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Friday, April 22, 2005

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ďPractice RelaxationĒ (1)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Gina (Lajos).

(Eliasí arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

GINA: Good morning! How are you?

ELIAS: As always. And yourself?

GINA: Iím doing kind of good. Iíve been sick a lot lately, been having the flu and stomach problems, and all kinds of fun stuff going on. Whatís going on with my stomach, with my belly? My solar plexus is like really, really bad, messed up.

ELIAS: Describe.

GINA: Itís what? ELIAS: Describe. Explain.

GINA: Say it again. Iím on a cell phone, Elias...

ELIAS: Explain.

GINA: Is it like out of alignment really bad?

ELIAS: Somewhat, but explain your experience.

GINA: Well, for the last two or three weeks Iíve been having diarrhea real bad that wouldnít go away. Anything I ate, I got real sick, sick, sick.

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

GINA: From the last conversation we had, you told me my solar plexus was out of alignment and maybe spinning too quickly or something, because I was getting stomach pains, pains in my stomach all the time.

ELIAS: Yes, but what is your impression as to why you are manifesting this?

GINA: Because Iím emotionally focused.

ELIAS: No, what are you doing?

GINA: Itís trying to configure information?

ELIAS: Concerning what?

GINA: Other essences, maybe triggers, triggers of energy that are coming around me?

ELIAS: No, this concerns you. What are you doing that is generating this manifestation? This is associated with tension and anxiety. Therefore, what are you doing that is generating this manifestation?

GINA: Iím working. I work! You know, it happens everywhere I go, so Iím just taking it as a trigger that the energy... Because whatever it happens, itís always like I feel the energy coming at me, you know what I mean?

ELIAS: I am aware of what you are expressing. The point...

GINA: But Iím not understanding it!

ELIAS: The point is for YOU to be aware of what is occurring and what you are doing...

GINA: Right, I just had one right now.

ELIAS: Now...

GINA: So what does that mean? Thatís what Iím not understanding.

ELIAS: Stop. Stop and pay attention. What are you generating inwardly within you in this moment?

GINA: Iím sitting hear talking with you! I have nothing on my mind at this point in time.

ELIAS: It has not to do with what you are thinking.

GINA: What does it have to do with, then?

ELIAS: It is an emotion...

GINA: Is it what Iím doing? Is it my work?

ELIAS: Are you working in this moment?

GINA: No, thatís what Iím saying!

ELIAS: Correct. Quiet yourself and listen. Pay attention to what you are doing, not merely outwardly but inwardly. You are correct, you are sitting and you are speaking with myself. But what are you generating within yourself?

GINA: I canít figure it out, Elias. I donít know.

ELIAS: Very well. In this moment, you generate the physical manifestation for within yourself you are generating frustration and tension and anxiety. You are apprehensive for you are expressing to myself a physical manifestation, and you are apprehensive as to what my response shall be.

Subsequent to the apprehension, you begin expressing frustration and tension and anxiety, for you generated an automatic expression and association of discounting yourself in association with myself asking you questions, and as you experienced a lack of answers to the questions, you began experiencing and generating frustration and anxiety. This is the point. This is what I am prompting you, and have been prompting you, to pay attention to and to listen to.

GINA: I have, though, Elias!

ELIAS: Have you?

GINA: I canít figure it out! Something inside is... I donít know. Also I think that a lot of those hot frickiní energy flashes...


GINA: I donít know what that means. I donít know what it is any more! Itís frustrating.

ELIAS: I am aware. The reason that it is frustrating is that you think you are paying attention, but you actually are not. In this, what is your greatest obstacle is that you do not allow yourself to quiet yourself.

GINA: I canít!

ELIAS: Pay attention...

GINA: I canít! I do it every day. I sit on my bed, Iíll go in my room, and Iíll sit and Iíll go and meditate. Iíll sit and Iíll quiet... I canít quiet myself, because... Whatís going on with my blue energy center?

ELIAS: Pay attention in this present moment to what you are actually doing with myself. What are you doing?

GINA: Iím engaging conversation.

ELIAS: NO. You are not engaging conversation, for you are not allowing for a flow of both sides, so to speak. What you are doing is you are expressing outwardly your frustration and a scattered energy. You are not listening. You are merely expressing. But you are offering yourself no information, and you are not allowing yourself to receive information from myself either, for you are scattering your energy and you are overriding any information that you may possibly offer to yourself. You are rejecting it before you even allow yourself to view it.

