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Saturday, May 08, 2004

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ďConnecting with Future FocusesĒ

ďIs There Memory after Death?Ē

Participants: Mary (Michael), Steve (Soloron) and Mike (Laz).

(Eliasí arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

STEVE & MIKE: Good afternoon.

ELIAS: Welcome!

STEVE: Thank you!

MIKE: Thanks for having us.

STEVE: Well, this is the first time Iíve talked to you in person for about two years or so. Itís good to see you again.

ELIAS: And you also.

STEVE: Do I look different to you than I do to him, for example?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Quite!

STEVE: (Laughs) What do I look like, anyway? What do we look like?

ELIAS: Energy.

STEVE: You described different personalities or essences as different animals. What would we each be? Iíve been kind of curious about that one. (Pause)

ELIAS: I would express your energy to be likened to that of a rat...

STEVE: (Laughs) Really?!

ELIAS: (Looking at Mike) ...and your energy to be likened to an otter.

MIKE: Iíll have to think about that one; I donít know!

ELIAS: Both incorporating tremendous curiosity, but in different capacities. (Chuckles)

STEVE: Iíve got some questions that other people wanted me to ask, so I guess Iíll start. Iona wanted me to ask a question for her, because I posed a question for her to ask you at one point. She says, ďDawn/Awan had an impression that coincided with other clues I presented myself with. I wanted to know if Tristram and Isolde are focuses or translations of focuses of Iona and Elan, and if they are in this dimension.Ē

ELIAS: Yes, but not in this dimension.

STEVE: I wanted to move on to... Unless you wanted to throw something out there?

MIKE: No, thatís all right. Iíll pick it up.

STEVE: My brother wanted me to ask some questions. This is something thatís been on my mind for a few years now. When my brother was real little, there was a word he used to say. I think it was like, ďzet-tah,Ē or something like that.

MIKE: It was, exactly: ďzet-TAH.Ē

STEVE: What did that mean? Was there any significance to it? Was he connecting with something?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Yes. This would be a translation that he has created into words within your spoken communication. It is a translation of a type of communication which is not actually the type of language that you incorporate in words, more associated with sounds but not in the formation that you create in words. This is an expression connected with an other-dimensional focus of himself. Loosely translated it would be incorporating the meaning of ďgo away.Ē

MIKE: (All laugh) Was he conveying that to us, that he just wanted to do his thing?

ELIAS: It is a term that he incorporated in moments of pushing energy away.

STEVE: He would sometimes say that, and he seemed to say it most happily when he said it.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I am quite understanding, for he is the only individual that understands the joke! (Laughs)

STEVE: That seemed to be! Wow!

MIKE: And now weíre going to have to explain it to him! (Laughs)

STEVE: We can throw it right back at him now!

MIKE: We can, and we will!

ELIAS: Very well!

STEVE: He had an image pre-sleep; I think he was just about to fall asleep. He saw an image of a tall, thin African fellow living in central Africa. Is this another focus of himself?


STEVE: When?

ELIAS: Early 20th century.

MIKE: Is there a possibility that he and I shared this time as similar focuses?


MIKE: The reason I say that is because that area seems to fascinate me. I think Iíd put it a little earlier, but thatís about the time. In central Africa somewhere?


STEVE: Occasionally heíll hear a voice waking him up in the morning. Itíll say, ďHey, Mike!Ē Itíll sound like a womanís voice waking him up. What is that? He wanted to know what that was.

ELIAS: This is another aspect of himself, a future focus.

STEVE: Really? Does this focus know about him and is trying to make contact?


MIKE: Is the future focus more aware of the several focuses that an essence takes, and is reaching, sort of projecting?


STEVE: Why is she fascinated with him as he is now?

ELIAS: For he is participating in this shift. There are many future focuses that incorporate an interest in focuses that are manifest now in their participation in this shift in consciousness.

STEVE: Are any of my future focuses trying to contact me?

ELIAS: There is an interest.

Now; understand that any focus that may be a future focus that may incorporate an interest in connecting with a focus within this time framework, the future focus incorporates an awareness of the openness or the willingness of the focus in this time framework and therefore shall seek out those that allow that to be incorporated, or shall seek out those focuses that share an interest.

