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Thursday, April 15, 2004

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ďHealth and Dis-ease: You Create What You Concentrate UponĒ

ďYour Purpose Is Expressed in Being Who and What You AreĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Holly (Lacie).

(Eliasí arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

HOLLY: Good morning!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And what shall we be discussing?

HOLLY: This is my first session with you, Elias, so there are some things I would like to learn about, as Iíve been reading some of the other sessions. I guess to start with I would like to ask about my essence name.

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Lacy, L-A-C-I-E

HOLLY: Iíve been looking at the essence families and the two families that I feel a little more connection with are Sumafi and Tumold. Iím thinking, based on what Iíve seen you describe, that perhaps Tumold would be what I am aligned with.

ELIAS: Correct.

HOLLY: And would Sumafi be what I belong to?


HOLLY: What about orientation?

ELIAS: And your assessment of your orientation?

HOLLY: I have to admit I havenít thought about that. As Iíve been trying to read through these materials, that was something I forgot to go back to, to really understand.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Orientation, soft.

HOLLY: Iíll read through that to try to understand what that means Ė or could you describe that briefly for me?

ELIAS: It may be more beneficial for you to be connecting with the information that has already been expressed, for that may offer you more detail and allow you a clearer understanding of this orientation.

HOLLY: In terms of being part of this Tumold family, I look at the direction that my life has gone in, and from early adulthood I have been focusing a lot on health issues. Over time, there have been some chronic issues that have lingered and in some ways become more intense. These last few years I have really been putting a lot of energy into that, because in my earlier years I was looking more toward helping other people with their healing process. In the last few years I realized I needed to focus on me and really get to the bottom of it. Sometimes I think it has intensified because of the focus over the years, that what we give our attention to does increase.

ELIAS: Correct.

HOLLY: It certainly has been a huge issue in my life. Sometimes I think Iíve gotten off track with it. I was reading somewhere where some people can get very confused when theyíre trying to follow their intent, and sometimes I think I took this further than I was really intending to, in terms of learning about healing and then creating this for myself.

But whatever the case, at this time Iím feeling a very strong desire to change intent and to move. My health has come to a place where it is becoming better than it has ever been before, and Iím feeling a new energy, what I think must be a normal level of energy. I wanted so much to have my life be about something else besides just always paying attention to my health. I feel that itís possible, now that all this energy will be freed up and I can move in another direction. I would be interested in your comment on that.

ELIAS: I may be acknowledging of you, and you are correct that you do incorporate the ability to change your direction and to be incorporating new and different types of experiences.

Let me express to you, many times individuals that are aligning with this family of Tumold do generate different manifestations with themselves in relation to issues concerning health, and generate some types of dis-ease or illness or dysfunction within their physical body, or they may also generate what you term to be emotional challenges. The reason that this is, generally speaking, created is to offer the individual their own experience in association with dis-ease and how they interact with themselves in these situations and experiences, therefore allowing them a clearer understanding of what other individuals generate also, in similarity to themselves.

Now; this offers you a reality of what is created in relation to beliefs and in relation to concentration, which offers you information and understanding in association with other individuals, and also offers you a clearer vision of energy and how it moves and how it is manipulated by the individual to be creating certain manifestations physically Ė regardless whether they recognize that they are choosing that or not, and regardless of whether they are comfortable with that choice or whether they appreciate that choice or not. Generally speaking, most individuals are not quite appreciative of any type of dis-ease within their physical body consciousness, and therefore, their automatic response to it is to eliminate it or to uncreate it, which is not wrong, and it generates the motivation to be interactive and connecting with other individuals that may be helpful to them in altering their choice.

You have allowed yourself to be experiencing physical manifestations to understand more clearly what is actually being created and to generate a clearer understanding within yourself that these are manifestations that you have created Ė you are not being attacked by some outside source Ė and to recognize precisely what you have stated, that you create what you concentrate upon. If your concentration is centered on beliefs concerning physical manifestations and your attention continues to be focused upon the manifestation itself, you reinforce the energy that creates that manifestation.

This is valuable information, for with many individuals as they continue to concentrate and hold their attention upon the physical manifestation, and they continue to reinforce it and create it in strength, they become a victim to themselves and their own manifestations, and perceive themselves to be trapped and that they incorporate no choice to alter their situation, which is a strong truth that individuals express Ė but it is not true. In this, as you offer yourself experiences in your own manifestations in interrupting your attention with it, interrupting your concentration with it and generating distractions, you allow yourself to experience your own power and your own ability to choose and to change directions, which offers you much more freedom.

