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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

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ďMoving from Being in the Now to Creating Abundance NowĒ

ďTime Lag in ManifestingĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anonymous.

(Eliasí arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

ANON: Good morning, Elias! How are you today?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

ANON: Iím good, thanks. Iíd like to start out today with some statistics again. My brother-in-law Wade, Iíd like his essence name, family and alignment, orientation, focus type and number of focuses.

ELIAS: Essence name, Courliss, C-O-U-R-L-I-S-S (KOR liss). And your impression?

ANON: I would say heís Zuli/Sumari, something like that. I donít spend a lot of time with him.

ELIAS: Reverse.

ANON: Sumari/Zuli?

ELIAS: Correct. Orientation, common; emotionally focused; numbering of focuses, 937.

ANON: Has he shared other focuses with my sister, and if so, how many?

ELIAS: Yes, 49.

ANON: Wow! They know each other! (Elias chuckles)

A quick question about my sonís cat that Iím taking care of. He hasnít been home for a number of days, and Iím wondering if heís all right.

ELIAS: Presently, yes.

ANON: So heís off doing his own adventures?

ELIAS: (Laughs) Yes.

ANON: Is he missing my son? Is there a reason why heís not coming home, or thatís his business?

ELIAS: Partially, yes.

ANON: I have a question about my brother. Heís actually just getting into this information and so on. I donít think itís related, but for a long time heís been experiencing problems with his hip and his back. Iím just wondering if you could shed some light on that.

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

ANON: My impression is that itís kind of correlated with whatís going on with the changes that are happening in his life. I donít know too much on it.

ELIAS: It is also associated with not supporting himself as much as he attempts to be supportive with other individuals, and pushing his energy, incorporating many expectations of himself and of other individuals also, and that generates a restriction.

ANON: So if he starts relaxing and paying more attention to his own information, that should ease?


ANON: How long have I been shifting? I feel like Iíve been doing it for a long time! Iím not sure if I have, but... Am I almost there? Iím looking for a finish line! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Ah, and as I have expressed, there is no finish line!

ANON: I know, I know!

ELIAS: I may express to you, you have been shifting for the entirety of your focus.

ANON: Thatís probably why. (Elias laughs) Have most people in this time framework?

ELIAS: Yes. (Chuckles)

ANON: Am I progressing well? I feel like I am. Sometimes I feel like Iím almost there, and other times I feel like Iím back to square one again.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may express to you that you are accomplishing quite well. I may also express to you, in the moments in which you feel within yourself that you are moving backward, you are not actually. You may be presenting to yourself beliefs that you have been choosing different influences of for a considerable time framework, and in a moment you may trigger a different influence of a belief that is expressed, and that may appear to you to be a movement backwards. In actuality, that is a genuine opportunity to reinforce your concept that you are not eliminating beliefs, and also to reinforce your trust of your ability to actually choose different influences of beliefs.

For this is what generates you noticing an action that you think of as moving to your square one, is that you trigger an automatic response to a belief, a familiar influence that you have not been choosing for an extended time framework. But this is beneficial, for it reminds you that you do incorporate choices, and it also reminds you that those expressed beliefs have not been eliminated. They continue, and they continue to be expressed. You have merely been choosing different influences and therefore choosing a different manner in which you express those beliefs.

ANON: So in our recognition of the belief and recognizing that we are always engaging beliefs and their influences, itís just up to us to choose which ones we want. Thatís what this is all about.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: So again, weíre not eliminating.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: I want to continue on this line, then. Last time we talked about money. I donít want to go too far off on that. But for example, if Iím in the moment and Iím paying attention to myself now, I recognize that I have a belief about acquiring or exchange, and yes, I do recognize those beliefs. I not only see them in myself, I see them everywhere in the world. Thereís scarcity and all these other beliefs, so I recognize them.

If I sit in the moment, I feel like I have abundance in the moment, that I always have enough and Iím fine. So if I have enough in the moment, when do I ever direct my energy to create a lot more abundance than what I have now? See, thatís when it becomes acquiring. Iím not quite sure how we can stay in the moment and still direct our energy to another want or another area. Do you understand what Iím asking?


ANON: And without fooling myself Ė I donít want to fool myself in this and pretend that I donít want to create this, because I DO want to create it.

