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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“Now: let me express to you, you occupy your thoughts at times with the question of imagination, and you express to yourselves wonderings of what is imagination and what is not imagination.

“You view different experiences within your focus, and you attribute them to imagination. You may encounter another focus of your essence. You may experience differences within your reality. You may allow yourself to be projecting within consciousness. You may be creating of many different types of actions, experiences, and subsequent to the experience, you shall question yourself in that action, as to whether that be your imagination or whether it be reality.

“I shall express to you that your inventions, so to speak, of your dragons and fairies and leprechauns and angels and nymphs and ANY expression that you deem to be imagination is in actuality a memory of an expression that you have encountered or that you are knowing of within consciousness, and is not in actuality what you define as imagination.

“Or, as you view within your physical vision some object to appear differently to you within a moment, and you are blinking of your eyes and expressing to yourself, ‘This must be my imagination that has created this illusion within my vision,’ I express to you, in conjunction with what we have been discussing this evening, no, this is not the identification, in your definition, of imagination. This is reality. You have created it. It has actually occurred.

“What IS imagination is your identification of past and future, for these are illusions. There is no past and there is no future. All that exists is now, a continuous movement of now, and each now creates a past and a future.

‘‘Therefore, in the illusion of your perception, you project your attention into these elusive expressions of past and future, and you reinforce your association with them, as you have designed a physical reality that moves in the fashion of a linear time framework. But even within that linear time framework, all that you create is created NOW.” [session 646, June 17, 2000]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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