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Sunday, May 30, 2004

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ďConnecting with a Dis-Engaged HusbandĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Luana (Ring).

(Eliasí arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LUANA: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And what shall we be discussing?

LUANA: Well, there are two main things happening in my life right now. One is Jim, which we didnít get to cover at all last time, and of course, the Ten Mile Ranch situation is still hovering in the background. So I might switch back and forth between those two this morning.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: Mostly I want to talk about Jim. We didnít get into talking about that last time at all because we were focused in the other direction. I guess I really need to check in first with you and find out where he is along in his process of transition.

ELIAS: I would express to you that the individual is continuing in similar manner to our previous discussion.

LUANA: Which is?

ELIAS: Not actually moving into the action of transition yet.

LUANA: One of the things that we talked about two sessions ago in regard to his still being in objective awareness...

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: that you talked about this being a time of opportunity. I never covered that more with you to find out what the difference is in our opportunity now or whatís available now as far as our being able to connect and communicate and being able to manifest his presence Ė the difference between before transition and after transition. Would you go into that for me, please?

ELIAS: Very well. In this time framework as you experience it, the state, in a manner of speaking, of this individual is that he has not yet actually engaged the action of transition. Therefore, he continues to be generating an objective awareness and he continues to be creating objective imagery that appears to him to be quite similar to the imagery and the manifestations that are associated with your reality.

LUANA: Now, heís choosing to do this? He is aware of his situation and heís choosing to do this?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, as I expressed to you previously, there is somewhat of an awareness but not entirely. It is not entirely clear to the individual yet that he is not actually participating in physical reality. There is a partial awareness, for he is beginning to be aware that the reality that he is creating is different from the reality within physical focus. But he is not entirely aware that, in your terms, he is dead.

Now; there are some awarenesses that he incorporates that whatever he is participating in is different from your physical reality. He is beginning to incorporate an awareness that he is generating all of this objective imagery and manifestations, and that other individuals are not participating in that imagery Ė that he is creating the images of other individuals but their energy is not participating. He is beginning to incorporate an awareness of that, which eventually shall, in your terms, lead him to the awareness that he is no longer within physical focus. But there is also an awareness that at times other energies can be accessed.

In a manner of speaking, figuratively he is beginning to incorporate an awareness that the reality that he is creating is somewhat of an illusion, although it is quite real to him. But in that reality, there is a type of grid, an unseen grid, which allows for other energies to bleed through. If there is an openness expressed by an individual that continues to be participating in physical focus and a willingness and desire to be connecting with his energy, he may access that or he may project his energy through this figurative invisible grid. He may project his energy through that and connect his energy with an individual that continues within physical focus.

This is what I was expressing to you in association with the opportunity. For in a manner of speaking, the veil of separation is very thin, and if there is an awareness on each side of this veil, it may be penetrated.

LUANA: Is there any awareness yet with him?

ELIAS: That is what I am expressing to you. Yes, he is beginning to incorporate an awareness that it is possible to project energy through this veil.

LUANA: You said it is even possible for me to manifest him in physical reality again. I started thinking, after you said that, if he and I are both alive and here, we both manifest the image of the other person; we take their energy and we manifest it and inside of ourselves we make that image and thatís who we deal with. So weíre actually taking the personís physical energy and materializing the image and projecting it outside of ourselves, but itís really inside of ourselves, as well as making our own images. But if heís no longer here with his energy, how would I possibly manifest him here in physical reality? But youíre saying that...

ELIAS: It is the same process.

LUANA: But actually his energy is projected here...


LUANA: ...can be.


LUANA: So itís not like an energy deposit, something thatís left behind. Itís the actual energy of him that I would be utilizing.

ELIAS: Yes. You can engage energy deposits also, but you also incorporate the ability to be connecting with the individualís actual projected energy and generate your projection of the manifestation of this individual.

Now; this is not to say that the individual shall not remain dead, for the individual shall remain dead, in your terms. But you are allowing yourself to connect with the individualís projected energy and configure that in the same manner that you would if the individual was not dead.

LUANA: Can I also do that in the opposite direction? Could I get to where he is and actually have him project my real image?


LUANA: I presume itís easier for him to get here with his energy than for me to get there with my energy. Or is it happening anyway, just as I think of him or feel about him or talk to him or try to interrelate with him?


LUANA: So itís actually my energy, some part of my energy is actually where heís at now.

ELIAS: Yes, for you are projecting it.

