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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

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ďI Just Love These Challenges!Ē

Participants: Mary (Michael), KC (Nanaiis), and Katherine (Claire).

(Eliasí arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day!

KC: Oh hello, Elias! How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

KC: Iím as always also, thank you very much! (Elias laughs) We have a friend here today, my friend Katherine/Claire.

ELIAS: Welcome.

KC: She might talk to you for a few minutes, later on.

ELIAS: Very well.

KC: Katherine, are you there?


ELIAS: Welcome!

KC: I thought I would try today to just stay in the now after my first little opening questions about some friends of mine, and see what happens because I donít have a list of questions again. That seemed to work okay in the past. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Very well!

KC: I am wondering if my little twin grandson, Ben, is Vold belonging?


KC: I guess that was an impression, but I also tried to figure that out by looking at his behavior because I couldnít really get an impression on his belonging. He is Ilda aligned, and I noticed something about his behavior and I want you to tell me if this is the Vold thing. When his brother David falls down and hurts his knees and stands up and cries and wants a hug, then Ben comes over and he cries and wants a hug, too. I noticed that with Ben, he has a lot of the empathic sense in him, and he seems to have a lot of compassion and true understanding of other people. That is what made me think that he was Vold belonging. Is that an accurate assessment of the Vold?


KC: Ah ha! And I think that his essence name... I donít know what to do with these essence name things, but I think his essence name might be Remen, R-E-M-E-N (RAY men).

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: Is it the same Remen as the Benny in Germany?


KC: Oh, itís a different one! But thatís his essence name, too.


KC: That was a trigger for me to get his essence name. I think Davidís essence name might be something like Colleen or Constantine, the two letters of C-O in the beginning of it and the ďeenĒ sound on the end.

ELIAS: Yes, similar. Conradine, C-O-N-R-A-D-I-N-E (CON reh deen).

KC: Oh my goodness, how do we do these things? Because Iíd never done the essence name thing before, really. But when I asked how many focuses they have, I know how to do that. You canít figure that out. You just have to let that come to you. I thought, well, that must be the same way with essence names. You just ask the question and then you let it come to you, and thatís what came to me. (Elias laughs) Now, I havenít asked you their colors yet because I havenít asked myself their colors yet, but Iím kind of saving colors for dessert. Iím getting all the information about them! Iím so proud of myself! (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: Congratulations!

KC: Thank you. You know my new kitty that I configure Marniaís energy into sometimes? I woke up one morning and the kitty was there looking at me, and I said to the kitty, ďGood morning, grandmother!Ē Right away I thought that Khadija probably has a grandmother relationship with me, where sheís my grandmother.


KC: Is that focus in Egypt, where I was the chubby little girl with the ducks sitting by the lake, and Khadija is my grandmother?


KC: Is that 17th century or is that current?

ELIAS: Slightly earlier.

KC: And is Ricarro my grandfather in that focus?


KC: This is funny, because you told me, I think, and I didnít look it up, that Marnia and Ricarro share 64 focuses in this dimension. That was at the time the question was asked. I knew I shared a lot of their focuses, so I asked for me in another session and you said that the three of us share 64 focuses.


KC: Now, because Axel is saying 61 and then weíre saying 46, we have three numbers. I wrote to him that maybe those are three different probabilities, where in one we share 46, one 61, and one 64.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: Oh! Thatís easy! See, we can be right all the time! (Both laugh) Also, his focus in Alaska in the 17th century where he has many, many little round-faced children, am I one of those children?


KC: Oh, papa Axel! This is really fun. (Elias laughs) My friend Lena, sheís here today, too, but sheís not going to be talking to you. I asked her if it would be okay if I asked for her essence name and her colors and her families and such, and she said that would be fine. So, can you tell me her essence name? Or wait, maybe I should try to get it myself. (Pause) All Iím getting is a green color.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: Her essence name could be... Youíve got to give me a minute. Is there a ďdayĒ in it?


KC: Okay, I give up! Iím going to be guessing because Iím not relaxed at all. But I know I can still get it when Iím not relaxed. Wait, donít tell me! (Elias laughs loudly) I donít know. Iím so new at this; I hate to take up time with it. Go ahead and tell me. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Mailfiele, M-A-I-L-F-I-E-L-E (MALE feel).