ELIAS: Very well. In the moment, as you recognize the belief that you incorporate, and acknowledge that and not judge it as being limiting or bad, you may choose creatively how to incorporate that belief of acquiring money, trusting yourself in the moment, acknowledging that you do incorporate adequate money now and therefore not directing your energy in concentration in association with lack. Which is significant, for that automatically creates an obstacle in association with generating more.

Therefore, if you are acknowledging and appreciating what you have already created, and allow yourself to relax, express a free flow of energy, incorporate listening to your communication of imagination and allow yourself a flexibility, you shall inspire yourself in discovering different avenues and different choices to be generating what you want in more abundance.

But what occurs and what is the snare in that action are automatic responses, and it is significant that you pay attention to those automatic responses. For as I have expressed many times previously, automatic responses are limiting for they are so very automatic, and many times they are not noticed. Therefore, they are choices also, but they do not appear to you to be choices.

Now; the automatic responses that are the snares are those that do not allow for a flexibility and do not allow you to listen to your communication of imagination. For example, an individual may be generating employment in association with an established company.

Now; the individual may choose to expand their contribution and may choose to also incorporate a movement in generating some of their own individual clients or create their own company.

Now; the automatic direction, thought process, action and choices, generally speaking, will be for the individual to follow certain guidelines that are established in association with creating a company or creating a business. They are business guidelines; they are expressed as mass beliefs and accepted methods of how to create a business.

This is not to say that incorporating those ideas and those guidelines would not generate successfulness. But allowing the flexibility of directing yourself rather than merely incorporating direction from other individuals and how other individuals have created a company or a business, and if you are allowing yourself a flexibility and allowing yourself to listen to your communication of imagination, that serves to be an inspiration and encourages your own expression of creativity. In that, you may recognize choices that may be somewhat more creative and may not necessarily be viewed as conventional choices but will be nonetheless efficient and perhaps even generate success in a more efficient manner and generate more ease. Are you understanding?

ANON: Yes.

ELIAS: Therefore, as I express to you or to any individual to be paying attention to what you are doing now, I am not expressing that in a context that excludes past and future, but that you pay attention to what you are doing now and what type of energy you are projecting now, for that affects past and future. For what you create in the now becomes what you create in the past and the future; what you create now affects the past.

How you recall the past also alters it, for each time you recall any choice, any action of the past, any manifestation, you change it. You may alter it slightly or you may alter it dramatically. The same occurs concerning future. What you create now, the type of energy you are expressing outwardly, how you are projecting and what you are actually doing is creating the future.

Therefore, I am aware that within your physical reality, as you incorporate a framework of linear time, you perceive in association with linear time, and therefore, your attention moves from present to past to future to present and so on. Generally speaking, what becomes a snare for most individuals is that they project much of their attention in association with the past or the future Ė in recall of the past attempting to not recreate what they perceive to be mistakes, and a projection to the future in anticipation of what may be created futurely. But in that action, many, many, many times what the individual is generating is projecting past and futurely to the exclusion of the now, and in the exclusion of the now, they are not paying attention to what they are actually generating now, which affects what is being created in the future.

This is your point of power, for in paying attention to what you are generating now and directing yourself now, listening to your communications, engaging imagination, allowing flexibility and allowing yourself to inspire yourself in creative manners, that generates much more freedom and flexibility in association with what you can create in relation to what you want in future expressions, for you are already generating the movement. If you are paying attention to what you are creating now, you may identify if the movement that you are generating now is creating a motion of hindering or creating obstacles for what you want to be creating.

As in example of the money that you have expressed, if you are generating an ease now, knowing that you incorporate this belief that you are acquiring money, but you are acknowledging it, you are not struggling with it, or you are not fighting with it and opposing it, in acknowledging it and in appreciating what you are already generating, that generates an energy that you project outwardly to continue to generate money in ample quantities.

As you allow yourself a flexibility, listening to yourself and not forcing your energy to be doing more, but recognizing whether you are expressing an energy of an allowance or if in certain moments you may be projecting an energy of not enough or of lack, if you are noticing that expression you may choose to move your attention and therefore alter that energy, and not be concentrating upon lack or discounting yourself. In that action, you generate more of an allowance.

