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Sunday, February 24, 2003

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ďThere Is No ĎInner SelfíĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Steve.

(Eliasí arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

STEVE: Oh, is this Elias?

ELIAS: (Laughs) How shall we proceed?

STEVE: Iíve got to get used to your rhythm of voice, here. Now say it again.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) How shall we proceed?

STEVE: All right, Iíve got you now. Iím with you now. My name is Steve L., I am out here in Orange, California, and I have kind of a wild tale to tell you.

ELIAS: Very well.

STEVE: My story is... Let me see, Iíve got the notes here. This is the title of why I wanted to see you. I have what I think might be some very extraordinary psychic ability, actually telepathic, and that is being blocked 99.9 percent of the time by this medical problem that I have, which I shall describe as a factor in my blood that letís just say Iíd like to get rid of that physiological problem so I can reach my full potential psychically. I know that your main goal is to make this shift in consciousness easier; maybe I can do something psychically to help that along in return. But at any rate... Can you hear me okay?


STEVE: All right. Letís see, this physiological problem, this medical problem started in 1984. I would get a lot of sore throat viruses, and so I was looking for ways to stimulate my immune system. I read that tilarginine, an amino acid, stimulated the immune system, and so I took that around the clock for a couple of days, a pill of it, and set off what apparently is an unusual factor made by my immune cells that gets in my blood stream. It causes excess bone growth, and it causes an unusual muscle contraction centered in my throat and mouth. Itís been with me now 17 years. It also puts a mean block on my neuro transmitters in my brain, weíll say, and in doing so, sort of stifles most of this psychic ability. I get little glimpses of it, though, when this factor sort of goes into hibernation for a few seconds or a minute or whatever. I have been able to do some quite interesting psychic things, but it doesnít usually do that, and I... Actually, it hasnít been doing it at all.

Now I know your theories, somewhat, from reading you. Iíve been trying to cram it all in at the last minute, because I did mostly Seth before I realized that you existed. I understand that you would say that I created this disease. First of all, let me ask you this. I am not quite sure I understand this. When you say that ďweĒ created, do you mean what Seth would call the inner self? My inner self created it, is that what you would be saying?

ELIAS: Define your association with ďinner self.Ē

STEVE: He says that I am talking to you right now with my walk-around, conscious, earthly mind. He calls that ďego,Ē and then he says that the inner self is something that weíre not really consciously aware of, that it combines with other peopleís inner selves to create matter and to have veto power over our ego if we go too far a field of the rules. Does that help you at all?

ELIAS: I am understanding; let me clarify. For I shall express to you, although I recognize what this essence was expressing and the intention associated with the expression, I may offer to you that there is somewhat of an element of distortion in this explanation.

Now; let me express to you, you do incorporate in this physical reality two awarenesses: one, objective; one, subjective.

STEVE: You said ďobjective reality.Ē And by the way, I see that word ďobjectiveĒ and ďsubjectiveĒ in your writings. By ďsubjective,Ē do you mean inner self, and by ďobjective,Ē do you mean what Seth calls your walk-around, everyday, conscious ego? Is that what you mean by that or not?

ELIAS: Figuratively speaking, yes, although what I am expressing to you in the identification of the objective and the subjective awarenesses is somewhat more detailed. Let me express to you, as I have many times previously, I am understanding the explanation which has been offered by this other essence in association with your beliefs.

Now; contrary to your beliefs, the subjective awareness is NOT hidden from you; and it is not directing you in manners that may be in any means contrary to the objective awareness. This is an important and significant point. For in association with your beliefs, you think that there is some aspect of yourself, which you may term to be the inner self, that directs you at times and creates things within your reality without your permission or without your awareness. This is, in actually, quite incorrect.

Now; it is correct that objectively many times you may be unaware of precisely what you are creating or for what reason, but it is not a situation in which that information is concealed from you. It is merely that you do not pay attention, and paying attention to your own movements and your own communications is an unfamiliar action to you all. But as I have stated, this is not to say that any of this information is hidden from you or concealed, for it is not.

Now; this being stated, I may say to you there is no inner self, so to speak, that creates manifestations within your reality that you may not be aware of objectively, if you are paying attention. In this, there is no other you that is creating your reality. It is all YOU, creating.

