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Sunday, November 28, 2004

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“Death Imagery”

“Siegfried and Roy”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Marj (Grady).

(Elias’ arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARJ: Good morning! You remember me? (Elias laughs) It’s been such a long time, Elias, even though I talk to you always in my head. (Elias laughs) Nice to hear your voice.

ELIAS: And you also.

MARJ: I’ve got a lot of questions or things to run past you today, but I’d like to do some quick focus ones, if that’s all right.

ELIAS: Very well.

MARJ: First one, do I have a focus as a famous poet in the 1800s by the name of John Davidson?


MARJ: Achilles – at first I was watching a movie about Achilles and I thought I was him, and then I realized no, I loved him. Do I have a focus as a lover of his?


MARJ: Was I male or female?

ELIAS: Female.

MARJ: Am I Briseis?


MARJ: Someone who wasn’t in the movie, huh? (Elias laughs) Was I an important one to him or just a fly-by-nighter?

ELIAS: More the latter.

MARJ: Oh, that’s killing my ego! (Both laugh) Peter Tchaikovsky, is he a focus of mine?

ELIAS: Observing.

MARJ: And Sergei Rachmaninoff?

ELIAS: Counterpart.

MARJ: I’ve been doing a lot to Mahatma Gandhi lately, and I’ve always admired him a great deal. Do I have a focus as someone who knew him and fit that same description?

ELIAS: What you would term to be a follower.

MARJ: Sharon/Camdon asked if she’s Mnemosyne, the mother of all the Muses.


MARJ: Hercules – I have so many different memories from childhood with that name that I wondered if I have some tie to him.

ELIAS: No, but you do incorporate a focus that incorporates that name.

MARJ: I have a question from someone named Maria who wanted anybody who could to ask if Gesualdo, a famous Italian composer, was one of her late husband’s focuses.


MARJ: Now, Elias, I have had quite a year and I’ve done a lot of things to myself. I know what I created here. Anyway, Sharon and I planned a trip. I did go out to see her, but I no sooner got there when I got sick. Back home here, prior to leaving, my ex-husband died. My family was all upset. They were all trying to fix him, and I knew he’d made his choice. I realized finally that I was trying to fix them, and I totally exhausted and depressed myself. I thought this trip would be a way of breaking all that heavy sense of responsibility to the family and obligation thing, and I could have some fun. But then I realized I created myself sick because I needed a rest; I thought I would get better, and I didn’t.

The first thing that happened was we went to see Margot and Howard. I had a major dizzy spell and had to go lay down while we were there. I was wondering if Sharon’s exuberance over her new creativity and the things she’s doing, did that energy knock me for a loop, or was it something more?

ELIAS: Partially, yes. But it is not a matter of the other individual doing to you, but you presenting yourself with another form of overwhelming energy.

MARJ: That makes sense. One of the times that I meditated when I was there, I gave myself imagery of how exactly I create my reality, and I believe I got it.

ELIAS: Ha ha! Congratulations!

MARJ: Thank you! Another time when I meditated I went sideways, and I felt very out of control and wasn’t used to feeling like that. I did a lot of deep breathing, as you talk about often, and I relaxed myself and told myself to just let go. I took off and went somewhere; I don’t know where. I do know that Sharon’s cat was very upset and kept bumping into the swing I was in and meowing really loud as if she was picking up on something. I have a feeling that I was dealing with death issues or disengaging. Am I on the right track there?


MARJ: Did I make a choice at that time?


MARJ: Thought so. And the cat was picking up on that, was she?

ELIAS: And viewing, for in that action you also projected away from your body consciousness, and the creature can visually see that.

MARJ: We went to see a movie called “The Forgotten,” and it’s about having your memories stolen from you. Sharon and I were taking a little side trip, and I was so sick. I had this terrible pressure. I thought I was going to explode; I really, really did. We got to talking about our memories and how they’re created in the moment, and for some reason that got me really upset, because I thought, “You mean I create these memories right now, and these things never happened?” And the pressure kept building.

Then I saw myself as a giant baby in the sky with all these toys and no one to play with, and I went right away to this terrible separation thing. Then I realized I wasn’t all alone; there are other essences. It is all about me, it’s all me, but there are other essences that are here and I’m interacting with their energy, so I’m not all alone. I was glad I got that message, but I didn’t feel physically any better.