Let me express to you, in this process, as you continue to allow and you continue to evidence to yourself your ability to generate, regardless of whether you are expressing the belief that you are acquiring or not, eventually in your movement you begin to trust your ability and your perception begins to change. You begin to acknowledge that you are not necessarily acquiring. That may be the belief that may be the truth, or your truth, but it is not actually true. That serves to alter your perception, and you begin to trust your ability. You begin to genuinely perceive that you are actually creating this.

ANON: Iíve got a lot of movements that Iím doing at a time. Theyíre almost all the same but theyíre in different areas, like money and business and all these things. Itís very interesting, because as youíre talking, Iím seeing the commonalities in them.

I understand about the acquiring, and just recognizing that is a big step. But I couldnít move from recognizing that and just saying it doesnít exist, because it does exist to me.

ELIAS: Quite!

ANON: I understand about shifting my attention now. What I want to move to is business now...

ELIAS: Very well.

ANON: ...because itís the same, and I feel like Iíve had a little bit more success with that. I have been, for the past year, trying to start a business with my brother, and weíve been running into roadblocks. But every time we ran into roadblocks, it was an invitation for us to ask what we are creating in these roadblocks. It was always about us coming back and listening to what we wanted inside, what we wanted to create in this company. Itís very unconventional for me to do it this way. I know how to do a business in the business constructs of this reality here.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Which is what we are discussing.

ANON: Yes, exactly. But in doing it this way, itís almost like all the pieces started coming together magically, and the vision started happening. I just kept sitting in the trust that this would happen. So is that what weíre talking about? Do you have insight into how Iíve been doing that for the past little while?


ANON: Is that similar to what youíre talking about here?


ANON: The piece, then, is that itís sitting in that feeling of the company, the energy of this company that weíre creating. It has its own energy itís created, that Iím creating, of course. In doing that, Iím directing the energy, but I donít see the results instantly. Whatís confusing is that when you say you create it, thatís fine. How do you know when to stop directing the energy and just letting it go? For example, letís move back to money. Iím sorry; I keep moving back and forth, but I want to pin this point down for me.

I sit and I understand that I have acquiring, Iím not forcing the energy and Iím directing it, and I have my imagination to, say, win the lottery, for example, or to create abundance in my life. Iím fine with it and I just let it go; Iím okay. Then I go about my business, but thereís a time lag between me directing it and it manifesting here. Thatís part of this physical dimension, isnít it? It doesnít manifest instantly, or should it?

ELIAS: That is dependent upon the individual. It can, but generally speaking, you are correct, it does not. For in association with your beliefs, which are expressed quite strongly, there is an association of processes and that in order to generate any type of outcome, you must engage a process and engage steps to generate the desired outcome Ė which is not bad. But generally speaking, yes, this is what you incorporate, that you generate a movement to accomplish a particular outcome.

Now; at times, that may be somewhat tricky with some individuals. For if you are focusing strongly upon the outcome and not paying attention to the process, you do not necessarily generate what you want, for you are focusing upon an ending rather than a process that moves you to another beginning.

ANON: And in doing that, you have to stay in the now?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: I feel like because there is the time lag, like living in the now, how do you set a goal? I donít mean a goal as something... because I do want to be directing my energy. In directing my energy, though, there needs to be a desire there or something of where I want it to go...

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: ...not just listening to myself every second and not having a direction that I want to go in.

ELIAS: Correct, incorporating an awareness of what you want is important.

Now; offer an example of what you would perceive as a setback or an obstacle in association with the business that you and your sibling are attempting to create.

ANON: We actually worked a lot in terms of each otherís shifting, getting used to each otherís energy. Iíve never done a business that way. Iím very appreciative of that, because it really supports the shifting that Iím doing personally, really listening to myself rather than being caught up in how you should do it, all the textbook things which I know.

We did this, and then all of a sudden all of the work that I had been doing in my volunteer work and all these other things started coming together in this amazing construct to help facilitate health care, for example. Then I started getting all this imagination of not only it being here but this being the start of something global, and it became huge! All of the energy was like this is going to be a global thing. It wasnít even ideas; it was just the feeling of the energy.

