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Friday, September 03, 2004

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ďExamine Your Medical BeliefsĒ

ďSorting Out a Relationship ConflictĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Daryl (Ashrah).

(Eliasí arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

DARYL: Hello! At last we speak! (Elias laughs) Iíve been aware that Iíve been delaying the session, so I guess itís finally time.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well! And what shall we discuss?

DARYL: I have a couple focus things I want to ask you, and then I donít know, exactly. I kind of know what I want to talk to you about; I just donít know how to present it.

First off, I know I have a future focus named India, and I wondered if her last name is Palloo.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: Is she 28th century?


DARYL: I think I have another new one whose name is Avery, and I think the last name is Blue.

ELIAS: Ballue.

DARYL: Oh, kind of like the color blue, except... Okay.

ELIAS: Similar.

DARYL: How do you spell Ballue?


DARYL: I think that thatís a female. Is that correct?


DARYL: Thereís something kind of strange to me about her sexuality, but I canít pin down what it is.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And perhaps you shall continue your investigation.

DARYL: I had one thought that seemed weird to me, that she becomes male when she is having sex.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

DARYL: Okay... (Elias laughs) But youíre not going to give me any more clues, huh?

ELIAS: (Laughs) That would not incorporate fun!

DARYL: And is she 31st century?


DARYL: And sheís involved with creatures?


DARYL: Iím not sure of this one either, but I think a female named Darien Saunders...


DARYL: ...and thatís 35th?


DARYL: John or Jean Chambeau?

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: Is it John or Jean?

ELIAS: Jean.

DARYL: Is he Canadian?


DARYL: I was thinking maybe Montreal.


DARYL: And is he 49th century?


DARYL: What century is he?

ELIAS: Twenty-second.

DARYL: Man, another 22nd! That makes six of them now! (Elias chuckles) I guess I really like it in the 22nd century.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Interesting times.

DARYL: I guess so; it would be, or I thought it would be. Lynda would like to know if Red Skelton is a focus of hers.


DARYL: Not observing essence or anything?


DARYL: She said he kept popping up last week. Is there some kind of other imagery going on?

ELIAS: Other imagery.

DARYL: Sheíll have to figure that out for herself then, wonít she? (Elias laughs) In terms of pronunciation, I wanted to know if Ar-KAN-din or AR-kan-din would be the more accurate.


DARYL: So itís kind of leveled-out in terms of emphasis: Ar-kan-deen. I wondered if I share either 83 or 38 focuses with him?

ELIAS: The latter.

DARYL: Now Iím doing reverses again! And Sandel and I, do we share 34?


DARYL: Okay, thatís all my little things.

First of all, itís about six weeks ago now that I had a week that had a whole lot of birth and death imagery in it that I took to be indicating a big transition. Would that be a correct interpretation?


DARYL: Does the transition have to do with the energy block coming down?

ELIAS: Yes, and also altering your perception.

DARYL: Now when that started, at the very time it started I made a website for ShiftAssist, and then I got breathing stuff and fear and stuff. (1) I also had some dreams about ShiftAssist that had to do, I think, with the current timeframe and me interacting subjectively. Do I have some fear stuff going on around ShiftAssist, in terms of that?

ELIAS: Some.

DARYL: It doesnít seem to be with me and what Iím doing with it personally. It has to do with, I guess, an expression of self outwardly or something.

ELIAS: Yes, and exposure.

DARYL: I donít know if I should try to kind of push that and do it anyway, because I have a tendency to not want to kick the breathing stuff up again and maybe just cool it for awhile.

ELIAS: And I would be in agreement with that suggestion.

DARYL: By the way, I wanted to say that I now have my own crystal ball, so I donít have to ask you any crystal ball questions! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ah! Very well. (Both laugh) Congratulations!

DARYL: I know Arkandin is somehow involved in that; I just donít know exactly how. (Elias chuckles)

Starting, I guess, during that week of the birth and death stuff, Iím still having breathing stuff on and off. Itís decreased, and it seems like lately I just have it in the evening for short periods of time, which to me again seems to have to do with exposure and taking down the energy block.

