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> January - Over 2,800 Visitors!
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January - Over 2,800 Visitors!

Newsletters since March 2002 are available online in the Library, under the letter “N” at:

Since opening our cyberdoors in February 2002, we have served over (266,800) webpages to more than (18,900) users in over 40 countries. January 2003 was our busiest month yet, a great way to complete our first full year on the web! Many thanks to all of you who continue to provide us with tremendous support, constructive suggestions, and email feedback.

Joanne and I want to thank everyone who came to the January 18, 2003 group session in Castaic, CA, hosted by Pat Betzhold with help from Paul Tews. Special thanks to Ron Churchman and Laura Carlson for cooking up a fine Sunday brunch! A great time was had by all. It’s great to see old friends and make new ones. And thanks to everyone who brought food, helped set up, and clean up afterwards. It takes does a village to pull these events off. Even though there was no sound recorded, every effort is being made to piece together various audio tapes in order for the session to be transcribed.

Reminder: Lynda Symans is hosting a March 15th, 2003 group session in Brattleboro, VT. For group and private session info, there is more info below and permanent links at the bottom of our homepage:

If you use this newsletter and website, please take a minute to let us know what you think. Your feedback helps us to make them easier to use and add new resources and features.

Best Wishes,

Paul & Jo Helfrich
Castaic, California, USA

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Gem of the Month

The Gem of the Month is a regular feature that provides an excerpt from a recent transcript that captures a snapshot of essential Elias.

This month’s Gem comes from Neal’s private session:

NEAL: “I think I’d like to proceed along the lines of my engagement of duplicity in relationship to my own beliefs and mass consciousness beliefs in regards to my manifestation of this new vehicle, that I’ve been trying to move into joy with – at least in the last few hours here – but that I’ve been engaged in over the last three or four days.”

ELIAS: “Very well. Offer to me the nature of your concern and conflict.”

NEAL: “I’m looking for an understanding that will allow me to create this car with less conflict than what I’ve experienced. From my point of view, logically, somebody else should ... I’m trying to do something that should, at least in mass consciousness beliefs, be an easy process, and trying to make it easy as far as getting a loan for the car as far as manifesting the money – that seems to grow every time I talk to the people involved – that they want for a down payment.

“I find that every time I feel that it’s going to be easy, something else comes up. I know I’m playing a part in it and I accept that, but there are also other people whose choices are involved. I’m just trying to understand, how can I make it more fun? How can I get there easier? How can I make it less stressful on myself?”

ELIAS: “The key in what you are expressing that you may allow yourself to pay attention to is your belief concerning the involvement of other individuals. What you are presenting to yourself is a demonstration of mass beliefs in relation to the concept that you create your reality.

“In this, what you are creating is the following of the mass belief of the method of how you create your reality, and in following that method, you are presenting to yourself the opportunity to view how that method in actuality does not accomplish what you expect. This, in actuality, is offering you not merely an example but an actual experience in what does not fit in the new reality.

“Now; let me offer to you an explanation. There are mass beliefs expressed in relation to your new expression of metaphysics, in your vernacular what you identify as your New Age of thinking, so to speak. These mass beliefs express to you specific methods that you may engage and apply within your movement that shall allow you to create what you want. But in actuality, you are not moving into creating this shift in consciousness within your focus in the future; you are already altering and have altered aspects of your actual physical reality in alignment with this shift in consciousness. Therefore, the methods that may have been incorporated previously in alignment with mass beliefs no longer fit the reality that you are presently creating.

“Now; in explanation of what the methods are and what is NOT fitting in your present reality, you may allow yourself to recognize what you have engaged. You have stepped clearly into the method expressed through mass beliefs: direct your thoughts to the object of what you want, visualize what you want, concentrate your objective thinking attention in this visualization of the object – in this scenario, the vehicle – express to yourself that you trust yourself that you shall manifest this, and subsequently create action that shall produce the manifestation of what you want.

“Now; this is the identification of the method of the movement in alignment with the mass beliefs. Underlying, that method is the identification of manipulating your energy to override obstacles that may be potentially expressed that may block your ability to create what you want in obtaining this vehicle. There are also underlying expressions of associations that you are co-creating with other individuals. You have expressed all of these identifications in your brief offering of your conflict.

“Now; the reason you are experiencing difficulty and conflict and you are expressing discouragement and anxiety is that you are attempting to be incorporating the familiar in the method, which in actuality does not fit any longer in the movement of your reality.

