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Sunday, June 06, 2004

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ďThe Property AdventureĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jens (Samira).

(Eliasí arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JENS: Good morning.

ELIAS: We meet again. (Chuckles) And what shall we discuss this morning?

JENS: During the last half-year, Iíve had lots of questions, and I answered a bunch of them by myself. Shortly before this session, I came to the conclusion that I donít really have questions. I have questions about different focuses Ė we could talk for hours! Ė but thatís not the point. The point, as we were discussing yesterday, is my appreciation, my acceptance, (inaudible), and how I can solve the problems I have now for years.

For example, Iíve had the property adventure. I allowed myself more impressions, but in my perception Iím not close to realizing it. Iím in a situation where I donít really want... Itís enough; I canít anymore. For example, I presented last year to you some preferences, and I watched the video and have seen that I have one preference you didnít talk about. It was the orientation to the south. I was all the time convinced that the property, which I described, I had the visions and so on, would be close to Cannes. But now I think itís not close to Cannes; itís much further away, 9000 kilometers. It is somewhere at the Indian Ocean, if Iím correct, in India directly. Is this correct?

ELIAS: These are the probabilities that you are altering.

JENS: We were talking about the property, and you said last year I would create it and it would be partially finished. This year in February I had the feeling now it is finished. Is this impression correct?


JENS: But now itís a problem of the place, to find it.

ELIAS: And what are you feeling and sensing in your energy and where your energy is drawing you?

JENS: My energy is drawing me to the sea, salt water, to an ocean Ė probably the Indian Ocean. Of course, that is a fascination; I canít explain it, but that is a fascination for the Indian Ocean. In April, I have been to the Canary Islands. Itís at the ocean, and it feels really good. It is in Spain, I think, the European Union. I associate this place with more familiarity, with more of a protection, because within the European Union I can do several things, but outside of it, I question it.

I had several impressions. I had thought about Mauritius. Of course, I have been there, and it isnít Mauritius or this area in Africa. Then I was thinking about the sailing thing, and came to the Near East, but there is war, there is trouble, and even the energy doesnít fit to me.

ELIAS: Correct.

JENS: I think itís more in India, to the south, southeast of Bombay on the coastline, on the way between Bombay and Sri Lanka. It would be close to the Maldives. That feels really good. I think there, in this area, but I canít imagine how this could work. Last time, I explained about architectural nice houses, but when I see Harry Potterís Hogwarts or horror movies with big old houses, villas, palaces or even castles, I feel a resonance. So, I think itís this kind of style of house. In India, I could think a little palace or something like that.

But itís so far from my present life. How could I converse? I canít speak any language in this area. How can I buy something? I notice that I like to go shopping and have some comfort in relation to food, in relation to chocolate, for example, in relation to clothing and in relation to many other things. How can I realize it at this place? For me, at present, itís impossible to imagine.

ELIAS: It is quite possible. First of all, what is significant is that you allow yourself to pay attention to the impressions that you offer to yourself concerning different areas. For in that, you shall allow yourself to feel the energy of the area and recognize whether your energy resonates with that energy Ė which you are already doing.

JENS: May I interrupt at this point? Iíve done this with the atlas Ė is that correct in English?


JENS: I have tried to feel into several places. I found a picture from Morocco. This felt good, but itís not at the ocean, not at the Indian Ocean, and the language problem would persist, and it doesnít fit to the other impressions.

ELIAS: Choosing an area that resonates with your energy is significant. Several of these areas that you have expressed do resonate with your energy, which is significant, for that generates much more of an ease in your movement and in your creations. For if you do not resonate with the area that you occupy, that creates a thickness, and it presents more of a challenge and you become less motivated.

But the language is less of a restriction than you perceive it to be. For if you incorporate moving to an area in which there is a different culture, a different language, but you resonate with this area, you shall generate much more of an ease in acclimating quite quickly.

Remember, all individuals understand energy. Regardless of words, individuals receive energy that you project and they understand, which also creates a type of bridge and facilitates the assimilation in association with language. You may be surprised at how quickly you may acclimate and assimilate in association with language and with culture.