ELIAS: Yes. But you are accomplishing more efficiently, are you not?

DARYL: Yes. Iíve been doing that irregular sleep pattern stuff, too, and something seems to be scaring me in a lot of that time. Is that also involved with the energy block?


DARYL: But it does seem like itís really shifted in the past ten days or so.

ELIAS: I am acknowledging of you in that.

DARYL: In my inner landscape where I saw this appear, it seems to be about 90 or 95 percent gone. I also felt I have a couple parts of me that I was aware of but I felt like theyíre really isolated, which Iíve been interacting with. It seemed like some other part of me was finally able to establish enough trust to hold them and break through.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

DARYL: So thatís like a good interpretation of whatís been going on?


DARYL: Then just this week this other, I donít know, part or aspect that Iíve forgotten about that I consider kind of to be the real me thatís been hiding away all this time all of a sudden kind of sprung up again. So Iím actually finally allowing me to come forward?

ELIAS: Yes, and allowing yourself to move into more of a familiarity with yourself and therefore beginning to allow yourself more freedom.

DARYL: I also have been having a lot of twin imagery during this timeframe, and it seems to be quieting down now. Does that also have to do with all this?

ELIAS: That is imagery that you have presented to yourself in association with supportiveness and being supportive to yourself, within yourself.

DARYL: During this time, I have been examining a lot of truths that I have about the split that Iíve had between me and my body. Basically, I feel like I made a bargain to give it up, along with my identity and stuff. Is there anything that Iím missing in that area, or am I pretty well addressing to that?

ELIAS: You are addressing to it, and I may express to you that the more that you allow yourself to relax and distract your concentration from this division of yourself, the more you shall allow yourself to integrate your perception in a manner to be expressing much less of that separation.

DARYL: Now, the lump in my breast, which I know has also been expressive of that division, has gotten significantly larger in the past month or so, and Iím kind of worried about it. I figure itís directly tied in with this, also. Is that correct?


DARYL: Why is it growing? I feel like Iíve been having movement in a certain direction, and I feel like the lump is kind of moving in the other direction.

ELIAS: It is an experience to challenge you in examining your beliefs, your truths concerning methods and concerning medical practices.

DARYL: It isnít like Iím considering doing anything with it medically.

ELIAS: I am aware, and that is the point.

DARYL: That is the point? Am I trying to somehow put myself in the medical arena through that?

ELIAS: That is presently a strong potential. This is a time framework in which you are presenting this to yourself to allow yourself to examine your truths concerning the medical profession and practices.

DARYL: So the point is for me to be evaluating those truths.

ELIAS: And to be accepting and not to be expressing the judgment concerning methods, that some methods are better than other methods.

DARYL: I know I have stuff around that, but I definitely donít want some kind of surgical thing and I donít really want to interact with doctors. I guess thatís a big belief about surgery.


DARYL: I mean, I think of that as preference of mine and not that...

ELIAS: Let me express to you, there are some beliefs that individuals incorporate that they may also disagree with some elements of the belief. But regardless of whether you agree or you do not agree, that is not to say that the belief is not expressed.

In that, in recognizing that there are some elements of beliefs that you may not necessarily agree with, what is significant is that you are not deluding yourself into a thought process of evaluating that that disagreement is expressing a different belief, for it is not, and that that disagreement has, in a manner of speaking, eliminated that belief, for it has not.

It is an opportunity for you to examine the element of duplicity in association with a certain belief, and to genuinely recognize that it is not an absolute and not to be generating struggle against a belief and generating that judgment, for that perpetuates its expression and its influence.

DARYL: Is there some reason why Iím dealing with medical beliefs right now, as opposed to other times?

ELIAS: For these are strongly held and strongly expressed beliefs. In association with this wave addressing to truths, these are some of your truths, and they are expressed quite strongly and are quite influencing, and in some manners are limiting.

DARYL: Iíve been aware of that happening with all the stuff in the political arena, with the presidential election and everything really setting me off. (Elias chuckles) I know I have strong beliefs there, so.