At any rate, right after that we went to a casino to get something to eat, and there was a young couple sitting across from us who were very involved with themselves. I’m sitting there thinking I wish I could die. I felt so bad. I happened to look up, and the young man smiled and winked and smiled again. I believe that was you, an aspect of you.

ELIAS: In that moment, yes.

MARJ: Thank you so much, because I started to get better after that! (Elias laughs)

Another thing that happened when we went to that movie was there was a preview of another movie about a dead husband coming back in the form of a young boy. He comes knocking on the young wife’s door and tells her who he is: his name is Sean, he loves her, and so on. Anyway, I got very upset when I saw that, and the only thing that came to my mind was the word “familiar.” Have I done that before, had a situation like that?

ELIAS: No. What you are presenting to yourself in imagery is that that, figuratively speaking, is becoming more familiar – not that an individual will necessarily remanifest physically as another individual subsequent to death, but that these veils of separation are thinning to the extent in which you within physical focus can be interactive with the energy of an individual that has disengaged, and in that interaction, you may be generating it in similar manners to how you create it if the individual is continuing within physical focus.

You interact with other individuals’ energy directly, and in receiving that energy from other individuals, you configure it in a manner that creates a projection of the individual, and therefore, you create an actual physical manifestation of the other individual.

In thinning these veils of separation, this is becoming an action that you may allow yourself to incorporate in relation to other individuals that are no longer participating within physical focus, but that you may allow yourself to interact with their energy in a similar capacity as you do with individuals that are continuing within physical focus. Are you understanding?

MARJ: Yes, I am. I’ve thought a lot about that, and I should have gone there, I guess. It just kind of blew me away; I wasn’t expecting that. (Elias chuckles) But I’ve always had this “Ghost and Mrs. Muir” thing in the back of my mind, like why can’t I do that? (Elias chuckles) I’ll have to explore that some more.

To go back to that movie “The Forgotten,” though, and about memory and it’s all about me, was I correct in the way I read that communication to myself?


MARJ: Oh, that’s wonderful! Elias, when I was out there, out west like that with Sharon, I felt so much movement in myself, like so many of my perceptions changed and I understood so much more. It was amazing.

ELIAS: For you were paying attention to you and not incorporating as much distraction.

MARJ: I guess that’s why I got myself so sick, huh?

ELIAS: Partially.

MARJ: I want to tell you about another meditation I had. The room started to spin again. The vision in my right eye became very distorted. I was out of control again. I tried to breathe deep, and I was counting to try to maintain some kind of balance. I lost all bladder control. I threw up; I had to swallow it. I thought I had to get to the bathroom before I lost anything else, and I was sweating profusely, banging into the walls. I couldn’t call Sharon for help. I finally made it to the bathroom; everything was okay. But it seemed like it took me forever with my counting to make my body do what I told it I wanted it to do, like get up and go lay down.

Was that all about letting go? Was it about balance? I’m a little unsure of that one. Or letting go of control, actually?

ELIAS: Partially, yes, in association with control and not engaging that rigidness of control, but also offering you the opportunity to recognize your association with control and the fear that is associated with the lack of control and how strongly that is expressed within you.

MARJ: Did I get that, or am I still in that place of fear, of lack of control?

ELIAS: Did you?

MARJ: (Sighs) Not really. (Elias chuckles) I still have to work on that, huh?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, the experience was reflecting your fear of the lack of control, what you perceive can happen if you are not expressing control, and that if you are not expressing control, if you are expressing a lack of control, you experience an inability to manipulate yourself and your energy in the way that you want – which is not true. But this was an experience to emphasize to you and to allow you to be aware of the strength of that association of a lack of control and how that triggers a fear.

MARJ: I know that before I left I had some imagery. I could hear a voice in my head tell me, “You have the key. Go over and open the door and step out. Let it all go.” That happened quite a few times, so I imagine that that’s what brought this imagery and this meditation up?

ELIAS: Yes, for this is offering yourself information in association with what your obstacle is. The obstacle is the fear of the lack of control. But that also offers you the opportunity to evaluate these different expressions and to view that expressing the rigidity of control influences you in many different areas, in many different directions, in many different experiences, not merely with yourself but in conjunction with your interaction with other individuals, and that also is limiting.

