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Saturday, September 04, 2004

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ďTrust Your Ability to Generate MoneyĒ

ďFinding a HouseĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jens (Samira).

(Eliasí arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JENS: Hi, Elias. Itís nice to talk to you again.

ELIAS: And you also, my friend.

JENS: First of all, I will ask you some questions from Sid, and then Iíll discuss my own things with you. Is that okay?

ELIAS: Very well.

JENS: First question from Sid: is Kaylor the last name of a future focus of mine from around 2515, who is a female in Greece, and is a model?


JENS: Is my friend Quinbyís girlfriend, Hannah, Gramada/Ilda, common, emotional?


JENS: For the Game: Countries, Russia with Vold.

ELIAS: One point.

JENS: And Countries, China with Zuli.

ELIAS: One point.

JENS: Thatís it from Sid.

Letís start for warm-up with some questions about my focuses. Sharon Corr, one of the Corr sisters, a singer Ė there is much imagery during the last weeks. I guess Samira is observing essence of her?


JENS: Is the essence of Michelle Pfeiffer, the actress, also somehow related to this individual?

ELIAS: Counterpart.

JENS: I thought so. During the last two or three months Iíve had some problems with my impressions. Itís not that clear as it normally used to be with me. But thatís okay. Caroline Corr, her sister, the feeling of familiarity of her Ė is it another counterpart action with Samira, or is it just recognition of the shared focus?

ELIAS: Both.

JENS: Ludwig II Ė I forgot to ask in my last session Ė a king of Bavaria. I saw a documentary a few months ago, and when I saw his face, I thought, ďThatís me!Ē Is it a focus of Samira?

ELIAS: Observing.

JENS: And Ingrid Devecite, sheís a Brazilian model. She was Miss Ipanema 2001. I guess she is a directed focus of Ranatad?

ELIAS: Counterpart.

JENS: I felt such a strong connection to her. Just counterpart?

ELIAS: That may be a strong connection dependent upon the extent of the counterpart action.

JENS: And (inaudible), the (inaudible) in the U.S., is a directed focus of Ranatad?

ELIAS: No. Similarity in tone.

JENS: Lina van Osten, the wife of Reinhard Heydrich, is this a directed focus of Ranatad?

ELIAS: Observing.

JENS: Hamnet Shakespeare, the son of William Shakespeare who lived only a few years, is this an observed focus of Ranatad?


JENS: Eugene Delacroix, the French painter, I feel a connection to my daughter, Lakeisha. I wondered if it is a directed focus, but you said to Sid itís not. Is it an observed focus?

ELIAS: Observed, yes.

JENS: Marilyn Monroe, I felt a connection to Nepton, the essence from which Ranatad fragmented. Is it an observing essence thing, too?


JENS: Moses, the guy with the Ten Commandments, is he a focus of Samira?

ELIAS: Observing.

JENS: You made a suggestion that I could tap into the energy of future focuses of myself, and I tried to identify three future focuses of myself: Tim Bradley, 2148; Allen, 2338; and the third I have missed the name, but itís much more in the future, 3812. Are my identifications of these focuses correct?


JENS: I tried to connect with them, and they work with me, sometimes all of them, sometimes only one of them, during the night. Is my recognition of this action correct?


JENS: But that was easy for me to tap into the energy of these focuses. It was much easier for my call-girl focus, Jana Mueller. I tapped into her energy; I was aware of her actually doing. I guess that is the action of tapping into.

ELIAS: Yes, but I may also express to you that it is an unfamiliar action for you to be exploring future focuses. Therefore, you may initially view that to be somewhat more challenging. But as you allow yourself to relax and recognize that you may tap into those focuses as easily as you may any other focus, it shall become much more easy for you to be accomplishing.

Also, what is significant concerning future focuses is that they also are receptive to your energy and reciprocate, and therefore that also generates an ease in creating an exchange with future focuses, for they incorporate a wider awareness and understand how to be manipulating energy more efficiently.

JENS: Thereís a group of future focuses, in my impression 238, and I would like to have regular contact with them, so I guess I must practice!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Very well!