STEVE: In trying to figure out why this factor remains, I have this system that I have devised, and it may be completely bogus. You can probably tell me. Whereas I ask a question like ďdid my inner self create this block or is it causing this factor to continue to cause me problems for some reason,Ē if the answer is true, Iíll get a certain physiological reaction. Iíll get a muscle contraction increase from this factor I told you about. If the answer is false, I donít get that increase.

Iíve been able to ask a bunch of these questions about stuff and get answers from god knows where but Iíve always assumed it was kind of my inner self that was doing the answering. It has told me, during the times when I was probably most proficient at this, that yes, the inner self did create this. So maybe thatís what you mean, that I have the ability to know what this inner self is creating if I pay attention. But that seems to be the only way I know, because otherwise I donít seem to have the neurological structure that some psychics have, of kind of tapping into their inner self. I just donít seem to have that. Maybe you can have me develop it, but maybe I donít even need to if I can use this other method to tap into the answers.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

STEVE: By the way, when I do use that method and I get true and false answers, what am I tapping into, exactly?

ELIAS: You are tapping into yourself and your communications.

Now; let me offer you an explanation of what you are actually doing. In this, the objective and the subjective awarenesses are always in harmony with each other, but they are expressed differently. The subjective awareness is quite precise and accurate, and I may also express to you that it does direct the physical body consciousness.

Now; in this...

STEVE: Wait a minute, Elias. Physical body consciousness Ė by that do you mean this directs the physical body, period?

ELIAS: And all of its functionings and all that it manifests.

Now; the subjective awareness also is continuously expressing communications to the objective awareness in many different manners. This allows for a continuous interaction and harmony between these two awarenesses. But they function, as I have stated, differently.

The objective awareness receives the communications from the subjective awareness and generates objective imagery. All that you view, all that you experience within your waking state is a projection of imagery. Therefore, it is the expression of the communications. But the element of confusion associated with the objective awareness is that objective imagery is very abstract. Therefore, for one communication, one precise action that the subjective awareness may engage, the objective awareness may create thousands of different types of imagery.

STEVE: Define imagery a little again, if you will.

ELIAS: Imagery may be recognized as any manifestation or expression that you generate within your waking state and...

STEVE: Such as?

ELIAS: Such as engaging conversation with myself. STEVE: Itís everything I do or think.


STEVE: Itís actually generated by my inner self, as Seth would call it, and you would call it subjective awareness.

ELIAS: No. Your subjective awareness generates an action. It does not generate imagery. It creates actions, which are quite precise and definite.

STEVE: What is an action?

ELIAS: Let me offer an example. Perhaps, in a hypothetical example, the subjective awareness of an individual may be generating an action of identifying protection, and identifying the individualís associations with the belief of...

STEVE: Generating protection?

ELIAS: It is not generating protection; it is generating an identification of the individualís association with that belief. Are you understanding thus far?

STEVE: I donít know what that last sentence meant. Generating an identification... I donít know what identification means, exactly.

ELIAS: A recognition of.

STEVE: Generating a recognition of... What was the rest of it?

ELIAS: How an individual associates with the belief of protection.

STEVE: Protection of what?

ELIAS: Just the belief of protection, in general. It is identifying a belief which is expressed by the individual. Are you following?

STEVE: Well, I suppose, more or less.

ELIAS: Now; once the subjective awareness is incorporating the action of identifying the belief, it projects a message, a communication to the objective awareness. This is not your thinking; it is your awareness.

Now; that communication is received, and your objective awareness automatically responds and creates imagery associated with the communication.

Now; the communication has been expressed in relation to the belief of protection; how the objective awareness responds is to generate imagery. Perhaps the individual shall engage an action of locking their door or shall engage an action of incorporating some type of physical insurance, or the individual may express a carefulness in their interaction with other individuals.

Now; do you see how one identification subjectively may be imaged in many different manners objectively? One subject...

STEVE: What I hear you saying is that the subjective shoots out a general sort of concept and then the objective takes that and makes it kind of bud into different specific behaviors or activities.

ELIAS: I am understanding your understanding of this concept, but in actuality the subjective expression is not general. It is specific. It is identifying one subject.

STEVE: Protection is a pretty open-ended word. It could apply to a million different things. The subjective throws that out, but it doesnít qualify it in any way.

ELIAS: Correct, for this is not the function of the subjective. This is the point of how abstract the objective awareness is, for the subject is specific and it is merely one subject, but the objective awareness creates many different directions and expressions which may be associated with that one subject.

