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Monday, May 19, 2003

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ďThe Value of Recognizing the Many Influences of a Specific BeliefĒ

ďGenerating a Relationship with Who You WantĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Don (Allard) and Dale (Jene).

Elias arrives at 11:06 AM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

BOTH: Good morning! (Elias chuckles)

DALE: Weíre doing dual action today.

ELIAS: Very well! (Elias chuckles)

DALE: Well, my first thing is the guy, John, that I met Saturday night that reminded me very much of Don/Allard, was that a focus of his?


DALE: I thought so!

DON: What!

DALE: Yes, and he likes Caribbean women, I might add.

DON: Oh my god!

DALE: I knew it was! And what about Stanley?


DON: Stanley, I got that his essence observes one of my focuses, either this one or another one.

ELIAS: Correct.

DON: Which was it? Does he observe my current focus?


DALE: Roy?


DALE: Oh my god, I know somebody thatís you! How cool!

DON: Want to go with some other questions, Dale?

DALE: Yes. Actually I would like to know if my impressions are correct about why Iím offering myself ďpermanent penis enlargementĒ imagery. Is that about my most familiar of trying to be better?


DALE: And also to do with sexuality?


DALE: And thatís it? (Elias chuckles) Well, no, I didnít mean ďit.Ē Am I missing anything, because you know I could be doing it better! (Laughs)

ELIAS: (Laughs loudly) No.

DALE: Well, I mean, not that thatís not enough!

ELIAS: Quite! (Laughs)

DALE: This past week I exposed myself and the first thing I noticed was a huge pull to stay with the familiar. Even though I had altered my perception, I still felt a huge draw to go into the familiar disappointment, even though I had nothing to be disappointed about anymore. But after noticing that, I also noticed a lot of activity in my yellow energy center that I think had to do with fear of being able to choose differently, that I felt unable to, which also tied into my beliefs about my choices being dependant upon somebody elseís choices. Thatís what I recognized about it. Can you tell me anything else about that?

ELIAS: Now; in your recognition of what you were expressing, what other information have you offered to yourself? In recognizing that you are addressing to allowing other individuals to dictate your choices and that you feel that you do not incorporate choice, what have you offered to yourself in examining that?

DALE: I think mostly what Iíve offered myself is a just a recognition of the belief and also noticing that I can choose differently but that I feel unable to. Like to choose whatever I want, not dependant upon anybody or anything else, is ludicrous! (Laughs) Although I know itís not ludicrous, I noticed my belief that that is ludicrous.

ELIAS: And what is your belief? What have you actually identified? (Pause)

DALE: I guess Iím not sure.

ELIAS: What is the belief that influenced you to allow another individual to dictate your choices? (Pause) Offer explanation of scenario.

DALE: Which scenario?

ELIAS: Of allowing another individual to dictate your choices.

DALE: Well, when someone says that they donít want to have a relationship with me and I do want to have a relationship with them, then I automatically think both. I think that itís my choice and I also think that itís still co-dependant, that itís a cooperative venture.

ELIAS: Co-created. Therefore, what actual beliefs are you expressing?

DALE: The belief of co-creation.


DALE: And responsibility for others?


DALE: That I donít create all of my reality?

ELIAS: And? These are quite general. What are you specifically expressing?

DALE: I donít get to have what I want?

ELIAS: Yes. And that if you are creating a relationship with another individual, you must wait for an indication from the other individual first before you allow yourself to act.

DALE: I must first allow them the permission before Iíll allow myself the permission. (Laughs)

ELIAS: It is not a matter of allowing the other individual permission...

DALE: I meant in my beliefs I think that.

ELIAS: No, within your expressed beliefs you are waiting for an indication from the other individual. Not offering them permission, but you are waiting to offer yourself permission in conjunction with the expressions of the other individual. Therefore, one of the expressed beliefs that you incorporate is that in relationships, you must follow.

