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Thursday, July 01, 2004

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ďSubjective Interactions Ė With Whom?Ē

ďI Want To Be HelpfulĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Mark (Ogean).

(Eliasí arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARK: Good morning. How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

MARK: Iím very good. It is wonderful to chat with you! I have thoroughly enjoyed your communication.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well! And what shall we be discussing?

MARK: About a year ago, I started having bleed-throughs. Itís to the point now where on some level it seems for me both the subjective and the objective are merging. So Iíve got a number of questions concerning that that I would like to talk about generally. Then I have some specific questions as well.

ELIAS: Very well.

MARK: I feel and I see the subjective side, and itís not a side I understand. What I donít do is hear. There is a tremendous amount of communication going back and forth, but Iím not Ė at least my focus personality of Mark Ė is not reading it very well, so the level of communication for the focus personality, me, Mark, is not that great. What would be really helpful to me would be to understand some specifics.

First off, can you tell me what my various essence families are and what my essence name is? I realize that this is a broad question, but give me kind of some background info on this focus known as Mark?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And what is your impression as to your essence family?

MARK: My sense is that Iím a teacher. My sense is that I have chosen to pursue remembrance, in linear timeframe, perhaps early, to over the longer term assist and help others in process.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I shall express to you your essence family is Sumafi, and within this focus your alignment is Sumari. Essence name Ogean, O-G-E-A-N (OH jean).

Now; let me also express to you that you incorporate the orientation of common.

Now; what is your request of information concerning this focus presently?

MARK: What I would like is to have an understanding of who I am interacting with on a subjective level. There are a number of, for lack of a better term, entities that I regularly interact with and have an understanding who they are. On some level, I certainly can appreciate that they are a part of me or other parts of me, but knowing specifically who they are would be very helpful. You want me to list the characters? Would that be helpful?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. I may express to you, it would be dependent upon the time framework and which individual you are interacting with. I may express to you, for the most part what you are interactive with are other focuses of yourself, therefore other facets of yourself as essence. They are also you but within different time frameworks, some of which are past time frameworks, some of which are future time frameworks.

But you may offer yourself information concerning yourself through your interactions with these other focuses. You also have allowed an interaction at times with other essences, myself being one, and other essences that are not physically focused but do interact in energy with you.

Now; it matters not that you incorporate an audible listening to communications, for the information is not lost without an audible communication or hearing what is being communicated. By paying attention to yourself and your inner communications, you shall allow yourself to understand what the messages you are offering to yourself are. This may be reflected in what you do, which is very significant. Paying attention to what you are ACTUALLY DOING offers you much more accurate information than what you are merely thinking, for thinking may be distorted or it may be incomplete in what it translates in relation to what you are communicating to yourself.

In this, as you allow yourself to genuinely be paying attention to what you are actually engaging and doing and what type of energy you are projecting in any moment, this is what shall allow you to translate much more accurately with thought the identification of your communications. Pay attention to emotional communications, for they are quite strong and they offer you very accurate identifications concerning what you are doing and what influences of what beliefs are being expressed in any time framework.

In this, as you allow an interaction with other focuses, the significance of that is that YOU purposefully draw specific focuses to you and specific experiences that the other focuses are generating to offer you information concerning perhaps beliefs or actions or truths that you incorporate in this focus, to generate more clarity in what you are engaging and to offer yourself explanations as to why you generate certain directions or why you may incorporate some issues or challenges. (1)

I may express to you, in this time framework it is especially significantly and important to be aware of what type of energy you are projecting in ANY moment and to be creating a balance in your energy and not to be moving into an expression of extremes, which generates polarization, For within this present wave in consciousness addressing to truths, this is an action and an expression that is being generated quite easily and generates considerable confusion in many individuals, and may easily influence you to generate what you want, but it may also as easily influence you to generate trauma. This wave presently is tremendously strong and is quite affecting of all individuals.

Are you wishing to be incorporating identification of specific individuals that you are interacting with and...

MARK: I would, one, but itís a follow-up question to your helpful comments. Am I on some level more susceptible to the extremes that you spoke of, the focus of Mark?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

MARK: So you were speaking generically.

ELIAS: I am merely offering you information that you be aware.

MARK: There are numerous individuals, not all of whom I have fully identified or necessarily even clearly seen or interacted with sometimes... I mean, they change. The subjective is very different from the focus here in physicality. There is one entity that I see constantly. A common identifier seems to be that all of them to some degree wear glasses. What is the significance of them wearing glasses?

ELIAS: And do you incorporate an impression? (Chuckles)

MARK: Well, my impression is that the ones that wear glasses are other focuses of me.

ELIAS: (Grins) And? There is a significance to the wearing of these glasses.