So we set this proposal in place, and it just made such sense on a brain level and on an inner level, an energy level, like they were married. The whole thing came together in this beautiful idea. It was like a tapestry being woven; it was beautiful. We put the proposal in and havenít heard anything back, and itís been months now. I feel like hereís another stop where I have to stop and look.

Now at this point, my brother has gone off. He needs to feed his family. He has money things, too, so heís gone off and is going to be doing his own contracts. Our focus isnít so much on the company anymore, and that concerns me. But also, I feel like we need to do this. Itís almost like we need to discover the ďIísĒ before we can come together as a ďwe,Ē if that makes any sense.


ANON: So, Iím not sure. Then of course, this ties into money, because I do think that I need to work to get money, but at the same time part of my being, Elias, is that I donít want to work the same way Iíve worked. I have worked so long and hard that I donít want to do that anymore. I want to have fun in what I do, and I want the money just to be there.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Now I pose to you the inquiry of what are YOU doing in this time framework?

ANON: What am I doing?


ANON: I feel like Iím doing nothing, but at the same time Iím also judging myself for not doing anything physically like going and working every day. What I feel like I need to do, and have been for the past little while, is to get really clear on listening to myself, because if I donít have that, Iím going to go out and automatically do what I was doing before, which was my automatic responses. I can go there very fast.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; in this, allow yourself to incorporate a clarity of what you have expressed to myself in this conversation of what you want. Identify now: what do you want now?

ANON: What do I want?


ANON: I want to have limitless money. I want to make a difference in the world.

ELIAS: Not in things. Express to me, reiterate to me what you have already expressed of what you want to do. (Slight pause) You want to be directing you.

ANON: Yes, I do.

ELIAS: This is what you have expressed.

ANON: Yes. I donít want it to be like Iím at the whim of someone else.

ELIAS: And what are you doing? This is the point. This is the point of paying attention to what you are doing, recognizing what you are doing, and therefore being aware of what type of energy you are projecting and what that is creating. This is an excellent example in simplicity. What are you actually doing, and what have you been doing? Waiting.

ANON: Yes.

ELIAS: And what is waiting?

ANON: I thought it was respecting the information that was supposed to come Ė and I canít do it.

ELIAS: Waiting is an action of allowing another individual to be directing you. Waiting is not directing. Waiting is allowing another expression to direct you, for what you are expressing in waiting is your inability to create until another individual generates a choice first. Thusly, your creation is limited, for it is dependent upon the choice of another individual.

ANON: I was understanding that, and then I said it doesnít matter what they do, I still want to do this. But I think what happened is that I stopped that interaction because I got afraid of how big this felt to me and that maybe I was directing my energy.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and I am acknowledging that is an accurate assessment of what you were expressing.

Now; also recognize that these are choices, and that you may recognize and experience the vastness of the energy, acknowledge that and also acknowledge the potential, but YOU are directing. Therefore, its course is being steered by you.

Therefore, regardless of how enormous the potential may appear or may actually be, it is your choice how to move that and within what time framework, acknowledging yourself and moving in a manner that will not overwhelm yourself, acknowledging that each step in your process in creating this business is adequate in the moment. You may expand if you choose, and you may expand in the manner that you choose and in [which] time framework. It is not a matter of attempting to incorporate holding to the reins of an enormous dragon that incorporates more power than you.

You have created it, and therefore if you choose for it to be an infant, it shall be. If you choose for it to grow or expand, it shall. But in each expansion, it is your creation. Therefore, it is being directed by you. It is not this enormous monster that is out of control and that you cannot wield.

ANON: Iím connecting it with everything else. Iím connecting it with money, but the more I sit with it, the more theyíre almost not connected, like theyíre different constructs or something. Is that...?

ELIAS: Yes and no. For yes, they are different beliefs and therefore different issues, but they are also interconnected, for that would be a natural by-product of generating the business, and the business itself is a natural by-product of you allowing yourself to express and to do and to be playful.

ANON: Yes, I have a hard time with that part. (Elias chuckles) I seem to be really upset about connecting money with work. That really bothers me. I donít know why; I guess because itís just such a big thing here. Do you have any insight into that? Iíve been playing with it for a while, and Iím almost very resentful of it. I feel like the money limits my ability to completely do the work that I want to do, because I need to have the money. You know what I mean?