If you are allowing yourself to not be expressing as much rigidity in association with control, that may allow you much more flexibility and much more freedom in your interactions with other individuals and how you interact with other individuals. But it is significant that you allowed yourself to experience your fear of letting go and the lack of control, and therefore, you may allow yourself to address to that.

MARJ: Allow myself to experience that fear, to be in that feeling for a little bit?

ELIAS: And recognize that it is not actually harmful. It is not necessary to configure it into an uncomfortable manifestation – that is the automatic response – but that even in the expression of letting go and not incorporating control, you continue to express the ability to manipulate yourself and your energy. You continue to be aware.

MARJ: There was another meditation that was important. I relaxed; I was in a recliner. I felt a vibration under my bottom, and I could feel the chair kind of flattening out and moving forward. I was aware that I was showing myself the ease of dying. I was very relaxed and very calm, and I didn’t have any fear. I also was very drawn to it. I wanted to go there, and I realized that you don’t even care.

Then I took myself outside of myself again, and I thought about my family. I couldn’t leave them because I didn’t want to cause them pain; their father had just died. Then I got a little panicky. I went back to that calm, wonderful, peaceful drifting-away thing, and I thought gee, do I still have a choice? I have to go home and see my kids. I can’t do this now.

Was I just showing myself that there was nothing to be afraid of with death or was I making a choice again?

ELIAS: In this experience, you have offered yourself more than one aspect of information. You are correct, you have allowed yourself to experience the ease of that choice of death, that it is not a choice that necessitates fear and it may be engaged in any moment, therefore dissipating your own fear of unknown and unfamiliarity in association with death. But you also were offering yourself information in association with personal responsibility and obligation, and that these are two very strongly expressed issues with you. They are so very strongly influencing of you that the pull of that influence is stronger than your allowance of yourself to generate what you want.

MARJ: Yes, I’m aware. I was really amazed at the beautiful place that I felt that I wanted to go to, really wanted to go to, and I pulled myself back because of personal responsibility and obligation. I see it in everything, it seems like, anymore. Am I changing at all where that’s concerned?

ELIAS: Yes, for you are allowing yourself to be more and more aware, which is significant. How shall you alter your perception if you are not aware of what is influencing it?

MARJ: So I’m noticing it but I haven’t really moved in this direction yet. I haven’t given myself permission to be freer.

ELIAS: You are beginning. It is not a matter that you are not doing it yet. Yes, you are, incrementally. You are beginning, you are noticing more and more, and you are becoming more and more aware of these issues. In that, you are allowing yourself more of your own allowance of yourself, and you are also allowing yourself to view how that is affecting of your choices, which is significant.

MARJ: Yes. Thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MARJ: There was another time. We were visiting friends when we were out together. Everybody hugged and kissed when we were leaving, and I happened to look up at this friend and his eyes were the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes I ever saw. They were not his eyes. Was that an aspect of you again?


MARJ: Oh, thank you! Elias, you’re so encouraging! (Elias laughs) Was there a particular reason for that at that time?

ELIAS: Merely to be reinforcing to you and encouraging to you that you are not alone, and that I am continuously interacting with you and offering supportive energy.

MARJ: Those two times were the first times that I was paying enough attention, I guess, that I knew it was you. I just thought oh my god, this is fantastic! (Both laugh)

Something else happened. We went to see Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden. We saw the white tigers and lions and other animals, and we also saw porpoises. You would think that I never saw lions and tigers before in my life – which is dead wrong; I’ve seen them many times – but this time I feel like I made a connection with them. I had eye contact with porpoises – and of course, I asked for that – and also in particular this one huge white tiger. Was I correct in that?


Now; let me also express to you that this is a cooperation. These creatures have been interactive in different manners than other creatures. I may express to you, the interaction that these creatures have generated with the individuals that initiated the interaction – those two individuals that you mentioned – in association with the manner in which they have created interaction with these creatures, they have generated a thinning of a veil of separation of how the creatures interact, and in that, generated more of an action of less separation as entities. Are you following?

MARJ: Yes.