ELIAS: As I have expressed to you and to other individuals, this is a time framework in which energy is very strong, and there is tremendous potential for polarization. In some of these truths that you express, you also are experiencing some of your own polarization.

DARYL: Is that why Iíve had this draw my attention to balance by falling three times in the past 24 hours?


DARYL: (Laughs) I know I am concerned about the lump, and talking to you about it is... I donít know, itís kind of freaking me out. Can you tell me anything more that might be helpful to me in terms of identifying certain beliefs or truths regarding that, or how to move through this?

ELIAS: I would suggest that you generate an examination of your beliefs, as I have stated, in association with physicians and their practices. That is strongly influencing.

DARYL: Iíve had a lot of that in my life; every job I had, I worked for doctors.

The other thing regarding the lump is that my bird has had, I donít know if Iíd call it exactly a lump, but something along those lines for longer than I have. Hers has also been getting bigger in the past month. Is there a connection between hers and mine?

ELIAS: A mirroring.

DARYL: I guess I have this fear still that Iím going to kill her somehow. I did lose another bird during my week that had birth and death imagery, and I guess it still would be her choice and my choice.

ELIAS: Correct. But it is a mirroring, and it is a presentment to you to be examining what you are doing.

DARYL: So, the best way I can deal with her is to turn my attention to myself and just do my own stuff, and then that will be reflected in her?

ELIAS: Yes, which also involves examination of, once again, physicians and their methods, regardless of what type of physician it is.

DARYL: I know I have this belief that itís like a violation of a body to take part of it and cut it away.

ELIAS: That is an aspect of the same belief.

DARYL: Well, I didnít think it was the whole thing, but I know that thatís a very strong one.

ELIAS: That is associated with your opinion, but as I have stated, these truths are expressed very strongly but they are not necessarily true. It is an opportunity for you to examine the strength of what you express in energy and the strength of the judgments that you express, which is an element of the polarization that you are generating.

DARYL: So, the medical thing and the political thing, are those my two main areas of polarization?


DARYL: In terms of my separation from my body, I know the lump was largely connected with that before. Is that still being expressed through that...


DARYL: ...or has that kind of fallen away?

ELIAS: No, that continues also.

DARYL: So I guess I should continue purposefully merging with my body.


DARYL: Does doing physical activities with my body merge me more with it?

ELIAS: At times, yes.

DARYL: But not necessarily.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon what you are doing and what you are paying attention to.

DARYL: Iíve also been having stuff with food, where my appetite varies a lot and also my desire to eat food aside from my appetite, which sometimes has to do with my mood and what Iím creating physically. But it also seems to have to do with how much time and trouble I want to take preparing something. I canít honestly tell if part of it is kind of rearranging my food habits and what I eat and when, or if itís all...

ELIAS: Partially.

DARYL: ...some kind of variation on like the thing with the cleaning and having to do that kind of stuff.

ELIAS: Partially it is associated with that, and partially it is a presentment to yourself in a manner of imagery of offering yourself the opportunity to be more aware of your physical body and its communications to you, and therefore also be lessening this separation. It may be communicating to you, and you may translate that into a lack of motivation to be creating preparation of different food, but thatís your interpretation or your translation.

DARYL: What is the actual communication?

ELIAS: That IS the communication, that in a particular moment your physical body is communicating that it does not necessarily want or require certain foods. This is your opportunity to be genuinely paying attention to however you are translating, and how you are translating matters not. What matters is that you are listening, that you are paying attention, that you are noticing that you are receiving a communication.

It may appear to you to be quite subtle, but merely the noticing that you are unmotivated to prepare food, which you may translate to yourself as feeling lazy, that is to be noticed as a response to your communication from your physical body. Or if you are motivated to be consuming different types of foods, that also is motivated by a communication from your physical body consciousness.

DARYL: I know one of my things thatís being complicated by not staying in the moment is if Iím going to the store, Iím trying to decide if I want to eat for the next few days or not. I canít seem to tell. Sometimes I think I donít want to, and I donít buy much food; then all of a sudden my body is saying letís have food. Sometimes itís the reverse.

