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Thursday, July 07, 2005

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ďFast Cars, Control Beliefs, and TimeĒ

ďBeing Present with YourselfĒ

ďEnergy PortalsĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Stella (Cindel), Letty (Castille) and Marcos (Marta).

(Eliasí arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

BOTH: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: And what shall we discuss this day?

LETTY: Opposition, our favorite topic lately.

ELIAS: Ah, interesting subject matter.

STELLA: Okay, Elias. Iím going to start.

ELIAS: Very well.

STELLA: One of the things that Iíve been noticing quite a lot, Elias, and has my attention tremendously is Iím very afraid or noticing of being very fearful of the speed of cars. Itís really upsetting me to the point where I hyperventilate. Itís seems Iím concerned about accidents. Itís got to do with speed, though. It happens more if I am not driving, if somebody else is driving. If I drive, I have it but not as strong.

Iím just realizing something, Elias. Thereís something to do with the belief system that I need to be in charge of my life, and thereís this thing about thinking or believing that I am this very fragile individual and that someone can just come and blow me away, and that terrifies me. I think my image has been related to that, where I feel like Iím not in control, that somebody else is in control, and then that horrible fear comes into my gut and itís really horrible. I think thatís what Iím talking about with the speed of the cars and the driving. I think in seeing it that way, Iím probably seeing the basis or the foundation of the very strong belief system about control.

ELIAS: Correct. You are correct. This also is yet again another example to you of influences of beliefs that are being revisited.

If you are recalling with yourself, you and I discussed a similar issue in the time framework in which we initially began interaction with each other. You generated a similar fear in that time framework also, which was associated with control or the feeling of a lack of control or the perception of a lack of control, and also generating that association that you are not creating all of your reality. You are co-creating, and other individuals incorporate the power to create some of your reality contrary to your wishes or desire. In this, you have moved once again into that perception in association with the subject of control.

This is a belief that has been quite influencing with you throughout most of your focus, Cindel, but at times, you have chosen different influences of this belief. Rather than choosing the influence that presents you as the victim, you have chosen influences that more empower you. The belief of control has never been eliminated, but you have allowed yourself to choose different influences of that belief in which you are not the victim. As you allow yourself to evaluate Ė which you have begun, obviously, for you are correct in your evaluation that this is associated with control or the lack of control Ė as you further your evaluation, perhaps you may incorporate the direction of cooperation, which may allow you to ease into the influences of empowering yourself rather than associating yourself as the victim.

As you allow yourself to perceive that you are actually creating all of your reality but you are also generating a cooperation with all the other individuals that are occupying all of the other vehicles, that may allow you more of an ease and generate more of your own strength that you are actually creating all of your reality and all of the other individuals in all of the other vehicles, but you are also generating a cooperation with the energy of all of these other individuals. You are not generating fear or defense and therefore not opposing them, but rather generating a cooperation with their energy and therefore allowing yourself to create what you perceive to be a safe environment. The element of speed also is not merely associated with the vehicle.

STELLA: Itís not?

ELIAS: It is associated with all of your reality, which generates more of an influence of perceiving a lack of control. Not merely the vehicles are moving rapidly or with speed, but many elements in your reality are moving similarly. Time is being perceived to be moving much more rapidly, which that triggers your automatic association with a lack of control, that you cannot generate all that you want or in your terms need to generate for there is not enough incorporation of time to accomplish all that you need to accomplish.

That may be expressed in many different manners, not merely that time itself seems to be accelerating and in actuality at times IS accelerating, but also that there are occasionally obstacles in association with time that appear to you or are perceived by you as preventing you from incorporating the time that you need to accomplish certain actions, and therefore lessening the volume of time that you need, so to speak.

If you are expressing a particular task that you perceive you need to accomplish but there is an alteration of weather that prevents you from accomplishing that particular task in a particular time framework, that generates an addition to your perception of not incorporating enough time. Therefore, you must accelerate your action to accomplish within a particular time framework. In a manner of speaking, you are playing the game of catch-up, which also contributes to the perception of accelerated speed and lack of control. Are you understanding?

