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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

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ďExperiences of DifferenceĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Letty (Castille).

(Eliasí arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LETTY: Good morning, Elias! How sweet to hear your voice!

ELIAS: And you also!

LETTY: Thank you, thank you! Well, I have not too many questions, but there is one important one that I need help in figuring out what is going on in me. As you probably know, thereís been tons of changes in the direction in which I was going, or thought I was going, starting with Cindel and I have decided to change our minds about the spa, and so she went her own way with her husband. I was really okay with it, it wasnít really affecting me, so I figured we both had some part of energy in dissolving that project we had.

Then things started happening. Iíve always thought that I had a lot of energy, and I do make my electronics go funny. My watches all have been stopping, because they run out of batteries a lot sooner than what I think they should. Then also Iíve created a very unorganized, a lack of routine, and that kind of throws me off. I recognize that Iím doing that on purpose, for a reason, and those in moments Iím okay with it. Then, obviously, I go back to my automatic of getting frustrated because I donít have that routine.

So I wanted to ask you, is it something that I could explain to myself, like am I changing some aspects of myself or am I just creating differently?

ELIAS: You are not altering aspects. What you are engaging is experiencing differences. Remember, this wave addressing to truths is being expressed experientially, not intellectually. Therefore, the presentment of your truths or of your preferences is being experienced rather than merely being expressed intellectually.

Let me express to you that your experience with Cindel was purposeful, for it was concerning processes, not necessarily outcomes. Therefore, it has accomplished the direction that each of you were moving in. It was an opportunity and a time framework to be paying attention to the significance of processes rather than focusing upon outcomes, and also a time framework in which you allowed yourselves to be experiencing interaction and cooperation even in differences and even in moments of a lack of agreement but continuing to generate cooperation, and also a time framework in which you allowed yourselves more of an awareness of paying attention to what you were doing, what your preferences are, and familiarizing yourselves with your preferences and your own projections of energy.

Now you are presenting to yourself experiences of difference and how you respond to difference, allowing yourself to notice your automatic responses. In noticing your automatic responses, you open your awareness more to other choices that you can incorporate rather than binding yourself merely to automatic responses. It also allows you a clearer recognition of some of your preferences and your own guidelines with yourself concerning your expressions and your behavior.

Difference is a challenging expression to be evaluating and accepting, and in these experiences, it also allows you to experience your ability to be accepting but not necessarily incorporating a like or an agreement with what you are accepting. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Therefore, you are presenting to yourself experiences of difference, for I may express to you, many, many individuals in viewing this subject of difference automatically limit their concept of difference to be an interaction with other individuals, that this is how they shall direct their attention in conjunction with other individuals and whether other individuals express differences from themselves and the challenge of generating acceptance in those differences with other individuals.

But there are many expressions of difference, and as I have expressed previously, any expression of difference can, and many times does, incorporate that element of threat, for it is unfamiliar or it generates a question or a doubt within the individual as to whether their direction or their preference or how they generate is right or not. This is what generates the threat in association with difference, and the individual automatically begins to defend. That may occur in many, many different types of scenarios, not merely in interaction with another individuals.

You may be generating differences yourself in your experiences, which do not necessarily incorporate any other individuals; they are your own differences of experiences that you yourself are generating. That also is purposeful, for it allows you the opportunity to examine those differences and your automatic responses to them. It presents the opportunity to be clearer within yourself concerning your preferences, and also it allows you to evaluate what triggers certain responses or what motivates certain responses.

This is what you are presenting to yourself in generating these experiences now and recently, for a time framework that you have chosen to be examining differences of experiences that you generate, allowing yourself to become more intimately familiar with yourself and your guidelines, which are associated with your truths.

As to your watches, that is directly associated with your energy, that you are expressing an electrical energy quite strongly. That is affecting of the electrical charge of the batteries.

LETTY: Iím always so objective with my imagery, or I know thatís how I perceive a lot of my messages to myself, and I thought also that it had to do with my own energy, that Iím also trying to stop myself sometimes at the moment where what Iím thinking or Iím doing or when Iím judging myself or discounting myself or pressuring myself about something.


