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Monday, April 04, 2005

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ďEnergy FieldsĒ

ďRinging in the EarĒ

ďInterrupting Concentration on an Unwanted ManifestationĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Hernan.

(Eliasí arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

HERNAN: Good morning, Elias. Iím a little nervous. Itís my first time with this. You say everybody is shifting Ė this means Iím shifting also?


HERNAN: I know Iím changing. I know there are many, many aspects of me that are changing, but I donít know how I do this. You say there are no methods, but I think I use a method. I think itís a reflection about my life, about my situation. Is this the way itís done?

ELIAS: I may express to individuals that there is no necessity for methods, but that is not to say that you do not use methods. Most individuals do, for this allows them to understand what they are doing. It allows you to recognize different steps that you incorporate, and in the incorporation of method, you offer yourself a direction, and this may be quite deliberate. In this, you allow yourself to see your own progress and what you change. That is reinforcing and validating to you in recognizing your own abilities.

HERNAN: I see. And what about this emotion that arises? In those situations, I donít know, I speculate about this. Sometimes I think itís self-pity, because of my experiences in my youth, because... I donít know, sometimes I discover this self-pity. I think itís a recognition that there is something greater, this large part of me, this great part of me, this great thing that I am also, but I donít know. This moment, I think itís tension.

ELIAS: Partially, partially. What is the signal? What do you feel?

HERNAN: Itís not fair.

ELIAS: What is unfair?

HERNAN: No, I didnít mean fair; I meant fear. But I think itís not fear. Anxious... Well, Iím always sort of anxious, but I think itís tension, I think itís nervousness. Iím not quite aware what I am feeling now.

ELIAS: It may be partially somewhat overwhelming to be engaging conversation with myself individually. Many, many individuals interact with myself but perceive me to be an authority, but also in addition to perceiving myself as an authority beyond themselves, there is a genuine recognition and sense that individuals recognize with myself, my energy of my acceptance. At times, that acceptance emphasizes to the individual their own judgment of themselves, and that may be somewhat overwhelming.

It is an interesting experience to be confronted with an unlimited acceptance, which in a manner of speaking shines a bright light into those dark areas of yourself that you discount and that you do not view as acceptable. But those dark areas are merely the shadows that provide your depth and generate your own individual dimension of yourself. Without those dark areas, the bright areas would be dull. (Chuckles)

HERNAN: I see. Now, let me see if I can continue.

ELIAS: Very well.

HERNAN: I am not very aware of my essence name. I donít know why. Because I put a challenge for me, why (inaudible) in this life, to master the life in the common way, in the way we do it every day. I think itís possible. I am doing this. Iíd like to continue doing this. Maybe itís not so fancy but thatís okay with me.

Iím curious to know if this is a focus of mine. I dreamed of a girl, 30, black with a turban on her head, who appeared very close to me. Thatís the impression she gave me Ė a short thing, but very strong. Is she a focus of mine?


HERNAN: Oh, thatís fantastic! Thatís very good. Have you been in any way in contact with me?


HERNAN: The other day I was reading a novel. The hero, who is really an anti-hero, I felt a strong judgment of the him, and in the moment I did this, I felt the right side of my face go numb. It was you?


HERNAN: Oh my god! Thatís great. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I am continuously projecting energy to you. It is merely a matter of noticing. In this, I have at times projected an energy to gain your attention in certain moments merely to be noticing.

HERNAN: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall continue to do so.

HERNAN: I have been thinking about what my intent is. I have looked at all my life, my youth, everything. What I recognize is that Iíve been a leader. Iíve been in leadership in many situations, family situations, with my brother, in many situations. This leadership has always been challenging authority, or challenging things that must be done in another way, or things that I want to change, but generally I think of authority.


HERNAN: Thatís a kind of intent?

