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Saturday, July 24, 2004

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ďAvoiding Absolutes in a New Business EndeavorĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Frank (X-tian).

(Eliasí arrival time is 13 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

FRANK: Hey, Elias!

ELIAS: And what shall we discuss?

FRANK: (Laughing) I donít know. Iím just a little confused at the last the conversation with Michael!

I guess originally Iíve noticed that, with myself and others, thereís a return to old symptoms and old issues which have resurfaced, so to speak. Like for me, my breathing issues have come back or pop in and out every once in a while in some dramatic fashion and then tend to go away. I know thereís been a lot of talk about polarization and the truth wave and all that kind of stuff, and Iím wondering if you could speak to that, right now what Iím going through.

ELIAS: You are correct. This is being quite commonly expressed in this time framework, and as I have explained with other individuals, you view yourselves to be moving backward, for you are, in a manner of speaking, revisiting old familiar influences of your beliefs. But in actuality, what you are offering to yourselves are experiences that emphasis this wave addressing to truths and that you are not eliminating beliefs, you are merely choosing different influences Ė which you have been, but this is not to say that the beliefs that were expressed previously have disappeared and that they are not continuing to be expressed; they are.

You have been choosing different influences of those beliefs and therefore have been creating different realities by altering your perceptions. But in this time framework, it is quite easy to trigger those old familiar influences and to be generating automatic responses. In creating the automatic responses, there is a stronger potential that you change your perception once again and create familiar manifestations or experiences or expressions that you have [created] pastly. This is the reason that I continue to express repeatedly to all of you that it is important that you pay attention to what you are doing in the moment, what type of energy you are projecting, and therefore allow yourselves to recognize what influences are being expressed in association with your beliefs.

In this, as you begin to recognize what type of energy you are projecting and what you are doing, this allows you to recognize your choices rather than continuing to express automatic responses. Automatic responses have not necessarily been eliminated either; not that they cannot be, but generally speaking they are not. This is the reason that it is important for you to be paying attention to what you are doing in each moment. For as I have expressed many times previously, automatic responses are precisely that, they are automatic. They do not require thought and many times do not incorporate an emotional signal or communication, for you do not pay attention to them. This is the reason why, that they are so very automatic. That may be expressed quite easily in this time framework, for many of your automatic responses are associated with your truths, and your truths are also unquestioned.

FRANK: Youíre referring to absolutes and...


FRANK: I remember in the last group session you had, quite a while ago, for me anyway, that you had mentioned to me before the end of the session you said, ďAnd you calm down,Ē like that. I was kind of wondering what you were talking about, and then way after that, recently, I put myself in those positions where absolutes were involved and an expression of lack of trust mirrored outward in dealing with others. Usually when Iím in those conflicts with those duplicities thatís when Iíll get those symptoms.

ELIAS: Correct, which is what you generated previously.

FRANK: This time, not all the whole time, but at least Iím starting to catch myself: ďI believe Iím doing this and Iím going in this direction and this is whatís going to happen.Ē Iím starting to see that more...

ELIAS: And recognizing your own truths and more clearly paying attention to what you are doing and what type of energy you are projecting. For you are more aware now, and you incorporate a greater understanding, for you have allowed yourself to assimilate the information.

FRANK: Right. So taking it to the next step, like whatís happening in my present right now, talking about shifting and whatever the shifting transition-type of effect thatís going on with me, this, I think, has manifested itself in certain directions having to do with career and work-wise for me. Iím looking at a new opportunity thatís really starting to come into play now. Certain things are happening and certain expectations are being put there by me, and I find myself bouncing back and forth. Maybe because itís unfamiliar, or maybe itís because itís not what I thought I wanted or itís not as good as I thought I wanted or how I wanted it, I feel like this apprehension. I also know that the apprehension, when youíre facing the unfamiliar, that itís a step that you have to take, and thereís sort of a conflict right now but Iím wading through it Ė I think. Can you speak to that?

ELIAS: And what is the conflict?

FRANK: Uh, geez. I donít know if itís just trusting myself in the direction Iím going to go or the direction I think Iím going to go, or trusting others in making those steps and those choices. But I think thatís where the conflict is.

ELIAS: Be more specific.