ELIAS: And you are correct, this would be your movement in paying more attention in the now, in the present.

DARYL: I need to just be able to go either way, I guess, all the time. (Elias chuckles) Maybe Iíll end up throwing out food, then.

ELIAS: And not attempting to anticipate but merely paying attention to what you want in one day, which also motivates you to move outside of your dwelling more often. (Laughs)

DARYL: Mmmm! Tricky me!

ELIAS: Which was the exercise. (Chuckles)

DARYL: I remember the exercise quite well. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Now you present to yourself a reason and motivation to engage the exercise in a different manner. For if you cannot anticipate what you shall consume in other days, perhaps you may merely incorporate the foods in each day that you want to consume or do not want to consume.

DARYL: Iíve already actually done some of that this week by switching around and going to the store three times already in the past four days, plus going out to eat twice.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) This is another method of allowing yourself to be paying attention to your communications and allowing you to generate less separation with your body consciousness.

DARYL: Iíve had a longstanding thing, where I start squeaking when Iím breathing, that I have always thought was indicating my attention is outside of self. Is that still the case?


DARYL: Now Iím also having times where I suddenly get a lot of stuff in my throat. Before, thatís indicated my attention is outside of self, but Iím not sure that thatís what itís saying right now.

ELIAS: It would more be associated with hesitation of communication.

DARYL: Hesitation of me communicating to someone else or to myself?

ELIAS: Both, dependent upon what you are generating in that time framework.

DARYL: I guess next I want to talk to you some about interactions, starting with something that happened in a relationship that Iím having trouble understanding. I know part of it had to do with presenting myself with truths about relationships and what happens when someone gets involved in a romantic relationship, but also just general truths about how you should treat people.

What happened is sheís become involved with somebody, which I think Iím okay with except that our relationship has changed, and Iím trying to understand that. We had a phone conversation where I felt like she was telling me things about how I was reacting that didnít seem accurate to me, and I felt like when I said things back that they werenít being received. I felt basically like she was attacking me, telling me what was wrong with me.

(Emotionally) I found that pretty upsetting, because weíve never had that kind of interaction. I tried to talk to her about that on another occasion a couple days later, but it seemed like when she was telling me what she thought I was doing, it was like I was doing it, she wasnít creating that, and it wasnít reflecting her. But if I said anything to her about how she was interacting with me, she would just tell me that I was creating it and it had nothing to do with her. Iím trying to sort out what Iím actually creating, what is reflecting to me, and if thereís a contribution by the other personís energy.


DARYL: Also, ongoingly, I know sheís been through a lot of changes. I feel like in the past that sheís kind of trusted one person at a time, and her trust has switched from me to this person. I feel like a lot of the intimacy is gone from our relationship, because she switched it over to this other person.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

DARYL: So, any help in understanding whatís going on there. I would really appreciate how to sort out what is me and what is her.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, as I have previously, you do create all of your reality, but you also do directly interact with the energy projections of other individuals.

Now; at times that may be challenging, for in some manner the other individual is reflecting some element of yourself, but they are also creating their own expression. How this moves together is that you specifically draw certain individuals to generate certain interactions that will be reflective in that moment. I am not expressing that they are mirroring; that is different. But in some manner, the other individual is reflective of some element within yourself.

Now; at times, that reflectiveness may be generated by you merely to evaluate how you shall receive and how you shall respond, and whether you are generating automatic responses or whether you are choosing and objectively aware of your responses and your reception.

In this, first of all, let me express to you, for any of you Ė for you, for any other individual Ė to incorporate this information and express to another individual in an interaction with another individual that the other individualís expression incorporates no element of themselves Ė or as you have stated yourself in your vernacular, that as you express to the other individual, the response is that what you are expressing has no thing to do with the other individual, correct? Ė that is quite an incorrect statement and not true.

DARYL: It felt incorrect to me, but...

ELIAS: For any individual interacting with any other individual, they are all reflecting some element to each other. Were they not to be reflecting, they would not be engaging the interaction. They would be interacting with another individual or not interacting at all with any individual.