ELIAS: Yes, an exploration of the role of authority and how to manipulate that energy in different manners, how to be aware of generating this type of role automatically but also developing that role in your exploration of it, recognizing that it may be expressed in a different manner than merely instructing, but that it may be incorporated as a role to be nurturing and to be supportive and sharing, developing that automatic role of authority from that of instruction or guiding and protecting, into that of nurturing and sharing and supporting. For other individuals continue to look to you in that role, and that is not wrong and the role is not wrong, but in shifting, the experience and the action of the role changes. Therefore, you continue to explore this particular experience and this role of an authority, but as you continue shifting and widening your awareness, that also expands.

HERNAN: I have had a very good exercise in all this. Iím working on it. I know what you are talking about.

I had a very strange experience six months ago during a visit at the school of my brother. A person approached me speaking in English, which is a strange thing in Chile, and she was seeing a light over me and talking about angels and many things. For me it was very amazing. Then my brother, who is a psychiatrist, told me she is a crazy person. But I have read about what you say, and the way you put it is so strong to me, so perfect. The system is so powerful that I have heard what you say about this kind of disturbance, that we donít understand it and we call them sick or whatever. What was the case with this lady? Did she see something in her imagination or did she actually perceive something?

ELIAS: Actually perceived. In this, what she expressed was her interpretation of what she was viewing, her translation, which naturally is filtered through her beliefs, but she did actually view. What she viewed was your energy field, which is quite strong. In many time frameworks, your energy field is quite expansive.

Let me express to you, energy fields that individuals incorporate may be quite curious, for they are quite reflective of the individual and how the individual expresses themselves, how they perceive themselves, and that is expressed in the energy field that surrounds your physical being. Some individualsí energy field may appear to be quite thin or narrow, very closely held or tightly held around their physical form. Some individualsí energy fields are quite expansive, and it may extend a considerable width from the physical body outwardly.

Your energy field is produced by the energy generated from all of your energy centers. If all your energy centers are rotating in harmony with each other and if they are in alignment with each other, that produces a wider energy field surrounding the physical body. If the individual is generating more of an intensity or a heightened expression of those energy fields, that also may expand your energy field that surrounds your physical body.

It is similar to what you experience when you heighten your physical outer senses. You can heighten your physical outer senses, and they shall be sharpened. Your vision shall be clearer; your hearing shall be sharper; your taste shall be more enhanced. All of these outer senses may be developed to a sharpness and a heightened awareness. Your energy centers may also be sharpened and heightened, and that generates a greater energy field.

Some individuals naturally physically view energy fields. But if the individual that naturally views an energy field encounters another individual whose energy field is quite expansive, it gains their attention more so, for it is not generally an expression that individuals that naturally see energy fields usually view. Therefore, in its unusualness, it may prompt an individual to express to you that they view this. They may not necessarily understand what they are viewing or they may interpret it in a different manner such as an angel or a guide or some other energy, but what they are actually viewing, what this woman was actually viewing, was your energy field.

I may express to you that in our encounter in our group interaction, and now also, your energy field I would approximate to be expanding and extending from your physical body approximately two meters, which is quite expansive Ė a powerful energy.

HERNAN: I have always been like this?

ELIAS: I would express to you that it has fluctuated, but for the most part, I would express to you yes, it has been consistent.

HERNAN: I hear this high-pitched sound mostly in my left ear. They call it tinnitus. I have heard you say that there are two possibilities. One is that the brain can have different synapses, and the other is that Iím aging; Iím getting older. What is it in my case?

ELIAS: It is not associated with your age. It is associated with two actions. One is the opening of the neurological pathways to be allowing you to widen your awareness more and more, and another action that is occurring is, in this development of widening your awareness and opening these neurological pathways, you are also becoming more aware or less separated from other aspects of yourself, those that may not necessarily be manifest within this physical dimension.

You are a tremendously vast being. You are the vastness of consciousness, and there are many different attentions of you that occupy many different areas of consciousness and many other dimensions, many other realities. This manifestation that you recognize within your ear is an expression of less separation between yourself as this attention and your other attentions. That generates a disturbance in the vibrational quality, which you recognize with your audible sense.

