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Saturday, December 11, 2004

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“Beware of Comparisons”

“Truths and Extremes”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Pam (Kalinda).

(Elias’ arrival time is 12 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PAM: Good morning, Elias! How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

PAM: Doing wonderfully, thank you.

ELIAS: Ha ha! Very well!

PAM: Good to hear your voice again!

ELIAS: And what shall we discuss?

PAM: I have some questions about the thought focus, emotional focus, political focus or religious focus of specific people.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAM: May I ask you some names and you tell me what focus they are?

ELIAS: You may.

PAM: I feel that I am probably emotionally focused. Is this correct?


PAM: What about Justine?

ELIAS: And what is the impression?

PAM: Either religious or emotional.

ELIAS: Emotional.

PAM: And Velma?

ELIAS: And the impression?

PAM: Emotional.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAM: And Brannis?

ELIAS: Impression?

PAM: Emotional.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAM: And Allison?

ELIAS: Impression?

PAM: Religious.

ELIAS: Emotional.

PAM: And Justin?

ELIAS: Impression?

PAM: I don’t have a clue about Justin. He’s very, very quiet.

ELIAS: Political.

PAM: John?

ELIAS: Impression?

PAM: Political.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAM: Jack?

ELIAS: Impression?

PAM: Religious.

ELIAS: Emotional.

PAM: Brenda?

ELIAS: Impression?

PAM: Emotional.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAM: Thank you! I have a question about final focus. Last time, you told me that I, Kalinda, and my sister Justine were in a final focus. We have some members of our group and people that we are in relationship with that we are wondering about also. Is Velma a final focus?


PAM: And Erich?


PAM: And Ching-Lu?


PAM: And Betitte?


PAM: And Brannis?


PAM: And Jack?


PAM: Brenda?


PAM: Could you give me an essence name for Jack and for Brenda, please?

ELIAS: Essence name, first individual, Dommique, D-O-M-M-I-Q-U-E (dom MEEK).

PAM: And for the second one?

ELIAS: Second individual, Hallys, H-A-L-L-Y-S (HAL liss).

PAM: Thank you. I would like to give you the names of some people and find out what essence family they belong to and align with. The first one is Hallys. I get the impression that she belongs to Sumari and aligns with Milumet. Is this right?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAM: And Debra, my guess is that she belongs to Gramada and aligns with Sumari.

ELIAS: Reverse.

PAM: Joanne, my guess is that she belongs to Sumafi and aligns with Tumold.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAM: Allison, I would think that she belongs to Sumari, and I don’t know what she would be aligned with.

ELIAS: Vold.

PAM: Justin, I don’t have an impression one way or the other with him. This is the one that doesn’t talk. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Belonging to Sumafi; alignment, Borledim.

PAM: Kathy, I would guess that she belongs to Gramada and aligns with Ilda.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAM: Jack, I don’t know about him, either.

ELIAS: Shall you attempt an impression?

PAM: I would guess belonging to Sumafi and aligned with Sumari.

ELIAS: Correct!

PAM: Really!? Ha ha! Good! (Elias laughs) How about that, I got one right! Okay, that’s the end of that list.

I have a question about Dream Walkers. In our group, we’ve been talking about what a Dream Walker is and people, ourselves and those we are in relationship with, that we think might hold an aspect of Dream Walker. I would like to give you some names and let you tell me yes or no, do they.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAM: Myself, Kalinda?


PAM: Justine?


PAM: Velma?


PAM: Brannis?


PAM: Joanne?


PAM: Marilyn?


PAM: Hallys?


PAM: Debra?


PAM: Allison?


PAM: Justin?


PAM: Kathy?


PAM: Dommique?


PAM: And Fisk?


PAM: Thank you. The man that I am in relationship with at this point in my life, could you tell me how many focuses we share in this dimension and in others?

ELIAS: I may offer you a number in this dimension but not other dimensions. In this dimension you incorporate 34.

PAM: That’s a lot of focuses! (Elias laughs) Are we counterparts?