“First of all, I shall express to you, you are NOT co-creating. It matters not what the choices are that are expressed by other individuals. As you present physical manifestations of other individuals and their choices to yourself, you are creating an actual physical projection through your perception of the interaction between yourself and other individuals.

“The other individuals, as you have stated, are aligning with the mass beliefs and are expressing this to you in alignment with established mass beliefs concerning acceptable and unacceptable business transactions, conventional transactions and interactions. You are attempting to be allowing yourself to express unconventional transactions and interactions, but the alignment with the beliefs continues to be expressed. It matters not that your thought process expresses to you that you are not aligning with the mass beliefs. You ARE aligning with the mass beliefs and you are expressing them within yourself, and therefore you are reflecting that precisely to yourself through the mirror of the interaction with the other individuals.

“You also associate with the belief that what you are creating is attaining an object that you do not possess yet. Therefore, you are once again attempting to fit the square peg into the round hole of your reality presently, for you are not attaining this object from someone else, you are creating it. YOU are manifesting it. You already possess it; it is merely a matter of inserting it into your objective physical reality through the projection of your perception, which creates all of your physical-matter reality. It also creates the other individuals that you are interacting with. You directly interact with the expression of energy projected by the other individuals, but what you interact with in actual physical manifestation is YOUR creation.

“In this, what you are expressing struggle with is the actual redefining of your reality. It is not the manifestation of the vehicle or the interaction with other individuals that is creating great challenge within yourself. What is being expressed in great challenge is turning the wheel of your attention to be steering the ship of your perception in a different direction, and recognizing in genuineness the reality that YOU are actually creating all of these actions and that you are choosing all of these actions. They are not occurring TO you. You are creating them yourself, even the other individuals. You are creating them, also.

“Let me express to you, my friend, this particular design of perception is a wondrous instrument, for it precisely, immaculately and clearly reflects to you what you are creating in every detail. You present to yourself interaction with other individuals that appears to you to be blocking your ability to manifest what you want, and these individuals are precisely reflecting to you the identification of your own beliefs and doubts, your own alignment with the methods that do not actually create what you want.

“Your thoughts do not create your reality. Your thoughts are designed to interpret and translate communications, information. Visualization moves very closely in alignment with thought, and merely that you visualize a want is not what shall actualize that want; the perception is what shall actualize. You have presented yourself with a tremendous opportunity to view quite clearly your alignment with mass beliefs expressed within your metaphysics, mass beliefs expressed within the conventional societal movements, and your own challenge to be redefining your individual reality.

“Let me express to you, my friend, in turning your attention to self and offering yourself permission to create what you want yourself, without the insertion of any other individual, you may offer yourself the recognition of a tremendous new freedom. In a manner of speaking, what you have been expressing in movement recently, in your terms, is an action of attempting to bulldoze over and through the choices of other individuals, associating within your beliefs that they are co-creating with you.

“I may express to you, in turning your attention to you, you may allow yourself to bulldoze through your hill of doubting of your own ability to be creating every aspect of your reality and to flatten the hill of beliefs that express to you that you may merely create some aspects of your reality but that other aspects of your reality are dictated to you by other individuals or situations or circumstances.

“Literally, it matters not what other individuals choose, for they are not creating your reality, they are not creating your perception, and they do not dictate to you what your choices may or shall be. The key is genuine trust of your abilities.” (Pause)

NEAL: “Thank you.”

ELIAS: “I may also express to you, your preoccupation with time framework is also an alignment with your beliefs, for you have created an association within yourself that if you are not manifesting the accomplishment of what you want within a particular time framework, you have failed. You will have failed to offer yourself your validation, and the association with the failure is reinforced with your belief that if you are not manifesting this want within a particular time framework, the more movement of time that passes the more difficult it shall be for you to manifest – which in actuality is incorrect, for time matters not.

“In trusting yourself genuinely in your ability to create what you want regardless of what you view is being expressed outside of yourself, you may create the manifestation of that want within any moment. But the involvement of your preoccupation with time is also offering you information, for it also reinforces your belief that you do not already possess what you want, you are acquiring this want – and you are not acquiring at all. All that may be, all that can be, all that will be, all that is in potential is already possessed within you. I am not speaking figuratively or metaphorically.

