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Thursday, November 11, 2004

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ďInterconnectedness, Intrusiveness, Reconfiguring EnergyĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and KC (Nanaiis).

(Eliasí arrival time is 13 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

KC: Good afternoon, Elias! Here I am, and I donít think I have any questions! (Elias laughs) I feel like I donít know enough to ask a question anymore.

I would like to start out with asking a couple of questions for other people. The first one is for somebody brand new, from Germany. His name is Benjamin, his last name begins with an E, and he has some impressions. He thinks that his essence name might be, I think itís pronounced RAY-mun, and he spells it R-E-M-E-N. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: Oh my goodness! He thinks he is Sumari/Sumafi, but I think he might have some Ilda.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) The impressions are correct. Remember that you all incorporate qualities of ALL of the essence families, regardless of which you are aligned with. Therefore, at times you may notice different qualities of another essence family that the individual may not necessarily align with but may be expressing in a particular time framework.

KC: And he thinks his orientation is common.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: He didnít say what his focus and designated focus was, but I am wondering if he is focused political...


KC: ...and he is a continuing focus.


KC: I donít know how we do these things! (Elias laughs) He suspects that his essence signature color might be black.

ELIAS: Charcoal.

KC: I feel that his focus color might be ox-blood or a henna color.

ELIAS: The first impression is correct.

KC: Do we share focuses in India, he and I?


KC: In the Khyber Pass, especially?


KC: Also, do we share focuses in Argentina?


KC: Are we what I would call paniolas on a plantation, horsemen?


KC: He thinks he has 1600 focuses.

ELIAS: Slightly more.

KC: Thatís unbelievable! (Elias laughs)

Well, something else happened lately that makes me realize the interconnectedness. Fran had a dream, Sandel, that she reported, that felt like she was in a humongous session and that there were many, many hundreds of people there. I wrote back to her about a feeling that I get about an underlying continuous conference in the now of every essence that has manifestations on earth. Itís like we are all involved in one big conference, and completely, even more than interconnected, but almost interchangeable with each other.

Whenever someone new posts on the computer, I donít really feel like they are new. Itís like a couple sessions ago when I asked questions for Liana. I felt right away that we were sisters in Italy, and you said that was correct. I donít know; I feel like I should be surprised, but it doesnít surprise me anymore. (Elias laughs) So we are all having a conference, arenít we?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you are all interconnected, and that is more of a recognition of the lack of separation.

KC: Let me ask you about intrusiveness, then. Now, in the moment, I think I have a better understanding of what accepting my differences and other people differences and possible intrusiveness might be. You have said that you cannot actually be intrusive to another essence; you can only be intrusive to yourself. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: So if I experience intrusiveness that in the old way of perceiving, which is the way I still perceive now, I think that someone else has been intrusive to me.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: That is actually a belief that Iím aligning with. I probably agree with something that they said, and I would then get my feelings hurt and feel it was intrusive. Iím actually doing that myself by accepting it as a truth.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: So, itís really not possible for someone else to be intrusive to me.

ELIAS: Correct, although that presents the idea once again of an absolute, expressing that it is not possible. But in association with your physical reality and what occurs and the expressions that occur in exchange between individuals, I may continue to express to you that it is not possible for another individual to be intrusive to you. I shall hold to that statement, although that is somewhat incorporating distortion, for it implies an absolute. But it is purposeful to be expressed in that manner as to not incorporate any window in which you may justify blame in association with another individual being intrusive.

Now; another individual may intend to be hurtful. And as you are aware, I have addressed to this also. Another individual may unintentionally express in a manner that may be received as hurtful by another individual, and those all are expressions that would be associated with the subject of intrusiveness.

But in accordance with you creating all of your reality and that no other individual can create your reality for you and does not create your choices, in that, another individual may be intending to be hurtful or harmful, but it is your choice how you receive that. Generally speaking, in the preciseness of how you create your reality individually, what occurs is that you draw specific individuals and specific interactions to yourself. You generate that to experience certain expressions, and thusly offer yourself information concerning your automatic responses and also concerning different beliefs and influences of those beliefs that you are aligning with that may not necessarily be preferred influences. (1)

KC: Also, do I draw certain things to myself as a motivator? For instance, I discover that I am highly motivated now to practice reconfiguring energy, my own energy that I project and energy that I receive.