PAM: And although I realize this reflects belief systems, are we soul mates?


PAM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

PAM: Let me ask two more names on the Dream Walkers. Erich?


PAM: And Ching-Lu?


PAM: Thank you. Could you offer me any explanation or direction for this relationship that I am exploring with this man that we were talking about, some guidance or some information beyond what I have now?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

PAM: With the romantic aspect of our relationship. We’re very, very good friends now, but it seems to be heading in a romantic direction.

ELIAS: And what is your concern?

PAM: There seems to be a lot of issues coming from other focuses, probably – based on the fact that we have 34 at this point – that we are creating in this one. I just wondered if you could shed any light that would help me approach this from a more enlightened position.

ELIAS: Offer explanation.

PAM: There seem to be some areas in which communication is shut down and yet in other areas the communication is unbelievably clear. It’s almost as if we have blinders on in some areas.

ELIAS: Offer example.

PAM: For example, in areas of developing relationships and not bringing past relationships from this focus into it, we seem to be running into obstacles and roadblocks because either one or both of us at given times can’t quite get over past relationships.

ELIAS: That may be a significant obstacle in generating a new relationship, for the automatic response is to generate comparison. Comparison is dangerous, for it is quite discounting of both individuals. It is discounting of yourself and the other individual.

Be aware of moments in which you are generating the automatic response of comparison, and allow yourself to stop and momentarily from your awareness remove the other individual. In a manner of speaking, pretend that the other individual is disappeared. That allows you to turn your attention to yourself and what YOU are generating, and that offers you the opportunity to examine what you are triggering within yourself rather than moving in the direction that the other individual is generating some expression that is triggering you and also triggering the comparison.

It is important that you allow yourself to pay attention and be familiar with what YOU are doing, what YOU are expressing and what type of energy you are projecting in association with the other individual, being aware of what automatic responses you are expressing and whether they are actually relevant to the individual or whether they are recall of another individual. In that, you may more clearly be present in the now in what you are engaging with the present individual, rather than projecting your attention to past experiences and replaying past experiences in the now.

Also, a significant expression to remember is appreciation. Comparisons generate a threateningness with individuals. Recognize your differences and be accepting of those differences, and allow yourself to appreciate yourself and the other individual. It matters not what you focus upon to be appreciating. Regardless of whether you deem it to be large or small, what is significant is that you express some appreciation in some manner in the moment, which shall alter the energy that you are projecting in relation to the other individual.

PAM: That resonates very strongly. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

PAM: I have some questions from Justine. The first one is, when she specifically intends to create something in her reality, she gets it but with a lot of unwanted things attached. Her question is how specific does she get in consciously creating her own reality, or is she just supposed to go with the flow and be conscious that it is actually her doing the creating?

ELIAS: The latter would be efficient. But let me also express to you that in creating what you want, if you are genuinely paying attention to yourself and to your energy and are aware of your expressed beliefs, you may be more clearly creating what you want, for you shall be aware of which beliefs you are engaging and which influences of those beliefs you are choosing.

Many times individuals may create what they want but in manners that they do not necessarily want entirely, for they are not genuinely aware of the influences of expressed beliefs that are involved. Therefore, they may be creating some elements of what they want and some of what they do not.

The more that you generate clarity in awareness of what type of energy you are projecting – for that is what influences what you create and what you draw to yourself – the more you may be generating more specifically in what you want and creating that.

PAM: If you have already created something that you don’t like, should you try to adjust it and undo it, or leave it alone and just trust the universe to work out the details?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the situation. If you are creating some expression that you do not like or that you do not want, you may move in a direction of generating other choices. But this may be somewhat tricky, for it is genuinely dependent upon the individual situation and what the individual is doing. For at times, it may be more efficient to acknowledge what you have created and to not attempt to do some action contrary to it that may ultimately merely reinforce what you have already created that you do not want, for it may be reinforcing your concentration upon that creation.

Therefore, as I have stated, it would be a matter of each situation. In offering a specific example, I may address to that example, but that may not be applicable to a different example. Are you understanding?