The interest on the part of any of you within this time framework, generally speaking, is expressed in association with acquiring information concerning future abilities or to be generating information concerning the Shift itself and your participation in it, and allowing yourselves to generate a greater understanding of yourselves and your movement and your abilities Ė in a manner of speaking, incorporating the information from a future focus to be helpful to you in your movement in your participation in this shift.

The future individual incorporates somewhat of a different interest. Their interest is more generally associated with historical information and the accuracy of that, and generating an allowance of their abilities to be interactive with and communicating with other focuses that shall be receptive.

You yourselves incorporate a greater awareness of other focuses than those within previous centuries, and those within previous centuries, not incorporating the awareness that you do now, are not as receptive to your interaction. You may view them, but they may not necessarily be as receptive to actually interacting with you. Therefore, in your projections with past focuses, you either project and experience the experiences of the other focus or you view the other focus, but you do not actually incorporate an actual interaction in which you are communicating back and forth with each other.

Future focuses incorporate the awareness that they express this ability, and they also incorporate the awareness that you are becoming aware of these abilities and therefore you are more receptive to participating with them, not merely being observed or experienced but actually communicating.

MIKE: So itís an interaction that occurs?

ELIAS: Yes. Future focuses, having widened their awareness to a point, are not threatened within their identity in interaction with another focus. Whereas, with less of an awareness objectively, many individuals would be experiencing that threat of their identity in association with actual interaction with another focus; therefore, they do not generate it. But as you are participating in this shift in consciousness, you are widening your awareness. Therefore, you are thinning those veils of separation, and you are allowing yourselves to discover your abilities and allowing yourselves to hold within your individual identity and not confuse that with another individual that is another attention of your essence.

MIKE: Iíd like to ask this now; I know that your mom would want me to. We had two very dear pets, two guinea pigs. One was Marianne; one was Hobbes. Iím not sure if itís an appropriate question to say ďwhere are they nowĒ because I know itís sort of a flowing thing, but Iím going to ask. Where are they now? Are they okay? What are they doing?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, creatures are a creation of you. Creatures are not in themselves essence, but indirectly they are, for they are your creation and you are essence. You create creatures from links of consciousness.

Now; as creatures disengage this reality, generally speaking what occurs is they reconfigure that energy. They do not reincarnate, they reconfigure, and they may choose to be manifesting in another form. They may manifest in a similar form or they may choose to be manifesting in a different form, any form that is an expression of you that you create within your reality.

At times you choose, in cooperation with those links of consciousness, to reconfigure that creature in the form of another creature and incorporate that in your experience again; or in cooperation with the creature, you may be reconfiguring energy with those links of consciousness and it may be manifest in a different form and be experiencing with other individuals.

These two creatures have been reconfigured and are manifest, not both as guinea pigs Ė one as a cat and one as a fish.

STEVE: Have they run into us since then?

ELIAS: Not yet. (Chuckles)

MIKE: I have a good friend. Iíve known him for 35 years. He is totally blind in this focus. I was wondering about his essence family and alignment Ė my friend Fred Ė what his essence family is.

ELIAS: And your impression?

MIKE: I knew you were going to ask that. (Elias laughs) My impression would be that everybody should think the way I think, and so he should be Sumari because of my way of approaching this reality. Iím not sure exactly. I really have no impression, other than since we get along that we are of kindred spirit, and heís possibly the same as I am.

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari.

MIKE: This is sort of a multiple question. Iíve always had a fascination with the mid-1700s, French and Indian war, Revolutionary War, Civil War Ė which is obviously a long period, although I donít feel the same positive feeling about the Civil War as I do... It seems to me I have a lot of fascination with wartime! I have the impression that either it is just an interesting part of history or that I have had multiple focuses in one or more of these times...

ELIAS: All of these times.

MIKE: ...and I share some of these, at least, with my friend Fred.

ELIAS: Yes, and many other focuses.

MIKE: Iíve got this impression of Fred, perfectly sighted there, and I running around.

STEVE: Have I shared any of these focuses with him?


STEVE: How many? I donít get the same kind of wartime impression that he does about my own essence. Is that something that Iím just not seeing, or am I right that I just donít have that kind of fascination as much with my essence?