ELIAS: Yes. Reflections are not mirrors, and what you reflect to yourself in the interactions with other individuals may be expressed in many different manners. At times, they may reflect some element within yourself that is similar. At times, they be reflecting some aspect of your reality that allows you to evaluate how you respond or whether that interaction generates a trigger within you or offers you the opportunity to experiment with whether you are reconfiguring energy or not, or whether you wish to reconfigure energy or not. There are many different manners in which interactions reflect some element within you, but the reflecting is not a mirroring. Therefore, it incorporates a much broader spectrum than that of a mirroring action.

KC: I have a question. A while back when I was running a national network, an information clearing house, I was in touch with thousands of women. A handful of women were, I think, intending to be intrusive to me. A friend of mine called and said she wished that I would defend myself because these people were trying to ruin my reputation, and I said that I wished sheíd stop defending me because I didnít need a defense. I felt that those people needed their drama and we should let them have it. It has nothing to with us and we had our work to do. I think that I reconfigured that energy. Now, is that correct?


KC: So that is how you reconfigure energy Ė you keep your attention on yourself and what you want in the moment.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: And it also has something to do with your vested interests.


KC: Iíve been thinking about vested interest beliefs, and I havenít really gotten anywhere with it. Iíve been thinking about my definitions of friends and family, because it was with the Elias family and the Darlings War that I explored recently the concept of intrusiveness. So, I think about who I consider to be my family, who my preferences in energy that I receive would be, and that I would want to associate with. Some people I like and some people I donít like, and thatís okay, right?

ELIAS: Correct. That is associated with your preferences.

KC: It also has to do with some of my religious beliefs and my definition of ďnice.Ē

ELIAS: Yes. But remember, these are your guidelines and that is acceptable. You are not eliminating duplicity any more than you are eliminating any other belief system. Therefore, you are not eliminating judgments. You are altering perception, and therefore, you are changing the manner in which the judgments are expressed.

You are incorporating the function of duplicity in the expression of that belief system more as a tool to define your preferences and what are not your preferences, but not to be generating absolutes as right and wrong.

KC: My signals, my emotional signals that I receive in conjunction with someone elseís choice, say something that would not be a preference Ė something that in this time framework I might judge as being wrong Ė in a shifted framework, I would simply realize that that would not be a preference of mine.

ELIAS: Correct, and recognize that this is associated with your own guidelines and that it is not necessarily applicable to another individual. This is the expression of acceptance of difference.

The acceptance of difference is recognizing yourself and your guidelines, what you do and what you chose and how you express yourself, but not absolutely moving into an expression that it applies to all other individuals in all respects of reality. You may incorporate specific behaviors of what you view to be nice or acceptable, and another individual may express themselves quite differently. What is significant is that this allows you to evaluate what your preferences are and what your guidelines are for your expression and your behaviors, knowing that your beliefs are not the enemy, but they are also not absolute.

In that, you may express your opinion that your guidelines are good and that you like your expressions and your behaviors, that you like similar expressions and behaviors in association with other individuals and that you dislike other behaviors and expressions, but that the other behaviors and expressions that you dislike are not necessarily wrong, therefore expressing an acceptance of those manifestations or expressions or behaviors or creations that you may dislike, but recognizing that as you dislike them, you choose not to generate them.

As you are not generating them, it matters not. Therefore, the judgment in the familiar expression of an absolute judgment is neutralized, and the judgments that you incorporate have been redefined, therefore have been altered. In that, they serve as indicators of your own guidelines and your own behaviors and your own preferences and opinions, but do not extend beyond that to generate absolute judgments in association with other individuals. This also offers you another avenue in which you may evaluate what you choose to participate in and what you do not.

KC: Well, you know what? I think I have actually done this! (Elias chuckles) Hereís what happened. I have two friends, a couple, a man and a woman, and they are ex-spouses of each other. They have a very different relationship than I would ever have with anyone. They love drama, they love to argue, and they are both thieves. (KC laughs) I used to think that this was awful! I was afraid that they were both going to end up in jail. One of them found a credit card in the street, called the other one, and they ordered a bunch of furniture, put it on this credit card, went and picked up the furniture and stored it in somebody elseís house. Iím thinking oh, this is awful! Then the other morning I woke up and thought you know what, they found a credit card in the street and theyíre acting like they know that they created it, it was put there just for them, and they used it.

My belief would be that there is someone else on the other end of that credit card, that credit card belongs to somebody else, and I wouldnít have even thought that I created it in the moment that I saw it. And thereís no right or wrong answer. We can both do as we please. I donít have to use the credit card; I can try to find the owner of it. But they can think that they created it in the moment for them to buy furniture with.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: Thatís amazing! (Elias laughs) Iím beginning to understand there is no right and wrong. I wouldnít feel good using that credit card, and thatís fine too.