LETTY: At the moment that I notice that it stopped Ė sometimes it just stops and then it continues a couple of hours later Ė I realize that obviously Iíd like to do that to myself, give myself very objective imagery messages.

ELIAS: Correct. In this, that is also directly associated with the strength of energy that you are projecting within those time frameworks.

LETTY: Does that also go along with the lack of routine? I feel Iím organized sometimes, but Iím recognizing also Ė and maybe this goes along with this difference of experiences Ė that I am feeling better about it?

ELIAS: Yes, for you are allowing yourself to relax more and to be more accepting of differences.

LETTY: And thatís a big difference in my life.

ELIAS: Now; remember also, being more accepting of differences allows you to experience a more relaxed energy, but that is not to say that you automatically necessarily alter and LIKE those differences. It generates more of an ease with them in which you are not struggling with them, or you are not pushing energy in opposition to them, but that does not necessarily alter your preferences.

LETTY: One of them is, thereís construction going on in my new house, and of course, I consider myself too strict in cleanliness, and one day I stopped discounting myself and realized that itís a preference...

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: ...being in a very clean place. Itís just a preference, not that I think that itís bad or good. So like right now with all this construction dirt all over the place, I continue to clean because thatís my preference, but still accepting that in construction there is going to be a lot of dirt.

ELIAS: Correct. That allows you to express your preference and the choices in association with your preference, but also allows you to incorporate a more relaxed energy and not be struggling or fighting with the expression of the difference. It does not disturb you as intensely as it would were you to be not expressing that acceptance of difference.

LETTY: Also in all this, I need to ask you, lately I have not been able to remember very well or detail my dreams. What I do remember in various of them where I do recall a few scenes was that I am working, and Iím working at a company with people and either telling them what to do or working together. Is that because at one point I was maybe feeling a little bit guilty because I was not working, no longer doing the spa and not out looking for a job Ė even though Iíve got plenty on my plate right now with construction, and Iím getting married and planning the wedding Ė so Iíve allowed myself to work in my dream state to kind of balance myself so that I wonít feel as guilty, I guess?

ELIAS: I am understanding. Yes, that is an accurate interpretation. Allow yourself to recognize what you have been doing. Remember the process. You are engaging another process now, and that generates outcomes continuously. That process and all of those outcomes that are continuously being expressed in each day are elements of the direction that you are moving in presently. That, in your terms, ultimately shall allow you to create what you want in association with employment but in a more creative manner, allowing you to express yourself more easily, less rigidly, and therefore allowing for more of a creative expression rather than what is familiar in that rigidness that you have expressed previously, that you must be incorporating employment in a certain manner with certain types of establishments or companies, that you must be expressing yourself in more of a precise and rigid manner, and recognizing that these experiences that you are incorporating and this allowance of yourself to be experiencing differences, allowing yourself to incorporate more flexibility, that also is allowing you to express more of yourself and more of your own creativity and to be incorporating more flexibility in association with employment also, to allow you to incorporate your preference of some routine and structure but also to allow yourself more of your own freedom in flexibility to be expressing what you want and to be generating your own creativity without the rigidity of many rules.

LETTY: Yes, actually I have enjoyed this time period, which is almost coming up to a year of not working at the bank, and it has been very freeing for me.

ELIAS: I am aware.

LETTY: And somehow I have not allowed the monetary aspect to influence me to worry; somehow I have generated.

ELIAS: Also this has been a time framework in which you have allowed yourself to discover more of your preferences, which is significant, and allowed yourself to incorporate the element of time without the rigid structure of the employment routine. Therefore, this has been quite significant, for most individuals equate freedom with time, as we have discussed previously with yourself and Cindel. But once they allow themselves to incorporate time to express their freedom, they are unfamiliar with their preferences, and therefore, they generate confusion and frustration, for they objectively do not know what to do with the time and the freedom they have afforded themselves. You have allowed yourself to recognize more of your preferences and to experience more of a comfort in movement in this freedom of time.