This may be shared, if you are so choosing, with other individuals in offering your experiences or generating an understanding of other individualís experiences, cooperating with them in energy to be helpful for their interruption of their concentration and their attention, therefore allowing themselves also to experience that empowerment and that freedom of themselves to incorporate the ability to choose different directions and not be a victim to themselves and their manifestations. Therefore, what you have offered to yourself in association with your intent in this focus has been quite valuable. Value is not always comfortable! (Chuckles)

HOLLY: Yes, quite true. For some time I have known itís been my own belief that has sort of laid the groundwork for this; it keeps me going in that cycle. They seem to be so deep. Then, once my body was weak enough that I had to focus on healing in order to get to a certain level of well-being, I could then move beyond those and start changing those beliefs, although thereís that part of me that knows we could instantly change things if we were able to bring ourselves into alignment with that and release those beliefs. But I have really felt such a shift recently, where I could feel the beliefs changing. I could feel this energy that is fantastic, and I really feel that I can now take this to a whole other level.

ELIAS: Now; identify with myself what you recognize as the expressed beliefs that you have incorporated that have influenced your manifestations physically.

HOLLY: Well, certainly from early on it was the belief that I couldnít get through the day without some sort of support, whether it was through types of foods or types of supplements. There was that dependency on outer elements, believing that was necessary, and to a certain extent I had created it so that it was. But it took me a while to realize I had created that, to start with. It has also come from earlier beliefs of, in a sense, not being deserving, and Iíve moved through that.

ELIAS: Now; recognize that the expressed beliefs themselves are not changing. What is changing is your choices in association with them, for any belief incorporates many different influences Ė some of which you would assess to be bad or uncomfortable, others may be what you would assess to be positive and beneficial, but all associated with the same belief. It is a matter of what influences you choose to be expressing and allowing.

The belief itself does not change, and the belief itself is not eliminated. It is a matter of accepting that this is an expressed belief and recognizing that you incorporate choice in association with an expressed belief that you must be, or should be, incorporating some types of specific substances or supplements in association with supportiveness of your physical body and its functioning. That provides an example of what I am expressing.

In itself, the belief is neutral, it is not good or bad, but your association with it and what influences of it you align with and you express may move in what you view as a positive or a negative direction. You may be incorporating different substances, and that may be quite positive in association with your manifestations.

Recognizing that it is your belief that these substances are good and beneficial is not wrong, but also recognizing, in viewing your experiences, that you may be aligning with different influences, that you express an association of dependency and nonreliance of yourself, a lack of trust of yourself. Giving credit to the outside source for maintaining your physical expression is not necessarily as empowering or may be an influence that discounts yourself, which you may recognize.

But in recognizing that the belief is not being eliminated and the belief itself is neutral, it is which influences you choose to align with which are significant, and which influences are more in association with your preferences and therefore are more associated with what you want, rather than with what you do not want.

In this, as you recognize a belief and you allow yourself the acknowledgment of it and accept that belief and therefore offer yourself the freedom to choose what influences you prefer, you change your perception. You do not change the belief; you change your perception. And your perception, being changed, changes your reality and changes your experience, which is significant.

Also, recognize that any expressed belief, in acceptance of it, is neutralized and therefore offers you that freedom of choice. But it is neutralized in the moment. Therefore, in any moment subsequent, that belief may be expressed again, which offers you another opportunity to be accepting and therefore once again neutralizing, offering yourself choice rather than automatic responses. In this, many individuals... (Coughs for several seconds) Excuse.

Many individuals misunderstand or become confused in association with acceptance and move in an expression of a thought process in which they think that once they have accepted a belief, it has been accepted forever and for all time, in association with all experiences. This is not true. Were that to be the situation, you would no longer incorporate free will or choice. Therefore, this is not the manner in which you create acceptance.

Acceptance is an expression that is generated in the moment. For although in one moment it may appear to you that you were accepting of a belief that you assess as a negative belief, and in the moment solidified that and generated an absolute in association with that acceptance, but you would deny yourself choices in association with that same belief futurely in different types of experiences.

As I have stated previously, each belief, every belief, may be viewed in many different manners and may be viewed incorporating what you would assess as positive and negative influences. Therefore, you may generate an association with a particular belief that it is absolutely a negative belief, but that is not true. For every belief, regardless of whether you assess it to be negative or not, incorporates the dual qualities and therefore may also be viewed in the reverse manner. Generating an absolute with it in association with a negativity denies you the opportunity to experience that belief in what you would assess to be a positive manner.