STEVE: Thank you for that. Can I return to the problem at hand, which is... I know what you mean when you say ďintent.Ē I read that last night. Is my intent of my subjective awareness for me to reach my telepathic potential or for me not to reach it? Whatís its basic intent for my life?

ELIAS: I may express to you that this question is slightly more black and white than may be actually applied to your individual intent in this focus. For you are viewing this situation in terms of absolutes, and it is not associated with absolutes. Your intent, in this focus, is to be expressing what you term as psychic abilities, but not necessarily in what may be viewed as conventional manners.

Now; your question is associated with what you have created physically and that you view this to be blocking and interrupting your abilities psychically. To this point that has been the situation, for you are not entirely acknowledging different abilities. It is not that you may not access information, but that you have created a manifestation within your focus which in a manner of speaking requires you to engage your creativity and to express your abilities in different manners.

STEVE: My most spectacular, weíll call it, telepathic expression has been, for example, on occasion I have been able to energize simply by intending it I think virtually every person in the world in an instant, and that has been proven to me in various ways.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

STEVE: In doing so, I am able to stimulate their immunity for about a minute each time I intend this, and their healing systems. So I could do some major healing, a major healing of the human race that way. Thatís one thing I can do. Other things I have done in the area of the stock market, blah-blah-blah. But itís mostly telepathic, what I have.

But what I suspect is that, reading some of you and some of Seth, there seems to be some rules of the road as to what itís appropriate to be doing, and to do certain things, to read peopleís minds without their permission or to heal them without permission is against... Maybe even to make money in a certain way, psychically, maybe gambling is without approval, which might be intrusive and might be against the rules. I sort of suspected maybe this block was created because I am using my telepathic ability in ways that the rules are set that youíre not supposed to, and until I learn exactly how I am supposed to use it ethically, that block will remain. Now is that correct or incorrect?

ELIAS: Figuratively speaking, it is correct, although not quite in the terms that you have expressed.

STEVE: Will you tell me exactly what the deal is on that? Thatís the most important question Iíll ask you, probably.

ELIAS: Very well. My choice of the example of protection has not been accidental. I have incorporated that subject purposefully, for what you have created is associated with protection, protection of yourself and of your abilities.

Now; not protection from some outside expression, but in a manner of speaking, you have created this physical manifestation in a type of protection of yourself in relation to your own abilities, preventing yourself from being intrusive in association with other individuals and with your world.

I am quite aware of your evidence that you have offered to yourself concerning your abilities, and you are correct. You do incorporate these abilities and so does also every other individual within your physical reality. But most individuals do not tap certain abilities, and therefore they are latent qualities and they are not expressed. You have tapped them, and therefore you do incorporate an objective awareness of the powerfulness of yourself as essence and what you can create.

STEVE: Pretty awesome, isnít it?

ELIAS: Yes! But although you do incorporate tremendous power, that power may be expressed in manners that are intrusive. You have created a manifestation to prevent yourself from generating that type of action. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, you have created a protection of yourself from your own abilities.

STEVE: Is that what initiated this factor seventeen years ago? I remember I was in a bar in Newport Beach called The Red Onion just before that happened. I am a pretty disliked person; I think I have a tone of voice that sounds kind of know-it-all-ish or overly proud of myself, so people generally almost always donít like me. (Elias laughs) Yeah, I know; itís funny. But Iím in this bar, and Iím trying this method. Iíve tried various methods to overcome that. So, Iím saying to myself in my mind, ďI love this girl I am talking to.Ē I donít say it out loud; I just say it in my mind. I suppose I was trying to project that to her. But maybe I was implanting that into her mind, because I talked to a couple of the ladies in there that actually didnít seem like they disliked me like they usually do.

In retrospect, years later, I thought well, I guess this factor was laid on me right after that. Maybe I was kind of tapping into my psychic abilities then, because I was extremely stoned on pot. I am much more psychic when I am stoned on pot. So I was probably, maybe actually succeeding in doing it, and this protection thing/sign came up and said no, youíre not going to start doing this all around the world until you learn the rules. Is that what happened?

ELIAS: Figuratively speaking.

STEVE: Iíll be darned!

ELIAS: Not absolutely, but figuratively speaking. For what...

STEVE: So did the girls get the message and thatís why they were interested in me?


STEVE: I actually transplanted the idea ďI love youĒ into their minds, and that intrigued them and interested them in me?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. It is not exactly what you are expressing, it is not an action in which you transplant a thought to another individual, but what you have created is generating a specific projection of energy, which was received, and that created an influence in the configuration of energy of the other individuals.