MARK: Iím sure... (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: This is your imagery that you are presenting to yourself in association with clarity, that each of these focuses that you interact with are offering you some element of information, and the purpose of that is to increase your clarity.

MARK: That makes sense. There seems to be one particular individual that I see on a regular basis, and itís like a constant. Most of the time it seems to be a male but sometimes a female. Can you give more sense to who that one constant seems to be?

ELIAS: I may. This is another focus of yourself also, and this would be a future focus. I may express to you the physical naming of this future focus is Jensen, J-E-N-S-E-N (YEN sehn).

This individual is male, but the reason that it appears to you to fluctuate is that this individual is aware of projecting energy and how to be manipulating energy and expressing it in association with what you associate as gender. It is not actually a gender expression, but it is quite understandable that you would translate in this manner. For within your physical reality, you incorporate in the blueprint of it a duality. All of your reality expresses duality, and all of your reality in that duality identifies with genders. Even inanimate objects you associate with genders, for this is a strong expression within this physical reality. Energy also is associated with genders within your physical reality.

This individual is a future focus, and therefore is a focus that is manifest subsequent to the completion of this shift in consciousness. One of the actions of this shift in consciousness is shifting the energy expression from the male intellectual energy to the female intuitional energy. Therefore, in the recognition of different manipulations of energy and projecting that to you, the individual understands how to project what you will receive as a female energy at times and that of a male energy, which is also significant for that is an element of the information that he is transmitting, so to speak, to you. In some moments he is incorporating a female energy to emphasize his expression to you concerning listening to your own intuitional communications and becoming aware of your own female energy and allowing a free expression of that.

MARK: Thatís very helpful. Perhaps you have already answered this, but are there any specific ways that I can enhance the level of communication?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing, yes. You may be altering temporarily sleep patterns, which will allow you to incorporate more of an objective awareness within dream state, which allows you to interact and be aware of your interaction. You may be requesting that Jensen interact with you within dream state.

Let me express to you, altering sleep patterns automatically engages the objective awareness during dream activity. For in changing your sleep patterns, your objective awareness pays attention and figuratively speaking it becomes alerted and monitors what you are doing, for you are engaging an unfamiliar action.

Also, you may be engaging visualizations if you are so choosing, allowing your attention to drift, but with a specific intention, and allowing yourself to acknowledge and not dismiss whatever you offer to yourself in impressions and in visualizations. For at times you may be generating a visualization that appears to you to be nonsensical initially, but if allowing that and not dismissing it and not discounting it, you shall offer yourself an identification of what you have presented to yourself; but you miss the point in dismissing the imagery.

MARK: At times there is so much imagery. Itís hard to figure out what to pay attention to. (Elias laughs) The subjective is very rich.

ELIAS: Yes Ė and specific.

MARK: Itís been quite an experience for this focus.

ELIAS: This is the reason that it is also important to pay attention to what you are actually doing. For as you are aware as I have expressed many times, the objective awareness is quite abstract. Therefore, the subjective may be generating a specific direction and expressing in a specific manner with a specific subject, and the objective, while incorporating the same action for they move in harmony, may be expressing that one subject in hundreds of manners.

This is the reason that it is important to be aware of what you are actually doing, for that offers you a clearer identification of what your subjective awareness is doing also.

MARK: Got it; that makes sense. I wanted to back up to one question, and then I want to continue along this line. I have chosen to experience the subjective, obviously, and one of the thoughts that I had is that Iíve chosen it for possibly two reasons. One is just because Iím seeking a remembrance. But the other thought that has occurred to me is that I have chosen this because I am seeking to disengage. Can you give me any feedback concerning that?

ELIAS: I may express to you, first of all, you have chosen to be exploring this element of yourself in association with curiosity. In association with death, not necessarily that you are moving towards that choice but to offer yourself more of an understanding of what you are outside of this physical reality, and therefore dissipate elements of fear associated with that choice of death. Let me express to you, most individuals within your physical reality incorporate some element of fear concerning death, for it is one of your greatest unknowns and unfamiliar expressions. Therefore also for many individuals, it is one of your greatest curiosities.

In this, as you allow yourself to be become familiar with yourself in an intimacy with yourself, you dissipate that fear tremendously. For you begin to recognize what you are beyond a focus of attention, that that is you also and that there are other expressions of you that are not associated with physical realities. There are other facets of yourself that are associated with other physical dimensions, other realities, but there are facets of yourself that are expressed in nonphysical areas of consciousness, which is quite different from what you know within physical reality.

In this, let me offer you one element of information in association with your exploration, for it is quite possible and you do incorporate a strong potential to be moving into an allowance of yourself to experience some elements of nonphysical existence, so to speak. In that, remember, within nonphysical areas of consciousness there is no expression of emotion, for it is unnecessary for there is no objective awareness. There is merely the subjective. As emotion is a subjective communication to the objective awareness, within nonphysical areas it is unnecessary. But to you, that may be experienced in an overwhelming and somewhat fearful type of experience, for it may be automatically translated as a void, which reinforces the fear that there exists nothing beyond physical reality.