ELIAS: And that is YOUR right, and that is YOUR wrong. That is the expression of your guidelines, of your behavior, which moves in association with your expressed beliefs and your preferences. Another individual may incorporate different expressed beliefs and different preferences, which is not to say that yours is wrong or theirs is wrong, or that yours is right and theirs is right. Theirs is right in association with their guidelines and their preferences and their beliefs. Yours is right in association with your guidelines and your preferences and your beliefs.

Now; the interesting element of this in association with this shift in consciousness is that as individuals begin to genuinely generate an objective understanding and experiencing of these concepts, initially many individuals move into a questioning of how this shall not create total chaos within your physical reality if each individual is following their own guidelines and their own expressed beliefs, recognizing that other individuals are not right or wrong and therefore whatever is expressed is acceptable.

But in actuality, in following yourself and paying attention to yourself and genuinely generating that intimacy with self, knowing your expressed beliefs, beginning to generate genuine acceptance and following your guidelines but recognizing that there are no absolutes, you move more and more into the expression of genuinely directing yourselves, and therefore, what you do is you eradicate the role of the victim.

KC: Elias, I am so excited, because so much has happened since the last time we talked, which was my bee sting session. (2) I was so upset, and I was so embarrassed, and I was so ashamed that I was going backwards. I cannot even thank you enough for telling me, without my even asking you, that you assured me I was not going backwards, and I have heard that over and over in my mind. This is how we insert the shift by experiencing our beliefs...

ELIAS: Correct

KC: ...and then evaluating our beliefs. Iíve been in the hospital or to the doctor I think eight times since that session, and I have given myself so many, many ways to observe myself and be quiet, pay attention and listen to myself, pay attention to the energy Iím projecting, to actually pay attention to the energy I am receiving, and to realize that the present is not based on the past. If I have hostile memories of hospital experiences in the past, it has nothing to do with the now unless I allow it to influence the now. I mean, I canít even tell you how much I learned about myself. (Elias laughs) So, I hate to admit it, you were right!

ELIAS: Ah! Congratulations for allowing yourself to actually experience, and what a revelation that is!

KC: What happened to me at first Ė and you had said this, too Ė you read the material and you begin to use it against yourself. Because if there is no right or wrong, then all the things I have done all my life, all these values that I thought were right, and that I was so right and I was so good, are worthless, and I am now not good and I am not right, and all these people I thought were wrong, now theyíre right and Iím wrong. (Elias laughs) I thought how can that be?

Then I had this revelation a couple of days ago where I realized that you create in the moment. If you find a credit card, you actually created it. I thought no wonder I never find money in the street Ė Iíd probably walk around trying to find out who it belonged to! (Elias laughs loudly)

So, I feel really good. I think my bee sting was a turning point for me. In the past, and I have only a little hint of it now, I had a worry about my religious beliefs, about beliefs in authority. It all came out in the hospital, where I was already on the defensive about the authority figures, and with nothing even being projected to me along those lines at all. I found almost all of my protection beliefs, I hope Ė which I didnít think I had any protection beliefs, but there they all were Ė and I realized I became a nurse in order to protect myself from nurses. That was a major revelation and a major move on my part towards freedom. I never would have ever believed that that is how you move toward freedom.

ELIAS: Ah! And this offers you the opportunity to actually experience and therefore generate the reality, rather than concept, of what I am expressing to you, that you are not eliminating beliefs and you have not gotten rid of beliefs. They are present and exist, but it is a choice of what influences you incorporate, and therein lies your freedom. Knowing that your beliefs are not your enemy, and recognizing that you incorporate different expressed beliefs that you have previously associated as bad, has in some respects generated a benefit to you and has also offered you information concerning yourself, how you create your perception, and therefore how you create your reality.

This is the wondrousness of your reality and of this shift, of how much more intimate you may be with yourself and therefore how much more of your ability you may express. In a manner of speaking, it is likened to the metaphor of the usage of your brain. Your scientists express that you incorporate merely 15 percent usage of your brain and the other 85 percent is not being accessed; you may liken that to your abilities within your reality, that you allow yourself an objective awareness and usage of 15 percent of your abilities. In actuality, now as you are shifting, you are allowing yourselves to discover the wondrousness of the other 85 percent.

KC: And one of the ways that I did that was to begin to appreciate each moment.

ELIAS: Appreciation is an excellent window into awareness.