GINA: So, what has caused this in me? Is it because of all the stuff thatís been going on with...? You know, Iím getting divorced now.


GINA: And I got visitation back with my kids. So, itís been sort of an easement, but itís not been the way... I donít know what it is. Why am I rejecting it? I donít even know why Iím rejecting it.

ELIAS: For you are scattering yourself.

GINA: Am I dispersed?

ELIAS: No. You are distracting yourself to such a degree that you are not allowing yourself to pay attention to any information.

GINA: Are you there?


GINA: All right, has anything changed as far as, in me I mean, as far as since Iíve changed? Is Shasyn still my essence guide, or my essence?


GINA: And essence name is still Lajos, right?


GINA: It is. So (inaudible, and the phone goes mute on Ginaís side)

ELIAS: What is it that you want?

GINA: Information.

ELIAS: And what information do you want?

GINA: Well, if I canít figure stuff out by myself, as Iíve been doing by myself, itís driving me nuts.

ELIAS: What may be very helpful to you is to allow yourself to practice relaxing. I am not expressing to you to be meditating, but to be practicing intentionally relaxing yourself and your energy methodically. Allow yourself in moments such as this present moment to focus your attention upon your physical body first. Identify wherever you are holding tension in any of your muscles and bones. Allow your nervous system to relax. Physically move your body, right now.

GINA: Okay.

ELIAS: Physically shake your physical body in this moment. (Pause) Are you shaking?

GINA: Yeah.

ELIAS: Now stop. Now express to myself, where do you feel physical tension?

GINA: In my head.

ELIAS: And your shoulders and your neck and your stomach.

GINA: Right.

ELIAS: And somewhat...

GINA: Sometimes even in my legs!


GINA: You know, one time I experimented, and I went off my meds a little while, because I get terrible migraines, you know. And I experimented, for a week and a half I went off my meds and everything like that. My legs got so weak, I was getting like I can actually feel the energy from the earth underneath me, coming up through my body, through my legs. My legs were actually vibrating. My legs felt like I didnít even want to walk.

ELIAS: I am understanding. And once again, what are you doing in this moment?

GINA: Right now, Iím sitting here smoking a cigarette and talking to you.

ELIAS: No. You are distracting yourself from the subject matter.

GINA: Well, I was giving you an example.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but you are distracting yourself from the subject matter. You interrupted the process. Now, once again, where do you notice the tension in this moment?

GINA: Kind of hard to say, because Iíve got a really bad cold right now. I donít know... My throat, my chest.

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: What? Yes?


GINA: Thatís where itís coming from, my throat and my chest.

ELIAS: Now; allow yourself to breathe. Incorporate several deep breaths. Slower Ė breathe in slowly. Now breathe out slowly. As you breathe in, notice the tension within your chest and your throat and your shoulders.

GINA: Yeah, yeah.

ELIAS: As you breathe out, focus your attention upon that tension and breathe out the tension. Incorporate the action again. Breathe in, noticing. Breathe out, releasing.

(Slowly, quietly and clearly) Now; you have been engaging many different actions in recent time framework, many actions that have been generating stress and frustration within you, and your automatic response is to project your attention outside of yourself in many different directions, not merely in association with other individuals, but with any situation that is distracting to you. But in that action, you are becoming more and more scattered and more and more unfamiliar with genuinely paying attention to yourself. That creates a circle in which you perpetuate the scatteredness and you perpetuate your own frustration, for you cannot see what you are doing.

What is significant is that you allow yourself to incorporate practicing relaxing, for if you continue to generate this scatteredness and this extreme in distraction, you shall merely increase your discomfort and increase what you are physically manifesting. For your physical body is attempting to release energy that you are holding to very tightly, and the manner in which it is accomplishing that is to be generating physical manifestations that are uncomfortable.

GINA: Okay. Now, Iím going to get onto the next subject here. Iím understanding what youíre saying.

ELIAS: Very well.

GINA: I have been experiencing, I donít know what you would call it, mergences? With energy, what you call energy deposits, and itís been pretty extreme the last two months.

ELIAS: In what manner?