But if you allow yourself in your exploration to relax and to merely pay attention and merely to notice what you are experiencing, not attempting to translate that into what is known within your physical reality but merely allowing yourself the experiences, you shall open to your periphery and you shall widen your awareness to the extent in which you shall not incorporate a fear and perhaps even allow yourself mobility within other areas of consciousness. The frustration arises as an individual attempts to translate that type of experience into some form of language within your physical reality, for it does not translate.

MARK: Can you tell me about the people that are standing around drinking? You know, what theyíre drinking and what is going on there?

ELIAS: And your impression?

MARK: Many. (Both laugh) Most recently itís been some type of premonition concerning the availability of water here in the lovely state of Arizona. Other times itís been more abstract, more symbolic.

ELIAS: I may express to you to examine your truths. Remember, a truth is a belief that has been generated into an absolute, and as an absolute it is unquestioned but is powerfully influencing.

I may express to you, you are correct there are several expressions of imagery in this scenario, most of which are associated with your truths. It is an attempt to be helpful to you in identifying your truths concerning your environment, concerning other individuals, concerning yourself, and in more expressions that merely water.

MARK: Right, I figured that. (Elias laughs) Can you be any more specific in terms of the imagery that Iíve offered to myself? I mean, who these individuals are, what they are imbibing? Can you give me any more details?

ELIAS: I may express to you, as I have already, that these images are facets of yourself and also energy expressions from a few of ďus,Ē so to speak, myself included. (Laughs)

This is an offering of helpfulness in your identification of your truths, for it is important to be identifying of your truths Ė not to be discounting of yourself, but to be recognizing and therefore also allowing yourself to move more easily into the acceptance of differences, and also to be more empowering of yourself. For some truths may be quite limiting at times, for they may be such absolutes that you have generated that you become a victim to them, viewing yourself to incorporate no choices, which is the expression of a victim, not incorporating choices.

But in the identification of your truths, you allow yourself to recognize that although they are your guidelines, although they are your truths, they are not necessarily true, and therefore, you continue to incorporate choice. This is strongly expressed in association with your environment and also in association with other individuals and behaviors.

MARK: Individuals within this physicality? In this timeframe?


MARK: Like my wife, perhaps?


MARK: (Laughs) And my brother, perhaps.

ELIAS: Yes, and also subject matters that may or may not be presented within your immediate reality, but that you incorporate strong truths concerning behaviors and what is acceptable and what is not, and what is good and what is bad.

MARK: And I would assume that what I maybe view as addictive behaviors would be included in that.

ELIAS: Yes, quite. This is an opportunity for you to be examining those truths, recognizing that every truth incorporates many influences and therein lies your freedom of choice, and that they are your guidelines, your preferences in accordance with what you choose and how you choose to express yourself but are not necessarily applicable to other individuals, and other individuals may be expressing different truths or they may be expressing different influences of the same truths.

What is significant is to be aware and to know that regardless of what your truths are, they are actually not true. Therefore, this allows you to be generating an acceptance of difference, recognizing that your choices are creating your reality and other individualsí choices are creating their reality, and [that] what you do not prefer is not necessary for you to manifest within your reality. Which, I may express to you, my friend, I am quite aware that it is easily expressed and it is challenging to actually actualize. (Laughs) But...

MARK: We have chosen this.

ELIAS: Correct. And as you practice and as you allow yourself to widen your awareness and become familiar intimately with yourself, it is expressed easier.

MARK: My biological family that Iíve chosen, quite an interesting cast of characters. (Elias laughs) Tell me briefly, if you can, about my relationship in particular with my brother and then my mother.

ELIAS: And what is your assessment and concern Ė or challenge? (Chuckles)

MARK: I want to be helpful.

ELIAS: Ah! And that would be your first snare! (Laughs)

MARK: Itís not my job to be helpful.

ELIAS: And how do you wish to be helpful? What do you wish to help?

MARK: Well, itís not necessarily just applied to my brother and my mother. It applies to other people who are focused within this linear timeframe as well. As you have said, it is potentially traumatic. Itís going to affect a lot of people and potentially very traumatically, and I want... On the one hand, I understand that I just need to be me and accept me and explore me, and that within itself is maybe enough. At the same time, within this focus there are other individuals and other people that I do care about and want to assist on some level.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

MARK: And when do I cross the line?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, you are correct that in becoming familiar with yourself and paying attention to yourself you generate being an example, and that is helpful to other individuals. But beyond that, you may also be helpful to other individuals in expressing a genuine acceptance of their choices, for that expresses outwardly an energy of supportiveness, and individuals immediately recognize that. In not generating judgments in association with other individualís choices and expressing acceptance, that also becomes motivating to other individuals, for it is an attractive energy, and you all appreciate attractive energy in whatever manner it may be expressed.