It is all quite precise. Your reality is purposeful and precise, and there are no accidents. Therefore, if the other individual is participating in an interaction with you, you are also reflecting elements to the other individual. It does not move in merely one direction. That is the action of exchange.

Now; in this, I may express to you some of what you have expressed is somewhat accurate. The other individual is expressing somewhat more of a hesitancy in interaction with you and has moved their attention in a manner that you are assessing somewhat accurately. I may also express to you that some of this interaction is reflecting your beliefs concerning behaviors and reflecting some of your automatic responses. You are presenting that to yourself for the reason that I expressed previously, to allow yourself to examine how you are responding, whether you are incorporating automatic responses or whether you are allowing yourself more freedom to be aware and to choose the manner in which you respond, and to examine what expressions may be presented to you by other individuals that trigger automatic responses, which offers you more information.

Now; in this, I may also express to you, you are aware of my analogy of the ponds and the fishes, correct?


ELIAS: And in this, I may express to you, unintentionally you also have expressed some of those irritated fishes. I am aware that your intention was not to be expressing that, and therefore your awareness of that energy was not clear. But you have expressed some of that type of energy, and it has been received.

Now; the other individual has expressed some intended fishes! (Chuckles)

DARYL: Thatís what I thought, but she denied any intended fishes whatsoever.

ELIAS: I am aware, but what have I expressed to you? What is more clear and received more accurately than any other type of language? Energy. You all receive and are aware of and interpret energy much more accurately than any other type of communication. Therefore, regardless of what an individual may be expressing verbally, they may be expressing a very different energy, and you shall recognize the difference.

DARYL: I also know that I tend to be sensitive. We talked about unintentional fishes before, but this did feel like intentional. It felt like a blast.

ELIAS: And I may express to you a confirmation. Your interpretation was not inaccurate. But that also is purposeful, for you have drawn that to yourself for what reason? To allow yourself to examine your response and your triggers.

DARYL: I know that itís a truth to me that that is not acceptable behavior.

ELIAS: Correct. In that, it offers you the opportunity to examine that truth and how you respond Ė how you allow that to influence you, how you allow that to influence your interaction, whether you meet the challenge of the other individual with expectations and with matching energy, or whether you allow yourself to be aware of what you are presenting to yourself, be aware of your truth that is being expressed, how you shall choose the influence of that truth, and whether you shall recognize in the moment, in the experience, that although it is a truth, it is your truth; it is YOUR guideline. Therefore, it concerns how YOU behave and how YOU express yourself, not necessarily how another individual behaves and how they express themselves.

In recognizing that, you dissipate the element of threat that is perceived in receiving the energy from the other individual. If you are not expressing that threat within yourself, you are no longer motivated to express competition or comparison or expectation. There is no push within yourself to debate, for you recognize that your truth is, in your terms, right for you, for it is your guideline, but the other individualís truth is right for them also, for it is their guideline. You may not necessarily like the other individualís guideline, you may not necessarily agree with the other individualís guideline, but it does not threaten yours, and it does not diminish yours or devalue yours.

Therefore, in recognizing that, you may continue to express cooperation rather than expectation, and acceptance. That generates a different type of energy and generates a different type of interaction.

DARYL: One of the things Iím unclear on in this is with the changes that I know the other person has undergone, is it possible for me to generate the same kind of interaction in terms of sharing certain types of experiences like weíve been doing for years, or is that just kind of not possible anymore?

ELIAS: It IS possible, but that is dependent upon what you generate and whether you are generating it in expectation, whether you are generating judgments in association with difference, and also whether you are attempting to debate and instruct the other individual concerning what they are expressing.

DARYL: It seems to me that I tried, when we were trying to clear up this mess, to talk about it, and it seemed like talking about it was only making things worse.

ELIAS: And in your terms, at times that does occur. For in that type of interaction, it is dependent upon what type of energy you are expressing Ė what type of energy you yourself are expressing, what the other individual is expressing, and how you are receiving it.