HOLLY: Yes, that does make sense. I certainly feel just being able to accept it as a part of myself that it has served a great purpose for me. I would also feel that then we could move into a direction of focusing on other beliefs that can carry us in another direction.

ELIAS: Yes. But also recognize that what I am expressing to you is that even these beliefs that you view in a present moment as being negative or that you view to not be serving you, it is not to say that they do not also incorporate influences that can influence you to be moving in different directions and incorporating different choices that you would view to be positive and that you would appreciate, for it is a matter of acknowledging your choices.

You can align with different expressed beliefs, but that may be somewhat more challenging initially to generate. For the challenge is that you may recognize and identify one belief, and you may assess it to be a negative belief or a bad belief. But what shall you move to, in alignment with in a different expressed belief? What would the different expressed belief be? Generally speaking, whatever you assess as a different expressed belief is not a different expressed belief. It is merely a different influence of that same belief, but you think it is a different belief.

HOLLY: Yes, like another side of the coin.

ELIAS: Yes, in a manner of speaking. Therein lies your freedom to recognize that you incorporate the power to choose. It is merely a matter of paying attention and where you are directing your attention and what type of energy you are expressing outwardly.

This is the reason that it is significant and important to be paying attention to what you actually do, for that is your evidence of which influences you are aligning with and you are allowing. But this is the point, to be familiarizing yourself with your energy, with your choices, with your communications, and therefore moving yourself into your own expression of freedom in which you allow yourself to intentionally objectively create what you want, rather than continuing to be expressing automatic responses which tremendously limit your choices.

HOLLY: Thatís right. Yes, I feel that. I definitely feel much more of that happening in my life, much more of an awareness just coming from this broader perspective of really watching, being more of a witness to what Iím choosing and doing in my life.

ELIAS: Which is quite empowering. (Chuckles) I am acknowledging of you!

HOLLY: Thank you. Just to follow along in this theme of ďhelp,Ē there has been a pattern in my whole family to create problems with health. There have been three people who have made their transition with cancer. With my brother, it happened fairly young, and then midlife with my sister Ė a lot of energy that we have created together as a family. Iím just wondering about our intent in that, why we created so much of this in our family.

ELIAS: That would be somewhat challenging, to be offering you a general response to that type of question, for each individual generates their own reasons for creating what they create. Although you may incorporate similar beliefs and express similar reinforcements of your choices or your directions in association with those beliefs, each individual generates their own reason for creating these types of manifestations.

Now; what you incorporate in commonality with each other is the belief that there are certain manifestations that are hereditary, and therefore, if you are incorporating a manifestation within a particular family, that generates that automatic expression of inherited dis-ease. It reinforces the automatic responses, but it also is a choice to continue to be in alignment with that expressed belief and to continue to be generating the automatic response to it.

Some individuals incorporate that expression to generate a viable excuse, so to speak, to be generating a method of their disengagement from this physical reality in a manner which is perceived to be reasonable, for it is associated with heredity. Other individuals may choose to incorporate the manifestation of the dis-ease, lending an ease to that creation in association with the belief of heredity, but not necessarily to be engaging the choice of disengagement. They may be choosing the manifestation to experiment with their ability to manipulate it or to be experimenting with the concept of death, experimenting and exploring how far the individual can push themselves close to it without actually choosing it.

Some individuals may incorporate the manifestation of the dis-ease to motivate themselves, to empower themselves and in a manner of speaking challenge themselves to be defeating their own monster and rising in triumph. Some individuals may choose not to be creating the manifestation at all and not aligning with the belief of heredity, and therefore not create any type of physical manifestation that may be associated with those beliefs. It is dependent upon the individual and what is associated with their value fulfillment.

HOLLY: I understand, as youíve said, each individual has their own unique intent going on with their creation, yet as a family we also created this together to be involved in this way. At first, when it happened with my brother when we were younger, at that age I could feel that oh, this just happened to me. But his loss is what catapulted me onto my spiritual journey, and as I got into some of the esoteric teachings and the Seth Material, I began to realize this is my creation, too. As all this began to transpire over the years, I thought wow, as a family we have chosen this unique path. Other families donít choose that path. So I was sort of wondering if there was some sort of a family intent.

ELIAS: Let me clarify. First of all, you are not co-creating. Therefore, it is not a situation in which as a family you are co-creating this manifestation together. You are each creating your individual expression in association with this physical dis-ease and physical manifestations.

What you are incorporating together is a cooperation, that you and the other members of your family have not chosen this family accidentally. You have each chosen the heritage of this family. You have each chosen to be participating in this family with the inner knowing of this cooperation concerning similar directions and similar explorations of similar subject matter.

