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Saturday, February 19, 2005

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ďCaring for a Creatureís IllnessĒ

ďRelax and Experience the AdventureĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Pamela (Pviette).

(Eliasí arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PAMELA: Good morning, Elias. Thank you, and Mary, for being with me this morning. Iíd like to speak with you about my kitty, Vicki, and her situation, her illness as sheís manifesting it, and as I manifest with her. I really need your help understanding my communications. I know it has to do with my forcing of energy and lack of balance in the last few months, and her reflecting it to me.

I came very close yesterday to making the choice to have her put to sleep, and I backed off from it after I got a little bit of information. Sheís doing better today. I feel like sheís not, or prior to this week, wasnít very aware that she had choices other than to reflect to me what Iím creating or to disengage. Weíve been talking together, she and I, that she does have other choices. Iím asking your help with this in understanding what sheís experiencing and wanting and prefers, because I donít want to make a choice that she doesnít prefer, although I donít think I could. I just need your help.

ELIAS: First of all, remember that the creatureís choice to reflect you is not bad, and it is not necessarily a limitation of choices. The creature understands its own choices and is choosing its preference, its preference being to be interactive with you and to be reflecting you, not that you incorporate fault, but that this is the choice and the preference of the creature. It is aware that it incorporates choices.

Creatures are unlike you in the respect that they are very aware of energy. They do interpret energy quite accurately and they communicate differently, for they do not incorporate beliefs and they do not incorporate emotion. Emotion is a subjective communication to the objective awareness. This is not to say that they do not incorporate feelings, but they do not incorporate emotion, for it is unnecessary, for they are aware of the objective and subjective as one. Therefore, there is no necessity for that avenue of communication.

In not incorporating beliefs, they are not influenced in the same manner that you are. Therefore, they are aware of their choices as being choices. In this, they are aware of intentionally directing themselves in the manner that they choose. I am understanding your concern, but recognize also that all that you engage, all that you create, all that you do within your reality is filtered through beliefs. Therefore, all that you perceive within your reality is also influenced by your beliefs, which is not bad, but that is your reality.

PAMELA: Correct. Iíve understood that, from what youíve said with other people and myself.

ELIAS: In that, your perception of your reality is different from the creatureís perception of reality.

PAMELA: Because itís not filtered through beliefs.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, the creature does not incorporate the elements of duplicity. The creature does not view reality in terms of good or bad or right or wrong. You do. But the creature does not. The creature perceives the reality merely in choices, and that no choice is right or wrong or good or bad.

PAMELA: But merely a choice.

ELIAS: Correct, and merely one of preference or not.

Now; their perception of preference is also different from your perception of preference, for in some capacity your preferences are influenced by what you perceive to be good or bad. The creature generates preferences in association with what is satisfying to them, what incorporates their curiosity and what generates satisfaction in conjunction with their choices. This creature expresses satisfaction in the choice to be reflecting you, for that satisfaction is generated in what you would term to be an intimate bond between you in energy and in interaction.

PAMELA: The other part of this discussion that I would like to have with you is about my energy and my balance, and you emphasized that with me last week. I know that with this new business, I am using and projecting my energy in very different ways, some of which are very satisfying and some of which are very unfamiliar to me. Coupled with that is the feeling of overwhelm Ė I talked about that, too Ė and the shoulds, I gotta be doing this to build it. I know this week Ė Iíve been realizing this for a while Ė but her illness has just made me say Iíve gotta find another way to do this. But as long as I donít know what that other way to do it is, I keep going back to Iíve got to utilize my time, so Iíve got to be doing these others things.

I know you reminded me last year of how I created this whole thing coming into my life. It was with ease and with the idea of allowing other choices, even though I didnít know what they are. But somehow, it was just a whole lot easier when I had the income stream still coming in from other sources. I could just relax and say okay, I donít know when itís going to happen, but Iím open to it. And every month as I siphon money off of savings, I feel this clamping of my energy and my restricting, because of my beliefs and fears.

ELIAS: In this, first of all, let us re-address once again to the factor of money. As we discussed previously, money may be generated in any manner. As you are aware, this has not generally been an issue with you of how to generate money.

PAMELA: Correct.

ELIAS: Now; what do you generate a savings for?