STELLA: Yes, Elias. Very much.

ELIAS: Therefore, if you are allowing yourself to genuinely be present with yourself in the moment in whatever situation you are generating in any particular time framework and allowing yourself to genuinely evaluate what is occurring, such as an obstacle being presented that prevents you from accomplishing some action, if you move your attention to the now and allow yourself to evaluate what you are actually doing, you may also allow yourself to relax and recognize that whatever the task is that you want to accomplish, it is not actually a need, and in that, no harmfulness shall befall you if you do not accomplish the action in the time framework that you had initially planned.

This allows you to generate more flexibility and cooperate with yourself, also. It also generates a cooperation with other individuals, if whatever the action is that you want to accomplish involves other individuals, which many times they do. This will allow you to regenerate choosing the influences of this belief of control that more empower you rather than unnerve you and generate the perception of being a victim.

Whether it be of speed or of time or of other individuals, if you allow yourself to be present with you within your day in any scenario, generating a cooperation rather than opposition, you shall allow yourself to relax and generate more of an ease in what you are actually doing. Remember, defensiveness is another expression of opposition.

STELLA: Thank you so much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

LETTY: Elias, I had so much preparation, but at the end of the day, I really donít have anything. I really have caught on where my lack is and my lack of relaxation and my opposition versus cooperation, but at the same time Iíve been feeling this tremendous energy that I need to release. Iíve been crying a lot and I allow myself because of that, and I do feel better after I do it, my frustration. In trying to pay attention also to what I am doing and why I believe that Iím not creating what I want and yet nothing is really shifting, just listening to you this morning I do believe I have shifted a lot since my last conversation, but not necessarily maybe where I thought I wanted to go.

One of the things that I picked up was golf, and Iím having a lot of fun with it. Iím terrible at it, but itís just for fun. This past weekend I was in Mexico, and I was in a tournament with a family. I recognized something that you triggered right now when you were talking with Cindel, that I am trying too hard, and itís become perfect imagery for me. As much as Iím enjoying it, it allows me to see a lot of my influences. I recognize that Iíve been trying too hard, which is a belief that Iím not fighting anymore but I thought I had overcome, and so I am revisiting again some of these issues of what other people think.

I think that also may have had an impact on some of my frustrations that I am not working generating money, although I created a temporary part-time fun job with relaxation with the people that I work with. Thereís no stress, Iím making money, and it has given me an opportunity to put myself back into the familiar of getting up and going to work and coming home and eating dinner.

I donít know if I have any particular questions, because I think I understand everything, but I wanted to see if you could help me guide myself a little better when I feel scattered trying to figure out what to do, what not to do, trying to pay attention to the belief systems that are affecting me and at the same time feeling out of control of those. Itís just been a little ball of energy that for whatever reason I wanted to talk to you about four weeks ago. It kept being postponed by whatever reason. Iím at the point where Iím understanding whatís going through me, Iím being a good analyst, but at the same time I know the opposition I have to my own energy. I am defensive against myself, I find.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding.

Now; in similarity to Cindel, I would express to you that it is important for you to be present with yourself. Being present with yourself is not an action of excluding your environment or any of your interactions or not paying attention to what is occurring outside of you or around you. Being present with yourself is being aware of you as an element of what is occurring Ė being aware of your presence, your existence.

Individuals may generate an awareness of beliefs that are influencing in different situations and may be aware of the influences of certain beliefs, and recognize that this is what is influencing their perception to be generating certain actions or expressions or behaviors. But that may not necessarily mean that you are being present with yourself in the now, in the moment. There are many, many time frameworks within one day that you may generate actions or interactions, and subsequently, you may express to yourself an identification of what influenced you to act or respond in a particular manner, but in the moment, you were not necessarily present with yourself. You are not actually aware of your actual presence, your actual existence.