KC: Thatís fascinating. Whoa! Sounds like sheís fragmented from lots and lots and lots of essences to me. (Elias laughs) And then her colors. I thought her colors were something like lilac and peach, but whatís that green color I saw when I asked myself what her essence name was? Is that because she belongs to the Ilda Family?

ELIAS: No, that would be the signature color.

KC: Then is lilac her focus color?


KC: So the peach and the red, those are just her favorite colors.


KC: Her families, I wrote down Milumet and Tumold.

ELIAS: Reverse.

KC: Then I asked myself about orientation and focus and designated focus, and I was really stumped with her. I was hoping it would come to me while I was on the phone with you. I donít think she is common/emotional. Is that correct or not?

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: I donít think sheís soft, so is she intermediate?


KC: And is she a religious focus?

ELIAS: Political.

KC: At least I recognized she wasnít emotional and common. Her designated focus, I think sheís a final focus.

ELIAS: Continuing.

KC: I really couldnít tell. Axel sent me a picture of a Japanese baby. When I opened up the picture in my email and looked at it, I connected it with Ricarro and Marnia and Nanaiis, and I wondered if that baby was a fragmentation of those three essences.


KC: (Gasps) Oh, Elias! That is really too much to bear! Thatís wonderful! (Elias laughs) Tell me how we know these things.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) For you merely know. The information is available to you. It is merely a matter of paying attention and listening to your impressions.

KC: It just seems too good to be true. And, you know what, your mother always told you about that. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: This is the point of not complicating, and recognizing the simplicity of actually paying attention and listening to yourself.

KC: That is becoming more interesting since I gave it a try. I was telling my friend Katherine the other day that before I recognized what it was like to stay in the now, because Iíd never been there before, I would go to the now and I would say Iím sitting here drinking water, the table is brown, the now is really boring. (Both laugh) I didnít know what to pay attention to in the now. So, wow, what a difference between me then and me now! (Elias laughs) I like it.

Axel asked me to ask you a question. He is now translating his interactions with Khadija into words. Heís translating her energy and actually talking with her, and sheís replying to him. His question is, is that an accurate impression and is he accurately translating Khadijaís words?


KC: I knew he would be, and he knew that, too, really. Thatís the same thing that I did, that I donít do... We still do it, but Iím not concentrating on it that much, when the babies were born and I was energy-talking with them.


KC: Thatís the same thing. I talk with Khadija all the time, too, and I talk to you all the time, too. You talk back, too, donít you?


KC: Last week, my girlfriend Katherine came out from California, Claire, the famous movie star, and before she came, my energy was just bubbling over. My hose sprung a leak out in the yard, and I sprayed the entire living room without realizing that the window was open and the water was going into my living room. I had water everywhere. I went through three coffee pots Ė they all leaked and I had to return them and get a new one, and there were a few other things. My computer said that I was not on the ĎNet but I really was on the ĎNet, and my telephone answering machine turned itself on by itself. I thought, I know what this is. I am so bubbling over with energy because Katherineís coming that itís just leaking out everywhere. (Both laugh) Was that it?

ELIAS: Yes, and allowing yourself to actually view and experience how powerful your energy can be in creating many different manifestations that you are not actually physically engaging.

KC: Yes! I thought about it especially with the coffee pot, because my coffee pot didnít work and I had to go get another one, and it leaked out all over the place. I knew it was me, but I thought Iím taking the coffee pot back anyway; I donít like this one. I got another one, and it leaked all over the place. Itís still in my car, but in the meantime I went and bought another one, and finally I read the directions. I thought maybe I should read these directions. (Elias laughs) Well, yes, it might leak if you do this and that and the other thing, which, of course, I had been doing because I wanted the imagery of my energy level bubbling over. (Both laugh)

So, Katherineís here, and sheíll probably talk to you a little bit later. I donít know when, maybe sheíll just break in when she feels like it.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well!

