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Sunday, August 07, 2005

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ďTransition within Physical FocusĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Marcy (Lylin).

(Eliasí arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARCY: Good morning! (Laughs) Youíre there! ELIAS: Ha ha! And so I am!

MARCY: This is wonderful! (Laughs)

ELIAS: And what shall we discuss?

MARCY: Well, letís see. First of all, I have a greeting from Myiisha Ė is that how you say her name?


MARCY: Okay, greetings from her.

ELIAS: And you may extend my greetings also.

MARCY: Thank you, I will. Secondly, I wanted to ask you, at one point you conveyed my essence tone name through Dawn Ė I donít know what you had for a name for her Ė but I actually prefer the one you gave me through Sid, which was Lilan. That would be my preference, if you would address me as that, if thatís acceptable.

ELIAS: Very well.

MARCY: Thank you. Sid also said that recently when he spoke to you, he was talking about how you perceive us, and you said you see us as energy. He asked you for a descriptive that would convey how you perceive his energy, and I think that sounds so fun. I would like one if you would give me one, too.

ELIAS: A word that would describe your energy. (Pause) Twittery.

MARCY: Twittery? (Laughs) You mean like a bird?

ELIAS: Yes! (Laughs)

MARCY: Thatís funny! (Laughs) Thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MARCY: A few days ago, right before I fell asleep at night, I was thinking about this session I was going to have with you. I actually had a dream about it. In the dream, I met you, and you were this sort of youngish man with curly brown hair. We were talking, and you projected several images to me rather than speaking. The one that I picked up on the most that I wanted to ask you for some clarification on, if you could help me figure it out, was I saw a glass that was filled with hot water, and I was trying to think of a question to ask you. I was stumbling around and bobbling around, and what the message was that went with this glass of hot water is ďthis is just hot tea water.Ē I saw this glass of hot water, and you were encouraging me to stick a tea bag into it. Iím not exactly sure what you were trying to convey to me, and I was wondering if you might help me come to some clarification about that.

ELIAS: This is how you have translated my projection of energy, which in actuality is quite accurate. For in your choice of imagery, you chose to be incorporating this hot water, which is a symbol of some element that can incorporate a potential danger. But that same element, if directed in certain manners, can also be incorporated as a soothing element.

Therefore, the object of this imagery was to convey the subject of perception and how any element, any belief, any action, any manifestation that you create or encounter within your focus may initially appear to incorporate a threatening quality or a potential for a threatening quality. Dependent upon how you direct yourself and how you incorporate that energy and how you manipulate energy, you can actually generate the complement to that and change the threat into some expression that is more soothing or pleasing.

MARCY: That makes a lot of sense. Excellent, yes, that makes a lot of sense. Iím going to have to think about that. Thank you very much. That makes perfect sense, now that you say that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MARCY: To go in a another direction... Thank you, anyway, for that, but Iím going to have to think about that more, and I donít have anything further about that. To go in another direction, of course with Martaís recent disengagement Ė everyoneís been talking about that Ė and at one point, I donít know, maybe last year, someone said to me that they believed I was in transition. Now, I donít actually really even understand all thatís involved in that, but I was wondering if you would discuss that with me as far as how that relates to me. Am I in transition?


MARCY: Iíve never experienced any of the sort of freak-outs, the stuff that Margot talked about. I donít understand even what it means, but anyway just talk to me about that, if you wouldnít mind.

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, let me express to you that different individuals may experience transition within physical focus in very different manners. It is dependent upon what they are engaging with this action of transition, and there is also an element in association with the individualís intent.

Now; some individuals engage transition within physical focus in what appears to be a more dramatic manner, in which they may generate what you would view as unusual experiences. Some generate the experience that you term to be Alzheimerís dis-ease, which is actually an individual generating transition in a concentrated manner within physical focus, in which the individual is not focusing their attention in merely this one manifestation or this one area of consciousness. Therefore, to you they appear to be drifting or not present.