GINA: Why is that happening? Because sometimes... Well, itís channeling. Iíve been channeling essences that arenít around any more, and itís been kind of interesting to me. Iím wondering, is it...? I just need validation on it, thatís all.

ELIAS: It is another manner in which you are attempting to offer yourself information.

GINA: So was it an actual energy deposit that I was contacting? (Pause)


GINA: It was. How interesting. Also, with my emotional thing. Whatís going on with that, too? Sometimes I just want to cry.

ELIAS: That is also an expression of your physical body consciousness releasing energy, which may be accelerating if you continue to be expressing in the manner in which you have been.

(Gently) Do you recognize the EXTREME tension that you are holding? This is what generates this overwhelming experience of spontaneously weeping with apparently no reason. But there is a reason. The reason is that your body consciousness is releasing energy that YOU will not channel within yourself in a more productive manner.

As you continue to distract yourself in such extremes and not allow yourself to genuinely pay attention to what you are actually doing and what communications you are offering to yourself, that merely perpetuates this tenseness in energy, and that generates more frequency of this natural release of energy, which is generated in weeping.

GINA: Okay. My next question to you is, the lady that I work for, my boss, what is it with me and her? How many focuses do we share?

ELIAS: Twenty-three.

GINA: Do we have any focuses that like are totally where we are really close that we share?


GINA: We do. Can you tell me about it?

ELIAS: You incorporate some focuses as siblings. You incorporate some focuses in friendships, and you incorporate some focuses in intimate relationship of partners.

GINA: Were there any famous focuses? Thereíve been a lot of things coming up with... Hold on, Iíve got this stuff written down. Anything to do with Cleopatra?

ELIAS: You incorporate a focus in that time framework.

GINA: Yeah, I know. Thatís been coming up a lot, Cleopatra, Mary Magdalene... Iím just throwing some things at you that come to my head. Who else? A lot of things with Egypt, Egyptian stuff, and Mary Magdalene.

ELIAS: These are bleed-throughs from these other focuses that you incorporate within these time frameworks.

GINA: Say that one more time.

ELIAS: These are bleed-throughs of energy of focuses that you incorporate in those time frameworks.

GINA: Bleed-throughs?


GINA: Bleed-throughs. Okay, what is Susanís essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Janna, J-A-N-N-A.

GINA: Then my girlfriend, China. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Victoria.

GINA: Oh, my gosh! A friend of mine, Woodie. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Ludvan, L-U-D-V-A-N (LOOD van).

GINA: Oh, wow, like Ludwin van Beethoven? How many focuses... Oh, thatís what I wanted to ask. What is Bilfordís essence, kind of like mineís Shasyn, Balahís is Lezbae. What is Bilfordís essence?

ELIAS: The fragmenting essence?

GINA: Heís fragmenting?!

ELIAS: No, I am enquiring of your question. Are you requesting the fragmenting essence?

GINA: Is that what you would call it?


GINA: Oh! Yeah, I guess so. The main one, I donít know the terminology on how to say that, but where did Ludwig come from? Was Ludwig a fragmented essence of someone?


GINA: Really?!

ELIAS: This is what occurs. Essences are continuously fragmenting and generating new essences.

GINA: Oh, my god! How about that? So where did Ludwig come from, then? What was the name of the actual fragmented essence, then?

ELIAS: Chi and Moran and Goeth.

GINA: Oh, my god! Chi, C-H-I?


GINA: Okay, Chi, Moran, and who?

ELIAS: Goeth.

GINA: Can you spell it?






GINA: Chi, Moran, and Goeth? Oh, my gosh! And what about Shasyn? (Pause)

ELIAS: Vincent...

GINA: Spell it.


GINA: Oh, my gosh! Youíre kidding me! And who else? Anyone else?

ELIAS: Roasin, R-O-A-S-I-N, and Sali, S-A-L-I.

GINA: Oh, my gosh! How about that? Interesting. Oh, okay, do I still have 929 focuses in this timeframe?

ELIAS: In this physical dimension? Yes.

GINA: Is the signature color still the same, crimson and violet?


GINA: Now, has anything changed as far as the family alignment?


GINA: Orientation is still common?


GINA: And still F flat?


GINA: Thatís the vibrational essence tone, right, would be the F-flat?