ELIAS: You do incorporate some focuses in time frameworks in which there is generated wars. Few of them are those which you are actually participating as what you would term to be a significant role or within a military figure. Most of the focuses that you incorporate in association with war would be civilians, and not very excited concerning the prospect! (Chuckles)

MIKE: Was I mostly in the military in these other focuses?

ELIAS: Most of your experiences with these focuses concerning war have been associated with military positions or some association in that capacity Ė not necessarily always as a soldier, so to speak, but in some capacity in which you are actively interacting in the machinery of war: as a nurse, a doctor, many soldiers, advisors, and one as a political figure.

MIKE: Which era, if I may ask? (Pause)

ELIAS: That would be within the late 1700s, early 1800s.

STEVE: Was it Thomas Jefferson?

MIKE: I donít get that feeling.


STEVE: I was just kind of taking a guess. That leads me to something you talked about last time. You gave me an Easter egg hunt about some of my famous focuses, and I found two. Now, my third one is my early 19th century American politician. Iím having a terrible time finding him! I seem to be observing all of these presidents, and itís like Iím getting interference because Iím picking up these people that I have connections to but Iím not necessarily that person.

ELIAS: Not a president. Perhaps that shall narrow your investigation.

STEVE: I donít know any other 19th century American politicians that werenít presidents! But that was the first one that you mentioned to me, so I thought maybe itís somebody that would just come leaping out at me. Youíre going to tell me that itís somebody that Iím quite familiar with!

ELIAS: This would be the exercise in listening to your impressions in your investigation, in genuinely paying attention to what you are communicating to yourself Ė not guessing and not wishful thinking! (Laughs)

STEVE: Thereís a lot of that, too! Itís tough to separate that, though. Itís tough for me, at least personally, to figure out whatís an impression versus whatís a guess or whatís something that Iíd like to be true.

ELIAS: Allow yourself to feel into your impression and sense the energy. The energy of the individual that you seek shall be similar to your own. Pay attention to that.

MIKE: Is that always the case? The energy you seek is similar to your own?

ELIAS: In some capacity, yes.

STEVE: I donít know if it was an impression or not, but one of the names that popped up in my head was Davey Crockett. But I got the feeling that there was somebody else who had already laid claim to that person (Elias chuckles), but I donít know if I can actually verify that.

ELIAS: I may express to you that you incorporate the role of observing essence with that individual, which is equally as significant. But this is not the individual that you are seeking in your treasure hunt! (Laughs)

MIKE: Iíd like to ask about my father and his essence family. Again, I would think that I should know. I donít have any impressions as to what his essence family is. I sense builder, perhaps. Iím wondering if weíve shared any past focuses. I donít get a feeling that weíve shared many, if any. Boy, that was a multiple question!

ELIAS: Essence family, Gramada. Yes, you do incorporate other focuses, and your impression is correct that you do not incorporate many, but you do incorporate some.

MIKE: How many focuses have I in this particular reality?

ELIAS: Nine hundred eleven.

MIKE: In reading the Seth Material and some of Sethís writings, he speaks of focus Ė well, he didnít use the term ďfocusĒ; he used the term ďincarnationĒ Ė and he suggested sort of a linear property to it, that you would finish one particular focus and then youíd cross over and youíd be planning your next focus, and that you really shouldnít come back too soon, you should take some time to put it all together. Your explanation, and I guess even Sethís, sort of goes into this, too. He sees them more as spokes, and when the focuses are over, the spokes come inward; they all happen simultaneously and they go back. Iím just trying to reconcile why he described it as a linear thing at one point and as a concurrent experience in another way. It seemed to be a contradiction.

ELIAS: It is not a contradiction.

MIKE: Ah, I was afraid you were going to say that!

ELIAS: In this, first of all recognize that information is offered in the capacity that you allow it to be received and that you may understand, and it is expanded upon as you expand your awareness and what you allow yourselves to assimilate. I incorporate a similar method, if you will. I offer information and I expand that information in association with how you expand your awareness and what capacity you allow yourselves in your understanding and your assimilation of information.

Now; it also is not a contradiction, for you create a reality incorporating linear time; therefore, the way that you perceive your reality is in a linear fashion. You view your reality in association with past, present and future. They are all simultaneous, but in your reality, physically, they are not.

