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Sunday, May 20, 2001

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Greetings! We shall preface this short discourse with welcoming of Olivia’s energy! She is quite stubborn, is she not?

We shall briefly attend to this matter of fearfulness within energy exchange. This particular situation, which has been addressed to by a particular individual, has been previously spoken of within these sessions. The language used was not necessarily directed toward this individual issue, however.

In this, the information has been expressed, but the situation has not yet been related. In this, we will attempt to bring a note of clarity to this issue.

This individual known to you as Malhai is in no way cause for fearfulness, as are no others, for as you know, this emotion is a belief quite strongly held and revered by you. This feeling expressed by Opan within his interactions within energy may more closely be associated with feelings created by encountering another individual that you have not physically met, but within a gut feeling, so to speak, you know them quite well.

This concept within itself may not be what you would term disturbing or negative, so to speak, but within the framework of the mass encounters, within this already quite confounding reality that you all have created, and within the knowledge that you have created this expression, there may be cause for disturbance.

Within the time framework that you have recently termed the Nazi focus, these two individuals were quite well-known to each other; one being husband, one being wife. This wife within this focus expressed extreme dissatisfaction toward the methods in which this husband presented himself to others. He was, in your terms, quite vicious and harmful toward others. However, he was quite focused within his viciousness.

In this, he was unable to understand his wife’s displeasure toward him, and in this, he felt great fearfulness of losing her. This fearfulness felt by Opan would be bleed-through from this focus.

Uncomfortableness felt by other individuals toward this essence may also be attributed to this focus, in that this wife, being quite fearful herself, was content to shut herself off from nearly all outside contact while attempting to maintain a facade, if you will, of being quite happy and secure.

Vic’s note: This is related to a discussion in Elias’ session 685.

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