“The vehicle is comprised of links of consciousness which configure themselves together to create what you physically associate and define as atoms, which configure themselves together to be creating specific materials that you identify as metals and cloths and oils. It matters not; all of these physical configurations of atoms are in actuality groupings and configurations of links of consciousness. They are all expressed within you, and you are directing of them. This is the most basic identification of you as consciousness.

“I am aware that your identification of your physical reality concerning this vehicle is that in another physical location of your planet other individuals are busily moving, forming together the assembly of a vehicle which is transported to another physical location and offered to other individuals [who] present this vehicle to what you view as your public, your society; and you move yourself to a particular physical location, view a particular vehicle that already exists, that has been created and produced by other individuals and is now being sold by another individual, and you shall move through the process of purchasing this vehicle which has been created by other individuals and is being sold by another individual and acquired through purchase by yourself.

“This is the illusion; this is the game. This is the physical movement of play, of interaction that you offer to yourself in relation to this physical dimension and your interaction with other individuals. It is the expression of the physical design of your game in this physical reality.

“In actuality this is the illusion. For you are the other individuals and YOU assemble this vehicle, and in actuality the vehicle that you believe you are acquiring you have actually physically configured through your perception, and this is your design, your manifestation. The vehicle that you perceive to be purchasing and that you actually allow yourself to drive away inside of shall be manifest in that moment.

“You have not inserted it into your reality yet, for you are occupying your attention not with the actual manifestation of the vehicle but in the process, for this is offering you much information in relation to how you create your reality and offering you the opportunity to actually view in this process your movement, your beliefs, your expressions, how you steer your perception through your attention, how all of these expressions and movements interplay to be creating your reality.

“This in actuality, my friend, is a wondrous gift that you are offering to yourself, a breakthrough, so to speak, in your expression of relationship with yourself: an allowance of yourself to identify the influencing beliefs, the automatic responses, the automatic associations, the methods incorporated, the obstacles that are automatically expressed in association with the methods and beliefs, the importance of trust in your abilities, and the recognition of the genuineness of what has been thus far a concept that you actually create every element and every expression of your reality. What a wondrous example you have offered to yourself in objective imagery and in interaction with other individuals.

“In this, you engage interaction with myself to be clarifying and also to be reminding yourself that you are not eliminating the beliefs, you are merely allowing yourself an awareness of them, recognizing their existence, your alignment with them, and allowing yourself the opportunity to create choice rather than automatic response, which offers you freedom.

“My friend, do not be discounting of yourself. You choose, at times, depending upon the intensity of your desire in a particular time framework, to be creating scenarios in experiences of intensity that shall motivate you objectively to genuinely examine and explore precisely how you are creating any particular aspect of your reality. As we have spoken previously, this is expressed in a very strong curiosity within you.”

NEAL: “I do like to explore.”

ELIAS: “The exploration of the mechanisms and how they create. Therefore, you are engaging exploration of your own mechanisms and how YOU create your actual reality. And you are correct in your identification that you are offering to yourself the examination of what you believe to be the creating of the impossible, not merely in relation to other individuals or your society or mass beliefs or challenging the concept of co-creation as opposed to the concept of you creating all of your reality, but also the presentment of the impossibility that you actually produce and manifest a physical object of this magnitude.” (Pause)

“This is, in your terms, physically, a larger presentment of manifesting the apple within your hand. Ha ha ha ha!”

NEAL: “At least we do have the color correct, don’t we? (Elias laughs loudly) In this process I’ve looked at a couple cars, but I feel that this one is more in alignment with my intent.”

ELIAS: “And it is providing you with much imagery, correct?”

NEAL: “Absolutely, absolutely.”

ELIAS: (Laughs) “My suggestion to you, my friend, is to be continuing your exploration and your examination of HOW you are creating your reality, turning your attention to your actual abilities and trusting yourself, and to be expressing this in playfulness.

“You have allowed yourself in this process to become quite serious, and in that seriousness you are also expressing much more tension and conflict. Your focus shall not discontinue in this particular exploration. (Chuckles) You are merely exploring your abilities, my friend; be playful in your exploration. You engage a GAME of physical reality. In actuality, all of consciousness occupies itself in playing the game of discovery and exploration, and it is expressed in many, many, many dimensions and areas of consciousness, and it is playful.” (Pause)

NEAL: “So if by turning my attention to the playful experience, I’m inserting it in my reality, though I...”

