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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“This is the first step, so to speak, identifying the signal; not the symptom, but the signal [i.e. emotion, impulse, impression, etc.].

“Once you have identified the signal, you may allow yourself to be exploring within self your association with that signal, and in your association with that signal, you allow yourself to move in the exploration of self, and what you are expressing to you in your recognition of you.

“It is not necessarily an action that you may be incorporating in the moment. It may be an association that you are creating, and you offer to yourself, in harmony with each other, two signals – objective and subjective.

“... You are creating the objective expression and the subjective expression simultaneously. They are moving in harmony.

“... Each of you are choosing different expressions objectively that shall present you with the opportunity to be exploring this concept of communication, and exploring the lack of separation between the objective and the subjective expressions.” [session 764, January 24, 2001]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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