Let me express to you as I have recently with other individuals, for this particular subject is being expressed by many individuals in this time framework. You may notice within yourselves you are the most present and the most aware of yourself, of what you are doing and what you are experiencing, if you are uncomfortable. For if you are uncomfortable, you automatically focus your attention upon what you are doing that is generating that discomfort. But you may not necessarily be accurately translating objectively what is actually generating that discomfort in that moment.

Now; this is not to say that you cannot be present with yourself in any moment, for you can. This is merely to offer you an example of what that means, to be present with yourself. If you are uncomfortable, your awareness of your existence and of yourself is heightened, and discomfort may be expressed in many forms.

In the situation in relation to this game that you have begun to incorporate, I am encouraging of you in continuing this game, for this may be a manner in which you may successfully release energy, but not if you are generating competition.

LETTY: No, I donít like competition, anyway.

ELIAS: In this...

LETTY: This is an activity I have discovered that I have to really concentrate in the moment on the little ball, on my body, on my posture, on my swing. It has helped me a lot in paying attention more in the now.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But incorporating focusing your attention upon other individuals and concerning yourself with what their perception of you is is another expression of competition. Therefore, that does not allow you to efficiently and successfully release energy, for that reinforces tension. Therefore, your body consciousness generates other methods to release that energy, which as you are aware, your body consciousness has chosen weeping to release that energy.

But the activity of the game can be a very efficient manner in which you can generate that release of energy in a natural manner, by incorporating the action of this exercise and allowing yourself to genuinely be present with yourself and not concerning yourself with the other individuals or competing, and not generating the evaluation of yourself of whether you are good enough at expressing the game or whether you should be better or whether you should be progressing and generating the game in a better manner or better form, but rather allowing yourself to generate that ease and a natural expression of energy and releasing energy, being present with yourself and generating the game for it allows you fun and a natural release of energy. In that, I may express to you that you shall accomplish generating more successfulness with the manner in which you play the game for you shall not be incorporating the tension which creates an obstacle.

Just as in the example with Cindel, as the weather may create an obstacle, and therefore, it becomes the focus of your attention, and you do not incorporate generating other actions within that time framework, which creates the perception of lost time or a lack of accomplishment. In similar manner with the game, if you are generating this tension, you create an obstacle in which you do not allow yourself to accomplish to your full potential in executing the game.

STELLA: Elias, thatís great. Iíll have to pay attention to that.

LETTY: I think I related a little bit to Cindel, too, about the fear or the protection. I wasnít aware of it, but I had a dream, Elias, where I was at this place, at a store, where my family ran the store or something. There were very strange people around, like they were casing it to rob it or something, and I remember going to my car and going to the glove compartment looking for a gun to protect myself. And I thought, ďWhere does that come from?Ē

I know I have the belief system about protection that I do so automatically, and yet I talk about how I donít need protection because I create my own reality. Although, even as I say that to myself, I know thatís not completely true, because I do still find myself in the doing, that I do look for protection, like still putting on my seatbelt, locking my car if Iím going through a strange neighborhood. Is that something that has been creeping up on me or involved with a little bit of what Iíve been going through in the frustrations of not thinking that Iím creating what I want and the frustration of my choices, of my preferences?


Now; also, once again I shall reiterate to you, your beliefs are not your enemy. They are not being eliminated, and they are not bad. In this, as you have presented this subject of protection to myself in this now, your association was automatically that this is bad, that you generated a thought process, once again, that you had somewhat overcome this belief concerning protection.

First of all, the belief of protection is not bad. In itself, it is neutral. It is dependent upon which influences you are choosing, and even that is not good or bad. It is merely a matter of which influences are more in keeping with your preferences and allow you to create what you want. But it is not bad, and you do not overcome your beliefs. That is merely another term for eliminating. You do not move beyond beliefs; you do not overcome beliefs; you do not eliminate beliefs. You choose different influences.

If you choose to be locking your car or incorporating your seatbelt, these are not actions that are bad. They may be associated with your preferences. As you are aware, I have discussed this subject also with you, Cindel, in association with protection and how you may incorporate that belief and may be generating influences of that belief in an expression of cooperation and in an expression of your preferences. It is not necessarily that the actions that you incorporate in relation to protection are automatically bad and blocking your ability to generate what you want.