This is an aspect of co-creating, but it is a specific belief concerning your behaviors and how you shall allow yourself certain expressions, that your role is to follow the indications of the other individual. Therefore, you limit your choices and your freedom of your expressions.

Now; recognize the influence of merely this one belief. This one belief...

DALE: Iíve been doing it in every aspect of my life!

DON: Itís interesting. Just as it happens, I happen to have that belief too, really strongly, to express that one really strongly. I hadnít realized that.


Now; in this, what I am expressing to you is it is quite important at this point now, as you begin to move into a direction of actually allowing yourselves to intentionally create what you want, it is important to recognize what is influencing you in regard to your beliefs Ė recognizing that they are not your enemy and they are not absolutes Ė but they are very affecting in many, many manners. It is important to recognize those influences, not merely to identify the belief.

That in itself, as you are aware now, may be quite challenging, for you automatically attempt to identify a belief and what you identify is a generalization of beliefs, somewhat more of a category than an actual specific belief. You express an identification that you are allowing a belief in co-creating or that you do not create all of your reality to be influencing you. This is correct, but it is also quite general. It is important that you allow yourself to be more specific in your evaluation of what you are actually expressing. That allows you to address to that, to incorporate much more clarity and therefore allow yourself choice.

This is the reason that [as] you identify this generalization, you also recognize that you are aware intellectually that you do incorporate choice but experientially you do not know how to implement those choices. The reason that you objectively see yourself as not incorporating the ability to actualize choices is that you are not offering yourself clear information as to what you are actually addressing to, what the actual beliefs are and what their influence is.

Many times you may in actuality identify a specific belief but not incorporate an awareness of how influencing it is in many different manners. Once you recognize how a belief influences you and influences your thinking and your choices, you may thusly offer yourself the freedom to express differently and to incorporate choice, and your choices may be much more obvious to you, much less vague. Therefore, you also reduce your confusion and your frustration significantly.

Now; this belief in following the indications or the cues of other individuals is quite strongly expressed.

DALE: And itís not just to do with people either, is it? I mean, it has to do with the entire belief system of relationship to anything, in a way.

ELIAS: Yes. But it is much more strongly influential in association with other individuals. But you are correct Ė I may express to you, even with your creatures as they express certain behaviors, many times you as individuals respond in association with their cues. Many times you generate conflict and you limit your choices of what you want in association with waiting for those indications and cues from the creature.

DALE: Or from authority figures or from anything that we have a relationship with, which is everything.


DON: It occurs to me now, and I realize youíve said this in various ways at various times, but Iíve had a hard time identifying specific beliefs, only being able to come up with general ones. It seems now, just listening to you talk about this, all I really need to do is just relate... If I come up with a general belief, just look at the details of the scenario.

ELIAS: Correct.

DON: Just look and say, ďWell, in this case, with this general belief, how is that general belief being expressed specifically?Ē

ELIAS: Correct, and your indication is evidenced in your actions, in what you actually do and what you are actually choosing.

Now; also recognizing and evaluating your thought process, for it is a matter of paying attention to all three aspects of yourself: what you choose, what you think, and what you communicate to yourself. Your offering of information through these three functions is tremendous if you are paying attention. You offer yourselves many indications that one or more of those functions may be out of balance if they are all not expressing the same direction. For example, you may generate a thought that expresses you want to be generating a relationship with a specific individual. Therefore, you are offering yourself somewhat of more specific information through this translation.

Now; you may also be generating actions Ė which are choices Ė that are not actually creating what you think you want, and you may be expressing an emotional communication which may actually be more in alignment with what you think than what you are doing.

Now; as these three functions are obviously not in harmony with each other in this scenario, this is an indication that you are not offering yourself clear information, and an indication that it would behoove you to identify what beliefs are influencing you. For it is not so very black and white, that if you are generating certain actions that are contrary to what you think that that indicates that your thinking is completely distorted or wrong. It may not necessarily be. Your thinking may be somewhat accurate but incomplete, for it is not being offered enough information to translate a complete, accurate expression.