This is merely a fear, for it is unfamiliar. Therefore, being quite unfamiliar, it moves outside of your comfort. Therefore, there is hesitancy to be generating that type of movement. But this is the same as any movement that is unfamiliar. You are merely presenting yourself with quite objective actual manifestations that are reflective of the fear of moving into any unfamiliar expression.

But my friend, you stand upon the threshold. This is the reason that you are expressing this frustration and that you cannot continue, for you perceive yourself to be hitting the wall, and you cannot hit the wall any longer. But in actuality, it is not hitting the wall; it is standing upon the edge of the cliff and perceiving this vastness before you, and incorporating the fear of taking that step.

JENS: On Friday I was stricken with a similar situation. I created tremendous problems with my stomach. I never had this strong a pain in my life. Normally I use this as imagery that I have to get some information: ďNow I can let it go; I have this kind of imagery.Ē It disappeared for a long time, and now I have exactly this situation and tremendous trauma.

ELIAS: Which is associated with your yellow energy center.

JENS: During the last two weeks I had pain in this area. Is it related to the yellow center, too, or to a different center? I was never really interested in these energy centers because they are working in relation to my beliefs, and so I concentrated more on my beliefs than on the related energy centers.

ELIAS: I am understanding. It matters not; you may be examining beliefs, but recognize also that your energy centers are, in a manner of speaking, directing your body consciousness. Although your beliefs influence how your energy centers function, your energy centers also at times may be out of alignment, so to speak, for you are expressing a communication to yourself. This is the manner in which your body consciousness communicates to you, through any of these energy centers.

This manifestation that you incorporated was a response of this yellow energy center in association with tremendous anxiety and very tightly holding energy, and therefore this energy center pushes energy out quite strongly and you incorporate this painfulness.

JENS: I have, all of my life, lived in the same city with the same surroundings, same language, same people. One time I have been to Mexico, and of course there were differences. It was an interesting experience but it was not really comfortable, and I fear this will be the same. It will not be a short jump for a few months, but it will be for longer. It will not be a problem for me, but for my whole family. So itís much bigger.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

JENS: I have a responsibility, but itís a belief. I express this belief and I can step to the side, at least at the moment, and say itís just a belief.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and the belief is expressed. But what is significant is that you are solidifying an experience. You are generating an absolute in association with a past experience, but the situations are different.

Although there may be a similarity in movement physically Ė incorporating a physical movement to another location Ė the motivation is different, the direction is different, the desire is different, and in these differences, the experience shall be different also. Your intention previously was not to incorporate a movement to that physical location of Mexico permanently Ė that was not your agenda Ė and therefore, incorporating an intention of temporariness, the experience is different. Also, the resonance of the area, that area, is not the same, and you do not resonate with that area as strongly. That is a difference also.

But you are allowing that experience to generate this fear. You are allowing that experience to become an obstacle and a restriction. For you are generating an absolute association that you have incorporated this experience previously, therefore you ďknowĒ that if you generate movement to another location with a different culture and language, you shall absolutely incorporate a very similar experience and it shall be very uncomfortable. You are building upon that anxiety and that fear, for you also are expressing within yourself it not merely shall be uncomfortable but it shall be miserable, for now you shall also be involving your partner and your children, and you cannot assimilate this family into this environment for it will be traumatic. Not necessarily! The energy is different. Your direction is different. Your desire and your intention are different, and that is significant.

Now; I am not expressing to you that you should or should not move to any specific location. I am encouraging of you to be allowing yourself to choose an area that you resonate with, and I have acknowledged that the areas that you have identified do resonate with your energy. Now perhaps you may allow yourself to relax and allow yourself to acknowledge and trust yourself that you do incorporate the ability to assimilate and to acclimate, and so does your family.

JENS: Many years ago I had imagination in which I could learn a language within two days in just my openness, even playing piano within days.

ELIAS: Which is quite possible. I may also express to you that you do incorporate Ė as you are already aware Ė other focuses in these locations also which you may tap into and that may also be useful in facilitating assimilating languages. It is merely a matter of trust, which I am quite aware this is quite easy for myself to express, but not quite easy for you to express!

