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Friday, October 22, 2004

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“Imagery of a Broken Leg”

“Rest In Your Own Trust and Confidence; It Is Not Necessary To Push Energy”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Daniil (Zyn).

(Elias’ arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

DANIIL: Good morning. Nice to hear your voice!

ELIAS: And you also!

DANIIL: Thank you. I have questions for Natasha first.

ELIAS: Very well.

DANIIL: She had a dream that the two of us were visiting our friends, and there was a blue sky and quiet. All of a sudden, we started ascending, kind of floating in the air, up. We see the aircraft passing by, and we continue to rise. Then Natasha gets afraid, and she grabs some kind of streetlight. She doesn’t want to ascend anymore, and she flies around the streetlight in a circle.

She wanted to know the meaning of this. She was thinking that it was a projection of some kind and maybe indicated her fear.

ELIAS: Correct. But also it is an experience that is offering her, in a manner of speaking, a taste of freedom and what she can do if she is allowing herself.

DANIIL: The next question Natasha had was what is the number of her future focuses?

ELIAS: In this present now, as that fluctuates, I may express 112.

DANIIL: Are any of them in the City?


DANIIL: She wanted to know something about a focus in the City – occupation, maybe?

ELIAS: She incorporates more than one focus, but I may express that one focus which she may investigate, if she is so choosing, generates activity in the library. But this library does not merely incorporate books. It also is the area in which the tiles reside, and this individual maintains the functioning of the tiles.

DANIIL: Is it male or female?

ELIAS: Female.

DANIIL: Are any of her future focuses in the City shared with Inna and myself?


DANIIL: The next question from Natasha was that recently she found a significant amount of cash on the street. She’s asking if this is a presentment from herself about how easy it is to create money.


DANIIL: And then she’s saying if this is so easy, how would she repeat it?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) This was a presentment to herself in surprise.

There are two aspects of this creation. One is the ease in which you may create different manifestations, regardless of what they are. The other is how you may generate that in surprise to yourself, and therefore, not merely present a validation to yourself but also incorporate an element of fun.

This also involves the lack of expectations and how much more easily you create if you are not generating expectations and you are not expressing a rigidity in how you must be creating different manifestations, but merely allowing and generating more of a flexibility and more of a playfulness, therefore allowing yourself to surprise yourself with what you can manifest.

DANIIL: Her last question was if you have any message for her or advice.

ELIAS: Message or advice – I would express to her to be aware of being flexible and of being playful and not so very analytical. In this, I acknowledge that she is generating less analyticalness than she has previously and is trusting herself much more, but to remember to be playful and incorporate fun, therefore also incorporating balance.

DANIIL: Now I have a question from Inna. Inna had some back pain recently, and she wonders what kind of communication this is. Her assessment is that maybe it has to do with the stress of the relationship with her partner.

ELIAS: Partially, and in that, concentrating her attention more upon the relationship and the other individual than upon herself and not being as supportive to herself, and in that, at times restricting her own expressions.

If she is generating more of an allowance of herself and paying attention to self more so than concerning herself with the other individual or with how the relationship should be expressed, she shall be expressing more of a gentleness with herself, and therefore alleviate this stress in physical manifestation.

DANIIL: That concludes that section. Now, a couple weeks ago I had an accident where I slipped and fell and broke two bones in my ankle. Two things come to mind, that I was not paying attention and that literally I lost my balance and literally incorporated the trauma, and also that maybe I need to slow down. What is your comment on that? Why did I break my leg?

ELIAS: I may express to you that your assessment is correct and that it is significantly important for you to be generating balance. This you have presented to yourself as an example of the importance of incorporating balance, especially within this time framework, for there is tremendous energy being expressed. There is tremendous potential to be creating polarization and extremes, and that may be expressed quite easily. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to what you are doing and pay attention to what type of energy you are expressing, therefore allowing yourself to generate balance and not create extremes.

DANIIL: Balance requires paying attention, so how do I find a way to, on the one hand, push myself to keep paying attention? That’s what I was doing in the hospital afterwards; I kept saying pay attention, pay attention. But also, if there is an element of slowing down, it’s kind of an opposite of pushing myself. So how do I accomplish both?

ELIAS: It is not a matter of pushing yourself, my friend. It is merely a matter of being aware and allowing yourself flexibility. In actuality, contrary to what you perceive to be the necessity to push yourself, it may be much more efficient to generate a flexibility and to relax, not push yourself, and merely allow and pay attention to what you are actually doing, therefore allowing yourself to be aware of what type of energy you are expressing outwardly. Paying attention to what you are actually doing OR what you are not doing is important, for this is the manner in which you may evaluate the type of energy that you are expressing.

