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Sunday, November 06, 2011 (Open/Brattleboro, Vermont) (1)

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“First Elias Open Session”


“Distortion Regarding Shift To Female Energy”

“The Attachment Of Equality In Relation To Gender”

“Addressing/Accomplishing In Increments”

“Remember The Formula!”

“Consequences Are An Invention Of Your Imagination”

“Offer Yourself Rewards For Merely Being”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Lynda (Ruther).

(Elias’ arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning.

LYNDA: Good morning, my friend. Well, the forum would like to connect with you on a more regular basis, so this is the first Elias Open Session. I am asking the questions for several people. Mary, Gerhard, and I have reviewed the list and I will do my best to begin with what I think we can cover in one session. Gerhard sends his love and greetings to you and is hoping that this new experience will produce many sessions because, and I quote, “I love to read them.”

So can I continue?


LYNDA: Okay, I’m going to ask a real simple one first. Marion would like to know her essence name, family, alignment, focus type, and orientation. She thinks she is Milumet or Vold, thought focused.

ELIAS: Correct.

LYNDA: So that part’s correct, Milumet, Vold. Do you want to give us her essence name and focus type?

ELIAS: Essence name: Oulon. O-U-L-O-N.

LYNDA: So, she thinks she’s Milumet or Vold and thought focused. Is she Milumet, Vold aligned?


LYNDA: Oh, interesting. Okay, and what orientation?

ELIAS: Common.

LYNDA: Common. Okay. I’ll start with the first question:

“Hi, Elias and Mary. Thanks for providing information all these years. What I can’t seem to wrap my head around is the issue of infertility. As I know I create my reality, I can’t come to terms with creating somebody else’s. In essence, getting another focus to want to ‘join with me in having a baby’ sense. I know I can build my family other ways, and that’s fine, but I wonder if it’s all just the same. In other words, what I concentrate on is what I get, and I am possibly concentrating on struggle.”

ELIAS: Very well. This is somewhat of a complicated subject, for there are many variables and aspects to this subject. It is not as black and white as it may seem.

Let me first of all express to you that the situation of infertility, so to speak, is more prevalent now and has been more prevalent, I would express for approximately fifty of your years, than it has been previously in your history.

Now; from that you can obviously deduce that this situation is also in some capacity linked to this shift, for it has increased within this time framework.

Now; there are several factors that are involved in that. When you look to this shift and you contemplate the idea that one of the factors is that you are shifting from the male dominated energy to the female dominated energy, in some capacities many individuals automatically think of that shift in energy in relation to gender and the expressions of gender. Therefore, they automatically generate the idea that moving to a female energy is more empowering to the female gender, that movements throughout your world in more of a recognition of the female gender is part of that, that the rights and attributes that are associated with the female gender that they have been afforded in this past century would also be attributed to this shift to female energy, and I would express that all of those are incorrect.

The shift from the male energy to the female energy, as I expressed many times, is not a matter of gender. It is a matter of a quality of energy that is assigned more so in your physical reality to a gender, but it is not actually a part of that gender. It is a part of the attachments of those genders. You generate attachments that you have had in place for millenniums in which male individuals are instructed and encouraged in certain expressions and qualities, and females are instructed and influenced in other qualities, and there is a separation between the two.

In this, it has been an attachment for so much of your history that it is so engrained in your memory in relation to this physical reality, that even if a female and a male individual were not encouraged and influenced in those attachments, they would express them anyway, for it has been expressed for such an extensive time framework in your history that it is embedded in your memory. Therefore, it is an automatic attachment that is expressed.

Now; in relation to infertility, that also would somewhat be assumed that if the energy is shifting from male to female that there would be LESS of an expression of infertility. But, once again, that involves gender. The shift is an energy shift from intellectual to intuition, from thought to feeling, not from male to female.

