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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

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ďA Problem with Contractors: What Type Of Energy You Are Expressing?Ē

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jens (Samira).

(Elias arrives in 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JENS: Hi, Elias, how are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

JENS: Very nice moments and very conflicting moments. (Elias chuckles) And you know the rest.


JENS: Letís discuss my... Oh, no, letís warm up. I have some impressions about my focus numbers, and there are some major changes, I guess. I want to confirm this from you. I have still 3 past focuses, 18 present living focuses and 3,512 future focuses, correct?

ELIAS: Alter the present focuses. What you are offering to yourself in information concerning present focuses also includes observing essence roles.

JENS: So still one directing?

ELIAS: No, you do...

JENS: No, itís more. I feel more.

ELIAS: Yes, you do incorporate six other focuses in this present time framework, but the other focuses that you are offering to yourself in your impressions are observing roles.

JENS: Thank you. At present, my focus is observed by 24 essences. It fluctuates, as this morning I had the impression about 28, now 24. So thereís some major things going on with my focus.


JENS: Yes, I thought so. (Chuckles) In summer, during the group session in Vienna, I asked you when will it be, the time framework for my appreciation, and you said two years or sooner. I guess I have changed the time framework a little bit. I will accomplish that not even in half a year?

ELIAS: It is a potential.

JENS: Ja, but itís the most probable potential at present.

ELIAS: At present, yes.

JENS: Now, youíre very, very helpful Ė for example, with the property. Now, many things worked out really nice and really wonderful. It was effortless. I guess that this is what you mean by effortlessness, but now I create tremendous problems and tremendous conflict with the building company. In my impression, it had much to do with my blame issue, because when I blame somebody, my attention is not on me. Itís on the other party, in this case, on the building company. And on the other side, they blame me, and I express fear of their lawyers and this kind of thing. You know what I mean?

ELIAS: I am understanding. Recognize that you are generating extremes. I have been cautioning individuals to be paying attention, for in this time framework, it is quite easy to be generating extremes in any direction, whether it be in what you term to be positive or negative manners.

JENS: My feelings say donít create any trouble with the building company, and if I would be sure I could... For example, the problem with the roof, which escalates at the moment, by myself I wouldnít ask them. But it can be very expensive, the roof, the repair of this problem, so I donít follow my feelings at this point and I follow my beliefs. I would change it, but thereís too much fear at this point.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, first of all, be aware of your energy and what you are actually doing, for this is a familiar expression with you. At times, you are generating quite easily, and you are creating what you want in an effortless manner. But in other times, you trigger a doubt within yourself, and you automatically begin to escalate that doubt and generate a fear.

What you do with your energy is create tension and anxiety, and the more that you express the tension and the anxiety, the more you automatically move into what may be termed an aggressive energy with other individuals or situations. Whereas, if you allow yourself to notice that this is what you are doing, you may move your attention to you and allow yourself to relax, and therefore not be expressing this escalating anxious energy which generates what you do not want rather than what you want. If you allow...

JENS: I was happy until, I guess, two or three weeks ago that they had done the roof and insulation. Then I had to open the roof for cables to a satellite dish, and at that moment, I noticed it was terribly wet inside. Now I have the fear that the whole roof is bad, but to check it I must open the roof in the childrenís rooms and the sleeping room, and I do need to destroy some parts. I need to do an extensive check. But on the other side, I can say I create my own reality, so if I create my reality then I create my roof, and then I create no problems in my roof. So itís not that simple.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But the first step is to be recognizing what type of energy you are expressing, for that is affecting and influencing your interaction with the other individuals that would be engaging the action of contracting.

Now; in this, you are creating conflict, for you are projecting an anxious and also somewhat threatening energy, for YOU are experiencing threat. Therefore, that is the energy that you are projecting also in association with these other individuals. If you allow yourself to relax your energy and not to be projecting that threatening or blaming energy in association with the other individuals, their response shall be quite different.

JENS: I have tried exactly what you have expressed during the last week, and at some parts I was successful. Even on Sunday, I was quite convinced that I have accepted myself. Not for long, for a time framework, but this was genuine acceptance of what I have expressed. From time to time Iím able to reconfigure my energy in the way you have described right now and in the session last October. Sometimes Iím able to do so, and sometimes I guess Iím aware of my energy but itís too strong. Itís somehow overwhelming, I guess.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; let me also express to you an encouragement, for as I express to any of you to be accepting and to be paying attention to what energy you are projecting, I am not expressing to you that you forfeit your own preferences in association with other individuals.

As I have expressed previously in discussing different actions and expressions that individuals may generate Ė some of which may be being intrusive or non-cooperating Ė in being aware of yourself and in expressing your own responsibility to self, you also incorporate the direction of holding to your preferences and allowing yourself permission to appreciate yourself in the direction that you have chosen. If other individuals are not cooperating with that and are expressing opposition to you, it is not wrong or bad for you to hold in your position. Are you understanding?

JENS: Not that last part, but most of it, yes.

ELIAS: What I am expressing to you is that it is not an expression of acceptance of yourself or other individuals if you are allowing other individuals to dictate to you contrary to your preferences, and it is not wrong for you to hold steadfast in your direction and not compromise.

JENS: In this case, that would mean I have to go to court and have to create some trouble. The roof is too important and too expensive to repair to say I donít care about this and avoid the conflict.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But in pursuing your direction and holding to your preferences and acknowledging yourself and not acquiescing to the compromises of other individuals, be aware of the energy that you are projecting. Do not engage this situation projecting an energy of blame or of anxiety, but rather be expressing an energy of cooperation and an appreciation for the talents and skills of the other individuals to accomplish an action that you want.

JENS: What do you mean, talents and skills?

ELIAS: The individuals that engage the contracting to be addressing to the structure, the roof.