HERNAN: Iím not sure if I want to be in touch with other focuses of me.

ELIAS: It is not necessary. It is merely a signal to you validating that you actually are this vast being. It is not an invitation to be investigating, and it is not necessary to incorporate any interest or curiosity concerning other aspects of yourself that are manifest in other realities. It is merely a signal allowing you to recognize that there are other aspects of yourself that are far-reaching and not merely limited to this one physical reality.

There are many individuals that do not generate a curiosity concerning other focuses or other physical realities or other areas of consciousness, and that is quite acceptable, for you are here.

HERNAN: (Laughs with Elias) Thatís it. Thatís where we are, youíre right. But what I want really is to know more and more of myself, and that is the way I want to do it.

ELIAS: And that is quite wise, my friend.

HERNAN: Thank you very much. About this, I think that my (inaudible) all the way.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

HERNAN: I know that (inaudible) and Iím very good at it. I put it this way, I motivate myself but...

ELIAS: In what capacity?

HERNAN: In a sexual capacity. But also I see it was an opportunity. I did this because I had this Catholic idea about sin and what you do with your sexuality. Now Iím seeing that maybe it was a good thing. But I donít want to do this anymore. I donít want to continue and end up with cancer or any other manifestation that needs surgery. No, I donít want this. I donít want to do this anymore. I donít know if I will be able to manage this. I donít know, either, what is my question! (Laughs)

ELIAS: And you are experiencing a fear and a doubt of your ability.

HERNAN: Yes, because I donít want to be exposed to this surgery again. I have a problem now with a hemorrhoid. Sometimes I think I will need another surgery. No, I donít want another surgery. I will work on it.

ELIAS: Let me express to you first of all, the concentration is important. If you are concentrating upon the manifestation and continuing to generate the fear, you reinforce that concentration. Therefore, what is significant and helpful is to interrupt that concentration and generate a different movement and direct your attention in other manners to not be reinforcing the fear and therefore not be creating the manifestation, and you do quite incorporate the ability to do this.

In this, remember what I discussed previously with the group of individuals. For in this, what was the most significant expression that was identified with most individuals? Opposing. The more you oppose what you do, the more you reinforce it. Therefore, the method in which you allow yourself to interrupt that is to recognize what you have created, to view what you have created and to allow yourself to relax with that. This is what you have already created; this is done. Questioning what you are continuing to do merely reinforces what you have already done and encourages you to repeat.

Whereas, if you are accepting of what you have already created and if you allow yourself not to fight with that, not to oppose that, but to generate some element of appreciation Ė for although you may have generated a physical manifestation and although you may have incorporated a physical method to eradicate or to alter that physical manifestation, you did accomplish. You may not be in agreement with the method and you may not have experienced that method in comfort, but you did accomplish, which is to be appreciated. You did create that. In that creation, you did incorporate a method to allow you to continue within your focus in a functioning manner, and that also is worthy of your appreciation.

Appreciation is a powerful expression, and it changes the energy that you express automatically and immediately. In that, it very successfully interrupts opposition. It is the most powerful expression to interrupt opposition.

In this, in the moments that you notice yourself slipping into that doubt and that tension, allow yourself to stop. Do not attempt to force away the doubt or that apprehension, but merely notice that this is what you are experiencing in this moment, this is what you are doing, and intentionally allow yourself to express one appreciation of yourself. It matters not what it is. It may be appreciating your choice of clothing in that moment; it matters not. But allow yourself to choose one expression of appreciation in that moment. That shall automatically and immediately interrupt that familiar doubt and apprehension.

I also shall express to you a suggestion, strongly suggest in this that you also, in the moments that you are experiencing this fear, as a further distraction incorporate the action of a small dance.

HERNAN: (Confused) Yes?

ELIAS: Dancing. (Demonstrates by bouncing and swaying around in the chair)

HERNAN: Okay! Thatís strange for me.