Each time framework is separated by a veil, an inter-dimensional dimensional veil. You incorporate your reality in this physical dimension, but there are many, many, many dimensions within your dimension. This is the separation of time. In that separation of time, it allows you to view other time frameworks and catalog other time frameworks and remember other time frameworks, but it also allows you to be focused in your attention in one manifestation, in one attention.

Therefore, in the design of linear time, you allow yourselves to incorporate other information, and you allow yourselves to connect with and express your ability to be aware of other focuses of attention that are you but to continue to express the purity of your own experiences without confusion. In widening your awareness in shifting, you are thinning those veils of separation and allowing yourselves to express more of your abilities in recognizing that you are much vaster than one attention.

MIKE: One question we had is when the focuses are over, I think it would be kind of fun to... I guess I feel like Iíll be left with simply memories of all of the many attentions of myself, the focuses of myself, and itís a pretty big collection. Iím having trouble wrapping my brain around this! (Laughs)

STEVE: Maybe I can take a stab at this. Iím trying to just figure out... Iím still thinking very physically about the whole thing. When my time is up, I die, disengage, whatever you want to call it, and I go through transition, at some point I will sort of remember or notice or open myself to all the other physical focuses of my essence. But right now I canít get past the feeling, to this attention, to this focus that it will be like I lived this focus but then Iím assimilating the memories of all the others. To my focus as it is now, as the way I feel it, itís almost like this is the only one that will be real to me and all the others will just be memories that Iím borrowing from other attentions.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

STEVE: Iím glad YOU do!

ELIAS: Now; let me express to you, each attention is unique. It does not become assimilated into this cosmic idea that you incorporate to be essence. You ARE essence. You ARE essence in this one attention, but you also are essence in many other attentions. No attention is less significant than any other attention.

The uniqueness and the identity of each attention is not lost; it continues, and it continues to incorporate its choices of how it shall direct itself in whatever exploration it chooses. Therefore, you as this individual within this focus, within this manifestation Ė this lifetime, if you will Ė once you incorporate the choice of death, you continue in your identity. That is not lost.

You do not incorporate the memories of all of the other focuses of attention Ė you incorporate the experience. It shall not be generated as memories that you have not experienced, for the awareness is such that the time element is dismantled. Therefore, there is no memory. Memory is associated with objective awareness. Within nonphysical areas of consciousness, there is no objective awareness. Memory also is a construct of time, and within nonphysical areas of consciousness, time is simultaneous. Therefore, what you generate is the experience of all of the focuses of attention, which are you. Therefore, there is no separation, although you incorporate your individuality and your uniqueness of you.

MIKE: Iím going to have to work on that!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) As I have expressed previously, this is the reason that I incorporate little conversation or discussions or information concerning nonphysical areas of consciousness, for you incorporate no reference. Therefore, it is quite challenging and difficult to be generating an accurate understanding.

You incorporate a perception, which is also an objective mechanism, and perception creates things: it creates associations and it creates manifestations. There is what you view as an order to your creations, to your manifestations, and in that order, in accordance with the blueprint of your particular dimension and physical reality, it is somewhat Ė almost Ė impossible to generate a physical understanding of how different expressions may be occurring simultaneously if they appear to be incongruous with each other.

How may you be you and continue to incorporate your uniqueness and your identity that you recognize as you in this focus and be one attention, but be essence and incorporate the experience of all of the focuses of attention? Those appear to be an impossibility, for they appear to you to be two very different expressions.

It may be easier to understand if you are being absorbed or assimilated into some greater expression which is essence and thusly you become a part of this whole, but this is not correct. That is associated with many philosophies that you incorporate within your reality, which is also associated with many beliefs that are expressed within your reality, but it is not accurate. This is not what occurs.

MIKE: After we disengage, can we go back and re-experience something that we might have enjoyed, like playing the record again because you like the song, so to speak?

ELIAS: It is unnecessary, for the experience is continuously present.

MIKE: I guess Iíll have to grapple with the concept of the experience being continually present. Then itís not a matter of having to play it again, itís a matter of focusing oneís attention on that particular experience as it continually plays.

ELIAS: Yes. THAT is more accurate.