Now; this is the reason, one of the reasons, that the individual is now beginning to recognize that there is a difference in what he is generating as a reality and that which is within actual physical focus. For you have been projecting your energy, which has been penetrating this grid, and therefore, for a time in your terms, there has been a recognition of that energy in conjunction with his manifestation of you, which perpetuated the illusion that the individual was continuing within physical focus, which he is not.

LUANA: Now, some of the time my projection is through my own dream state or out-of-body state, or is it only as Iím in my own objective awareness?

ELIAS: All of these expressions project that energy.

LUANA: This opportunity, does this change after heís gone through transition and he is no longer making imagery?


LUANA: So this is the window of opportunity that youíre talking about now.

ELIAS: Yes. For once the individual engages the action of transition, that process is an action that sheds all of the beliefs associated with this reality, and it sheds the objective awareness. Therefore, it also sheds the elements of objective awareness such as perception and thought.

LUANA: Thatís one of the questions I have later on, but since you brought it up, do you perceive images? Do people who are no longer in objective awareness project imagery? You must have perceptions, and what form do you perceive things? Do you perceive energy forms, or what is your perception? How does your perception operate?

ELIAS: It is not a matter of perception. Perception is an objective mechanism.

LUANA: Well, Iím not talking just about the senses, but there must be another sense of yourself because otherwise you couldnít operate or interact with people or energies.

ELIAS: The interaction that I engage with all of you is a projection of energy through layers and layers of consciousness, and that energy is reconfigured in many different manners to produce the expression of objective physical interaction. It is a manipulation of energy that is incorporated in conjunction with an actual physical individual.

LUANA: No, I understand that, but if youíre not interacting on the physical plane but with others who are on nonphysical planes...

ELIAS: That is a very different action.

LUANA: ...what is the mechanism that you interact with people on the other planes, the other dimensions? If itís not with the sense of objective awareness, what kind of mechanism is used?

ELIAS: That would be quite difficult to explain to you within your physical reality, for what you understand and what you assimilate is processed through what you know, and what you know is associated with your physical reality. Even elements of your reality that do not actually incorporate form, you understand their mechanisms regardless of whether you may see them or touch them or incorporate them with any sense data Ė such as thought, which is not an actual physical manifestation Ė you understand the reality of it and you understand its mechanism. Or feeling, emotion Ė that is not processed through sense data either, but you understand its expression.

Within consciousness, those expressions, those mechanisms are not necessary, and therefore, outside of physical realities, there is no expression of perception or thought or emotion. To you, it would appear as an enormously vast void, for there is no association with what you know physically or within your physical reality. There is continuous movement, and there is continuous merging of different aspects of consciousness, which would be the different essences of consciousness. There is an awareness, not an objective awareness, but there is an awareness of individuality, identity, movement, action, energy, but it is quite different from what you are familiar with or with what you know within your reality.

LUANA: So when Jim goes through transition, is that the end of our ability to connect because he will be into a realm that I donít have any knowledge of and cannot at that point interact with him?

ELIAS: No, that is not the situation, although it may be much more challenging and it is dependent upon what direction he chooses. For once moving through and completing the action of transition, the draw or the association with this particular physical reality may or may not dissipate.

LUANA: Going back to his still being in objective awareness and this opportunity, my understanding is thereís about 25 percent of we humans down here that cannot imagine things inside of our head. When we close our eyes and try to imagine a feather floating down or our own face or anything else, we cannot project something onto the blank screen or black screen of our mind. In this process of imaging Jim, what part does this play, and how can I do this?

Itís the same thing sometimes with your mechanism of the snap in order to change the consciousness into another area, where you guide us by saying that you imagine a place on a mountaintop and you imagine looking at the sky and the trees and the flowers and you keep imagining this in a certain direction and all of a sudden, snap, you change your consciousness and direct that you want your awareness to move somewhere. (1) But for me and others who are like me, trying to imagine that is not possible. I can kind of pretend it, but I really canít picture it. This is a problem Iím having with trying to imagine how to manifest Jimís image here.

ELIAS: Let me express to you first of all, it is not that you cannot; it is that you are not allowing yourself to incorporate flexibility and allowing yourself to move in your own natural manner...

LUANA: I want to interject something just one second here, before you continue.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: If I do meditations where I let myself go Ė thereís a certain meditation, I do mine kinesthetically Ė that seems to be how Iím able to meditate. If I do this and let go, images do come to me, in fact quite astounding images. Itís only when I TRY to do the imagination, the imagery, that it doesnít work for me.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Partially that is that you are forcing energy. The difference between that action and what you allow yourself within a meditation is that within a meditation you are allowing yourself to relax and you are merely allowing a free flow of your energy, and that generates images. Within the other action, you are attempting to force your energy and you view yourself to be unsuccessful.