JENS: Trust was the main topic that many other individuals here yesterday evening expressed. But they trust for small steps compared with what I want to do.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

JENS: I trust small steps Ė thatís not the question Ė but this is a much bigger thing.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding. That is quite challenging, for it is a significant change.

JENS: We were talking about an older woman who died. Where did she live? I guess, in India?


JENS: She was a servant in this house?

ELIAS: For a time.

JENS: So Iím quite correct. I would describe it as a little house directly at the cliffs...

ELIAS: That type of design, yes.

JENS: ...and there are no direct neighbors. This means itís a less-populated area. But how can I in this situation get clothing, get food, get European food which I like, not just local food? How to create this?

ELIAS: First of all, you are incorporating much analyzation. (Jens laughs) That in itself is incorporating much time and energy and effort, which is not necessary. Secondly, I may express to you that if you incorporate allowing yourself to take the step into what you want regardless of how frightening it may appear, I am aware that this may appear to you to be quite insignificant but it is much more significant than you realize yet.

In creating that resonance between yourself and your energy and an actual physical area, a physical environment, what that generates is a lightness in energy, and that triggers motivation. As you begin to generate this strong motivation, you also become quite inventive. For as you generate this lightness in energy, you shall physically feel this difference in energy, and in your terms, it feels good, which is inspiring, and that inspiration is motivating.

This is what we were discussing yesterday with imagination. As you experience that motivation and that inspiration, you begin to become quite inventive. Rather than incorporating tremendous time analyzing, you begin to incorporate inventive ideas in how to do, rather than how you cannot.

JENS: Many years ago, I had a dream with three elements: children, my house or property, and teleportation. One reason that Iím so very interested in the property thing is that I think the next step would be teleportation. I have much imagery... Itís not imagery; I think much about it. For example, I am always at the same place. I project different surroundings, but actually I do not really move. It appears, because of surrounding projections, that I move in this projection, but actually I do not move. Itís just a question of projecting a different city around me, and then Iím there.


JENS: We were talking yesterday about appreciation. Is it necessary to reach this appreciation before I can realize the property thing?

ELIAS: No. (Chuckles)

JENS: I was very happy that I will be able to accept myself and even appreciate myself within this time framework, not too far in the future, 30 or 50 years. As I have stated, I think what I felt when I came back from Mauritius was appreciation. It was extremely pleasurable feelings. I was very relaxed. I have recognized several connections to people in history that have accomplished that. Thatís not a coincidence.

ELIAS: No, it is not!

JENS: (Laughs) So I am very happy that I will be able to do that in a reasonable time.

ELIAS: And perhaps a different location or area that resonates with your energy may also be influencing in facilitating that also.

JENS: I have noticed when I was at the Atlantic Ocean, which is not exactly what I want but close to it, that I was able to assimilate information from your October session last year. It took me half a year to really understand what you really mean and to create more duration for that. Most of the time Iím busy with creating real motivation. Then to do a step, itís not such a time-consuming thing. But to create a motivation for a simple Ė well, itís not simple Ė but for a specific movement is...

ELIAS: At times it may be the reverse: incorporating the step generates the motivation. Rather than attempting to force your energy to create a motivation and subsequently incorporating the step, if you incorporate the step, the motivation shall easily and automatically be expressed. It is the step that sparks the motivation.

JENS: Last year I had four sessions with you. One of them, I destroyed the tape. (Laughs) It was step by step readable, but at first only a little bit, then a little bit more. And I destroyed the camera, and itís still destroyed. Today I have a new one. (Elias chuckles) But I understand that I did this, and I recognize why I did this, that it is purposeful for me. I recognize that I do not transcribe my sessions. I want to, or I thought I should, but I didnít. Why do I have sessions with you if I do not transcribe it to read it again and to assimilate as much as possible?