JENS: We discussed in my previous session the India thing, and immediately after the session I allowed myself to express in many different directions which I hadnít before, for example, the car, the digital camera, the DVD recorder, my Czech adventure. I see that this allowance reduces my attention, and itís really fun.

I got from Mary two very encouraging and very gentle mails. One was about the topic of the more I donít worry about the money, the more it comes to me. I tried to do this in my allowance to buy things which I wouldnít normally do. But there is not an actually change in my situation, and what is really the problem is that I still worry too much.

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, it is a matter of trust. It is not merely an issue of worrying but also of trust. In generating the action of allowing yourself to be more free with your interaction with money, that is somewhat helpful. But it is also important that you allow yourself to trust your ability to generate money. In this, if you are incorporating one action without the other action, it accomplishes allowing you to somewhat be more relaxed with the subject of money, but it does not address to your allowance of yourself to generate it. That you continue to incorporate doubt, in association with your ability to create this.

Let me express to you, I am aware of what you are expressing in association with Michaelís interaction and attempting to offer suggestions to you. But let me also express to you, this may be accomplished somewhat easier with Michael, for Michael has moved into an expression of, for the most part, genuinely trusting his ability to be creating and actually recognizing that he is actually generating that and not necessarily acquiring it. This is a significant difference.

I am aware that it continues to appear surfacely or objectively that whatever money is generated is being acquired in some manner from some other source. But once you begin to genuinely trust yourself and your ability, you alter your perception, and that changes your experience, and you experience actually creating money. It may not appear that you have merely created it within your hand from no thing or no action. But in actuality, that matters not, for the source of what may be creating the money in whatever method is incorporated becomes unimportant, and the recognition and the trust that you are actually creating that becomes more of where your attention is moved. That is what generates more of an efficiency in creating in this manner successfully.

Therefore, what continues to be the obstacle with you is that you do not quite trust yet your ability, and you have not actually generated experiencing that you actually create it. As I have expressed many times, you may understand many concepts intellectually, but without the experience of those concepts, they remain concepts. Once you generate experience with any concept, it thusly becomes reality, for that confirms to you and evidences to you that actually you do incorporate the ability to accomplish any particular action.

JENS: If I look at what Iíve created, what Iíve allowed, I have trusted myself during the last three months. Iím proud of it.

ELIAS: Yes. This is an accomplishment, and also it is, in a manner of speaking, serving to be helpful to yourself to begin to trust your abilities in actual physical creations. It is incorporating a significant affectingness with you in allowing yourself to express more openly, to be more relaxed with this particular subject. For I am aware that this particular subject has been a significant struggle for yourself for an extended time framework, and you are allowing yourself to relax more and to be more playful in association with this subject, and that is affecting.

JENS: Letís talk about the house. We are now looking for a new dwelling for years, and after I recognized that my visions and dream imagery is related to (inaudible) in India, I tried to create a little house here in Germany for me and for my family, before preparing my India adventure.

I think it is not a problem that I donít really want this, but I have so many strange occurrences with houses. They want to sell their house, we visit the house, then they say, ďNo, we donít sell it anymore,Ē and then we notice that it was sold last week. We have so many strange situations. I want to know the reason for it.

I donít think the house is not my desire; that is not the point. I donít think so. But one point is, especially for row houses, I donít really want a row house, but I think I canít create a double or a single house because itís more expensive, the money aspect. I want to know which aspects are hindering at present and how to address to them.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, incorporate a different action. In this, as you investigate different houses that you may be interested in, rather than concerning yourself with what you do not want, which you are already aware that it matters not, for you have moved into a direction of expressing to yourself that this would be a temporary move. Therefore, it is an expression of less conflict within you, and there is a willingness, I am aware already, to be generating a move to a dwelling that you would not choose to be incorporating permanently but that you do express a willingness to incorporate temporarily. Therefore, that aspect is not an issue. You are also correct that the issue of money continues to be influencing in this situation, but perhaps you may allow yourself to interrupt that concentration if you are approaching these dwellings with a different perspective.

Now; in this, as you view any of these houses, allow yourself to feel the energy which occupies the house. Rather than approaching the house and viewing it merely physically and dimensionally and financially, allow yourself to experience the energy that occupies and surrounds the house, and allow yourself to choose one that more resonates with your energy.

