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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“... Remember, your preferences are merely preferred beliefs. Therefore, they are your beliefs that you prefer, and that constitutes your guidelines in association with your truths. Within your truths, there is some element of preference also. They are what is right for you, for this is the manner in which you set your guidelines of how you shall behave and what you shall express. Preferences change, which is also your indicator that they are not absolute and that your truths are not absolute, either.

“What is significant in this type of situation is to recognize what YOUR truth is, your guideline for you, and not to discount that, to recognize what your preference is and not to discount that either, and not to prevent yourself from expressing your preference but not to match energy in opposition with other individuals that you express their unfairness – which generates an energy of matching energy with the other individuals, which is another form of opposition.

“That is the point. It is unnecessary to be opposing. It is unnecessary to compete. In generating that action, you generate an irritation within yourself for you are holding absolutely to your preference and your opinion.

“Your opinion and your preference are not wrong. As I have stated, they are your guidelines. I have expressed from the onset of this forum that although you are shifting and although you are accepting your beliefs, you are not eliminating them, and in not eliminating them, you shall continue to incorporate your own preferences and your own opinions. They are not wrong, for they are YOUR guidelines, but that they do not necessarily apply to other individuals.” [session 1742, April 02, 2005]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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