KC: I canít believe how much time I have spent wishing I was in a different moment than the one that Iím in, wishing that I knew everything, and wishing that I was in the remembrance already! (Both laugh) When whatís the point? Whatís the point of being somewhere else?

ELIAS: As you allow yourself to appreciate the moment in the now and being present, you move yourself more and more into that remembrance.

KC: I have been allowing myself to express myself with no expectations, and I think I did it this morning. I woke up with a headache, I took my pills, and they didnít work. Then I talked to my sister Eazon on the phone, and we were both in our automatic complaining response. She was complaining about something she had to do this afternoon and I was complaining about somebody that was coming to work here today, and I suddenly thought you know what, itís not this afternoon, nobody is here working, and here we are complaining about something thatís not in the now! (Elias laughs)

I love talking to Eazon on the telephone because weíve been trying to do this with each other. When we go into our automatic responses, we help each other out by noticing for each other what we are doing. So I said I think Iíll call these workman and tell them not to come. Because if I listen to myself in the moment and what I want in the moment, I donít want this work going on here today. Iím having a session and the twins are coming later this afternoon, and thereís just too much in one day. So I called the workman and said do not come, a mad woman lives here! Stay away! (Both laugh) I donít think they were going to come in the first place; I think they had already decided not to come. Everything was fine and wonderful. So thatís what you are saying to express yourself with no expectations, is it not?


KC: This is still pretty easy, so now I get scared and I think oh no! Itís too easy, it canít be true, another brick is going to fall on my head!

ELIAS: Ah! And this is what I have been expressing to all of you for an extended time framework. In actuality, what I am expressing to you is quite simple Ė but you do enjoy complicating.

KC: Itís true. We do enjoy complicating. But Iíll tell you what, the bee sting has definitely given me an excellent motivator to pay attention to what energy I am projecting in the moment. Sometimes I project an extreme in energy, but I donít try to force myself to stop. I just become aware of it and sometimes I actually enjoy it. A few times I have found other bees in the yard. Walking around the yard, I find a bee nest in the ground and right away Iíll pay attention to what my energy is doing, because I donít want another bee sting. So Iíve really appreciated what Iíve offered myself.

I think that I actually got another bee sting later, and I didnít have a reaction. But I didnít see the bee, but then I never see the bee! I think I create them out of the thin air, and they bite me and disappear. (Elias laughs) I do! I think I created the one in the store that bit me in the finger. Because I pulled it off of my neck and it bit my finger, and I opened my hand to let it go and it wasnít there.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Quite creative!

KC: Like the one that fell out from under my shirt Ė itís like I made it right out of myself. They are my own links of consciousness, are they not?


KC: So I could create it out of nothing, or I could create them out in the yard and then go find them. Itís all the same, isnít it?

ELIAS: Yes. You are creating it regardless of your method.

KC: So I donít believe that I have to be allergic to bees forever and ever.

ELIAS: And you do not.

KC: But I also thought if you wanted to disengage, what an easy way to do it. You could just go out after bees and you could be dead in eight minutes.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) That also is a possibility and a choice.

KC: Itís very clever, actually; Iím going to keep it in mind. But you have to wait for bee season in order to do it, unless you believe that you can create bees out of nothing in the winter. (Both laugh)

I have some other questions about the twins, my grandchildren. Their names are Ben and David. I think Ben and I have been pirates together. Is that correct?


KC: Is he Ilda aligned?


KC: Is he common?


KC: And David, I think we share focuses in Paris?


KC: And Scotland?


KC: Did he share a focus with your wizard focus, Brian?


KC: And is he Sumafi belonging?


KC: And is he soft?


KC: I have no idea what their essence names are. But I donít want you to tell me yet. (Elias laughs) The only reason I donít want you to tell me is because... Iím not sure what it is. Itís not a religious belief exactly, but itís preconceived ideas about tones and words. Iím just getting to know them, and they are remarkable. They always do what they want, and they donít mind practicing over and over and over, like we have to practice with our shift thing. I am getting a lot of inspiration from them, and they love me very much. Theyíre just learning to walk now, and so Iím paying attention to how they practice and they practice and they fall down and donít get upset. (Elias laughs) They just keep practicing.

I was holding Ben when he was smaller. I was holding him up in my arms like he was flying around, and he getting very, very, very heavy. So I said okay, you can lift off now! And he just burst out laughing, and I got to thinking, he must have known exactly what I was saying in energy.

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are correct.

KC: I thought he sent to me a message in my mind, that he couldnít lift off because what would his mom and dad think if he did. (Elias laughs) Was he thinking that?