Now; practicing with imagination may be helpful. Imagination is not fantasy, and although you may express to yourself in association with your beliefs that you are merely pretending, which is your term for fantasy, regardless of what you are pretending, it is quite real.

Now; in practicing with allowing yourself to engage and listen to imagination, for it is a communication also, that shall allow you to encourage yourself to be incorporating more of a flexibility. One of the challenges that you are incorporating in these actions is that you have somewhat of preconceived ideas of how a projection should be or what it should be. Therefore, even if you begin to actually be projecting and incorporating an objective awareness of it, you discount it, for you automatically generate this association that it is not real. Therefore, it stops, and there is an obstacle created, for you have stopped the allowance and therefore you do not allow the continuation of the projection. You stop it immediately, for you are already assessing it to be not real, for it is not moving in the design that you perceive it should.

If you are incorporating your example of the mountaintop and attempting to imagine the mountaintop and yourself being upon the mountaintop surrounded by the flowers and any other vegetation or whatever you choose to include in your imagining, as you have expressed you merely view black. Your expectation is that you should be automatically producing visual images, but that may not necessarily be the manner in which you may begin. Different individuals incorporate different types of imaging, and it may not necessarily be in pictures. It may be in sensing.

Eventually, as you allow yourself to move with your energy naturally, and you allow yourself the flexibility and you do not dismiss what you are doing, what occurs is you may be imagining as in your example Ė and perhaps you do not SEE yourself and perhaps you do not SEE the surroundings and the environment of the mountaintop Ė but if you continue and do not interrupt yourself in the automatic association that you are not incorporating visuals but allow yourself to be imagining BEING in that area, you may be beginning to project and you may be incorporating sense data. You may begin to feel the warmth of the sun, or you may begin to feel the air and a breeze, or you may begin to smell a fragrance. Allowing other types of information to be accessed eventually shall lead into the actual visual. Some individuals do not incorporate the visual sense immediately.

LUANA: I see. I can really see what the problem is then, because Iíve been trying to project an image and step into the image, and it doesnít necessarily happen that way.

ELIAS: No. It is not a matter of projecting an image and thusly stepping into that image. It is a matter of being IN the image, experiencing the image, even if you are not actually generating an image itself yet.

LUANA: Right, I understand that. So one of my questions with the snap method was, can this jumping-off place be a place that you already know, or should it be just an imaginary place? Does it make any difference?

ELIAS: It matters not. It may be either.

LUANA: Also Iím perceiving that once you are able to do that, if I use that snap method to then change my focus into Jimís dimension, I should be able to reach through the portal that way.


LUANA: Well, that was one of my primary objectives, to understand that today. Because expecting him to come here is fine, but it also may be that I need to move in that direction also.

ELIAS: You may incorporate either.

LUANA: One of my questions was when Iím doing this, even though I may not have an objective idea of where my energy has been projected, I presume sometimes, lots of times, my energy is projected and Iím not objectively aware of it.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

LUANA: And youíre saying that Iíve actually been doing that somewhat with Jim, and some of my energy has been mixed up with some of his imagery of me that heís projecting.

ELIAS: Yes, which initially was not confusing, actually, but was clouding the awareness that he is no longer participating within actual physical reality.

LUANA: Does it make any difference? Should I maybe stop doing that?

ELIAS: No. It is necessary, for now there is a beginning of an awareness of this grid, so to speak, that some energies do penetrate and that he can access them, but that the images that he has been creating are not necessarily an actual participation of another individual, and they are not the actual physical images that are present within your physical reality. He is beginning to incorporate an awareness that he is not within this physical reality any longer.

LUANA: Does he perceive anything I do in its kind of true form without a translation? For instance, he has left behind a piece of paper instructing me to mix his ashes with his dog-companion ashes and to scatter them, which Iím planning to do tomorrow. Would he be aware of my actual participation and the activity of doing that?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon what direction his attention is being expressed. If his attention is interactive with the image of you, yes, he shall be imaging what you are doing Ė but it may be translated somewhat differently to fit his reality.

LUANA: So are there times when Iím engaging and his attention is somewhere else, Iím engaging his attention to pay attention to what I am doing?

ELIAS: Yes, which would be quite similar to a scenario in which were he to be continuing in physical focus, he may be engaging some activity in another room and you may step into the room. Although his attention may have been engaged in an activity, if you engage communication with him, that would distract his attention from his activity and move to yourself.

