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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

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ďFocuses and ImpressionsĒ

ďQuestions About Energy ExchangesĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Dawn (Awan) and Mark (Baruch).

(Eliasí arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

DAWN: Good morning.

MARK: Good morning, Elias. (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: And what shall we be discussing?

DAWN: Iíve got some questions from our son Christopher to start with.

ELIAS: Very well.

DAWN: So, weíll start with those. One night in the UK, Chris and his friends saw three stars, in the formation of a triangle, moved like from one side of the sky to the other, and heís very curious about this. He wants to know if it was extraterrestrial.

ELIAS: No. This would be imagery that they created in cooperation concerning energy, and how energy moves much more strongly if generated with more than one individual, how pooling of energy of two or more individuals creates a strength and a power in which the individuals participating may create whatever they choose in an expression of ease.

The reason that it was imaged in the formation of a triangle was a type of symbolization, for the triangle symbolizes points of power similar to that of a pyramid, and in the cooperation of those points of power, it generates a tremendous strength of energy, which if applied in cooperation, may be quite efficient for generating whatever the individuals want to be creating cooperatively.

DAWN: He also, a couple of nights ago, had a similar thing happen with a star. He saw a star and he looked away, and when he looked back the star had moved. So is that similar? He was asking if he could move the star in his mind, so is it a very similar thing but doing it alone?

ELIAS: Yes, and to recognize that he creates that star, and therefore, he also incorporates the power to move it.

DAWN: Thatís what I thought, too. Thatís really cool, that imagery that he created of doing it.

At the moment, he actually feels that he has a lack of motivation, a lack of desire to achieve, and he feels directionless in his current focus. Heís wondering why heís creating that, and whether you would be able to offer any assistance with that.

ELIAS: Yes, I may be offering my energy to him also, in supportiveness and in playfulness. But I may also express that this is a temporary situation and is purposeful, for it is a time in which he may be more evaluating of himself and becoming much more familiar with himself, his energy and his abilities, a time framework to evaluate his preferences and therefore engage his communication of imagination more freely.

Therefore, I may express that it is of little concern actually that he is experiencing this temporary lack of motivation, so to speak. This shall pass. It is purposeful to be incorporating a time in which he may be focusing his attention upon himself and recognizing his own communications and his own preferences, to allow him to move more freely into an exploration of what he wants within this focus.

But I shall be offering my energy in playfulness to him, and you may express to him to be watchful for that energy. Perhaps that shall be somewhat motivating to be playing! (Both laugh)

DAWN: Have you been interactive with him previously? My impression was that you had.


DAWN: So he has to watch out for more! Lovely. At the end of the last session, Mark asked about a focus of Christopherís in ancient Rome. He thinks he has two focuses there, one as a gladiator and the other one is a high-positioned general of the army.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Heís offered two names. One is Julian...

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: ...and Chrystophedis.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: So, the gladiator is Julian?


DAWN: So theyíre both right. Excellent!

Now Iíve got some impressions from Sandy about a focus that he shares with me. The first one was Phoenician sailors in 600 BC who traffic with southern France.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: The second one is Victorian sisters together in northern England, either Bristol or Liverpool.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Is it Bristol or Liverpool, though?

ELIAS: The first.

DAWN: Egypt in 1200 BC, a love affair, same sexes as we are now.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Somewhere that feels cold ó is it up in Canada? Thereís tundra around. Iím the man and he thinks he is the daughter.

ELIAS: Correct, but alter the location: Norway.

DAWN: And now one in the Kalahari Desert, and Sandy says two lanky black hunters. We hide water in gourds.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: The last one he offered was in Vienna, the 18th century. Heís a doctor there, and he was in love with me but Iím married. I had the impression that that was my focus of Isabella.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Actually, thereís one more. He thought that I was his Japanese girlfriend who he got pregnant and then he simply just left me.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Thatís great! Recently I was talking to Fran, and she was telling me about little Maiah/Awan and her son Chris, who were playing with the globe. He was pointing out where Oregon is and where they live. She pointed to Sri Lanka and said that was where she lived and thatís where he lived, too, and there she was his mommy. So is she picking up on a focus there?


DAWN: Is that in the current timeframe?


DAWN: Because I still feel that I have one missing that I havenít identified yet. I thought she had found it for us! (Elias laughs) Can you offer a hint on that one, Elias?

ELIAS: My hint is that you continue your investigation! (All laugh)

DAWN: The other one is that Fran had a dream and from that dream I got the impression that she is Ellen Marryat.

ELIAS: Observing.

DAWN: But that was the dream, where sheís observing.