ELIAS: To practice being in the now and genuinely paying attention and genuinely allowing yourself to assimilate, just as within our previous year and my discussion with a group of individuals in which I interrupted the sound. That was quite purposeful, for that was the point, to be paying attention Ė not to be drifting and projecting attentions in many different directions and relying upon equipment to recall, but to pay attention now and assimilate. For what you are paying attention to now is what you shall be creating futurely. If you are incorporating much of your time analyzing, what shall you be creating? More analyzing, but not actual doing.

JENS: If I look back to my movement, if just movement would be significant, you said I could be.


JENS: But I see it different. I pay much more attention to outcome.

ELIAS: Ah, and this is very significant! For that in itself is an obstacle, for what is significant is the process.

JENS: But if I look at my process, I have created very much movement.


JENS: I create much more awareness than hope, so I surprised myself about my abilities. But I even know before that I would do a significant movement in April, now in June, and the next will be in September or October. I know it before. In April I did two steps forward, in May I did one step back, and now this month itís time to do more steps forward! I see it Ė itís not a problem Ė but I pay much attention to the outcome or to a success, in my assessment. You know what I mean?

ELIAS: Yes. Allow yourself to view the outcome somewhat differently, for your outcome is your end and your success. I may express to you that your success is to generate the beginning, not the end. The outcome is not the end; it is merely the beginning of the new process. It is not the end of one process.

JENS: But to begin with the new one, I have to end the present one, and the present one is not real comfortable. It takes too long! (Elias laughs)

For example, when I go back now to my home, my wife doesnít believe in you and what you are saying, but she expects from me now an answer to when we will move. She expects a little house with a small garden, a cheap one around our town. How do I express to her without creating conflict what I feel?

ELIAS: Create an adventure, and remember to incorporate playfulness. Generate your movement in fun, not as a seriousness. But if you generate your presentment of what you want as an adventure that you shall share, you project a very different energy. You project a much more attractive energy than if you are generating seriousness and allowing your own fear to project with that.

JENS: Well, itís difficult if youíre in such an existential situation. I have to leave my university next February, and I am unemployed. I feel that I donít do my thesis, but I canít express this. My mother accepts this much better, but I canít express this to my wife; she doesnít accept it at all. I understand her fear and what is associated with her, but it doesnít solve my problem.

ELIAS: But this is also associated with you, with your pressure of yourself in association with time and responsibility. You are generating such an intensity of pressure with yourself that you are reflecting that with your partner.

This is the reason that I am expressing to you that it would be quite helpful for you to be examining that and to move yourself into a different perception. View this movement as an adventure rather than a movement that must be expressed and within a particular time framework, for you merely continue to generate that pressure, and it increases. Each month that passes, the pressure increases and is stronger and stronger, and you incorporate closing your energy around yourself tighter and tighter, which not merely reinforces the fear but it also generates a stronger and stronger obstacle and restriction with yourself, and it becomes more and more difficult to generate the one step.

As you continue to express this type of energy, you create much of what you do not want, for that is the energy that you are projecting. If you are altering what you are doing, you shall also alter your energy and what you are projecting outwardly, and that shall alter other elements of your reality. I may express to you a suggestion also, that you perhaps incorporate some interaction with Michael concerning reconfiguring energy.

But let me express to you as I have previously also Ė and I am aware of the struggle in actually generating this Ė altering your perception and incorporating this movement in a playful manner as an adventure, as a new discovery, shall project quite a different energy. In that different energy, if you are not expressing your own fear, the response with your partner shall be quite different. What you are doing now is reinforcing each otherís fear. Therefore, if you alter what you are doing, you shall also alter what you are expressing in energy.

JENS: I am aware that I project this kind of energy, but Iím not aware that it is related to some specific doing.

ELIAS: This is significant, to pay attention, to genuinely pay attention to what you are doing and what type of energy you are expressing that is generating these manifestations or the lack of manifestations.

JENS: Back to what you had said in October of last year, you expressed to me how I can see or perceive communication and reconfigure energy. Even if I receive a communication Ė frustration, disappointment Ė I can reconfigure the energy and create futurely different?


JENS: My energy that I express must not follow my communication. I can change it.


JENS: Normally it follows...


