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Saturday, July 01, 2000

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This imagery that you have created a recent, so to speak, noticing of is quite interesting, is it not? I may be able to express certain clarification.

This imagery that you have provided yourselves with cannot be understood within a few words, for it is a great portion of this shift. Wherein you have all realized certain aspects of this shift, you have not accepted fully the significance of the imagery involved.

This progression, so to speak, of this phenomena of this shift is accelerating, and as it accelerates, the objects, so to speak, become blurred. The faster the acceleration, the more blurred the imagery becomes, just as if you were riding upon a merry-go-round, and as the ride moves faster, the visual images become more blurred. If this ride were to accelerate to a speed that within your objective focus would be impossible to imagine, so to speak, these blurry objects would begin to once again become clear; not within your present understanding of this term clear, but within a subjective understanding of the concept that in actuality, there is no physical solidity. Only within your beliefs do objects become solid.

This transparency, so to speak, that would be what you would view if you were to travel upon your ride at great speeds, is the same transparency that you shall view within the acceleration of this shift. This imagery that you have provided has to do with a slight glimpse of this transparency. If you allow yourself to acclimate, so to speak, to this very foreign feeling of dizziness, you may begin to interpret this imagery.

This individual of Holden is in no way threatening to you, for you have created him, just as you have created all things within this reality. This individual may be described as a brake, so to speak, for the purpose of slowing you down, for within this very fast movement, there are concerns created as to well-being: “This ride is now traveling much too fast, and I shall fly off into the cosmos if I allow it to continue.” This is the point. By allowing this ride to continue within its movement, you also allow, within a subjective knowing, an accustomization to this very unfamiliar experience.

This blurring may last for quite some time, in your terms, or may be experienced as merely a glimpse of blurriness. Each individual shall react to this shift within their own manner, for each individual has to sort through each belief within their own individual process, so to speak.

This particular imagery that is currently in question may seem more dramatic than everyday, ordinary, so to speak, imagery. In actuality, it is not. It only seems to be more impacting because you have created it within negative, so to speak, connotations. There is no imagery that is more or less. It is your interpretation of the imagery through your beliefs that gives the imagery its personality, so to speak.

As this shift continues to accelerate, you shall begin to notice a clarity of imagery. Presently, this imagery is still viewed as quite blurry. However, the speed at which this merry-go-round is traveling is beginning to create this transparency, and as the images begin to clear, so do the connections that you have to other individuals. As you begin to allow, you shall also begin to accept, wherein you shall begin to interpret, and in this, understand.

To you all, I wish you a very speedy ride!

Until we next speak, ta!

Vic’s note: This session was based on imagery that Mary and I both had regarding the same person. Our imagery wasn’t exactly the same, but it was very similar in its connotation, which was negative, for the most part. This is unusual for both of us, so I decided to ask Paul about it.

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