It is similar in the interaction that you are creating in energy. If you are projecting energy and his attention is not engaged with your image, it will turn to your image.

LUANA: One of the things you mentioned that was a different modality is smell, and I think the first time I noticed it was in a dream. I woke up from a dream years ago and there was this incredibly rich and full and beautiful smell as if... I always called it the smell of the universe because it was so exquisitely done, and I woke up with the awareness that I had received that in a dream state. Since that time, over the years, not until recently but in the last oh, maybe two months or so, that same smell or a different smell seems to come to me when thereís no flowers around. I canít spot anything that this beautiful smell is connected to, like a really exquisite rose. Thatís one thing I want to ask you about.

The second thing I want to ask you about is Iím also experiencing thought forms. You know what a thought form is Ė this blue imagery that youíre talking about. I wanted to know what those are. I read a session that you talked about it being like a projection of the color of your own essence. If that is true with me and thatís what it is, instead of being you or some other person Iím picking up with this blue thought form, how can I use that to my best advantage with what Iím trying to do now?

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, I may express to you that what you are allowing yourself to be open to with this blue thought form, as you term it, is allowing yourself to be connecting with my energy, to be encouraging and helpful to you in what you are engaging. As I have expressed many times, if you allow yourself to pool energies, it generates more of an ease and a greater strength to allow you to accomplish what you want. Therefore, I am pooling my energy with you, and you have begun to be aware, or allowed yourself to be aware, of this energy.

LUANA: Now, you were doing this some time ago, because even before I read the first Elias session I knew about these thought forms. So you have actually been in my life before I started connecting up with you through Mary.

ELIAS: And I am with every individual that eventually engages myself.

LUANA: Thatís interesting. And is that your delightful smell, too? (Laughing)


Now; THAT is your evidence of what we have been discussing in association with projection. That is your evidence that you have been projecting your energy in other areas. You offered to yourself sense data as your evidence, which is the reason that I express to you that it is not a matter that you cannot engage imagining but that you are limiting what you are doing. For you are generating an expectation that to project it must be accomplished in a certain manner, and individuals project in many, many, many different manners.

As I have stated, some individuals in projecting incorporate the visual sense last; some individuals do not incorporate the visual sense at all, but this is not to say that they cannot. You can; it merely requires somewhat more practice and more allowance, for that is not the natural flow of the individualsí energy and what they incorporate in the easiest manner to project.

LUANA: All right, so this leads me to another thing, because I wanted to ask you about auditory. Visualizing Jim is one thing, but Iím really interested in having conversations with him. I want to tell you about this out-of-body experience I had just a few days ago. Let me see, Iím going to bring it up on my computer because I can shorten it up this way. Iím going to run through the different events fairly fast, because Iím really trying to get to the audio portion of this. Thereís some part of me that is wanting to move in that direction, and I can see by the imagery and the out-of-body experience that Iíve got some blocks there.

So this is what happened in this out-of-body: first this smell came, Iím sitting in the computer chair, Iím actually working on one of your session pages, reading it and whatever, and Iím falling asleep in my computer chair as Iím working. But Iím aware before that that the smell has come, and Iíve stopped my reading of the computer a minute and Iíve gone in and tried to access this blue thought form thatís happening. In the process of doing this, I have fallen asleep. The first awareness I have is sitting out in my garden near a rosebush with my computer on my lap, and it falls off my lap. Iím just paying attention to my energy, and Iím aware that somethingís happening with my body, with my consciousness, that I have this opportunity to do this out-of-body projection.

So I start paying attention to that thing, and as Iím doing that and trying to separate my bodies out, I hear two voices. These voices, theyíre like foreground and background. I can pull either one of the voices into myself and hear one voice or the other voice, and one recedes as the other comes forward. Iím moving them back and forth, and Iím thinking to myself if I could get both of these voices happening at the same time, this will probably help me with my projection.