What is significant is that you allow yourself to notice when those influences change, when you begin to express influences of a belief that are familiar to you, that you have not necessarily been expressing in recent time framework and that you may be re-expressing now, and noticing that those familiar influences do, in some capacities, generate obstacles or hindrances with you.

This is the empowering element of not merely recognizing beliefs but also knowing their influences, for as you generate that awareness objectively, it allows you the power to choose other influences intentionally, and therefore also alter what you are actually doing and therefore alter what you are creating and alter what your outcome is.

Your signal that you generated to yourself that you may be expressing somewhat more strongly other familiar influences of protection was your dream imagery, the automatic response that you must incorporate an action that is offensive Ė ďah-fensive,Ē not ďoh-fensiveĒ Ė in behavior in association with protecting yourself. Within your dream imagery, you expressed an automatic response of de-fensiveness, and therefore, your automatic response to your own de-fensiveness was to generate an action of ah-fensiveness and incorporate a gun.

This is imagery that you present to yourself to emphasize what you are doing, that you are choosing influences of the belief of protection that influence your perception to perceive yourself as a victim. That generates an automatic response to incorporate action that matches the energy of the defensiveness, which also once again is another form or expression of opposing.

The energy of opposing is quite easily expressed in this time framework. It is being expressed en mass, and that generates much more of an ease and potential to be, in a manner of speaking, tapping into that energy and generating it also within yourselves. This is the reason that it is important to be present with yourself, that you know and are aware of what type of energy you are expressing and recognizing when you are expressing an energy of fear or victim or comparing or defense, for all of these expressions, all of these identifications, generate an energy of opposition.

Whether it be in association with other individuals or with yourself, it matters not, for energy is expressed, and it is expressed outwardly. Therefore, if you are opposing yourself, you are expressing opposing energy outwardly also in some capacity. This is the reason that I express so strongly the importance of being present with yourself and therefore knowing what type of energy you are expressing in the moment, and also [is] the reason that I am so encouraging of all of you that in actually generating that awareness, you also exercise your power and allow yourself greater freedom, which is the point.

LETTY: Sometimes, Elias Ė and I want to see if this is what is causing much of my frustration, too Ė is that when I try to pay attention to myself in the moment when I am creating, I think I go back to trying to kill the belief system, and I make it absolute. In making it absolute, I discount myself, and then discounting myself, I get on the hamster wheel.


LETTY: I do try to look at myself, and many times I do pay attention to what belief system may be influencing me, but I canít get out of somehow at the end of the conversation with myself I end up discounting myself, and then I end up feeling worse.

ELIAS: For you are concentrating your attention upon the discounting of yourself. Therefore, you are reinforcing that rather than identifying that you may be discounting of yourself and altering that expression into moving your attention to some element of appreciation. The more you discount yourself, the more you reinforce that discounting and the more you do it.

LETTY: Thatís where Iíve been the last couple of weeks. I am understanding that I was focusing on that discounting and not letting it go.

ELIAS: Yes, which is the game of the playing with the dead mouse. In this, the key is to interrupt that game of playing with the dead mouse, and the most efficient manner of interrupting that game is to be expressing some appreciation of yourself. It matters not what it is, as I have expressed many times. Even what you consider to be the most insignificant expression of appreciation is none the less appreciation. That is one of your most powerful expressions of energy and can immediately alter your perception and change what you are doing. For in generating any expression of appreciation, that immediately interrupts the discounting of yourself. It is quite difficult to be discounting of yourself and appreciating of yourself simultaneously, for they are in direct opposition to each other.

STELLA: Elias, I think I found an energy center. I was reading some of the Kris Chronicles Ė and I know that Kris is your buddy, so your buddy is my buddy. I read something about energy centers, and I know you have spoken about it and I know that Seth has, too. It seems like thereís a source of energy that comes in, and so I was looking at my house and I think I found it, Elias. I found it right next to actually where I put my easy chair, Elias, right next to the window. As you come in it would be on the left, all the way to the end. For some reason, thereís been times when I touch the wall and I actually feel the energy coming through my fingers. I feel that thatís probably the area where Kris is talking about energy. Am I correct?