ELIAS: I am aware, but it shall be quite effective. You may incorporate this action for merely a few of your days, but I strongly suggest that you actually physically incorporate that action each time you are experiencing that fear, not merely doubt. But in the moments that you are experiencing fear, begin dancing merely for a moment.

I express to many individuals many different types of exercises, and in the moment as I offer the exercise to the individual, I am quite aware that they are viewing myself and they are thinking as to what I have suggested, and their automatic response, although they do not express it to myself in language, the automatic response is, ďThis is ridiculous. Why shall I incorporate this action, and what shall that possibly alter?Ē

But I am quite aware of each individualís energy and what shall actually affect with them, and in this, in each exercise that I offer to any individual, there are many actions that occur in that one action that they express. It interrupts your pattern. It distracts you. It amuses you. It alters your energy. It offers you information which allows you to become more aware of how frequently you experience fear or doubt or discount yourself, which merely the awareness of how frequently an individual incorporates those expressions is enough to break the circle of it.

In this, as the individual continues with the exercise, it becomes quite humorous and quite pleasurable, and although you may view yourself to be incorporating silliness initially, it also encourages you to relax and incorporate more playfulness and fun and less seriousness.

HERNAN: I like your exercise. Because I had this idea, and I know that a change of the activity can change the emotion.


HERNAN: As an exercise, you told somebody about how to stop your emotion, I donít remember but...

ELIAS: I am understanding. In weeping, that is a natural release of energy, but it also requires an intensity of tension. But if you are incorporating the action of breathing quite deeply, your physical body shall not allow you to continue to hold that tension. It is quite difficult. Perhaps in the incorporation of your exercise, your brother shall view you and express to you that you are crazy also! (Both laugh)

HERNAN: I enjoy being a little crazy. I like it.

ELIAS: Ah, yes! For it is playful.

HERNAN: I am not sleeping very well. I have a lot of problems with my back that is connected with my sleeping, I think. In order to sleep well, I think all of these things you are telling me are also in this direction, yes?

ELIAS: Yes, for it encourages you to relax and to not be holding that tension within your physical body consciousness. That tension is being generated by your discounting of yourself and your doubt of your abilities. In that continuous questioning of yourself, you generate tightness within your physical muscles. In tightening your muscles, you constrict your nervous system and that generates anxiousness, and in that, it may be quite disruptive of your sleep state.

It may also be beneficial temporarily to be incorporating a time framework, perhaps a short time framework within your day, to allow yourself to incorporate a nap, which also shall encourage you to relax, not to be doing, doing, doing, but that whatever you must be doing or you perceive you must be doing shall be accomplished, but it is not necessary to be pushing, pushing, pushing.

HERNAN: I am beginning to do this.

ELIAS: I am aware.

HERNAN: You are helping me a lot, because I feel guilty about these little short naps. But not anymore! I thank you very much, because my humor has been changed during this conversation. The emotion is always there, but thatís the way I am.

ELIAS: And that is your communication to yourself. Let me express to you, my friend, that sensitivity that you express is wondrous. That compassion that you express naturally and these emotional communications that you are expressing are genuinely expressions of appreciation. And I am aware.

HERNAN: But I am not a crocodile. They say in my country you cry like a crocodile, but I think they cry before they bite!

ELIAS: Which also contributes to the wideness of your energy field, that releasing of energy and that allowance and openness. It is quite attractive, my friend.

HERNAN: Thank you very much. We have only a few minutes, and I think I went through the things that were very important for me. For me, I think Iím (inaudible).

ELIAS: You are a wondrous individual, my friend. I hold great affection for you, and I value our new friendship. I anticipate our next meeting, and perhaps you shall appreciate and value yourself your tremendous sensitivity. It is a wondrous expression. In great friendship, in new friendship, and in tremendous fondness to you, au revoir.

HERNAN: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 52 minutes.

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