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Friday, April 09, 2004

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ďA Big DecisionĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Luana (Ring).

(Eliasí arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LUANA: Good morning Elias. How are you, my friend?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

LUANA: As always!

ELIAS: Very well!

LUANA: I had an appointment with you yesterday that got cancelled. Things have changed around as usual. Iím probably going to be talking and filling you in for quite a while, and then Iíll get to some questions afterwards.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: Thereís different sections of this that I want to cover. The first, Iím going to talk a little bit about my own present situation, and then Iím going to fill you in on a new possibility that has opened up for me and the background of that. First, Iím going to tell you about my own situation.

My own situation is Iím in paradise. My life is so lucky, so fortunate and so good right now that I describe it as Eve in Paradise. I have a wonderful home, itís paid off, I have enough money to last me the rest of my life. I have a beautiful garden to paint flowers in and watch the birds and the bees, and itís just beautiful. I love to be in it, so my creative self is really satisfied. I have good friends, Iím in a wonderful town, I have great neighbors. All my life is going A-1 okay, just grand, the only thing missing is Jim, whoís popped over to the other side, and Iím working on that. But basically my life is just wonderful.

Like Eve, there has come about a kind of situation where you might say a snake has arrived in the garden, a temptation has arrived in the garden. This is the second thing that I want to talk about, and I have to give you quite a bit of background information about this.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: There is a place thatís north of town here; itís called Ten-Mile Ranch. It has 330 acres on it. Itís sitting on an estuary, a beautiful area. On the ranch is a community of people. Thereís about between 30 to 40 people living there most of the time. The lady that runs the ranch inherited the ranch about 25 years ago, and sheís been running the ranch the whole time in a very particular focused position of offering people a place to stay that is safe and cheap and viable. They can stay there as long as they want. Thereís a few rules Ė as long as they want until they work out whatever theyíre there to work out, and then off they go. Some of the people are there for a very short period of time, other people are there for a long time. One lady has been there about 30 years or so.

Over the years Iíve been interacting with a number of people at this ranch, friends. We do drumming circles; we have parties together. Iíve been a little bit supportive of the ranch and Iíve been friends with the lady that runs the ranch for the last five years or so. Her name is Faye. The last time I talked to you I actually asked you for some information about her, profile information.

The next thing I wanted to explain: with my own monetary situation over the last few months since Jim has passed on, one of the things that happened was I had extra money left over. I had plenty of money to live on the rest of my life if I live rather conservatively, which is fine with me. I had some extra money left over, and I thought, ďWhat do I want to do with this money?Ē I donít want to put it in stocks and bonds and all that. So what I thought I would do is share some of the money with the ranch. One of the reasons I decided to share the money with the ranch is because it also is a survival place. In case the economy gets really bad and things wind up kind of chaotic around here, Iíve asked her if can I come up and stay at the ranch, help out and live there until the situation sort of settles itself out, and she said fine. Sheís always struggling for money, because she doesnít hardly charge anybody money for staying there. She has them working on the ranch as part of their payment for rent. So I shared some money with her to update some of the stuff that might need some work, because sheís always struggling for money.

A few weeks ago, or maybe even about two months ago, she was starting to encourage me to move up there. I said no. Iím fine here, I have my house, I love living where I am, thereís no reason for me to be moving up there. She kept encouraging me and saying thereís something for you up here. Iím getting it from the guys that thereís something up here. Which is another part of the story Ė the running of the ranch is very difficult in a lot of different ways because of the kind of people that show up. Theyíre all very different people. There are so many people that show up that want to live there and thereís limited housing; thereís probably about 20 or 25 living situations up there. How sheís been running the ranch all these 25 years and making a determination about who can come and stay and live here is she has contact with inner personnel, inner essences. She calls them ďthe guys.Ē

When she was encouraging me to move up there, she was telling me the guys are telling you that itís time to move up here. Iíve been working with her over the years with the guys and exchanging some energy stuff with her, and theyíve been helping me to get in contact with my inner self and my intuition, and starting to open me up, too. That was one of our major connections, this lady Faye and myself. Thatís sort of the background situation.