Now; how does that affect what you do and what you manifest in your reality? Which this in actuality provides an excellent example of distortion, for you automatically generate associations in relation to gender, and female and male energies, and in that you develop and express these manifestations and directions in physical expressions to generate what you view as more of an expression of equality between the genders, and you measure that by outside manifestations and expressions – what you do. You measure it not by what you are or who you are, but what you do and what you are capable of doing. For this, once again, is another automatic attachment in relation to earning. What you earn by what you do, which includes capability, that the female gender is capable of earning the same as the male gender in any capacity. Not merely earning in relation to finances, but in any capacity.

Now; this is the reason that there are several facets of this subject. One is that collectively you have invested so much energy in the outside expression, the goal orientation, of expressing no difference between male and female, generating what you think of as equality between the genders, that in that tremendous volume of energy that is collectively projected in that direction, what you sacrifice is paying attention to and the concentration upon who and what you are, rather than what you are doing. In this, in the striving for equality, you sacrifice the qualities of the different genders and their function.

Understand that I am not undermining the abilities of male and female, and the similarities in your abilities, or your capability to accomplish. But another important factor is, as I have expressed many times, equality is another attachment. And just as you think of and you associate with independence as a good expression that you want to do and you want to have and you want to express, but as we know, that is an attachment also.

Equality is another of that type of attachment that generally most individuals in most cultures – not all, but most – view that attachment as good, which influences you to strive for it and to continue to express it or to change expressions that you perceive are not equal. What you forget and sacrifice in that is that not only is equality an attachment, but it is not always good. And it is also not always accurate.

In relation to gender, it is very much not accurate. You are different. You function differently. You are expressed in physical form differently. Your function in some manners of processing is different. If you were not you would not have created two genders. You would have created one gender that can reproduce. It is pointless to create two genders that are identical. And therefore, they are not. They are not the same and they are not equal. They are different.

Equal is the same. When you strive to be the same you deny what you are. In that, as the collective attention has been distracted and has distorted the meaning of the shift from male to female energy, it creates a situation in which the concentration becomes more outside of self than the genuine expression of self. And it becomes more goal-oriented than process-oriented in experiencing passion; attaining passion rather than expressing passion.

In this, that is affecting in several different manners, mainly affecting of the female gender. There are more individuals, female individuals, that generate manifestations physically with female organs dis-functioning than there has ever been within your history. Fibroids, cysts, cancers - any aspect that defines the female gender in physical manifestations of physical organs are much more subject to mal-function, dis-ease, and difficulties. Even in lesser extremes of merely generating bothersome irritations or less affected manifestations, they are much more prevalent and common now, for the collective energy is strong. Any collective energy is strong. This also affects the perceptions of female individuals, and to an extent, even male individuals in relation to the established attachments of family, the structure of family.

In more recent time framework it has been more so affecting of male individuals than it has been. When I express more recent time framework, I would express very recent time framework, within the time framework of approximately thirty of your years. The change in perception and action and doing with females has been being generated for much longer, approximately between 100 and 150 of your years. But the male individuals have begun participating in a similar manner much more recently.

Now; what is meant by that is there has become conflict in relation to the family structure and the function, the physical function, of female individuals with respect to reproduction. More and more and more female individuals throughout that time framework have questioned whether they want to participate in that physical function of reproduction. For many of those years within that 150, they have chosen to participate regardless, whether they wanted to or not, but the question remained. Therefore, the energy remained being projected. That has increased through this time framework and contributed to the mass expression of projected energy.

In recent time framework males have joined or included themself in that projection of energy in recognizing that, in part, that they are being given permission to not be responsible for family. In part, they perceive that they are being supportive of what the female individuals want. In this, the male individuals have, in part, deduced that in many different capacities this benefits them considerably. Therefore, why not be supportive?

This is not to say that also in this recent time framework that many male individuals have not been allowing themselves more of the expression of that intuitive energy. And in doing so, have allowed themselves to move in more nurturing directions, which that does promote an expression or a projection of energy to be in favor of family. But that energy is, in many situations, not as strong as the other energy, the equality energy.