KC: I really donít have any more questions, so now Iíd like to talk to you about some of the things that have been happening and what gets triggered in myself when I pay attention to whatís happening. One of the first things is Marjís session from last November, when she went to visit Sharon in Las Vegas and they had the cat imagery, the Siegfeld and Roy cat imagery. You talked about the relationship that they had with the cats and how that was thinning the veils of separation with anybody that interacts with the cats, and how they can feel the cats as an extension of themselves. Right away, when I read things like that, I think about the new brain pathways that weíre all making or opening up. Is that one of the things that the new brain pathways allow us to access easier and create, the thinning of these veils?


KC: Her session was wonderful. Does Sharon really have a spirit cat in her house?


KC: You know, with Sharon, how dynamic she is and how dynamic her energy is. We were just talking on the ĎNet, and it was fairly nonchalant about Las Vegas. My auntís husband disappeared there, and then her cat blinks in and out there, and she was saying that maybe there was a connection or maybe not. I said that I felt the connection and the connection was that there was a great big wide vortex in Las Vegas and that we were going to call it Camdenharon, which is Camden-Sharon put together in a different way. I was just being silly. Then she came back and talked about how her name was Camdon with an ďoĒ and how sheís changed it to ďeĒ and what that experience was. She said yes, there used to be a vortex there Ė I donít know how weíre defining vortex. I donít think we have to define it right now for this conversation, because we know that we create energy deposits and these would be our creations at the time.

But thatís part of the beauty of sharing information, even in silliness, with people and then finding out you were absolutely tuning in on a real thing, a real impression that was created by another individual focus of an essence.

ELIAS: Yes, and that provides you with your validation of the reality.

KC: Iíve been getting an awful lot of validations lately, Elias. I have. (Elias laughs) Iíve been trying to stay present with myself like you suggested, no matter where Iím projecting my attention, and just trying to be present with myself and keep the now in my sights, too. Thatís been a little bit tricky because Iím paying attention to it in a different way. Not that I havenít done it before, because I have, and thatís really helping me get all these validations. Iím having a suspicion that these validations were there already. Now that Iím paying attention to them, theyíre easily brought into focus.


KC: Another thing was Anji. I cannot suppress my joyfulness at every moment Anji and I share this dimension because she is just so delightful to me. She is such a bean-spiller. Iím afraid that I tease her a lot, and Iím afraid that sometimes she doesnít like it, but I canít help myself because itís okay. She was talking about how very different she is, and I canít really remember exactly what she said now, but it led me to think about how I am beginning to get inklings of experiencing more than one choice at a time. To give you an example, David talked to me, my husband, the other day, and he said that a friend of his told him that she saw him in a restaurant having lunch with someone else, a friend. I donít know what he said to her, but he said to me I didnít go there and have lunch that day with that other person. I thought right away, and I even said something to him because heís very open to what I believe and my beliefs Ė heís very allowing of my beliefs even if they donít coincide with his, so I can say anything to him and Iím creating that, too Ė but I said you know what, Iíll bet you did go to lunch that day and I also bet you did not go to lunch that day. You only remember one of the things because weíre used to only remembering one of the things. But Elias, we could remember two or more things at one time, could we not?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

KC: Is that part of the Shift, becoming more aware of some of the other choices weíre making along with the choice in this primary?


KC: Oh, Elias, this is really getting kind of fun! (Elias laughs) How can it get boring? Let me ask you this. In a dream one time, I had the opportunity to make some choices. I made three choices, and I opted for all three in the same dream with 100 percent attention on each one. Would it be like that?


KC: That was so easy in the dream. It must be that easy when youíre awake.

ELIAS: Yes, which I have expressed recently with other individuals in association with the correlation of dream imagery and waking imagery. They are both abstract, and you may generate the flexibility in waking imagery as much and as easily as you allow yourself within dream imagery.

KC: I am not inclined to remember my dreams much these days. I used to do that and keep a dream journal, and then I just started to focus on the outer a little bit more. Now Iím beginning to get a little nudge to remember my dreams a little bit more. I noticed I have remembered a couple of dreams, which surprised me, but I didnít write them down so now I canít remember them.

ELIAS: But that is not the point. The point is that you notice how you allow yourself more of a flexibility within dream imagery and that you allow yourself to create imagery which is as real as your waking imagery. You allow yourself much more of a flexibility within dream imagery than you do within waking imagery, but that in actuality, you incorporate the ability to accomplish the same actions or similar actions within waking imagery as you do within dream imagery.