As Iím doing this, one of the voices comes very strong to me and I hear my name being called out quite distinctly. This is no longer just my thinking-hearing inside of my head; itís as if somebodyís actually there calling me. I hear them call my name, and lots of other chatter is going on. At this point, I begin to get worried about what will happen if I canít ever stop this voice and this chattering going on. What happens if these voices take over and the end result of that is you wind up with electroshock treatments because youíre hearing voices in your head that you canít shut off! (Elias chuckles) So Iím in the process of trying to deal with that situation, and right about that time, when Iím starting to worry about this, I also hear this voice singing to me. The song I hear it singing is ďIím so sorry I made you cry, wonít you forgive me, dear?Ē

The dream goes on, the out-of-body goes on after that, but I wanted to at least get that far with you. I realize that thatís a fear kind of hanging out in the background, possibly even dealing with making this connection with Jim about kind of going crazy. Part of me is fine with it, my everyday thinking is fine with it, but there must a part of me hanging out in the background that runs into these blocks and barriers.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; I may assure you that you have merely opened a door. You are not altering yourself and generating the road to lunacy. (Both laugh)

LUANA: I know that when we talk about it, but in that out-of-body you really donít have that awareness to grab a hold of. Itís sorta like it grabs a hold of you.

ELIAS: Now; let me express to you, if you allow yourself to relax and merely experience and be playful with that type of action and not dismiss it as ďmerely youĒ and pretending once again, but allow yourself to incorporate a playfulness with the action, this is a manner in which you may be engaging conversations or projecting and allowing yourself to incorporate the awareness through your sense of hearing.

LUANA: See, I understand, but we had a little discussion before about this. I understand what you tell me when youíre saying the pretending or the dreams are really real, theyíre not illusions, and this is not a false out-of-body experience. But I have to tell you, the reason I call it false out-of-body experience is because when Iím there, the way I describe it to myself is I am not aware that Iím aware. I do not have the self-awareness in that place to CHOOSE to be playful or something. Rather, Iím kinda caught into another realm, and itís not until I wake up back in my computer chair in my bedroom space that Iím like, ďOh, I was having an out-of-body experience!Ē Because when Iím actually into that, I donít KNOW that I know. I donít have awareness that Iím aware. Itís sort of like my objective self is not there to choose to be playful or choose to relax or something like that.

ELIAS: Ah, but you are...

LUANA: I donít have a choice-making ability. Things are just sort of happening to me.

ELIAS: Ah, but this is merely a matter of practice, for you DO have an objective awareness, and if you were not engaging your objective awareness, you would not remember.

LUANA: Well, I only remember though, because when I dropped back into my chair here and I woke up, I didnít remember it right away. I didnít remember that I had an out-of-body. I was sitting there, you know, kind of just startled Ė god, Iíve fallen asleep again, my computerís fallen asleep again Ė and as Iím waking up the machine, whoo! Something happens and the first tiny image, I think it was the song, the ďIím so sorry I made you cryĒ thing, I think thatís the first image that popped into my mind. When that popped into my mind, I stopped myself a second and the rest of the event then came to me.

ELIAS: Correct. But you do incorporate an objective memory. Regardless of whether it occurred to you immediately or not, that you incorporate the objective memory and awareness of what you did and what you engaged and what you experienced is...

LUANA: But what if I hadnít remembered that? I mean, thereís a lot of stuff that must go on that I donít remember at all objectively.

ELIAS: Correct. And if you do not incorporate an objective awareness of that, or of any particular event, your objective awareness was not involved. But if you incorporate a memory of the event, your objective awareness WAS involved.

But you are correct, it is a different state, so to speak; it is a different type of reality than your waking state. It is equally as real, but it is expressed differently, and therefore, it is objectively somewhat unfamiliar. Therefore, it is a matter of practicing with your objective awareness in manipulating it. Which, in a manner of speaking, is not so very different from engaging new and unfamiliar actions within your waking state. If you are engaging an action that you have, in your terms, never engaged previously, you may be hesitant and you may also incorporate some type of confusion. You may also not quite know how to engage a particular action if you have never engaged it previously.

In that, you may momentarily view yourself to not incorporate choices or that you are not in control of your choices, but you do incorporate choices. (2) Many individuals engage that type of experience frequently in association with physical manifestations within their physical body consciousness. They incorporate an illness or a dis-ease and do not incorporate an objective awareness of how that was created, and do not perceive that they incorporate choice in any ability to be manipulating in any different manner.

LUANA: Oh, I understand that. So what practice are you recommending I do in order to have awareness of having a choice within the out-of-body state when I donít have my self-awareness there? From my viewpoint, I donít have objective awareness there to make choices about it.

ELIAS: But you do.

LUANA: But Iím not AWARE that I do.

ELIAS: You are aware that you do in the experience. You are merely not aware in the experience of your waking-you. Therefore, in this slight gap, you generate this perception that you do not incorporate an awareness until you reestablish your waking state. What I am expressing to you is that during the time framework in which you are engaging the experience in the projection, you are incorporating an objective awareness, and it does incorporate the ability to generate choices.