Let me also express to you that if individuals in this present time framework allow themselves to genuinely view the whole of your planet, you will notice that the subject of infertility is more concentrated and where it is escalating are in areas that you deem to be more progressive. You will discover much less infertility in areas of your planet which are not concerned with the equality, that are not striving in that direction. There are many, many countries in your world that do not incorporate much difficulty with infertility for they are not participating in that projection of energy and that distraction.

Now; I am understanding that there are individuals within these societies that do participate in these surges of energy that are collectively projected that may genuinely want to create and participate in a family situation and direction. But once again, there are many factors. Therefore, it becomes complicated, for not only are you participating in the projection collectively of the attachment of equality, but there are branches of that that begin to surface that are based in religious beliefs. Not religion, but religious beliefs. Which the basis of religious beliefs are the denial of self and the encouragement to be looking outside of self. Every other manifestation first, me last. Always consider others, me second. Always do for others, me after. Doing for me first is selfish and selfish is bad.

These branches are not as obvious, but they are equally as strong. In that, as the individual expressed in the statement, there are many children that exist that are want for families. Them first, me second. There are many opportunities. There are many methods to generate engineering a family. There are many individuals within your societies that will offer their service to be the host for a new incoming focus, a fetus, a baby.

You have created many, many, many options which are all in alignment with the equality for it is not necessary for you to incorporate a child any longer. You can if you want to. It is dependent upon how important it is to you. Or you can allow another individual to do it. In this, now the female gender is also more equal. It can choose. Your spouse is not choosing whether you incorporate a family or not, you are. And you can choose a family and not have a spouse. Or you can choose not to incorporate family.

This is all very linked to that equality attachment. The old adage of be wary of what you wish for, for you may create it, is more accurate than you recognize. You want equality? You may generate it in outward expressions, but what do you sacrifice in the process? I have expressed many times equality is not what you think it is. But that is regardless for your choices have been what they are.

In this, all hope is not lost, but the journey into the genuine expression, at this point, is challenging. You have created significant strength in attachments and they are initially not so very easy to dismantle. And as I have expressed, attachments are not beliefs, and therefore it is not necessarily a matter that you do not want them at all. Which that perception in relation to beliefs continues to be maintained. Which is another obstacle. For the more you fight with your beliefs and the more you deny them, the more difficult it is for you to move with them and accomplish what you want.

Expressing from genuine self generates the ultimate neutralization of beliefs and belief systems. Is that saying that they are eliminated? No, definitely not. But they do not matter. They are not bothersome, and it is not important any longer, for you are aware that there is no thing to be gained. You already possess all within you. It is a matter of not striving for, not moving towards a goal, not gaining, not attaining, but moving your attention to what you want to experience for it is already present. And the same holds for participating in pregnancy and birth.

It is not that there are a lack of essences that want to participate in this physical reality. There is not. It is not that there are no essences that want to participate with this particular individual or that particular individual, and therefore they are barren. That is NOT the situation. There are countless essences that will willingly agree and participate with ANY individual and EVERY individual within your reality.

It is very definitely, as I expressed very early in this forum, the choice of the physically focused individual. That, as I have expressed from the onset of this forum, is the only actual responsibility for significant choice in relation to the role of a parent. It is your choice to participate, to facilitate, the entrance of a new focus. All else is their choice. But as you have designed this reality in this particular manner in which the female gender is designated to house that incoming focus for a time framework, to gestate that incoming focus – that is your design – it is that individual’s choice of whether to do it or not. It is very similar to an energy exchange. It cannot occur if the physically focused individual does not choose it and willingly participate.

Now; it can be said, as in this statement, but what if the individual wants to participate in that exchange, in that agreement to usher in that new focus, and discovers that they have created an inability to do so physically? Can you change that? Yes, you can. Will that be easy? No, it will not. But it can be changed.