You are already motivated to be noticing and to be paying attention in the now. Remember, that is not to the exclusion of being aware of past and future, but that the majority of your attention is held in the present, in the now, and paying attention to what you are actually doing.

DANIIL: So it’s not a matter of pushing, it’s a matter of relaxing, allowing flexibility and allowing kind of a natural attention instead of a forced one.

ELIAS: Correct.

DANIIL: Why is it happening to all three of us in this way, not as extreme as Natasha’s knee problem and her back problem, but is it something happening to the pyramid, so to speak?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. I may express to you that what you are experiencing is not unusual. Many, many, many individuals throughout your reality, throughout your world, are experiencing these extremes. This is the reason that in this time framework it is very important that you pay attention to what you are doing and generate that balance intentionally.

For as I have expressed previously, the energy collectively is quite intense and it continues to intensify, and there is being created more of a rapidness of movement in this time framework also. This is all associated with this wave addressing to truths, and it is being reflected en masse, also, within your world. You may look about you in many different directions and notice that there are expressions of polarization being generated and extremes in many different directions. In this, it is quite easy to tap into that energy of extremes without objectively being aware of what you are doing – although you can be aware if you are paying attention to what you are doing – and this is the pitfall. If you are not paying attention, you may be tapping into that collective energy quite easily, and that incorporates a tremendous potential to easily move you into extremes.

DANIIL: When I fell, obviously I was not paying enough attention; if I was, I wouldn’t have done it. But it seems like part of me knew that it would happen. I wasn’t really running all the time and just fell on the fly. I kind of slowed down and I methodically gained a couple of steps, and then all of a sudden I saw myself in the air and I broke my leg. It seems like part of me was watching it in slow motion and part of me either knew about it or calculated it. What is that feeling that it was kind of predetermined?

ELIAS: It was not predetermined, but what you were doing was paying attention to the actions and the choices that were being created in each moment to create a particular outcome. In that, this experience has been quite purposeful, for it has allowed you to view how you create certain actions, how they are not actually accidents, and that they are created for a reason.

DANIIL: So on one hand, it was a lack of attention and balance that forced that. On the other hand, I was capable of noticing, of paying attention to how all the pieces came together and the action was created.

ELIAS: Correct.

DANIIL: A couple of weeks before it happened, I was trying to create some money. I was doing an experimentation with money and the lottery. I kept buying lottery tickets, different lotteries, different places, and I didn’t win anything at all. I was beginning to think that it had something to do with your mention of end points and beginning points. I started to think about it as a process and engaging my imagination as to what will happen if I won, what I would do with all that money and all. I was somewhat involved in that experiment and that is when I broke my leg. Did it play into that? Was I going too far or in the wrong direction or something?

ELIAS: It was not concerning a wrong direction or too far, but it is an example to you concerning how you create different manifestations and how your beliefs interplay with those creations, and that in association with the lottery, you continue to express the belief of chance.

In association with the action of breaking your bones, that is more within what you would term to be your control, for it is your manifestation; it does not involve any other individual or any other element. It is your body; it is your movement. This is an emphasis of the distinction that you generate between what you can create if it is merely associated with you, and how you doubt what you can create if there is any association with other individuals or outside manifestations.

DANIIL: Yes, that makes sense.

Now, in hospital, I was doing some Elias prayer. I was saying, “Elias, Elias, help me, help me.” I was making some blue light, blue color. At some point, my imagination painted kind of a blue screen out of which some animals were created, some small animals like squirrels. They were placed kind of on my solar plexus, and I wanted to comfort them, and by doing that, comfort myself. Was there your involvement in that? Was there really a helpful suggestion?

ELIAS: Yes. This is your allowance of yourself to be engaging your communication of imagination, and in that, allowing yourself to distract your attention from the concentration upon the manifestation, therefore allowing the body consciousness to generate its natural process of healing and not continuing to concentrate upon what you view to be the negative elements of the manifestation.

DANIIL: I also had information about healing. I think you have mentioned many times that often times healing does not require additional energy. It’s just a kind of not creating a block and allowing the body consciousness to reconfigure in a healthy manner.

ELIAS: Correct.

DANIIL: But when I had surgery, they put a metal rod in one of my bones. So it seems like if it heals normally without the (inaudible), I will have that metal rod in it. So I was wondering how natural or unnatural my body consciousness exists around that metal rod that itself is not a natural element.

ELIAS: Ah, but you have created it. Therefore, why is it not natural? It is what you have created. It is your choice of how to be incorporating strengthening that particular bone. It is not better or worse. It is a choice.

DANIIL: So my body is fine with having it inside?

ELIAS: Correct, and it shall generate its normal process and continue to regenerate regardless of whether you have incorporated this rod or not.