KC: I understand that, then. I already have all the dreaming experience I need, to use that.


KC: Let me ask you about a dream that I had once and I donít believe Iíve ever asked you about. In this dream, I had two partners, two male partners, and I was a female. We were at a show where there were these creatures that looked like horses but they had human torsos, men and women. Their tails were about 30 feet long. It was a show of what the horses were accomplishing with their tails. They were like dancing and waving and doing all these miraculous things with their tails. What happened in that dream was I knew I was dreaming, I knew I had a waking life, and I was racking my brain to remember if, in waking life, you had two partners and you went to horse shows like this where the horseís tails danced. I could not remember! I could not remember what this life was like. It was exactly like when Iím awake here and I canít remember my dreams. Was that another dimension, other focuses in other dimensions?


KC: Is that one of the folklore dimensions?

ELIAS: Similar.

KC: Itís not, in other words, the Lord of the Rings dimension?


KC: That was a very interesting dream and a lucid dream, I guess.

ELIAS: Yes, what you term to be, which is merely the identification that you are engaging your objective awareness to the extent that you allow yourself to engage your objective awareness within waking state.

KC: I think Iíve only had one or two of those, and they were nice, too. (Elias chuckles) When you first start reading Seth and youíre looking for things to do, thinks like that, keeping a dream journal and staying in the now and just trying to do different things to make your life interesting, again, because youíve done all, because things get boring Ė and I donít want you to talk about that right now! (Both laugh) I know already what youíre going to say.

ELIAS: But you have already expressed that you cannot be experiencing boredom with all of the activity that you may engage now!

KC: Itís true! (Elias laughs) If you get so accomplished at something that it becomes an automatic and you get quote, bored, with that and it doesnít matter, you just add a new thing at the other end and you explore that. Thatís the point of thereís no finish line. Thereís always now; thereís always more.

ELIAS: Yes, and you are always expanding.

KC: My friend, Katherine, sheís leaving tonight. I guess this is only a detail of my intent and that I could choose different details if I wanted to, but I find that in my life a lot of people move away from here, move away from me Ė thatís the way I look at it Ė and how could they do that to me, which my mother used to say to me all the time and I didnít like her very much for it! (Elias laughs) I donít want to fight with my beliefs because one thing that I found after my parents moved away, my brothers and sisters moved away, then my friends started moving away, and my neighbors started moving away is I would say Iím not going to make friends anymore because as soon as I make friends with somebody, theyíll move away. And of course, thatís missing the point, isnít it?

ELIAS: Yes, I would agree.

KC: Really, really knowing what my intent was really helped me to accept the details that I create.

ELIAS: And allows you to appreciate your interactions and your relationships in the now.

KC: Thatís easy for me to do with Katherine. I think that is because Katherine and I, even though weíre different, I think we have no trouble accepting each other and the differences, and I think part of that is our age difference. With Katherine, I can enjoy the now, knowing that sheís leaving tonight, not knowing when sheís coming back or when I might go out to California to see her. I can enjoy her in the now. But with my cousin Bobbie, itís different. I have a hard time staying in the now with Bobbie and enjoying the now because I am more moving my attention to when weíre not together. So thatís just a matter of moving my attention, then.

ELIAS: Correct, and paying attention in the now and allowing yourself to appreciate what you are generating and how you are interacting now, rather than projecting your attention futurely and anticipating the separation.

KC: Hereís another specific instance with my cousin Bobbie. When she moved, our sons were spending a lot of time together. Not that they were good friends, but they were related to each other and liked each other and had a good time, and they were spending a lot of time with each other. It was a fuzzy thing in the back of my mind that that might not be such a good idea. Then she moved to Florida, and that ended the relationship between our children, more or less, in that they did not hang around in the same city with each other anymore. I also thought that was one of my benefits in conjunction with her creation of her moving away. I donít if that is correct or incorrect, but thatís my impression of that little detail in my intent.


KC: You know, thereís something funny going on in me about relationships. I donít think weíve talked much about relationships, because I think I understand that other essences are participating. Theyíre creating their choices. Iím pretty well translating them according to the energy theyíre projecting, so Iím pretty well perceiving what they perceive theyíre doing themselves. Right?

