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Thursday, April 01, 2004

<  Session 1537 (Private/Phone)  >

“The Shift, Mass Dis-Engagement, and Over Population”

“Extraterrestrials and Other-Dimensional Focuses”

“Duality, Duplicity, and Polarization”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and John (Rrussell).

(Elias’ arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JOHN: Good morning! Greetings from Boston!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And to you also!

JOHN: Thank you. So this is, as you’re aware, a group session, our so-called Darlings Session 3, and I’ve got a whole lot. I’ve one small request. If you think this recording is cutting out, let me know, if you’re so inclined, because I’ll bang my head against the desk if this doesn’t come out right. (Laughs with Elias) I think it’ll be all right.

ELIAS: Very well.

JOHN: There’s a lot going on at the moment, and there is within the group itself. There’s a lot happening with relation to this wave in consciousness going on now. I thought maybe if we look at the broader picture first and then sort of narrow in on this particular wave, and some of the impressions and confirmations that we’re looking for in this session.

ELIAS: Very well.

JOHN: Firstly, can you clarify the boundaries of the Shift? This is limited to our dimension, our probable reality, this planet and our species?


JOHN: You made kind of an ominous sounding claim – at least I read it that way – that the decision of people to disengage is made within the moment, and you said that there would be ample opportunity for people to disengage in the near future. So, is it coming out of a potential mass event, for example global war? I suppose it would be inaccurate to say that the action of the Shift is to reduce the human population, but is that a consequence?

ELIAS: No. This would be the choice of the individuals whether they choose to continue to engage in the physical action of this shift or not. But that may not be the ONLY reason that individuals may choose to be disengaging in this time framework, or relatively speaking, in the near future, for there are many different reasons that individuals would be engaging that choice to disengage from this physical dimension. But this is one of the reasons that may be incorporated in association with mass disengagements.

JOHN: War?

ELIAS: Not necessarily war.

JOHN: A catastrophe of some sort, okay. There is the issue of over population, which maybe as whole is being addressed in some of this action?

ELIAS: Which also is a matter of perception, for it is dependent upon what the expressed beliefs are. There are expressed beliefs en masse that generate the perception that you have over populated the world, but in actuality your physical planet can accommodate the physical numberings of physical manifestations that you incorporate now and even perhaps more. But as you do not manage your resources efficiently, you generate the mass belief that you have over populated your physical planet. It is not necessarily a question of over population. It is...

JOHN: Resource management...

ELIAS: Correct.

JOHN: and foodstuffs. Interesting. Can you, and I wouldn’t really ask this, but in the context of this session, can you give, if you can, a most probable probability and a time framework?

ELIAS: In association with what?

JOHN: With this mass disengagement you’re talking about.

ELIAS: I am not expressing this as an absolute or as a prediction. I have merely expressed that there is a potential that you may be generating mass disengagements in different capacities. They may be expressed in association with what you term to be natural disasters, or even as you witnessed in your previous year, in association with weather and many individuals choosing to be disengaging in association with temperatures.

JOHN: And rain.


JOHN: Here’s a big question. You’ve confirmed the existence of other focuses of essence, us, on other planets in this reality, in this dimension, in this now – so-called extraterrestrials in our dimension. Are any objectively aware of us? Can you speak about this topic a little bit more?

ELIAS: Are any of them aware of you? Yes.

JOHN: Objectively?


JOHN: Are they land-based creatures?

ELIAS: Some.

JOHN: Technologically developed?

ELIAS: Some.

JOHN: To the same extent that we are? Can they travel through space?

ELIAS: Some. Some more so.

JOHN: Have they visited Earth before?


JOHN: When?

ELIAS: In different time frameworks. Generally speaking, more recently than within your previous history.

JOHN: They have made objective contact with humans on Earth?


JOHN: Is one in the constellation Orion, originally coming from?


JOHN: Could you give a naming of one perhaps? There must be several groups. How many are there that we might consider in this dimension, extraterrestrial beings on other planets? How many different races?

ELIAS: Quite a few.

JOHN: On the order of fifty?

ELIAS: More.

JOHN: Hundreds?

ELIAS: At least.

JOHN: I see. What percentage of those are land-based and technologically developed in the same way that we are? Half?

ELIAS: Approximately. That would be an estimate.