PAM: Yes. Justine also asks if she is consciously interactive with other focuses of her essence in this timeframe.

ELIAS: Other focuses of herself in this present time?

PAM: Yes.


PAM: Am I?

ELIAS: No. This is an action that occurs very infrequently. Generally speaking, focuses of the same essence are not interactive and generally do not objectively meet within the same time framework, for it is unnecessary, and it is not generally efficient in each focus’ exploration. Also, there is the potential to be disturbing or disrupting an individual’s identity if they are objectively meeting or interactive with another focus. This is the reason that it generally does not occur. It does occur occasionally, but quite infrequently.

PAM: I met someone who I thought might be another focus of my essence. Many years ago, in 1988, we spent about a week together in Michigan. Could you tell me if she was another focus of my essence, or just someone I had a lot in common with?

ELIAS: An individual that you incorporate many other focuses with and also incorporate counterpart action with. Therefore, there would be expressed a significant familiarity.

PAM: Shifting gears here, I have a question about enlightenment – realizing that we are all enlightened, that we are in the process of realizing that, remembering that, and being conscious that we are enlightened. The term “blending” keeps coming up in our group. Is that the state of remembering our enlightened state?

ELIAS: Partially, for it would be a movement into less separation, a recogn...

PAM: Is the blending that we’re talking about just the blending of our inner and outer selves?

ELIAS: Partially, but also in the realization of less separation, therefore a blending, so to speak, of yourselves not merely with yourselves but with each other and with all of your environment, all of your reality, not expressing such an extreme in separateness.

PAM: Not so isolated?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAM: With the recent book “The Da Vinci Code,” is the increased attention on Mary Magdalene and women’s roles in historical religion one of the manifestations of the Shift?

ELIAS: Partially. It is a type of by-product in shifting the dominant energy from the masculine to the feminine.

PAM: I’ve been reading some of the archives of your transcripts about pets and how they interact with us. Could you tell me a little bit more? When we have relationship with our pets and something tragic happens to the pet, how does that...? Could you give me more information about that? I’m having trouble getting past the trauma of losing a beloved pet.

ELIAS: Remember that although the creatures are quite reflective of each of you that they interact with, and although they are, in a manner of speaking, an extension of you for you have created them, they also generate their own choices. Generally speaking, the choices that they engage are associated with you, with your energy, what you are generating and your probabilities. But they also choose directions themselves.

Now; the disengagement of a creature may be expressed for many different reasons. Once again, this would be dependent upon the specific scenario, the specific creature and individual that it is interacting with.

You are posing questions in generalities. If you are attempting to understand specific situations and specific experiences that you or another individual have engaged, it would be more efficient...

PAM: Basically, my friend Dommique had a beloved pet, a dog that he had connected with more than most humans that he was in relationship with, and she was killed very tragically while he was nearby. All these years later, he is still in a place of anger that she left him. He’s very confused about the role that she played in his life. His relationship with other people and other animals usually has roots in this abbreviated, in his perspective, relationship with Andy.

ELIAS: Ah. This creature was created in this relationship for one purpose, so to speak.

Now; the individual drew this particular creature into reality specifically to offer one particular expression, which we have also been discussing in association with your question previously.

In this, this creature’s role with this individual was specifically to invoke genuine appreciation and to allow the individual a time framework to experience that genuine appreciation in companionship, which is tremendously significant. For were this creature to be expressing a message, hypothetically, to this individual, that would be the message: to be aware of the wonderment of appreciation and how that allows you to generate less separation, how that offers significant satisfaction, and how that generates an automatic appreciation of self, not merely the appreciation of the other manifestation.

Now; what is significant in this is that the message was received and was engaged with the creature, but has somewhat been forgotten or what you term to be lost in the loss of the creature. What has been translated is that the appreciation was credited to the creature rather than the individual himself. Rather than acknowledging his own expression of appreciation, the credit was expressed to the creature, as the creature being responsible for that appreciation or for generating that appreciation rather than the individual.