DAWN: Is Alice Barnard a focus of Gloria?

ELIAS: Also observing.

DAWN: KC, when she was looking at that, she said that she felt that it was a focus of Awan or Melody.

ELIAS: Melody.

DAWN: She also said that she found the energy of Melody and Awan very similar and difficult to differentiate. Is there similarity in the energy there?


DAWN: Is Maya of the Pleiades my focus?

ELIAS: That would be a translation, but yes.

DAWN: A question here for Katie/Muriel: Sheís interacting with someone at the moment subjectively, and can I just ask you without actually saying the name of who that person is, are they soul mates?


DAWN: Good, thatís great. Is W. C. Fields a focus of Carla?

ELIAS: Observing.

DAWN: Is Rrussell my granny in Iceland, my focus of Angelique?


DAWN: Yes. I had a lot of fun with that, because we both decided sheís very stern. (Both laugh)

Marie d'Agoult, is she a focus of mine?


DAWN: I was really confused about that one. I wasnít really sure on that. The reason why I suggested that was because Iíve had a fascination for George Sand since I was a lot younger, and I just thought that I might have a focus there with Daryl. And I do actually have a focus there with Daryl?


DAWN: Yes, someone else. And I shall be investigating! (Laughing) Does Patel have a focus there as well?


DAWN: Do I share nine focuses with Daryl, and Mark, seven?


DAWN: Is Antonia Brentano a focus of Baruch?

ELIAS: Observing.

DAWN: I have a question for Iona. Sheíd like to offer the impression of two more essences that sheís fragmented from, as well as Atheen, as being Awan and Elias.


DAWN: Back to the drawing board for Iona, then!

My Alterversity focus, Dana, Iím impressioning, Elias, that she has four children, the first with her brother Chele. The next two with Arkandin and the fourth with someone named Trivorak, who teaches at the Alterversity. Is that correct?


DAWN: I have to find out the essence of Trivorak. More fun. Markís focus of Tet-ay-akwan, a Navajo Indian, am I his sister there?


DAWN: And my name, is it Je-ara-wey?


DAWN: Does that mean ďvision in the skyĒ?

ELIAS: That would be a close translation, yes.

DAWN: And did I marry a focus of Arkandin?


DAWN: And his name is Ma-ak-etay?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Great! Iím going to hand you back over to Mark, now. (Elias laughs)

MARK: Gee, that was so quick! Thereíre just a few things here. Elias, Marcy shared a dream with Dawn and I that she had a few weeks ago. I had a look at this, and I think that the year is 2376 and that Dawn is called Quwan and Marcy is her sister Jesiah.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: She has three children, Althea and two sons called Neylan and Bejan.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: And Jesiah is with a man at that time whose name, I believe, is Adrossan?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Is Adrossan Marcyís current daughter, Ali?


MARK: Thatís great. In that same focus, I am with Dawn and my name is Mer.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: And we have two sons, one called Kyross and the other called Martray...

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: ...with another one on the way. Is that correct?


MARK: Now, I keep getting this one mixed up, so Dawn might correct me on this. But Marcy says that when she dreams, she dreams as being essence. Also, she wonders if there is a connection between Dawnís focus named Quwan and the focus of Kuan Yin. Is this a focus of Awan?


MARK: So what Marcy wants to find out with regard to her dreaming as being essence, my understanding of it is that when sheís dreaming, she feels like she doesnít actually connect in any physical way whatsoever, sheís just hearing voices, and so sheís actually calling that ďas being essence.Ē Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes. This would be the interpretation.

MARK: I still donít follow that but I think Dawn will be able to work that out with Marcy. (Both chuckle)

Also, a focus in the 11th century, where Arkandin and I are brothers in Norway and both of us love a focus of Awan. She marries Arkandin in that timeframe, but we all still have interactions together. Is this correct?


MARK: A few weeks ago we were just doing some energy work and at that time I believed that I saw a very green-looking energy. As we did more work, we believe that this energy is Otha. Is this correct?

ELIAS: No. This would be an energy expression of Lawrence.

MARK: We viewed this focus and believed that it was within the 17th century, where I believe that Dawn is Annette and Otha is her uncle, Philippe. Is that part of it correct?

ELIAS: That would be correct, but not in association with that energy expression. Those are two different expressions that you are connecting to.

MARK: So, then, in that part of it, Philippe is Otha?

ELIAS: Yes. What you have confused are two different energies. One is associated with that focus, and your impressions are correct. The other is merely an expression of energy which was associated with the color, which was an expression of Lawrence.

DAWN: Thatís interesting. This happened simultaneous, and thatís why we made the connection.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Well, thatís teaching us to be more aware, then.