PAMELA: A feeling of freedom, in that I can do what I want to do. My income has pretty much kind of been paying the bills and never going beyond that. Any savings, to me, allows me to do all the extras, play with fixing up my house, which I love doing, having time off from working. Itís always been a sense of I can do whatever I want to do when I want to do it.

ELIAS: And it is also a safety net.

PAMELA: Correct.

ELIAS: For if you incorporate a time framework in which you are not generating money in the manner in which you are accustomed to, you incorporate this savings as your safety net.

PAMELA: Correct, which is what it has been the last few months.

ELIAS: Which is its purpose. You may at any time move in the direction of replenishing your savings futurely. It is not some manifestation that once it is gone, it shall be gone forever.

PAMELA: Correct. Itís just not been often that Iíve had a higher income stream. That savings has not come from my income stream. Thatís why itís been easy for me. Iíve generated that safety net from gifts, inheritances, and just enough to feel good, to feel the safety netís there. This is the first time thereís been a real active use of it.

ELIAS: But that is part of its purpose.

PAMELA: Correct. (Laughs)

ELIAS: And therefore, you are engaging it as part of its purpose. In that, allow yourself to relax and pace yourself, balance yourself. You are not destitute. You have efficiently provided for yourself with your safety net for this purpose.

PAMELA: Thank you for the reminder.

ELIAS: In that, allow yourself to relax. Acknowledge what you have already accomplished, as we discussed in our previous conversation. Acknowledge what you have already accomplished, this being one of those accomplishments, that you have created your safety net and now you are incorporating the use of that safety net, which is part of its purpose. That allows you more efficiently to pace yourself and to express that balance and not to be forcing energy, for you have already accomplished and you are generating movement. All of your movement needs not be expressed in one moment. This is an adventure. What is the point of generating an adventure if you do not experience the adventure? If you are generating a treasure hunt and there is no hunt, what is the fun?

PAMELA: And I do love treasure hunts, donít I?

ELIAS: Yes. But the hunt is the fun. The adventure is the fun. If you are moving immediately and presenting the outcome to yourself without the adventure, what is the interest for you? For your interest lies in the adventure.

PAMELA: Which makes me remind myself that part of my reason of getting into this is that it would allow me time Ė ha-ha-ha Ė which it has not up to now.

ELIAS: YOU have not allowed you time.

PAMELA: I have not allowed it, exactly! To enjoy the other things that I want to do, too, and yet Iíve got these glimmerings of potential developments in those areas. Iím thinking that my preference is to now make sure that I am expressing these different areas and allowing myself to enjoy the adventure in all of these areas, rather than just focusing on the one because I feel like I have to get it under my belt.

ELIAS: I am understanding. And in this, rather than moving your attention into the direction of what you are losing...

PAMELA: Losing, what do you mean?

ELIAS: Rather than directing your attention in directions of what you are losing, such as money or time, I suggest to you that you focus your attention more upon what you are gaining in allowances, in different areas of expression that you are incorporating in association with your new adventure, with your interactions and connections with other individuals, with the gaining of information in new manners, to be exploring in new manners and new expressions. Even your creativity is being expressed somewhat with your writing.

PAMELA: Yes. Iíve been finding a way to incorporate color in my advertising.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAMELA: Yes, because I know that is important to me.

ELIAS: Therefore, move your attention to what you are gaining, rather than what you are losing.

PAMELA: Thank you. The other point thatís really come home for me recently from your transcripts has been the idea of generalities and becoming more specific. Sometimes I feel that I have so many communications that Iím sharing with myself at one time and all the time. I love variety so Iím sending multiple communications to myself at all times. I imagine we all are. Iíve begun working with that idea of what I am expressing to myself specifically in this moment that I may then create that? But boy, that can really be a challenge. What tips can you give me to help me decipher...? Like Iíll have a body affectingness going on, and I know that thatís saying to me balance your energy, back off, and then Iíve got the imagery of Vickiís illness.

A lot of this imagery in the last six months Iíve identified as stopping myself from communicating. A phone broke Ė I could receive calls but I couldnít call out on it. Vickiís lost her meow ability; I love her speaking. I adopted another kitty who physically is supposedly able to meow but he doesnít. He has no need to speak verbally, but I miss it. There have been just multiple ways I have stopped my own communicating. What is that about? How can I better understand my communications specifically?