ELIAS: For the most part, yes.

KC: In the times that I have reconfigured energy Ė I only remember one time Ė I knew I was doing it. So, when you begin reconfiguring energy, or if you do that, can you perceive both choices? Maybe Myranda was talking to you about this, when she talked to Mary about calling her and the phone ringing and Mary not answering and whatever the other scenario was, there were two scenarios, and Anji said she created both of them in her reality. Both of those scenarios were hers, but werenít both of those scenarios Maryís also?


KC: So in sharing all this information, you can discover that other people had a different scenario than you did.


KC: This is really strange, Elias. I think things are getting really strange! (Both laugh) Iím not having any trouble holding on to my reality. Itís all here. I think Iím just curious that I might be missing something. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: As you continue to share with other individuals, you begin to also recognize that at times you may be generating a very different reality from another individual. You may be creating, such as the example with Myranda, in which you are creating one action within your reality but you may not necessarily be actually connecting with the energy of the other individual or with the energy that expresses the attention of the other individual. You may be accessing an energy deposit of the other individual, and therefore create some type of expression within your reality which the other individual does not experience.

KC: Thatís what I did with Dave about the glass of water, when I told him not to use my glass and he said that I never told him that. So I was interacting with an aspect of his energy that did not contain his attention when I was telling him not to use my glass.

ELIAS: Correct, and therefore, this is not the experience of the other individual.

KC: This has really helped me a lot, because this happens a lot with Dave. But I have to ask you this question before I go into that. Iíve had a feeling that David/Flynn, while he may not be entirely shifted, is so much without guilt and without worry that I have to say that he must be trusting and accepting himself to a very great extent, which I would call shifted.

ELIAS: Shift-ing, yes.

KC: Thereís only one or two smallish, in my opinion, things that he judges. I mean, he just does not judge, unless Iím blind to it.

ELIAS: And as I have expressed previously, ALL of you are shifting. Regardless of how you offer yourself information or what information you are offering to yourselves in what capacity, it matters not. You are shifting, regardless.

KC: That was my understanding. If we are focused here in this dimension, if we are engaging this dimension in this physical way, then we are shifting. If we choose not to do this, then we disengage.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: Thatís what I thought. Sometimes I get confused when other opinions come up, and I wonder if I was misunderstanding something.


KC: The other thing about Dave is that I do that a lot. I interact with energy that doesnít contain his attention a lot. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: At times.

KC: This was an area of conflict in the past, because I knew I was right and there was only one scenario. So he had to be wrong.

ELIAS: Ah! But this is also an avenue in which you have allowed yourself to experience that information, that your realities do not always intersect and that you may be creating significant differences within your realities and they are both real.

KC: And you could still live with this person that you have nothing in common with! (Laughs)

ELIAS: This is the point of being aware of your own energy and generating a cooperation which does not require agreement.

KC: This has made my life a lot easier, because Iím not fighting, trying to convince somebody else that this is what happened.

ELIAS: And that is the point. That is the evidence of widening your awareness and shifting.

KC: Well, Elias, Iíll tell you, we do appreciate evidence out here in the dimensions. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: I am aware!

KC: There was something else, but itís slipped my mind. Maybe Katherine will talk to you for a minute. Katherine, you there?

KATHERINE: Yes. Hi, Elias.

ELIAS: Welcome!

KATHERINE: Iím kind of a novice at this. I donít understand the colors and the essence names and that type of thing yet. But I did read ďConversations with God,Ē the first book, about two years ago, which has really expanded me, like experimenting with creating my own reality and that type of thing, but then it all kind of goes out the window. I just have some questions. I donít know if theyíre right or not.

ELIAS: It is not a matter of whether they are right. If you incorporate questions that are associated with concerns or confusions, it is not a question of whether they are right. They merely are.

KATHERINE: This week, announcements are being made. I shot this television pilot called ďSecond Nature,Ē and I was just wondering if that will get picked up to go into production as a new series.

ELIAS: That would be a probability and that would be a choice.

