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Elias ‘‘gems’’

LYNDA: “And why is it that I feel so close to you, Elias? This has nothing to do with fragmentation, right?”

ELIAS: “No. This is merely a knowing of interconnectedness of essence.

“Also, I may express to you that a very large reason that you feel emotionally the expression that you feel in interaction with myself is that you also hold the knowing that I offer to you acceptance. This is the expression of acceptance. It matters not what you express to me, for I offer you acceptance regardless. Therefore, you are acceptable in interaction with myself in every expression and within every movement and moment, and you hold the knowing of this.

“This is not offered in entirety within physical focus in expressions between individuals, but it is offered within essence, and you have offered yourself the opportunity to view this and be interactive with this complete acceptance in drawing yourself to this forum.” [session 399, May 19, 1999]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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