MIKE: Boy, I wish Iíd paid attention to what I just said! (Elias laughs)

Something just popped in my head. I donít know whether you were there at the time. We were sitting at the kitchen table many years ago, and there was something that can best be described as a puff of smoke.

STEVE: I remember that! It went right in front of my face!

MIKE: Oh, did it? Okay, then it wasnít just something playing tricks. I donít think I was wearing glasses at the time.

STEVE: It smelled weird. I remember it because it was right in front of me.

MIKE: Was that something that maybe was just a bad wire somewhere? What was it?

STEVE: It was a boogeyman.

ELIAS: Ah, interesting. The automatic response Ė bad wire or a boogeyman!

MIKE: That covers both sides!

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may express to you as I have previously, all of consciousness occupies the same space arrangement. Therefore, as an example, within this very room that you are occupying in this moment, there are countless energies, literally countless, for within this space arrangement there are dimensions upon dimensions upon dimensions, and there are attentions upon attentions upon attentions, and essences upon essences upon essences superimposed in layers that are merely separated by perception.

At times, there is a slight crack in the layers, and at times there is an allowance of yourselves to glimpse briefly other expressions that occupy the same space arrangement. At times you may glimpse another essence, at times you may glimpse a manifestation of an essence. It may be a manifestation of your own essence; it may be a bleed-through; it may be an apparition. Apparitions are quite real. I have projected myself into them at times.

In this, you experience a moment which many individuals quite quickly dismiss and express to themselves that it has been imagined or you generate some rational explanation. But I may express to you, there are more expressions within your reality than you realize. There are many, many different expressions, some of which bleed-through into your reality within your physical dimension. Some manifest; some merely are a glimpse; some are energy deposits.

This was not an energy deposit. This was another manifestation that you merely glimpsed momentarily. It is not a ghost.

MIKE: Another manifestation, then, being a projection or a...?

ELIAS: Not human. Another manifestation, another physical energy that has been allowed to bleed-through. Many times these types of manifestations are other essences that may not necessarily be physically manifest but are projecting a strength in energy to create some type of form.

MIKE: Would that be another type of focus?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. That may occur, in which you present yourself with another focus, and you may even generate an actual form. But many times it is an energy manifestation of another essence that is not necessarily physically focused; it does not incorporate a physical focus within your dimension. This occurs quite frequently, in actuality.

Many individuals allow themselves to view these types of manifestations or those of your own essences that are occupying other physical dimensions, which is the expression of all of your extra-terrestrial encounters: individuals presenting themselves with other focuses of themselves in another form which occupies another physical dimension, translated in some manner into this dimension in a manner that you may understand or that you generate in association with what is known within your physical reality.

STEVE: I wanted to talk for a bit about projection. At the risk of being chided for drifting around Ė Iím doing it right now Ė and not putting enough of my efforts into it, Iíve been trying, on and off, projection or out-of-body experience or whatever you want to call it.

Shortly after I got the cassette from my first conversation with you when you said that you would help me out, I actually did have an experience, which youíre probably aware of. I was laying in bed; it was early in the morning. I got the creepy vibes going on in my head, and I did something that I never really tried before: I just sat up. I just sat straight up, and I realized I was still down there, but I was not. Anyway, I felt myself standing or whatever next to my bed, and it looked like I was looking under water. I tried going through my bed, but I couldnít; I kind of bumped right into it. So I kind of leaned forward and I floated around my apartment, or at least a replica of it, a little bit. You are just loving this Ė big grin on your face! (Elias chuckles)

Anyway, it was really something. Itís something that validated that I can do it, but I havenít been able to replicate it. This has been something that I deal with a lot, where Iíll be interested in something but I donít have the discipline to focus enough of myself into it to really see it through. When Iím doing something, I get this automatic thing of ďI must not be doing it right, so Iím just going to stop.Ē Iím not going to ride with it and make little adjustments to it; Iíll just either get encouraged or get discouraged, and never the twain shall meet.

One of the ideas Iím thinking of is are there any essences that are willing to be my projection coach? Anybody free on Tuesday and Thursday nights that can just stop by and pick me up by the nape of the neck and drag me over and help me to interact and get me to where I want to be and give me the push?