FRANK: Iím in my present job now. I have this other thing in the entertainment media industry now that we started a couple of years ago, with a partner, and things are starting to manifest. We came into contact with this other person who has a bigger company, a holding company, who wants to take us under his wing under the company. I was placing myself in a position where I think I have choices to make, and maybe theyíre not going to happen just right now, but the main choice is will I be leaving my job and going to this other career totally, which I donít think is going to happen. I think itís going to happen in phases now, but there was a conflict of choice there.

ELIAS: For you are viewing the situation in black and white, that your choices are those of either/or...

FRANK: Right, exactly, and theyíre not.

ELIAS: ...rather than allowing yourself to incorporate a flexibility and create both, and allow yourself a freedom of mobility with each.

In this, an element of your conflict which is also influencing these old familiar automatic responses is associated with expectations, expectations that you incorporate concerning yourself and concerning other individuals, how certain expressions should be manifest and within what time framework, how other individuals should be and should behave, how YOU should be and how YOU should behave, what you expect of them and what you expect of yourself. Generating all of these expectations moves you into a position of potential disappointment, and that creates anxiety and doubt, and the anxiety and doubt create tension. The tension creates the physical manifestations, and as the physical manifestations are expressed, that perpetuates the circle. You continue to move in this circle repeatedly in a type of domino effect, that each domino triggers another in that circle, and they continue to fall into place.

Now; if you pay attention to what you are doing, what type of energy you are expressing outwardly and begin to recognize the expectations that you incorporate, allow yourself to stop these expectations and merely allow yourself to trust yourself and to change that energy of expectation into what you were allowing previously.

This is significant, for as I have expressed, the same beliefs are in play, but you have chosen different influences and therefore have created quite a different reality in recent time framework and for an extended time framework, and you have generated much less conflict. But what was the key expression that you were allowing within that time framework in which you were generating more of an ease in association with creating this creative endeavor in this musical expression? The key element was that you were allowing yourself to incorporate fun, and now you are perceiving it as business. And as you perceive it as business...

FRANK: Pressure, yeah.

ELIAS: perceive it as work, and you do not allow the fun. You do not allow the playfulness, and therefore you generate a thickness in energy, and you begin to generate all of these expectations, and the expectations perpetuate that thickness.

Whereas, if you allow yourself to move once again into that expression of fun and playfulness and not generating the expectations, you shall be allowing a much easier energy expression. The energy that you are projecting in association with the other individuals shall be quite different and much more allowing, and that moves you into more of a potential for successfulness.

It is important to recognize moments in which you are viewing the scenarios so very black and white, not offering yourself choices for you expect that what you do must be expressed in a particular manner, and you must be serious and professional. Those terms are not necessarily synonymous.

FRANK: Yesterday I had a conversation in the same mode with this person, and changes were made that, again, I didnít expect. At first I was kind of angry, and I was going into that automatic response thing. Later that night, I realized that those changes made things not black and white for me, that I wouldnít have to make the choice of going one way or the other, and that I would actually be able to do both at the same time now. The pressure was off me a little, so I didnít have to go into that mode where I was thinking in absolute terms of black and white. So what I usually perceive, going into the automatic response of anger and frustration, was that maybe this is a lot better scenario than I originally thought, and the actual implication of this was, like you said, I can have it both ways.

ELIAS: In this, it is significant that you offered yourself this experience. For I may express to you, many times a scenario that you may create may initially appear to you to be negative, and in actuality, it may be quite beneficial.

FRANK: This Wednesday, a couple of days from now, I have the first big meeting, face to face. I realized that I couldíve gone in one way and been very angry, started up some conflict, been very resistive, and the thickness would have been there. But now I can go in there relaxed and just enjoy the meeting and interaction, and see what weíve got and how things are going to pan out, and be more open. So thatís the kind of feeling that Iíve been getting last night and today.

ELIAS: Yes. And in this, pay attention to you. Pay attention to what you want in genuineness. I am understanding the challenge in actualizing that, for the automatic association is to be interacting with other individuals, viewing what their choices are and automatically moving into an expression of wanting their choices or their expressions to be different Ė but that is not a clear and genuine identification of what YOU want. That is an indication that your attention is projected to the other individual and that you are NOT actually paying attention to yourself. What you want is what you want to express and what you appreciate, not what you want from or you want different in association with another individual.