The first aspect, which is evident in the statement offered by this individual, is it her struggle? Yes. The statement itself is pregnant with struggle. What am I doing? Is this right? Is this wrong? Should I do this? Should I do that? Am I right? Am I wrong? Am I expressing myself correctly? Am I appropriate? Is it even acceptable for me to want? The statement itself reeks of conflict and struggle. Therefore, is it that? Yes, definitely. How do you address to that? In increments.

Now; before I respond to that aspect, let me also express that what I express in actions to incrementally accomplish changing a situation, especially a situation that may be more difficult for it incorporates much more energy in opposition, the automatic idea in most individuals listening is this will incorporate a very long time. No, it will not. Time is not so much of a factor. Action is. And regardless of how many years you have participated in a collective energy, or have been influenced by a collective energy, or have even expressed it yourself, it matters not. It is not an accumulation that will be matched in the same equal time framework to un-do it.

What you incorporate doing for years and years and years does not require massive quantities of energy. You do it automatically. Therefore, it is very easy. Initially it can be challenging or difficult to change that energy, but only for the reason that it is unfamiliar and different, and therefore, requires more attention. Just as learning any new skill will require more attention, more effort, more energy, initially, once you have learned it, it will be automatic also, and it requires very little energy to maintain once it becomes habit. Initially, yes, in increments it may require a concentration of energy and attention, but that does not necessarily mean that it is necessary to incorporate lengthy time frameworks. You can develop a habit very quickly.

LYNDA: I agree.

ELIAS: As easily as you can generate what you think of as a bad habit very quickly, you can also generate a good habit very quickly. They are the same. They are the same energy, they are the same action. It is repetition. And what is important to you. That is a very significant factor.

The first aspect, the first increment of movement, is to stop questioning. That is the first action, stop questioning. To merely inquire of yourself, what do you genuinely want and how important is it? Those are the only two questions that are important. What do I want and how important is it to me?

Once you define what you want and how important it is to you, it is a matter of stopping the questioning of all else. As an example, I want to be a mother, I want to express my own family, I want to gestate this being and give birth. Very well. All of the other considerations of all the other children, all the other actions, those are a moot point now. You have defined what you want.

Now; how important is that want to you? Is it important enough to genuinely move your attention to you and to express the energy to liberate yourself? Is it that important to you? And this is a significant question for this is a matter of exposing to self. And a child or a family may not be that important in relation to that price, so to speak.

If it is that important, once you have defined what you want and how important it is to you, the next step is to begin the action. And what the action is, is moving the attention away from all that is outside of you that generates the conflicts and the questions and the myriad of options, but to turn the attention to self. REMEMBER THE FORMULA. ULTIMATELY IMPORTANT. ULTIMATELY IMPORTANT. Underline that five times! (2)

The formula: you project, you reflect, and you choose – unless you are unaware, and then you react. The formula; there is no division or separation between what you project and what you reflect. It is a wave. Visualize standing upon a shore and watching the waves of your ocean. The movement of the wave is what? One fluid motion. It moves out, it circles, it crests, it comes back. It is one fluid motion. This is the same with the formula. You project and you begin to manifest what you project outward, it crests in the reflection, the manifestation, and it moves back to you. It is a circle.

EVERY ASPECT, EVERY ATOM OF WHAT YOU PERCEIVE AND YOU ENGAGE IN YOUR REALITY, YOU HAVE PROJECTED. Whether it be outside manifestations, other individuals, situations, or your own body consciousness which also reflects to you, for any physical manifestation is a reflection. That includes yourself, for you are a physical manifestation also. EVERY physical manifestation is a reflection of what you are projecting. Therefore, that is the base of all of your reality, of all that you enjoy, all that you like, all that you want, all that you hate, all that you are uncomfortable with, all that you do not want - all of it! The base of it is what you project. (Delivered very firmly)

Therefore, the first step is to become more aware of that. And as I have expressed, the formula is very flexible. You can approach it from one side or from the other. It is not necessary that you move from projection to reflection to choice or reaction. You can approach it from reaction to reflection to projection. What am I reacting to? The reflection. I am reacting to what I see. I am reacting to what I am engaging. What you see and what you are engaging is the reflection. If that is a reflection, what am I doing? Paying attention to what you are feeling and doing, neither solely alone. Either, solely alone, offers you misinformation and likely will trigger associations, and you will be experiencing not now-feelings, but then-feelings. In combination and harmony with each other, paying attention to what you are doing and what you are feeling NOW and what is influencing that, that is the beginning of recognizing what are you projecting? Therefore, what are you creating?