Now; this is significant, for as I have stated many times previously, generally speaking throughout your physical dimension, the individuals participating in your physical reality are open and automatically allow and receive energy. This is an automatic action that, generally speaking, all of you incorporate.

STEVE: But when I would do this when I was not stoned on pot, it would have zero effect on the person, that I could discern. It would only work when I was stoned. Therefore, I was thinking maybe we all have this ability, but our neurons have to be kind of like altered for it to get into the consciousness units and travel. Otherwise, weíre not able to express this unless we alter our state a little bit.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, but I am understanding that most individuals do perceive that they need to be incorporating some type of focal point, whether it be a substance or an object, to allow themselves to generate these types of abilities. In actual terms, it is unnecessary to incorporate any focal point, but it matters not, for it is also acceptable to incorporate a focal point, such as any type of substance, to allow you to generate a state of relaxation to a point in which you defocus and allow yourself more of an ease in generating certain abilities associated with inner senses.


STEVE: Oh, Elias, thereís more to marijuana than relaxation. It actually sort of obliterates the so-called left side of the brain for a while and allows your right brain to take over, and you go into a true altered state. I mean, you visualize things completely differently, and so, you know, itís more than just relaxation.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, the substance itself incorporates no powers. It is the strength of your beliefs that generate those states. Regardless of your sciences, regardless of what may be expressed in research, so to speak Ė which is quite antiquated Ė I may express to you quite genuinely that what creates these types of effects is the influence in the strength of the individualís beliefs. You may experience that type of expression, and another individual may incorporate the same action in relation to this substance of marijuana and they may experience no effects.

STEVE: Listen, Elias, weíre within about 12 minutes of the end, so I better hit you with two quick questions. Iíll make another appointment, because we just kind of tapped the surface here, if you donít mind. Is that okay?

ELIAS: Very well, I am understanding. I may express to you, this is quite an interesting subject matter that you have offered and may incorporate much information in association with it.

STEVE: Well, thatís good, because I was afraid you would be kind of bored. I was hoping that you wouldnít be, but you never know. (Elias laughs) Thatís a good laugh of yours; I like that.

So anyway, one question is that this factor does have one silver lining. It gives me the ability to know when and by how much my immune system is being stimulated. Thatís allowed me to find things that stimulate human immune systems that werenít previously known.

The most profound one is to put your hands in the same position as the human fetus and likewise to put a piece of cotton in your ears, which puts pressure against a point that the fetus touched with his fingertip when he explored his ear. That triggers a profound healing mechanism thatís in all of us, and you can basically cure a cold in an average time of about two hours. It usually takes a human about seven to nine days. All the things Iíve tested and all the people I tested it on had the same reaction. It cures depression in like one day, and all sorts of physiological effects.

Now, this is the most important medical discovery, in my humble opinion, in all time. (Elias laughs) I have a website that describes it. Three thousand people have read it; three years have gone by; it does not take off. People are skeptical; people donít try it. Nobody writes me and says, ďYou know what, youíre right.Ē Is there a mass consciousness block on this information being accepted because the human race is not ready to have their diseases virtually wiped out overnight because they use these diseases to teach themselves stuff? Or is this just a natural skepticism about new things, that is not a mass consciousness block based on what I said?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily a block at all. But you are partially correct in both of your associations, for one expression is somewhat of a skepticism in association with new and unfamiliar expressions.

STEVE: Is it more that than the other?

ELIAS: No. The other is that individuals generate dis-ease for a reason, and they do not always choose to discontinue the expression of dis-ease. Therefore, let me express to you, no individual generates any expression of dis-ease without a purpose. They shall continue to generate that manifestation to the point in which they have explored that experience or have offered themselves sufficient information that they are attempting to explore. Some individuals, more than you recognize, choose to be generating expressions of dis-ease and not to be discontinuing them.

STEVE: But itís not a mass consciousness agreement to suppress this, then?

ELIAS: No, it is associated with individuals.

STEVE: By the way, do you agree that it is the way I described it, as far as its ability to heal?

ELIAS: Yes, but it is also dependent upon the individual that incorporates that action and their openness to the action that they engage. It is also associated with the individualís beliefs, for that may also be influencing of whether they allow themselves to generate the desired expression or not.