But other individuals, especially in this time framework, may choose to be engaging transition within physical focus merely as an aid to shifting. For, the action of transition within physical focus is very similar to the action of shifting. Therefore, the individual may not necessarily experience strange events or what you would consider to be unusual experiences. But in generating some aspect of this action of transition, that is helpful to some individuals in accepting and accepting their beliefs and generating an understanding of their own beliefs and their own truths, and it may also be helpful in more clearly recognizing the influences of their beliefs. Therefore, it is incorporated as an action to enhance the action of shifting.

MARCY: Ah, that makes sense. Several people that Iíve talked to that are in transition, theyíre, ďOh, I gotta get rid of beliefs,Ē and blah blah blah. I think beliefs are fine; I mean, I think theyíre a good tool and Iím not against them. I think theyíre like part of this physical reality, and I donít see a problem with them. This is why I wasnít sure if I was in transition, because I donít... I think beliefs can be helpful.


MARCY: But I understand what youíre saying now.

ELIAS: Yes, and also I am aware that many individuals are continuing to move in the direction of attempting to eliminate beliefs, but that merely generates more difficulty and more obstacles and confusion with individuals. For as I have expressed many, many times, they are not being eliminated.

MARCY: Right, exactly, that makes a lot of sense. I was putting the two things together and assuming that if someone was in transition, that would be their attitude and obviously I was incorrect. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MARCY: Now, I know that with other people when they have asked this question, there will be a certain specific time, and you will say ďyou began your transition at so and so time.Ē When do you see that I began this process?

ELIAS: Approximately three years prior to now.

MARCY: Three years, okay, thatís interesting. Iím assuming that this is a subjective choice that an entity makes or a person makes, but is there some sort of an event that I should look to, just for interest sake, and say I can see where so and so happened and this is probably the end process, or is it not that cut and dried?

ELIAS: It is not that specific. Generally, individuals do not necessarily incorporate one event that marks the movement into this type of transition. Generally speaking, it is more of a gradual action. Many times, individuals may begin to engage that action of transition and generate it temporarily and stop, and regenerate it subsequently and perhaps stop again, and incorporate that action several times prior to an actual continued movement in this action.

MARCY: Oh, I see; thatís interesting. I havenít heard that before. Well... (Laughs) That is the end of my questions! I donít know what to discuss now! Mary said that you like the person to direct the conversation, but Iím out of questions. I guess I was just so excited to just talk to you, I didnít really have that many things to ask. (Elias laughs) I just wanted you to laugh and talk to me.

Oh, I know one thing. Something that I realized the night before last, that when you say that your energy is always available, I had always intellectually believed that but Iíve never had a sense of it. Now, all of a sudden, I realize that all a person has to do is sort of look around their inner landscape and youíre everywhere.

ELIAS: It is merely a matter of paying attention, my friend, and being open to that availability. Once you generate that openness, you may be noticing more and more how present my energy actually is.

MARCY: Yesterday, I decided to test myself, because sometimes I will have these sort of brief glimmers, but then I carry on with my mundane everyday life, go about doing whatever Iím doing, and I sort of lose the sense of that. So, I thought Iím going to see if I can maintain that all day, keep bringing myself back to it and bringing myself back to it. When I pay attention to it, itís not that difficult. It was amazing; it was fun, it was very fun. (Elias laughs) Itís like, ďWhoa, I have a friend that goes with me wherever I go!Ē and that was very nice. I enjoyed seeing that. Itís just a matter of looking around, going, ďOh wow, youíre still there. This is cool!Ē (Both laugh)

ELIAS: And perhaps you shall eventually be noticing of your own presence and existence in equal measure, in which you may express to yourself, ďAh, I am still present.Ē

MARCY: I am everywhere! (Both laugh) Good idea, good idea. Actually, a couple of times Ė especially since I set up this session with Mary, which was a maybe a little over a month ago Ė I decided to watch for you. Sid says you have this thing where you temporarily override, just for a moment, the consciousness of a person thatís in my locale. I was in the store one time, and this woman walked by and there was this little baby girl sitting in this cart, this little blue-eyed baby girl. She looked at me in a very meaningful way, in a way that a one-year old normally does not look at people, and I thought oh my god, I think that was Elias. (Elias laughs) So I was just wondering, was it?