Each of you chooses how you shall explore your direction in association with the subject matter. In this, you are generating a cooperation, and you are offering and lending energy to each other in an ease of creating whatever each of you chooses to create, and as you recognize, although you may be creating discomfort, you do generate a tremendous ease in creating the manifestations. It does not require much effort to create it, and this is part of your participation in cooperation with each other in lending each other energy in whatever direction you choose to use that energy to explore. Which is in actuality quite efficient, for regardless of what subject matter or what direction any individual chooses to explore, if the individual draws to themself other individuals of similar energy and similar interest of exploration, you lend each other energy which generates much more of an ease in whatever you create.

HOLLY: Somewhat along these lines, as a very young child, no matter what was going on in my physical life, there seemed to be this inner feeling of a very strong desire, like a sense of purpose or a sense of a mission, a very strong, strong feeling of wanting to be helping people. I thought about the things that I would study, even as a young child, thinking about things that I would try to do as I got older.

First, in my early twenties, I started to realize I had to do something about my health because I was quite weak, and so I did start focusing on natural healing. I became very inspired to move into natural healing, not having been aware of it before. Then, when my brother passed on two years later, thatís what, as I said, catapulted me onto my spiritual journey, and I became more interested in how we heal spiritually and emotionally, healing on many levels, how we find peace in our lives.

Everything I studied from that point on again had the feeling of a very strong sense of purpose, always wanting to help people. Over the years I did assist people, and with my familyís experiences I was there to assist them. I had a strong desire to be able to help people who are making their transition. There were friends also, throughout those years, who had passed on from cancer.

But when my various family members did pass on, there was a period there where the years were quite intense. I was quite exhausted when all of that ended, and I could not connect again with that sense of purpose. It seemed to just Ė poof! Ė just seemed to disappear. Then it became necessary for me to really, really focus on my health, that there were more problems. I thought my experiencing that was that I really had to connect with myself. I had been so outer-directed, and I needed to remember myself. I had to connect with myself and accept helping myself. I felt that was a very valuable experience.

But I feel that that stage, as you say, even a simple exercise of noticing yourself, even taking it to a different level of just really truly being aware of oneself, is a very valuable experience. Now, as Iíve said, Iím ready to move into another direction, but I still havenít connected with that sense of purpose.

ELIAS: And I may express to you the identification of your own widening of awareness. The reason that you are not expressing that mission any longer is that you have widened your awareness. You have allowed yourself, through your experiences, to explore and to become more aware, and now there is a recognition that it does not concern a mission.

Your purpose is expressed in being who and what you are and allowing yourself to generate your direction and move in whatever type of expression you want and you prefer and that you recognize is valuable to you.

But it no longer is perceived as a mission, for in widening your awareness, you have allowed yourself to alter your perception and recognize that this is not a mission to be helping other individuals. It is your direction to be sharing with other individuals and to be participating, and that shall naturally occur. It is unnecessary any longer to incorporate this driving force that you may have perceived previously as being necessary Ė not for other individuals but for yourself, to motivate yourself in a strength to incorporate the types of experiences that you have incorporated, that you have chosen the types of manifestations and to allow yourself to genuinely move through an examination of those manifestations and experiences, and to generate a genuine knowing of what is being created and how it is being created.

You chose to be generating some extremes in experiences, and therefore, to accommodate those extremes and to accommodate the automatic response to your beliefs of cause and effect and to compensate for that expression of cause and effect Ė which there was an anticipated expectation that if certain manifestations are created, you thusly shall be creating a depletion of your energy Ė in that anticipation of that experience, in a manner of speaking it was necessary that you generate a strength in motivation that would continue to carry you, figuratively speaking, through your experience to its outcome and into this widening of awareness.

But that is not necessary any longer, for you may be motivating of yourself merely in the recognition of your own empowerment and your own freedom. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to express that driving force, which for a time framework substituted for a recognition of your own genuine power.

HOLLY: That makes sense, very much so. Speaking of extreme experiences, youíre right, it seems as though I did create a lot of extreme experiences. Ten years ago my husband and I divorced. That was a choice that I made, but I didnít know that I would make it. I resisted it for a long, long time, and when it did occur, it was so disruptive. It was done in a very disruptive way, for both of us. I sometimes shake my head and wonder what was that all about, because it was like a volcano exploding.

