

GILLIAN: I think I am giving it too much thought, rather than feeling into it.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall allow you to decide and generate what your preference is for our game, and I shall be in compliance with what you choose. (Laughs)

GILLIAN: I know you will. You always like to play with us anyway.

ELIAS: You are quite correct. (Both laugh)

GILLIAN: Now I am feeling so excited because I want to talk to Sandy about all this now!

ELIAS: Ah, and share your experience. I am encouraging of you! (Laughs)

GILLIAN: Oh, itís so pleasurable. Well, thanks Elias!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, Ari, and you may extend my greetings to Allesander also.

GILLIAN: I will certainly do that!

ELIAS: Very well. My dear friend, as always I will send to you tremendous affection and supportiveness.

GILLIAN: And a big hug to you from me.

ELIAS: In great fondness, Ari, until our next meeting, au revoir.

GILLIAN: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 53 minutes.

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