STEVE: Let me just say to Mary, when she listens to this, the website is You can try it yourself. So, Elias, would you say this is as I say Ė humbly, mind you Ė that this is the most important medical discovery of all time?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, but I shall acknowledge you and express to you that it is well done. (Chuckles)

STEVE: Well, I am not being proud. Iím just...

ELIAS: I am understanding.

STEVE: Iím trying to get you to say that this works better than anything weíve ever had.

ELIAS: It IS quite significant.

STEVE: All right, there you go. Thank you very much. (Elias chuckles) I am not blowing my own horn in any sense on this; I am not trying to say I am some great guy...

ELIAS: I am understanding.

STEVE: ...even if I sound that way.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I am quite understanding, my friend, and I am quite aware that you are not boasting.

STEVE: Right, because it wasnít exactly some great thing that I did, anyway, because Iíve got this factor that gives me this advantage over everybody else in that regard. I just might have found it harder than somebody else might have.

The last question Ė weíve got five minutes here, four Ė is I laid this block, this factor on myself for the reasons that I stated... And by the way, right now I am being intentional. Iíve got this terrible, terrible self-important tone in my voice, and I hope thatís not carried over into your hemisphere because itís just so irritating to the listener. And Mary, please forgive me, I donít always sound this proud of myself. I try the best I can to tone it down, but right now I am struggling to be fast and so itís really excessive. But anyway...

ELIAS: (Laughs) Let me express to you, my friend, there is no need for apology. I am quite aware of your energy! (Chuckles)

STEVE: Thank you for that. Okay, I lay this factor on myself to block, and as soon as I learn the rules Ė and I think I have by now Ė why donít I relent and let this factor go so that I can live my life the way I want to and be psychic and heal people with permission and all that? Why doesnít it let go? Are there still some things I havenít learned yet that I am supposed to learn?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

STEVE: What havenít I learned that I am supposed to learn? Iím not going to do anything to somebody without permission; Iím not going to read anybodyís mind that doesnít want it read. What is it that my subjective thinks I am going to do with this that I am not supposed to?

ELIAS: It is a matter of motivation, my friend, and acknowledgment of other individualsí abilities also. It is a matter of recognizing genuinely that although you may be expressing certain abilities, you do not incorporate any greater abilities than any other individual within your physical dimension. You continue to express this manifestation to the point that you acknowledge the abilities of other individuals and examine your motivation.

STEVE: First of all, I didnít even have these abilities in my normal state that I could express until about four years ago, and things started happening and blenders started turning on...

ELIAS: Ah, but you have incorporated these abilities, my friend, throughout the entirely of your focus. You have merely not allowed yourself to tap into them until this time framework.

STEVE: Well, Elias, I have photographs of myself and I am able to tell how much electromagnetic radiation is coming out of me by simply staring at myself in the photographs.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

STEVE: Everybody has that ability, but nobody is able to record it in the way that they know about it. My immunity is stimulated by just staring at this electromagnetic energy, and so I know how much it is, therefore. My radiation was a lot higher when I was like nine years old than it was when I was forty years old. But in just the last four years this radiation has been increasing. I actually blew out the entire electricity about four times, if I am not mistaken, in this whole neighborhood with this surge of whatever this radiation is. Thereís been an actual physiological change thatís happened to me, probably through loss of neurons through aging, I assume, thatís made me a little bit better able than I was to express this.

ELIAS: I am understanding. This is not...

STEVE: When you say youíre understanding, does that mean you agree or...?

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are expressing, and yes, I recognize what you are generating. What I am expressing to you is that you have always, in your terms, incorporated these abilities but they were latent previously.

STEVE: Listen, itís 10:30; weíve got to stop, but Iíll make an appointment as soon as Mary has an opening. If youíre not too bored by this drivel, we can continue.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may express to you an acknowledgment, my friend, I am heartily not bored!

STEVE: Iíll try to tone it down next time so I donít irritate you so much.

ELIAS: Ah, you do not irritate me! Therefore, allow yourself to express yourself in whatever manner you choose. (Laughs)

STEVE: Thanks a lot. Nice talking to you.

ELIAS: And you also, my friend. I shall be offering my energy to you.

STEVE: Thank you very much. I could sure use it.

ELIAS: And I shall be anticipating our next meeting.

STEVE: Youíve been a great help, so far.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) In fondness, my friend...

STEVE: Maybe I can help you sometime.

ELIAS: revoir.

Elias departs after 53 minutes.

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