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Saturday, April 16, 2005

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ďAllow Yourself to Relax, Have Fun, and Not Force EnergyĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Letty (Castille), Marcos (Marta), Danny (Tea) and Walter (Ballina).

(Eliasí arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LETTY: Good morning, Elias! Welcome to Arizona.

ELIAS: Ah, very well!

LETTY: Yes. I have you on the speakerphone, too. Martaís here...

ELIAS: Greetings!

LETTY: ...and my two brothers; I forgot their essence names.

ELIAS: Greetings!

LETTY: Greetings to everybody. Iím going to start, Elias, with I know that you know whatís going on. A little bit, is it that overall whatever the individual questions, it comes down to the same thing? That I am very clear on, like my intensified menopause systems, more discounting of myself, my computer problems. I brought on allergies and sinuses. I think my breathing problem is okay, but Iíve had various colds this season. So, my impression is that my attention is outside of myself...


LETTY: ...and that I am concerned with the future instead of the now.

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: I need your help in trying to understand what it is within that in general. I understand my belief systems, so I am pretty clear, I think, and then I go to another step of the motivation for aligning with these belief systems. A lot of it is the insecurity that I give myself, which is part of my discounting. Quinian and I are trying to share that appreciation. Itís really not working, and I think we are trying to do it part time is my impression. Trying to create the real estate that weíre doing, and Iím thinking about getting a job Ė itís like I feel scattered.

ELIAS: And you are overwhelming yourself.

LETTY: Oh yes.

ELIAS: You are not allowing yourself to focus your attention and allowing yourself to clearly move in a particular direction. You are incorporating many directions simultaneously and generating much less clarity. In that, you are also scattering yourself to a point in which you are not allowing yourself to accomplish easily in any direction. In overwhelming yourself, you are somewhat immobilizing yourself, also.

LETTY: I want to say that part of that is Iím having a difficult time, a challenge, to get that communication to myself, to understand that communication to myself of what I genuinely want. I think I want to go in a direction, and then I doubt myself. Then I change to the other direction, and I doubt myself. Thatís what causes the whole overwhelmingness.

ELIAS: Correct. But in that, you are also projecting your attention futurely and outside of yourself, which does not allow you to relax and genuinely listen to yourself. It does not allow you to pay attention in moments in which you may be experiencing some hesitation, which is a communication to yourself.

You are pushing your energy, and in that, you are also opposing yourself many times in that scatteredness, which also generates a contribution to that overwhelming experience. Allow yourself to relax and not be forcing energy and not be incorporating such seriousness. You have forgotten your fun, Castille.

LETTY: Can I say also that many times Quinian and I kind of reflect each other, so we add to that energy.


LETTY: We get serious.


LETTY: So can you help me in trying to define, so that I can relax?

ELIAS: You are generating many expectations of yourself of unfamiliar expressions. You are generating strong expectations of yourself to be efficient, to be a good wife, to be a good partner, to be responsible, to be sharing in all of your directions. What you are not remembering is that what the most significant action for you is to be present with yourself in the now and to pay attention to what you are doing, to stop forcing your energy and to start paying attention to you. Not to be expressing these expectations of yourself of what you should be, and comparing yourself to this conceptual model of yourself that is the ideal Ė the most efficient, the most cooperative, the most responsible, the most caring and the most caring FOR Ė rather than expressing that gentleness with you.

LETTY: Yes. I want to remember my friend Rosarioís bunny rabbit once in while.

ELIAS: Yes. That may be a helpful visualization for you also, for it is a matter of stopping that forcing of energy and allowing yourself to remind yourself to be expressing that gentleness with yourself. You would not be forcing of an infant, would you?


ELIAS: Then perhaps rather than the imagery of the bunny, perhaps you may incorporate your own visualization of holding and being gentle with an infant, and remind yourself that the infant that you are holding is you.

You have been very busy. You have been very busy caring for your partner and very busy in managing all of these tasks that you perceive need to be accomplished. It is not a matter of need. It is a matter of want, and all of these tasks that you present to yourself shall be accomplished much more efficiently and much more quickly if you are allowing yourself to relax, rather than continuously opposing and forcing energy.