ELIAS: (Laughs) There is an essence that is already incorporating an energy with you! But what is the block, so to speak, is not that you are not being offered energy in encouragement but that you are incorporating too much effort.

STEVE: Pushing too hard?


Now; let me express to you, this is an automatic response. You generate an experience and a curiosity or a fascination with a particular direction, and you generate an experience initially. The reason that you incorporate difficulty in replicating that is that you are incorporating two associations: one action of pushing your energy and forcing and the association of recognizing that you are somewhat forcing your energy, and that sparks another association, which is quite automatic, in not wanting to be expressing that much energy. It is too much work; therefore, you shall not engage it.

STEVE: Exactly!

ELIAS: Yes, and it is no longer fun, for it is a project. It is likened to an assignment. It is not an action that you are incorporating in ease and fun. You are analyzing and attempting to scientifically reproduce what you generated spontaneously! (Laughs) Whereas, if you are merely allowing yourself to relax and be PLAYFUL and not so very analytical...

STEVE: There can be playfulness in analyticalness!

ELIAS: There may be, and you may be generating that at times, but not with this particular subject.

STEVE: No, Iíll agree with you there!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Therefore, if you are so choosing, you may be allowing the helpfulness of THIS ESSENCE, which has been interactive with you continuously, and be playful rather than analytical, and allow yourself to relax and not view the action as work!

STEVE: Kind of tied to that, Iíll notice every now and then, Iíll have this sensation which will last for a good stretch. The best way to describe it is a concentration of energy around the back of my head and the back of my neck. Is that this, or is that you basically yelling at me like ďhere, this is what itís supposed to feel likeĒ?

ELIAS: It is not concerning what it is SUPPOSED to feel like, but it is an encouragement.

STEVE: Give me some examples. How can I try and be playful about this? I admit Iím being a little structured and organized, like Iím going to try it now and oh, itís not working, so whatís on TV? (Elias laughs) Give me some examples. How can I look at this? Maybe I can change the way I look at it. Give me some ideas, please.

ELIAS: I may express to you an exercise, that you allow yourself to be incorporating your communication of imagination and allow yourself freedom with that, not discounting any expression that you offer to yourself, regardless of how bizarre it appears to you initially, and allow yourself to be playful with that communication. It IS real. There is no thing and no expression that you can imagine that is not real, literally.

MIKE: Does that mean you make it real when you imagine it, or does that mean that youíre tapping into some other reality...?

ELIAS: Both, dependent upon how you allow yourself. You are tapping into some other expression of consciousness. You are tapping into other energies, and that is being translated into a communication. In that communication, once you have offered the communication to yourself, it is your choice of whether you generate it into reality or not.

This is significant, for it allows you to be incorporating an actual action of playfulness and allowance. It does not incorporate the action of analyzation.

STEVE: Not even just a little bit? (Elias laughs) I notice this is the second time youíve suggested to me that I listen to imagination. The first time was when I asked Iona to ask you for any career advice you might have for me. One thing thatís popping into my head is that imagination is so useful itíll be launching me into all sorts of different directions...


STEVE: ...or is it something where I can learn how to project and make a career out of it?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) You may incorporate that also, but your first assessment is correct.

STEVE: Thatís the thing. If I listen to my imagination, Iíd be looking in the classified ads for space pirate and superhero and ninja and whatnot!

ELIAS: And you may be surprised at what you offer yourself and what you allow yourself to create if you are allowing yourself to be listening to that communication more clearly.

MIKE: Talking about imagination, Iím not sure if this is a question or just an observation. I found that it was a lot easier for me to go off on some kind of creative excursion when we were working on a project for one of my sons here, and just working it out, like whether itís fiction, the (inaudible) book, or something else. I found it was easier and it came more easily when it was for them than when itís for me, and it intrigued me that Iím for whatever the reason imposing...

ELIAS: Which is quite commonly expressed. You allow much more with other individuals than you do with yourselves.

MIKE: You impose more restrictions on yourself than you do other people.

ELIAS: Yes, yes. Now; were you to be allowing yourself in the capacity that you allow other individuals, imagine the possibilities! Ha ha ha!

We shall incorporate a brief break and you may continue with your questions.

STEVE: Okay.

ELIAS: Very well.

STEVE: Thank you.

(Elias departs after 58 minutes.)

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