Now; in this, you may be expressing this thought process that you want to be engaging a relationship with a specific individual, but you also notice that your actions continue to thwart that want. Your emotional communications are disappointed or distressed or even sad, for you are viewing what you are doing and it is not consistent with what you think you want.

Now; the automatic response to this type of scenario is that the individual shall express to themselves, ďAh, I must not actually want this relationship for I am not creating it.Ē That is not necessarily correct.

Now; it may be correct but it may not necessarily be correct, and this is the significance of genuinely evaluating what beliefs are influencing you to more clearly recognize what you actually want and how you may generate that.

Now; let us suppose, hypothetically, that you actually do want to be creating a relationship with a specific individual and that individual appears to you to be less responsive than you would prefer.

Now; this is the point in which these expressed beliefs begin to trigger, and you begin to allow them this influence in relation to your perception and your choices.

Now; if you incorporate an expressed belief that you must be waiting and following the indications and the cues of the other individual before you allow yourself to express yourself, you continue to generate the disappointment; this influences your actions, and you may restrict yourself and recede and not necessarily pursue as rigorously, or perhaps not pursue at all, and not allow yourself to express yourself in association with the other individual.

Now; what does this create? In a manner of speaking, it is figuratively a type of domino effect. For as you recede and you do not allow yourself the freedom of your expressions, you also project outwardly a type of energy that is less attractive to the other individual; therefore, they also respond with less interest. For if you are discounting yourself, you are not paying attention to yourself and YOU are not interested in yourself. Therefore, this is the energy that you project and this is what is responded to in reflection. Are you understanding?

DON: Yes.

DALE: Quite.

ELIAS: Now; conversely, if you are identifying that you incorporate this belief concerning waiting for indications and cues from the other individual Ė which is a belief associated with co-creating and allowing other individuals to dictate your choices, but it is more specific Ė once identifying that, you also begin to recognize the influences of your choices: Ah! I do not respond unless the other individual expresses some interest. Ah! I may be somewhat expressive of myself, but I restrict that and I am guarded in how I shall express myself for I am waiting for those indications.

What other influences are being generated by this one belief Ė I am not allowing myself to express my appreciation of myself; I am not allowing myself to express my appreciation of the other individual in the now; I am projecting into the future or into the past in association with this individual; I am comparing.

There are many, many, many influences that are expressed by one belief. Therefore, even identifying one belief and all of the influences that you may view that you have actually experienced in association with that belief is quite enlightening and empowering. For once you are recognizing all of these beliefs [and] influences of the belief, you may also evaluate what you genuinely want Ė not what you want from the other individual for that is irrelevant, for you shall naturally generate that if you are allowing yourself to express yourself in what you want from yourself.

Now; the automatic response is what I want is the other individual to be attentive to me and to be expressing in a specific manner in appreciation of myself and in affection to myself. No. What you want is to allow yourself to be freely expressive in your affection and your passion, and that being expressed naturally generates an energy that shall draw that type of expression to you also in reflection.

But what also do you want? You want to express yourself freely, initiating your own choices and not waiting and not constricting yourself. You want to be expressing a genuine appreciation or love and affection and not hinder yourself or hesitate, not generate in the moment the thought of perhaps I should not express this; perhaps I should not touch this individual for that may not be well received. That is an interruption of your movement. That thought process is being expressed in association with your expressed belief, not necessarily in association with what you want and not in association with your freedom in your choices, but it does affect your choices.

For as I have expressed, your thoughts are the expressed seat of your beliefs, and in this, your thoughts move so much in conjunction with your beliefs that the belief that is expressed but not identified is so strong that it may influence your thoughts to a degree that you actually generate a fear, even in an action as small, in your perception, as generating a single touch of another individual.