LETTY: Is this something that Quinian would also benefit from?

ELIAS: Yes. But I am directly expressing to you in this now in association with your busy-ness and your pushing of yourself to go, go, go, go, go. In all of your going and all of your busy-ness, you are incorporating considerable time frameworks in which you are actually not accomplishing, for you are immobilizing yourself. You are merely busy surfacely.

Perhaps were you to allow yourself to relax and to be more present with yourself in the now, you would recognize that you incorporate much more time that you have recently perceived and you shall be much less anxious and therefore generate much less physical manifestations to be gaining your attention.

LETTY: So would this help? One of the big issues that has put me in this position, besides the future thinking, is the big belief system in our culture of money. I havenít been what I consider generating, and yet I recognize that I feel comfortable because I have made what we have. In the moment I see that I need nothing.

ELIAS: THAT is very significant. That is significant in allowing you to be gentle with yourself and appreciate what you have already accomplished and what you already have, rather than continuously striving for more or to satisfy these expectations that you incorporate with yourself.

I may express to you quite literally, regardless of what you do, you shall not be satisfying of those expectations. For as you continue to move in this direction, you merely reinforce them. Therefore, no matter what you accomplish, the expectation grows. It expands. Once you have allowed yourself to accomplish in one direction, the expectation shall merely expand into another direction in which you shall continue to discount yourself. This is the trap of expectations.

The key is to interrupt them Ė to not continue to focus your attention upon them and not to continue expressing them Ė but to allow yourself a free flow of energy and allow yourself to effortlessly generate what you want. You are not engaging a race.

LETTY: We went into this real estate venture with a lot of excitement, and I think the expectations of getting immediate results or results in a very short time period started my anxiousness...


LETTY: ...started moving me to do other things. I think thatís the point. I still feel that is a way that I want to move into, yet somehow, maybe with the expectations of wanting it sooner, I found myself with the challenge of a mass belief system that you need a job, you need stability, you need continuous generating of a monthly paycheck to be able to get a loan to be able to do what we want to do, instead of allowing ourselves to create it, that belief system.


LETTY: So in a realization not to push it, weíre not going to put ourselves in a position that we really donít want, if I am genuinely true to myself.

ELIAS: Yes Ė and remember your playfulness.

LETTY: Yes, I think I have forgotten that for a while now.

ELIAS: A considerable time framework! (Chuckles)

LETTY: Yes. I know, Elias. I think that helps me. I hope it helps Quinian, but again thatís his responsibility.

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: I do know everything you said, and I really do recognize that I had forgotten myself. I need to put myself in a place where I was looking at myself in the now.


LETTY: I always start doing that when I know that I am going to talk to you. I need to talk to you more often!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And perhaps if we are communicating and engaging conversation, you may remember to relax more frequently AND generate merely a conversation in friendship rather than drama and conflict.

LETTY: Very true. I have a quick question about our dog, Sammy. He doesnít get sick, but occasionally he throws up. My impression is that it has to do with the energy of either Quinian or me, or a combination.

ELIAS: A combination of tension and forcing energy. Creatures are quite sensitive to energy, as you are aware, and they are excellent reflectors.

LETTY: I have some dreams that I really... It all comes down to the same thing. If there is some time, I will ask you later, but I want to pass you on to Marta, and then I think maybe one of my brothers may have a question or two.

ELIAS: Very well.

LETTY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MARCOS: Hello, my friend.

ELIAS: Hello, my friend!

MARCOS: Itís been, I think, just over a year since the last time we talked objectively, but I know and you know that lately weíve been going at it pretty well every day. (Elias chuckles) I want to thank you for your presence and your energy.

Thereís two questions I want to ask, Elias, one very quickly for me and then if you allow me to, I would like to ask a collective question because itís the first time the three brothers have been together with you in this sense, and something is formulating inside of me that I think may reflect on it. Is that okay?

ELIAS: Very well.