JENS: I tried this already even when we were looking last year. I tried always to feel into the area, and I recognized that many areas donít fit. For example, (inaudible) Ė it fits on paper, with the space, the room, the price, but my wife and I have the strong feeling that itís not for us.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

JENS: Then we have tried, for example (inaudible); itís a present discussion. Itís about how it should be built. I think I feel good in this area. The problem is the property is connected to this building company, and this building company is low quality for a high price. At this point (inaudible) says itís a money thing. But my immediately problem is to not to accept this whole contract.

ELIAS: I am understanding. As I am expressing to you to pay attention to the energy, consider the entirety of the picture. There may be challenges with many different dwellings. One may feel comfortable to you in some aspects, but it may not in others. What is significant is that you allow yourself to pay attention to all of the energy that you are connecting with in association with any dwelling, and not merely, as you are aware, the dwelling itself but the environment surrounding it.

JENS: Letís discuss (inaudible) Strasse. Are there any architects that fit in energy that I have missed, until now that I didnít recognize?

ELIAS: (Slowly) In association with the landowners, the energy that is expressed in that is somewhat conflicting or creates friction with your energy.

JENS: My perception was influenced because I thought I could get a good price for the land.

ELIAS: And that is possible. What I am expressing to you is to pay attention to the different energies and also evaluate whether you incorporate a willingness to move around some energies, in a manner of speaking, recognizing that there may be some element of friction, but evaluating whether you incorporate a willingness to not be responsive to that. Are you understanding?

JENS: No. (Laughs)

ELIAS: That it would be an evaluation within you of whether you recognize some type of friction in energy, and whether that friction is slight enough that you may interact with it anyway and not be reacting to it. Now are you understanding?

JENS: Not really. I understand the friction in energy and that I should not be reacting to that.

ELIAS: It is not a matter of you should not or you should. It is a matter of evaluating whether that friction triggers automatic responses within you and whether that trigger is significant enough that it shall become an obstacle with you, or whether you may allow yourself to move around that friction and not allow it to trigger you, and therefore not generate an issue with it.

JENS: Now I understand you. The energy thing and the money thing, are these two the most important or the only problems or hindering elements of this situation? We are watching so many things, so many properties and houses, and we try and try and try. Itís strange that we donít get one for us.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) But you shall.

JENS: For example, the people in the row house in (inaudible) Strasse, we want to buy it. We have visited the house, we have talked to a real estate agent, and he said yes, no problem, buy it for this price and everything is okay, and I afford (inaudible). Itís not a big property, but it is okay for temporary for a limited time framework. Then they say no, so itís strange.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But this is what I am expressing to you to pay attention to, and allow yourself to genuinely relax. Rather than generating expectations, allow yourself to relax and draw to yourself what is the most compatible situation and environment for you and also the other individuals within your family.

JENS: This is the next problem.

ELIAS: I am understanding, for recognize that your partner also is contributing energy in this venture.

JENS: But my wife, she wants a house now...

ELIAS: I am aware...

JENS: ...and she doesnít care about the price. It should be as low as possible, but she doesnít care about location, and she wants it now.

ELIAS: I am understanding. This is creating a push in energy, and that push in energy is also influencing of you and creating somewhat of tension in you to be accomplishing quickly.

JENS: Yes, thatís correct.

ELIAS: This is also a factor in this situation, that there is a push in energy with her, and that is influencing you. Therefore, you also begin somewhat to push in association with time. Whereas, if you are allowing yourself to incorporate somewhat more flexibility and somewhat more of a relaxed energy, you may accomplish more easily. But I am aware of the energy that your partner is expressing. (Both laugh)

JENS: It would be nice if we could create a house in the same manner that we created the car. (Elias laughs) We had no time to think about it. My beliefs said itís completely stupid to do it that way, but my feeling said yes, it is the right way to do it. And I have done, and I am happy with it. I wish I could create the same with a house. I am more relaxed, because I create less expectations...


JENS: ...because I know more about the India connection and all these things, but...

ELIAS: But it is challenging to be interactive with your partner and experiencing that energy also, and not allowing that to be influencing and affecting.