About three weeks ago, she came up on a surprise visit to my house. She said, ďI want to offer you to inherit the land.Ē I was really taken aback Ė what do you mean inherit the land? ďThe guys have decided that youíre the one to inherit the land after me.Ē And I said, ďWhy, what for? Why arenít you offering it to somebody else who lives up there and knows how to operate the ranch?Ē ďThe guys have said youíre the one.Ē I said, ďWhy would I do something like that? Why would they choose me to be up there?Ē It really didnít make any sense to me. She kept pressing the matter, adamant that she had been waiting for years for these guys to indicate or bring to her the right person to run the land. She has been waiting for someone to show up on the land, but now all of a sudden theyíve pointed the finger and said no, no, Luana is the one thatís supposed to inherit the land.

The land is extremely valuable. When it crosses hands, I wouldnít be able to afford the taxes on it, the inheritance tax. So not only has she said I should inherit the land, she wants to put me on the deed immediately in order to avoid paying the inheritance tax on it, which I couldnít afford. The people who live there are very worried about her not doing this, because if she should happen to die, sheís got no relatives. If she should happen to die, probably what would happen is the state would take over and they would have to move off the land. Theyíre, of course, worried about that situation.

The whole situation is illegal Ė all other similar communities that have been operating in the past as sheís doing up there have now been disbanded. Itís illegal for people to be living like they are on her ranch. Whenever she gets into potential problems of the law coming in and closing her operation down, she simply calls on the guys and they say donít worry about it, weíll fix the situation, and everything seems to be okay. Itís been going on for a long period of time. So this is the background information.

I had an appointment with you yesterday because I told her I did not want to agree to do this until first of all I determine why the guys are pointing out that I should do it and why I should I be moving out there. Theyíre saying thereís some big advantage for me being there. Not for me to just help operate the ranch, but thereís some advantage for me to actually make the move up there and do this.

So I got an appointment with Mary to talk with you and find out some of the information behind this before I made a decision. Iíve been holding her off for about three weeks. Yesterday when we were to talk together, Maryís little dog bit through the phone line and I never got a hold of her. Meanwhile I had an appointment in the afternoon to go talk to Faye about our conversation and to give her a decision about whether I agreed to inherit the ranch and to go on the deed or not.

When I didnít make the phone connection with you yesterday, I went ahead and went up to talk to Faye. I basically gave her a yes answer that I would do this. Of course, I could change my choice and just say no, I donít want to, but Iíd really like to get some information. I asked her a number of questions, which I can fill you in on if you want. She dropped into her channeling to talk with the guys and I talked with one of the people that she works with on the other side. He gave his name as Paul.

What Iíd like to cover today is some additional information with you and to get some feedback on whatís going on, whoís helping her with the ranch, why Iíve been chosen to do it, why am I creating this reality, whatís in it for me if I move up there and make this really big change in my life. Iíd kind of like to start off our conversation with you filling in any information that you might be able to give me.

ELIAS: And what have you been offered in information thus far by this individual?

LUANA: I asked why me, whatís in it for me, and whatís in it for Faye. What was in it for Faye Ė Iím not sure whether itís coming from her or from the other side Ė she said what was in it for her is that it has changed her whole interaction with being, in particular how all the people that live up there have their own belief systems and how to work with all these people. She had to recognize where her truths or absolutes were and how to open herself up to everybodyís reality being different and how to work interactively with them.

When I asked the guy yesterday what was going on with the land, this is the information they gave me so far, part of what they told me. They said the land around there, as well as even a larger territory, had a particular kind of energy. That energy Ė they called it more energetic Ė allowed the people who move there a certain ease with themselves, a certain ease in their life, and it allowed them to work with their inner resources, move on with their lives, and to Ė I canít say work with their inner selves, because most of them do not work with their inner selves Ė but how to advance their lives forward. Whatever the particular thing that theyíre working on in their lives, this helps them in a way, in an energy way, to solve their problems, meet their challenges, move their lives ahead in whatever way, shape or form it does. When theyíre through with that process, usually they move on and do something else. So itís kind of like a retreat where they can feel at ease, feel their full support, get their nurturance, and then some of them move on.

As for myself, what is up there for me and why am I moving in this direction of potentially coming up onto that land, they kind of gave the same answer that she gave before when I asked. What they told me, through her, was that there was something happening behind the scenes that was not translatable into any thoughts or any understanding that I could have, that that information was not available to me.

So Iím kind of left without really knowing any answers. Itís difficult for me just to throw it out there and say, okay I donít know the reason, itís a mystery, Iíll go ahead and do it. But obviously they are encouraging this move because of something thatís happening maybe with the Shift or maybe just personally with me. I really donít have any further information than that. Thatís one of the things I was hoping that maybe you could fill me in on.