MARCOS: Just for me, quickly, I know that particularly in the last week thereís been a tremendous change that I think has flowered over the last three years, going back to when I left my job and I started perhaps pushing a little bit but really believing that you can have the economic and financial freedom without having to have a job. You and I have talked about that.


MARCOS: Iíve known it in an intellectual sense, but I think Iíve never really believed it over the last three years, and Iíve been pushing energy in different directions as well. I think it came together over the last few days. As I was driving to my doctorís appointment Ė I know I was talking to you Ė something clicked there, Elias. Perhaps maybe what I am doing is looking for a little validation. But I know that, because I feel a lot more comfortable whether Iím losing $30,000 in the stock market or something else didnít happen. Itís like Iím on the outside looking into me, and I feel very calm. I now know something that I used to know on a different level but now Iíve internalized it. Is that clear?

ELIAS: Yes. You are correct. And what do you identify that you are generating in this knowing more clearly now?

MARCOS: Itís funny, but itís not in my mind. Itís not an intellectual energy. Itís something that comes from within. Thatís the best way I can describe it.


MARCOS: Itís just coming slowly, very effortlessly, very lovingly from within, saying relax and donít worry about it.

ELIAS: Yes. What you are beginning to generate is cooperation.

MARCOS: Iím sorry, what was that last word, Elias?

ELIAS: Cooperation. You are allowing yourself to cooperate with you and that generates an automatic by-product of cooperating with all other energies around you, which allows you to accomplish effortlessly.

MARCOS: Are you referring to other energies that are mine or that are around me, I mean in a sense, of course, not coming directly from me?

ELIAS: Other energies that are not yours, such as your stock market.

MARCOS: Okay, I understand that. I understand it perfectly. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MARCOS: I think the key for me at this point is that there have been times when I kind of felt that, and then for whatever reasons I donít follow through or I donít follow up or continue with that and I get sidetracked with the same things you were telling Letty, the same things youíve been telling me for years.


MARCOS: Thereís expectations, whether itís worry, whether itís the must-do, the responsibilities, etcetera, etcetera, and now itís a whole different mindset, in a way. Now I understand the cooperation. Itís just coming to me that from within itís like I told Isabel, when things start to get really, really heady and problematic, I just say fuck it. I just say fuck it and forget about it. I think if you add some of that laughter and fun and sort of devil-may-care attitude, it really does take you to a different place.

ELIAS: Yes, and very much does alter your reality and interrupts that seriousness, and changes the energy that you are projecting, which changes what you create.

MARCOS: Itís on the spot, in the moment...


MARCOS: ...and it gives you the power to do that. Sometimes itís so powerful that itís scary. Weíre not used to that.

ELIAS: (Laughs) But that is the point, allowing yourself to become accustomed to that.

MARCOS: Let me ask you something from a brotherly standpoint, in a way. Iím not trying to put words in their mouths, but I think itís a feeling, an energy that weíve all had because of this belief that we grew up with, etcetera, etcetera, that we must struggle, we must work hard to be able to play a little bit and things like that. I know that I am trying to prove to myself that thatís not the only way to do that, that there are easier ways to do that. Can you address this issue thatís going for us as far as getting, I was going to say ďout from underĒ this belief, or accepting this belief that this is the way, you know, in a collective sense... I know you understand me; Iím not verbalizing it as clearly as I want to. But thereís this energy among the three of us that has been around, and sometimes itís incredibly, incredibly powerful, incredibly good, and then we go our own ways and weíre back sort of in the rut.

ELIAS: I understand. In this in actuality, creating what you want efficiently would be accomplished much more efficiently in the reverse of what you have expressed. I am aware of the mass belief that you must be generating hard work and tremendous effort, and that if you incorporate that action, you shall yield successfulness and accomplishment and that shall afford you a small portion and time framework in which you may thusly allow yourself to play. But what is the genuine satisfaction in that? In that type of direction, you become so very familiar and accustomed to forcing yourselves and to the acquiescing to your own expectations that you do not actually afford yourself genuine fun. You do not afford yourself genuine appreciation, for you are too busy being productive.