ELIAS: I am understanding. Offer yourself permission to generate money in association with fun...

ANON: Thatís going to blow my mind, Iím sure!

ELIAS: ...that you may incorporate fun and you may also generate money as you engage playful actions.

I may express to you, my friend, in genuinely generating that type of energy, you shall offer yourself tremendous freedom, and in that freedom, you can generate much more money than you realize. For the more you engage a playful energy and the more you incorporate fun with what you do, the more you are inspired to do it and the more you project an energy to draw to you what you want. Therefore, you also generate abundance in many directions Ė money being one of the directions, but you generate abundance in many directions.

ANON: So this lack of motivation that Iíve been feeling and all of that stuff has been about fear?

ELIAS: Fear, and that you are not doing, that you are allowing the dictates of other individuals to influence your choices, which is contrary to what you want. For you want to be directing you, and you want to be directing of your business Ė it is your creation. Therefore, what you are doing is contrary to what you want, and that affects motivation.

ANON: Yes, because I feel like Iíve got the construct. I can sit in the energy of the business and itís all very clear. But then to make that a reality in real life, then I have to... I donít know. I need to sit with it a little bit more. I need to actually engage with it again, because I disengaged with it a little bit. Itís still there, but Iím not actively directing it.

ELIAS: Very well.

ANON: Is that right?


ANON: Now I want to do a couple of other things. I want to clarify my intent, because of all this bigness thatís coming up and my zealous nature and all of that stuff. For some reason, with all of these things weíre talking about, I realize that whatís coming up is my self-worth and value again, which is shocking me. Itís becoming so big and global and all that stuff, almost like delusions of grandeur, which is a form of discounting myself. Not going yeah, go after it, go do that, that sounds like a lot of fun Ė Iím not allowing myself to do that. So I want to clarify my intent. And if you have any input into the babbling I just did, that would be fine, too!

ELIAS: And what do you perceive is your intent? (Pause)

ANON: I knew you were going to ask me that. (Elias laughs) Iíve been sitting with it a while. I donít know. My gift, what I can do is I can take very chaotic situations and I can bring them down to a simple form. I understand the threads of the things that are flowing through them, if that makes any sense.


ANON: To me, itís about bringing things to an efficient format without chaos, but that isnít a goal. In the past where Iíve kind of stumbled is that I get focused on the goal, but there are processes in place and sometimes the chaos isnít ready to be cleaned up. Thatís someone elseís stuff; itís not my stuff, is it?

ELIAS: And express to me how you perceive that to be, in your precise terms, someone elseís stuff?

ANON: Just because it usually involves a lot of different people. I do corporate restructuring. Iíll restructure companies that are in trouble, like this health care one. Thereís a huge schmozzle in our health care system right now. I can see with clarity how this can come down to what we say we want the health care system to be in terms of service to people and so on, but thereís so much chaos thatís created by the system itself that thatís someone elseís chaos. I may be part of it, but thereís a lot of pieces, a lot of different people involved in that.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ANON: But Iím creating that, right? My perception of the chaos is Iím creating the chaos, too.

ELIAS: Yes, that is correct.

ANON: Iím also creating my ability to see beyond the chaos.

ELIAS: Correct, which is an element of your intent, one of the avenues of the general theme. The general theme, which is your intent, is the exploration of power and how it may be expressed in simplicity.

ANON: To recognize that I do have power? Itís my power that weíre talking about?

ELIAS: Your power and power in general in association with any expression within your reality, how that is not an energy or an expression that needs be controlled, but the exploration of power, its strength, its intensity and how that may be expressed in simplicity, not complicated. The complication is what creates the chaos.

Therefore, as you explore in any different area, in any direction, the examination of power and its strength, and reconcile that in simplicity, you dissipate the chaos. For the more you complicate, the more you generate chaos.

ANON: That makes sense. Iím very good at complicating; Iím actually a master at it. (Elias laughs) Now I get to look at that. But I am also very much bringing it down to simplicity right now, and the word ďpower.Ē Three words in there stuck out: power, simplicity and complication. Power has a lot of meaning for me, a lot of negative meaning for me, so I need to look at that, too.