DANIIL: While in the hospital, I was trying to apply some concepts to some situations. One of them was that after the surgery, as it happens after anesthesia, I could not urinate. My bladder began to hurt, and I kept calling the nurse. The nurse would not come, and I was thinking well, what do I do? How do I apply the concepts? Do I move my attention to the pain as feedback, as a signal, or do I move my attention to just observing what is happening, or do I start asking or screaming or calling the nurse? I wasn’t sure. I tried one, I tried the other, and finally I decided to act and eventually I got help. So, in a situation like that, how would you comment? Something is happening. It seems like I need to do something about it to help myself. How do I pivot my attention? Do I concentrate on the signal, such as pain, or do I concentrate on action, trying to get myself out of it? Do I just observe everything?

ELIAS: I may express to you, there is not one action or method that is the right method. It is a choice. In this, if you choose to be incorporating help, that is one choice, and there is no wrong expression in that. But what is significant in any of these types of scenarios is that, generally speaking, the automatic response is to begin generating tension and almost panic. That is the element that is significant. For it is not a matter of focusing your attention upon the pain or the discomfort, but recognizing that this is what you are generating and you are experiencing, evaluating what type of action you prefer to incorporate such as requesting helpfulness from another individual, but in all of that scenario to be allowing yourself to relax and not generate an increase of tension. That shall alleviate a considerable expression of the pain, and it also allows you to not move into urgency. If you allow your body consciousness and you, in your energy, to relax, you incorporate much more of a free flow of your energy, and therefore you accomplish much more efficiently. Were you to be incorporating that relaxation, the request for helpfulness very likely would have occurred much more quickly.

DANIIL: Another situation was in the operating room when they started giving me spinal anesthesia and they realized, and I realized, that it didn’t work. I thought I will fall asleep in several seconds, but I’m creating that situation of anesthesia not working What do I do in a couple of seconds? Then I thought all I can do is relax. I guess I relaxed and I fell asleep, and I was okay.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Congratulations. I am acknowledging of you of your accomplishment.

DANIIL: Thank you. On a different subject, I had a case pending with the INS, with the government, of immigrating to the United States because I am married to a U.S. citizen. My papers were lost, actually for the second time. Why did I create that? Why do I keep postponing the solution to my immigration problem?

ELIAS: This is associated also with your own control and generating an action of your own accord, not dependent upon another individual. Which is significant that you allow yourself to evaluate, for you generate an underlying expression within yourself that it is better to accomplish yourself independently, without helpfulness from other individuals – which is not true, but it is a strongly expressed belief. Let me express to you, my friend, it is quite beneficial to allow yourself to receive.

DANIIL: I feel often that if I don’t push others to help me, they are not helping me, like nothing is moving unless I keep calling. I need to keep calling my lawyer, because he’s not active and he’s not too professional, I need him to check on my case, I need to... Whenever I want something to be done, I need to check on people, because they are not doing what they promised to do to help me.

ELIAS: This is a matter of not trusting your own expressions and not allowing yourself to rest in your own trust and confidence. If you are allowing yourself to genuinely express yourself and trust yourself, it is not necessary to continue to push energy. In actuality, the more you push energy, the more you create contrary to what you want. The more you doubt that other individuals shall perform actions that you want, the more they shall not perform the actions that you want, for you are not trusting yourself that you are creating that. Therefore, you are pushing YOUR energy, and that is reflected to you in the lack of accomplishment that is expressed by other individuals. Are you understanding?

DANIIL: I think so, yes. Also in association with that, one other belief that I think I have, and it’s related to (inaudible) also, I have that quality of not always being able to discipline myself to organize my work, to do things step by step without distraction, and to do it from start to finish without being interrupted and dropping the whole thing.

I thought that since what is inside is often projected outside, the fact that other people often do not finish what I ask them to do and the help I get is often not so professional is a reflection of my qualities of not being disciplined enough and professional enough. How would you comment on that?

ELIAS: I would express a confirmation of that, but I would also express to you that what is being affected is not necessarily that you should be more disciplined or more organized, but how you perceive that and that YOU view that to be bad.

Therefore, you discount YOURSELF in that, and therefore, you also reflect that to yourself. Not that it actually is a bad quality, but what is significant is that that is the manner in which you perceive it. In actuality, that is a natural movement within you, but you view it to be bad or unprofessional. Therefore, as you generate that judgment of self in association with how you generate movement, you also reflect that to yourself in other individuals, and you assess that to be bad in them also.

DANIIL: So as an example, if I trusted myself more and accepted myself more, it would turn out that someone who is not necessarily very disciplined may still be very successful in accomplishing what they set to accomplish.

ELIAS: Precisely, yes.

DANIIL: Recently there was a transcript of our session published and... (The telephone connection ends)

Session ends after 36 minutes.

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