JENS: ...but if I pay attention, sometimes I am successful to reconfigure the energy. Iím not quite sure how.

ELIAS: Yes, yes. For the communication shall continue, for the belief is continuing to be expressed, and therefore the communication continues. But if you are altering the action of what you are doing, the communication shall eventually stop, for the energy that you are projecting is different. As the energy is different, you begin to create differently outwardly, and therefore the communication stops for it is unnecessary any longer. But if you continue to pay attention to the communication but you are not altering what you are doing, you are not actually receiving the message; therefore, the communication continues and becomes louder and louder and louder.

The point of the communication is to allow you to identify what you are expressing, what type of energy you are projecting and what is influencing your perception. You may identify the influences and the belief, but if you are not altering what you are doing, you have not actually received the message.

JENS: What about the imagery in relation to Jennifer Lopez? (Laughs) During the last two days I have much imagery. Her essence name is Amira, correct?

ELIAS: And what is the nature of your question?

JENS: I always felt a connection to her. Now, shortly before this session, I had several imageries in relation to her, so I think there must be something important, something significant.

ELIAS: Other than what you already know?

JENS: I am not sure. I know many connections to many hundreds of present-living and famous people. I see the point because they allow themselves appreciation and this is my (inaudible). Now there seems to be something specific or important with Jennifer Lopez, otherwise I wouldnít allow myself or I wouldnít create this imagery shortly before the session. It doesnít make sense to me, thatís why I ask.

ELIAS: It is a counterpart action. But significantly, there is a similarity in energies and in movements, experiences in frustration and in obstacles and creating restrictions, and a similarity of energy that you each express in association with what you want but the frustration in not quite allowing yourselves to incorporate that step to do.

JENS: Thatís why I have the feeling that we had some kind of essence connection.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

JENS: Or donít we have an essence connection? Or is it both?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, for there is a familiarity with that essence, and you do engage mergences. But it is not limited to that individual. What you are recognizing is a similarity of energy of the individual.

JENS: I know Sid was asking about Jennifer Lopez and you didnít give him the information he wanted! (Both laugh) What about my impression about the essence name, Amira? (Pause)

ELIAS: Close.

JENS: (Laughs) Okay. It doesnít matter. It was just out of curiosity. (Elias laughs)

Now I have recognized that Ranatad, my former essence, has focuses with all or many of the main religions when they were founded. For example, Iím observing essence of Buddha and directing essence for Buddhaís sister Ė Aleksa is her name, if I am correct. I couldnít find it in history books, but it is my impression.


JENS: And there is another one. We were talking about an other-dimensional focus of Vishnu, which is a focus of Ranatad, and I think Ranatad is even observing essence of Shiva. Iíve noticed a connection to Christianity. Ranatad has a directed focus as the wife of Judas (Elias nods in agreement), and is observing essence of the man on the cross. It wasnít Jesus; it was a different person Ė essence name, Klaus, if Iím correct. (Elias continues nodding) Then I recognized that Ranatad has a directed focus as Khadija tul Kubra, the wife of prophet Mohammed, and observing essence of Fatima. So I have, in relation to Ranatad, very many focuses, directing and observing, which created an acceptance of self and overcome ways of separation and may have accomplished what I want to accomplish in my life.

Now with Samira, itís a little bit different. I am aware of three past focuses, one in the present Ė thatís me Ė and 227 future focuses, but perhaps it has changed to 238 future focuses. (Elias nods in agreement) I wanted to check if my impressions were correct. There are more focuses in the future, and I think all the future focuses have accomplished what I want to create now. So I see a topic for my life to create an ease in my life to accomplish that. I think that is the reason that Iíve created it.

ELIAS: And perhaps you may tap into one of your future focuses and enlist their assistance in offering you a slight push in adventuresome-ness.

JENS: I have recognized I am initiating focus of Samira, and the final focus, we do meet by projection in 2084 for perhaps half a year, so we do come together. But itís only a future focus I allow myself to be aware of.