Once again, we return to the distorted movement of female energy. A factor that is significant in this is that there are some aspects of your actions that, as female individuals, you are not much more familiar with now than you ever have been. One of those is sexual. (3)

For millennium, as female gender, you have been instructed by male gender in sexual activity. With your newly discovered and newly being exercised equality, this is one action, one aspect that you have not necessarily explored and developed in that equality, as you have developed other actions. Therefore, when questioning what am I doing? What am I feeling and what am I doing? What type of energy am I projecting? The sexual aspect is a significant one, and especially in relation to fertility, for that is a part of it. If the individual is not comfortable, satisfied, and confident in their own sexuality, in their own sexual expression and experience, this is a contributing factor, for that is a part of the fertility ritual. And I would express that there is a significant majority of female individuals, whether they are participating in this collective energy or not, that even to this time framework present are not comfortable or confident in their own sexual expression or experience. Therefore, that is a beginning point of questioning what type of energy am I projecting? If you are uncomfortable with your own sexuality in addition to the equality factors, it merely lends more energy to dis-functions.

In this, it is also a matter of generating the question, what is my motivation? If I genuinely want to incorporate a child, and I am genuinely expressing from self with that child, and accepting of whatever that essence’s choice is for experience, it is much easier to change the physical manifestation of infertility.

Now; what I am expressing to you is in relation to individuals that are already experiencing infertility, not in general for all female individuals. For it is quite obvious that there are many, many, many, many, many, many female individuals that incorporate no difficulty in generating this action and incorporating children and they also are not necessarily comfortable with their sexuality or sexual activity, but they have not created that situation for that physical manifestation of infertility. Therefore, be clear that in what I am expressing in this particular aspect is specifically in relation to these individuals. Therefore, the method is specifically geared to these individuals, of evaluating. And the evaluation is not enough. It requires action.

The action it requires is to be paying attention, and it is only temporary, but to be concentrating the attention in all that you are doing and discovering what actions do I do each day that contribute to this manifestation, that contribute to that mass expression of equality - that attachment – what actions am I doing each day? And I cannot emphasize enough how all that you do is interconnected. Therefore, regardless of the subject matter, regardless of what it is that you are doing, how you dress yourself, how you interact with other individuals, how you launder your clothes, how you set your table. There are reasons that you do every action that you do. There are influences that are being expressed and that is the reason that you are doing this action in the manner that you are doing it. In that, what actions am I doing that are contributing energy to what I do not want? And how much am I concentrating upon what I do not want? What am I doing that denies myself? Very obvious example in relation to children; an individual that may be experiencing this manifestation of infertility may express a very strong liking and enjoyment of children and may naturally gravitate to other children. But in that, does the individual allow themself to express themself freely or do they restrict themself in relation to what the children’s parents are expressing? Are they denying themself or being subject to what other individuals express is appropriate or not? Are you engaging these other children freely and lovingly for you want to? Or are you engaging them in a compulsion for you are lacking that? Therefore, you are GRASPING at other children.

LYNDA: Hard questions.

ELIAS: Are you engaging other individuals, adults, that incorporate children of their own in a manner of acceptance and welcoming, or are you attempting to instruct them how they should be engaging their children? And even if you are not attempting to actually instruct them, are you observing and are you evaluating and judging within yourself that you know better? This is questionable motivation. It is not genuine motivation. And from that, those types of expressions lend to the energy that you do not want.

Are you interacting with your creatures in an accepting, loving manner as you would with a child, or are you restricting of them? For all of these actions are automatic expressions that are reflecting to you what you are doing, what type of energy you are projecting. Protecting yourself – for you already are judging yourself, for the most part – shielding, questioning, generating conflict, these are all factors and they are significant factors.