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, express to myself what motivated you in your choice to be in agreement?

LUANA: Oh gosh, thereís just a number of things. Sometimes Iím into the vanity thing Ė great, Iím the chosen one to live on the land, receive the land, help out with whateverís running up there and be part of that wonderful community up there.

Another part is Iíve always throughout my whole life been seeking this opening to know who I am, what I am and to expand myself in as large a capacity as I can do in this lifetime. This is kind of like a carrot being held out to me, even though I donít know whatís there. I have to trust in the fact that this is an opening that Iím going to be able to be working with inner resources, so that Iím going to be opening myself up to inner communication and being able to access a much larger part of myself. Thatís one of my primary goals in life. When I think about how I am going to be with the ranch, Iím probably definitely not going to run it like her. And what would be my purpose in owning this large piece of land?

Part of me would really like to see it eventually be given as a gift back to the earth because itís a very valuable piece in a way, not monetarily, but environmentally. Itís one of the last estuaries, itís wild, thereís fish coming up the river, itís pretty much an open space land where natureís allowed to rest and to be, itís a nurturing place for the planet, so part of it is that.

Another part of me would really like to be sharing more of the Elias information and the Seth information with the people that are there, and I would love to be expressing and more in intimate contact with people, sharing the information. Maybe this is the place where the Shift is more happening. Thereís more opening there for the Shift to happen, and these are people to work together to move the Shift into its new paradigm.

Thereís all kinds of potential there. I donít know whatís going to be in the future. I donít know why or what I would be doing up there. So your question to me as to what my motivation is, maybe itís curiosity, maybe itís a calling. Thereís something thatís pulling me there, and I said yes because Ė hereís another reason Ė to say no, it seems to me that if I say no to this and just live in my little paradise here, maybe Iím going to miss some great opportunity thatís being offered to me.


Now; first of all, recognize that these are your choices, and the movement that you generate is what you create it to be, not what is being handed to you. For your interaction with this area and with these individuals will be different from her interaction and her directions, for you are different individuals, you express different energy, and you incorporate different motivations, different directions.

Therefore, in this, I am understanding what is being expressed in association with the energy of this area, which is also created from contribution of energy deposits from all of the individuals that interact in this area. I am understanding what has vaguely been communicated to you in association with the potential Ė not necessarily of the area or the land itself, although that may incorporate a potential also, dependent upon the choices that are incorporated by you or by other individuals.

LUANA: May I interject one thing here briefly?


LUANA: One of the things that the guys from the other side said is that the people that gather there have all interacted over different lifetimes together. Theyíre not strangers. It seems as if they donít know each other, but all the people that move there, including the help from the other side, have been interacting with these people for different reasons for different lifetimes together.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding, and I would be validating of that information. But the point in this situation is you and what you want and what direction you choose to move within.

Now; the potential of the area and the individuals and the direction is dependent upon what you choose.

Now; I am not expressing to you that you are choosing the realities for other individuals, but any interjection of new energy that would be directing of the community, so to speak, alters the potential involving the community. This is what is the significance of you and what you choose, for all of the reasons you express to myself of your motivation to agree to be participating in this manner are valid, and I am understanding all of these reasons. These are all reasons that are associated with your individual value fulfillment.

In this, it is not the land or the community that shall allow you to accomplish successfully what you want in opening to yourself, realizing more of your potential, allowing yourself to be more expansive, and even appreciating yourself fully in your own fulfillment that you view or assess as some expression of vanity. In actuality, that is merely an expression of your own appreciation of your worth, and of your desire to be generating a contribution in energy and in action to a larger movement, so to speak. But all of that is dependent upon you, not the community or the land.

Now; it is your choice whether you move in this direction in agreement or not. I may express to you, it is not that you would be missing an opportunity if you choose not to be engaging this agreement. But what is being expressed to you, first of all, part of the information that has been expressed to you is a recognition of this individualís trust of you and of your energy, and therefore that is what has motivated this choice, this identification of you being the individual designated to be incorporating this land and this community.

LUANA: Well, she says thatís not true. When I asked her about that, she says itís not her choice at all, itís the guys on the other side that are saying itís their choice. (Elias chuckles)

Part of my question, of course, is they have obviously been directly involved in the running of this community Ė she calls it a village rather than a community. But they have been directly involved in this, and I presume that they want a continuation of the way she has been operating the place all of these years, with their intention of what the land should be and what it should do for the people that arrive there.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, although there is at times Ė and listen to what I am expressing Ė AT TIMES there is somewhat of an interaction between this individual and other essences that somewhat filters through layers of consciousness and expresses an exchange with this individual, for the most part most of the information that she offers to herself in association with her identification of ďthe guysĒ is an expression of different aspects of her own essence, not other essences.

