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Friday, January 10, 2001

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Greetings, all!

It has been quite some of your time since our previous interaction. Much has transpired, and many new, so to speak, concepts have been introduced. In this, your curiosity has also been heightened, and your thirst for information has greatly increased.

I shall begin within this subject of karma, for this has been requested by Olivia.

This belief has extreme strength within your physical reality and shall be quite difficult for you to accept as a belief, for many, many of you hold it to be truth. This is not to say that it is not truth, for to you, it is; and in that, there may be no other way to look at it, so to speak. However, within the action of this shift in consciousness, there may be other ways to see this.

One [way] may be to look at it as many spiral objects spinning together in unison. As long as the objects maintain a distance from one another, they shall remain spinning in perfect harmony. But if one should become slightly off course, so to speak, and move too closely to another, then the pattern of these spirals shall be affected, and in this, the entire group of spirals may be affected.

This is also true within consciousness, for within consciousness, there is no separation. However, within agreement, certain actions do cause certain reactions. This is not a random reaction; it is an agreed-upon reaction. Within consciousness, there are no accidents, so there may be no responsibility for actions that may cause a reaction, for all things are experienced within the now, and no thing is the effect of another.

You may be viewing an automobile accident wherein the driver of the leading automobile has stopped abruptly. The driver of the following automobile has little choice, in your terms, but to strike the leading automobile. You may consider this action as cause and effect, but within your inner realization, you have witnessed this accident already.

Many times you may be on the verge of some trauma or on the verge of some wonderful, so to speak, experience – or perhaps on the verge of any experience — and you get a glimpse of the experience a split second, so to speak, before the actual encounter. This split second, when analyzed later, so to speak, is so full of information that it would be impossible, in your terms, for this much information to be incorporated into this split second.

All things are now. You only choose, for the most part, to not recognize this. All things are within agreement. You only choose, for the most part, to separate. All things are experience. You only choose, for the most part, to judge.

Karma is a judgment. Judgments are beliefs. Beliefs are explanations you give yourself for the limited understanding that you have of reality, and all that it encompasses, and all that encompasses it.

Until we next speak, ta!

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