This is a tricky area, for you are expressing an identification of your universe, but your universe extends beyond what is actually known to you yet. But you incorporate a strong potential to be generating new technologies and new methods of travel which shall incorporate an expansion of your known universe and therefore would incorporate much more of an availability of you, as individuals and as a species, so to speak, of physical manifestations, to be encountering many more different types of...

JOHN: Civilizations and species.


JOHN: Are there any who are human, like us?

ELIAS: Somewhat.

JOHN: And they were involved in the original development of our civilization, some of them, here on Earth?


JOHN: We’ve developed separately on our own?


JOHN: Some are in what would be our currently known universe, in stars that we can see from Earth?


JOHN: How do they look, some of them? Are they made of DNA? Do they have the same qualities of our dimension, which includes DNA, which includes duality, emotion? It would include families of consciousness, softs, commons, intermediates, all of these species across our universe?


JOHN: So families of consciousness are specific to our species?

ELIAS: Not entirely. As I have expressed previously, some other physical dimensions do also incorporate groups of essences which would be similar to the groups of essences that comprise your essence families within THIS physical dimension. But not all physical realities incorporate associations with those types of essence groupings that we term to be essence families.

JOHN: I’m getting confused on the issue. There’s our physical reality which includes our known and soon to be known portions of our universe, and there are extraterrestrials there that do not necessarily incorporate our families of consciousness either.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOHN: I see. They incorporate other families of consciousness, or they don’t incorporate families of consciousness, some of them?

ELIAS: Correct.

JOHN: Are you in communication with them, also?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. Not in the same manner as I am involved with you, but...

JOHN: You have focuses there currently?


JOHN: Is this an area you’ve intentionally not given a lot of information about?

ELIAS: Other physical realities?

JOHN: This physical reality, other manifestations in this physical reality.


JOHN: Why?

ELIAS: For this is YOUR discovery and this is YOUR exploration. In a manner of speaking, let me liken it to what you generate within your reality individually. In this, if you incorporate knowledge of some expression or some manifestation, and you are aware that another individual, perhaps a friend of yours, is generating an exploration for the information that you possess, would it not be to discount the surprise if you offer the information and therefore spoil the gift?

JOHN: You are correct.

ELIAS: In this, it is...

JOHN: That makes complete sense, because people have been connecting more to other dimensions and other physical realities as opposed to focuses in this reality, so it seems to be not quite an area where we’ve come upon a major exploration yet.

ELIAS: Correct, but that is being generated in different avenues. That is being generated in your sciences, which is no less valid.

JOHN: Yes. They’ve been making more objective contact recently, the extraterrestrials. What is their area of interest, the extraterrestrials who have visited at this stage?

ELIAS: The same as your own – curiosity.

JOHN: And they’re able to travel through space and visit?


JOHN: How many visited? How many different groups?

ELIAS: Several.

JOHN: And they’re all each aware of each other? Is there actually a government in our universe? Is there a body that represents the different species across our physical reality?

ELIAS: No. Although that is a possibility futurely, but no, not within this present time framework.

JOHN: Are they all peaceful?

ELIAS: That would be dependent upon your perception and also your definitions. Ha ha!

JOHN: Do any of them have the intention of making themselves objectively known on Earth?

ELIAS: Presently? No.

JOHN: Their intention is to not be intrusive.

ELIAS: Their intention is merely curiosity, but not necessarily to generate objective contact.

JOHN: Why?

ELIAS: That also would be difficult in this present time framework to explain, for it would be somewhat of an inaccurate translation, for other realities do not necessarily move in similar framework to your own.

JOHN: I have to move on; I’ll leave it there. Can you give a naming, just one, that we might be able to connect with and use as a point of exploration?

ELIAS: And what do you name yourselves?

JOHN: Planet Earth, humans...

ELIAS: (Laughs) But you do not incorporate a name for your particular reality and neither do other realities.

JOHN: But none of them, there’s no objective contact, there’s no actual breeding, they’re not using our DNA, they haven’t extracted...


JOHN: The concept of duality within this truth wave: Are we in the process of redefining harmony? Harmony is basically that we accept the differences that we think of as outside ourselves by accepting our own experiences of opposites within ourselves?

ELIAS: Duality is not necessarily opposites.

JOHN: But they work complementary. They’re in harmony with one another.

ELIAS: Yes. They are complementary to each other, and duality is one of the elements of the blueprint of your reality.