JENS: That is another aspect I see. For example, when I see a row house and itís a high price, I think for that price you can get a better house. Then as you were saying, I see a double house thatís a high price, at least in my perception, and then I say itís too much, for less money you can get a single house. So it becomes more and more and more expensive, and I donít know what I really want. (Elias chuckles)

I want more space. I feel not very well in limited areas with this little space. On the other hand, we discussed the property, and more land means more maintenance, and a bigger house means more maintenance.

ELIAS: Correct. (Laughs)

JENS: So I think little is okay, but...

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may suggest to you...

JENS: (inaudible) even if I know I could buy it with a little more cash, but then if I... For example, with the double houses, Iím not really happy with double houses even if itís a bigger amount of square meters for the land and for us. But I want (inaudible), correct?

ELIAS: Let me express to you the suggestion that you allow yourself not to think so very much! (Both laugh)

JENS: Thatís why I donít allow myself to remember my dreams, because if I would really remember all the things I do in my dreams, my dream states, I would analyze it! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: And you are accomplishing that action quite well already!

JENS: Thatís my way!

ELIAS: Remember, this is a temporary move. Therefore, it is not necessary that it be all that you want in this now, for in a manner of speaking, it is a stepping-stone.

JENS: I am aware of it. But I have this thinking and this idea that for this money you can get more. For what people want, you can get more for it. Then Iím looking for more, and I find out that other house owners or building companies want even more for the next step, for a row house or a double house or a single house. I see, for example, at the court if people canít pay their mortgage, then the court is making a price for the house, and itís not so very high. So itís worth it.

ELIAS: That is another option.

JENS: The market doesnít give it to me, so... (Sighs) Any clues for me at the end?

ELIAS: I shall offer my energy to you in encouragement, and I suggest that you allow yourself to incorporate the playfulness that you have incorporated previously, and express the type of energy that you expressed previously in creating your vehicle Ė and not analyzing so very much! (Chuckles)

JENS: Ja, I try my best. I am in a completely strange situation at the moment. I would leave my job next February, but now the German Supreme Court has done its decision, and at present it seems that I could work next year.

ELIAS: Interesting...

JENS: Iím not too happy with my employment situation, but it gives me safety.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Interesting creation. (Laughs)

JENS: Very interesting. And if I could really agree that I have created this thing with the Supreme Court...

ELIAS: And you have. I may express to you that you have successfully provided an avenue for yourself to allow yourself to not be pushing yourself in that particular area, allowing yourself an avenue in which you may alleviate some of your anxiety and stressfulness, and you have been quite successful and quite creative.

JENS: Iím more successful in incorporating my sense of imagination...


JENS: itís not bad. (Elias laughs) In fact, in my situation, we were (inaudible), but now I am able to incorporate it more.

ELIAS: I am acknowledging of you!

JENS: And Iím proud of it! (Laughs)

ELIAS: (Laughs) And I may express to you congratulations at your accomplishments!

JENS: I am aware of you and your presence every minute, and Iím aware of the presence of some of my future focuses and other essences. For example, last week I recognized that my reality must be different than the reality of other people, because there were obvious differences that I noticed. So itís not (inaudible). I experience it.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding. This also allows you in these experiences to incorporate a greater understanding of differences, which influences you to also be more accepting of differences, for you understand your own differences. You are accepting of your own differences, and that generates an automatic by-product of also being more accepting of other individualsí differences.

JENS: I see it. I am very successful with many things but not with the house at the moment. (Elias laughs) I feel the next challenge is my employment situation and the move to India. I want to get over the step before the next step.

ELIAS: Do not be projecting into more challenges, but allow yourself to pay attention to what you are creating now. For what you are creating now, as we have discussed previously, is also setting a foundation and creating what you want in the future. Remember that also as you are evaluating these different dwellings and their environments.

JENS: I will remember our conversation when I get out to look for a house. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JENS: (Laughs) It is nothing special for you to be helpful, but for me itís a big help!

ELIAS: And I am always available to you, as you are aware.

JENS: I am aware. Thank you very, very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. I shall be anticipating our further interaction, and I shall be, as always, offering my energy to you. Remember, be playful.

JENS: Iíll do my best.

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you tremendous affection and love, as always. To you in great fondness and friendship, au revoir.

JENS: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 51 minutes.

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