Weíre getting close to being out of time. Iíve been having some health issues, and I just wanted to touch on those briefly. The last week Iíve just had really, really bad stomach pains and so on. Part of it may be that Iím discounting myself...

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: ...or not listening to myself, but Iíd like some input on that. I donít want to do the doctor thing; Iím just not into that.

ELIAS: I may express to you, you are correct, and this is also associated with tension and anxiety that you are generating. You are expressing that reflection physically.

ANON: Whatís the tension and anxiety about?

ELIAS: Money, business, expectations, what you should do, what you should not do, questioning yourself, discounting yourself, anticipating of what may be or what may not be futurely. All of these expressions that you are generating, you are projecting that energy, and you are also reflecting that to yourself in creating an actual physical tension in this area of your physical body, which is associated with your yellow energy center, which also is associated with emotional communication. In generating a restrictive energy of that energy center, you are physically affecting of your physical body.

ANON: (Sighs) If I would just sit and pay attention in the now...

ELIAS: And relax, and attempt to stop expressing an intensity of expectations of yourself.

ANON: I know I go there. I express expectations, and then I feel like a failure. Itís this ping-pong thing, and I donít even know I do it. Well, Iím noticing that I am, more and more.

ELIAS: Incorporate the exercise of noting each time you engage that action; physically note it. Generate that exercise for one week. You may surprise yourself at the ending of that one week how much you amuse yourself with how often you express that.

ANON: I do this to distract myself or to amuse myself in some way?

ELIAS: It interrupts the concentration. This is the reason that you are expressing this so very often in automatic response, and you are not even noticing. If you begin noticing and physically writing each of those discountings, you interrupt that constancy of the expression. Within a relative brief time framework, the very action of discounting and writing the discounting becomes humorous, and therefore also changes the energy that you are expressing. It shall also allow you to be viewing more of your choices.

ANON: I tried it actually, a few weeks ago. I was writing every second. I picked up the pad and I had to write, and I thought my gosh, this is going to be a full-time job! (Elias laughs)

One more quick one. Somehow Iíve manifested this high blood pressure for a while now. Iím not sure why Iím doing it.

ELIAS: That is quite associated with what we have been discussing. It is another physical manifestation in similarity to your abdomen.

ANON: So Iím blocking my energy. I didnít get my attention one way, so Iím getting it another way.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: All right. Thatís great. Weíre out of time, so...

ELIAS: Let me incorporate one final question with you. What expression or manifestation in your reality generates you to smile? What do you like? (Pause)

ANON: (Emotionally) It makes me very emotional, because Iíve spent so much time doing all the things I have to do or trying so hard that... I donít know. I like spending time with my nieces and nephews. I like doing some things with my plants, or sometimes gardening.

ELIAS: Do you like flowers? Do you like chocolate?

ANON: I like chocolate. (Both laugh) I also have weight issues, so anyway...

ELIAS: Let me express to you, each time you incorporate a noticing of discounting yourself or pushing yourself and generating an expectation of yourself, I express to you to incorporate the action of presenting a flower to yourself. That shall be my physical gift to you in acknowledgment of your noticing each time. Rather than incorporating a job of writing, you may incorporate a dwelling full of flowers.

ANON: Every time I notice a discounting and write it down, then I physically go get a flower?


ANON: Oh, my goodness! (Elias chuckles) Chocolates would be easier! (Both laugh) My whole house will be filled with flowers.

ELIAS: And how lovely of a presentment of energy is that?

ANON: Thatís wonderful.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And in each of those flowers I shall project my energy. Therefore, your dwelling shall be full of beauteous flowers and my energy.

ANON: Fantastic! (Elias laughs) Can I ask you quickly, were you in the five-dollar bill thing that happened, and in the Windex?

ELIAS: (Laughs) Yes.

ANON: That was absolutely hilarious, so thank you! (Elias laughs) Now every time I see Windex, I think of you. You can clean my energy!

ELIAS: And the appropriate color also! (Laughs)

Very well, my friend. Be encouraged, and know that my energy is continuously with you. I express to you, as always, tremendous affection, great fondness and friendship. Au revoir.

ANON: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 4 minutes.

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