Therefore, this is how it begins. For the beginning is the recognition of your own worthiness, your own deservingness, and that that is not earned. If you genuinely want a child, it is not an expression that you must earn by pleasing other individuals or by being good or by being noble. You deserve it for you were born. Therefore, it is already your innate right. This is the difference between goal orientation and passion from genuine self, that YOU ALREADY POSSESS THIS. (Emphasized by clapping one hand onto another with each word)

You already possess countless essences that are willing to engage that agreement. It is your choice of whether you engage it or not. Your body is not attacking you. It is not your enemy and you are not under siege. Your body is a reflection of you, just as any physical manifestation. Therefore it is a matter of allowing, to be genuine. And define, what is my threat? What do I perceive are my own consequences that I am expressing to myself?

Remember, consequences are an invention of your imagination, they are not real. You can generate them being real, but regardless of any situation, they are not real. They are inventions of your imagination. But this is not to say that individuals do not live consequences frequently and continuously. They do. It is a matter of recognizing consequences are not absolute. You are not bound to express them. You can evict them.

Threat is a significant expression to examine. For when you reflect what you do not want, you can be assured that you are doing that for you are being influenced by some threat that you do not recognize yet. But it is present, for that is what motivates that type of energy that you create what you do not want.

I would express an encouragement to any individual that has generated this type of manifestation that it is not absolute; it is not irreversible regardless of what your sciences express. Your body is your own, and it can regenerate in any capacity much greater than any of your sciences recognize yet. Your technology is not so great that it recognizes all of your reality yet. There are many aspects of your reality and your physical existence that remain quandaries to them.

If you can genuinely express your own deservingness and express that in actions, even if you do not believe it initially. Offer yourself rewards for merely being. It is not necessary for you to accomplish any action to reward yourself. Choose some physical manifestation that is important to you. One manifestation that is important to almost all of you is money, commonly speaking. Several times within a day generate an actual physical action of giving yourself one dollar as a reward, that you deserve it merely for the factor that you are breathing. You exist. You have been breathing today. Therefore, you deserve a dollar. And you deserve that dollar several times within the day. And do not engage all of those dollars. Those are your acknowledgement. Therefore, I would even express that for a time framework of six months not to engage any of those dollars, merely continue to collect them. And at the close of six months, count how many dollars you have offered to yourself each day, that this is the accumulation of you deserving for no other reason but that you are breathing.

LYNDA: That’s great, Elias.

ELIAS: And in that, at the close of the six months, you can incorporate those dollars to offer yourself a purchase of a NEW gift, only to yourself in whatever is important to you, as another acknowledgement of what you deserve merely for the reason that you breathe.

LYNDA: I was going to make a joke and say, “Wow, we only have 19 more questions!”

ELIAS: Hahaha!

LYNDA: But you know what, though, the thread of this wonderful answer from you has answered, I would say, several of the questions. So the team and I will go back and look at it all. This is the best! Thank you so much!

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. And you may express my acknowledgement and my greetings to your team.

LYNDA: Okay.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I shall anticipate our next meeting and offer my affection to all.

LYNDA: Thank you.

ELIAS: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour 21 minutes.


(1) Special thanks to Gerhard for organizing Elias Open Sessions. The Open Sessions are an answer to two requests: one is to get information more often on what is presently going on, and two is to give people a chance to ask questions without having a session themselves. For more information and/or to participate in an Open Session go to

(2) The Formula For Creating is offered in Session 3074, October 22, 2011.

Digests: find out more about You Create Your Reality.

(3) Alarm is beeping in background. (Dale’s note: When I was proofing, as the alarm was turned off on the tape, an alarm on my phone began to beep. I found this an accurate example of what Elias was expressing regarding energy reflected. I was distracted by the beeping, therefore reflected it in imagery. Elias, of course, was not distracted.)

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