Now; this is no less valid, understand. But it is also filtered through her perception and her beliefs, which is also not invalid and not bad, for she has incorporated an allowance of herself Ė regardless of how she identifies what she is allowing, it matters not Ė she is allowing herself an openness in genuineness to herself as essence and has incorporated this type of method, so to speak, to allow herself a manner in which she may guide herself and trust her own direction.

Now; what she incorporates is crediting ďthe guys,Ē so to speak, or what she believes is an expression of other entities outside of herself, with choices that she incorporates associated with her value fulfillment and allowing herself to incorporate directions that she may trust.

Now; let me explain. Many, many, many individuals incorporate very similar types of expressions and methods that allow them to trust themselves. Many other individuals incorporate judgments concerning that and view that type of action to be not an expression of listening to themselves and to be paying attention to outside expressions. But in actuality, for many individuals in many different manners, this is a method in which they do allow themselves to trust themselves. Although they credit the choices to what they believe to be an outside source, it matters not, for in that trust they allow themselves the movement of their own value fulfillment.

Many individuals incorporate this similar type of method in association with religions, viewing the expression of their God as the outside source that they trust, but in actuality it is merely a method in which they allow themselves to trust their own choices. Although they credit those choices to that outside source, they are continuing to make their own choices and to follow their own communications to themselves.

This individual is generating a very similar method, and as I have expressed, this is no less valid, for she does offer herself considerable information that she does pay attention to. It has offered her a manner in which she may generate that trust and therefore be expressing her value fulfillment in a manner which moves somewhat effortlessly.

LUANA: So when I asked her about her trust in this information that she gets, because I too will have to go through the same process of trusting things, she said over the years she has watched her decision-making prove to be right on. That is basically in the choice of the people that she gives permission to move onto the land, but she says in addition to that, she watches over and over and over again that there might be potential difficulty with the illegal situation or other problems...

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: ...and yet they seem to be fixed without her having to do anything. Sheís come to trust this other side of herself or essences or whatever because it seems all the time that there is some kind of energy working on the other side to make sure that the place is held safe and is protected.

ELIAS: It is not an energy on the other side, so to speak; it is not the energy of other essences. It is HER energy.

LUANA: That is able to protect the land?

ELIAS: Yes. It is HER energy that she is expressing. This is what I am expressing to you. It matters not that she identifies this as being credited to other essences, or whatever she chooses to label. What is significant is that it is an expression of her energy, which is quite strong. She does trust in what that energy creates, but it is her that is creating that reality.

LUANA: So in order for me to also fulfill that same protection, I also have to build the trust in myself that Iím able to do that.

ELIAS: It is not concerning protection. It is concerning value and what you want, and trusting your ability to create that regardless of what you view to be an expression of opposition to it.

LUANA: Thatís part of my problem, too. Her main focus up there, from my viewpoint, is she takes on a lot of responsibility for the people that are up there. If you were into astrology you would say sheís a Virgo. Her whole idea is to provide a place, to help people with their problems, to help solve peopleís problems, to be nurturing of them, to kind of be responsible for them.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But also recognize that the individuals that she draws to herself or that draw themselves to her are participating in that and are seeking that type of interaction also.

LUANA: When I first thought about doing this, I said Iím really different from her. Iím almost in the opposite camp, where individualism and self-responsibility, taking care of your own needs and me not solving your problems, that is how I interact with people.

ELIAS: And this is what I am expressing to you in identification. It is your choice whether you engage agreement or not with this individual concerning the village, so to speak, and the land, but recognize that you are a different individual and you express a different energy. Therefore, what shall be drawn to you shall be different than what is drawn to her. Therefore, if you are engaging this agreement and incorporating the expectation that you shall be continuing in the footsteps of the other individual, so to speak, I would express caution to you, for that is not the point. You incorporate your own value fulfillment and your own direction, and your energy is different from this individualís.

Now; this is not to say that you may not incorporate a tremendous potential to create what you would assess as a wonderful expression with your focus in association with what you offer to other individuals in a community and in association with the land and the creatures, but recognize that it shall not be the same type of expression as this individual has created.