You may be generating a communication in emotion to yourself in genuine identification of what you want in a moment, and in that moment it may be a very strong communication to yourself to touch another individual physically. As you receive that message, you immediately translate what you are concentrating upon in thought, and what you are concentrating upon is the belief. Therefore, your thought immediately moves to opposition of your communication Ė no, do not engage that action. And it continues and you justify the thought in association with the belief by offering yourself further explanation Ė do not engage the action, for you are uncertain of how that shall be received by the other individual. Perhaps the other individual shall be distressed with this action and it shall irritate them, or they shall express in a manner that shall be quite disappointing or even hurtful to myself. Therefore, oh no, I shall not engage this action.

DON: But then if one does engage it, with those beliefs wonít the energy... Since we create with energy, how do we stop from creating what we expect in that scenario?

ELIAS: By recognizing what you are expressing in association with the belief, recognizing that influence of the belief and that it is influencing you in hindering your freedom and your expressions.

Therefore, even if you are expressing in association with thought a slight apprehension or even fear, if you are genuinely recognizing that this is an actual influence of the belief and that what you genuinely want is to be expressing in a particular manner and you allow yourself to intentionally relax in that moment Ė hold your attention in the moment, not future or past Ė and allow yourself the freedom to express, you actually are altering your energy that you are projecting. For what you are doing is trusting yourself, paying attention to yourself and not concerning yourself with the other individual or how they shall respond. I may express to you quite definitely, my friends, you may be quite surprised at what you generate in that type of scenario, that the other individual shall not be responsive in the manner in which you expected previously.

DALE: Yee-ha!

DON: Would you confirm that in my recent experience Iíve been giving myself the slightest experience of what youíve been talking about? It has felt a little different.

ELIAS: Yes, slightly. But it is a beginning. Ha ha!

DON: It is slight, but even with it being slight I notice the difference.

ELIAS: There is a significant difference, but the manner in which it is accomplished, the key point, is that in the moment you are trusting yourself and you are recognizing your freedom and you are genuinely not hindering or concerning yourself with how the other individual shall respond. For in that trust of yourself and knowing your motivation, being genuine, [and] you are not expecting from the other individual, you are merely choosing to express yourself with no expectation. That type of energy projection is received and responded to in like kind.

DON: Well, I said my recent experience was slight. (Elias laughs)

DALE: I feel like I have actually done this quite a few times and I keep going back to the familiar. So itís really just my remembering I can choose differently.

ELIAS: Correct.

DALE: Itís totally illogical, you know! (Elias and Dale laugh)

DON: It seems pretty logical to me. (Elias laughs)

DALE: Yes, in the shifty way.

ELIAS: And perhaps you are redefining your logic. Ha ha!

DALE: Would you like to talk about your rib Ė Adam?

DON: Yeah, yeah! Actually, I have a couple of small questions first, even though I said I donít need impression confirmation anymore. (Elias laughs) But is Sophiaís orientation soft?


DON: Is she belonging to Milumet, aligned Vold?


DON: Is her essence name also Sophia, would you translate it?

ELIAS: No, Sophie.

DON: Interesting, because I found myself saying Sophie. Did we share focuses in the time of the pharaohs in Egypt, where she was female and I was male?


DON: I get a sense of quite a few Arabic focuses shared. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

DON: This may be intrusive and if you think so, say so, because I havenít asked this woman, but is Robin also soft?


DON: And is she Gramada, aligned Sumari?


DON: Her essence name I want to say is Antoine or starts with an A and sounds French somehow. What would you say her essence name is?

ELIAS: Antoinette.

DON: I have counterpart action with both these people, I think.


DON: And itís been, among my counterpart actions, I could say stronger counterpart action on and off throughout our lives?


DON: About my rib Ė I donít really know what to ask about it. I injured my rib Friday. It feels like itís associated strongly with religious beliefs and sort of a combination of relationship or sexual and religious beliefs with the woman being created from man in the Bible by taking his rib. I know this is very general, but I feel like I have a lot of religious belief imagery Iím generating right now. I was even wondering if that is maybe part of the wave that may be coming up that youíve spoken of. Do you have anything to say about that? Itís a very vague question.