GINA: Or is that something different?

ELIAS: Yes, that is correct.

GINA: Percentage wise, remember we were talking a couple of sessions ago, I had asked you about the widening of awareness, world-wise, and you said it was 15 percent before. What are we at now, percentage-wise?

ELIAS: Approximately the same.

GINA: Really? Okay. Oh, yeah, Bilford! I asked you about mine. You didnít give me the names of Bilford. Do Bilford and Rick share the same essence fragment?


GINA: They do not. Interesting. And yet theyíre counterpart?


GINA: So how can that be?

ELIAS: You may be incorporating counterpart action with any essence or any focus.

GINA: REALLY?! Okay, now weíre going to go to a different subject, which has to do with Bilford. Weíve at least been able to communicate a little bit more efficiently, and I just want to get validation because with our communication, is he, in actuality... You know, Iím wanting to work this out with the least conflict as possible. Since my last conversation with Bilford, is he genuinely expressing efficiency in wanting to communicate and work things out, with me and him and the children?


GINA: Now, my next question is with Rick. Is he genuinely expressing the want and the need and the desire for a divorce?


GINA: Next question: what is it with the tension that is going on right now within my place of work?

ELIAS: Explain.

GINA: A lot of it has to with I donít know if itís with my boss; I donít know what Iím projecting out to other people. I mean, I think Iíve become very efficient in exercising a relaxation, but I donít know what Iím projecting out that she has such a distaste for in me

ELIAS: Be more specific.

GINA: Gosh, I donít know. I donít know how to explain it. Itís just like an extreme distaste, but I donít know what it is.

ELIAS: What actually occurs?

GINA: Itís like weíve worked together before, so she knows a lot about situations and stuff that has gone on in my life. Iím wondering if thatís not being affecting of her as far as my projectiles for her, you know, or what it is, because I feel... I donít know what it is. I have no idea.

ELIAS: Which is?

GINA: An extreme distaste, a rejection of energy.

ELIAS: Which is also a reflection.

GINA: Is she like a counterpart of mine or something?

ELIAS: That has been an action that you have engaged previously, not in this time framework.

GINA: So is it like a mergence or something that weíre going through?

ELIAS: No, you are reflecting.

GINA: Reflecting?

ELIAS: Which also requires you to be paying attention to you.

GINA: Which I tried! You know what, Elias, I feel so much energy sometimes that itís unbelievable.

ELIAS: But this is another manifestation of you allowing yourself to be extremely scattered and not focusing your attention.

GINA: Yeah, but sometimes itís not that bad. Iíve become more at ease with my energy, but sometimes itís like my empathic senses are so there that itís like overwhelming, you know?

ELIAS: But that is a choice. You choose to engage that.

GINA: Yeah, I guess.

ELIAS: You can also choose not to engage that.

GINA: Itís not so much that I donít... I love it, you know. Actually, a lot of the things that have been happening to me or that Iíve been experiencing, Iím enjoying. I donít have a problem with it. Itís just that my body consciousness, itís very affecting of it, because I can kind of like almost... Iíve had different sessions where Mary says she gets extremely tired having the energy... Whatíd you call that? And thatís what I feel like sometimes. I get so tired. My body just gets tired.

ELIAS: But this, once again, is a choice.

GINA: True. But I enjoy it, so evidently Iím asking for it, right?

ELIAS: Correct. And you are allowing it.

GINA: ĎCause I love it, you know. I donít mind it at all. Itís just a matter of the body being able to handle it, I guess.

Okay, my next question is my place of work. I enjoy this place a lot. I enjoy the people that I work with. But is there any information that you can offer me that would be a little bit more helpful in the... I want to stay here and work, but then again, Iím kind of wanting to dabble in working elsewhere, and I donít know if I should do that or not.

ELIAS: I express to you, practice relaxing and therefore allowing yourself to listen more clearly to your own communications, and in that practicing, allow yourself to genuinely evaluate what you want. In that evaluation of what you want, allow yourself to trust yourself and generate that.

GINA: Okay, I have one more question. What is Lanceís essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Alyst, A-L-Y-S-T (al LIST).

GINA: T? As in Tom?


GINA: Iíve got more focuses now in this timeframe. Are there any of them that I am really connecting with that Iím not... Are there any famous focuses or any focus in particular within this now that I am aligning with?