KC: That is so funny! They are so cute, Elias. I canít believe they are whole essences and theyíre just small.

ELIAS: (Laughs) This is correct!

KC: I have a question for Carter/Cynthia. He has a vibration under his skin in the area of his third eye, kinda between his eyes. He thinks that it is either one of the twelve essences or that he is actually activating a third eye kind of thing. Heíd like to know what that is.

ELIAS: The later.

KC: Oh WOW! Also, he has a neighbor whose name is Melody, and he wants to know if that is a focus of the essence Melody.


KC: Oh poo. (Both laugh) Are Awan and I soul mates?


KC: Because she killed me, and I figured we had to be soul mates because itís such an intimate thing. (Elias laughs) My initiating focus wasnít the infant that Awan killed when she was a Mayan priestess, is it?


KC: Because I went off to see you in my initiating focus, and I think I was about seven years old then.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

KC: I think that my headaches, some of my headaches, my pill beliefs, the rash that I get on my back, some of my shoulder problems and some of my finger and wrist problems have a lot to do with my aging beliefs. Is that correct?


KC: Hmm, I donít know donít know if Iíll be able to accept those or not.

ELIAS: (Laughs) You can!

KC: Iíve been trying to move my attention to the things that I like about my aging beliefs. Thatís the thing to do, right?

ELIAS: That is quite helpful, yes, for that identifies other influences and allows you to choose.

KC: That session of Oge/Yentil that was transcribed out of order, the recent session that she had in which she was experiencing anxiety during the session and you went through that with her, and also physical acceptingness, the pain signals, that was really a helpful session for me, and also, Iím sure, a lot of people in exploring how to look for the different influences of our beliefs. (3) Like if we think that you are more knowledgeable than we are, we can perceive that as a new adventure instead of or at least in addition to perceiving it as we are not good enough or smart enough.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: That was a wonderful session.

Fran bought a book called ďFive Sisters: The Langhornes of Virginia,Ē and she thinks the mother of the five sisters, whose name is Nancy Witcher Keene, might be a focus of me, Nanaiis.


KC: Is another fluctuation of my essence name Nana-risa?


KC: And the five sisters themselves, would one of them be Sandel?


KC: Would it be Lady Astor?


KC: Is one Miranda?


KC: Is one Oona?


KC: Is one Melody?


KC: Oh my goodness, thatís only four. Is the other one Ashrah?


KC: Oh, oh, oh! I canít believe it! I canít wait; I canít wait! I am so glad that Miranda has so many focuses, because now she doesnít have to (inaudible). (Elias laughs) Oh my goodness.

Now, my sister Eazon, I think and we think that another essence name for her might be Jacinta.


KC: Is she also a focus of Jacinta in the Lady of Fatima story?

ELIAS: Observing.

KC: There were two others, a brother and a sister, Lucia and Francisco. Was Francisco Sandel?

ELIAS: Also observing.

KC: Was Lucia Lucille?

ELIAS: No, that would also be observing.

KC: Fascinating. Is my sister Mary Jo a final focus?

ELIAS: And her impression?

KC: She thinks that she is.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: Oh, sheís correct! I didnít think that she was. But I never told her Ė weíll keep it a secret! (Laughs with Elias)

JŁrgen/Carrdyth, I know that he already got his answer about being a final focus, but I wanted to know if we share pirate focuses in the Italian city of Amalfi.


KC: Are we a brother and sister named Jacques and Nicki in Rome?


KC: And is that a bit futurely?


KC: Naomi has a question. Thereís a painting by Renoir called the ďLuncheon of the Boating Party.Ē Let me read this question: in the painting ďThe Luncheon of the Boating Party,Ē is the woman in the background drinking from a glass another focus of Naomi/Kallile?

ELIAS: No, but one of the characters in the picture is.

KC: She thinks the focus that is drinking from the glass of water is mis-named. She thinks that it is actually a woman named Ellen Andrťe. (Pause)

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: She is correct about that, but thatís not her focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: Hereís her second question. Was a focus of Naomi/Kallile at the Senate session where Al Gore was confirming the results of the 2000 election, the scene that was shown in the ďFahrenheit 9/11Ē movie?

ELIAS: Observing and counterpart.

KC: Of Al Gore?

ELIAS: Of a focus that...

KC: ...was there.


KC: Well, you know, I have something written down here I donít understand. (Both laugh) Something about Flynn and my computer. My computer was all intruded upon, but that was intrusive imagery because I was addressing to intrusiveness. Thatís correct, right?