KATHERINE: The second question is do I get a recurring role in that as a series regular and is that the show that quote/unquote launches my career?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) That also would be a probability and a choice. These are not wrong questions, but they are what I would term to be crystal ball questions, which I may express to you a cautioning in relation to any individual that would be offering you definite responses to these types of questions. For there is always the element of choice, and choosing creates different directions. Therefore, it would be inaccurate for myself to respond with any type of definite answer to these types of questions, for I may express to you yes, there is a potential, but that could also change in any moment dependent upon the choices that you engage.

KATHERINE: I would love that, but thereís a lot of other people involved. Thatís where I think I kind of get stuck.

ELIAS: What is significant in generating what you want is allowing yourself to relax and trust yourself. Acknowledge yourself, acknowledge your ability, appreciate yourself and your creativity, and trust your ability to generate what you want within your reality, knowing that you are creating that and your reality is not dependent upon the choices of other individuals. You are not subject to their choices. It is a matter of trusting yourself and your ability. That is what allows you to accomplish.

KATHERINE: So I guess whether I would have a TV career or a movie career is the same type of crystal ball question?

ELIAS: It is a matter of your choices and whether you genuinely trust yourself and your ability and your creativity, and whether you actually acknowledge that and appreciate that. For if you are generating a genuine appreciation and acknowledgment of yourself and your creativity, you project that type of energy. Other individuals respond and are drawn to that energy, for it projects an attractiveness in the energy that you are expressing, and that allows you to accomplish generating what you want successfully.

But it is dependent upon you, not upon the other individuals, for they are not dictating your reality or generating your choices. They are responsive and they are reflecting of what you project. Therefore, that is what generates the significance in difference. If you are genuinely projecting an energy of appreciation and acknowledgment of yourself and of your creativity, and you are trusting yourself and your ability to generate successfully, so you shall.

If you are doubting and comparing yourself with other individuals and if you are generating a fear that other individuals incorporate the power to dictate to you what your reality shall be, you shall create obstacles and you shall create less of an ease in generating what you want.

Therefore, trust, acknowledgment and appreciation are key in expressing yourself and your creativity, and not concerning yourself with the expressions or the choices of other individuals but allowing yourself to express your own choices. Comparison can be a tremendous trap and can generate significant damage within yourself. Therefore, I would strongly express to you that you be aware and not generate comparison.

KATHERINE: I do fall into that.

ELIAS: For that thwarts your trust within yourself. That is an automatic discounting of self. In generating that, you express and project a very different type of energy.

KATHERINE: Since Iíve been here Ė I grew up here Ė and Iím staying with Kat, KC, itís been a very fluid week. Itís been really nice, the serendipity thatís happened this week. Itís been just wonderful. I know that Iíve created that, just being open and aware and keeping my mouth shut and stuff like that, just in a family situation. (Elias laughs) Itís been really, really neat. Sometimes it gets a little difficult out in Los Angeles, because thereís like nine million people and the energy is very different. Thereís almost a desperation in the air. In the past couple of years, since working really hard and creating my own reality and my career, itís interesting that you say that, because my career has been moving up, up, up with bigger roles and that kind of thing. But then sometimes I get impatient and go when is this going to happen, when, please tell me when, when? But I think thatís all my own choice, and I have to decide that.

ELIAS: Yes, and in this, as you return to the other physical location, allow yourself to remember this time framework. Allow yourself to remember how you have allowed yourself to flow easily with your energy and how you have allowed yourself not to concern yourself with outside elements but how you have allowed yourself an ease in this time framework and a free flow of your own energy. That may be helpful to you in reintroducing yourself into that familiar environment that influences more of a tension and more of an automatic comparison and competition.

Remember, it is not a matter of competing and it is not a matter of comparing. It is a matter of you expressing you. Perhaps you may even incorporate a visualization in moments in which you may notice yourself beginning to express or experience that comparison or competition. As you notice that beginning, stop and allow yourself to visualize a wonderfully beautiful peacock. As you view this peacock, envision that peacock as yourself in the midst of other peacocks who are equally as magnificent and majestic as yourself. But in reveling in your own majestic wonderment and magnificence and the beauty of your display of color, there is no competition and there is no comparison, for you are your own unique presentment of that magnificence, and no other may be compared with that uniqueness. Therefore, you may strut amongst the other peacocks also, knowing that your magnificence is great and needs no comparison and needs no competition.