ELIAS: “And trusting yourself that you do in actuality hold the ability to manifest what you want regardless of how it appears outwardly to be impossible, for it matters not. No other individual is dictating to you. No other individual is manifesting your reality. YOU are manifesting your reality.”

NEAL: “Well, it has been a bulldozing experience so far. (Elias laughs) And I’ve felt that type of shift that this experience can actualize within me.”

ELIAS: “Correct.”

NEAL: “I won’t have to do it this way ever again, but...”

ELIAS: “And I may express to you, my friend, do not snare yourself in the expression of this belief, for it is not a question of whether you HAVE TO create in this manner again or whether you have to create in this manner in this present now. You are CHOOSING purposefully in this now to be creating in this manner, to offer yourself information in your exploration; and you may be choosing futurely, but they are choices.

“I may express to you, the difference of the choices is that in this present now you are choosing automatic responses in alignment with beliefs, and you are not offering yourself a clear objective awareness yet of other choices that you also incorporate, for you are discounting and doubting of your ability to be creating of all of your reality, and you are questioning whether you actually do create all of your reality or does another individual co-create certain aspects of your reality.

“Therefore, you are questioning and examining in this experience, and as I have stated many times previously, experience offers you knowledge, for it offers you an actual recognition and understanding of the concepts that you present to yourself. Without the expression of the experience in your physical dimension and reality, concepts remain precisely that, concepts, and you do not understand objectively and insert them into your actual reality until you offer yourself the experience of the concept – and this is what you are presenting to yourself now.” [session 894, August 31, 2001]

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Recently Published Transcripts: January 2003

Thanks to Bobbi Houle, Paul Tews, Margot Reed, Daryl Horton, and Fran Wing, new transcripts are published weekly. Also, if you or someone you know wants to get ON or OFF the email list to receive new transcripts, contact Bobbi H. at Please specify a preference, either MS Word or Plain Text.

> Session 888, Thursday, August 23, 2001
“Relationship Issues and Beliefs”

> Session 889, Thursday, August 23, 2001
“Death and Transition”
“Easing from the Familiar into the Unfamiliar”
“Applying ‘It Matters Not’”

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“The Battle Between the Large Dog and the Small Dog”
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“Ringing in the Ears”

> Session 894, Friday, August 31, 2001
“Manifesting a Car”
“You Are NOT Co-Creating”

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Power Users Tip of the Month - Public Email Lists

This month we're going to take a look at email lists where you can explore the information offered by Elias. First, a bit of cyber-history. The very first list was a Forum set up by Ron Churchman and Vicki Pendley on AOL sometime in 1996. Many early Elias readers came to learn about this phenomenon and interact through this Forum. As more and more people became interested, and since the AOL Forums were proprietary at the time (meaning you had to be a paid AOL customer to access it) there became a need to create a publicly available forum.

Enter Gerhard Fuchs of Vienna, Austria who created the first public list on what was to become Yahoo! Groups in early 1999. The advent of Gerhard's list, along with the rapid evolution of the Internet, saw a decline in the original AOL forum.

This brings us to February 2003 where there are presently two public lists freely available to anyone with Internet access and a web browser. They have their own unique focus, flavor, and style of moderation:

The Elias List on Yahoo! Groups, moderated by Gerhard Fuchs <> focuses primarily on Elias, with forays into other conscious creation material.

The NewWorldView Discussion Forums, moderated by Paul Helfrich <> and Ellen Gilbert <> provides three related lists: Conscious Creation, Dream-Art Science, and The Inner Visions Journal. They use the Seth material as a point of departure, but strongly encourage an integral discussion that includes other conscious creation sources, including Elias. The overall focus is to build bridges between science, art, AND spirit without limiting the discussion to any single source. Needless to say, this is a real challenge!

There are many different ways to participate in an email list. Frequently Asked Questions include:

How can I focus a topic?
What is the definition of a topic?
What topics and ideas are you interested in?
What are some regular topics that generate discussions?
Who is your audience?
What if no one responds to my post?
How quickly should I reply to my first response?
Does the way my post looks affect its impact?
How can I sharpen the focus of my ideas?
What is the subtext of a post?
Apples and oranges syndrome; the cause of many disagreements.
How can I keep a topic from turning into a destructive conversation?

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Saturday, March 15th, 2003 at 1:00 p.m. Cost is $50.00

Hosted by Lynda Symans
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Make checks payable to: Lynda Symans. She’d like to have everyone’s group session fee by February 1st 2003.

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