I was aware perhaps two weeks ago of a future focus of the essence of Melody Ė Samantha Fergus is her name, I guess Ė and she was visiting me. I was in the bathroom taking a bath, and she was there. I could feel her; I could almost see her. Surprisingly, she was born 2408. At the moment she was projecting to me she was not even eight years old, but she was a real woman with breasts, real gorgeous. So in the future they will change childhood completely, or perhaps she has done this?

ELIAS: It is possible.

JENS: Sri Yukteswar is the Hindu guru of Paramahansa Yogananda. I read this book, an autobiography, of this guy again, and I notice the similarities between what you express, or what I understand what you express, and what he expressed. Itís motivating for me, and I feel that I come much closer to what he has done Ė many magical things, I would describe it. Am I, or is Samira, observing essence of Sri Yukteswar?


JENS: And Ranatad, too? Because I feel both of them.


JENS: I have created observing essence connections from Samira, too, to several persons that I had as Ranatad, because there are several persons that I feel both signatures.


JENS: Thank you. So I have to just sit and get it. (Both laugh) Iím thankful that I donít have to practice yoga and do this for ten or twenty or more years. (Elias chuckles) What we describe as samhadi, this is appreciation, no? Am I correct?

ELIAS: A form, yes. Yes.

JENS: Many things fit. Itís a puzzle, and I see how it fits.


JENS: So, what to do? I will do my best to be in the now and recognize what I am actually doing, what energy I am expressing. In the past, I was more on the energy, paid more attention to the energy than the actual doing, because I thought it was more significant. But I will do both.

ELIAS: Very well.

JENS: Any other suggestions?

ELIAS: I express that this may be enough in this time framework. (Chuckles)

JENS: So I have to hear it again if I donít disappear it! (Elias laughs) Then I will find out many... What is my signature color? The signature color of Samira is (inaudible), correct?


JENS: I had impressions about this color much time before I fragmented to Samira Ė half-year, quarter-year before.

ELIAS: A recognition of quality.

JENS: The intent and the focus color remain the same?

ELIAS: Yes, yes.

JENS: We were discussing that I fragmented from seven essences. I had presented to you six of them. Now I have the feeling that there is an additional essence from which I fragmented. So now two are missing, which are Elias Ė you Ė and Wingnut, correct? (Elias nods) Wingnut fragmented from Ranatad, too?


JENS: So Wingnut fragmented from Ranatad-me, and Samira-me fragmented from Wingnut again? Itís just like a circle! (Elias chuckles)

At last, I think, my last question. I have much imagination about a woman, in actions just like Nefrudata, a focus we discussed. Do I create probabilities to change my gender in the far future?

ELIAS: In this focus? No.

JENS: Is it more a recognition that most of my focuses of Ranatad and of Samira are female?

ELIAS: Yes, and that that is a preference.

JENS: I am surrounded by females. (Elias chuckles) Nice, nice! And most of them are really gorgeous. So I think itís enough for the moment. I will read it again or hear it again.

ELIAS: And be playful and incorporate adventure, not pressure.

JENS: Iíd love to do it but itís not...

ELIAS: Practice. (Chuckles) Very well, my friend. As always, I enjoy our conversations, and I express continuously my appreciation.

JENS: What was the reason that I fragmented? Other focuses of Ranatad are still alive, so itís not...

ELIAS: It is an expression of desire to be generating other qualities.

JENS: It was not the situation that the final focus died?


JENS: Is there an alternate self of my focus, or an alternate reality, where I have a second focus of Samira living presently in Berlin, born in WŁrzburg? I have all this information about the name, but itís not this reality.


JENS: Itís another...

ELIAS: Probable reality, yes. It is quite real, but it is not this reality.

JENS: So Iím alone, but in this other, we are two and we are aware of each other?


JENS: This is quite interesting.

ELIAS: Yes. (Chuckles)

JENS: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next conversation, and I shall be offering my energy in supportiveness to you.

JENS: I am aware.

ELIAS: Very well. Perhaps you shall be aware of some playful energy to remind you to be playful! (Both laugh)

JENS: I will be cautious! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Very well, my dear friend. I express to you in tremendous fondness, au revoir.

JENS: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 1 hour, 19 minutes.)

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