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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“You offer MANY avenues of communication to yourself.

“The one avenue that you pay most attention to – almost to the point of being exclusive – in identification of information or your definition of communication is thought.

“Let me express to you, as I have expressed previously recently to other individuals, thought is a tool which has been created in relation to this physical dimension with the express function of defining and interpreting, in objective clarity, the communications that are offered to you through all the other avenues that you have designed for communication. Thought itself is not in actuality the source of communication. Therefore, in itself, its function is not actually communication. Thought is a tool that you incorporate in this physical dimension to be defining, identifying, and interpreting in objective clarity the expressions of communication that you offer to yourself through other avenues.

“Now; those other avenues of communication are expressed through all of your senses – inner and outer senses – through emotion, through impressions, through impulses, and through what you define in your physical experience as a sensing of other expressions of consciousness, none of which are thought, but they are all defined and interpreted through this tool of thought.

“Now; in all that you are creating in physical experiences, you are allowing yourself to be interruptive of your thought process.

“… Now; in creating this interruption of thought, you are beginning to move yourself into a focus of attention within you and your experiences that allows you to notice and pay attention to all of these other avenues of communication.

“You also offer yourself communication through the creation of physical manifestations or physical affectingnesses within the expression of your body consciousness.” [session 753, January 06, 2001]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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