There are many, many, many manners in which you may be productive, not all of which are what you consider to be work. In this, you may generate money in ANY action. Money is likely one of your easiest manifestations to create. You merely complicate how you create it in association with your beliefs that it may only be generated in association with certain actions that require work Ė which may be a strongly expressed belief, but it is not true.

I may express to you that you may generate the creation of money much more easily, much more quickly, much more efficiently and in greater volume if you are allowing yourselves to generate an action that is in keeping with your preferences and that you do not perceive to be work. For if you are incorporating actions that you prefer and that are fun, you produce much more efficiently and you generate satisfaction with what you produce, and you do not deny yourselves the expressions of appreciation and the allowance of yourselves to relax, rather than continuously pushing your energy and exhausting yourselves. As I have expressed many times, appreciation is your greatest and most powerful expression. It in itself can alter tremendous expressions and manifestations within your reality.

The key to generating successfulness, in whatever you chose and whatever direction you incorporate, is to allow yourself to generate the action of cooperation and sharing. In conjunction with appreciation, that projects an energy that attracts other energies to you to produce the successfulness that you want. It is much more easily accomplished than you think, if you are not complicating with many established methods and shoulds and expectations and musts and needs.

A need is some perceived aspect of your reality that you do not incorporate and that you must acquire. Therefore, a need is defined by lack, and I have expressed, you create what you concentrate upon. If you concentrate upon lack, that is what you shall create. If you are continuously concentrating upon what you do not incorporate or what you must acquire, you are continuously striving. In that striving, you are discounting yourself, for you are not acknowledging what you HAVE accomplished, what you ARE accomplishing, what you ARE doing and what you ARE, period.

MARCOS: That sounds pretty good, Elias. (Elias laughs) And I tell you right now, it feels so good. I havenít felt this good, in the last few days, since we talked about this during the best days in my old job, when I was traveling and doing things. Itís the same energy. You told me to create the same energy, and I couldnít. I tried, and I think I was just pushing. I tried hard. All of a sudden, this feeling is that same energy.

ELIAS: Trying is another trap. Trying is merely an expression of discounting yourself. For if you are trying, you are expressing to yourself already that you cannot accomplish, that you do not incorporate the ability to accomplish. Trying is a discounting trap.

It is not a matter of trying. It is a matter of allowing and doing, and paying attention to what you ARE doing, and noticing. Therefore in that awareness, if what you are doing is not yielding what you want, you may engage other choices. But if you are not paying attention to what you are doing, how may you offer yourself other choices? This is the significance of being aware and genuinely paying attention to what you are doing and what you are projecting in energy Ė or what you are NOT doing, which is also doing. (Chuckles)

MARCOS: Thatís very good. Thatís exactly right.

ELIAS: In this, I shall offer a suggestion to you all in this day, to remind yourselves of your appreciation, to remind yourselves of cooperation and sharing, and to remind yourselves of fun and how easy fun is. My suggestion is that as you are incorporating each otherís company in this day, generate a party.

MARCOS: You are very welcome to join us.

ELIAS: And so I shall! (Laughs) I very much enjoy parties!

MARCOS: Okay, Elias, thatís it for me. Iím going to turn it over to someone else. But again, as always, thank you so much. I want to sit down with you objectively and drink a bottle of wine or whiskey or whatever your pleasure is, my friend. (Elias laughs) So thank you so much, and it was wonderful speaking with you again.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my dear friend. (Chuckles)

MARCOS: Here is Danny; I donít have his essence name. Here he is.

DANNY:: Hello, Elias.

ELIAS: Greetings!

DANNY:: One question. You have mentioned relaxing before, the conversation. I think Iím going to need some help with that. I donít quite understand.

ELIAS: Relaxing is a significant action which many individuals are very unaccustomed to. Many individuals incorporate the idea of relaxing as quite foreign, for they perceive themselves to be generating the action of relaxing already, and they are actually not. For, the incorporation of tension is so very familiar that you do not even notice. You do not even notice your own body consciousness and how frequently you incorporate tension and holding to your own energy. You do not notice your own hesitations and the limitations that you express with yourselves, for they are so very familiar they have become automatic and they are unseen.