JENS: You mean the building company itself?

ELIAS: Yes, and those that they employ to be engaging the actual activity. If you are not expressing demand but are expressing a cooperation and an appreciation of these individuals rather than blame, that alters the energy that is expressed between you. But you also may continue to hold steadfast in your preferences and not acquiesce to the compromise of other individuals. It is not a matter of compromise; it is a matter of cooperation and expressing an avenue in which you can generate that cooperation.

JENS: I see a realistic chance to create this kind of situation, because at the beginning I expressed to them that they have created a great house and many things are correct. Perhaps not completely in energy, but verbally I expressed this. Then I asked please repair only the little things that are not in order. It was so much trouble to even fix little things with this company that I donít see a chance for this way.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but even if you engage attorneys, what I am expressing to you in association with your energy is applicable.

JENS: Is what? What was that last word?

ELIAS: Even if you engage your attorneys, paying attention to how you are projecting your energy in the manner that I have expressed to you is applicable in that situation also. Regardless of whether you choose to engage the building company or attorneys, it matters not. What is important is that you be aware of how you are projecting your energy and that you be aware of generating cooperation, for that shall generate less conflict and less effort to be accomplishing what you want.

JENS: I will do this. Especially during the last one or two weeks, I have recognized the significance of what you have expressed, because you have expressed it many times to me. (Both laugh) I need a little bit of time! I guess I make big steps at this point, the last two weeks.

ELIAS: Yes! And at times, you may merely incorporate the necessity for a small reminder. (Laughs)

JENS: Elias, you are able to access energies. Can you access the energy in my roof and tell me if all parts are wet and not correct or only the upper part? Iím not sure what I should do, and I want to create as little conflict as possible.

ELIAS: I may express to you, it is not the entirety of the roof but a section.

JENS: The upper part or more?

ELIAS: Basically that which you assess to be the upper.

JENS: There is no problem in the childrenís rooms and in the sleeping room?

ELIAS: Not in this now.

JENS: But there is potential to create this?

ELIAS: That is dependent upon what direction YOU move within. But in this now, no. It is limited to a section and is not the entirety of the roof.

JENS: Can you suggest any way to fix it simply and inexpensively? Because itís not my job to do it, and I have no idea about the details of a roof, so I have to ask other people. Iíve asked two people and I have at least three opinions.

ELIAS: I would express to you the suggestion to allow another individual to engage the roof, one that is skilled in that action. For if you are attempting to engage it, in the probabilities that you are creating now it is a potential that you may sustain injury. Therefore, I would not suggest that you engage it yourself.

JENS: So do as my father suggested?

ELIAS: That would be one avenue, yes, which would potentially generate successfulness if you are paying attention to your energy.

JENS: Iíll do my best, but if my doubt is too big, my concentration is interrupted. Will you help me at this point?

ELIAS: I shall.

JENS: To create not too big a fear and too much doubt, so I will be able, not all the time but many times, to pay attention to myself and not to blame.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall be offering my energy to you continuously, and I shall be offering a supportiveness to you also. Perhaps if you are allowing an openness to my energy, you may notice some playful expressions that I may offer to you to be reminding you that I am present and that I am being supportive.

JENS: That would be fun. (Elias laughs)

I had the idea now for a long time to give my kitchen furniture to my mother, because she has almost the same kitchen. Now I recognize problems with her use of our kitchen furniture, and the increasing mildew in my motherís (inaudible), that she created some probabilities to leave this flat or this apartment because it doesnít fit. There is something wrong, I feel it.

ELIAS: It is a potential; in this time framework it may be viewed as a strong potential.

JENS: So, my impression concerning this was correct.

Last week I had an affectingness of my green energy center. Iím sure it was my green energy center. It was similar to a heart attack but on the wrong side. It was very alarming to me. Any clues or hints?

ELIAS: This is quite specific. You are generating signals to yourself to notice your own anxiety and your own tension that you are generating, and to move your attention to you. To be addressing to this anxiety that you are expressing, you have generated this physical expression.

JENS: Thank you, I understand.

ELIAS: It is a...

JENS: My partner has problems with the skin of her hands during the winter months, and it escalates at the moment. Can you give me any helpful suggestions, or is it not possible?

ELIAS: Yes. You may express to your partner that she may be engaging a peppermint oil.

JENS: What kind? Peppermint?

ELIAS: Peppermint oil and also wax. This may be quite soothing to the irritated skin.

JENS: I had an impression that Lisa, my daughter, will accept herself at the age of six, and Laura, the other daughter, at the age of four.

ELIAS: That is a strong potential.

JENS: Wow. So it will create less conflict in their lives! (Elias laughs) But at present, they, at least the older one, create much conflict, but itís not a future problem. (Elias laughs)

We have been talking about that I create many, many connections to famous and present living people, that I would draw their energy to me. At present, I am aware at moments of a thousand people, famous present living, that have a connection of observing or counterpart action or essence connection or something like that.


JENS: Itís a big number. (Both laugh)

Thank you; thatís it for the moment. I am aware of your energy, and I am very thankful for it. I have even created connections of my essence, which during the last two or three weeks went to the background, but before there was a time where I recognized your energy more in the background and the energy of my essence more in the foreground, ja?

ELIAS: I am aware. (Both chuckle)

JENS: I will see what will happen in the next half year. I guess I have much going on this year.

ELIAS: As always! (Both laugh)

JENS: I thank you very, very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my dear friend. I shall be reminding you of playful energy, for it is my pleasure. To you as always, my dear friend, I express my tremendous appreciation and lovingness, and I shall be anticipating our playing together and our next meeting.

JENS: Which I guess will be quite soon.

ELIAS: (Laughs) In great fondness, my friend, au revoir.

JENS: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 34 minutes.

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