JOHN: On Earth, humans.


JOHN: Now, you’ve just mentioned that our definition of the universe is going to expand. After the Shift, or after we develop technologically, will most of our travels be mental, if perhaps slightly more pronounced than our current mental impressionistic travels now, or will it be more actual, physical, get in a spacecraft and go?

ELIAS: Both.

JOHN: You have said there’s going to be a new essence who’s going to deliver the next material, as you’ve mentioned a couple of times, who’s also going to be Sumafi. This person is linked to you, analogous to the same way that you are linked to Seth and the Seth Material. Can you give an intent of this next essence who will be delivering the material?

ELIAS: No. That would be the choice of whichever essence engages the action.

JOHN: This particular essence... Or there are a few essences who are choosing to take this role at present, I gather?

ELIAS: There is a potential.

JOHN: Can you offer a time framework? Or what will the state of the Shift be like when that essence may come into the fore?

ELIAS: This is moving in a dangerous territory, for this line of questioning is leading into an association with beliefs concerning prophesy and concerning similarities to associations with what you would move in conjunction with concerning new leaders or what has been expressed previously in prophesies of directors, so to speak.

JOHN: I see. But you were involved somewhat within the energy exchange of the Seth Material, and this essence, or one of the essences who’s meaning to do this, is also involved in this energy exchange?

ELIAS: In similar manner, merely in an energy of supportiveness, but not in what you would term to be an interactive involvement.

JOHN: Not a facilitator, not one of the twelve facilitating essences.


JOHN: There’s a level of interaction between us and the twelve essences facilitating this exchange. Has it increased, or is it the case that our awareness has expanded to notice the level of interaction that has been already occurring?

ELIAS: The latter.

JOHN: Do all of the twelve essences interact with us each in equal proportion, or it is just a matter of how we are allowing?

ELIAS: It is a matter of what you allow.

JOHN: Can you say a little bit more about Lazour, his interaction within the exchange? First of all, what’s his essence family alignment?

ELIAS: That would not be an alignment.

JOHN: Belonging?

ELIAS: The belonging would be the same, Sumafi.

JOHN: Can you say a few words about his interaction within the exchange? You’ve talked about others such as Patel or Ayla.

ELIAS: Their interaction in association with the energy exchange is the same, but their interactions with any of you may be expressed in different manners.

JOHN: In individual ways.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOHN: This truth wave is Sumari, but there’s an investigation of power. Is this portion of the truth wave somehow associated with the family of Vold, or is this also a Sumari portion of the truth wave?

ELIAS: This would also be Sumari.

JOHN: There is a continuous pyramid action via the discussion groups, even pyramids within pyramids, and this has the effect of spurring an increasing desire and passion for the Shift. That is the action of this pyramid generation?


JOHN: Another question about the group itself: Is 34 still the correct numbering of essence fragmenting from Wingnu, or is it up to 36 and fluctuating?

ELIAS: Fluctuating.

JOHN: Can you give a yes or no towards the list of impressions that KC has kept?

ELIAS: A yes or no to the entire list?

JOHN: Yes. (Laughs)

ELIAS: No, I may not incorporate that type of response to...

JOHN: I don’t have the list in front of me, but it’s a long list of different sorts of impressions, but we’ve got up to 36 and fluctuating.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but I would not be incorporating a blanket yes or no answer to the entire list of questionings or impressions.

JOHN: Very well. Is it possible for us in physical focus to manipulate links of consciousness directly? In all of our technologies, we use processes and we use different instruments to manipulate links of consciousness, which is what is ultimately occurring. But we don’t directly manipulate links of consciousness, that would defeat the purpose of physical experience, am I right?

ELIAS: No, you do directly interact with links of consciousness.

JOHN: Is this a course at the Alterversity?

ELIAS: Yes, but not that general.

JOHN: It’s sort of an aspect that is included in a number of different courses?

ELIAS: No. It would be identified as what you term to be a course, but more specific.

JOHN: I see. We’re moving along quite well, but as I say, I may revisit some of these questions, but we can carry on.

If one essence has a Dreamwalker aspect, will a fragmented essence automatically inherit the Dreamwalker aspect?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. That is a choice.