KC: Flynn, my husband David, of course, he helped me out with trying to... Well, those were protection beliefs?


KC: I think Iím dealing pretty well with my protection beliefs. Also, that had to do with loving the true love for myself because green energy center was all wacky, right?

ELIAS: (Laughs) Yes.

KC: And being gentle with myself, which I have been doing. In fact, today is 11/11...


KC: ...and I think Iím even dealing very well with my new religion, that essence is God.


KC: Well, because Iím Ilda belonging and because of the connection between Ilda and religious beliefs. Of course, Iím all worried when I donít need to be because thatís not even staying in the now. But I think my protection beliefs, my religious beliefs, my beliefs about intrusion are some of my bigger truths, and I think Iím dealing pretty well with those.

ELIAS: And I would be in agreement and acknowledging you.

KC: Thank you very much. The nine small ones? (4)


KC: They each have their own different essence name now, is that correct? (Pause)


KC: So that could be another little game we could play Ė try to find out what their essence names are, because we donít have that listed anywhere, do we?


KC: Oh, we could do that!


KC: But Elias, I am out of questions!

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may express to you that you have fared well for an individual that began with no questions.

KC: Yes, thatís true, I did very well. (Laughs) Donít you want to tell me a story?

ELIAS: Of what?

KC: Tell me something that the Dream Walkers created a new blueprint for. (Pause)

ELIAS: The action of interaction.

KC: Goodness. Then my intent of exploring interaction and aloneness and the similarities has a lot to do with the Ilda blueprint.

ELIAS: Yes, in actuality.

KC: Does my intent have anything to do with sound?


KC: How does that tie in?

ELIAS: It is merely another avenue, or what you may term to be offshoot, of the general theme, a more specific avenue. You generate many, many specific avenues that are what you may term to be offshoots of that general theme, in which you allow yourselves to explore very specific directions, but they are continuing to be associated with the theme, which is the intent.

KC: Then those types of experiences Ė I think Iíve had four that I recall Ė of no separation would also be the same thing, a type of interaction.


KC: When I was experiencing being Awan and being Gillian/Ari, I got the feeling that we are all interchangeable.


KC: Without being intrusive.


KC: Elias, thatís really fun! (Elias laughs) And I wanted to say about Gillian/Ari, she gets so excited. You know how excited she gets. She gets so excited that I used to think she was making it up, but when I was her, I was just as excited as she sounds! (Elias laughs) And you know what? After I did that, Iíve been able to incorporate some of that excitement into myself.


KC: Yes, isnít that nice?

ELIAS: Which allows you another expression of less separation.

KC: Then I think about people I donít like, and Iím just as interchangeable with them also.


KC: As somebody I didnít like, I have an example. When I realized I was observing essence of Adolf Eichmann, I perceived a completely different Adolf Eichmann than the man who appears in the history books.

ELIAS: But in your mergence with another individual and allowing yourself to fully move into the expression of your empathic sense and allowing yourself to experience the other individual as they experience themselves, you also offer yourself different information. For now you are allowing yourself to perceive through the perception of the other individual, experience the other individualís experience and how that is influenced by their beliefs rather than your expressed beliefs, which offers you more information and a clearer understanding of the differences without the judgment of your own beliefs.

KC: Thatís the knowing and the understanding.


KC: Thatís the compassion that we all want to experience.


KC: Thatís the love.

ELIAS: Which also opens a window for the knowing and the appreciation, which is the love, which is the connective tissue.

KC: Oh, Elias. This shift is really a good idea. I canít believe I spent so much time thinking that it was a bad idea. (Elias laughs)

Well, the twins are going to be here any minute, so I guess we should get off the phone. Itís been so wonderful!

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting.

KC: Me, too.

ELIAS: Continue in your playfulness. I am greatly encouraging of it. To you in wondrous fondness and friendship and tremendous lovingness, au revoir.

KC: I love you, too, Elias. Au revoir.

Elias departs after 56 minutes.


(1) Originally expressed as: ďYou generate that to experience certain expressions, and thusly offer yourself information concerning your automatic responses and also concerning different beliefs that you are aligning with certain influences of that may not necessarily be preferred influences.Ē

(2) Reference session 1606, August 12, 2004.

(3) Reference session 1589, July 07, 2004.

(4) KC is referring to the nine physical manifestations, or focuses, of the essence Rose. For more on this topic, see Nine small ones.

Digests: find out more about the nine children of Rose.

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