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Elias ‘‘gems’’

ANJULI: “Elias, we were also wondering because I think you said to Bobbi that her son had a focus as Ludwig II, and Margot and Howard, we were discussing how that can be. We had various choices. It could be a fragmentation action, and Howard, what did you say?”

HOWARD: “A temporary vacation of the directing essence could change the energy of the focus consciousness itself.”

ELIAS: “In a manner of speaking, that is actually somewhat accurate. (Group applause) Not ‘vacation,’ for it is the choice of the focus of which essence it shall align with in any time framework as the directing essence.

“The focus may choose. If there are observing essences, the focus may choose to change essences for it is the choice of the focus, which is also significant. For many individuals within this forum that participate with this information continue to devalue somewhat focuses as not being essence, or that essence is the greater expression, or essence is the whole and the focus is the part. They also devalue the choices and the significance of the focuses of attention and the power of each attention, and view the focus of attention as being somewhat subject to the whole of essence, which is quite incorrect.

“This is the reason that I express to all of you repeatedly the significance and the importance of you as individuals, and that you are actually directing yourselves and you are engaging all of the choices that occur within your experiences, even to the choice of which essence you shall align with or be.

“Therefore, in a manner of speaking, there is little difference between an observing essence and a directing essence, for that is not an absolute either, and it may change.” [session 1574, June 05, 2004]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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