ELIAS: The approaching wave has not been identified as of yet as to which belief system shall be addressed to; but I may confirm to you that you are expressing considerable imagery to yourself in relation to religious beliefs and in association with sexuality also.

DON: This is actually something that personally Iíve been doing a lot over at least the last year.

ELIAS: Correct.

DALE: Are we, as far as the next wave goes, are we choosing between only a couple belief systems?


DALE: Well, Iím still opting for religion. (Elias chuckles)

DON: Yeah, me too.

DALE: I feel like that will have a domino effect of how we address to all the other ones. Is that my beliefs?

ELIAS: That would be associated with your beliefs, for it is dependant upon the individuals and their particular expressed beliefs. Religious beliefs are not necessarily, with many individuals, the most strongly expressed beliefs.

DALE: In my self-servingness I still opt for religion, then.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I shall be informing you as the choice is generated.

DON: Did Sophia know of my focus Roy?


DALE: Is Julie... What is her essence name?

DON: Fontine.

DALE: Is Fontine my mother in that focus?


DALE: And actually, was my name Christine, Christina?


DALE: We keep calling her that.

DON: And was Roy correct also?

DALE: Yes.

DON: Roy or Raymond?


DON: Which?

DALE: Both.

ELIAS: No, Roy.

DON: And Robin didnít know Roy either, did she?


DON: Iím not sure quite how to put this, but it seems to both Dale and I, I think for what, maybe four or five months, even though weíve been counterpart on and off for a long time, we entered a phase... Iím speaking for you here, Dale.

DALE: You always do, go ahead! I usually do for you. Iíll let you this time. (Laughs)

DON: It feels like we started paralleling very, very tightly or in close correspondence. Is that our imagination?

ELIAS: No, this is...

DON: What a silly question! (Dale laughs)

ELIAS: This is a parallel counterpart action.

DALE: I feel like weíre choosing, now anyway, to continue this for quite awhile. Actually, it has nothing to do with time Ė for quite a few individual issues.


DON: Do you have any more questions, Dale?

DALE: We could ask about the book. Do we have any questions about the book? (Laughs) I donít know if I have any direct questions. I think... I donít know. I think weíre kind of figuring it out as we go along. (Pause) No. Actually, the only thing I feel like I need to do, not that I need to, is to pay attention to allowing myself to choose what I want in the now and not confuse myself with setting myself up with expectations.

ELIAS: Ah! Very wise.

DALE: Very challenging. (Both laugh) Oh, but that does make me think of a kind of general... I do have difficulty in those moments when I feel like I have a choice of being diligent, which is to write the book, or to go out and delight myself by having coffee with a friend. I also think this ties into what you mentioned about me sometimes choosing non-action or what seems to be non-action. If you could elucidate on that I would appreciate it.

ELIAS: Examine your beliefs in relation to discipline Ė which you and I have already discussed, Allard, have we not?

DON: Yes, we have.

ELIAS: And you may be sharing information with each other in relation to this subject matter for you incorporate similar beliefs, and this is another aspect of this paralleling that you are generating.

DALE: This is part of the information that Iíve been connecting with Lawrence about, too, correct?


DON: Yesterday I had an experience listening to a Tom Petty song Ė ďFree Girl NowĒ Ė where I felt just for a moment that I could almost see lines of... They felt like power lines through the air with blue crackling sparks around them. I felt you and Ayla and I think Lazoure there and a few essences I couldnít identify, all within the space of a few seconds. Another type of question I donít need confirmation of, I suppose, but... (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: You are correct!

DON: What was the message there? It feels to me that within the last few days to two weeks my translation is thereís a new power in the air.

ELIAS: Correct.

DON: Is this part of the wave that weíre considering entering or...?


DON: So itís going to be powerful, it feels like.

ELIAS: Yes. And there is a tremendous surge in energy in this present time framework in the fluctuations preceding this next wave.

DON: Yes, and thatís what Iím feeling now.