MARCY: (Laughs) That was great! She just kept watching me, and when her mom walked by, her eyes didnít leave my face. (Elias laughs) She was watching me, and I was like, ďWow, this is awesome!Ē There have been a couple of other times: Iíll see a lady in a bright blue pants suit, and sheíll make eye contact with me, and Iíll think, ďThere you are again.Ē (Both laugh) Thatís too fun. Anyway, now Iím out of questions again!

ELIAS: Very well, perhaps you shall merely engage conversation.

MARCY: All right. Um... (Laughs)

ELIAS: And what shall we discuss?

MARCY: Um...

ELIAS: Your weather, what you are doing?

MARCY: Howís the weather where you are? (Both laugh)

ELIAS: I do not incorporate any weather.

MARCY: Oh yeah. Right, right!

ELIAS: Therefore, my weather is not very interesting. (Laughs)

MARCY: Not very interesting, eh? (Laughs) Oh, I know something that just came to mind, that I just got a nudge about. For a long time, I had a sense that Ė especially when I first started reading the different transcripts and the digests and stuff and I read about your expression as Oscar Wilde Ė I felt a very strong affinity for Oscar Wildeís oldest child. Since that time, everyone else has claimed that as their focus, so I donít know if I was just out to lunch, or if the expression of Elias and the expression of Lilan have had some sort of familial, family-type interaction at some point in time. I was wondering if you might talk about that.

ELIAS: Yes, you have incorporated focuses with myself, several, and you have incorporated relationships in association with family several times also. In that particular focus, you do incorporate a counterpart action with that individual, and you do also incorporate an observing role with one of that individualís friends.

MARCY: I get what youíre saying; there was sort of some involvement. There were times where I would suddenly get a flash of an emotional reaction, a feeling of betrayal, as if one of the children would have felt like my father left the family to go off and be with this other person and a feeling of betrayal. But if I were a friend, perhaps one of the children expressed that to me and maybe thatís what I was picking up on.


MARCY: Interesting. It felt very close to the bone, like I could really feel how that felt. Iím understanding that if I was a close friend, I would have felt it very poignantly.

ELIAS: Yes, and that may also...

MARCY: When I was reading Ė I was very fascinated with Oscar Wilde for awhile, and so I was reading a lot of stuff on the Internet as far as his life and especially his death Ė and when I was reading the way he sort of died alone in this apartment, I was overcome with this feeling of compassion, and I felt so very sad. I donít know if it actually occurred or if it was only my imagination Ė which I know is real, but you know what Iím saying Ė I pictured myself as projecting myself to his bedside and sort of being there in his last moments because I felt so sad that someone should die alone. I had the sense that he actually sensed my energy there and perceived me as like an angel or some sort of a presence, a spirit or something. Did I actually do that?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARCY: Oh, wow! Awesome! (Both laugh) Oh, good, because I felt so sad for that. I mean, I didnít really, at least in this focus, didnít know this person, but it just felt so sad, and I thought everyone needs to have someone stroking their forehead in their last moments, so thatís what I wanted to do. Iím glad to hear it worked. (Elias laughs) I feel good about that.

Something that Wendy/Myiisha said that I should ask you about Ė and Iím not exactly sure what she meant, so this may not be a specific enough question Ė but she said that you would have something to say to me about, in general, how I move energy. Again, Iím not exactly sure what she meant. I know there are times when I Ė Iím learning how to be a massage therapist Ė there are times when I give massages where people feel energy coming out from my hands. I know that isnít that unusual and people can do that. I donít know if sheís talking about that or something else; I donít know. Do you want to pick up on that and say something about that? Iím sorry Iím not having more specific questions.

