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Wednesday, March 22, 2000

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Vic’s note: This exchange occurred as Ron was responding via email to Leslie, who had written to several of us a few days prior about her present conflict.

PATEL: As you move into this shift, you may begin to see certain elements of change, as you would term it, but these changes only occur within your objective understanding, for subjectively you already understand. This is why we express to you with great emphaticness that this shift shall be to you what you would term a great movement, but it is what we would term a small step.

Realizing that there is a shift shall be your first step, and then actualizing this shall be the second. The third shall be a slight understanding of this, and fourth shall be no step, for the steps shall be complete.

Within your objective understanding, you shall not see a great change, for as you continue within your everyday existence, so to speak, you are still within your boundaries of physical focus. This is not to say that being nonphysical shall make things more clear, for you are within a cycle of change, so to speak, and within this cycle, there are many things that shall be testing you, so to speak, and shall be giving you examples of issues within this shift.

A small child may be looking to you and asking, “Shall I be wearing shoes or shall I be going barefoot?” How shall you answer? Shall you answer within beliefs, or shall you answer within the subjective knowing that this matter matters not?

These subjects are quickly, so to speak, becoming more prominent, for as the shift expands, so to speak, so does your understanding, and as the understanding expands, so does the acceptance, and in turn, the awareness and the knowingness. This also shall lead to a new, so to speak, understanding of self, which is the main reason we have been interacting with you for much of your time period.

This may be to a certain extent a bit vague, and it has been stated that vagueness may be translated to a more complete understanding. This is why we have also stated that within this steady process, so to speak, you may begin to understand that you have been within closeness to your own subjective self for much longer than you may realize.

This shall be all for now, and I wish you a pleasant and pain-free existence. With much joyfulness, until we next speak, ta!

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