Therefore, the challenge shall be to incorporate this interaction with the other individuals to genuinely be paying attention to you and what you want to express in appreciation, and to be generating a cooperation with the other individuals even if you are not in agreement.

FRANK: And by agreement, itís just a perception that thereís conflict in different directions, and thatís not really relevant.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: Right. I can see thatís when my stress builds up, when I think like that.

ELIAS: In this, what the other individuals are choosing and creating matters not. In holding your attention upon that, you disempower yourself and you create a very different type of energy, which reinforces what you do not prefer.

Therefore, in allowing yourself to move into the interaction with an ease and generating a perception of cooperation, even without agreement, you project a very different type of energy, which lacks expectations. In the lack of expectation, you allow yourself to move much more easily. You allow yourself much more of an expression of openness, which is immediately perceived by the other individuals. That energy is also immediately recognized and responded to, and it allows you the freedom to pay attention to what YOU genuinely want to express.

FRANK: As far as what I genuinely want to express, Iím not so sure I have a handle on that. I know the direction that I go is not to be limited to only music, but in other types of media like film and stuff like that, and to just explore that, that kind of genre thing. I mean, thatís what I would say I want to express. I donít know if thatís the right term.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but the significance is paying attention in the moment.

Now; in the moment, as you engage the interaction with these other individuals, you all incorporate agendas in a broader perspective, so to speak, of directions of what you want to be creating futurely, which is not to be discounted. Paying attention to the now is not necessarily to the exclusion of anticipating future. But the significance of the now is tremendous, for that is what forms what you create futurely.

Therefore, in the actual interaction with the other individuals, I am aware that you shall be interacting and discussing future directions, but also pay attention to what is occurring in the actual interaction now and your responses to it, your triggers, what type of energy you are expressing and projecting, how you are responding to the other individuals if you are not in agreement with them, and if you are continuing to generate a cooperation regardless of whether you are in agreement with them, or whether you are forcing energy to be convincing of your opinion or your preferences.

In this, this may be somewhat of a tricky business, my friend, for you may be expressing your preferences, but identify what they are in that moment Ė not what they may be futurely, but what are your preferences in that moment, what is it that you want to create and what is it that you want to express in that moment. I may also offer you a suggestion, as I have previously, that you may consider engaging an interaction with Michael in association with this subject.

FRANK: The preferences?

ELIAS: Yes. And being aware of what you want in the moment and being aware of intentionally manipulating your energy to allow yourself to express what you want in the now, in cooperation, without necessarily incorporating agreement.

FRANK: Okay. (18-second pause) All right, Elias. I donít know what else to ask right now! (Laughing) That was kind of a lot.

ELIAS: Do you wish...

FRANK: Those were the things I was thinking about, I guess, on my mind presently.

ELIAS: Very well. Do you wish to discontinue and continue within a different time framework?

FRANK: If you want to add anything else, if thereís anything, input... Then we can close out, sure.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may express to you, what in this present now is most significant is for you to be paying attention to what type of energy you are projecting, to be aware of yourself and to be aware of your automatic responses, and not to allow yourself to be ensnared by those automatic responses. For, what you are presenting to yourself in this present time framework may the beginnings of new liberations and avenues to be generating fun and playfulness.

But if you are not paying attention, you may be incorporating similar automatic responses to what you have previously in the scenario that you presented to myself, becoming angry initially but subsequently realizing the benefit to what has been presented. Remember, YOU are presenting these scenarios to yourself. It is not that other individuals are presenting them, YOU are presenting them, for you are drawing these other individuals specifically and precisely to yourself.

Therefore, the responsibility lies in what you do with what you are presenting to yourself, how you manipulate that, and whether you generate that cooperation or not. The direction that you are moving in incorporates tremendous potential for successfulness and ease and playfulness. Appreciate what you are doing. Find your appreciation, and you shall be much more aware of what you are doing. It shall generate much greater clarity, and that is a quite beneficial automatic response.

FRANK: Very good.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend.

FRANK: Okay, Elias, thank you. Thatís very good.

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating our next conversation and your progress. (Chuckles) As always, my dear friend, Christian, in tremendous love and friendship, I express to you, au revoir.

FRANK: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 35 minutes.

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