MARK: Thatís most interesting. Thatíll be more fun to work with that, then. (Elias chuckles)

This is one that Iím not too sure, because I canít quite hear the name, Elias. This is my focus of Boudica, with Dawn as my daughter. We said we would do some work on trying to get Dawnís name. I get a name that sounds very much like Vitetra, and I think that the translation of this name means victory.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Great, excellent. Chloe, our daughter, has had a look at a life that sheís had with a current boyfriend in this focus, where she sees them as having a life in ancient Rome as a married couple with a child. Is this correct?


MARK: And is she the focus of Aphrodite?

ELIAS: No, but that would be a close translation of a similar expression of an other-dimensional focus.

MARK: Dawn went through a few confirmations, and Iíve got a few here as well. KC and Awan share 54 focuses?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Shilo and Awan share 58?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Baruch and Shilo, 64?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Awan and Otha, 74?

ELIAS: Reverse numbers.

MARK: Reverse. So then itís 47.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Dawn with Rrussell, 68.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Carla with Rrussell, 46.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Dawn with Carla, 51.

ELIAS: Fifty.

MARK: Mark with Rrussell, 65.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Mark with Carla, 73.

ELIAS: Once again, reverse numbers.

MARK: Just before we called you, I was doing a bit of focusing. I could actually see a pattern of stars, and I felt like I was being drawn to a star close to the center of this constellation. I believe the constellation to be the Pleiades. The star in question that Iím focusing on, I get is 1,634 light-years beyond the Pleiades constellation. There is a planet there which is called Heshlandra. Is this correct?

ELIAS: That would be a translation, but somewhat accurate.

MARK: On this planet, I actually feel that thereís a focus of mine who is called Boresh.

ELIAS: Correct, but that would also be a translation.

MARK: In what way is it a translation?

ELIAS: For the language is expressed differently, and therefore it does not incorporate the sounds that you incorporate in association with your language. But in translating languages, that would be a close translation.

MARK: I understand that, because although this is just recently, I actually felt that this is a focus of myself, as I said. I felt a very strong draw to this and felt that I was actually starting to communicate in a strange way with him, with this focus, almost like I was actually viewing from his eyes what he was looking at. He was looking at the atmosphere, which was a very electric blue with yellow through it. It was quite amazing. I just want to know if I am going along the right path with this.


MARK: With that, Iíd like to know more on some of the interactions that Iíve had. I know that a few of the people on the list have actually talked about channeling a focus of mine, BahíRand, and Iím just curious as to how this is actually working, whether this is actually a true connection to BahíRand or whether it is a translation of somebody connecting to, in actual fact, themselves, and believing or translating it as being from a focus of me.

ELIAS: Yes, for the most part that would be what is occurring, with the exception of some brief momentary tappings into your essence energy. But for the most part, it is a translation and is not actually what you would term to be a channeling of information from your essence.

MARK: Because if it is my focus, I would know this. If I actually focus on BahíRand, for example, and feel into his energy, I feel that I would actually be able to know within myself, because it is me...

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: ...whether somebody is actually really doing that or not. I felt that it wasnít... I just didnít feel that it was right.

ELIAS: Correct. Also to be generating that type of action, what occurs is an individual allowing themselves an openness, but it is the choice of the other essence to be, in a manner of speaking, taking advantage of that openness and choosing to be expressing an exchange of energy.

As an example, in this energy exchange that I participate in with Michael, Michael expresses the openness to allow that to occur, but Michael cannot pull my energy and manipulate my energy. I choose to incorporate Michaelís receptiveness.

Therefore, in association with yourself as essence, there may be many individuals that may be expressing an openness and a receptiveness to you, but if you do not choose to be interacting in that manner, it shall not occur, for it is the choice of the essence that is engaging the exchange, not the choice of the individual that is receptive to the exchange. It is a cooperative effort, but no essence can pull another essence into that type of exchange. You may tap into the energy of another essence or energy deposits of another essence, but to be engaging an energy exchange requires the desire and the willingness of the essence that is being sought, not the seeker.

MARK: I understand that, because I know that I have tapped into an energy deposit, for example, connecting to Dawnís grandmother. That is sort of not channeling as we were speaking of. That is just purely tapping into that essenceís energy deposit.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: It is much easier to connect with, obviously, another focus of yourself, to be facilitating what weíve been talking as channeling.


MARK: So, my question is, I know that you just explained about Michael and yourself, but there arenít too many people, or Iím not aware of too many people, within this timeframe who have that I donít know whether to say ability or gift or whatever, but have the capability of having an energy exchange. Is this something that will become more and more common as time goes by?