You generated choices in the experience. They may not be the choices that you think of in waking state, or you may be incorporating an identification in waking state expressing to yourself that you SHOULD have incorporated this choice or that choice. For you are viewing the experience in what you term to be hindsight, which is very similar to any waking experiences that you generate in which in hindsight you express to yourself that you should have engaged a different choice, or you are not satisfied with the choice that you did engage.

While you were engaging this projection and this experience, you WERE generating choices. You generated the choice first of all to listen to the voices, and you generated a choice to be manipulating the voices, to create one to be receding and one to be more...

LUANA: Advancing.

ELIAS: Correct, and changing them. You CHOSE objectively to manipulate those voices and to change them.

LUANA: Yeah, but I didnít choose. If I had been there Ė me thatís speaking to you right now Ė if I had been there, I might have chosen then to say, ďOh, this is an opportunity for me to zip off into another dimension, a nonphysical realm, and connect with Jim.Ē I didnít seem to have that choice available. I donít understand when you say I need to practice...

ELIAS: That is not the point. This is what I am expressing to you. This is probably correct, that were you to be in waking state you probably would have changed the scenario and changed the choice. But that would not have offered you the experience that you engaged, and therefore you would have denied yourself the information that you offered to yourself, that you do incorporate the ability to be generating receiving energy and configuring that in audible expressions and that you do incorporate the ability to manipulate that. This offered you information concerning your abilities. Therefore, it was purposeful, and therefore the choice to engage that and offer yourself a reinforcement concerning sense data, and that there are other manners in which you may be projecting and connecting with other energies.

LUANA: I definitely seem to have a hang-up about itís got to be a visual thing, when the auditory thing is what Iím really more interested in. I seem to have expectations about the visual thing being there first, and I can see itís a hindrance. I really appreciate what youíre saying.

ELIAS: Therefore, now that you have offered yourself this information, you may allow yourself to incorporate that flexibility and more of an ease, and allow yourself to generate your natural projections.

LUANA: The practice youíre talking about, too, it seems to me like practicing really means encouraging myself and giving recognition to what has already been achieved.


LUANA: You can hear the monsters in the background (Polly is barking), the chimes have ended, the time is ending! That dogís pretty smart! (Elias laughs) Well, my friend, thank you very much. I covered like two of my questions out of twenty today. Iíll look for you in my blue thought forms and maybe get you to come and visit me in my dreams so one of these days Iíll come to the end of my list of questions I want to ask you.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well. Or perhaps not, and that shall offer you an excuse to continue our friendship. (Laughs)

LUANA: Indeed, indeed. I so appreciate that. (Both laugh) Well, I hug your energy even if you havenít got a form there, and I will see you around, my friend.

ELIAS: Very well. And I may express to you as always my tremendous affection. (Chuckles) To you in encouragement and great fondness, my friend, au revoir.

LUANA: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 5 minutes.


(1) The snap projection method, paraphrased from session 291, June 26, 1998:

1. Decide on an objective: another location, a person in another location, another dimension, another time, or another focus which you are greatly motivated to see. Choose specifically. Repeat this several times to yourself before beginning your visualization. Remind yourself that this is a wondrous adventure and this is FUN!

2. Set a timer with a bell or alarm for ten minutes.

3. Allow yourself quietness and relaxation. Visualize yourself on the top of a mountain (or you may create a different location), and experience fully all the aspects of the visualization. Engage all of your outer senses within this state. Move into a total mergence of the visualization.

4. The alarm bell will be your SNAP. Think immediately of your intended direction and wait. Do not allow yourself to drift into other thoughts. It is unnecessary to repeat your direction over and over to yourself. Wait and hold within the thought. In less than five minutes a new visual will appear. You may manifest an ďastralĒ body. You may move freely about, and manipulate.

5. Be accepting of however you project and your manifestation of that projection, and not anticipate or expect a certain ďmethodĒ for its accomplishment. Recognize that you shall create the most efficient manner to be projecting without fearfulness.

6. Do not be discounting if you experience a partial projection but also snap back to your physical form, for you have accomplished initially! Do not be discouraged if you are not initially accomplishing! Continue practicing; it offers familiarity, and familiarity offers ease and effortlessness. Practice is quite beneficial to you.

Exercises: find out more about the SNAP exercise.

(2) Originally expressed as: ďIn that, you may momentarily view yourself to not incorporate choices, but you do incorporate choices; or that you are not in control of your choices.Ē

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