Let me express to you, any essence, or rather any quality of essence that chooses to be fragmented and generating a new essence, that new essence incorporates all of the qualities of all of the essences that have been incorporated in any association with any of the essences that it has fragmented from. But it chooses which qualities it prefers and which qualities it shall express, and it chooses what aspect of each essence that it is fragmenting from that it shall incorporate.

JOHN: It has an open canvas.

ELIAS: Yes, and it chooses what it shall express in its picture upon that canvas.

JOHN: Going back to what you said about the universe, our definition of what the universe is or discovering more of what the universe is – which is obviously an ongoing art within our sciences – the action of dark energy, this would be part of that expanding understanding of what comprises our known universe?


JOHN: Is this objective imagery of the shift in consciousness somehow, the action of dark energy, or is there another purpose?

ELIAS: Partially.

JOHN: What is the purpose of dark energy?

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

JOHN: My impression is that the purpose of dark energy, not knowing a lot about it in scientific detail, is that it merely spurs a curiosity. It’s sort of like gazing out into the horizon when you’re standing at the oceanfront.

ELIAS: And offering you an avenue in which to explore the expansion of your universe, and an opportunity to be incorporating an expanded awareness yourselves of all that you create within your universe and the potentials of what you may continue to create in its expansion and in your expanded awareness. As you expand your awareness, you also create more elements within your universe.

JOHN: Yes, like there’s a new planet, Sedna. This is related to the truth wave?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

JOHN: Good question!

ELIAS: It would be associated with this wave concerning truth in association with viewing your universe in absolute manners.

JOHN: Someday the sun may not set or it may not rise, depending on where one is on Earth.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOHN: (Laughs) Probable probability, is it?

ELIAS: Your solar system is not as absolute as you would have viewed it to be previously, either. But as you expand your awareness, what you discover, so to speak, are your new creations.

JOHN: There is a duality of exploration and our generating, and the flip-side which is the duality or the difference that there is a universe to explore, in a certain sense.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

JOHN: This is a duality, scientific exploration and exploring what is in front of us, and the view that we are creating it because we are creating our own reality.

ELIAS: Correct. This would be an example of the inner expressions and the outer expressions.

JOHN: We’re still discovering more here on Earth. There’s the Sphinx and the Pyramids, and in the previous Darlings session you talked a bit about them. Still buried beneath the sand there’s a rectangular shaped building that one of our members had an impression of. Can you confirm that?


JOHN: That will aid in our explorations. All the myths that we have about other beings, star-borne beings, those myths of squishy green men of the odd face on the Whitley Strieber books, those are other-dimensional? Those are not this-dimensional?

ELIAS: Correct.

JOHN: We don’t have any myths, yet, about this-dimensional extraterrestrials.

ELIAS: Somewhat. Not clearly yet, but somewhat.

JOHN: The praying-mantis beings, somewhat of a small myth I’ve encountered, those beings are this-dimensional focuses?

ELIAS: They are a translation, but yes.

JOHN: Thank you. There’s a “Harry Potter” series of books, that I haven’t really read but anyway, and “The Lord of the Rings.” “The Lord of the Rings” refers to a particular dimension, generally speaking. Do the “Harry Potter” books refer to the Lord of the Rings dimension, or do they comprise a dimension of their own?

ELIAS: Actually, these writings would be a mixture, so to speak – a mixture of other-dimensional manifestations and a mixture of different groups and manifestations within your physical reality within a different time framework.

JOHN: I see. There is the duality we just spoke of, about science and reality-creating, and that same duality I think may apply here. The author of the “Harry Potter” books or the author of “The Lord of the Rings” books are equally discovering a new dimension and are creating it. (Pause)


JOHN: They’re discovering a new dimension, describing an existing dimension?

ELIAS: Yes, but in translation in association with their own creation in THIS reality, in association with their expression of creativity.

JOHN: It’s not necessarily analogous to if I sit down and write a piece of music, I’m writing a brand new piece of music. I’m not writing a piece of music based on, necessarily, an existing... This is a tough analogy to draw, but...

ELIAS: That would be dependent upon what you were writing. You may be generating a variation in association with an existing theme, or you may be creating your own new, unique composition.

In association with these writers, the one is generating a combination of these experiences, but tapping into other-dimensional focuses and translating those other dimensional focuses into his writings in his creativity within THIS physical dimension. The other is generating in her writings a combination of associating or allowing somewhat of a bleed-through of information from other focuses within THIS reality, and also combining that with information or impressions, so to speak, concerning another physical reality. Are you understanding?

