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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“Conceptualization is quite a different action from your empathic sense. Your empathic sense, as you are aware, is a mergence with any other element of consciousness, and creates an allowance for you to be objectively assimilating the experience of that aspect of consciousness, regardless of how it may be manifest.

“Now; within conceptualization, this is an allowance of mergence with action; an enabling of yourself, in a manner of speaking – as you identify yourself within this physical dimension – to be merging with the action of a creation.

(Intently) “Concepts are a creation, and in this, as you allow yourself to be merging with the action of the creation – or the concept – you experience the action itself, and this offers you a different type of information. This offers you the ability to be creating different elements objectively within your physical focus without instruction, so to speak.” [session 506, November 24, 1999]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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