ELIAS: First of all, I may express to you that you all incorporate the ability. It is not a matter of ability; it is a matter of willingness and openness to allow that type of exchange. And I may express to you that there are more individuals that are incorporating that willingness, and that is increasing. As I expressed previously, a time framework ago within these sessions, there were much fewer as we began this exchange, and those numbers have been increasing. As individuals continue to be moving in conjunction with this shift in consciousness and widening their awareness, they do allow more of an openness.

Now; that may not necessarily be expressed in an energy exchange with another essence, although that is occurring also in increasing numbers. But it is also being expressed by individuals channeling information from their own essence, which as I have expressed many times is no less valid. It is merely a question of what individuals draw themselves to in association with their curiosity, their fascinations and their preferences.

Individuals that draw themselves to the information that I offer do so, for the most part, in conjunction with a preference and a desire to be offering themselves information with the least amount of distortion. But regardless of distortion, that is not to say that other information that is being offered is any less valid, for it may be more suitable to the preferences of other individuals that may not necessarily concern themselves with distortion and may be focusing their directions in different manners.

But it continues to be a movement of this shift in consciousness. There are many avenues in which information is being offered and in which individuals provide themselves with information to be widening their awareness in many different manners. This is merely one avenue.

MARK: I think the reason why I was following that track was that the last time I spoke to you I said I thought I was able to tap into energy deposits fairly easily and that I felt it was going to get easier. Then, over the past few weeks, I have actually felt strange sort of like connections going on inside of me. This evening when I sort of just closed my eyes and focused and started to see this pattern of stars, it was like I was just drawn to this particular part. I could hear a name of I believe it would be a planet and the distance that it was from everything, and I could hear this voice and I could hear this name, which you said was the translation of Boresh. I felt that by seeing things through his eyes, I felt like I wanted to talk, but talk as him.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may express to you that were you to be engaging speaking in the manner in which that focus incorporates speaking, so to speak, it would be quite confusing. For that language, in a manner of speaking, would be expressed more accurately in sounds of what you would hear as clicks and almost what you would interpret as low and soft growls and buzzes ó many clicks!

MARK: I suppose thatís why I felt that I couldnít talk!

ELIAS: You may be translating, but to be actually speaking would be quite confusing, and I wager that you would not understand what you were speaking. (Laughter)

MARK: I felt like I couldnít talk, and that was probably the reason why. Then I wrote down ďtelepathic,Ē and I felt thatís what would eventuate should I choose to continue with this connection.

ELIAS: Correct. Or you may translate into your language, although that may be somewhat confusing also, for that focusí reality is quite different from your own and there may be some element of confusion in the translation. But this is not to say that you may not be offering yourself information through the translation, somewhat similar to translating a different language within your physical reality, one that you do not necessarily speak, but were you to allow yourself, in your terms, to learn that language or to become familiar with that foreign language, you would incorporate the ability to translate it into your own native language. It would not be entirely accurate, for in any translation there is some element that does not entirely accurately translate. But for the most part, it would be close.

MARK: Thatís interesting. When you mentioned earlier about Michael and yourself, that you actually utilize the mannerisms of Michael within this focus...

ELIAS: Not entirely. I do manipulate the physical form somewhat differently than Michael manipulates his own energy, and therefore, the mannerisms or the movements may be somewhat different, for it is a different energy which is being expressed. But I do incorporate filtering my energy in a manner in which all of you may more easily connect to and more easily understand and assimilate the information that I offer to you. For were I to be engaging this exchange and not incorporating what is known and familiar to you within your physical reality, you would not pay attention.

For in actuality, I do not incorporate the types of expressions that you do within your reality. I do not incorporate emotion or thought or actual verbal language, but these are all elements that you incorporate and that are familiar to you, and they are elements of your reality that you understand. As I have expressed previously to individuals within this forum, I have incorporated twice an offering of what the exchange would appear to be were I not to be incorporating what is familiar to you. In both of those time frameworks none of the individuals participating within the session incorporates a recall of any information that was shared. All that is recalled is a sense of an uncomfortable, flat feeling.

MARK: So just very quick, just to go back to that, this translation of Boresh, is that an actual place or is it... I donít know what to say.

DAWN: Is it within this dimension?

ELIAS: Yes, and an actual physical location and an actual being, yes.

Now; I may also express to you that in practicing with this openness that you are experimenting with, that also allows you to generate more of a general openness. In association with energy exchanges, there are always essences that are available and willing to be generating an energy exchange with any of you. It is merely a matter of your own allowance and openness, and a willingness to participate in that type of exchange. In the recognition of the receptor, so to speak ó which would be you ó another essence may choose to be engaging that openness.