JOHN: Speaking of other dimensions and other beings, what... I suppose I’ve sort of asked this. They find curious about us a number of things that we would equally find curious about them, and it certainly goes both ways. But you said before that our reality is a particularly complex one, one of the most complex physical realities around. Within our physical dimension, are there beings whose realities are more complex than ours?


JOHN: We have a more complex reality in general, humans on earth, than other species within our universe?


JOHN: Interesting. Sea mammals included?


JOHN: Sea mammals don’t incorporate the same essence families that we do, necessarily?


JOHN: They do?


JOHN: Can you confirm a couple of things quickly, essence families, alignments: Bill Clinton, essence name Romeo, belonging Zuli, aligning Ilda, common, political, 669 focuses?

ELIAS: And what would be the significance of this information in association with your group?

JOHN: Encouragement in connecting.

ELIAS: In what capacity?

JOHN: Identification of essences and essence expression.

ELIAS: And express to myself how this is significant and is associated with benefit to your group, or even in association with the intention of your group.

JOHN: It’s jolly. (Pause)

ELIAS: I may express to you, in this time framework, in this now, a suggestion, especially in association with the movement that is occurring presently associated with this wave that is being experienced. My suggestion is that each of you, individually and collectively within your group, concern yourselves with YOURSELVES and not with outside of yourselves.

For within this time framework, I am understanding that your explanation to my question is that this is merely an action that you are incorporating in playfulness, but it is a distraction which encourages you, individually and collectively within your small group, to be concerning yourself outside of yourselves.

JOHN: There’s an awful lot of seriousness. You don’t like the word “seriousness.” I’m not quite sure how to express it, but this wave in truth, humor is not necessarily complementary to it.

ELIAS: Ah! I may disagree! But it is dependent upon how you are incorporating that humor and what you are actually expressing and what the motivation is and what that reinforces.

Humor is valuable in many situations and is a valuable commodity to be incorporating also in association with this wave, for it allows you an expression to not be incorporating such seriousness and therefore easily moving into convoluting or discounting yourselves or over-analyzation.

But remember, there is an element of seriousness associated with this particular wave, and it is beneficial. I am encouraging of each of you to be incorporating a lightness within your energy, if you can allow yourselves that, but also to be holding your attention steadfast with yourself. For in not doing so, you express an energy which leans in the direction of generating more conflict.

Now; the reason that I am expressing this to you is that I am offering to you a compassionate expression of caution, knowing and understanding what you have collectively generated in recent past time framework...

JOHN: In this particular group?

ELIAS: Yes, and offering an encouraging energy to all of you to not be recreating similar conflicts. Therefore, although your question concerning impressions and asking for a validation of the impressions of this political figure are not actually quite important and is not what I would view as quite serious, it is an example of distraction and encouragement of projecting your energies outside of yourselves.

JOHN: Our exploration of things such as perhaps the Lord of the Rings dimension, that’s a little bit different.

ELIAS: Yes, for this is concerning other focuses of yourselves. Therefore, it is a continuation of your own exploration of yourself as essence, offering you information of different qualities that you incorporate, and may be explored in a playful manner and is an avenue that does afford you an avenue of fun and playfulness and interest, and allows you to incorporate more of a lightness within your energy but also reinforces your paying attention to yourself. It also reinforces your expression of trust of yourselves. It also enhances, through practice, your ability to be interpreting and listening to your impressions and different avenues of communication that you incorporate within yourselves. Therefore, there are many different actions that you are incorporating in that type of an exploration, which are all directly associated with yourself and becoming more intimately familiar with yourselves, and not distracting.

JOHN: Such as the telephone channeling of Bah’Rand in Atlantis.

We have about ten minutes left, and I am impressed, we got through a lot of this. Two questions: There is the aspect of political and religious foci, in addition to emotional and thought. This is quite a large topic that you’ve not offered a lot of information about. Correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JOHN: This topic is not necessarily related intimately with the wave in truth. It’s more intimately related with the wave in emotion.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. For these different focus types are the manner in which individuals process and understand information, and also influences how they express information. Therefore, the focus types would be more closely linked to individual’s personalities rather than any particular wave in consciousness.