ELIAS: I may express to you, if you are genuinely focusing in generating this action, you may be expressing a powerful energy with other individuals. There is a tremendous expression of strength that you incorporate in this action, and the more you focus yourself in clarity in the action, being clearly aware of your movement and your flow of energy, you may express tremendous potential for significant successfulness in this action, and also generate significant connections with other individuals Ė not merely in the physical action itself, but also beyond.

In allowing yourself to genuinely be focused in your energy and the movement of it as you engage this action, you can tap into many different expressions of the individual that you are interacting with. You can tap into their energy in many different manners, which may also enhance your movement and direction and successfulness with this, as what you do that is fulfilling to you, and also generate finances.

MARCY: Finances are good, sure! What you told me about the fulfilling part, I have already noticed that and itís amazing to me. Iíve been all about an intimate relationship for several years, and then I will have one and I was like, ďWhatever.Ē They donít last for whatever reason; we move on or something. Iíve never been a real physically touchy-feely type person in general, but massage, for some reason, I find that so, like you said, fulfilling. I thought it was just the physical interaction with the person, but I can see now what youíre saying. Iím also exchanging with them on a subjective level. I come out of a massage and I feel like Iíve just had this wonderful conversation with this person that is intimate. Itís intimacy. Itís not sexual, itís intimacy on a really deep level, and itís wonderful. I just love doing it so much.

ELIAS: Yes, and you do incorporate a tremendous potential for significant successfulness in this area. For in genuinely focusing your energy and allowing a free-flow of your energy to mingle with the energy of the other individual, you may be generating a significant intimate interaction with each individual and also provide yourself, and perhaps the other individual, with significant information.

MARCY: In a way, too, I mean Iím all about healing Ė not that I heal anyone, but to facilitate their own healing Ė so I guess I have the sense, even when you were talking to me about it, that in my interacting with them at various levels, I might be able to offer sort of subjective suggestions and then like a facilitation or compassion or whatever it is on many levels, maybe not even just with the expression thatís lying on the table there. That would make me really happy if I could do that.

ELIAS: You do incorporate a significant ability to be generating this type of action. The more you focus with it and the more you allow yourself an ease in a flow of energy, this shall allow you to tap into other areas of the individual, not merely physically, which shall also be beneficial to you in generating even more of an efficient interaction with the individual in energy and physically.

MARCY: Thatís interesting too, because in the teaching they call it a ďmassage flowĒ, because every movement, when youíre moving around the body, it should flow along one side of the body and then back up the other side of the body. We donít just start at the head and then go down to the feet and then go to the arm and then go to the leg. There is a flow, so that even speaks to that. Thatís real good advice. Iíll really have to be aware of that, notice that, think about what Iím doing, how Iím flowing. That would really be helpful.

ELIAS: Yes. I am greatly encouraging of you.

MARCY: Thank you. People say Iím a natural at this, and I feel real good because I do feel like itís a natural thing for me, and itís very encouraging. I feel successful, even though Iím just still a student, so thank you for that further encouragement.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome!

MARCY: Iíve got my little clock Ė Mary said I was the timekeeper Ė and it looks like weíre out of time. I donít want to impinge on her structure, so I guess itís time to say goodbye. This has been so wonderful. Thank you so much for chatting with me.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I express to you great affection, and perhaps we shall engage conversation again.

MARCY: Now that Iím over my first-time jitters, Iím sure we probably will. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: I express to you great friendship and a genuine appreciation for your energy and our interaction together.

MARCY: Thank you. I express the same for you as well. ELIAS: In great lovingness, my friend, au revoir.

MARCY: Au revoir. Elias departs after 31 minutes.

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