In this, at the creature’s disengagement, that was what was significantly lost – not the creature, but the expression and experience of the appreciation. For without the embodiment of the creature, which was perceived to be the embodiment of the appreciation, the appreciation was no longer being generated or perceived to have been snatched away.

The creature accomplished its action, or what you would term to be its purpose, to encourage that expression of appreciation. Therefore, in your terms, its action was completed. Its value fulfillment was completed. Therefore, its choice to...

PAM: Very good. I have a question for you from Velma. Velma says, “I have been in a service-oriented business for many years. For many years, I have noticed that I am becoming more impatient with people who have no idea what they are doing. Is this just job burn-out or the realization that most people can do more for themselves and are just refusing to?”

ELIAS: (Chuckles) You may express to this individual to be examining their truths. That is what is being expressed.

Each of you incorporate your own individual truths, as you are aware. These are beliefs that have been generated into absolutes and are very strongly influencing of your perceptions and what you create and how you interact. Without a clear awareness of your truths, it is much more challenging to be accepting of difference.

But especially in this time framework, this is a very significant action to be incorporating – acceptance of difference – and recognizing that your individual truths are generally associated in some manner with your preferences and that they are your individual guidelines of how you express and how you behave. But they are not true, and they are not necessarily applicable to other individuals, for other individuals may incorporate different truths which may be equally as strongly affecting of them and their behaviors and expressions, for they are THEIR guidelines.

This is the reason that this particular wave in consciousness addressing to truths is so very significant and very affecting. In this, as you may be aware, it is also generating a significant potential for polarization and extremes. This is the reason that it is important to be aware of what your individual truths are, acknowledging them that they serve you well as your guidelines but not to be projecting those guidelines to other individuals and therefore being unaccepting of differences and incorporating more of a potential to be expressing polarization and extremes.

This is a significantly volatile time framework. There is a tremendous acceleration in this Shift. There is a tremendous expression of energy, and this energy incorporates strength. Every individual within your physical reality in this time framework incorporates the ability to be tapping into collective energy very easily without intentionally attempting, and in that, there is tremendous potential to be generating extremes quite easily. You may view it throughout your world in mass expressions and in individual expressions – tremendous extremes, tremendous polarization.

The point is to be generating a balance, to avoid your own extremes and to be aware of your own truths, therefore liberating yourselves in not generating expectations of other individuals or judgments and allowing yourselves to be accepting of difference and simultaneously acknowledging your own preferences.

PAM: Let me ask you, please, about Justine’s and my paternal grandmother’s essence family. We think she probably was belonging to Sumari and aligning with Ilda. Is that correct?


PAM: Justine is really good at this! (Both laugh) Also, I would like to know if Hallys and I are counterparts.


PAM: Justine has a question asking if you can offer any explanation or direction for exploring the idea that she experiences lots of anger at certain times in her life in herself and to the others around her. She doesn’t have a specific example. Does this relate to the same issue of truths that you were talking about earlier?


PAM: Very good. That would probably explain anger in a lot of us.

ELIAS: At times, yes. Remember also, anger is an expression that is generated in moments in which the individual is experiencing an extreme in defensiveness, and views that they incorporate no choices.

PAM: With Hallys and Justine, Justine is wondering about the tension that they experience with one another and if you can put that into a framework to help them understand it better and work through it.

ELIAS: Be more specific.

PAM: When they are in physical proximity to one another, there’s a defensiveness that neither of them can explain. It’s not a conscious thing. It seems to be unconscious. They’re defensive with one another and perhaps feel threatened by one another. They both would like to work through it, but they’re not sure which direction to pursue.

ELIAS: There are different elements involved in this situation. First, I may express to both individuals that it is significant to be aware of themself and what they each themselves are generating, also what they each are reflecting to themselves with the other individual in any particular moment, and what they each hold in expectation of themselves – not necessarily of the other individual, but of themselves – in their interactions. Also, to be aware of their hesitations in their interactions, for those are the indicators of expressions that they are denying themselves in uncertainness in relation to the other individual. Also, I may express to them that they each incorporate somewhat of a bleed-through of another focus which was quite strongly adversarial.