ELIAS: Therefore, as the creatures interact with any other individual, they generate that lessening of separation, and they generate an energy to penetrate other individuals’ energy field in a manner in which the individual shall experience the creature more so as an extension of themselves rather than merely another entity.

The interaction that those two individuals have generated with all of these creatures has created an interesting and significant penetration of some of these veils of separation, which extends beyond merely their interaction with the creatures but ripples outward and allows any other individual to experience these particular creatures in a different manner than they shall, generally speaking, with other creatures, for these creatures are existing, so to speak, more transparently, more as connected and a part of you.

Now; this also may be an example to you and to many individuals of the significance of each individual and what you do, how you project energy, how affecting it is in consciousness, how it ripples within your actual physical reality, and how it participates with your reality en masse, not merely your individual self. For the interaction that these two individuals have generated in their direction in association with these creatures is a physical example of generating a movement that is fulfilling your individual intent but is also rippling outward and affecting of many, many, many, many other individuals.

MARJ: I’m a little confused here, though. You’re talking about two other individuals? Who are they?

ELIAS: Yes, those individuals that initiated this interaction with these particular creatures.

MARJ: Oh, are you talking about Siegfried and Roy themselves?

ELIAS: Yes. And in association with their actions, with their interaction with these particular creatures, they have generated thinning a physical veil of separation, and in that, have allowed these creatures to be more transparent, therefore interact with any other individual that they generate contact with in a manner of less separation, and therefore being experienced not as much as a separate entity of a creature but as an extension of any individual that interacts with them.

MARJ: Oh my goodness! That is huge!

ELIAS: It is a significant accomplishment. (Chuckles)

MARJ: Boy, this was quite a trip I had, you know? (Laughs)

ELIAS: Shifting may be expressed and experienced in many different manners! (Both laugh)

MARJ: Do you suppose that I knew somewhere inside me that Sharon was the perfect person for me to go through these things with? Some of it was scary to me, and had I done this at home alone, I think I would have been terrified. But Sharon is Tumold – maybe that has something to do with it, great sense of humor and everything – she was the perfect person. She and I could talk about it, and I could get grounded a bit and begin to work my way through what I’d experienced.


MARJ: Do you see that as well?

ELIAS: Yes. I am acknowledging of this, you are correct. But this also allows you another example of how precisely you draw other individuals to yourself, and how specifically.

MARJ: Sharon, on some level, agreed to this, probably ahead of time – well, no, you have choice in the moment. But Sharon got something from this also, I’m sure.


MARJ: You know, after all of these things, we ended up watching a show on TV called “Six Feet Under.” It’s about a family who is in the funeral business. They live in the house where the funerals take place, and it’s about what their life is like living in that situation. Every show starts with a death. We watched thirty hours of that and laughed our heads off at who’s it going to be next. Then when that was all over, we said let’s watch comedy, and Sharon insisted on this comedy called “Fried Green Tomatoes,” which I remembered as a drama, and it certainly was a drama. It was death again, and it just blew my mind how much death imagery I surrounded myself with. Any particular comment on that?

ELIAS: For that is an issue – not necessarily death itself as the issue, not necessarily the choice of death in itself, but your perception of what occurs surrounding that choice.

MARJ: So have I changed my probabilities at all through all of this?

ELIAS: In association with what?

MARJ: I guess death. I mean, right now I feel like I’m still going to be here for a long time, but I was on shaky ground for a little while there and I’m aware of that. So have I gone back to I’m going to be here?

ELIAS: Yes. That was not the point. You were not presenting all of this imagery to yourself to suggest to yourself that you were moving in the direction of engaging that choice – that was not the point.

The point of all of these experiences and all of this imagery is to offer you a clearer awareness of your association with different beliefs that surround death and how you respond, what you do and what type of energy you project. THAT was the point, not to be considering or questioning the choice of death or dying, but rather all of the different expressions that are associated with that choice and all the implications of that choice.

MARJ: And that was all wrapped around family responsibility and obligation?

ELIAS: Correct, yes.

MARJ: I think I just scared the pants off myself, that’s all! (Both laugh) But I’m still here!

Do I, by any chance, have a focus as a porpoise?


MARJ: Oh, goody!