I may express to you that were you to incorporate merely one day of paying attention to your physical body consciousness Ė to all of the responses of your physical muscles and bones, how you hold your energy, how you project yourself in stature, how often your teeth clasp together, how often your breathing becomes shallow, how often your shoulders incorporate a tightness Ė which you generally are unaware of, you may be quite surprised. Your physical body is a tremendous reflector of the energy you are projecting and whether you are holding to your energy or whether you are relaxing and allowing your energy to flow freely. There are other indicators of how you are projecting your energy, but this also requires paying attention genuinely to what you are actually doing.

I may express to you, I offered a similar exercise to Castille, for one day to pay attention to every action that was incorporated. Did I not, Castille?

LETTY: You did.

ELIAS: And in one day was there not a tremendous awareness and surprise and enlightenment as to what you actually do and what motivates you?

LETTY: Yes. Very, very true.

ELIAS: One day of incorporating this type of awareness in association with your energy and paying attention to what you do in every action, regardless of how mundane or simple or insignificant it may appear, may be quite enlightening and offer you tremendous information. For I may express to you quite genuinely, for the most part you function as a co-pilot. There is no actual pilot flying the plane. You are in the position of the co-pilot. You allow your plane to be steered in many directions in association with other individualís expectations and desires and wants and with your own acquiescing to the choices of other individuals.

For the most part, you are not objectively aware of intentionally directing yourselves, and this is the reason that you create many scenarios, many situations, many experiences that are uncomfortable or confusing or conflicting. It is also the reason that many times you are clouded and confused as to what you actually want. You are unaware of what your preferences are, for you incorporate such a volume of time in which you are not paying attention to yourself that you are not even aware of what you genuinely prefer and how you genuinely want to express your own freedom. You merely incorporate a vague idea of the term of ďfreedomĒ and do not genuinely understand how that is actually defined or what that actually means and what your true liberation is.

Therefore, it is very significant to be allowing yourself to relax. As you become more familiar with your physical body consciousness and how automatically it holds tension, you shall also begin to become more familiar with your own energy and listening to yourself and allowing yourself.

Hesitation is another very familiar expression, so much so that it also passes unnoticed for the most part. It may generate a quick twinge, but it is also quickly ignored. Hesitation is another indicator of holding to your energy and restricting yourself and your energy. That is a significant expression to pay attention to and notice how often you express it.

DANNY:: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

DANNY:: I think I understand a little of this exercise, and I will put it to practice very soon.

ELIAS: Very well! I shall be encouraging of you, and I shall offer my energy to you in encouragement.

DANNY:: Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

LETTY: Okay, Elias. Itís me, back. (Elias laughs) I have a quick question for my friend Virginia, if we have a couple of minutes. She wants to know what her connection is to that house that she desires so much.

ELIAS: You may express to your friend that if she is paying attention, she may be noticing that the energy deposits in that location are very familiar. There have been energy deposits in that physical location of other individuals that she has not incorporated an objective interaction with in this focus but has in many other focuses, and that generates a familiarity with the dwelling. It also resonates with her energy quite strongly. That is that draw.

LETTY: Is her energy deposit there, too, as well as the others?

ELIAS: Some.

LETTY: Can you give us my brotherís essence name? Danny, the one you spoke to?

ELIAS: And this may be accessed through Michael, may it not?

LETTY: Yes, I believe so. I think I remember that I did get it.


LETTY: Any last words of wisdom?

ELIAS: To be incorporating your fun and generating your party. (Laughs)

LETTY: See you there!

ELIAS: I, as always, offer to all of you supportiveness, a playful energy and tremendous encouragement in your adventures. Remember, cooperation and sharing, not opposition. To you each I express great affection, and in genuine loving friendship, au revoir.

LETTY: Au revoir, my dear friend.

Elias departs after 50 minutes.

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