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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“... You design the material manifestation within your sleep state. You draw your blueprints within your sleep state. You execute these designs within your waking state, and you manifest the materialization of these. But as I have expressed, you need not actually engage [a] sleep state, just as you may daydream and you are not within your sleep state, but you are within communication and you are engaging subjective information that you may physically materialize, if so choosing.

“... This is how you have designed your physical focus to efficiently proceed. Each area of consciousness has its task, so to speak. Objectively, within your waking state, you create. You create physically. You manifest. Subjectively, within your sleep state and also within other altered states, in your terms, you create; but you create your blueprints for your physical objective manifestation.” [session 166, April 20, 1997]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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