Now; what you incorporate as choice, also, in that type of interaction is whether you actually want to be engaging that type of action or whether you incorporate an interest in that type of action. For another essence may generate an availability to you, but shall also allow you to be generating the choice of whether you want to be engaging that type of interaction, for there is no force associated with an energy exchange. It is a cooperation. If one or the other of the essences chooses not to be participating, that is agreed.

MARK: I feel like especially in the last six months to a year, I feel that Iíve been getting more and more close to allowing this to happen. Iím not quite sure of this.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but allow yourself to not overwhelm yourself.

MARK: Thank you for that.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) You are quite welcome.

MARK: I think you have something to ask, Dawn?

DAWN: Christopher just got back to me with the name for that focus of Julian. Heís come back with ďJulian the Apostate.Ē

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Thatís really great. Can I just go back to where you commented about Marcy thinking that Kuan Yin was a focus of Awan? Is that Kuan Yin who is still recognized as a goddess?

ELIAS: No, that is merely a similarity of name.

DAWN: The other thing I wanted to know was am I in transition?

ELIAS: Slightly.

DAWN: Slightly?!

ELIAS: Yes. (Both laugh)

DAWN: Iím just dipping my toe in!

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. (Laughs)

DAWN: I thought you would either be in transition or not in transition.

ELIAS: But there are varying degrees. Some individuals incorporate more a strength in a degree of their participation in that action. Some individuals incorporate a slight degree of incorporating that action and therefore may actually, at times, even fluctuate, in which in some time frameworks they may be engaging that action and in some time frameworks they may not.

DAWN: Does that increase with time or...?

ELIAS: It is the choice of the individual. It may or it may not. If the individual chooses to be moving more strongly into that action, they can and they shall. But if they are not generating much energy in association with that action, they may not increase.

DAWN: Is Mark dispersed?


DAWN: And Iím not dispersed?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAWN: Thatís the end of my questions.

MARK: On the dispersed side of things ó and Iíll ask this very quickly ó when Iím actually doing focusing, I actually feel as if I am that person. I experience the feelings, the emotions, everything to do with that person, and Iím also able to experience emotions and the feelings of maybe somebody that theyíre interacting with at that time. Is this sort of linked to maybe being observing essence of one of those individuals, or does that not come into the equation at all?

ELIAS: No, not necessarily. It is an allowance of yourself to be manipulating your energy in conjunction with being a dispersed essence and also incorporating your empathic sense naturally, not incorporating much of an objective focus upon that empathic sense but allowing yourself to couple that with the expression of being a dispersed essence. Therefore, you allow yourself this type of experience in which you are experiencing what the other individuals are experiencing.

MARK: Itís very powerful.

ELIAS: I am understanding. (Chuckles)

MARK: Just one final thing. I know weíve actually shared a number of lives together. Am I observing essence to a lot of your focuses?

ELIAS: Several.

MARK: Iím trying to work out there, again, whether itís being dispersed or whether thatís... Thatís why I asked the question linking being dispersed with being an observing essence, whether you can confuse being an observing essence of a focus or just experiencing the dispersed-ness that you have the capability of.

ELIAS: At times that may be somewhat of a confusion. But the manner in which you may differentiate is that for the most part, although you may be experiencing what another individual is experiencing in conjunction with being a dispersed essence, you continue to incorporate a sense of your own identity, and you incorporate a sense of the other individual as being another individual. Whereas, in association with an observing essence, many times, actually for the most part, an individual views that in the same manner that they would view themselves. Are you understanding?

MARK: Yes, I am. Thatís been an enormous help. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MARK: Well, I think thatís exactly one hour. Fantastic! Well timed! (Elias and Mark laugh) And we havenít had Polly chew the cable, so weíve done very well then. We were talking with Michael earlier, and she had been told that Polly is probably not happy with you being there and this why sheís attacking the cable. Sheís now being told that you are quite welcome.

ELIAS: I may express to you that there is being established an understanding, and there is much more of an allowance and a willingness to be cooperating with myself than there was expressed previously. (Laughs)

MARK: Wonderful. Well, thatís great. Thank you very much, Elias. Itís been absolutely wonderful exchanging again with you objectively. I know that we continue to do this subjectively as well, and we greatly appreciate your being.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friends. I express to both of you, as always, my affection and my fondness in our friendship. To you each in great lovingness and playfulness, I bid you both a very fond au revoir.

MARK: Until next time.

DAWN: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 3 minutes.

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