JOHN: I know there are other categorizations. We have families of consciousness, we have these focus types, we have orientation, and beyond that there are probably a few more types of categories that you may introduce futurely.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOHN: The final thing I want to talk about, and if you don’t mind I’ll let you take the reins and talk not only about the group – I think our group is probably mirroring or moving in like manner to a greater mass expression – but if you could talk about that mass expression, and particularly follow up on certain points from the recent group session where you talked about a polarization that’s occurring. (Pause)

ELIAS: Offer more specific direction as to what you wish myself to address to.

JOHN: There’s polarization, we’ve talked about duality...


JOHN: ...we’ve talked about duplicity previously in another wave, the wave in duplicity, and now there is polarization. What is the difference between polarization and duplicity, because they are two different actions?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and I have offered an explanation recently of this type of question. There is a difference between all three of these expressions.

Duality is a natural element associated with the blueprint of your reality. Within this physical reality, you generate a type of reality that incorporates a basis in duality, which is the expression of complement. For every expression and every manifestation within your physical reality, there is a complement to it. That is a natural expression of your physical reality.

Duplicity is a belief system. That belief system is that which expresses an identification of what you associate as good or bad or right or wrong, and as I have expressed previously, duplicity is the one belief system that is intertwined with ALL of the other belief systems. Some belief systems do intertwine with each other, but not all of them intertwine with all of them, except for the belief system of duplicity. Duplicity also, being a belief system, is an element of the blueprint of your physical reality, for beliefs systems ARE elements of your physical reality.

Now; polarization is an action. Polarization is an action that is incorporated by individuals that moves in the direction of a collective expression. In this, polarization is the action of individuals incorporating a type of energy set into an absolute which is projected outwardly. In that projection and in the type of energy that is expressed, its intention is to connect with other like energies and form a collective energy, and as that is expressed, it automatically generates that action. In that, it generates a STRONG expression of absolutes, and therefore expresses a strong judgment.

JOHN: Collectiveness can be accomplished, however, without incorporating a judgment? It’s not necessarily an action of polarization to collectify...?

ELIAS: No, but this not what we are discussing. We are discussing polarization, and in that, you generate this expression in energy of expressing an absolute and opposing another absolute.

JOHN: The United States is expressing a type of polarization with its government and its policies.


JOHN: And it could be said that the countries opposing the United States directly in the Middle East, for example, are also taking part in the opposite side of the polarization.

ELIAS: Yes. What is significant to be addressed is you are witnessing massive expressions and examples of polarization, but you are all participating also in expressing your own polarizations. What is significant in the recognition of that, paying attention to that and not generating that type of energy expression, is that regardless of whether you are objectively aware of connecting with any other individual or whether you are actually engaging the physical or objective expression of interaction with any other individual, it matters not. For this is a type of energy that regardless of interaction or the lack of interaction, it automatically moves outwardly and seeks out other similar energies, and in a figurative manner of speaking, attaches itself to the other like energies and it merely grows. As it grows, it generates greater strength, and as it generates greater strength, you automatically lend energy to it, and that creates conflict and trauma.

JOHN: It’s like a tsunami.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

JOHN: This wave in truth has only just begun. There’s much more to explore within this wave in truth.

ELIAS: You are quite correct. (Laughs)

JOHN: Countries such as in Africa, in South America, partially in Europe, are still moving into the polarization that’s occurring. They are not quite at the same energy output in terms of polarization as Iraq or the United States.

ELIAS: Correct. But there are expressions of that in what you would term to be internally within different countries also.

JOHN: Also, this sets an interesting stage. You will not move in the direction of prediction or prophesy, but there is still a lot to take place within this event of global conflict, as is happening now.

ELIAS: There is tremendous potential, yes. But once again, that is dependent upon how you move and what you choose and what you offer energy to.

JOHN: The Darlings are still the Darlings, and it’s still a yellow energy color?


JOHN: The intention of the group has not changed, the color, the tone...

ELIAS: Correct.

JOHN: Mary will kill me if I go any further. (Laughs with Elias) Thanks very much indeed.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and you may offer my tremendous greetings to all of the individuals that participate within your group, and offer my encouragement to them all also.

JOHN: I shall.

ELIAS: And I express my energy to each of you in supportiveness and express tremendous lovingness and affection to you all. In great fondness, au revoir.

JOHN: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 5 minutes.

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