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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“Individuals lean in the direction very many times of accepting information that they may receive in opening themselves to these focal points, and they accept the information in absolute, literal terms, which it may NOT BE literal terms which are being expressed to you or that you are connecting to.

“Be remembering that all you create is within the realm of imagery, and all of the information that you access through these focal points holds translation and therefore an element of distortion as filtered through your belief system, and in this should not be considered to be literal or absolute.

“If you are receiving a vision in engaging your tarot cards and you hold a very strong impression that an event shall be occurring, I am expressing to you to not be moving in the direction of creating a belief within yourself that you have offered yourself this vision and therefore it absolutely shall occur, for this is not always the case or the situation. It is imagery.

“At times you may be creating what you have allowed yourself to visualize, but this is not set in stone, so to speak. ALL is within the realm of probabilities and therefore there are no absolutes, and your movement into directions of absolutes is a movement into areas of belief systems and limitations.” [session 315, September 12, 1998]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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