LETTY: Yes, I have, and Iíve been very busy but enjoyed this busy-ness. (Elias laughs) I never thought I would. I thought I wouldnít know what to do if I had to stay home, but itís been an incredible experience. I now know why I created it, because within my preferences I really enjoyed it.

ELIAS: I am understanding. It offers you an expansion in familiarizing yourself with yourself and your abilities and what you can do.

LETTY: Oh, I was going to ask at the beginning, and before I forget, I had a nasty headache all day yesterday and kind of a little bit this morning. Did I kind of go into... I know I get nervous sometimes talking to you.

ELIAS: Yes Ė anticipation and apprehension.

LETTY: And thatís so good about... One of the few times where I totally trusted myself that everything was fine and somehow I didnít understand it quite intellectually but the feeling was that everything you told me makes sense.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

LETTY: Itís a good feeling. (Elias laughs) I have a question for you regarding my sister, Monique. This weekend she brought up her daughter, Serena, and Iíve always been very interested in her. To me, she is an old soul that really knows who she is. My sister has a lot of conflict with her. Sheís only ten years old. I tried to explain to her a little bit of the information that youíve given us. As I told her, my impression was it has to do with when she loses her patience with her daughter, sometimes her daughter represents to her what she would like to be. I think my sister has limited herself in a lot of the belief systems Ė Iím not sure whether by choice or not, or preference or not Ė but she sees her daughter as being a much freer individual.

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: Sheís concerned that she loses her temper with her, and she doesnít want to, but itís an automatic reaction.

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: I recommended she pay attention to herself as to what she was doing at the moment.

ELIAS: Correct, and what her triggers are and what that triggers within herself Ė not what the other individual is doing, but what is being triggered within herself.

LETTY: Well, I think I asked you my big important question of the day Ė of the month, actually. (Elias laughs) I canít think if I was going to ask you... But I figure everything at the moment is so perfect. (Elias laughs) But do you have any...?

ELIAS: Which is quite encouraging! (Laughs)

LETTY: Yes, Iím very encouraged; I feel really good. I recognize I do get frustrated but Iím picking it up sooner every time as to why Iím feeling that way, and noticing my lack of choices or whatever it may be.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and I may express to you an acknowledgment that you are accomplishing quite well.

LETTY: Thank you. (Elias laughs) Well, you also motivated a little bit more. There is still a little bit of worry, sometimes more than I want to, regarding looking for a job. Iím using maybe my excuse of getting married and going on a honeymoon and then worrying about going out and getting another job per se. But I think youíve helped me get my trust back that whatever is going to happen is Iím going in that direction anyway.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, perhaps you shall allow yourself not to worry at all, and merely hold your attention in the now, appreciate what you are creating now and what you are doing now.

LETTY: Thatís true. (Elias laughs) Well, thank you. I canít think of anything else, unless there are more words of wisdom.

ELIAS: Let me merely express to you not to be also concerning yourself with not incorporating as much objective awareness of dream action. This is temporary. You are occupying your attention with many other expressions and experiences, and whether you engage your objective awareness of your dream action in this time framework or not, it matters not. It is a temporary interruption.

(Chuckles) I also am acknowledging of you in your allowance of yourself to relax somewhat with your dirt!

LETTY: How true! Thank you, and I know you are always with me...


LETTY: ...and I expect, because I know you are with me, that you will be in the presence of my wedding.

ELIAS: And so I shall! The invitation is noted and accepted.

LETTY: Thank you.

ELIAS: And in the interim time framework, I may express to you in a playful manner, each time you are sweeping your dirt, you may see me as the dirt. Ha ha ha! That shall be our game together, and I shall swirl around you! (Both laugh)

LETTY: I will enjoy it. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Very well! You may offer my greetings to your partner and also to Cindel. I express to you individually tremendous love, my friend, and acknowledgment of your union with your partner.

LETTY: Thank you so much. Thank you.

ELIAS: I express to you continuous affection and encouragement, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting. My dear friend, Castille, to you in fondness and in congratulations, au revoir.

LETTY: Au revoir, dear friend.

Elias departs after 33 minutes.

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