KATHERINE: I love that. I know that feeling, isnít that funny?

I just have one more question. A friend of mine, Hamilton, has cancer. He had thyroid cancer in Ď92 and had a reoccurrence about three years ago. He had surgery again and whatnot. He had it again about a month or six weeks ago, and he got radiation treatment. His levels are supposed to be zero, but right before the radiation, it shot up to two hundred something. They know thereís cancer in there, but they canít find it. Can you tell me where it is?

ELIAS: It fluctuates. This is the reason that they incorporate difficulty in discovering it, for at times it is present and at times it is not.

KATHERINE: Theyíre going to keep an eye on it. Theyíre talking about doing an exploratory on him because they canít find it on the CT scans and that type of thing.

ELIAS: For it is not consistently present. It is present in moments and it is not present in other moments.

KATHERINE: I think heís chosen that, but now he just got his own show and is having the time of his life. He is just so enjoying... He got what he wanted and...

ELIAS: And this is the reason that it is fluctuating.

KATHERINE: Thatís what I thought, but you canít tell him that. Heís very much a realist and he doesnít believe in God and that type of thing.

ELIAS: That is acceptable Ė I do not believe in God, either! (Laughs loudly)

KATHERINE: (Laughs) Heís not spiritual. He doesnít believe in any higher universe and that kind of thing.

ELIAS: Ah! I would be quite in agreement with him!


ELIAS: (Laughs) YOU are your highest expression. There is no higher expression than yourself.

KATHERINE: I know, weíre all little gods that can create.

ELIAS: But you are not ďlittleĒ gods. You are vast, tremendous, magnificent gods.

KATHERINE: Well, my experience so far has been ďConversations with God,Ē and in that book, he says he created all of us to experience himself. But so far, this is as far as Iíve gotten! (Both laugh) Itís really helped me really know that we do create our own reality. Sometimes I fall away from it, meaning itís not in the front of my head.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and as I have expressed, it matters not what avenue you engage to offer yourself information in shifting. You are ALL shifting, and no information that you present to yourself is invalid. There may be differences in the information merely in how it is presented, but that is another of your wonderments of your reality, that you do incorporate tremendous diversity and that you may offer yourselves information in many, many different manners in whatever rings true within you, whatever you resonate with.

I may express to you, there is genuinely no competition within essences. Therefore, any essence that may be expressing in an energy exchange, any deceased individual as you would term it to be, genuinely incorporates an understanding that there is no competition. Therefore, there is no comparison between any of the informations that are offered. They are all valid.

KC: Ask your colors; tell him what you think they are.

KATHERINE: Iím not quite sure what this means, but Kat wanted to know, wondered what my colors were. Iím really drawn to orange right now. I just bought some orange drapes and what not. I donít quite know, because the color looks terrible on me, like clothing, but I like it in my house. What are my colors? Are they green and blue?

ELIAS: Green, but not blue.

KATHERINE: Does that mean all shades of green?

ELIAS: No. A spring green and lavender.

KATHERINE: Spring green is like a mint green?


KC: Itís like a yellow-green. Iím looking at a little sprig of thing that I call spring green. Spring green, to me, is various shades of yellow-green. Itís not just one shade.

ELIAS: Correct.

KC: This is spring green. See, itís different shades of yellowish green.

KATHERINE: Oh, yeah, I love that.

KC: Me, too. Thatís why itís all over my door! (Laughter)

KATHERINE: Thank you for talking to me.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

KATHERINE: Itís funny... Well, itís not funny; it makes total sense to me. You told me everything that I already know but Iím really glad to get confirmation. I know thereís nobody like me and that thereís no competition. Every once in a while I fall back in that old stuff, and I just need to keep reminding myself. Then I feel like I am in control of my own destiny and reality.


KATHERINE: Beautiful. Thank you so much! What a thrill!

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

KC: Hi, Elias, itís me, again. I wanted to ask you if Gillian/Ari and I are... Weíre something Ė weíre either soul mates or weíre counterparts right now.

ELIAS: Counterpart.