ELIAS: In your concurrent time framework?

GINA: Yes.

ELIAS: No, but you are allowing for some energy of a future focus.

GINA: Is that the one where itís a space explorer or scientist or something?

ELIAS: No. Another focus.

GINA: Can you give me some clues? Male, female? I think itís a male.

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: What line of business?

ELIAS: Generates energy manipulation in directedness of energy in specific expressions, which is also the reason that you are drawing that to yourself, to be encouraging and helpful to you to become more aware of focusing yourself, your attention and your energy, and allowing you to generate more clarity.

GINA: To me, that sounds like maybe somewhere in the holistic field?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. No.

GINA: Can you give me more of a clue? What specific type?

ELIAS: It is merely a...

GINA: Maybe I can try to project my energy to my future focus and get more clarity?

ELIAS: You can, and it is not necessary that you actually understand the type of action that this individual expresses.

GINA: So you canít give me any kind of clue?

ELIAS: I have! I have expressed to you that this individual incorporates actions in manipulating energy and directing it in specific movements to generate a focused action.

GINA: Generate what? Aloofness?

ELIAS: A focused action with energy.

GINA: Okay. And itís a man.


GINA: And oh! Belal, is he in transition?


GINA: Is he actually generating an irritation and anger with me, or is he just kind of...? Iíll ask it directly. Is he generating an anger towards me?

ELIAS: Irritation.

GINA: And what about Candice? Is she efficiently directing her energy with what she is wanting to do?

ELIAS: For the most part.

GINA: Okay, Iím trying to think of something that I havenít asked you. I asked you also about the mergences I have and stuff like that, not in this direct concurring reality but in the past. Are any of them famous focuses?


GINA: Okay, thatís a good thing. Candice, is she a splinter of Mary Magdalene?


GINA: Oh, okay! Iíve got a good one for you. Are there any counterparts or any essences of the famous Cleopatra physically focused on this earth right now?


GINA: Really! Is there anyone, people that I work with in this house, famously focused as the famous Cleopatra?


GINA: What about, is she a working girl?


GINA: How many counterparts are there that are physically focused?

ELIAS: Countless.

GINA: Really! Oh, wow. But there is one of them that is a working girl?


GINA: Really! Have I met her before?


GINA: No? She lives in Europe?


GINA: How Ďbout that. And what about Mary Magdalene?

ELIAS: What is your question?

GINA: Are there any of her counterparts?


GINA: That are here on this earth?

ELIAS: That would be the same answer.

GINA: And the same answer as far as even the working girls, too, right?

ELIAS: Several.

GINA: Really! How interesting. Have I met any of them?


GINA: Oh! And what about Julia Bulette? Same questions and everything.


GINA: Are any of them a working girl, and have I met them?

ELIAS: The answer is the same.

GINA: Really! I think Iíve pretty much asked you everything I wanted to know. Let me sit here and think for a second.

Oh! We are in the process right now, at the place that I work at, of trying to open up another brothel. Iím curious to know, and Iím bringing it up only because thereís been so many questions asked about it, is everything going to go efficiently, work efficiently?

ELIAS: That is dependent upon the individuals.

GINA: Is there anything else that you can tell me about myself that I should know that I have not asked?

ELIAS: I shall merely emphasize the significance and the importance of your practicing this relaxation.

GINA: All righty. I feel happier now.

ELIAS: And I shall be offering my energy to you, my friend, in encouragement and in supportiveness also.

GINA: I know. I kind of missed talking with you for the last year. Too bad that you arenít physically manifest here.

ELIAS: But I am always with you.

GINA: I know that, but itís just been kind of rough the last probably six months, a little bit, so.

ELIAS: And that is...

GINA: (Inaudible) a little bit, but I think of you quite often.

ELIAS: And that is also the reason that it is so very important that you practice this relaxation. Very well, my friend. I shall be offering my affection to you and anticipating our next meeting. In great lovingness to you...

GINA: Okay, I will talk to you soon.

ELIAS: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 54 minutes.


(1) Transcriberís note: I had titled this session ď...In Which Elias Is Awarded the Nobel Prize for Patience.Ē This session is an excellent example of Eliasí acceptance, patience and helpfulness.

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