LUANA: That precisely is where the conflict lies. Because when you say that she trusts in me, I think what sheís really trusting is that Iím going to maintain the same intention, her own value fulfillment. Iím going to be carrying on. When I asked how Iím supposed to be up here, she said, ďI canít tell you; youíre going to be running this place as you see fit.Ē But at the same time, I know that she expressed to me that she didnít want to see the people kicked off the land. She wanted things to kind of continue in the mode that they are right now, which is basically that the land supports people who are looking for shelter.

ELIAS: And what is your intention?

LUANA: I donít know yet.

ELIAS: And what do you want?

LUANA: Well, Iíve told you two or three things, ideas, that have come to my mind. (Pause)

ELIAS: Let me express this inquiry: Do you assess within yourself that you trust yourself and that you trust your ability to be creating what you want in conjunction with this community or even in incorporating some alterations of this community?

LUANA: Iím understanding what you are asking. I guess I donít have an answer because I never sat around and thought to myself oh boy, if I only had that community I would do this, this and this. It came totally out of the blue.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

LUANA: My main purpose in life Ė and I think my main conflict with even agreeing to do this Ė is I have been extremely fortunate in my life. I have always known since I was a little kid that I create my own reality and that Iím responsible for myself. What I decided a long time ago is that what I value most is time, and Iíve created that all my life. Iíve hardly ever held a job. My main thrust has been to create time for myself, a lot of it, to explore the world, to seek the truth that I was after, to do a lot of reading, expansion of myself, to be free to go and do and be who I want to. I think part of my conflict here is that Iím not exactly looking at Iím inheriting land; itís almost as if Iím inheriting a job, which means I donít have as much free time. Iím going to be responsible for a whole bunch of situations up there.

Another thing Iím really interested in is intimacy. This is a choice that would allow me a lot more close interaction with people, with kind of a family. Iíve never had really a family situation.

So Iím kind of divided between a lot of different parameters, and thatís why I canít give you a clean answer to this. I think I was falling back on the idea of energies on the other side saying this is a special piece of land for the Shift to happen, for people to be working together, for the new paradigm to come in, for a new community, a new sense of government.

My friends and I are fully aware that the world is rapidly changing out here. Thereís no new pattern or system or design on how people interact together, and I do have ideas. One of my ideas is to try out a method of a new kind of governance up there that isnít democracy, itís not capitalism, itís not this, itís not that. Itís people genuinely working together in order to create what they want to create up there. But when I propose that to Faye, she indicates theyíre all very disparate; theyíre very individual. Trying to get people to work in a certain way together has not worked out. Iím thinking thatís just my idealism; that is not really a reality. The reality is that everybody lives very separate lives up there and there really isnít a sense of self-governance. My idea is like the Native Americans councils, where every person that sits in the council is kind of a chief within themselves and their particular abilities or talents are recognized and honored, and they make decisions regarding what is to be done. Instead of being kind of a boss of the land, Iím kind of a person who allows other people to fully express what their abilities are.

ELIAS: I am understanding. And you CAN create that, but that would be dependent upon your choices and the individuals that you draw to yourself, the energy that you express outwardly. That attracts individuals that are, in a manner of speaking, of like spirit to yourself and are moving in similar directions to be accomplishing similar fulfillments.

LUANA: Yes, see I had this idea that if I did that I was going to be running counter to two things. I would be running counter to Faye in the way sheís been operating things Ė although Iíve expressed this to her and she gets excited when I talk about this kind of moving into a new direction. But I also thought maybe this is running counter to what the intentions of the other side is. Are you saying to me there really is no real intention on the other side about what this land represents?


LUANA: So they would be supportive, in a way, no matter what was happening?


LUANA: I asked her, if I am to accept this agreement and to start working with the other side, who is here talking through you right now? Does he have a name? She gave me the name Paul. Is this simply an aspect of herself?

ELIAS: Yes. THAT IS NOT TO BE DISCOUNTED. I am understanding the automatic association with that identification, and that most individuals automatically discount that and view it as less significant than an interaction with another essence, and I may STRONGLY express to you it is not. It is no less valid or less significant than any expression of an exchange with another essence. For to view that type of an expression as less than, or less valid, is to invalidate all of essences.