ELIAS: You are moving into an unfamiliar direction in this new adventure. You are accustomed to focusing your attention and your energy in productivity in singularity. You are accustomed to individual expression, and in this, you are engaging a new direction of more interaction, rather than production. Not that you are not continuing to produce, you are.

PAMELA: No, I know exactly what you are saying.

ELIAS: But in this, as you have been confident and familiar with the singularity of producing and your own individuality in that, it is unfamiliar and somewhat intimidating to be generating this new avenue of being more interactive. In that, there is an underlying question of the adequacy of your ability to be much more interactive and cooperative and less singular.

PAMELA: Because I havenít seen the results the way Iím used to seeing results when I work singularly. This is whatís unfamiliar, isnít it?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAMELA: They come about differently.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAMELA: So the creation is different.

ELIAS: In this, you may merely allow yourself to relax and incorporate this newness as an element of this adventure. It is different. You are producing differently. You are not producing any less efficiently or effectively, but you are producing in a different manner, and therefore the outcomes that you yield shall be expressed differently.

PAMELA: So I have been operating efficiently?


PAMELA: It comes back to trust of myself and my ability?

ELIAS: And allowance.

PAMELA: And not forcing.

ELIAS: This would be the key point.

PAMELA: Allowance?


PAMELA: How does that differ from the balance and the trust?

ELIAS: Trusting yourself is incorporating the lack of doubt, the knowing. Balance is quite influenced by allowance. Balance is being aware of what you are doing and not generating extremes. Allowance is relaxing your energy and generating an openness to WHATEVER you are creating, not restricting.

PAMELA: So when the fear comes in, whether itís about my kitty or about my finances, then boom! The restrictions and the limitations come in.

ELIAS: Correct. Whereas, if you are generating an understanding and an acceptance with your creature, you relax your energy, and that generates a different reflection.

PAMELA: Correct. So to get back to whatís best for her, obviously itís pay attention to myself. But in that regard, you know what I want to know. Is she ready to go? Does she want to go?

ELIAS: No, not yet.

PAMELA: We found a medication that looks like it might be helping her. She just seems so uncomfortable.

ELIAS: The more you worry, the more the creature shall reflect that energy. For although the creature does not incorporate the expression of worry per se, the more YOU incorporate the energy of worry in relation to her, the more she reflects that in a similar type of energy, which is more concern for you.

PAMELA: Iím starting to appreciate that something like a medication, which I previously would have been disdainful about, Iím appreciating that it can now be a tool. It really comes down to my allowance, whether Iím open to that tool.


PAMELA: In that regard, there are several tools that Iím recognizing are possible here with her, the medications, the hydrating, helping her with her diet. Are there any that are a preference to her, or is it merely what works for me as a tool?


PAMELA: So if theyíre all working for me, then theyíre all fine because that is all they are are tools?


PAMELA: Once again, my dear Ė my dear, dear, dear being and essence Ė you have just helped so much. Thank you for being with me and talking with me and listening to me and responding to me and loving me. I send all of it right back to you. Namaste.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my dear friend. I am always with you.

PAMELA: I know you are. Iíve been feeling it more and more, and Iím feeling that Iím starting to get a better handle on this. It grows day by day, this moving concept into reality. Our last two conversations have done so much to validate, confirm. In fact, sometimes Iíve laughed and thought when youíve said, ďYou are correct,Ē Iíve just thought is there anyone really on the other line or am I just talking with myself? (Elias laughs) And thatís what itís about, isnít it? Becoming so familiar and so comfortable and so trusting of ourselves, that we know.

ELIAS: That is the point.

PAMELA: But I still appreciate it when you say it to me, and youíre there for me. Thank you.

ELIAS: Ah, and THAT is the point of friendship. Ha ha!

PAMELA: Thank you, my dear friend.

ELIAS: To you, I am always available, and my energy is always with you.

PAMELA: And with Vicki, I know you are. And with Porter.

ELIAS: Yes. I express my affection to you and my encouragement. In great lovingness to you, my friend, au revoir.

PAMELA: Thank you, Elias.

Elias departs after 32 minutes.

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