ELIAS: In association with an energy center or an energy deposit?

STELLA: No, an energy center. The way that I understood Kris saying it was an input of energy, energy coming in. Maybe I misunderstood.

ELIAS: I am understanding. I would not define that as an energy center, but it matters not; it is merely different terminology. I incorporate certain terminology to generate more of a clarity with each of you that you may generate a clear understanding in association with certain terms. There are energy centers that are outside of your physical body consciousness that are associated with your energy field individually, but they are continuously connected to your individual energy field.

What you are expressing is a type of window, in a manner of speaking, figuratively, which you all create this within your reality in certain locations physically. You may not necessarily incorporate an objective awareness of it or you may not seek it out, but at times you may become aware and you may be allowing yourself to be more attuned to this type of expression.

As I have expressed to you all previously, all realities incorporate the same space arrangement. Therefore, there are pockets, so to speak, in all realities that express perhaps what you would term to be a type of vortex or a window, a portal, in which other energies that are not necessarily associated with your physical reality can bleed through and you may notice a fluctuation in the energy.

This also may be noticed in association with energy deposits. You may experience them quite similarly, and you can experience them quite physically. At times, you may even experience them visually. But although I would incorporate different terminology to describe this type of manifestation, yes, you are correct that one of these portals, so to speak, is physically located in that physical area.

STELLA: Can I get charged there? Thatís what I was looking for! I can feel the energy coming in, so okay, Iím getting charged!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And perhaps you may incorporate a new experience and a new game with your chair!

LETTY: Iím going to look for one of those in my house!

ELIAS: Allowing yourself to generate a sensitivity with your outer senses to different areas of your environment shall allow you to discover fluctuations in the energy and discover such portals or energy deposits also. Your outer senses may be manipulated in incorporating much more action and sensitivity than you generally allow them.

STELLA: Thank you so much, Elias.

LETTY: Somebody wants to say hello.

MARCOS: Hi Elias!

ELIAS: Welcome, my friend!

MARCOS: Thank you, thank you. Itís really good to be here.

ELIAS: I express my encouragement to you.

MARCOS: Thank you. Iíve been feeling you and of course communicating with you constantly. Iím cooperating with myself much more now, particularly after having re-listened to the tape of the last session with Letty and Brad and my brothers.

ELIAS: And I have been expressing a playful energy with you in the time framework since our previous interaction.

MARCOS: Iíve noticed, and I received a gift on my birthday that I named Elias because heís blue. I enjoy the playfulness, I enjoy the love, I enjoy everything in our interaction, and Iím looking for new avenues within, as you know.

ELIAS: Very well. And I am encouraging of you, my dear friend.

MARCOS: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

STELLA: Elias, one more thing. Maybe you can do a little scan for me. Iím creating a little something, like Iím creating new skin and itís kind of weird. But can you help me with it? I think Iím doing it because maybe if I can create skin... Can you tell me? Can you check it out for me?

ELIAS: What is your concern?

STELLA: I donít know. Iím afraid that it will continue to grow.

ELIAS: But that would be a choice, would it not, Cindel?

STELLA: That would not be appropriate.

ELIAS: Therefore, I would express a suggestion to you to pay attention to your preferences and not create that! (Laughs) You quite incorporate the ability to generate that.

STELLA: So I should not concern myself.

ELIAS: Correct. My suggestion also is to stop concentrating your attention upon it.

STELLA: I think I have been doing that a lot, Elias.

ELIAS: Which is another automatic response, which offers you information that you are generating an automatic response but you are also not a victim to your own automatic responses and you can alter that.

STELLA: Okay, Elias, thank you so much.

LETTY: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are all very welcome. I express to each of you as always my tremendous affection and great lovingness and my appreciation of you each in your dear friendship. To all of you, au revoir.

BOTH: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 58 minutes.

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