LUANA: I understand that. When youíre speaking of an aspect of self, are you speaking of an aspect of her own essence as far as another personality focus?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, no. What I am expressing is each of you as essence incorporates, in similar manner to myself, many, many, many Ė in actuality, countless Ė attentions, and those attentions may be expressed in any area of consciousness. This is the vastness of essence. Not merely that the attentions may be identified as manifestations, as focuses, in any particular time or dimension, but also in other areas of consciousness that are expressed nonphysically. You, yourself, as does this other individual, as does every individual, incorporates aspects of yourself that are attentions in the same areas of consciousness that I incorporate attentions.

Therefore, an individual may be allowing themselves an openness, and given the beliefs that are expressed within their individual reality, they may be recognizing what they identify as a different personality or a different expression of energy than what they recognize in their own identity. Therefore, they attach a type of identification or identity for that personality or that energy, for they recognize the difference and it does not fit within their individual identity. Not incorporating a clear objective genuine understanding and experience of themselves as essence, it is quite understandable that most individuals attach these types of identities to other aspects of themselves which may be expressed in another area of consciousness nonphysically and may be incorporating a wider awareness than the individual allows themselves in their particular manifestation.

But it is merely, as I have stated, another method in which the individual shall allow themselves to incorporate that trust and listen to their own communications. Some individuals are quite comfortable listening to their own communications within their focus and trusting themselves in their choices. Some individuals are not as clear in how they are communicating with themselves and incorporate perhaps stronger expressed beliefs concerning outside information.

LUANA: But you did say that sometimes there are...


LUANA: How do you know the difference between when itís you and when itís genuinely something from another energy source?

ELIAS: Now; what I have expressed is that there are times in which she is incorporating an exchange of energy with other essences. This also is not unusual. You all incorporate that action but you do not necessarily incorporate an objective awareness of that.

Many times individuals translate some of those interactions in a manner in which they express to themselves that they have offered themselves a revelation or that they have offered themselves a tremendous inspiration. That may, at times Ė although it is not always Ė but at times, that may be an exchange that they are engaging with another essence that is offering encouraging and supportive energy. That does occur with this individual. But what is speaking, so to speak, is herself as essence.

LUANA: Iím almost out of time here. Are you aware of the fact that there have been bells ringing the entire time of our conversation in the background? (Elias laughs) I know my name is Ring, but Iíve been hearing these bells going off in the background. Is that Maryís chimes going off or whatís going on there?

ELIAS: Yes. (Laughs)

LUANA: Is that in her house, or is that just something over the phone line Iím hearing?

ELIAS: There are actual physical chimes that are incorporated. But I may express to you that I am quite fond of ringing them!

LUANA: This is very valuable information. My phone is about ready to give out and my time is up anyway, so let me clarify with you. The difference between what might be perceived as energy sources from another essence and what you are transmitting to yourself by aspect is a matter of encouragement and inspiration Ė that would be a feeling from the other side. Basically the rest of it is from yourself or from aspects of yourself, from your essence.

ELIAS: For the most part.

LUANA: Thank you very much. Itís given me a lot of clarity here and chased away some of my false presumptions about her interactions. Not that I discount them, I do not do that, though I might have done that before I talked to you. I appreciate the clarification weíve had today.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

LUANA: I wish this conversation could have been more playful, but this is a very serious decision for me.

ELIAS: I am understanding. In this, let me be encouraging to you that whatever choice you engage, it is merely a matter of paying attention to what you genuinely want and trusting your choice.

LUANA: Not only that, Iíve really recognized that Faye somehow or other has built up this trust that things are going to be okay up there, so I have also got to engage that Iím able to bring that same trust to myself, that whatever Iím engaged in will be working, manifesting.

ELIAS: Correct. That is the point.

LUANA: Yes, that is the point. My friend, Iíve got to let you go.

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you tremendous affection as always, and I anticipate our next meeting.

LUANA: I have one quick question for you in another regard, with Jim. Iíve been trying your ďsnap method.Ē (1) Itís not working for me very well. Iíve been doing some out of body stuff. That is not working for me very well. I donít seem to be able to access this. Can you quickly tell me if there is some block that I have that I need to pay attention to?

ELIAS: That would also be associated with trust, allowing yourself to relax and trust yourself. Trust your ability.

LUANA: Weíll be speaking more of this very soon, Iím sure.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: Goodbye, my friend.

ELIAS: To you in great fondness. Au revoir.

LUANA: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 3 minutes.


(1) The ďsnapĒ projection method is described in session 291, June 26, 1998.

Exercises: find out more about the snap exercise.

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