KC: I really have to acknowledge myself, because I met Gillian for the first time in New Orleans. I connect with Gillian in energy in a completely different way than my focus connects with her focus. Thatís correct, right?


KC: Yes, and she recognizes that, too. I donít know what thatís all about, but I have a very difficult time connecting with the focus of Gillian, but a very easy time connecting with her energy of Ari. Thatís correct, right?


KC: I think weíre counterparting along the lines of substances and the ingestion of substances. With me, it might be pills and cigarettes, and with her it might be alcoholic beverages. Is that correct?


KC: Oh, Elias, youíve done me the biggest favor! Iíd love to find out where she is on this. I donít even know how to express it, but instead of going into my automatic responses and judging her and interpreting something that she did as a favor for me as an insensitive intrusion, I recognized it for what it was. I turned my attention to me, and I looked at my energy and what my energy was doing, and what I was wanting to address to that was triggered by her actions. Iíve come a long way with it, havenít I?

ELIAS: Yes, and I am acknowledging of you.

KC: Thank you! I accept! (Elias laughs) I surprised myself because I was in my automatic response...

ELIAS: And this is the element which we discussed in association with your intent, viewing differences but also viewing similarities.

KC: Ah ha! Yes! I am feeling so clever! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: And I am quite acknowledging of you, also.

KC: Thank you very much! I wanted to also say that during this conversation, since Iím sharing this session with Katherine, I was feeling a little bit self-conscious. I was listening to you talk to her about comparison, and I easily compare myself in what I think are my abilities with other people, my preferences with other peopleís. So I was relating everything that you said to her to myself, and in particular, with some things that I said earlier about not making friends anymore because they just move away. Iím sitting right here while youíre talking about that comparison and looking at my neighborís house, thinking boy, it would really be nice to get to know her a little bit better, and god, there I go! (Both laugh)

Oh, I donít know, life is very strange. (Elias laughs) It is really interesting, and I canít imagine not choosing to be here during this actual shifting phase of it, because I just love it. I just love these challenges. They are almost insurmountable from the beginning point when you start to discover the new and next thing. Then you make a little headway, and you accomplish and then itís like the core of discovery. Oh, my goodness! Thereís another mountain! (Both laugh) There you are. Iím really starting to remember to appreciate to myself.

ELIAS: Ah, congratulations!

KC: Thank you, and the trust and the acknowledgment and the appreciation that you talked to Katherine about related perfectly to me, too. I thought how clever to be sharing my session with somebody whoís getting information that I needed! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: And there are no accidents or coincidences.

KC: No, and I do appreciate my relationships. In looking at my preferences honestly and not comparing them to what I think of as other peopleís better preferences, I do like to have people here for a while and not have them here for a while. You know, itís amazing what you can discover about yourself if you just quit judging for a minute.

ELIAS: Yes, and recognize that certain expressions are actually a natural a flow of energy.

KC: Yes, and that was nice, too, when you said that to Katherine. When sheís in her natural flow, itís amazing to watch Ė just like it is with anybody and just like it is with me when Iím in my natural flow. I wanted to confirm with you, in November and December or January, when I was listening to myself and what I wanted in the moment, I think thatís when I was most in my natural flow.


KC: So thatís what my natural flow is, more or less. At least it was then, and Iíll know it when I listen into it. (Elias laughs) Well, itís easy for me. As people know when they are with friends and people that they associate with, there are some people you allow to bring out your natural flow because... I donít know why, just because. I guess their energy is very compatible with yours, and someone who is self-accepting, itís easier to be with them and then you can be self-accepting of yourself.


KC: I think weíd better be finished for the day because I think Iím going to run out of phone power. (Elias laughs) So, letís talk to Mary. I have a session coming up in June, and Iím going to see you in Chicago, and then Iím going to see you in Vermont. I hope I keep choosing all that because itíll be fun.

ELIAS: Ah! And we shall continue to be interactive in an on-going expression!

KC: Yes, good!

ELIAS: I express to you my acknowledgment and my affection, and I shall remind each of you to remember your playfulness, and appreciate that. To you both in great friendship and tremendous lovingness, au revoir.

KC: Au revoir. Bye.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 9 minutes.

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