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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“You do not understand how very connected your physical expression is to your consciousness within physical focus. It is necessary. Just as I have expressed it is not a vessel, it is a necessary ‘conscious part element expression’ of your consciousness. It is you. Without proper attention to its needs, it will not function properly, which is quite affecting of your energy.

“Think of yourself as a perfect wheel. You spin and turn and roll quite nicely, quite effortlessly, and very smoothly; but if this wheel becomes damaged and one ‘part’ or aspect of it becomes flattened and square or angular, it will not roll effortlessly. It will thud. It will not work. Therefore, in this same manner, if you are not attentive to your physical expression, it will not ‘work’ either; and without the incorporation of this physical expression, you will not be. Your consciousness may fly around, but you will not be. Therefore, it is important.” [session 82, April 01, 1996]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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