About the cats, in one meditation that I did, the one where I felt out of control, earlier that day before I meditated the cat brought in a dead bird. That’s not highly unusual, but then the day that I meditated and had that loss of control feeling again the cat brought in a live bird. At first we thought he was dead, but he got up and ran but he didn’t ultimately get away. Both of those situations were very upsetting. I understand from what you’ve said that the cat did sense what was going on. Can you tell me more? Was there any tie between his bringing in live birds and dead birds every time we turned around?

ELIAS: Yes, as another element of your imagery concerning how you respond in these situations, how...

MARJ: The dead bird didn’t bother me but the suffering bird did.

ELIAS: Correct, which triggers automatic responses in you. This is a presentment once again of how you respond automatically in different situations in association with the same subject. You do not concern yourself with the individual or the creature that is dead, but you automatically concern yourself with an element that you perceive to be wounded or injured or hurt or suffering, which is quite associated with family.

MARJ: Everything’s about family! Jeepers! (Elias chuckles)

Now, tell me about this chest congestion, please. I know I created it. I don’t understand why. It was almost all gone by the time I was leaving Las Vegas. I felt a lot better. I was apprehensive about coming home and falling into the same pattern, but I was aware so I felt that would help me. At any rate, the congestion has started to come back again, which makes me very tired. I look at getting my attention, keeping my attention on myself, and I look at I’m not seeing choices. Is there something more you can tell me, and am I even on the right course?

ELIAS: I may express to you that this is quite an efficient and convenient creation, for it offers you a viable excuse to be less interactive.

MARJ: I noticed that! (Laughs, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, at times as individuals are becoming more aware of the influences of beliefs that they engage and their automatic responses and what they are actually doing, they may not necessarily initially feel or perceive their own ability to generate what they want objectively intentionally in a manner that does not incorporate an excuse. That is not a wrong or bad or inefficient method of movement temporarily, for it does allow you to somewhat move into your own direction, and it does allow you to interrupt the familiar.

In this, you have created a physical manifestation which allows you to interrupt your automatic responses of obligation and of rescuing. It allows you what you perceive to be a viable excuse to not continuously be rescuing and interacting, one that is unquestioned by other individuals and shall be accepted by other individuals without you incorporating justification of yourself. Therefore, temporarily it is offering you an efficient and significant avenue to move within in association with perhaps not yet creating entirely what you want but interrupting what you do not want.

MARJ: I’m pretty clever, huh? (Elias laughs) I think I’m moving. Do you think I’m shifting?

ELIAS: Yes! Quite significantly.

MARJ: Goody, I love it. That’s wonderful.

There’s a word, a name, that keeps coming through my mind. It’s “Magique.” Does that have any particular meaning?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) In your terms, yes, for it is a reminder to you to find your magic.

MARJ: One day when I was thinking about Luanne/Inez, Luaia came to my mind. Is there something there for her?

ELIAS: That is another focus.

MARJ: She’ll have to discover who it is, huh?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Or you may together, for you also incorporate a focus with that focus.

MARJ: Sounds Hawaiian. (Elias chuckles)

Is there anything in particular that you could tell me, a direction to point me in or something that would be helpful, Elias?

ELIAS: What I may express to you is merely a reminder to be expressing gentleness with yourself – gentleness and playfulness – and in that, not to be expressing this harshness of judgment with yourself in relation to your own expectations of yourself. Perhaps you may discover your freedom more obviously and more quickly if you are allowing yourself to be aware of how much you expect of yourself in association with other individuals.

MARJ: Elias, I can’t thank you enough. It’s wonderful talking to you, and so validating.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my dear friend. I express to you pleasure in our conversation and our interaction.

MARJ: Thank you.

ELIAS: I shall be continuing to remind you in different energy expressions of your wonderment and not of what you perceive to be a lack of movement. (Chuckles, and Marj laughs)

MARJ: Oh, I feel so good right now! It was all worth it, scary as it was.

ELIAS: I am greatly encouraging of you, my friend, for you are generating significant movement. I express to you an offering of my energy in supportiveness and tremendous lovingness.

MARJ: Oh, that feeling is so mutual! (Elias chuckles) I can’t wait ‘til I can talk to you again.

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating our next meeting. To you, as always, in tremendous affection and great fondness, au revoir.

MARJ: Au revoir, Elias.

(Elias departs after 56 minutes.)

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