DARYL: Part of what I was expressing was that I really thought that she wasnít receiving, even if she was saying that what I was creating was entirely my creation, that she wasnít receiving, listening to it or anything, and I felt totally not received in that regard. (Sighs)

ELIAS: I am understanding. And what that generates is you have already expressed the threat, and therefore, you are already moving into an expression and projecting an energy of defensive. As you continue to express defensive energy, you attempt to correct the other individual, and the circle continues.

DARYL: Well, whereís the line between me expressing myself and expressing the threat? I mean, is it important that I just express to myself that I feel like Iím not received, and not express it to any other person? Or is that off the mark, of even expressing that?

ELIAS: No, you may express that to the other individual. You may express that this is your perception and that this is the energy that you are experiencing, and not in correction of the other individual.

DARYL: I felt at that time I was just trying to express that that was what I felt and get her to hear Ė not even that she was doing it, but that that was my perception.

ELIAS: Correct, but the defensive energy is being expressed, and that is being received.

DARYL: But thereís a way that I can learn to express myself without expressing the defensive energy also?

ELIAS: Yes, quite, and that presents no threat to the other individual. Therefore, the other individual also expresses more freedom to not be expressing a defensive energy.

DARYL: That was what I was trying to do, but I guess I have a ways to go to learn how to do that.

ELIAS: I may express to you, both of you expressed a defensive energy, and both of you were receiving that and reacting. I am aware of your attempt to not be reacting and your intention of not reacting, and I am aware that you incorporated enough of an awareness of yourself to be projecting much less of those unintended fishes than you may have previously. But remember, the other individual receives that, and they also respond in association with whatever they are creating or whatever issue they may be addressing to or whatever discounting or fear that they may be engaging. This is what you evaluate in the interaction in the expression that the other individual denies, but you are aware of the energy and the difference of the two expressions.

I may express to you, what my suggestion would be is that in interactions such as this, and time frameworks and experiences, you may incorporate this as an example. Once you begin to notice your own defense and that you are projecting that type of energy, it may be beneficial to disengage the interaction unless you are experiencing enough of your strength that you recognize that you can turn that in that moment. But generally speaking, presently that may be somewhat challenging for you to actually generate that now.

Therefore, what may be more beneficial is to merely recognize, notice, acknowledge yourself. Do not discount yourself that you are expressing a defensive energy. Allow yourself to disengage the interaction, and therefore interrupt that circle, not continue to perpetuate it and reinforce it. Are you understanding?

DARYL: Yes. Also, Iíve had a kind of parallel situation in terms of her getting involved with somebody else. It happened with Oona slightly ahead of this, and it seems like Iím able to do something differently with her.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But your allowance with yourself with that individual is different.

DARYL: So there really is a difference going on between those two.


DARYL: Because they are pretty parallel.

ELIAS: But the energy that you express with each of them is different, and the reason it is different is that you classify the relationships differently.

DARYL: I do.

ELIAS: Therefore, you incorporate different expectations of yourself and different expectations of the other individuals.

DARYL: I thought I had less expectations than what Iím having trouble with.

ELIAS: No. You express more of your freedom with Oona. You express more safety, less expectation and more of an ease with Oona. You express more of a trust and less of an expectation of being hurt. Therefore, there is more allowance, less defensiveness.

DARYL: I just thought there was less expectation in general in the other relationship, but... (Elias chuckles) Anyway, Iím at the end of my time, so.

ELIAS: Accept from myself, my dear friend, my energy of encouragement and my energy of appreciation of you, and allow yourself to wrap yourself in that, temporarily. (Chuckles)

DARYL: Will you help me with this lump thing? Iím scared of it more now from talking to you about it.

ELIAS: (Gently) Very well. Do not incorporate more of an expression of fear. Allow yourself to empower yourself, and through your examination of your beliefs, allow yourself to relax with them rather than fighting with them.

DARYL: And this is something I can turn around?

ELIAS: Yes, and there are many different methods.

DARYL: (Laughs) I could try a few of them, then.

ELIAS: You may! (Chuckles) Very well, my friend, I express tremendous lovingness to you, and I shall be anticipating our next conversation. To you, as always in great fondness, au revoir.

DARYL: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 4 minutes.


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