ELIAS: This is the significance of genuinely paying attention to what you are actually doing, what type of energy you are expressing outwardly and what communications you are expressing to yourself. For the more that you fight with yourself, the more conflict you express with yourself and the more you push energy and force with yourself, the more you generate that outwardly in reflection. You create actual physical experiences as a reflection of that turbulence and that conflict that you are expressing within yourself. Were you to be recognizing in the moment and paying attention to the turbulence and the conflict that you were expressing within yourself, allowing yourself to identify that and allowing yourself to more clearly be listening to your own communications, you would have allowed yourself different choices. But once again, this is not to say that that was not a purposeful or valuable experience, for it offers you an example.

In this, it also provides you with a type of reference point, in a manner of speaking, that you may use, so to speak, in relation to different experiences, recognizing as you reference those experiences that one element that created considerable conflict was your projection of your attention outside of yourself, holding your attention upon the choices and behaviors and expressions of the other individual, and incorporating an association of blame and of shifting the responsibility of your choices to the other individual, therefore generating an expression of victim and also of a lack of choices, which is expressed in anger.

HOLLY: Yeah, and very soon after that I was in a relationship that was also quite disruptive, but it was also very, very helpful in terms of helping to broaden my awareness.

ELIAS: And to move your attention to you.

HOLLY: Yes. Iím interested also in other focuses that my energy would be having in this time framework, other countries. Would I have any other focuses in the United States?

ELIAS: In this present time framework, no.

HOLLY: Okay, I didnít think so. I was just curious.

ELIAS: But you do incorporate other focuses in this time framework, merely not within this same country.

HOLLY: Let me ask you about other countries and see if thatís where they are. One would be Tibet?

ELIAS: Correct.

HOLLY: Japan?

ELIAS: Correct.

HOLLY: Hawaii? (Pause)

ELIAS: No, but a Polynesian island, yes.

HOLLY: What about France and Africa?

ELIAS: Within this time framework, no within France; one within Africa and one in the area of South America. That would be all of your concurrent focuses. But you do incorporate past and future focuses in other areas, and you do incorporate several in France.

HOLLY: Iím also wondering about my dog, Theodore. Iíve had many pets but the connection with him has been quite unique. Is he a part of my essence?

ELIAS: He does incorporate an aspect of you in his manifestation, and you have created him.

HOLLY: Yeah, heís been quite a buddy.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) You have created a reconfiguration of this energy many times in different types of manifestations.

HOLLY: In terms of pets, you mean?

ELIAS: Yes, not merely in this focus.

HOLLY: Now, in terms of my children, I have to say I havenít spent time trying to identify their family and alignments, but Iím curious about that. With my son, I get the sense that he is also connected with Sumafi.

ELIAS: Correct.

HOLLY: Would that be his family of belonging?


HOLLY: For alignment, and I would need to spend more time, but Iím wondering if Gramada.

ELIAS: Correct.

HOLLY: With my daughter I sense that she is connected with Zuli, but Iím thinking thatís the alignment.

ELIAS: You are correct.

HOLLY: And family, what about Sumari?

ELIAS: Vold.

HOLLY: Oh, itís Vold! Interesting. What about their essence names?

ELIAS: Offer first individual.

HOLLY: Jay, my son.

ELIAS: Essence name, Chouchi, C-H-O-U-C-H-I (chow CHEE).

HOLLY: Then my daughter, at this time her name is Solona. When she was born it was Brooks.

ELIAS: Essence name, Bethany, B-E-T-H-A-N-Y.

HOLLY: Elias, are there other thoughts or observations you could offer?

ELIAS: To continue in the direction that you are generating now; continue to be paying attention. Remember, your greatest tool is noticing, and in this, I may express to you to be expressing a gentleness with yourself. You have generated a force with yourself for an extended time framework, and it is no longer necessary in this time framework as you move into your new direction. Allow yourself to be gentle with yourself and to express that calm that you very well deserve.

HOLLY: Can you give any observations on this new direction?

ELIAS: I may express to you, you are continuing to widen your awareness and offer yourself more information, but you are also becoming more confident and expressing more strength in your own freedom. That shall naturally be expressed, if you are allowing outwardly, with other individuals. In that sharing, you may be generating some powerful experiences.

HOLLY: Sounds good. I have resisted getting back into a relationship, and yet sometimes that thought is there, that I can create that again.

ELIAS: There is a potential. My suggestion in association with that direction is to genuinely pay attention to yourself and allow yourself to express what you want. Allow yourself to express you, rather than seeking from the other individual.

Very well, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and in the interim time framework I shall be offering my energy to you in encouragement and supportiveness, AND a reminder to be incorporating somewhat more playfulness. (Laughs)

HOLLY: Yes, good idea. Thank you so much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. To you, in tremendous fondness, au revoir.

HOLLY: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 6 minutes.

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