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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“From the onset of [the twentieth] century, this shift has been in movement. It has been initiated at the onset of that century.

“Now; certain time frameworks hold significance in mass movement, and in this, events that have occurred within that time framework of that world war are quite significant and have offered experiential information to many of you, which is significant in allowing you assimilation of objective information that may facilitate your movement into this objectification of this shift, as you continue with it and insert it into your objective reality.

“Now; understand, I have been expressing throughout this forum that there is trauma associated with this shift in consciousness.

“You all associate that statement as applicable to now, or pertaining to events which may occur within the future. I am expressing that statement as an overall statement in relation to the action of this shift in its entirety, which encompasses time frameworks that you also view to be past.” [session 721, November 07, 2000]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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