Now; remember, bleed-throughs from other focuses are not creating your experiences. They are drawn specifically, for they reinforce what is being experienced and chosen in this focus. Therefore, they generate more of an intensity of the experiences now, for those experiences that are bleed-throughs are reinforcing the energy that is being expressed now.

But in that other focus, they incorporated opposite counterpart action, which generates a natural automatic repelling and an adversarial role with each other.

PAM: In our group, we have some questions about our counterpart relationships with one another. Could you tell us if Joanne has counterpart relationships within our group?

ELIAS: Yes. You all do.

PAM: Very interesting. I also have a question about Hallys’ recent interaction with Monica, a very intense and from one perspective a very negative experience. They are still in relationship with one another because of some responsibilities that they both want to fulfill. Could you give her an idea of some of the purpose behind this seemingly negative interaction that they had, and how she can learn from that through that experience and move on in a positive way?

ELIAS: This is another example of extremes.

PAM: Does another focus, a bleed-through, influence this?

ELIAS: Slightly; not significantly. It is more associated with now and with not generating a balance and creating extremes, and not paying attention to the energy that is being projected and received and not paying attention to the balancing.

PAM: Balancing in what way?

ELIAS: Of energy, but allowing the expression of extremes to emphasize extremes. Remember, within this wave you are not presenting your truths to yourselves intellectually; you are presenting them to yourselves experientially. Therefore, you experience your truths, and you may experience some of them in extremes.

PAM: Gets our attention, huh?

ELIAS: Quite significantly. (Both laugh)

PAM: And this is all part of the Shift?


PAM: In the recent elections, how did this facilitate the Shift? Or did it?

ELIAS: It is an objective example of what you are doing. It is an objective mass example of polarization and the affectingness of that polarization in the expressions of individuals holding to the absoluteness of their truths.

PAM: Thank you. Justine and my father, who has passed on, disengaged – you would know him as Frederick – we sensed that his essence has been around us more lately, intensely so at times. Is there a way that we can be sensitive to what he’s trying to communicate to us, or is it just simply for us to experience his support and attention? Is he trying to tell us something?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily an attempt to be expressing a message, so to speak, but more so an expression of supportiveness and encouragement. You may be allowing yourselves an openness to that energy and allow yourselves to be more interactive. As I have expressed, you are thinning these veils of separation and therefore are allowing for more of a direct interaction with individuals that have engaged the choice of death. There is much less separation, and that also is an action associated with this shift, as I have expressed many times.

PAM: It has just occurred to me, probably significantly so in this dimension in this timeframe, that this is the anniversary of his death today. That’s significant on this end. (Elias chuckles)

I believe that finishes up our questions. Do you have anything that you are drawn to share with us that you think we would benefit our experience in trying to facilitate the Shift from this end, that you think would help us?

ELIAS: I may express to all of you a tremendous encouragement in your interactions and in your movements. Remember to be expressing playfulness; incorporate games. (Static from phone line gets so loud that Elias pauses, nods and chuckles to himself, and waits for the static to die down a little, 47 seconds) Significant excitement in your group, is there not? Ha ha ha!

PAM: (Through the static) ...not able to hear you... (Elias chuckles) Elias?

ELIAS: You are generating considerable excitement, which is generating considerable interference! Ha ha ha! (Pause; 15 seconds of more static)

PAM: There’s a lot of static on the line, and we missed your entire answer just then! (Elias laughs; more static) It’s back. We still can’t... (Static grows louder as Elias nods and grins, and then it quiets down)

ELIAS: Very well, my friends! I shall leave you to be interactive with each other. Ha ha ha!

PAM: We missed your answer. We’ll have to... (Static increases again)

ELIAS: (Laughs) I express to you my affection and my supportiveness, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting. To you, my friends, in great fondness and lovingness, au revoir.

(Elias departs after 57 minutes.)

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