In this, as you continue to explore yourself and begin to recognize your truths that influence you to express judgments in association with other individuals, you shall begin to relax your energy, and those judgments shall not appear to you to be as significant or as important any longer. Your energy shall change, and the energy that you are expressing outwardly, as we began with this discussion, is very significant. For what you project outwardly creates those reflections to you within your reality, and you create precisely what you project. The tricky area is being aware and identifying what type of energy you are projecting. (Chuckles)

For energy is unseen, and therefore, it is more challenging to identify what type of energy you are expressing outwardly other than through its reflection, which at times, I am aware, may be quite confusing, for you do not always generate an emotional communication concerning what type of energy you are projecting. Therefore, you rely upon the translation of thought. But as I have expressed, thought many times is inaccurate or incomplete.

Therefore, you may generate confusion in what is being reflected to yourself, for you may think that you are expressing a particular type of energy in calm and in acceptance, and you may not necessarily be projecting that type of energy. Your indicator is what is being reflected.

MARK: Explain that to me one more time. Iím not quite following that.

ELIAS: Very well. I, relatively recently, incorporated a group interaction, and in that interaction I spoke to the individuals of an analogy of viewing themselves as a pond and viewing different expressions of energy of themselves as being the fish within the pond, and that at times as they interact with another pond, a fish may jump to the other pond that the first pond did not intend. But nevertheless, it is an expression of their energy. (2)

Now; this may occur in an interaction with another individual, as an example, in which you may be expressing yourself and sharing with another individual, and you may be surprised for the other individual may respond to you in a manner that was quite unexpected. Perhaps the other individual may be expressing a response to you of incorporating hurt or frustration or even anger, and you thusly are confused, for you did not intend to be invoking that type of a response.

Now; in that moment with that reflection, you have offered yourself an indication that some element of your energy, which may not incorporate any significance to the other individual and may not be concerned with the interaction with the individual Ė it may be concerning some other action, some other time Ė but there is an element of that energy that is agitated within you, and as you are not aware of it, it is expressed outwardly. But energy is the most immediate and the most clearly received communication; therefore, as it is received, it shall be responded to in the manner of what it was received as. For generally speaking, you do not reconfigure energy automatically.

Now; this is the reason that it is so very important to be aware of what you are doing, what type of energy you are expressing, and what influences you, what beliefs are being expressed in any situation that influences you to project energy in a certain manner which is judgmental.

MARK: Easier said than done! (Elias and Mark laugh)

ELIAS: I am quite aware!

MARK: Hey, you havenít been down here in the trenches in a long time! (Elias laughs) Youíve never been down here in the trenches!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Ah, but yes, I have! (Both laugh)

MARK: Yes, I suspect as much.

ELIAS: But I may express to you, I am aware of the challenge in this action, for it is unfamiliar. You are unfamiliar with being that aware of yourselves and of your energy and of what you do. I have expressed previously an exercise with several different individuals to incorporate merely one day in which they are aware of every action that they incorporate, every expression that they do within a day, regardless of how mundane or insignificant it may be, even to the awareness of how they may open or close a door. And I may express to you that these individuals have reported to me subsequently in the difficulty in generating that type of awareness throughout the entirety of one day. (Laughs)

MARK: So many of our reactions are automatic.

ELIAS: Correct, and much of what you do within one day is generated upon automatic pilot. But that exercise is also quite informative, for it offers you an awareness of how much you do not pay attention, which is motivating to be paying attention. (Laughs)

MARK: I need to honor Maryís linear time. I have many more questions, but I want to conclude with one last question.

ELIAS: Very well.

MARK: Of course, everyone is going to have their own unique experience, but are my experiences any indication of what others may start to be experiencing at some point in the future?

ELIAS: Yes, and many individuals are already, in similar manner to yourself.

MARK: All right, as usual youíve been extremely helpful, and I really appreciate it.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

MARK: Your counsel has been invaluable to me (Elias chuckles), and I am glad that we have been able to communicate, certainly through this funny medium of abstract language, as well as the other ways that weíve been communicating as well.

ELIAS: And I shall be continuing to offer my energy to you. I am always available. (Laughs) I express to you my anticipation of our next meeting, my friend, and encouragement in your movement. In great affection to you as always, au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 1 minute.


(1) Originally expressed as: ďIn this, as you allow an interaction with other focuses, the significance of that is that YOU draw specific focuses to you and specific experiences that the other focuses are generating purposefully to offer you information ...Ē

(2) This analogy was presented in session 1532, March 20, 2004.

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