DALE: Thatís what weíre generating now.

DON: Yes, weíre generating, okay.

DALE: I certainly feel myself generating it.

ELIAS: Which, as you have previously, you may choose how you shall be incorporating this energy. For in this time framework, in similarity to other time frameworks in association with these energy surges, you may incorporate that energy in generating tremendous ease or you may incorporate that energy in generating tremendous conflict.

DALE: Iím quite sure weíll do both. (Elias and Dale laugh) We would be bored with one or the other!

DON: One more question, again, Elias, if this isnít intrusive. A few years ago Sophie received a message, and she doesnít know from who, about a person that she would meet that in some ways fits my description extremely well. I wonder was that actually a projection from me, Allard, not unlike the projection to Jene?

ELIAS: Correct.

DON: Interesting. Well, I donít think I have any more questions.

DALE: Me either. (Elias laughs) So, howís it going with you?

DON: I do have one Ė wait, wait, wait!

I was really, really struck by the long answer that you gave to Daleís question, Elias, and I was kind of amazed at how appropriate I think it was for both her and I to hear right now. I guess you knew what you were doing, huh?

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may be surprising at times, may I not? I am aware of the energy that is being expressed by all of you, and I do incorporate the ability to be quite specific if you are generating an openness and willingness to be receiving that type of information. At times, I am also incorporating the action of validating to you that I DO know what your energy is expressing Ė which may be viewed as a parlor trick at times Ė but I am also aware that at times it is a validating action which is reinforcing to your trust within yourselves. Do not ASK me to express a parlor trick for you, for I shall not! But...! (Laughs)

DALE: Stubborn little essence, arenít you?

ELIAS: Quite! In moments that you are not necessarily expecting that type of action, I may choose to freely offer it. I am much more aware of your energy expressions than you think!

DON: I think youíre pretty aware of it. (Elias laughs)

DALE: I would like to objectify my request of being present with me next Saturday when I sing ďTangled Up In BlueĒ for us.

ELIAS: Very well.

DALE: And expose myself further!


DALE: And not get arrested, though. (Elias laughs)

DON: You didnít have to ask.

DALE: No, I didnít have to ask. I said I wanted to objectify it. I know itís already done.

ELIAS: Very well. (Chuckles) I shall be offering my energy in supportiveness.

DALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

DALE: And I shall plan on allowing it!

ELIAS: Very well! Ha ha ha!

DALE: No try Ė do, not do. (Elias laughs) So howís it going with you, Elias?

ELIAS: As always.

DALE: Youíre aware that that could sound like itís boring.

ELIAS: Ah, no, never boring!

DALE: Iím sure itís not. I mean I donít think it is, but I could see how it could... But I do know itís not.

ELIAS: I do not incorporate boring! (Elias and Dale laugh)

DON: Suddenly questions are coming. This is just a fun one, but within the belief system of totem animals, Iíve looked for one that would be a good approximation of my tone, my essence tone, and I come up with either coyote or snake. Would you confirm one of those or would you say another animal within that belief system would be a better approximation of my tone?

ELIAS: Coyote.

DALE: Now, see, I would think snake. But I think thatís Roy. (Laughter)

DON: Other people have picked snake, too, and Iíd say for the same reason. (Elias laughs) Also, I had a tarot reading done yesterday. Were you or any other of the essences involved with this energy exchange with Michael giving messages through that tarot reading, or was that something else?

ELIAS: Energy presence...

DON: You were present.

ELIAS: ...but not offering information.

DON: I see. So that information came from the essence of the person mainly giving the reading?


DON: Good job, too! (Elias chuckles) Thatís it for me. Dale?

DALE: Thatís it for me.

ELIAS: Very well.

DALE: I talk to you anyway, all the time.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well, my friends. I shall be anticipating our next interaction, and I shall be offering my supportiveness to you each.

BOTH: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you both in tremendous affection, as always, au revoir.

BOTH: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:06 PM.

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